Borno women attack Patience Jonathan over Buhari

Retired female civil servants in Borno State have launched a scathing attack at the first lady, Patience Jonathan, over her broadsides on former military ruler, Muhammadu Buhari, and her comments regarding the violence in northern Nigeria.

The women, under the Forum for Retired Female Civil Servants in Borno State, particularly expressed outrage over Mrs. Jonathan’s repeated attacks on Mr. Buhari, who is the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, President Goodluck Jonathan’s major challenger.

The women pointed at Mrs. Jonathan’s description of Mr. Buhari, 72, as a “brain-dead” old man.

The women said Mrs. Jonathan has no reason taunting the former general as she could be older, if she wears no make-up.

“Patience Jonathan is saying that Buhari is an old man and recently they stoned the convoy of Buhari’s wife. If Buhari is old, I believe that Patient Jonathan is not any younger than Buhari to say the fact because as a woman, we know how women hide their age behind make ups to look younger, therefore, we are saying enough is enough,” said Aishatu Ngulde, who spoke on behalf of the Forum.

The women said they decided to speak out because they had become irritated by the personality attacks by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

“We are here today because we have been pushed to the walls and anyone that is pushed to the walls has to react.

“They say we gave birth to children and throw them on the streets to become Boko Haram,” the women said.

The group also accused the wife of the president of not showing concern to the plight of Borno women, thousands of whom have become widows or have lost their children due to the ongoing Boko Haram conflict.

”The First Lady has never come to Borno state but we have seen her supporting even other countries; never has she come to see for herself what the Borno people are actually passing through. She only sits in Abuja and passes judgement on what she knows nothing about.”


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  • SAM .A

    A Plus for BUHARI and A Minus for JONATHAN on 28/3. Courtesy of Madam Patience.

    • Otile

      The beginning of every election is a plus for Imam, a minus for his opponent. But as always the Imam loses and his minions turn murderous.

      • Verily

        And the Imam cries.

  • Saydo Shan

    The husband is DUMB. And to compound matters, the woman is a loose cannon, an absolute liability.

    • GEJisacolossalDISASTER

      She is worse than a gutter ashawo

      • Saydo Shan

        It is truly a pity for them, but profoundly a pity for us the more as they are holding on to power and misusing it colossally to the nations detriment, to everyone’s detriment.

  • Comfortkay

    Madam Patience is not educated else she wouldn’t be talking like Agbero boys.

    • DiscomfortKay

      You mean she had F9 in Mathematics too?

      • logmein2nite

        F9 in English. Others who had F9 in Mathematics are talking like educated decent people, and are being loved and will be voted for by the masses in the millions.

        • Otile

          It depends on what kind of votes you are thinking about. A loved Imam accepts votes from cows and goats, but still fails woefully. How many times now?

      • Onike24

        F9 is only obtainable if you get to the final years of secondary school; Patience clearly did not finish primary school.

      • Mosaku 147

        Yes,if that is want to hear.oya now,say something we’ve not heard before.mumuson.


    Take care of your children and build for them a better future. Leave Mrs Jonathan out of your problem. Stop grooming Boko Haram. The blame is not on any one but on your faulty parenting.
    Buhari can be your God, it is allowed in Islam. Without a man you can’t even visit your holy land but you all come back playing ahlajas.
    Stop Boko Haram. Take care of your kids..WOMAN.

    • logmein2nite

      Look at you! Small minds. A first lady of a country is not the first lady of one section only. And as a caring leader you cannot impose your culture on another section of the country with impunity. The first lady will first defend every culture in Nigeria, then with careful sensitivity attempt to modify certain culture or societal dispositions. You don’t come and condemn people like that. They didn’t vote for you to insult their way of living.

      You see, all you people that support Goodluck Jonathan do so from the limited and parochial understanding of the issues of what good governance really is.

      • MARKED


        • Rio

          And when you finally had the opportunity to showcase ur culture, this is what you produce? The first ever illiterate 1st lady?

          • Otile

            Is Hajiya Turai educated? I she knows is how to steal public money.

          • Otile

            Is Hajiya Turai educated? All she knows is how to steal public money.

    • MindYourself

      Since the supposed First Lady is not bothered about their social problems, but would rather make mockery of them, then they have moral obligation to ensure she is not back to the glorious seat. I support them too! This First Lady campaigns for Buhari, if you ask me.

