Falana warns of coup, says elections may not hold

Femi Falana

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, has warned that the March 28 and April 11 elections may be sabotaged by anti-democratic forces, which could lead the military to stage a coup d’etat and set in place an interim government.

Mr. Falana, who stated this in a speech delivered at the Foursquare Gospel Church owned Life Theological Seminary, Ikorodu, on Sunday, said despite assurances by President Goodluck Jonathan and the Independent National Electoral Commission, there was no indication that the election will hold as billed.

He also warned of the likelihood of post-election violence should the vote go forward.

Both President Jonathan and the Independent Electoral Commission chair, Attahiru Jega, have maintained that the new election dates are sacrosanct.

“There is no indication that the election will hold,” he said. “If the INEC goes ahead with the conduct of the elections there are fears that the exercise may be sabotaged by anti-democratic forces. If the election holds the results may be rejected leading to a post-election violence which may threaten the corporate existence of the nation. 

“In the circumstance, an interim government may be established and be saddled with the task of preparing the country for another political transition. In the alternative, a coup d’etat that may be staged by the top echelon of the armed forces under the pretext of restoring law and order and fighting the menace of insurgency. The military wing of the ruling parties succeeded in Mali and Burkina Faso. But having divided the country along ethnic and religious lines, the masterminds of the political crisis are not likely to profit from the perfidy.”

He therefore, asked Nigerians to prepare “for a long drawn out battle for the liberation of the country from political and economic predators”. 

In his speech, the lawyer commended the renewed onslaught against the deadly terror group, Boko Haram, in the North-East region of Nigeria by both the federal government and the Nigerian military.

He, however, asked the military to discontinue the court martial of several solders who had earlier complained about lack of sophisticated weapons to face the insurgents.

He said the government’s admittance that it purchased new equipment for the fight to succeed, meant that the soldiers were justified in the earlier protest.

He also asked the Federal Government to implement the recommendations of the Ambassador Usman Gilmatiri presidential panel on insurgency in the north east region and embark on a special programme to address the problems of child education and youth unemployment in the region.  

On the state of the nation’s economy, Mr. Falana said the bulk of the intervention funds created by the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration was for the rich.  

According to Mr. Falana, the funds including- Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (N69billion); Commercial Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (N200billion); the Nigerian Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (N200billion); Small and Medium Enterprises Credit Guarantee Scheme (N200billion); the SMEs Restructuring and Refinancing Scheme (N200billion) and Power and Airlines Intervention Fund (N300billion) are yet to have effect on the economy.   

“Sequel to the crash in the price of crude oil the Federal Government announced that austerity measures would be imposed on the hapless Nigerian people,” he said. “Because of the gross mismanagement of the economy by the government and its allies workers are now salaries for months. After the elections the people are going to be made to bear the brunt of the looting of the treasury and costs of running the government.  

“But in spite of the grinding poverty in the land Nigerian legislators are said to be the highest paid in the world. The country’s public officers equally receive the highest estacodes in the world. With over 10 aircraft Nigeria has the largest presidential fleet among the developing nations in the world.” 

The lawyer also accused the Central Bank of Nigeria of “dollarization of the economy”. 

“In a bid to dollarize the economy and destroys the Nigerian economy the CBN supplies millions of dollars to the foreign exchange market on a weekly basis,” he said. “Although Nigeria has become the largest importer of the United States dollars in the world neither the International Monetary Fund (IMF) nor the World Bank has ever questioned the reckless devaluation of the economy. Even, the National Assembly which is debating the 2015 Appropriation Bill has not deemed it to consider the deleterious effects of the increasing devaluation of the national currency on the implementation of the Budget.” 

The media was also not left out as Mr. Falana accused the media of diverting attention from Nigeria’s problem of youth unemployment, infrastructural decay, insecurity, corruption, currency devaluation to giving undue prominence to the campaign of calumny and character assassination embarked upon by some politicians.  

“The media have thrown caution to the winds by colluding with certain politicians to divert attention from the crises of youth unemployment, infrastructural decay, insecurity, corruption, currency devaluation etc,” he said. “Thus, by giving undue prominence to the campaign of calumny and character assassination embarked upon by some politicians the media have denied the Nigerian people the opportunity to make informed decisions on the candidates of their choice.”


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  • NamesAre4Tombstones

    Mr “Eddie Murphy” Falana. The clown from the South West, the ethnic warrior and APC foot soldier.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Falana tell them the truth.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    So, let’s discuss the real issues. This is the current challenge. If you are coming here, then let us discourse the issues before our nation. THE BIG ISSUES, no sentiments…

  • B.Messi

    A Lot must be brewing underground in that country.

