Buhari, APC plan to announce election results using illegal radio – Jonathan campaign

Femi Fani-Kayode

The spokesperson of President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode, has stated that the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, has set up a radio station in order to announce the results of the forth coming elections slated for March 28 and April 11.

He made the allegation Friday at a press conference in Abuja.

The APC set up “Radio Chanji” which will be broadcasting in Hausa language, “to announce false results after the up-coming elections are conducted”, Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

He also said apart from result announcement, the party will also use the station to create “division, chaos and strife in Nigeria by propagating the most irresponsible form of mendacious and inciting falsehood and provocative propaganda”.

“They also intend to use it to incite their supporters to kill. Once again we call on the authorities to investigate, question and arrest the people behind it before it is too late and before all hell breaks loose,” he said.

Questions for Buhari

Mr. Fani-Kayode also used the occasion to raise dozens of questions for the candidate of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari.

The former Aviation Minister sought to know from Mr. Buhari’s true health status and the situation concerning his school certificate? “Does he have it or does he not have it,” he asked.

Mr. Fani-Kayode also asked about Mr. Buhari’s role in the civil war in 1966 and the assassination of Nigeria’s first military head of state, Aguiyi Ironsi, and the murder of hundreds of military officers from southern Nigeria.

He also asked about Mr. Buhari’s role in other killings in northern Nigeria.

“Is it true that General Buhari personally ordered the retroactive application of military decrees which led to the death of many simply because he wanted to teach certain people from a certain part of the country a lesson during his reign as Military Head of State?


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  • samuel

    APC is just a diabolic party that always plans evil and tries to execute them no matter what. The CP of rivers was recent been pressurised by amaechi to release criminals for him so that he can cause mayhem on the city and then blame GEJ. This same amaechi promised to form a parallel govt should they lose they in the forth coming election, maybe this is his plan, a plan to announce a fake result when the ruling party has won thereby causing pandemonium in the street. Thank God the evil radio station has been made out. God bless GEJ, God bless Nigeria. Vote transformation. Vote GEj

    • amazing2012

      There is nothing like radio chanji, otherwise you should ask yourself what is he government doing to leave an illegal radio station in the country. Again is APC going to abduct JEGA and force him to announce the result ?
      I think PDP, GEJ and people like you are sick !

    • peaceometer

      FFK came with allegations you took it against APC, CP rivers came with allegations you took it against Amechi,. Let me ask you, what about Okrika killing,?
      What about Rivers campaign attack? Who will prosecute those?
      Mr. Man the youths are ready, the future been feeding upon by pen robbers, already, they’ve eaten up the past and present. Lots of graduates 16 years graduate without tangible thing doing is already not employable, every Nigerian family has a graduate. haba! .the money flow if properly channel can give GEJ second term without problems..but he chooses to forget he passed through schools..burning candles, hunger, stresses, etc .and failed to address Nigeria constitutionally..I am tired, I cant tell of you.

  • abc

    This guy FFK is seriously sick in the head. such a childish allegations.

  • Onike24

    I hear Femi has a sobriety companion, what a waste of money; this guy is clearly indulging again.

  • fanfinc

    This man you don colo if you want to campaign please bring up reasonable issue not propaganda all the time if you don’t have anything to do next time is better you keep your dirty mouth shut thief

  • Funso

    Ọmọ àlè ni Fẹmi Fanikayọde.

    • Action Group

      He is an Omo Oko,as Yorubas will say” O ja ifun Baba e jee” He eat the intestines of the father.Simply put “Like father like Son”Howeve,he is suffering from psychological neurosis.

  • Arrest warrant


    • ita ekpo

      Are you going to make the peace or pieces. Ssy what you can do not what you can not do. That mean APC is prepare for war. We all know is APC plan. But bear in mind that nigeria of today is not nigeria of yesterday.

  • Interrogator


    • ita ekpo

      You don’t know that will be good for nigerians. That mean free us. Igbo announce yuroba announce in the west. We become 3nigerias. Rule you i rule mind. Which til now i can believe it can do that . Is politic.