      • Otile

        You don’t get it, man. You Northerner don’t know how to raise your children born with your own penis. How do you expect Mrs Jonathan to raise them for you? What is your responsibilities towards those children besides dipping your penis into women impregnating them every now and then?

  • Shehu Monguno

    Retired female civil servants in my state Borno? which one is that again? Politics wont kill someone

  • Maria

    Hippopotami has nothing to offer you. She has no brains.

    • logmein2nite

      I thought it is “Shepopotamus”.

      • Maria

        Thanks for correcting my error…

        • Otile

          Wallahi. You are gleefully thanking the minion for correcting your name calling insult with his own, In a few weeks it will be over with Imam and his henchmen. This time if his minions attack anybody we must retaliate.

  • Keeece Omoefe

    My question is; where were you push to before donating your children as suicide bombers, helping boko haram to hide their AK47 & other arms beneath your Hijabs and Islamic regalia and conniving with apc & Bornu state & Boko haram to kidnap your children? Where were u pushed to then? …So what else will you do? Release more suicide bombers? Haven’t u seen how that backfires?

    Una wan follow Dame do show down? Una go wound o!

    When you talk about being pushed to the wall and reacting, you look at the statistics below.

    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    • Wale

      Wrong analysis;
      Gen Ironsi ruled Nigeria at some point and he was Igbo.

      • logmein2nite

        Forget that nonsensical statistics. The 5 years of South-South (Jonathan) gave us more oil revenue than the last 35 years put together. What did we have to show for it. 90%of the wealth was fretted away in corruption. We judge good life or leadership, not by how long but how well.

        • Wale

          you lost me dude.
          your reply does nor correlate with my post.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      You forgot to mention the Igbo General and first Military Head of State who killed our northern leaders. Who also brought all the confusion we are today witnessing.

      • Otile

        You are an idiotic_bigot. How may years has the North misruled continent Nigeria? We need to break up. Enough of you backward creatures.

        • nagogo

          You illiterate Nigeria is not a continent but a country. Go back to geography Fatso.

          • Otile

            For your information I am no illiterate by anybody’s standard. Are you wiser than President Bush who said that Nigeria is a big continent?

        • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

          I have been following your comments time immemorial. It seems to me you lack culture and home training. For your information this media is not meant for abusing people rather it is designed to air views. Be careful you may be abusing your parents because some of us are old enough to be your parents.

          • Otile

            Sorry for the unkind word I used. But you don’t look old to me, you look like a rich Alhaji.

  • Omomeji

    ”The First Lady has never come to Borno state but we have seen her supporting even other countries; never has she come to see for herself what the Borno people are actually passing through…”

    Is Bornu not part of the ‘other countries’? So these Bornu women don’t know that Nigeria is not a country? ….Don’t they know that from Okrika to Cameroon or Okrika to Benin Republic is closer than Okrika to Northanstani Bornu? Did Maryam Abacha visit Bornu? Did Turaya visit Bornu?

    Why must she support you anyway? Don’t you know how much her Rivers state already gives as support to your Governor? …ask your Governor what he does with the money…are his Children not visiting middle East to launder Dollars like other Northern Governors?

    • logmein2nite

      Outright foolishness. Your PVC should be collected from you – you don’t know anything. What a reasoning!

      • chat4zeal

        I was confused initially, I thought he was only being sarcastic, but that’s not the case.

  • Ogom

    The concept of Cultural Sensitivity is beyond the grasp of our Agbero First ‘Lady’.
    She is constantly goofing, but unfortunately doesn’t know it.

    Nigeria deserves better.

    • logmein2nite

      How do you blame this woman. You blame society that tolerates and accepts this nuisance as a normalcy and is celebrating it everyday. What is wrong with us for heavens sake?

      • Ogom

        na mistake.. no vex please

    • Shehu Monguno

      Ogom, interesting. please can you explain more?

      • Ogom

        The women of Borno have already ‘explained’ (see article above).

        Nothing further to add. Sir.

      • SAM .A

        Why are u using this northen name to make it look like a northerner, Mr e rat, this your creek monkey business ends on 28/4 or 11/4. I sincerely sympathize with your inferiority complex.

