We forced Jega to shift polls to save Jonathan from losing – OPC leader, Fasheun

The leader of the Oodua People’s Congress, Fredrick Fasheun, has revealed why the 2015 general election earlier slated for February 14 was shifted.

He also named actors who compelled the Independent National Electoral Commission chairman, INEC, Attahiru Jega, to postpone the polls.  

According to Mr. Fasheun, if the elections had gone ahead on the scheduled date, President Goodluck Jonathan would have lost. He revealed this while speaking at Post-National Conference event sponsored by the Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko.

The video of the speech was published Saturday by news website, Sahara Reporters.

Mr. Fasheun said he was approached by Mojisola Akinfenwa, a fourth republic Senator from Osun State, who told him that he doubted if Jonathan would win the election the way things were going.

“The senator came to me and said, look, I think Jonathan is losing this battle and I responded to him, Baba, I will never experience any loss in battle. Today, we shall shift this election. And by the grace of God, when we had spoken to few people, Jega had no option but to shift the date of the election. If that election was not shifted, I bet you that Jonathan would have lost that election.

“The rigging had been perfected. The war-torn region of the North-East; Yobe was having 80 per cent PVC (distribution) while Lagos only had 62 per cent and even the governor himself was still crying to be given his own PVC. So, the few PVC we have must be maximised. That is why I am appealing to everyone. Let us all go there and this time, cast our votes in favour of a friend. Jonathan can be a friend.”

The OPC leader noted that he did not believe in the anti-corruption campaign of the opposition party.

“I am not carried away by the fact that somebody is not corrupt… People are turning history upside down. Who is not corrupt? Have we forgotten the $2.8bn lost? Have we forgotten the 52 suitcases filled with new currencies? Have we forgotten the chairmanship of PTF?” he said.

He added: “Have we forgotten that somebody recently said that if he doesn’t win the election or if the election does not go in his favour, the blood of baboon will mix with the blood of dogs? Whereas, Jonathan said my ambition to become President of this nation should not cost one drop of any Nigerian’s blood”.

Both the Gani Adams and Mr. Fasheun’s factions of the Oodua Peoples Congress have over the past weeks campaigned for the reelection of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Particularly, the Gani Adams’ faction has called for the removal of the INEC chair and held a protest to drive home their demand in Lagos.

According to Mr. Adams, the call for the removal of Mr. Jega was due to poor distribution of PVCs in the south, registration of under age in the north and creation of additional 30,000 polling units in the north.



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    What a revelation! So the security bogey is what it is, a bogey! What Fasheun does not know is that Nigerians have gone beyond the stage where they will be forced to vote against their wishes. Even if these elections are postponed till next year, Jonathan will lose!

  • Daniel Ikwuagwu

    This is a shame. how much efforts were made by individual state governors to galvanize their various citizens to go and collect their PVSs, especially areas where we have large numbers of public and private workers who have to go to work from Monday through Saturday? How effective were the awareness creation in each of these states apart from the central efforts?

    We should understand the setting down the north east and other rural areas. Farmers and artisans have flexible time.
    They are their own masters and employers. Many in these areas do not even have jobs to attend to. UNEMPLOYMENT AND ACUTE POVERTY. And with the glaring possibility of having one of their own become president again, I am doubly sure they became more than willing to stay at the PVC collection centers with their sleeping mats just to collect their PVCs. Their rights to discard or choose.

    When you have watched your community overrun by mindless extremists, lived perpetually in fear, watched your brothers and family members decapitated or slaughtered like rams with an undecided government watching timidly from the distance, you would do the same (build a hut by the INEC collection center) just to boot that ineffective government out. UNTIL WE HAVE A REAL EVIDENCE OF ANY SUBVERSIVE and FOWL PLAY by INEC or the opposition let us applaud those good citizens of the North East for showing us how to be responsible.

    SHAME on Fasheun and all who took part in manipulating the poll shift. THAT WAS A CLASSIC COUP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Adeniran

    I believe that at the end of the present tunnel of darkness, light shall spring forth in Nigeria. Fasheun, Gani Adams, you are a big disappointment. All because of the pipeline contracts?

