U.S. Vice President calls President Jonathan, backs use of card readers

The United States Vice President, Joe Biden, has expressed his country’s support for the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to deploy voter card readers for Nigeria’s upcoming elections.

Mr. Biden made the position of the U.S. known when he telephoned President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday, a statement issued by the United States Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria, said Thursday.

Mr. Biden also spoke with Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

“The Vice President further expressed the United States’ support for the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission and its work to deliver free, fair, and credible elections, in part through its essential efforts to distribute Permanent Voter Cards and help ensure that electronic voter card readers are in place and fully operational,” the statement said.

The plan by INEC to use card readers has generated controversy between Nigeria’s frontline political parties: the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the APC.

The PDP says verification of cards before voting will delay the process and will likely disenfranchise voters since the technology is new.

But the APC backs INEC’s argument that the card readers will curb voting fraud.

Speaking to Messrs. Jonathan and Buhari, the U.S. Vice President also expressed concern over recent political violence in ahead of the elections.

Read the full text of the statement:

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden spoke yesterday with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari ahead of the Nigerian presidential election, which is scheduled for March 28.

The Vice President commended President Jonathan and General Buhari for signing the Abuja Accord in mid-January as a show of their commitment to non-violence throughout the election process.

The Vice President further expressed the United States’ support for the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission and its work to deliver free, fair, and credible elections, in part through its essential efforts to distribute Permanent Voter Cards and help ensure that electronic voter card readers are in place and fully operational.

He also noted his concern about the violence during some recent election-related events and reiterated the need for both candidates to make clear that such violence has no place in democratic elections.

Vice President Biden affirmed that the United States stands with the Nigerian people in support of credible and peaceful elections, and will continue to stand with the Nigerian people whatever the outcome.


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  • halima

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    • D……..

      So it is true! Eeyaaaaa—
      So it is true that Atiku is broke. This world sef! …and the rich also beg!
      Best of luck to you Mrs Halima Atiku Abubakar. Remain blessed!

    • muslim

      US is the world super power, I see it pointless to think of US absence in Nigerian politics. I think we need to be very alert on world politics.

      • McAlfred Uta

        Why don’t you go there (USA) and wash dead bodies or sell petrol or even pack rubbish from their streets. The US deems Nigeria so low and asks John Kerry and Joe Biden to speak to Nigerian President and you are happy. Have you asked yourself why Obama cannot talk to Jonathan by way of one President to another?

  • Lubem Gena

    The Vice President should have called Buhari while Obama call Jonathan. US should try to leave us determine our affairs.

  • Dr Willie Willie


    PremiumTimes(PT) should accord Nigerians some degree of dignity. The telephone call by Joe Biden, a common Vice President of a country is of no significance whatsoever. Is it not a former US Vice Presiden Dick Chimney who came to Nigeria to bribe Nigerian officials in the Haliburton Bribe scandal for which Great Jona sought his extradition to face corruption charges in Nigeria? …thus leading to Hilary begging Nigeria and convincing Nigeria to settle out of court?…therefore I expect my friends in PT to know better.

    In any case, there are over 250 Vice Presidents in the world. Why should the US Vice be the one to call a President? He should have called Nigeria’s VP (Sambo) or allow Barrack to call Jonathan. What was Barrack doing that time Joe was making the call? …it is a subtle way to spite Nigeria & Dr Jonathan and I hope Dr Abati & Dr Okukpe will be smart enough to note this fact and respond appropriately. After all, Barrack spoke with Benjamin of Israel yesterday and will never ask his VP to speak with Iranian president on phone or to Jacob Zuma.
    Therefore, Nigeria should disregard the message. It is useless & baseless. If precedence is anything to go by, the US position regarding Nigerian election is unnecessary interference that spells doom. We’ve seen this unsolicited interference in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Venezuela etc etc …and now in Ukraine. Is it Nigeria’s turn?

    This is a country that neglects its own human rights record but remembers to accuse other countries and especially Nigeria as a pretext so as not to sell weapons…all because President Jonathan has not acceded to the US establishing a military base in Nigeria in line with their hegemonic agenda.

    Nigerians say to US – ‘Go solve your own problems at home’. …teach your white police officers that black lives are human. When you are done, come back to discuss with us and we might listen to you then. But for now, the stench is pungently repulsive
    Nigeria is neither a puppet of US nor its colony. We have bought weapons and chased Boko haram out. We thought the VP or his President will call to ask Nigeria where and how it got weapons…and who cares what US’s opinion about card reader is?…Yet, its CIA aided apartheid South africa in discovering Mandiba’s hide out in a farm leading to his arrest & incarceration for 27yrs..Lovers of democracy indeed!… Nonsense!…These double standard kurukere elements should be ignored forever.

    • Haba

      Bro, why are you having a meltdown?. Better not have a heart attack before the election. i want you to live long enough to witness your landslide defeat handed down to you at the poll comes March 28.