    ‘if leg no waka, ya*sh no go shake..’

  • Straightalk

    Femi Falana,

    Is this any way to be a civil rights activist?

    You are NOT a civil rights activist. You are an errand boy of Bola Tinubu.
    In that paid servitude you run outstandingly bad errands for APC Islamists.
    Your poor plagiarism here of Wole Soyinka’s earlier statement is nauseous.
    Whilst you are here asserting the inevitability of a coup d’etat this week for sure,
    Wole Soyinka relayed the information to President Jonathan to forestall a coup.

    But you want a coup, because your Islamist APC masters can’t win the election.
    You were even the first to rush to court to defend Buhari NOT having Wasc.
    From that day on, no evil too heinous could be put beyond you as a person.
    You showed openly that where free money is involved, you’ll defend evil.
    You have no moral compass and thus means you an utter waste of space.

    From Bola Tinubu to Muhammadu Buhari you have justified all APC perjurers.
    You are the exact opposite of a civil rights activist – an execrable pretender.
    Gani Fawehinmi publicly warned you before he died that your ways are wrong.
    He warned you that the path you chose to riches is evil, roguish, and, corrupt.
    At a time of massive stealing of Lagos state treasury you stood for stealing.
    At a time of Islamist Jihad you stood for Islamist genocide for the love of money.
    In all moral terms you – Femi Falana – are a basket case awaiting damnation.

    • I go die O!


      ……..even as Lagosians perish for lack of knowledge


      • We can call this one BRTP, i.e: Bus Riding The People.
      Hahahaha! I never go; Lagosians, i beg, i still dey come!

      • Femi Macaulay

        Incoming Governor Jimi Agbaje,

        Whist Femi Falana is struggling to retain his feeding bottle on APC states’ treasury.
        You MUST have spatial awareness. You are coming onto a crime scene in Alausa.
        The first order of business there is an open PROBE of Lagos state funds from 1999.
        To be followed by arrest, arraignment, conviction and sentencing of treasury thieves.
        Restitution must then follow with mass seizures of illegitimate assets of APC thieves.
        If you fail this first step on your resumption you’ll be stoned in public within 3 months.

        • Pere

          “After carefully studying, interacting and analysing the leadership of the party [APC]
          I have come to the sad conclusion that the APC is a party of rebels, insurgents and
          anarchists, clothed in robes of pretence and deceit. APC is a party founded on
          deception which thrives on unholy propaganda and falsehood.”

          ……APC Deputy Governor, Tele Ikuru

          (Rivers State, March 22nd, 2015)

          • Pere

            “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers
            are as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are compromised
            and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
            and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
            Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

            ….…..APC Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state

            (June 30th, 2014)

          • sawston

            “The problem that we have is the President himself- a President who prides himself on his own weakness and incompetence and whose love of false prophets and strange women knows no bounds and has no end. A President who is as confused and as clueless as the comic character called Chancey Gardner in the celebrated 1970’s Peter Seller’s Hollywood blockbuster titled ”Being There”.

            A President who does not understand the meaning of the word ”class” or ”honesty” and who breaks his own word consistently. A President who has abdicated his responsibilities, destroyed his own political party, divided his own country, alienated his own friends, humiliated his own mentor, abandoned his own people, brought ridicule to his own faith, cowers before his own officials, betrays his own governors, scorns the international community and breaks his solemn oath to protect and defend the Nigerian people. A President who does not even have the nerve or the guts to call to order any of the numerous Jezebels that control him. He is the problem we have in our country today and until he resigns, is impeached or is voted out of power nothing will change and Nigeria will continue to go from bad to worse. That is what you get when you vote for a man who never wore shoes to school.”

            Chief Femi Fani Kayode,

            Premium Times, January 2014, “Jonathan, Tukur and A Government Of Jezebels, By Femi Fani-Kayode”

          • Man_Enough

            don’t be deceived. the man wants to eat from both plates. he jumped ship to eat from the plate of pdp before the election ill be over. after the election, pdp’s largess will cease. he wants to be just in time.

        • Omooodua


          Buhari is not contesting 2015 election to fight corruption; no, no, no, he is contesting
          ONLY to advance ISLAMIST SUPREMACY in Nigeria. He has no other plan or idea.
          After SHARIA LAW is enthroned as public law in the 36 states, Buhari’s Fulani tribe
          would be the PERMANENT RULING CLASS in that wise.