  • endingNaija

    This is the end, the beginning of the end. The truth about the treason against Nigerian people in the postponement of the Feb 14 election is coming out gradually. Truly, this is the end of time, the beginning of the end for President Jonathan. Let us read and hear more from the conspirators against Nigerian people as I call on Nigerian people and voters to BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH in the Nigerian elections beginning from March 28!

    • Fatai Fehintola

      I suggest we also interrogate the fact that despite the August elections in Osun state, PVC uptake remains at about 70% even 6 months after! What then was the PVC uptake for the August guber polls that was praised to high heavens, some say about 60% (probably worse in the case of Ekiti and Anambra!), yet the election was allowed, heavens did not fall and most Nigerians did not complain. .

  • Total

    Before we crucify Fasheun lets take a look at his statement in total and not just a portion that suits us. ““The rigging had been perfected. The war-torn region of the North-East; Yobe was having 80 per cent PVC (distribution) while Lagos only had 62 per cent and even the governor himself was still crying to be given his own PVC. So, the few PVC we have must be maximised. That is why I am appealing to everyone. Let us all go there and this time, cast our votes in favour of a friend. Jonathan can be a friend.”. The dead and the displaced all got PVC before the living and peaceful voters in Ogun state et all????? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.

  • sho

    APC is a criminal organization – full of Alhajis -signifying nothing.

  • maureen

    A CHANGE AGENT?) – Richard Omoko

    Some of the people blind folded by the APC toga of ‘change’ do not clearly understand what they are getting into, while I agree that you have some decent elements in the party APC. Yes decent human beings that are better respected and even I regard as great mentors of society and generations to come. This class of people are well liked and highly respected individuals that you may not compare them with some rascals and truants that you may find in other parties. I often wonder why the APC is a party filled with ‘strange bed fellows’, if you check the composition of the APC you would discover that it is a party filled predominantly of desperate and disgruntled politicians from the PDP and other parties.