  • Ozilary

    Is this the issue base campaign? We want to know what the PDP government has done in the last 16 years that will make Nigerians vote for them again this time not what the opposition APC is planning or not planning. Tell us KKF or FFK whatever your name is

    • ita ekpo

      What buhari govt have done for those years. 1.To jail yuroba and igbo some to died.2. To let innocence people go to jail for crossing oshodi road.3. To let ibb to overthrow his govt ruled by late idiagon. Is this what you said he has done. May you will be victim this time. May god safe you oo.

  • Maimunat Tambuwal

    APC ( ALL PROBLEMATIC CONGRESS) please you guys should take it easy oooo, so as not to incite violence, or create chaos during and after election. Abeg una ooooo, election is not a do or die affair. #no2buhari

    • Mallama A

      I hope u know that u have been reported for identity theft? The owner of the picture u’re using has already been informed-You are being monitored! !!!

  • peaceometer

    There’s always one of Femi Fani Kayode in every generation..Like farther like son..from history..you can learn more.. Kayode am sorry for you..the youths have decided, so park well! Oleeeee

    • ita ekpo

      ,may be you will also park with yr nama.


    Methinks neurons are criss-crossing pathways in this guy’s brain. What a way to be a campaign’s spokesman.

  • Tunde I

    I’m lost for words!!!!. Some one needs to make the humane decision and put this guy Fantasy Kayode down.
    Does he not have any friends or family that will have pity on him and help him? This guy needs help.

    • ita ekpo

      Yes like you need deliverance from pgej

  • sammyctu ode

    fani kayode, you are really a super mental case. Soon after the election, you will start exposing jonathan and pdp because you are not a normal person all your life.

  • Ibrahim M

    APC will fail at their antics and plots to cause chaos and division in the country. They will fail woefully. We continue to say a big #NO2Buhari

    • Mallama A

      Who be this one again??

      • m k

        Na pdp goat.

        • ita ekpo

          APC na nama

    • ita ekpo

      But why their court always sound icc. Why not ncc. You can see from the rule of orji did to journalist. Is it the we are moving forward to. Short people voices to stop when you are doing wrong one can not stand up and say. This matter e don show una the rule we go dey go to face. Dis no go come na koroko eyes dis dey happen. O ya country people make we dey keep march for komop pass where dis katakata e don dey start ooo.

  • Ibrahim M

    These are strong questions for Dictator Buhari. He should answer, Where is his certificate? Nigerian have not forgotten the despicable things Buhari did when in power, his gross abuse of human rights, marginalisation of the South East and South South, unlawful jailings of Yoruba elders and icons. Buhari represents all the bad things wrong with the country. We say a big #NO2Buhari

    • Emmie

      Ogbeni speak for urself …u and who b we ? still talking about certificate when you always refuse to read … all u do is look at headlines and jump into typing what are the things buhari did when in power and please provide prove … { the guy no get prove …. very sure of that lets wait for his reply }

      • Ibrahim M

        You people and insults, it’s like it’s a compulsive thing and you can’t help yourself, can you? We the Nationalists, we the lovers of true practice of democracy, we the advocates of human rights, we the good people of Nigeria. If you need me to tell you the despicable things that Buhari did and has himself acknowledged without apologizing, then you really haven’t been paying attention.

        • Ebi Bams

          Ibrahim M, it is obvious you have been given peanuts to stay on here and taint the image of APC even when I am aware they are no saints anywhere, the truth remains, Jonathan has failed even his own people by impoverishing them as he has only empowered the never-do-wells of the Niger-Delta region, only in his regime would people like Asari Dokubo & Co. have a place in the government of the day, now tell me who has killed more. By the way Buhari was a military president and human right was never going to have it easy in such terrain. Lastly, was Buhari the only one who siezed power by force?NO!!. You can bark from now till Saturday it wont change a thing, please invest the money you have been paid well enough as the party will soon be over.

