Why I dumped APC — Amaechi’s Deputy, Ikuru

Rivers State Deputy Governor, Tele Ikuru

The Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Tele Ikuru, has given reasons for dumping the All Progressives Congress to join the Peoples Democratic Party, saying the APC is of rebels, insurgents and anarchists.

PREMIUM TIMES had earlier reported the news of Mr. Ikulu’s decision to return to the PDP in a move that is considered a betrayal of his boss and friend, Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

Mr. Ikuru, who was one of Governor Amaechi’s major ally, is said to have announced his defection in Port Harcourt, the state capital on Sunday.

The decampee was first elected deputy governor to Celestine Omehia in 2007, before the duo was removed by the Supreme Court less than six months in office. When Mr. Amaechi was sworn in as governor, he retained Mr. Ikuru as his deputy and the duo fought against the interests and allies of the former governor of the state, Peter Odili.

At the time Mr. Amaechi fell out with the leadership of the PDP and defected to the APC with majority of his aides, Mr. Ikuru remained loyal to the governor and fought on the same side.

But in his formal defection statement titled, “A call on the Conscience of the People of Rivers State,” Mr. Ikulu said he is compeled to address the people out of the fullness of heart.

Recalling events in December 2013, he said he, alongside other disillusioned people of the state, joined the APC out of extreme loyalty to his friend and boss, Mr. Amaechi.

“Ever since, as the true nature and motives of APC are unveiled, I have continued to twist and turn in extreme mental and emotional agony. The more I struggle to belong, the more the Rivers man in me rejects the APC,” Mr. Ikuru said.

“After carefully studying, interacting and analyzing the leadership of the party, I have come to the sad conclusion that the APC is a party of rebels, insurgents and anarchists, clothed in robes of pretense and deceit. APC is a party founded on deception and it thrives on unholy propaganda and falsehood.”

Based on these, Mr. Ikuru said he and his supporters have decided to denounce the APC and have jointly and severally resigned their membership of the party.

“My dear people of Rivers State,” the deputy governor continued,  “we of this generation will not in good conscience expect forgiveness and compassion from our forebears, posterity, and the spirit of our unborn generations if it is recorded in the annals of history that after 48 years of Rivers people supporting leaders from all other parts of this country with our votes and resources, we were the same that witch hunted and hounded down the very first ever President from this region, granted us by providence. I wash my hands off this treachery.”

He, therefore, urged his supporters and the people of the state to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP gubernatorial candidate in the state, Nyesom Wike.

But in a swift response, Mr. Amaechi said he only received news of his deputy’s resignation from the APC on Sunday evening.

Mr. Amaechi, who spoke through the state Commissioner for Information and Communications, Ibim Semenitari, said Mr. Ikuru’s resignation remains unofficial since he is yet to notify his principal of the move.

While wishing his estranged deputy all the best in his future political endeavour, Mr. amaechi noted that the reasons adduced by Mr. Ikuru for dumping the APC are shocking.    

“Deputy Governor lkuru has consistently been the one driving political activities in his local government area of Andoni,” Mr. Amaechi said.

“He has also been the second in command driving politics and governance in Rivers State. 

On a personal note, Governor Amaechi has accorded Engr Ikuru all the privileges and respect due the office of the deputy governor and has treated him with love as a friend and brother.

“Though the governor had hoped that the numerous rumours of Engr Ikuru’s double-faced membership of the APC and open romance with the PDP were not true, he however appreciates the fact that every individual has a right to pursue his political dreams, as he deems most appropriate.” 

Mr. Amaechi said it is regrettable that Mr. Ikuru has chosen the dishonourable path of bare faced lies and name-calling rather than the more honourable path of simply retracing his steps to where he has always been. 



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  • amazing2012

    …….and PDP a party of Saint ?
    Who killed Gen.Azazi and why ?
    Who fuel Boko haram ?
    Who devalue Naira ?
    Who say corruption is not stealing ?
    Who depend first October bombing ?
    During PDP 16years, Nigeria witness division on religious basis and ethnic sentiment.
    PDP is a curse ! It’s pity because of corrupt promises you decided to join Curse at a time it’s clearly manifested !! Judas !!!