    As a young boy my dad often warned me not to have any form of dealings with a desperate individual and that by so doing I would have my fingers burnt and regret it afterwards. As he would say “a desperate man can kill”, this frightening words have never left my mind since I was a boy. A lot of young people do not understand what dangers these desperate men you currently have in the APC portends to the security, peace and unity of Nigeria as a country that’s why I call on the decent few I have earlier described that are still within their rank and file, and also young boys and girls who never knew the antecedents of these desperate characters to please ‘shine your eyes’. Pastor Tunde Bakare even said it better “I trust Buhari but I don’t trust the environment that he is in”. Get this right Buhari is not a demon, nor is he demented but matter of fact is that as the saying goes “The evil that men do lives with them”.
    Buhari’s and his many sins
    1. Human rights: Because of Buhari and Babaginda, Fela Anikulapo Kuti composed several songs like ‘Overtake don overtake overtake’, ‘Animal in human skin’, ‘Animal can’t dash us human rights’. Fela may have been a ‘prophet’ of his time. I agree with him though in some of his words, if you have abused the rights of others you can’t turn around now and pretend to ‘dash’ us human rights under the pretence of Change. A leopard cannot change its spots. Buhari ceased power in 1983 and systematically abused Nigerians of their rights of justice and fair hearing. Politicians were accused of bogus crimes of corruption and tried under kangaroo courts, while there may have been a few who were corrupt, the innocent were not spared. They were given heavy sentencing some as much as 323 years. The trauma such people as Ambrose Ali faced in prison was what killed him afterwards. Like Ahmadu Bello, Ambrose Ali after massively developing Bendel state had to his credit only one small bungalow in his home town.
    2. Decree 4 and Decree 2: He was infamous for his constant harassment of the Press and Civil rights groups as a means of concealing the truth from ordinary Nigerians. At will he threw people into jail without any form of charge and such journalist as Nduka Irabor would tell you of their experiences. Some were tortured and are still traumatised till today, some even lost their lives in the process.
    3. Ghana must go: As a child growing up our economy was booming and as such we had a lot of foreigners living around us. We had Asians especially Indians and Pakistanis, Eastern Europeans and of course Africans all running from economic hardships in their countries. Some were professionals and experts in their fields and we also had artisans and others who did menial labour, we had some Africans who were professionals but most were involved in menial work. Interestingly of all these sets of people that were in Nigeria Buhari singled out Ghanians and sent them packing without any form of compensation and compassion. If you must note during the civil war a lot of Nigerians ran to Ghana to take cover even Nnamdi Azikiwe schooled in Ghana. Some of these Nigerians that escaped the civil war married their Ghanian girl friends and boy friends and returned to Nigeria after the war was over. To be sent packing in such a manner was indeed callous, and painfully some were forced to leave with just only a bag irrespective of the wealth or properties that they had accumulated from decent hard work. So young people as you go out to the shops to buy that ‘Ghana must go’ bag without knowing truly why they call those bags with such a name, now you know.
    4. Economic policies: I don’t need again to explain to you that Buhari is bereft of ideas when it comes to economic issues and the handling of the economy. Start with the reprinting of the naira when he ceased power. As a boy we were jubilant that we were seeing the new face of the naira, what we didn’t understand then was the economic impact and the implications. His excuse for doing so was that corrupt politicians who had stolen funds hidden under their beds may not be able to exchange their cash for the new currency. The impact of this together with his import license policy helped to devalue the naira and rubbish it’s exchange power. Before he ceased power the naira had a strong exchange value against major currencies for decades the naira had been exchanging for £1.00/N2.00 and $1.00/0.60 kobo. For the first time ever it was during Buhari’s regime that the naira started to depreciate in value. It’s laughable when now he is the same person shouting that naira is exchanging at $1.00/N220.00. Even with this all is not lost as the Chinese and Japanese constantly and intentionally devalue their currency as a means to curbing dumping of products and hence boosting local production. Now the desperate politicians are encouraging him to make promises like building four refineries, free education, free lunch, monthly stipends and allowances for jobless youths and so on without proper economic planning and drafting.
    5. Irresponsible utterances: His irresponsible utterances especially with disregard to its security implications have cost some Nigerians their lives and properties. He had said “The baboons and monkeys would be soaked in their blood” who are these baboons and monkeys? His utterances during and after the elections of 2011 were not helpful either. How do you place your self interest above the lives of the innocent and even the nation? Al Gore knew he won the elections but he allowed the interest of America to over shadow his personal interest. Even my dearly beloved Baba Obasanjo allowed the general interest of Nigeria to subdue his personal interest and agenda of running for office as President for a third term. To me that’s being a true statesman.
    6. Irresponsible actions and inactions: When people were being killed in 2011 under the guise of defending their votes as encouraged by Buhari. He did not come out to make an immediate statement or plea for these miscreants to stop forthwith.
    7. The costs of crating Umaru Dikko: Before he parcelled Umaru Dikko in a crate Nigerians had easy access into the United Kingdom (UK) and USA. With a return ticket costing only N500 and just your passport you can travel into these countries without a visa, but his brute approach cost us dearly, the UK came down heavily on Nigerians and withdrew the privileges of travelling under a common wealth of nations. They went further and started denying citizenship to Nigerians born in the UK.
    8. Total disregard to women: Initially when contacted on his opinion of the office of the first lady, he had said that he would scrap this office as it had no meaning nor place in his administration. However, having faced a lot of backlash and criticism from Nigerians and international organisations he is forced to go against his will of incorporating women in his government should he win. Now you may find a repackaged Aisha Buhari frying akara (bean cake) in Abuja. Even if APC do not agree with it, GEJ has remained the only government in Nigeria that has worked for the cause of fully incorporating and representing women in government.
    9. Islamic agenda: His penchant for fighting the cause and fully supporting sharia is not hidden to many. As such the christian north are wary of supporting him. The fear generally in the minds of people is that this unrepentant supporter of sharia may well be the trump card or joker for Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) or maybe ISIS currently on a jihaddist campaign, if you would recall boko haram that pledged allegiance to ISIS had nominated Buhari as it’s spokesman.
    Please truth be told, Nigerians be wary of desperate politicians who are serving their own interest, again I repeat Buhari is a good man and his intentions may have been good but his sins are living with him. The environment that he currently finds himself is one of suspicion and not to be trusted as Chinua Achebe describes it ‘Things fall apart and the center cannot hold’ that is what the APC stands for.