    • muslim

      Jona has already lowers Nigerian integrity before US by inclining to ethnic impunity and religious bigotry. Neglecting other part of Nigeria as not his own. Though he is good but weak to rule Nigeria

      • Dr Willie Willie

        So like Robert said to Bush, why don’t you “Keep your Imam Buhari and have him transform your North & West, while I keep my Prof Jonathan as he transforms my South & East”? …Is this a difficult choice for you?

  • Modibbo Adamu

    The positive result when PVC are to be used have been defeated as securities operative will be allowed in the polling stations, U.S. Vice President has wasted his slivers, the natural PDP method will be put in place, which always give them the chances of rigging the elections

  • maureen

    “I Have No Fear Of Boko Haram.” EXCLUSIVE Interview With GENERAL MUHAMMADU BUHARI

    Keeping It Real With Adeola: Episode 142(Election 2015 Atiku, Buhari, Jonathan, In-depth Analysis)

    Nigeria In Focus: In Depth With APC Candidate Muhammadu Buhari
    BloombergTV Africa

    Muhammadu Buhari’s Speech Of Acceptanc

  • Guguru

    Joe Biden, you are the man. Please, sing the truth into the ears of Jona. Jona’s ears are for decoration. he wants to rig the elections by killing off the card readers.

  • Bigzy

    This American self. When we need your help, you cite all manner of artificial hurdles stopping you. But you are quick to tell us what to do. When we want your advice, we would ask for it. In the maintime, please mind your Business.

  • New Nigerian

    International Criminal Court’s Office of the Proscutor (OTP) is is currently conducting preliminary examinations in a number of situations including Afghanistan, Georgia, Guinea, Colombia, Honduras, Korea and Nigeria)…Thanks to President Jonathan’s administration can you see that Nigeria is in the league of rogue nations??!!!

    Fellow Nigerians, please forward whatever details you know about the Genocide in Northern Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan, the ex-militant-oil-for-arms details relative to the 400,000 crude oil per day theft since 2011 (more than $60billion) and politically-motivated killings to the International Criminal Court by mail, email or fax:

    To submit information about alleged crimes, please write to:

    International Criminal Court
    Office of the Prosecutor
    Post Office Box 19519
    2500 CM The Hague
    The Netherlands.

    Or email: (you can google it easily)

    Or send information by facsimile to: +31 70 515 8555.

  • Card readers is not really the problem, so Americans can calm down and let us handle our business.

  • chinwe davis

    is it their concern always putting their noses where it doesn’t belong, we had asked for help but they blatantly turned us down

  • PGEJ is the leader we want so, american opinions are not needed in our affairs.

  • Guguru

    America handed non-lethal weapons to Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram.
    America handed $20 million to Nigeria in 2012 to help fight Boko Haram.
    America handed a war ship for free to Nigeria.
    America provides the largest financial contribution to fund humanitarian aid for displaced citizens of war torn nations to include citizens of parts of Nigeria.
    America single handedly provided most of the aid money that reduced HIV incidences in Nigeria
    An American, Bill Gates, has singlehandedly helped reduce cholera an polio in Nigeria.
    America is where your iphone and ipad was developed

    Nigeria is a nation of vagabonds and ingrates. Nigerians are okay with Chad, Niger, and Cameroon violating their sovereign borders at will because Nigeria is incapable of defending itself from obvious enemies. But when America asks Nigeria to do a small, reasonable and painless task that is actually good for Nigeria, suddenly Nigerians start convulsing, frothing at the mouth, and even begin to experience cholera of the mouth. What a sad people.

  • Nelson David

    With or without this card reader Jonathan will win this election. PGEJ till 2019.

  • Bassey

    Why is that the U.S. are interested in this election ? when we needed their to fight Boko Haram they refuse to assist us now they are interested in our election. U.S.A are not to be trusted at all.

    • Guguru

      But when they give you US dollars, do you refuse it or do you take it? Does Nigeria own the US dollar? Are you not a hypocrite?

  • Divine West

    If this will work and give a better outcome then let us use it but when GEJ wins, i hope the APC will take the outcome kindly.

  • ubong ekanem

    with or without the use of card reader PGEJ will win the election

  • kemi

    all i know and see is that PGEJ will win the election

    • Guguru

      Have you seen this document before?

      • James Breen

        Actually it is the verdict of USA and British journals. I would hardly call it a world view. But I agree, if Jonathan is to win another term he needs to massively improve on his performance which has been very woeful to date. The good work he has done in generating private sector investment and developing the economy has been overshadowed by incompetent government and corrupt practices

  • uzo

    all we are saying is that PGEJ will win the election

  • Okey

    I can only see America hasting its the actualization of their aim (which they dubbed “prediction”) to see Nigeria dismember
    in this 2015. Otherwise, Joe Biden and her America could not have summoned the effrontery to treat Nigeria as her dominion state, where Joe Biden will be calling to direct “dos and don’t s.”