          YORUBA MUSLIMS would then be PERMANENTLY assured of number two (2) position
          on the hierarchy of the Islamist State of Nigeria. That’s what APC party is all about.
          APC is an electoral version of the rabid Al Qaeda fight for Islamic State of Nigeria.

          What is still being disguised as election in 2015 is actually a full-blown ISLAMIC JIHAD
          to capture YORUBA CHRISTIANS. The trick is to give brooms to naive Yoruba Christians
          for them to wave around and mislead them that APC is the same old and secular
          Alliance for Democracy (AD) party.

          • Omooodua


            The purpose of going to school is to have and sharpen one’s ability to reason.
            Yoruba Christians are likely the best educated groups in Nigeria, but alas, they
            are becoming the least thinking. I am writing this letter out of extreme anger plus
            huge dis-appointment at Yoruba Christians who are being led by the nose to a
            slaughterhouse by the Muslims but told they’re only being taken on a frolic.

            What is progressive in Muhammadu Buhari’s ATAVISM to take Yorubaland by the scruff
            of the neck and throw it back inside the time-warp of 1804 A.D Jihad of Sokoto Caliphate?
            What is progressive in the rulership by a man having a primary 6 school certificate?
            What is progressive in the APC announcing a plan to enact Sharia Law in the 36 states –
            given that nation-wide Sharia Law is a very good definition of Islamic State of Nigeria?

            Muslims are defining “Islamism” as “progressive” for educated Christians to accept.
            Whereas, APC is an Islamic organization – full of Alhajis – signifying nothing but servitude
            for those Yoruba Christians who are not given to folly, like Pastor Yemi Oshinbajo.

          • Funso

            Ọmọ ọdọ awọn elepo Ijaw.

          • Funso

            Omo ale.

    • egoigwe

      My brother, very nicely put. Femi Falana is one odious, stomach-churning piece of flatulence. He is, to put it mildly, one big, unbearably suffocating fart. .

    • Seyi

      Because Falana rejected the oil money of the oil man? Just asking! di ting dey pain una too much.

    • Kitunde

      Femi Falana is one of the few Nigerians that have fought for democracy and the rights of the disadvantaged in our rotten society.He was locked up several times because he stands by his lifelong conviction of Justice and fairness to our people.
      For you to come out and denigrate his person because he has a different opinion from you is uncharitable and an outrage.. You even lie against his person in a public forum! You are a shame on to all decent people of this country and it is because of scum like you that this counrty is messed up!

      • Man_Enough

        they tread on naked lies akin to the propaganda during the civil war.

  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    Falana is trying to outdo the APC in crap-talk.
    I hope he will apologise publicly after the elections.

    • Durosanmi

      APC party is now looking for appointed government after the international community
      rejected the APC and the Jihadist Islamism the APC and Muhammadu Buhari represent.

      • Abdul

        You think APC supporters are moved by your nonsense. The world already rejected Jonathan, wait and see how he will bebeaten blue black on Saturday.

        • Kenke


        • Wähala

          Dumbo na pounded yam come Saturday… Nigerians will provide the egusi soup!

      • Seyi

        Did Jonathan not contact some noted people to head INterim Govt? Did Jonathan not visit Atiku in the dead of the night TO BEG?

        • Philip Gokir Musa

          As Richard Grenell said, Buhari is a boko haram apologist and hence, cannot rule Nigeria. And you know what, we second that thought. Go GEJ! !!

    • Ugo

      I think firing squad is the punishment for coup and inciting of coup? Can a lawyer on this forum please
      confirm that this is still the law? I can supply rope and drum to tie up these APC Jihadists for execution
      at Bar beach or wherever is the venue. The law of execution of coup plotters must be carried out.

    • Wole


      No, we don’t need an apology from such useless creature.
      What we need is Femi Falana’s arrest by the EFCC to look
      into moneys he wangled from Yoruba APC states under the
      pretext of being a lawyer. That is what must happen this year.

      • Figaro

        He can be a thief too..anyone talking of coup in a democracy is desperate.
        Femi Falana must have something to hide. I beg catch him for financial crimes!

    • Edward

      Perhaps because Falana rejected the money Goodluck Jonathan brought to Lagos to bribe people to vote for him?