  • pinky minaj

    Buhari’s disappearance…
    Things have not gone too well for the Buhari campaign since the postponement of the election. He did not help things by disappearing off the political radar for virtually two weeks. By the time he re-surfaced, Boko Haram was toast. We no longer needed Buhari’s vain promissory notes to deal with the insurgency. One after another, town after town were recovered from the Boko Haram. In many respects, they have been routed as the Nigerian army came into its own after having received its new consignment of weapons.
    As a result, we are no longer hearing anything from Buhari about whipping Boko Haram. All he had left was his anti-corruption mantra. But that one also came to grief with the airing of AIT’s tripartite documentary entitled: “The Lion of Bourdillon.” This alleged that Bola Tinubu, the self-styled national leader of the APC, is steeped in corruption. It claims Tinubu is the biggest landlord in Lagos, and maintains he has acquired so much property through very sharp practices.
    While the veracity of these allegations is yet to be ascertained beyond reasonable doubt, the documentary has brought to the fore the flies in the anti-corruption ointment of Buhari. The truth is that corruption in Nigeria is not the exclusive preserve of the PDP. It is also the chronic ailment of the APC. Neither is corruption only the malaise of the Federal Government; it is equally the malaise of state governments, including those ruled by the APC. Indeed, Murtala Nyako of the APC was impeached and removed as governor of Adamawa State partly because it was alleged that he had corruptly enriched himself with government funds.
    The question then is this: Does Buhari’s so-called zero-tolerance for corruption extend to his APC colleagues? Will Buhari, in the unlikely event that he becomes president, go after APC thieves as well as PDP thieves? Or will he turn a blind eye to APC thieves and molly-cuddle them? Suddenly, the anti-corruption searchlight turned on to Buhari and his friends, and just as suddenly, we discovered what some of us have always known: that Buhari, the Emperor of Anti-Corruption, has no clothes.
    Buhari’s response to the issue of corruption in APC ranks reeked with sheer hypocrisy and double-standards. Like charity, Buhari’s anti-corruption must begin at home in the APC if it is to be credible. However, Buhari is not inclined to prosecute his friends. Instead, he came up with a pronouncement that virtually rubbished his anti-corruption posture. He said: “Whoever that is indicted of corruption between 1999 to the time of swearing-in, would be pardoned. I am going to draw a line, anybody who involved himself in corruption after I assume office, will face the music.”
    Insurance for corrupt supporters
    This means as long as you steal money between 1999 and 2011, you have nothing to fear under a Buhari presidency. This is, of course, an insurance policy for his corrupt supporters, assuring them that they would have nothing to fear by giving him their vote. Buhari did not come out in strident support of Bola Tinubu. He did not come out to tell the world that, contrary to the AIT documentary, the Bola Tinubu he knows is a man of unimpeachable integrity. Instead, he told the world that if there are thieves among his friends, they can rest assured that he would pardon their thievery.
    When President Jonathan pardoned the former governor of Bayelsa, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, a man who had been convicted of corruption and was a refugee from justice from Britain, Nigerians were incensed. This was rightly seen as the president condoning corruption. One would have thought this kind of thing would not occur with a man who talks anti-corruption day and night. However, in the case of Buhari, he would not only pardon one corrupt associate, he would pardon them all.
    When asked how he was going to get funds to revitalise the economy, Buhari stated that he was going to get all corrupt past leaders and officials cough out their stolen money. This was nothing but a nonsensical policy. It is bizarre and odd for Buhari to think he can run Nigeria, revamp the educational system for example, by recovering stolen money. Where will he get this money from? Who will give it to him? Would such recovered money not amount to a storm in the teacup?
    But now that he has dumped this anti-corruption charade in favour of a blanket pardon for the corrupt, it is clear that political reality is beginning to erode Buhari’s highfalutin campaign grandstanding. It is equally significant that Buhari’s new stance on corruption comes coincidentally after AIT documentary on “The Lion of Bourdillon,” where one of his most important allies was accused of corruption. Clearly, it is high time Buhari stopped deluding Nigerians that he is genuinely anti-corruption and that he can eradicate corruption in Nigeria by sending corrupt politicians to jail.