        • Shehu Monguno

          Sam Jaja, Nigerians are funny. Last week when I posted a comment critical of President Jonathan I was called a Northern bigot, now I am masquerading under a Northern name. Sam, have been masquerading under a northern name since 2010 when I first started commenting. Please can you explain more?

  • progress

    This lastlady of a woman has added salt to her husband’s injury, for her assault on the northerners, and total disregard for their culture has made easier for Buhari to win massively come the 28th of march 2015.

  • richkid

    A paid lady will come and talk rubish to the press against first lady. Nigeria are now informed! They know the truth. GEJ all the way

    • Oladosu Joseph

      Another Gullible Ibo Boy

      • Mosaku 147

        How can you use such decent and soft word,’gullible’,on could have simply said MUMU richkid.

      • Pedro

        Thunder fire ur mouth,must you mention Ibo? Ethnic bigot like you. People like you are the problems of Nigeria,always bringing in ethnicity in everything.

      • nagogo

        Who cannot differentiate his left from his right. He is directionless person my brother.

      • richkid

        I am yoruba young man. You are the ibo

    • adolfs01

      Not gullible, just working for his money.

    • Abdul

      If some you igbos thinks you can win this election for Jonathan then think again.

      We shall not reward a bad president with our votes.

      • richkid

        Abdul or whatever am yoruba not igbo and you are igbo. Your vote is not necessary, enough people are supporting GEJ

    • austine

      You see how you leave in a fools paradise! Continue, God dey oh!

  • MindYourself

    That Dame Jonathan campaigns for Buhari more than Ameachi is doing right now. I hope APC awards her an honorarium for a perfect job she is doing for Buhari. Even if some Hausa/ Fulani felt some slightest sympathy for Jonathan before, her vituperations would have changed their minds now.

  • mama bomboy

    Abeg somebody help mr tell the Hippo that ” person wey fit born pikin , na im get something to tro w wey, him wey no get, no fit play dat game” !

  • segun


  • Tanko Maihula

    My fellow women upon all The goodies from MAMA PISS.

    • adolfs01

      You mean fellow widow!lolz

  • Contact Point

    She is not just older, but very empty. She’s always fighting hard to cover her inferiority complex hence the empty noise everywhere she goes

  • Kensty


  • favourtalk

    She is just a woman to be ignored, we wants a true leader not just anybody and any woman. We need change

  • chinwe davis

    No one should insult the first lady, if jonathan is your husband wont you support him in the little way you could, lets be logical jor, where my ladies at??

  • now that’s a barbaric act, doesn’t warrant the attack, she is the first lady none he less.

  • A reasonable wife would relate to her plight, keep the flag high first lady, victory is certain march on !!

  • share Idea

    I’ll not commend anybody that uses insulting language against other people more so, if the person is in high position like our First Lady, though I can’t vouch for all these allegations against her. Truth most be said that Buhari have called GEJ clueless and other unprintable names and I’ve not seen any opposition member condemn such characterisation of a sitting president by ex head of sate.

    • Maitama Tambari


    • Umar Dendi

      The First Lady of the Federation insulted the people of an Entire Region within the federation!
      She said she doesn’t like people from “our side”, That we “Born and through away our Shildren”
      What does that entail?
      Last I checked she wasn’t the first lady of Otueke, she belonged to the lot of us, she should have been a mother to all of us.
      Too Bad, the die has been cast.

      • ita ekpo

        Do you reason with what she said before you crucified her. Is she not saying because some born children and give out for boko haram, to use them as suicide bombers that kills alot of people. She might say that because all these happened from there. Which she is right.

        • Umar Dendi

          “We no like people from that side”
          —-Those were her words, not mine!

          • Otile

            Do you like irresponsible parents? You people produce useless children with your own penis, as soon as they begin to walk you hand them pans to beg for living. When they grow up impoverished they tend to aspire to rule continent Nigeria to steal oil money.

            Yes, she is right to condemn bad parenting.

        • usabram

          Bros, what is bad is bad. If she talks negatively about the Igbo race.. I trust my people, they will change gear immediately. Even if they won’t vote Buhari, they may all stay at home without coming out enmass to vote GEJ

    • ita ekpo

      Men that is politic. Even you and your brother that you senior contest . He mus t make sure he damage your name to get there. Are you going to tell me because of that he would be you brother. Politic has no respect to any age ,that is what you should know . Is just like you going out and touch what is not for you. What you think will happen to you. They will shout on you . When go out and see politic in a white land, you sorry for nigerians politic. As they used age as respect in politic. Everything in us big man when shall we learn, wait again for white man to come and train us about politic, how it works. Then yes sir are we looking for again where we said we are free nation. Sometime i pity nigerians been backward playing politic.