    The foolery of people like Joe Biden and the country he belongs to, is the buying into the Jega/APC propaganda that Nigeria is akin to the United States where electronic gadgets, awareness and usage are taken for granted and where electricity power sufficiency was achieved hundreds of decades ago.

    Painfully, I remember that had the United States of America come in early enough when Nigerians needed them’ lives lost to the Nigerian civil would not have been that high – 3 Million. America only came when it saw that Russia would take her trading place in Nigeria post civil war; this same America refused to give Nigeria Ebola drug Zmap when we needed it badly, reciting one ridiculous reason after another. But the same America did not waste a minute in making the drug available to other countries; and, this same America refused to assist us with military equipment to fight off Boko Haram. It did not stop there, America prevented other countries from assisting Nigeria militarily until Russia came to our aide, courtesy of bluffing off America’s sanction on Russian in connection with the Ukraine saga.

    It is imperative for the Nigerian government to phone Biden and his America back and tell them that theirs is a miserably mistaken assumption; that what will be operational in Nigeria is what is adjudged by majority ofNigerians to promote free, fair and peaceful election. America’s bluff should and must be called. Enough of this headmaster / pupil relationship tutorial from America.

    • Guguru


      Thus, the summation of your aimless assertions is that Nigeria is too incapacitated to take care of itself. As a result, it needs a nanny like the USA to compel it to do what it must. Don’t you think that is a sad statement about Nigeria? Zmap was an experimental drug. Research protocols suggest that organizations act ethically when it comes to experiments and experimental findings of significance. And even more glaring about your hypocrisy is that you most likely use the US dollar for some of your transactions. Does Nigeria print the US dollar? And why are the same Nigerians complaining about the USA incapable of manufacturing their own equipment to protect themselves and why are the same Nigerians complaining enamored with the US dollar?

      • Okey

        Guguru, though you were unable to across comprehensibly, the only picture you make of yourself here is that of one who shouts “hallelujah” at the sight his mother’s nakedness. Which is utterly shameful.

        • Guguru


          I can barely understand your comments since your first sentence seems incomprehensible. But I do know all you did was blame others for much of Nigeria’s woes. As I said earlier, are you not saying that Nigeria is too incapacitated to address its own problems? I think you are unsure about what you wrote. I feel you wanted to make a little noise about nothing. Do you feel better now that you are done making aimless assertions while blaming others for the woes experienced by Nigeria? And do you mind answering the other questions i asked? LOL.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    Who GOD has blessed no man can curse, GEJ is blessed.

    • Guguru

      GEJ blessed? How so? Did you read the story where they showed that GEJ is a liar with respect to his illusory comments about the eradication of polio in Nigeria? Nigeria is ranked together with other despotic nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan with respect to polio. What about Jonathan’s PhD, is it real or is it manufactured? Where are his academic publications? What about his pepper seller wife, how come a blessed man could not stop his troubled wife from threatening the peace of Nigeria and from insulting Buhari as being brain dead, since he is his elder? Can she talk to her father that way? What about Jonathan’s capacity to talk to ghosts such as Shekau, do you realize he once reached a cease-fire with ghosts? So, what is blessed about GJ, please tell us?

      • Etega

        You’ve spoken well but next time please use your sense and be reasonable enough to know that the answers you seek are right before you.

        • Guguru


          What answers are you talking about? What is right before me?

  • Etega

    Where the hell is OBama?. Why hasn’t the first ever black President of the United State visit the most populous black nation in the world?.

    • geraldine jaja

      Obama has goofed…I’m ashamed of him.

  • uko bassey

    i get pissed when i see dumbass sneaky white dudes trying to play dumbass tricks on good blacks, US should get out of the affairs of Nigeria.

    • Guguru

      America is the reason why Nigerian government refuses to pay some of its worker’s salary? America is the reason why Nigeria remains 1 of 3 nations with polio in the world? America is the reason why Nigeria has refused to diversify its economy for the last 40 years? America is the reason why Nigerians blindly support a corrupt president? America is the reason why Nigeria allowed terrorists to grow stronger than the Nigerian Military? America is the reason why NNPC has become a crime scene and the most opaque sovereign oil company in the world? America is the reason why Jonathan needs 11 private jets to function effectively as Commander-In-Chief? Asking Nigeria to do the right thing is now considered meddling in Nigeria’s affairs even though one of the Ministers in Jonathan’s cabinet, Musiliu Obanikoro, is an American citizen? Are you really serious or are you on some powerful mind bending substance?

  • grace folarin

    Has the US given Nigerians a guaranty that the so called card readers will not be the vice that would bring bout violence during the day of elections.we ask for a credible election.that would see law abiding Nigerians go out to cast their votes in peace and return to their homes in peace. they should not ridicule the immense work done by this admin. of GEJ for continous transformation in this country. we vote for a positive transformation, we vote GEJ for 2015. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Obama’s personal jihad against civilization seems to use three attack vectors:-Attacking property-Attacking the family-Attacking Christianity