    Buhari was Nigeria’s head-of-state for a period of 18 months in the 1980s. At the time, he ran so rough-shod over the Nigerian judicial system that the Nigerian Bar Association proscribed Nigerian lawyers from appearing in any of Buhari’s kangaroo courts. Buhari sent both corrupt and non-corrupt politicians to jail, sometimes for up to 300 years. Nevertheless, corruption was not eradicated. It continued unabated because it was not addressed structurally. Even the practice under Obasanjo of shooting armed robbers by firing squad in Bar Beach failed to stop armed robbery. All it did was to brutalise the Nigerian public.
    Jonathan’s effective approach
    Surely, the more reasonable and effective method is to remove the avenues for corruption. This is what Goodluck Jonathan has been doing. He has sanitized the payroll system by removing some 50,000 ghost-workers, saving the country a whopping N200 billion in the first instance. He has removed the fertilizer middlemen; saving Nigeria hundreds of billions of naira. He has sanitized the electoral register. Over three million ghost voters have been removed; one million in Zamfara State alone. He is going after corruption in the oil sector with the Petroleum Industry Bill.
    In the vainglorious case of Buhari, it did not help matters that he fought corruption with corruption. He interfered blatantly in the judicial process. The judge who sent Fela to jail later went to apologise to him in hospital afterwards that he did it under government duress. Nevertheless, some members of the Nigerian public, baying for the blood of corrupt politicians, hanker back to the high-handed days of the Buhari era, when the human rights of innocent Nigerians were violated on the altar of anti-corruption, and some Nigerians were even judicially murdered under heinous retroactive decrees.
    What Buhari is not telling them is that he has no power to do this under today’s democratic dispensation. Buhari goes on the stomp and says: “When we come into power, anyone who steals Nigerian money will end up in Kirikiri Maximum Prisons. We are going to make sure that Nigeria’s wealth belongs only to Nigerians.” But the truth of the matter is that, in a democracy, the president does not have the judicial power to send anybody to Kirikiri. If the EFCC does not prosecute, the president cannot become the chairman of the EFCC. If the judges do not convict, Buhari cannot transform himself into a judge.
    Deceived electorate
    All those who have been deceived into believing that Buhari will just become president and begin to lock up corrupt politicians left, right and centre are dreaming. In the unlikely event that Buhari becomes president, he will neither have the power to do so, nor the inclination to do so. The reason is simple: many of the thieves are his friends and allies in the APC. Buhari talks change, but he is running around with the old breed of politicians. You can always tell a lot about a man by the composition and character of his friends.
    Buhari fashions himself as Mr. Integrity, nevertheless, he was not averse to serve under Sani Abacha, one of the most corrupt heads-of-state in the history of Nigeria. Even more significant, Buhari insisted that Abacha was not corrupt at all. On the 10th anniversary of Abacha’s death, Buhari told incredulous Nigerians that all the allegations of looting the treasury leveled against Abacha were “baseless.” He said: “ten years after Abacha, those allegations remain unproven because of lack of facts.”
    Buhari held this position in spite of the millions of dollars of Abacha’s loot recovered from banks around the world, and in spite of the fact that the Abacha’s family signed a formal agreement to return over $1 billion of such monies to the Nigerian government. We can see therefore that, from the point of view of Buhari, only the PDP has the copyright on corruption. Every allegation of corruption leveled against his friends and financiers must surely be “baseless.”
    It is this kind of double standard that prompted Buhari to jail Vice-president Ekwueme while only putting President Shagari under house arrest. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti poked fun at this in one of his songs. He said: “Driver commit accident Buhari lock conductor.” Given the many corrupt drivers that abound in Buhari’s APC’s, we can anticipate that he will only be interested in locking up conductors in the unlikely event that he ever becomes president

  • Abbas Mahmoud

    Thanks to OPC, for destroying the plans of APC ”The Association of Past Criminals”..

