Lagos2015: I’m not Bode George’s stooge, says Agbaje

Jimi Agbaje

The gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, has insisted that he is not a stooge of anyone in the party.

Speaking on ‘Rubbin’ Minds,’ a programme on Channels TV, Sunday, Mr. Agbaje explained the relationship between himself and Bode George, the party leader in the state.

“Bode George is my party leader in Lagos, that’s a statement of fact. I’m not his stooge, if that’s what you want to hear,” Mr. Agbaje said.

“And those who know me know that I’m nobody’s stooge. There’s nothing like that. He’s a party leader.

“But I think again, we are gonna be very fair, we’ve got to accept one thing, it’s either you believe in the rule of law or you don’t believe in the rule of law.

“Now if a man is charged to court and sentenced for a crime and a superior court reverses that sentence, then he’s not guilty. So it’s either you accept it, it’s not fair when you take something when you think it favours you, and that’s important.”

Sunday’s programme had been billed to feature both Mr. Agbaje and Akinwunmi Ambode, the All Progressives Congress, APC, gubernatorial candidate.

Mr. Ambode turned down the invitation to participate in the debate.

Mr. Agbaje said that although the idea of the Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, was a good one, its implementation had not been the best.

He also said that he would improve water transportation in the state to ease the pressure on the roads.

“What we’ve had on the waterways are very small boats, there are so many people who are actually very scared of these small boats. So we are going to get bigger boats, ferries more or less, so people feel safer. It’s only the strong that takes those small boats. So you got to do more.”

Mr. Agbaje also said that he would not ban Danfo buses in Lagos, but would discourage the springing up of illegal bus stops in the metropolis.

On the issue of state police, Mr. Agbaje said that it would enable communities to be better policed.

“I’m not sure it’s an APC thing. I’m an advocate of state policing and I’m not APC. I believe we need to have state police because as a state government you’ve got priorities. The police is federal, it’s stretched.

“The benefits (of state police) are more. You can talk guidelines, you can talk about the kind of arms that the state police can have, you can talk about their jurisdiction, their limitations. These are things that can be addressed.

“I think it’s the APC that is against it. The National Conference finished and recommended state police. APC don’t seem to like the outcome of the National Conference. President Jonathan is saying very clearly that when he comes back, he’s gonna ensure that the National Conference report is adopted. It’s the other party that is saying one thing and doing something else.”

The Lagos PDP candidate also said that he would focus on “fair” taxes, adding that government should not be over-burdening citizens captured in tax nets.

“What happens today is government in wanting to raise money takes advantage of the regulatory agencies to raise money in a wrong manner,” said Mr. Agbaje.

“The said regulatory agency has a major objective but what you find today is that the major objective of those regulatory agencies is revenue generation, rather than what they were set up for.

“So you have the LASTMA for example, LASTMA’s objective is to ensure free flow of traffic. But God help you if LASTMA catches you for anything. They are gonna ask you for your tax clearance, if it’s a company they are gonna ask you for the director’s tax clearance, they’ll fine you heavily.

“If you want to build a house for example, you want to apply for approval plans for construction permit, the whole essence of applying is to ensure that what you wanna build is not gonna collapse on anybody’s head and to make sure that it’s right.

“Government puts its fees that is such that it discourages people from even coming forward to apply. Some of the fallout is that a lot of the houses that are being built today people are not just coming forward to apply, and they are building without that.

“Again, it discourages people from investing in housing because of these kinds of restrictions.”

Mr. Agbaje further said that he does not participate in “negative campaigns.”

“Why I said ‘I’m not one of them,’ the message is that I’m not a typical politician. So it has nothing to do with party, it’s got to do with politics in general.

“You tend to look at politicians, they tell lies. I’m not your typical politician. I want you to take me for what I am. If I tell you something I want you to believe what I’m saying. I’m not saying it just for saying sake. And that’s what’s working for me.”


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  • Amir

    These people are so mischievous. They have nothing to hold on to support a man who has ruled for about 6 years except an illegal national conference. Recall that agitation for national conference arose because of Jonathan’s failure in providing leadership which to his party PDP became so embarrassing. PDP’s failure is not Nigeria’s failure. We’ve not had alternative leadership at the centre, so why think a national conference is the solution?. There is nothing about national conference that any president can implement. No serious country needs national conference to tackle corruption, arrest the decay in the education and infrastructure, or provide jobs for the teeming unemployed. You don’t need a national conference to address impunity, abuse of office. There is anti-money laundering law, in a country that promotes cashless transaction, yet the president carries cash in foreign currency to dole out to groups and literally bribe all traditional rulers. No volume of national conference can stop such disgusting recklessness if the president continues to use national wealth as his personal property. Did national conference provide for the sacking of the minister who scammed unemployed graduates, and sent them to their early graves? Did national conference recommend the court trial of the minister who procured two bullet proof cars at an outrageous price, and is now heading to the senate to make laws? Did national conference stop the clearance of the Obanikoro’s whose contribution to democracy is to rig elections and intimidate a serving soldier into weeping? Did national conference provide for an overbearing unconstitutional office of the first lady at state and national level? How can a failed national conference that recommended creation of additional 18 states increase the international oil price, or stop borrowing and squandering of foreign reserves?
    The national conference packaged by short sighted, greedy ethnic politicians have been rendered worthless by today’s realities which is the onset of harsh austerity measures, non payment of salaries, impending retrenchment, empty treasury and inflation. Advocates of national conference have no point. The position of APC at that time was for the government to fine tune Obasanjo’s national conference recommendations of 2005, and save cost. A wasteful government decided to produce an unimplementable term paper, even when the national assembly have approved a new constitution. Who marks a term paper after a thesis?

