Why I’m not visible in Buhari campaigns – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has stated he is not fully visible in the campaign rallies and programmes of the presidential candidate of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari, because the campaign secretariat has refused to invite or consult with him in its programmes.

In an interview with the Hausa service of the BBC monitored Friday morning, the former VP said he has paid his dues as far as politics is concerned in the country because he has participated in many presidential campaigns in the past.

“I campaigned for late Shehu Yar’Adua twice successfully,” he said. “We did that of Abiola, Obasanjo and for myself.

“I am not a light weight politician, whoever needs my presence should contact and extend invitation to me.”
Atiku said he has already made his feelings known to the Director General of the Buhari campaign organisation, Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

“They need to check the strategy they are adopting and I made that clear to the campaign DG, Rotimi Amaechi and I told him that if you don’t consult or invite me, you will not see me,” he said.
Asked whether his remarks meant there was crisis in the APC, Atiku said the situation has not degenerated to that extent.

Atiku, however, said although he had “issues and reservations” with the way the campaign was being run, he expressed the view that it was not too late to make amends.

The former vice president also said he was confident the APC will win the elections.
“APC will win because everyone is tired with the current administration,” he said. “So, despite the challenges in APC, change will surely come.”


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  • Wähala

    Just like he said, everyone is tired of the status quo thus, change will surely come. It is a movement that has grown bigger any individual, organization or political affiliations… Nigerians want change and that’s the bottom line. If you vote and guard your votes and there’s no way change won’t come… Atiku or Tom Ikimi, the steamroller is on the move. Shikena!

  • PROF

    Atiku will soon form a new party called DPC . with atiku ,anything goes . Lol

  • jogobonito

    Atiku stop whining like a Child whose candy fell inside a well

    The people you are with knows that your heart is not fully with them since you lost the APC Presidential ticket hence are keeping you at arm’s length till your loyalty and commitment can be vouched for

    Even if Atiku goes back to PDP,it can not affect the whirlwind of support that GMB will get which will translate into votes come March 28th

    • logmein2nite

      You are not a strategic, your simple straight mind will put you in trouble someday. You reason like the average black man.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    APC is and has ALWAYS been a DIVIDED HOUSE. Now they want to come and divide THE UNITED NIGERIAN HOUSE!!! GOD FORBID!!


  • logmein2nite

    Atiku is a matured and astute politician. Can’t understand how Gov. Amaechi and the APCPCO could have made this kind of oversight. No wonder they lost 120 Atiku support groups. Please make amends now. You need every support not only to win the election but to govern successfully. In both, you leave out a man of Atiku’s value at your peril. Please hurry and make peace with him. Even Jonathan is busy wooing and negotiating even with his enemies, and our APC is throwing caution to the wind. Abegooo. #Change2015

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      When division is on Your blood, how can you become co-operation?

    • Malik Isah

      I wonder oooo!

  • Awarawa

    Atiku, if you recover politically, then you have the favour of God. But humanly speaking, you are facing early retirement from the way Tinubu and Amaechi stabbed you from the rear during the APC primaries..

  • Kali Gwegwe

    Atiku should speak for only himself. I’m not tired of the GEJ administration. I’m rather tired of GMB who said he will fight corruption but Tinubu and Amaechi are his friends. A politician that will fight corruption will not accept to be sponsored by corrupt and dishobest people.

    • Malik Isah

      eh eh hear this mugu o!

      • djay

        na real mumu talk

    • Usen Akpan

      You are on point, ride on.

    • sir Oscie

      It’s GMB2015……. Change is here and now.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      So you are invariably suggesting we remain with a tried and tested failure who lies through his teeth and who has stolen our irises? On his train, the future is bleak o. I’d rather try another thief, since they are all thieves as you have claimed. There are no saints here. The one we know has refused to convert. We are now wiser for it. We have been taught a good but bitter lesson about the rudiments of citizenship. When we get to the bridge where these other thieves start developing itchy fingers, we would sort the problem. The thief you know is worse than the one you don’t but are anticipating…

  • sir Oscie

    I’m with Atiku on this, He deserves to be carried along as one of the major stakeholders of the APC and also as a sponsor of some of the states party affairs. Respect should be given to whoever that deserves it. The campaign organiser should please do the needful and carry everyone along to avoid crack in the party. Unity is what the Apc needs now as Nigerians needs CHANGE!!!

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      When APC eventually wins, what next?

  • Harry

    Atiku has been saying this for quite some long time now, I wonder why APC cannot bring everybody on board. This few days before the election is very crucial, they need to get all men involved, we need APC for all people.