    • mosun

      Abbas mahmoud Ur grand pa is a criminal and he will be graduated again into d jail with all stolen money


      How many people has Dumbo Jonaharam’s cluelessness, wickedness and ineptitude caused to be klilled and displaced? Do you think the families of these victims will ever forgive him.

    • one_nigeria

      Agreed 200 percent. See, compare Buhari to the woman. He looks like dead man Hugh Hefner of Playboy mansion marrying under-20 kid. If Buhari is such an honest man, why could he not keep his first marriage? Divorced mother of his kids and married a kid younger than his first daughter.

  • halima

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  • shola

    Why your coming out now? Do you think he’s now going to win? Sorry that you even admit it was a conspiracy.

  • UYI111

    It takes a man with balls to call a spade a spade thank you patriots and Goodluck to Nigeria GEJ TILL 2019!!!!!!!!!!HA HA .

  • mosun

    This opc man faseun is digging is grave as educated as he is what he will eat make him sell is birth right to is junior brother Jonathan God will frustrate him and is plan soon

  • Wetin Naija

    At least some one is confessing the truth out. PDP will still lose

    • Fatai Fehintola

      Thanks, I should add that, Nigerians should expect more damning revelations, ING and other anti-democratic efforts of our so called leaders!

  • Harry


  • Thepeople

    Nigeria has no floating voters. Nigerians vote along ethnic and religious lines, self interests or a few who are tired of this government, not because the nation is better secured or Boka Haram has been defeated. The pattern of voting would not change on the 28th March from what it would have been on the14th Feb. JONATHAN WOULD STILL LOOSE. THE NATION NEEDS A NEW DIRECTION. Even Jonathan knows this and to point his time is up.

  • basil edoma

    The OPC chieftains are in tune with the modern governance of society… They as well as the whole country know that Goodluck has the heart of a human with feelings and a soul touched by God… He is the one fighting very hard to clear the stench left by his predecessors who clearly left this country in shambles… I beleve strongly in the transformation agenda of the President and know that come May 29th he will be sworn in to continue the good work he has already started of revitalizing Nigeria into being Once again a force to reckon with… I strongly maintain that anyone who does not buy into his agenda doesn’t truly believe in the progression of our young democracy…

    • SAM .A

      edema, u are sick that is why u see activities of thugs/militants as progress. We lovers of democracy do not love this democracy dominated &run by militants /terrorists. 13,000 dead and u are celebrating it.
      The swelling in your brain we clear on 28/3 ,you will wake up to New Nigeria on29/3. Wake up!

      • basil edoma

        I can’t bring myself down to hurling insults at you just as you did… the truth is bitter they say and the issue is that Apc can’t just take over power portraying the guise of an innocent lamb whereas they as vicious like the tiger…

        • SAM .A

          I am sure you don’t live in Nigeria, if u do , u live in your own fantasy Island. A LIAR, and denail of truth has no standard. Do you deny that your man Friday and his party pdp has not brought NAIRA from N87 =1$ in 1999 to 130 in 2011. from January it has jumped from 160 t0 230to $1:00. Do you live in MARS? Go outside ur door and check the price of what u bought 4 months ago!
          How do u account for 13,000 that had been killed under the custody of your Lamb?what about the reign of militants , opc, mossab, asari dokubo group in Okrika and PH.
          You have no status in NIGERIA. Change is already knocking @ the door of ur conscience .

          • basil edoma

            From your petty comments, I can clearly observe that you’ve been enchanted by the lies of your masters with promises of paradise just a week away a waiver too hard to resist. Well Mr sam.A I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. It’s not happening… cos all your master’s plots for further looting from the public’s coffers have been curb-stumped by my amiable president… GEJ…..2019

          • basil edoma

            From your petty comments, I can clearly deduce that you’ve been enchanted by the lies of your masters with promises of paradise just a week away a waiver too hard to resist. Well Mr sam.A I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. It’s not happening… cos all your master’s plots for further looting from the public’s coffers have been curb-stumped by my amiable president… GEJ…..2019

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      You don’t even know Goodluck Jonathan.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Mr. Fasheun thank God you have been exposed by God. And with God behind Nigerians this clueless regime will become history.