  • the truth

    This polity wouldn’t have been heated to this point if elements within a certain political party didn’t canvass for forming a parallel government if elections do not go their way. I have always maintained that these individuals do not care about the nation but about just themselves, their family and their cult group which is their party. If there is an interim government we should accept it as the work of God, as God knows everything

    • Bayonle

      This polity will have been saner if Goodluck Jonathan did not introduce ethnic and relgious politics. This polity would have been saner if Jonathan is not a divisive President. This polity would have been saner if Jonathan did not bribe Gani Adams with 9 billion Naira to cause security problem in Yorubaland towards the election.

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar claims ” If there is an interim government we should accept it as the work of God, as God knows everything”.

      Mr. Career Liar you sound like the biblical woman who wanted the living baby divided into two because she knew it was hers that died overnight. I guess you would accept Interim Govt. just because within you , you know Dumbo is gone ! I thought Dumbo said Interim Govt. is treasonable? … You ought to be tried for treason and jailed for life Mr. Career Liar .
      Which of your gods would prefer interim govt to democracy Mr. Career Liar?

      Loser, go lick your wounds……. Nigerians are not chasing the master rogues PDP away to replace it with their rogue colleagues in uniform in the name of Interim Government !

  • share Idea

    APC through colour is coming out gradually…from lets conduct election on 14th Feb when more than 20 million voters have not collected their PVC to No Card Reader no election and now Interim government…I thought they said they have mass following. Please come to the field. If terrorism induced sympathy could not stop Nigeria (and GEJ), no amount of threat can stop him (& Nigeria) from defeating you propagandist party.

    • Bimbo

      Did you read this before posting it?

      • Onike24

        Even if it did, it can’t read, it would have made no difference.

    • oke

      Are you at all literate in writing english language?

      • share Idea

        Prof wait till 28 march

  • Wähala

    Dumbo and the PDP are not going into this weekend’s elections to try and win it, they’re fighting for an inconclusive elections by causing enough troubles to cancel elections in as many wards as possible. They know they cannot win it outright, so they will only try to stop Buhari from doing so by disrupting voting by all means available to an incumbent President. Falana is right, it is their invitation to the military so Dumbo’s cousin, Gen. Minimah, can be propped up with old gangsters like IBB ati Abdulsalami hiding in the shadows to pull the rug from Nigerians’ feet. The pointer is Dumbo’s refusal to obey a court ruling against deploying soldiers for elections… Soldiers at 300m away can hijack our democracy which is where Dumbo has placed them. But e go happen! Change must come… PDP must go and a new hand allowed to try and turn things around. Afterall, after 16yrs of sleeping on one side, Nigeria must turn to the other side for fresh air. It’s our right!

  • Sanu Agoro

    Editor of Premium Times.

    I want Nigerians to remember me. My name is Sanu Agoro. I live in number 32, Ashekun street,
    Shomolu, Lagos Mainland, Lagos state. I have been saying it here that APC will lose Lagos state.
    I am a Muslim. It is not in my interest to support Islamic APC party. Muslims supporting APC are
    doing harm to Islam as a religion. Now, Muslims have become suspect group in Nigeria as evil.
    Muslims are the ones who broke the protocol of mutual co-existence in northern Nigeria. Ditto,
    we the Muslims also broke the protocols of brotherliness in Yorubaland, by declaring ourselves
    superior to better-educated Christians. We’ll be made outcasts for this irresponsible behaviour.

    • No Comment

      “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor], we should not introduce something
      that will start affecting the consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the people’s
      consciousness what they were not thinking about before. Even if you look at it closely
      you will find that the dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

      ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

      (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

      [October 25th, 2014]

      • No Comment

        The dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims.

        ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

        (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

        [October 25th, 2014]

      • Badejo Akinlabi

        It is only bastards Yoruba that will vote for Goodluck Jonathan and PDP. Why? Goodluck Jonathan is an Ijaw President. He is the worst president ever in the history of our country. He gave some crumbs to Gani Adams and Fasehun to cause security problems in Yorubaland-Lagos- on March 17 because he does not care. So we Yorubas met in Ibadan and decided that it is ONLY a bastard Yoruba that will vote PDP, vote for Goodluck Jonathan. Se o gbo? Do you hear?

        • Philip Gokir Musa

          But every yoruba is a bastard now. So GEJ should expect a clean sweep of the south west then!

    • Badejo Akinlabi

      If you are Yoruba then you are ọmọ ale, and ọmọ ọdọ-(boy by , servant)-Why? Goodluck Jonathan is an Ijaw President. He is the most corrupt President ever in this history of the country. But the Ijaws will vote for their son Goodluck Jonathan, they do not care. So what do you expect the res of the country to do? So this is why we said loud and clear in Ibadan on March 19 that it is only the few ọmọ ale Yorubas-bastard Yorubas- among us that will vote for Jonathan. Please take it from there.