  • Mosaku 147

    I think the DG and entire presidential campaign team of the APC should as a matter of urgency accord Atiku his due respect and accommodate him with all the honor he deserves. We can’t take it away from him,he is an eja nla within the fold. That Atiku did not contest the outcome of the primaries helped in no small way to stabilize APC and has taken the party to a touching distance of the villa. Please let’s give it to him.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      In Nigeria, the landlord, not the tenant, is lord of the manor. Atiku was co-opted in order to fulfill all democratic righteousness. I could be enjoying true Broadbant Internet access in Nigeria now if he and the U.S. Congressman Jefferson had performed smoothly and without all those backhand deals that destroyed Nigeria’s chances in that field of technology. As usual, his counterpart in the U.S. was prosecuted, found guilty and rusticated, leaving him who initiated the smelly business to walk away because we live in an animal farm. Please don’t bring back bad memories of those days when CNN spent weeks exposing those sordid deals that transpired.

  • Yusuf

    Turaki of Nigeria why dribble at an injury time? but on the other hand, the likes of Atiku deserve more than due respect in APC, if he had a personal interest he know exactly where to go to. We expect an apology to Turaki so that we can move on smoothly

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    I would rather Buhari lost the election than have guys like you touch any APC campaign material with a one mile pole. I have not forgotten my post to the APC at the onset of your ship jump along with others like you. I warned at the time that the APC was taking on toxic material on board that was capable of spoiling the batch and that if it had to be unavoidable, guys like Atiku must be kept in the second room and far from decision making processes. My people have a saying that wisdom and dexterity is required in dealing with an irritating flea that perches on one’s sensitive parts. This issue is about the future of our country, not really about Buhari and APC. Please keep off, it is serious business henceforth…

  • grace folarin

    During the APC primary, delegates from the North
    voted for former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar and Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso. Only
    delegates controlled by Tinubu, Governor Rotimi Amaechi and Senator Bukola
    Saraki voted for Buhari. GEJ4NAIJA

  • Acosta

    APC is a sinking ship that will wreck on 28th March. Atiku has started apportioning blames, very soon, he and some so called APC stalwarts will decam to PDP. GMB’s failure is imminent. GEJ till 2019

  • Ade#

    Decamp imminent..

  • favourtalk

    I know atiku is jot going anywhere before the election, little shortcomings happens but GEJ is the one that should be worried about his failure, he will not win his election because wants a better leader. We wants change which is a must this time around

  • Matthew Oye

    Buhari/Osibanjo will win the election. That’s settled. Sorry Atiku, Nigerians dont want to see your face around buhari on the campaign platform. Atiku’s face reminds us of ghana must go politicians while the face of buhari represent anti corruption, so there is a diametrical conflict. That is the reason you are not invited. Throwing money around is not the solution we need now. Were atiku to have been a candidate, he would have been doing the way president Jonathan is doing now, sharing money to everybody. Nigerians totally reject this kind of insensitive politic. We are electing a president that have a heart for the people like Buhari who has sealed a deal to serve us as a leader. We dont want corrupt politican who want to be sharing money instead of creating enabling environment where Nigerian can make their own money.

  • YK

    This is why Atiku is always Atiku because he is not a man of his words and APC is aware of this and the party is being careful to prevent rocking the boat unnecessarily. His groups have all gone back to PDP to work for GEJ shortly after Jonathan met with him in Yola. This is why it is very difficult for APC to trust Atiku whole heatedly but all in all irrespective of people like Atiku the God’s will shall surely prevail.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Atiku, every one is making his contribution without being seen. The period you campaign for Yar Adua Senior and Obasanjo is not the same today. There was sanity and trust then but today, sanity and trust are very expensive commodities in Nigeria. This is the reason why we are calling for change. Wamako, Konkwaso and others are campaigning in silent towards the achievement of total goal, CHANGE. You were away after the primaries and then you came back and had a visitor dead at night. WE ALL BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • halima

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  • Abbas Mahmoud

    APC don’t even trust themselves. How will they work has a term to make Nigeria a better place..Vote PDP, VOTE JONATHAN FOR A BETTER NIGEERIA…#GEJtil2019

  • Ken

    Atiku is working for GEj. he is just being smart. He knows how he was rigged out in Lagos.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Well done Turaki for turning down the request of the president in trying to woo you back to the PDP, you have really shown that you are man of your word and a democrat as PDP is beyond redemption. Also about the APC campaigns you are right is good to say the truth by telling the team about their mistakes and luckily they have corrected their mistakes. Sot hat we can move forward in order rescue our dear country Nigeria from its present predicament. God save Nigeria.