Ignore Police IG, APC tells voters

IGP Suleiman Abba

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has told Nigerian voters to ignore the unlawful order by the Inspector-General of Police urging them to go home after casting their ballots during the forthcoming elections.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said the electorate should rather listen to the INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega, who said the electoral law does not state anywhere that voters cannot or should not wait to watch and ensure that their votes are counted.

It therefore urged the electorate to make sure they stay behind to protect their votes after casting their ballots, as was the case in 2011.

APC said contrary to the suspicious directive by the IGP, INEC encourages voters to stay behind and watch their votes counted, saying the law expects such voters to stay behind but to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

”According to Jega, who appeared on Channels TV on Friday morning, the electoral law says anyone that has no business with the electoral process at the polling booths but desires to monitor events should stay at least some metres away from the polling agents and completely away from the ballot box after casting their votes.

”The INEC Chairman further clarified that all registered voters have businesses with the process and can therefore not be classified as people that don’t have businesses at polling units.

”Therefore, the IGP has no constitutional right or powers under the constitution or Police Act to rewrite the electoral law. The role of the police is to maintain law and order or such other assistance as may be sought from the police by INEC,” the party said.

It also called on Nigerians to ignore the so-called public service announcement concerning the show of force by government security agencies, saying it is part of efforts to intimidate the electorate and pave the way for the PDP to rig the elections.

APC also asked Nigerians to ignore the SMS being sent around, asking them to send their names and the last five digits of their VIN (Voter Identification Number) to certain numbers.

”These and other messages are being sent out by the PDP to steal people’s PVCs, intimidate voters and manipulate the elections. Nigerians should never allow that to happen,” the party said.


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  • buring spear

    This is pure anarchy———trouble——————-APC is trying to court–so that there will be a post-election riot in the country while tinubu flies his wife and kids to London to join Buhari’s wife–who lives in London

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Your brain and its thinking processes has been hijacked by Buhariphobia. Have you metastasized from burning spear to buring spear? Shoddy dude.

      • nagogo

        And some people’s brain has been hijacked by Dubopobia due to cluelessmistic tendencies.

    • KG

      Thank you Dumbo, we shall protect our votes by any means necessary. If GEJ wins Goodluck, and if Buhari wins Goodluck to him, but we shall protect our votes and they will count.

    • Africa

      You are such a prick… get a life. Thank God your rubbish comments would stop next week except you are also hired for the governorship and other elections.

      • nagogo

        Africa my Africa am with you all the way. He is really a pricky prick on hire.

    • Omoagunmate

      burning head, what are you smoking again? only one week left for idiots like you to go under, and never to be heard of again.

      • ije2014

        I love your new name for him. 🙂

    • Abdul

      Just shut up crook like you.

  • kenny G

    These are the kind of issues that are turning the nigerian voters against president Jonathan. Why are they all behaving as if with transparency and free and fair conduct, they would lose the election? This police IG must be trying to sabotage the chances of the president with such statements.

  • Layo

    Jega was on Sunrise this morning, on channels TV. A tweeter question came in, asking if we can wait while our votes are being counted, Jega said yes, as long as we don’t cause trouble or constitute any form of nuisance. So, Broda IG, we shall wait until our vote is counted in Jesus name. Amen.

  • funke ade

    APC is deadly if you are ready to join your ancestors then stay wait for buhari’s boys to slaughter you then

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Anyone caught within 1km radius of a polling station after casting their vote should be shot dead. APC cannot be setting rules when there is a legitimate government in place.

    • Ogom

      Better start shooting

    • Clear Water

      You don kolo

    • Abdul


      • Moniboss Omaliko

        @Abdul: I agree with you because when you are shot dead you will sue the police or army for violating your fundamental right to disobey constituted authorities.

        • Enough is Enough!

          Nigerians are living dead already with this government…….No Electricity, No Economy, No Infrastructures, No anti-corruption,…No Employment !!! so people need to fight and change to being alive !! GEJ doesn’t understand the responsibilities of being a leader !! surrounded himself with demons like Obanikoro, Metuh, Abati and Danzeli !!

    • Layo

      You will surely be shot dead with your generation. Omo irankiran. Jaguda. We all know what Koro did in Ekiti. The usual practice is to count the votes in the presence of all voters. Retard.

    • SAM .A

      Omo ale, Omo irankiran will never say anything right”1 Km radius away, should be shot dead” Is this in Electoral law?
      Jega is the custodian of this election, it is only him people will obey. i sympathise with your fraustration. No body should be shot for casting their vote.

    • August January

      You’re dead already! And Fayose who has been praying for death will follow you immediately

    • August January

      Omo ole! IG ole! Jonathan ole! Bunch of thieves. People had waited for vote counting in the past, why is the IG ole saying we should go home before counting this time around. The card reader has destroyed PDP rigging strategy. The thieves and riggers have been caught pants down. No escape route again. Enu yin kan this time around.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Yes APC. Everyone should wait after voting for the counting, recording and signing. This is the completion of voting. Card recorder has reduced the number of multiple and bought voting cards. But after voting, who knows what will happen with police and army around without proper counting and signing? A field day for PDP to stuff the ballot boxes with fake votes. No. Nobody should leave before counting and signing. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • Moniboss Omaliko

    My dear Nigerians, i beg you in the name of God to ignore Lai Mohammed and INEC Jega but to obey Police IG because none of them will be there to protect you against police batons, boots, and tear gas. What of “accidental discharge”? Who will take the bullet for you? Your constitutional obligation is to cast your vote. It is not your constitutional duty to collate, count or protect the votes. Those are the duties of INEC, Police and other law enforcement agents. He who votes and goes away will live to vote again.