  • SAM .A

    Fasheun,since u claimed that you advised your brother Jonathan to change the date of election, one can deduce from above that you also advised the Transformer to transform himself to ATM machine and positioned himself in Marina -Lagos , where he has been distributing $ to all interest group for weeks, and transport himself to palace of Jegudujera Obas who were given chace to cash their own $ too.
    A PAYBACK FOR MARGINALIZATION OF SW.Fasheun you are aman of the past. YORUBAS will cosign you to dustbin of History on 28/3/2015.What Yoruba stands for in Nigeria is Justice and good governace.

  • Philip Musa

    In another news: ”

    Foreign policy expert
    Richard Grenell has warned the Obama administration to “wake up” to
    the growing threat of Nigeria turning into an Islamic state, leading to other
    African nations also capitulating to Muslim extremists.

    In an opinion column for The Washington
    Times, Grenell revealed that a leading candidate in the Nigerian
    general election later this month is a sympathizer of the Boko Haram terror
    group and plans to install strict Sharia Law if he’s elected.

    General Mohammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress is facing off against
    incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan on March 28 in the African continent’s
    most populous country.

    Buhari has spoken defensively about Boko Haram, even though the evil group has
    kidnapped and enslaved hundreds of young girls. And he has been personally been
    selected by the terrorists to lead its negotiations with the government.

    “Western foreign policy observers pre-occupied with the rise of ISIS in
    the Middle East should wake up to the reality unfolding in Nigeria,” wrote
    Grenell, a former spokesman for four United States Ambassadors to the United
    Nations, most recently Ambassador Zal Khalilzad.

    “Buhari’s election as head of state would be a disaster for Africa. It
    would also signal trouble for the West’s fight against the Islamic State (ISIS)
    and terrorism throughout the Middle East. The decision by the 73 million
    registered Nigerian voters could have a profound impact on the future of

    Buhari even appears to be advocating violence while pushing for the moral and
    religious code of Sharia Law, according to Grenell.

    “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the
    Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” Buhari said. “God
    willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the
    Sharia in the country.”

    But Grenell wrote, “Agitation? Is this an indication that Mr. Buhari
    supports violence because the end goal of the terrorist attacks throughout
    Nigeria and Africa is an Islamic state? It is a legitimate question that should
    be asked by leaders of the Obama administration.”

    Boko Haram, which has pledged its support to ISIS, is based in northern
    Nigerian and hopes to rule the country with Sharia Law.

    The group, which recently killed 54 people in Nigeria by using four suicide
    bombers, is also taking terrorist actions in neighboring Chad, Niger and
    Cameroon to force them to adopt an Islamic state as well.

    Grenell warned that Nigeria could become “a tipping point” in Africa
    in the same way that Tunisia kicked off the Arab Spring in the Middle East.

    “The West, and specifically the Obama Administration, needs to wake up to
    the growing problem,” wrote Grenell. “The Nigerian economy has been
    growing faster than South Africa’s. Imagine what Nigeria could do for Africa if
    it was also free of Boko Haram’s violence.

    “The Obama administration should be doing more to ensure Africa’s most
    populous country doesn’t slip away.”

  • evi

    Premium times, your headline is misleading .Someone that didn’t bother to read the content of the story would assume the worst of Jonathan.

  • Moe

    Summarily, Fasheun said on Video that they had to lie and postpone the election otherwise Buhari would have won.

    PT headline reads “We forced Jega to shift polls to save Jonathan from losing – OPC leader, Fasheun”

    And some folks claim PT headline is misleading? How?

    What about those of us who read the story and also saw the video and came out with the same conclusion. ?
    First of all, why would any sensible person do this? Alcohol? drugs? misplaced sense of loyalty? I don’t know. I have never met the man (Thank God).

    Yes, Fasheun mentioned that PVC was more rampantly distributed in a state up North than it was in Lagos (as a reason for the postponement of the election). Do not forget that the main reason is still to prevent Jonathan from Loosing!!
    Has anyone forgotten the reason they gave the nation for the postponement?