    • Philip Musa

      “Buhari’s election as head of state would be a disaster for Africa.
      It would also signal trouble for the West’s fight
      against the Islamic State
      (ISIS) and terrorism throughout the Middle East. The decision by the 73 million registered Nigerian voters could have a profound impact on the future of
      Africa.” — Richard Grenell

      • amazing2012

        PDP is Boko haram, USA is ISIS only blind can not see.
        Who give ISIS weapons ?( Google Hilary Clinton confession on ISIS and Alqaida ).
        Who give Boko haram arms that never seize ?
        Who give Boko hundreds of Hilux vehicle ?
        Who fuel Boko vehicles ?
        Who drop supplies to Boko using helicopter ?
        Who stop investigating those accused behind Boko ?
        Who killed Gen.Azazi and why ?(because he point finger at PDP on Boko).
        Who removed Gov. Of Adamawa and has to run for his life ? Also because he pointed at PDP on Boko!
        To cont:

        • Philip Musa

          Buhari even appears to be advocating violence while pushing for the
          moral and religious code of Sharia Law, according to Grenell.

          “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the
          Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” Buhari said. “God
          willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the
          Sharia in the country.”

          But Grenell wrote, “Agitation? Is this an indication that Mr. Buhari
          supports violence because the end goal of the terrorist attacks throughout
          Nigeria and Africa is an Islamic state? It is a legitimate question that should
          be asked by leaders of the Obama administration.”

          • TC

            Meanwhile the dollar is whopping the naira, mumu your kind of politics belongs in medieval middle east or somewhere.

          • amazing2012

            I am sure someone is using your brain. How could someone forced people into their religion ? Issues of mind are not control by others but the owner of the soul.
            ISIS I told you, go and study who founded ISIS, who supply weapons to them, who train them! Please google, do more research before any comment on media. Please this will help you to stop confirming ignorance.

          • Otile

            But who sleeps with Boko Haram girls?

          • Abdul

            Stale propaganda look for something new

          • Ad

            Are you still quelling this fake and outdated propaganda? Create new one abeg. This one is too old and not selling anymore. No matter the new packaging (in the the name Grenell) you are giving it.

        • Otile

          Who are the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and cousins of Boko Haram?
          Is that not you the people of Arewa?
          Who feeds Boko boys?
          Is that not you the people of Arewa?
          Who sleeps with Boko girls, I mean the suicide bombers?
          Is that not you the people of Arewa?
          Who knows where the Boko boys and girls live?
          Is that not you the people of Arewa?

      • TC

        Was he rented or maybe he’s one of the hired mercenaries,you know we have dollars plus yam and goat….lmaO

        • share Idea

          If everyone that supports GEJ is either rented or paid some dollars, what does Buhari promise or give to his supporter – hatred, lies, abuse and violence

          • Abdul

            Honesty, trust worthiness and good reputation.

          • share Idea

            First test for honesty is to show us his certificate and apologies to Nigerians for his handlers lying to us when they distributed photo taken in Nigeria and pass it as interview picture conducted in UK

          • Abdul

            He has already done that true his secondary school, did you traveled to the moon when his school in Katsina released his result? yeye dey smell.

          • share Idea

            Buhari addressed a press conference for his school to release his result but couldn’t release it to public or send it to INEC…Buhari allowed himself to be messed up by Tinubu and he’ll leave to regret it.

            All his lies are no longer holding – from working visit to give a speech in Chatham house even when he had not been invited (as shown on Chatham website) to they will send out invitation for his speech, to fake interview photo, to I was in UK for a rest in the heat election campaign

            When will he stop lying – that is problem with lying as it takes a bigger lie to cover a small one.

          • TC

            Mumu, stop embarrassing yourself. I live here with Richard Grenell…. he’s the equivalent of FFK. You see some of us think a little deeper than what you think and your argument sounds like that of a third grader just like GEJ. Pls just stop making yourself look pathetic and silly. Dig deep and say something solid. I’m waiting….lol….dolo

          • share Idea

            TC – I guess you might be addressing another forum member as your reply is totally not in sync with my previous comment. What has Richard Grenell got to do with my comment?

          • TC

            I’m addressing you and you know it, look at where you mentioned everyone one who supports GEJ must be paid, don’t act brand new cause I’ve simply asked you to make some sense in your arguments. And if you want me to address your comment I will, you tell me how many people died under Buhari’s regime vs GEJ, Your Govt has been accussed of diverting funds several times and you neither address or investigate it…. shall I continue. you are here talking rubbish like we are kids. How do the things you mention affect electricity, education and security. Please take your brain out of your ass and come stronger than that. You might as well just should have written, A,B,C,D,E,F,G cause that’s how elementary your argument and the majority of those who support GEJ sound…..wawa kawai…..lmaO.