    • concerned9ja

      You are a liar and a potential election rigger. PDP and their sympatisers want people to go back home so thst figures could be manipulated.

  • amazing2012

    We will wait till our right/votes are fully counted !

  • Victor Gee

    Why do APC want to cause crisis in Nigeria. Disobeying police may lead to casualty. Lie Muhammed and other APC leaders have re located their kids to over seas and are here tormenting trouble.

  • egoigwe

    The IGP didn’t say don’t wait and protect your votes, he said if you must wait, then be orderly and civil about it. We must all remember that agent provocateurs are a serious problem with Nigerian elections, where aggrieved politicians send thugs who hide behind those with legitimate reasons to be at the polling stations to forment trouble. Do please be careful and take good care.

  • Waziri

    The law required vote to be counted in public at the polling zone where vote is casted. The essence of such counting of votes is to give confident to the electorate that what they have voted for is counted. So, why will the IG contradict such law? It’s high time the IG should know that everything is regulated by law and he is not a court and he cannot interprete any law. He made similar attempt in the withdrawal of Tambuwal’s security. We are not illiterate. We work with the law. Therefore, I want to say that people should stay and witness counting of their vote. It’s their right.

  • evi

    Anybody that allows apc to deceive them and push them to their destruction has only themselves to blame. These apc leaders will seat in their palatial offices and bedrooms and push their blind followers to fight for them. Let Liar mohammed stay behind first after casting his vote and start the fight first. How can thousands of voters in a polling unit stay behind to protect their votes, won’t that be chaotic and encourage electoral offences? Anybody that says he has ten heads should stay behind after casting their votes in the name of protecting their votes and see how they will just die for nothing

    • Enough is Enough!

      u are a liar!!!

      • evi

        And you are a terrorist!!!

  • Okey

    Those who killed those 12 Youth Corpers in Bauchi in 2011 were also there “protecting their votes.” Recall, before he was eventually murdered, one of the slain Youth Corpers, Iyke Ukeoma, twitted that those “supporters” who did not leave the polling booths first compelled them to allow the under-aged to vote. That obliged, they then demanded that the unused ballot papers be given to them to print and stuff into the ballot box but the Corpers refused. Had those “supporters” not been hanging around to “protect” their votes, we wouldn’t have lost those Coprpers. Should those “supporters” that we saw on television that came to receive Buhari in Maiduguri be allowed around a polling booth or even around any INEC office and the result goes against their man, will Jega control the situation ? How many Iyke Ukeomas will we loose before allowing Police do their job ?

    Still, as I have always demanded, I would like to see a list of the names of family members of our political leaders (ranging from Lai Mohammed), and the polling units where they will be stationed to “guard and protect their votes.” Dear compatriots, unless and until this list is published, do not give your life as a martyr for any Nigerian politician. None of them is worth it.

    • Mister2

      Best comment so far; thanks for the advice.

  • Maimunat Tambuwal

    APC you guys are indirectly inciting violence, you guys should better be careful and allow the security agents to do their job. So that the election will be conducted peacefully. #no2buhari

  • August January

    IG ole! Jonathan ole! Bunch of thieves. People had waited for vote counting in the past, why is the IG ole saying we should go home before counting this time around. The card reader has destroyed PDP rigging strategy. The thieves and riggers have been caught pants down. No escape route again. Enu yin kan this time around.

  • Patriotique

    I will wait till i hear the result from my polling unit. If the IG has guns, he should start distributing them now. Prepare to hurt as many as you can.

  • grace folarin

    APC with all the fire you have been spitting from your mouth. whats the wrong thing the IGP said thats wrong. so you want Nigerians to do after casting their votes, stay and become victims of your evil plans? God would not grant you that chance. you people just like the negative of everything bout this life! corrupt hungry party. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Acosta

    APC is on a losing streak and this election will bring GMB to a calamitous end.

  • Muhammad

    The Speaker has spoken or written well .
    And the special emphasis given to Resource Control is well intended , not surprising but may not be sufficient .
    The leave that proponents of a revisit of the present structure and system may deserve is informed by the True Weakness of the present System in serving its purpose . The federal machinery has been wasteful but is certainly more developed than the other two tiers and has been more reachable . The present gut to pursue corruption is Totally to the credit of the present structure . How many states have demonstrated such will , given the distance between the resources lost against the commitments on the ground ? The case of Akwa Ibom which has enjoyed fair performance publicity in the last government has become RUBBISHED by such comparative records . The same has become revealed in the cases of Jigawa and Katsina that shared in such pleasant publicity . Lagos and Kano that generate good internal revenue are no better . The level of irresponsible indebtedness inherited in each of these is shameful . Thus , neither more resources , more dependence on the center nor internal resources have been helpful for governance . Others compete in negativity .
    This is why so far , the most intelligent and responsible contribution to the cries on Restructuring is from the Governor of Ebonyi .
    At the local government level , the damage is as bad as its incompetence .
    The writer and speaker should beware of serving the masters of the present structure .