          • Ibrahim M

            Don’t have such low opinion of people, it becomes you. Buhari overthrew a Democratically elected government, there lies his first crime. There are military Heads of States who didn’t abuse human rights but followed due processes. Jonathan has transformed the lives of Nigerians including Niger Deltans: showing them there is another way to reason other than violence, educating them and rebuilding their villages after all the years they had been abandoned. Jonathan remains the right man for the job.

      • tunde

        Thanks. You dropped your pick 5.Ibrahim doesnt know anything. He is trying to tell us awolowo is in moon, akintola leave. Lol!

    • tunde

      Whatever question you wish to ask buhari about his certificate, ask google. What jonathan represent about corruption!! Dnt just come online and start telling us what we know. We want change of looters and change on the way. There is one book in my uncle library” why we struck”. I can send copy ro you if you cannot find one to buy. Read and be wise.

  • Moe

    I understand comical Fanni’s outrage.
    ‘The propagation of the most Irresponsible form of mendacious and inciting falsehoods and provocative agenda ‘ are afterall his area of expertise and no one takes kindly to being replaced by a radio station.

  • Preco01

    Ladies and gentlemen, please warn your children off psychotic drugs, see the results? Even a silver spoon born, can indeed end up a public spectacle, kai Femi aye, e re lode!


    Please what is this drug addicted pervert called fani kayode saying? Why are they afraid that he always comes up with spurious allegations?


      My brother, I wonder what this demented fella is saying! U no see im eye? Omo buruku!!!


    Ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! Fani Kayode, pls if this is meant to be a joke, stop it!! How does the allegation sound in ur ear? Fani? Fani? Fani? How many times did I call you??????

  • Acosta

    The fact that APC is so desperately fighting to win this election and is willing to do anything in the process; even resorting to violence is enough reason for any reasonable person not to vote GMB.
    A known tyrant can never be Nigerian president. GMB will lose woefully

  • grace folarin

    APC can be seen as the party thats not after the well being of Nigeria. they re so power thirsty that they dont care what pandemonium they throw this country in just to ensure they get this power. this will never happen, we re aware of their tricks and gimmicks and as long as their plans re been stopped or exposed. Nigeria will be at peace. Nigerians you can see what is going on. vote for continuous peace and progress. transformation is the way forward. vote GEJ for a second term. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • favourtalk

    Nigeria must change for Good, we need a better nigeria and people like FFK can speak for himself nit even his family becUse none is in nigeria, whatever he tries to say, change is coming soon

    • Sokunbi A. A

      No madam, Fani Kayode is a drug addict and a traitor always switching sides to where the grass is greener. As at the kidnap of the chibok girls in 2014, this bloody crack addict was still an ardent critic of the jonathan administration. But look at him today. And I’m not surprised, history repeats itself, his father sold Akintola and Awolowo for cheap. No we don’t need FFK, or his kind. If you’re voting propaganda, make sure you do your research, so your children don’t fall to the same stupidity.

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  • eddy

    FFK, don’t worry my friend… whatever u r smoking will start clearing up by March 28.

  • mustapha Shehu

    Comical fani kayode, desperate and crazy man at work.

  • m k

    Crazy man , senseless talk he open his mouth anyhow and say rubbish.

  • pinky minaj

    Thought as much… Buhari is going crazy with the desperation of wining the election, won’t be surprised if he does smtin like that sha…

  • halima

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  • Abbas Mahmoud

    That’s why they are called APC ”ASSOCIATION OF PAST CRIMINALS”..They are failures, corrupt and full with evil thought, their plans will never work..#no2buhari

  • olu damilare

    Even for the drug-crazed Femi, Son ofn Fani Wonder, his is way,way over the top.

    • Jossy

      PDP’s Fani kayode is obviously confused. It is apparent from this piece that the fight is getting harder and harder everyday. Unfortunately, Buhari’s movement has become unstoppable; nothing can stop the much desired revolution this time. GMD is the next president of Nigeria,FULL STOP

  • Dr Dare

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