      • Philip Gokir Musa

        … and that is why Yorubas are the most untrustworthy humans to walk the surface of the earth!

    • Aguro Sani2

      I doubt if it is true you are a Muslim, because your utterances and claims are not Islamic at all. Tell them your true identity as one of those symphasizers of the likes of big mouth Fani – Kayode and afraid of being governed by APC administration which will certainly be the case in Lagos and at the Federal Government.

    • ije2014

      there’s no Ashekun st in Somolu (correct spelling). You PDP 419ers sha.

  • Patriotic Dom

    Nice maker… why not keep quiet… the election is less than six days… all your propaganda has been exposed. APC is a goner

    • Wähala

      Did you mean, “noise maker” ??

      • Kuns

        Does Femi Falana know how to think? I doubt it. When you are sent a fool’s errand,
        doesn’t a proper Yoruba person pause to think how to run it as a well-bred person?
        What is the sense in raising the spectre of a coup to forestall APC’s certain defeat?

        • Arrest warrant

          Kuns be patient time shall tell….CHANGE,APC
          APC CHANGE..Next week isn’t nex yr..

  • Kunle

    Falana might be right here..but i see this happening only if APC wins..PDP and people benefiting from PDP will do everything to prevent Buhari from becoming President

    • Philip Musa

      You’re a socialist then! Get away from Nigeria!!

    • Basketmouth

      I agree with you. If Buhari is declared winner of the next election, a lot of them in PDP and past military head of state will become uncomfortable. Amaechi’s deputy governor was never honest with the governor at any time. He merely played along because the whole member of the state assembly decamped enmasse. He knew that if he did not play along he would have been impeached. So he waited for the last minute but I believe he has greatly miscalculatef. I may be wrong in my assumption but I believe we shall all find out this time next week. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

  • maureen

    APC is a party on deception and entrenched on unwholly propaganda and falsehood. “Today, I address you out of the fullness of my heart. Recall that in December 2013 out of extreme loyalty to my boss and friend, I joined the APC along with other disillusioned Rivers people.

    “Ever since, as a true nature of APC unfold, I continued to twist and turn in extreme mental and emotional agony. The more I struggle to belong, the more the Rivers in me rejects the APC.

    “After carefully studying and analysing the leadership of the party, I have come to the sad conclusion that the APC is a party of rebels, insurgents and anarchists clothed in the robe of pretence and deceit.

    “APC is a party founded on deception and entrenched on unwholly propaganda and falsehood.

    Ikuru further urged his teeming supporters and the people of Rivers state to vote for the PDP at all levels of the general elections.

    While describing the PDP Governorship candidate in the state, Nyesom Wike as a patriotic Rivers man who means well for the people, Ikuru charged the people of the state to vote for President Jonathan this weekend.

    “I therefore on behalf of my teeming supporters and my humble self denounce the APC and we all jointly and severally resign our membership of the APC.

    “My dear people of Rivers state we of this generation will not in good conscience , forgiveness and compassion out of posterity for the spirit of our unborn generation if it is recorded on the annals of history that after 48 years of Rivers people supporting leaders from all other parts of this country without resources will where the same and handed down the very first ever president from this region granted us by privilege.

    “I therefore wash my hands off this treachery.

    “In the light of the above I therefore wish to use this privilege to call on all my supporters and the good people of Rivers state to join hands with other well meaning Nigerians to massively vote for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the transformation agenda that has brought so much relief and succour to the greatest number of Nigerians.

    Amaechi’s Deputy defects to PDP, says “APC is a party of rebels, founded on falsehood”
    “I also urge all Rivers people to vote for Chief Barrister Nyesom Wike who has shown by his antecedents, track records and boundless capabilities that he will deliver good governance to the good people of Rivers state,” he said.

    • damian

      APc party does not want election again O! They want coup!!!!

  • davido9000@aol.com


    The real scam in Yorubaland is when the Muslims in APC party plot
    an insidious Islamic agenda and sell it to daft Yoruba Christians as
    THE YORUBA AGENDA. Someone as naive as Femi Falana will just
    run with it, without thinking, as he has done here.

    • Onike24

      The people of south west Nigeria have evolved past religious sentiments, try something else!