    • Olu Ade

      Thanks a lot for this thoughtful insight…it’s good to know that there are people who feel same way.

  • babatope

    Liar….. Where did national conference approved state police? Very mischievous man talking rubbish. All that you plan to do hhas been done by fashola and Ambode is coming to improve on it. We are voting APC

  • Awarawa

    Babatope, go get a copy, read and learn. You can still come back here to comment after digesting what is the recommendations.

  • Jones

    10 volumes of national conference report cannot make an incompetent man become competent. By the way simpler documents like the Ribadu report, or the House of Reps report on the oil sector is still gathering dust at the presidency. A president that cannot implement a report on just one department of his government now claims to have the capacity to implement a report covering the whole country. What an infantile thinking!
    A candidate like Agbaje that claims to be educated is equally clueless that an administration that cannot pass PIB bill in 4 years will borrow ‘capacity’ from mid air to implement an unworkable word document called national conference.

  • Arabakpura

    What happened to his necklace? I saw him today on channels wearing a gold neck chain! He would make a good musician or actor in the entertainment industry!

    • Ayelala

      That necklace is the typical sign of vain and amoral men in the SW.
      A man at his age,who is still wearing necklace tells me a few thing.
      He likes women ,he likes owambe parties, he spends hours looking at himself in the mirror and he is worldly.

      • Arabakpura

        Any man that wears ornaments in that fashion should be a private person and not for public service because he will turn governance into a jamboree!

  • Jones

    Nigerians should vote those who will add value to their lives with the existing constitution. Any politician campaigning on national conference report has no reason to be a candidate at this time, and should wait until it is implemented before asking for votes. Failure is a creator of excuses. The president seems to be leading a pack of visionless politicians who want to be in office now while the document to make them perform is (in their warped minds) not ready. Some South West bigots are really empty in their heads. How many national conference reports did Awolowo produce to start free education, or build the first television station in Africa? How many national conferences reports were implemented to build the cocoa house in Ibadan? How many did Dangote implement to build his business empire? Most promoters of national conference are idle people from the South West, and are permanent agitators of documents no matter how worthless. These class of people are always different from performers. Cockroaches that peruse documents are never useful to any household.

  • sammyctu ode

    jimi agbaje, you cannot compete with crooks, corrupt politicians like bode George, ogunlewe and a host of many pdp crooks in Lagos because they are serial pen armed robbers and if you don’t give them what they want, you might end up in the lion’s den and disappear like funso Williams. However, we are not ready to conduct a chemistry experiment with you and your co-travelers in Lagos State so, we want peace, development and continuity of all what Gov. Fashola has done. After April 11th election, please, go back and manage your 10 staff pharmacy.

  • Titi

    the contradiction is you asking people to vote Jonathan, if you say he is the best we have then you will certainly make the worst governor because you do not know what we deserve

  • richkid

    Same thing everywhere Apc boycott debate! Touts selected to come and lead and thought how to cross there legs. Ambode face agbaje in a debate if you know what your doing. Tinubu and fashola promised you to governor and use you for rubish. Now agbaje the right man won’t let you have it. Lagos belongs to GEJ and agbaje

  • Sagoe

    Jimi Agbaje:

    You MUST have spatial awareness. You are coming onto a crime scene in Alausa.
    The first order of business there is an open PROBE of the treasury funds from 1999.
    To be followed by arrest, arraignment, conviction and sentencing of treasury thieves.
    Restitution must then follow with mass seizures of illegitimate assets of APC thieves.
    If you fail this first step on your resumption you’ll be stoned in public within 3 months.

  • Otitokoro

    Jimi, oh really? Please tell us something different. We have been in this thing for quite some time long before you. So we know one or two things. Can you please tell a different story please?

  • OmoLasgidi

    Gonna and wanna? I counted a few of those ….Lagosians should better watch this rookie – this guy has not experience whatsoever in governance and administration – so shallow and hollow – Lagos will be set back a hundred years if this neophyte becomes the Governor of Lagos State – a clown without any track record, even with his own business!

  • Ayelala

    Up there is the biggest joke of the century.He is contesting under a platform in which he doesn’t have a Base.
    Beyond that. He does not have any administrative experience whatsoever.,Whether in government or the organised private sector.
    This wouldn’t have mattered if his party had a good reputation for morality and reputation for good governance.Unfortunately, the party is a criminal party.
    thanks but no thanks. The only difference between an agbaje and an Akala is that he speaks with a lagos accent

  • favourtalk

    Change is here