    This is not just an impeachable offense that can be used to remove Jonathan from office, it is a CONSPIRACY!
    Regardless of his reasoning, postponing the election like they did under the guise of security is a crime against the nation. It is a conspiracy and should the new administration choose to pursue charges against him and his co conspirators, the evidence is widely distributed and provided by Fasheun himself ON VIDEO.

    These folks are turning something as simple as loosing an election into something that will affect them for the rest of their lives (their families as well)

  • Koffa0319

    Sometimes I want to believe that all these so-called Jonathan’s supporters to include his media director, are really his number 1 enemies, who secretly crave his defeat at the poll on March 28. Now, how can the above article, in any way, help Jonathan win the election? Really!

  • fat


    • warry

      Your life is already ruined for 50 yrs before GEJ came to try and rescue you,but you can’t think. You have been conditioned to be so.Why are you so backward,despite the fact that you been in power for 38yrs? Now anybody can say I want this or that but if you don’t know anything ,nobody can help you. Can’t you see the innovations introduced by GEJ? he knows the how. Car Assembly plants,Trains killed by you are coming back. If you don’t know how to do things, if you like rule for 100 yrs,you will still be miserable. Is it the certificate forger who cannot change his life that will change yours. You are doomed by yourself, leave Gej out your misery.He is trying to free your mind to think on how to change your situation, but you are not ready to help yourself.

      • Northerner

        Coward! Just like GEJ!
        If I’m a GEJ supporter I will say ameen instead of spamming trash!

  • uduakomiri

    Nigeria’s problems are not the leaders but the people, ignorance and sentiment. The people are the problem, at least we can see how OPC, Afenifere, Ohaneze, CAN, Massob, Southern traditional rulers have all sold their soul to the devil in exchange for dollars. So when a bad leader buys his way into a position don’t expect him to give a damn. Secondly, ignorance is so rife in the country it is just shocking even among relatively educated Nigerians. It is baffling to hear many people say PVC collection in some insignificant Northern states are at 80 per cent for instance Yobe State by National Population commission published figures is Yobe has a population of 2, 321,339. So if we say Yobe state has 80 per cent PVC collection, it would sound incredible to the ignorant, but 80 per cent of 2,321,339 is 1,857,071.2 . Now when you compare this to Lagos state with NPC published population of 9,113,605 people. Let’s assume that 65 per cent of people in Lagos have collected their PVC it would mean that 5,923,843.12 voters in Lagos have their PVC. Now going by the argument in by mainly PDP supporters, and surprisingly some political and even religious figures from the South, who cite 80 per cent PVC collection in Yobe, you would think that more people in Yobe have collected their PVC than in Lagos but that’s not true. So the third biggest problem we have in Nigeria is sentiment. People turn facts upside now to cause trouble. And Nigerians would rather trust their feelings and hearsay than facts and truth simply believe lies and even act upon them. All the politicians, religious leaders, and the worst of these pack are the traditional rulers, Obas, emirs and these so-called ethnic organisations such as Ohaneze, Afenifere, Arewa forum Nigerians should see these three groups as one of their biggest problems.
    Come to think of it, Northern voters should be commended by their enthusiasm to vote in this election rather than condemned. Once again, our Northern brothers are showing Nigerians what civic responsibility means. While we boast in the south of being more educated, and better enlightened, the northerners whether illiterate or educated always has a transistor radio handy to listen to news and act of what they have been told to do while in the south we don’t. That’s why northerners outsmart us politically. We should swallow our pride for once and learn how to be politically savvy.

    • rothers

      Nice comment…

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Talk is cheap, Fasheun.

  • MailDude

    This admission in itself, is an indictment!

  • Chidube

    Jonathan is the greatest tragedy that has befallen Nigeria. Look at a man whom almost everybody handed over their goodwill in 2011, instead of making good use it, he squandered the collective goodwill of a people on the altar of corruption. It’s really a pity but he has to reap the fruits of his evil and satanic handwork.

    • rothers

      His time is up my guy,come Saturday the apc will dump the evil pdp cabal…all we gotta do is vote for change…