      • share Idea

        Please don’t compare Nigeria democracy with what you obtain in advance democracy. As our democracy grows more enlighten people that must have been groomed from primary school to university with debate qualities will be drivers of our executive seats.

  • Umar Dendi

    Well, she did tell you that she doesn’t like folks from your side, did she not?
    No matter, in a week it ‘ll all be over!!

    • Otile

      After the results are announced we will not tolerate violence from you Mohammedans this time. Be warned.

  • halima

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  • ita ekpo

    I think nigerians are still far behind from the way politic play. Why do you think they call it politic is a dirty game. All things in us is about big man. Please you should know that is only your house you can be bigman. The way it works is you push me i push you. We always call other country by name, how their own is good. How many time former president of America the politicians and the public curse him or any of their presidents. How can we mix politic with age. If age matter why did him buhari throw those that senior him to jail which some of them later died. Those women are coward to come out to fight for what is, of no curse. Did him buhari sit in his home for those to come and insult him. When you go to school, what was the main thing that brought you there. If you stay home,will any body come to force you to school. So people should not create enemy among us. As what you done to Mr B comes to Mr C become bad. Are there doing bcos. Mrs gej wife is not general . We should fight good fight to keep nigeria one not for big man. If every regions go by big man politic will become desaster.

  • Enumah

    Please ignore the first lady and her talks. Just vote Jonathan again.

    • August January


  • Nwaobilor


  • bode akins

    @Ita Ekpo, can understand the language u ar communicating here with. U better speak in Swahili or ur native Ibibio may be people will understand you

    • ita ekpo

      You will not understand bcos buhari name is not there. What language did you see it ,written with. By the way, those who can read it knows what i am talking about. If i did write in inglish which is not my language and not understanding . How come i will write in a language you don’t even know to understand. All that is not help but to see bad in my fellow brother/sister eyes and correct them is the matter. No siding my people. You yourself as a man to say pgej wife curse yr people . How that sound to you. A woman of that caliber to tell yr people born children given to terrorist is not right. That is where she made bad comment. The one who has family will come out to say what is bad . When hatre against neighbour is there, there is no amount of likeness will be there.

      • bode akins

        @Ita Ekpo am not castigating you airing your opinion. I quite under you but the problem is, will this woman ever change her ways? Think she has created more enemies for her husband thru her unguarded statements. Dont know if she is not having protocol officer’s or she was just not following the rules. The end shall surely determines. But she should understand that if Gej fails come 28th that she contributed about 42 percent to her husbands failure. Chikena

  • nwaeke

    I believe if 99% of you criticising the actions of the First Lady were to be in her stead, you do ten times worse than what she’s done. Afterall she’s only showing support for her husband.

  • mosun

    By d time d battery need to be changed she will be in icc cooler if God leaveth.

  • Kufere


  • Nelson David

    Una neva start, wen APC people dey attack Jonathan steadily shea una no talk anytin, na na she dey cause d man back una wnt cum shw una sef.

  • Bassey

    I believe that some women will rise up and support mrs. Jonathan for her way of attack Buhari and APC.

  • Divine West

    Now APC will thinks twice before insulting Goodluck again.

  • geraldine jaja

    Hahahahahaha APC go beg…them neva see anything.

  • uko bassey

    But buhari is brain dead now, and we all know this.

    • nafisat

      i am surprised these women are acting surprised, its something everyone knows.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    I will not blame them, illiteracy is a disease.

    • AY. Dabi

      haven’t you read the headline they are retired civil servants. maybe you are the illiterate.

  • kingsley obi

    Mama Peace, carry on MA.

  • Kachalla Babai Wuroma

    Mrs Jenita fari yanembe,those women are not illiterates but retired women civil servants and they can teach you, remember all of us will assemble before God one day, Mrs Jonathan will answer the indiscrimination of our people and lack of concerned and sympathy to the people of Borno even the Chibok girls,orphans,widows and others.

  • Burbank

    Mama Peace in Congo now, crying over her husband lost and worried sick about Buhari’s jail.