      • Abdul

        An opinion of paid image launderer. I can even to tell you what international communities thinks of your clueless Jonathan. Search the net and you will ashamed of what major leaders thinks of your president. Look for Macain, H. Clinton etc thinks of your president.

  • Welle Emmanuel

    Amaechi, you still have 5 days to see that APC is boko haram extension. We in the south east/south south cannot, and SHALL not be a part of that thiefNubu/bokohari party!

    • Abdul


      • Fairgame

        And Kano and Lagos combined is not up to 1/10 th of the states talkless of 2/3rds but the shocker for you is that Kano and Lagos will not be won by APC. Twitter, LindaIkeji, Facebook and Premiumtimes plus punch do not win elections.

        • Abdul

          You will see pepper soon.

  • John

    I have always wondered what Engr Tele Ikuru ( a man of conscience) has been doing within a party of rebels and insurgents like he called APC. He’s one man I have always trusted unlike his former boss, Amaechi who has no conscience and has unbriddled desire for power. God bless you, Tele Ikere and welcome back to PDP.

    • Welle Sylvanus

      He has seen the light. He has bursted through dubiousness of the Yoruba people

    • TC

      Dokubo and Tompolo are priests and statesmen I guess…. lol…. funny guy

  • TC

    I wonder how many yam and Goat he got, maybe even dollars…. see the petty reason he gave. No economics or security…. kai and he’ll still have blind loyalists.

  • Arewabetter

    Please, Mr. Tele Ikuru, tell Nigerians and the international community the amount of money you have obtained by “defecting” from the TALAKAWA party to what all regard as the party of the bourgeoisie (French word for the wealthy stratum of the middle class). Can you imagine the huge support for GMB despite the fact that PDP has already spent more than $17 million in its campaign, while APC has expended only $7 million. GMB MARCH to mash them up come March the 28th. Human tragedies, wars, avoidable deaths, cases of man’s inhumanity to
    man are all vestiges of a PDP world without love. For if there was love among PDP supporters, our
    world would be one continuous, never-ending paradise, where everyday is
    Christmas or Sallah Day. But alas, this is not to be. We live in an
    intriguing PDP world of unhappiness. Once again, GMB, MARCH to mash them up come March 28th! The wind of change is
    blowing very fast and no amount of intimidation or rigging will change
    its direction. Nigerians have spoken and the whole world has spoken by
    saying NO to the preservation of the present status quo in Nigeria.
    Enormous and gargantuan shame, humiliation and disgrace to Nigeria and
    Nigerians have been done under the poor or non-governance of the PDP.
    What has become of the discombobulated and troubled giant called
    Nigeria? How long and how much of disaster as well as atrocities and
    calamities can be brought upon Nigerians by the PDP party that has been
    in government for more than 16 years? Corruption in Nigeria under the
    rule of PDP has eaten away the psyche of the nation in the form of
    eroded confidence of the people in government. Massive corruption has
    been present for more than 16 years on the political scene in Nigeria
    like many nations, and the nation has become weak slowly by its weight.
    Nigerians are sick and tired of thievery, robbery, embezzlement as well
    as the practice of tribalism, nepotism, favouritism and so many other
    negative PDP features. The party which has ruled the Republic of Nigeria
    for more than 16 years has remained progressively more INSENSITIVE to
    the menace of total corruption. Thanks to the Almighty, we now know that
    PDP is a nefarious, villainous and sinking ship and is totally
    finished! The time for a thorough change has matured. General Mohammadu
    Buhari is here to salvage the nation. Although GMB has risen to STAR on
    the political scene, but he will face a rough road in the coming days
    due to PDP’s unpardonable dirty campaign. However, as it is usually said
    “When going gets rough, the rough gets going.” GMB has IMPECCABLE
    CREDENTIALS to carry on his Herculean fight against the deeply
    entrenched monster of corruption. GMB is an anointed David to fight
    against a Goliath in the form of the PDP Party, which has accumulated
    and imbibed the power of politics for more than 16 years. GMB carries
    the true wish and support from all walks of life, which PDP has failed
    to muster for the same task. Time will tell how this David in the person
    of GMB would succeed in taming the monster of corruption and
    diminishing the image of Goliath on the Nigerian political scene. Time
    for change has finally arrived and I hope this time my fellow Nigerians
    will not SCREW it up. Vote for change! Vote for the future of your
    children! Vote for safety and security! Vote for the assurance that your
    children will have a better future than you do now! Vote for a just and
    fair Nigeria! Vote for wealth redistribution and end hunger and
    malnutrition in Nigeria! Defeat the old deal and its reckless spending!
    Vote out the party that hangs PETTY THIEVES, but appoints the GREAT ONES
    to public office! What PDP has been doing to Nigerians for the past 16
    years reminds me of Tolstoy’s statement, namely, “In order to get power
    and retain it, it is necessary to love power; but love of power is not
    connected with goodness but with qualities that are the opposite of
    goodness, such as pride, cunning and cruelty.” Defeat this wickedness
    now! PDP has been in power for more than 16 years and during this time
    all that Nigeria and Nigerians have encountered and experienced is total
    regress of the nation. Thanks to Mr. Goodluck’s administration, the Nigerian economy has been downgraded to a JUNK LEVEL by Standard and Poor’s. This is because Mr. Goodluck is advised and surrounded by unproductive Nigerians like Femi Fani-Kayode.Standard and Poor’s will continue to downgrade the Nigerian Economy
    until the government in the centre gets rid of economically unproductive
    people like Fani-Kayode. His main area of productivity is depicted in
    the cartoon below. May God protect Nigeria and Nigerians from
    further PDP atrocities and calamities! Amen!!!