    • Pere

      “After carefully studying, interacting and analysing the leadership of the party [APC]
      I have come to the sad conclusion that the APC is a party of rebels, insurgents and
      anarchists, clothed in robes of pretence and deceit. APC is a party founded on
      deception which thrives on unholy propaganda and falsehood.”

      ……APC Deputy Governor, Tele Ikuru

      (Rivers State, March 22nd, 2015)

    • Sansweet

      Even from your intemperate language, it’s of no use conversing with characters like you. By your own estimation, Goodluck Jonathan has provided good leadership for Nigeria. All is well now. You talk about religion which has been your principal’s main weapon since his assumption of office as if he is the first christian to lead Nigeria. I leave you to your ignorance.

  • Joe

    Femi Falana, my prayer is that the coup you are anticipating will consume you and your likes. Nonsense!!!. Falana is like a jelly fish that have no direction of his own. Pity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boliatepa

    These have been on my Facebook page for three months – elections to be postponed, may not be allowed to hold, interim government possible, etc. Jonathan has been talking to IBB and all the tricks of June 12, 1993, have been rehashed. If only Nigerians can open their lazy eyes and not be lost in their usual optimism and emotion, the writing has been on the wall all along. Falana does not have any crystal ball, he is just able to analyze reports.

    • ije2014

      well said.

  • Man_Enough

    thank God for the vibrant opposition. most of pdp’s evil agenda will not be actualized.

  • okey

    This Mr. Falana and his Yoruba APC brothers should be called to tell Nigerians and the world who these anti democratic forces are. They have been talking about interim government, there is no smoke without fire. They know who is planning it.
    I can tell you that they are the ones planning it. Just in their usual way, they are feeling the pulse of Nigerians and when they are defeated , they will start shouting of rigging, causing trouble as they did in the northern part of Nigeria in 2011. These people should be watched closely . Obasanjo, Tinubu , Buhari are the ring leaders. They should be held accountable for any problem in this country. Let’s look at it closely, is it GEJ who was properly elected in 2011 and who is widely accepted by Nigerians will be planning interim govt? It doesn’t make any sense at all. He doesn’t stand to gain anything . I think it is the man who wanted to change the constitution so that he can rule Nigeria forever and his brothers are the ones planning interim government. Law agencies take note!

    • boliatepa

      Just like they planned June 12 annulment? Who removed your head?

    • 9jaabroad

      Okey as long as an average nigerians reason and harbour backward and uncivilised mentality like you the nation will never moved forward. GEJ was widely accepted in 2011 because they erroneously assume that with his level of education he will bring meaningful contribution to the development of Nigeria both politically educationally and economically. However GEJ tenure in office is a woeful, sad, bitter and disastrous chapter in the history of this nation. We have never seen such unprecedented level of corruption, gross financial mismanagement, insecurity, abuse of power by the members of cabinet, waste of resources in any nation like we have seen in Nigeria under the BadLuck regime.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Jonathan is fighting for his political soul and the soul of his party, the PDP. Should he lose this election he has himself ONLY to blame because of his brazen and arrogant attitude to Nigerians’ cry over corruption and the devil-may-care manner he carried on as if all was well. In fact he and his PDP party never realized an opposition of this nature, with its electoral vibrancy that threatens the very root of the PDP, would ever emerge in an election as this one. The PDP had always felt quite smug and complacent on the prospects of a ‘landslide’ victory over any opponent. Moreover, should the PDP lose on Saturday, the PDP would never forgive Jonathan and the part of the country he comes from. In fact that would be the end of national politics under the PDP for anybody coming from that part of the country. But should Jonathan win on Saturday it would be a close shave and the question that would arise is: will he ever learn his lessons? I ask this because if he continued to line up this type of men and women in his cabinet, especially the petroleum minister, he would be digging another deep hole for the next presidential aspirant emerging in 2019.

    • boliatepa

      Good points. I care less who wins between Jonathan and Buhari. They are just flip sides of the same coin, none is the answer that Nigeria requires. Regardless, I want Buhari to win for the health of Nigeria’s democracy so that the seeming one-party state can end and politicians can realize that there is no automatic retention of power. They have been lording it over Nigerians for so long, but power should belong to the people and politicians should be licking the people’s ass.- as Jonathan is licking the ass of the Yorubas right now.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Nobody can withhold the wishes of millions of Nigerians…we are ever ready for change and it will def come

  • Frank Bassey

    This is not the kind of voice Nigerians want to hear at this time. Is this the best way to draw attention to himself?