    • Tunsj

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Moe

    Ikuru is a nonentity. He is so irrelevant, the first time I heard Ikuru, i thought it was the name of some exotic tortoise.
    So sorry Mr. Deputy Governor…..nobody really cares where you go or what you do.,,but Goodluck all the same.

    • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

      hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha, a nonentity indeed

  • Abdul

    We dont expect less from you, this was not planned today, if you foolishly think your defection will affect our decision to vote criminal party PDP then a rude shock awaits you.yeye dey smell.

  • favourtalk

    Yo just showed your worst now, what a shame becUse of supremacy and money from GEJ. You are gone in nigeria politics because you didn’t do your calculations well, change is the only sure thing that is coming to nigeria

    • omo

      we all need change, but am afraid this men preaching change need to change first from their chameleon, familiar and this do or die mentality (violence) this are cabal of blood thirsty war lord ready to send ppl to hell. make them fight
      when you talk football you draw attention so it is with the word change

    • ice queen

      Cock and bull story.

  • chooka

    Politicians have no conscience. All they have are their pockets. A man who leaves his party few days to an election must be an irresponsible man. PDP should also not be excited about such a man.

    • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

      cry cry baby. He is now irresponsible but Amaechi is responsible. The cry of the quota system general part 4 starts now.

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        What is surprising is that most of the founding fathers of the PDP are from the North. PDP could be said to have had its roots in the North. What is actually going on here? Has their party been hijacked by some insurgents? Or has the PDP become an Ijaw party? I do not see the faces of its original founders anymore. If this is true and the original founders have all moved on to the APC complete with their support base, then who is going to vote the PDP – the Ijaws whose combined votes would not match that of a state such as Lagos or Kano? I am beginning to catch cold, because what I see around me is so un-Nigerian. Some young men and women recently collected $2,500 each to “organize” for PDP in Lagos State. I asked two of them how they would vote and they both said something like this: “over our dead bodies, to vote for PDP.” Then why collect their money if you do not aim to vote for them? I’d asked. “It is our money they are giving back to us because of our votes, not because they love or care about us. Nobody is telling us why we have been jobless many years after graduating from the uni,” was their response as they walked with a kind of saunter through the doors of a nearby Chicken Republic restaurant. So you see, no votes and money unable to buy the votes as before, makes me feel shivers down my spine. What do you have to say? Please say it quickly…

        • Abdul

          Yes, PDP is now an Ijaw party, the north who created the party have decided to leave the party for Jonathan, Asari, Edwin Clark, Tompolo, mama pissy and co.

          • Shariff.

            Not only Ijaw party but party that have been hijacked by corruption and sentiments.surprisiny some few hours ago some shameless group calling themselves coorporate forum endorsing GEJ at NIIA after colecting their dollars ghana must go. From the setting yuo will know exactly the type of PDP gathering we have there, at the end of the programme nobody fromnorthern extraction or muslim to offer a closing prayers that alone has shown that the gathering is mainly of Ijaws and the likes of Obanikoros, and you expect GEJ to wi. this poll. Rotimi Ameachi I greet you fou the matured manner you responded to your deputy defection, no heart feeling this is democracy in action.

    • Abdul

      Dont mind him, he defected because he cant see himself voting for a Buhari because Buhari is a northerner, in the same way, we in the north will NEVER vote for Jonathan because he is killer, a thief and a divisive president.

  • Dankasa

    Mr. Deputy, we are going to vote the insurgents comes 28th, period!!!

    • Wale

      Dankasa! Don’t mind them. You must vote insurgents on the 28th! Blood is thicker than water. Insurgents must vote insurgents

    • omo

      that is violence in disguised

  • Abdul

    “My dear people of Rivers State,” the deputy governor continued, “we of this generation will not in good conscience expect forgiveness and compassion from our forebears, posterity, and the spirit of our unborn generations if it is recorded in the annals of history that after 48 years of Rivers people supporting leaders from all other parts of this country with our votes and resources, we were the same that witch hunted and hounded down the very first ever President from this region, granted us by providence. I wash my hands off this treachery.”

    So, his only consideration for jumping ship is because “Jonathan is our brother and he wouldnt want to see somebody from another region beat him at the poll”

    Lol, i wonder if our northern brothers in PDP are seeing what i am seeing, maybe a couple of PDP governors or deputy in the north need to also defect as Buhari is also their brother”

    • Peter

      Are you daft? Why can’t you read without introducing your hateful insinuations. His real message is: “After carefully studying, interacting and analyzing the leadership of
      the party, I have come to the sad conclusion that the APC is a party of
      rebels, insurgents and anarchists, clothed in robes of pretense and
      deceit. APC is a party founded on deception and it thrives on unholy
      propaganda and falsehood.” This is the real message my friend.

  • the truth

    Tele Ikuru has always been a patriot, a true rivers man. From his days at enitonia high school where he was the senior prefect to his days at Ompadec. By May 29 Amaechi the he-goat who has allocated and mortgaged rivers indigenes future to Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Buhari would face the music. I commend Ikuru for this noble move and we should all commend him for taking this bold move.

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    PDPIG dolla sharing don work.
    Collect your share. It is Allah that fulfilled your prayers. I am also praying for my own share. But come 28th March, I will vote APC. Chikenan!

    • bib

      Thanks. Let him chop his dollars coole. But he should be ready with flagil. The day of purging is near.

    • Frank Bassey

      Note: It is GOD not Allah that fulfilled his prayers. May Allah answer your own prayers like the Boko Harams.

  • MC

    My brother you are welcome jor. Even if you don’t excel anymore in politics, you’ve washed your hands off the fiendish contraption called APC. And I love the part in which you highlighted that it would not be fair for a Niger Deltan to partake in pulling down a providence-given GEJ. Let Amechi and co continue the APC dance of death.

  • omo

    change is common to all that lives, so this group has discover the familiar thing just as football, well I still believe GEJ should go again. though God dwell in the north side of Zion not in Nig.let it go round next president will come from any of 36 states specially the minority God bless Nig.

  • GEO

    “…conclusion that the APC is a party of rebels, insurgents and anarchists, ”


  • ice queen

    Rivers state governor – Rotimi Amechi regrets his joining of APC

    would have remained in PDP, if I knew my deputy would betray me–Gov. Amaechi

    Following the return of the Deputy Governor of Rivers State; Engr. Tele Ikuru to PDP, governor Amaechi has urged members of the APC to remain steadfast. The governor who said that ” Though I saw it coming, but I never believed it. Our movement to APC was a collective decision and Tele was even the one who seconded the motion for us to defect to the APC. So is unthinkable that he wld return to the PDP. This whole fight is about you ( APC members ). Not me! I can’t be governor again. Like I keep saying, the world is aware of my fight with the President. And so many countries will grant me asylum and the President can’t arrest me. So it’s about you people. If I knew Tele was going to betray me and make peace with Wike, I wouldn’t have left the PDP. I will encourage you to remain steadfast and expect the worst, because some commissioners will soon join him or will remain with us to sabotage our efforts. And how do you go to elections with a divided house and political moles? I’m learning people ” –Gov. Amaechi
    #Vote PDP at all levels

  • Peace

    Sound and undiluted teaching. God bless

  • Bolu

    I really love Dr. Aribisala’s style of writing.