NNPC tackles Emir Sanusi over missing $20 billion

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, on Tuesday attacked the former Central Bank of Nigeria and current Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, accusing him of attempting to hang the corruption tag on it by all means.

The emir had in an interview on Wednesday with CNN said the issues surrounding the alleged missing $20 billion oil revenue have still not been adequately addressed.

Mr. Sanusi had last year accused the NNPC of not accounting for $49.8billion oil money.

He later reviewed the sum to $20 billion after a reconciliation of the figure by the NNPC, the Federal Ministry of Finance and other government agencies.

The NNPC claimed the money was used for subsidy payment for kerosene and pipeline maintenance.

Amid public pressure, the government commissioned an independent audit of the NNPC, by the PriceWaterHouseCoopers, but has refused to release the report long after the probe was completed.

Mr. Sanusi told the CNN on Wednesday that in spite of the audit, the issue of the billions of dollars paid as kerosene subsidies without appropriation by the National Assembly in defiance of a presidential order was not sufficiently addressed.

“We don’t know who authorised those payments,” The Emir said. “Yet, no one has owned up to say I authorised the payments, or I made a mistake. It must stop.

“I think those issues need to be addressed and until we address them and begin to close all the loopholes in government revenues, we are going to continue to create opportunity for the destruction of the economy.

However, the NNPC in its reaction on Thursday raised strong objections to Mr. Sanusi’s claims, describing it as “the latest gambit” against the findings of the Senate Committee on Finance and the audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The NNPC in the statement by its Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Ohi Alegbe, said the issue of kerosene subsidy was addressed by the Senate Committee on Finance.

According to Mr. Alegbe, the process of implementing the Presidential directive was not followed through by the Minister of Petroleum Resources at that time as required by law, which technically meant that kerosene subsidy was not removed.

“We are therefore at a loss as to what Sanusi II meant by his statement that issues surrounding his allegation of unremitted $20bn, especially regarding kerosene subsidy, have not been adequately addressed,” he said.

“Why the royal father appears hell-bent on hanging a tag of corruption on the Corporation even when all the inquiries into his allegation of unremitted funds have proved otherwise remains a mystery to us,” Mr. Alegbe added.


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  • Abubakar

    Even though PWC has carried out the forensic audit and only $1.9b was not appropriated, the emir was asking who was responsible? Shikenan

    • fanfinc

      You are insane which audit tell your mediocre presido to release PWC full report till then people will know who is telling the truth and who is lying so stop being sentimental focus on real issue

  • Charles Owolabi

    Sanusi should know better and keep his mouth shut
    The president has been gracious to the people of Kano to allow sleeping dogs lie.
    How can someone constantly create problems for himself?
    If sanusi has forgotten he still has a case to answer according to the audit conducted by the financial reporting council of Nigeria.
    Let him respect himself or face prosecution for theft- plain and simple
    People in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • Hassan Lawal

      How gracious was he?that was an amazing comment.Am sure you know no deliberate cheater will go unpunished,we cant forget so soon what happened to emir Jokolo,he was displaced by Obj as the emir of gwandu,but goodness sake, he’s back in his palace.

    • Son Of Naija

      Why let sleeping dogs lie? If the Federal Govt and its corrupts self have evidence of his misconduct they should go ahead and prosecute him, that is their job! who are they doing favours for? not you or me. The truth is they never had a clear strategy to deny the theft and only came up with untruths to tarnish Sanusi’s image.

      • Charles Owolabi

        I hope we are talking about the same man ?
        A man who organized a riot in Kano that resulted in the death of an Ibo trader Gedion Akaluka
        The same man that was having an adulterous relationship while at the CBN.
        A man who turned the CBN into a tenders board.
        A man who spent 1.8 billion Naira feeding his direct staff at CBN
        A man that who awarded over 600 billion Naira worth of contracts as CBN governer. Those contracts went to family and friends.
        A man who claimed that he gave the mint 38 billion Naira worth of work in 2012 only for the mint to show a total audit of 28 billion .
        Please give me a break.
        This man has absolutely no image.
        He is the typical Fulani- steal and point fingers at others.

        • tundemash

          Good …. so what is Dumbo waiting for with these info that you have ? Sanusi does not have immunity. Let Dumbo do the job he swore to in the constitution.
          Is the law only meant to be applied to unknowns like you ? When will Dumbo grow a pair of balls to deal with corruption and criminality ?

          • Charles Owolabi

            People like you with little minds and who suffer from diarrhea of the mouth just spill out rubbish.
            Who told you your adulterous emir is free?
            Some people take their time to ensure that all the bases are covered.
            Trust me GEJ would hit him hard .
            Sanusi Emir or not is likely going to jail after the election.
            Why do you think he bribed all those on the emirate council to get the position?
            He spent as much as 4 billion Naira – bribes.
            For him it was a matter of life and death. We all know that he ran for cover.
            Sanusi is just a small rat who would be smoked out at the appropriate time.
            We have an election now and the objective is to win.
            Once the elections are over Sanusi would no longer have the pleasures of his harem for a long while?
            It is simply a matter of strategy

          • tundemash

            Now election is the excuse Dumbo cannot prosecute Sansui ?
            You e-rats will run of exuce one day ….. bunch of nonentities !

          • Charles Owolabi

            You say the president is cluless and dumb
            I say he has managed to play games with more intelligent mortals like yourself
            One can only wonder who is more clueless GEJ or you? LOL

          • tundemash

            Cl0wn .. you have shifted from Sanusi , it is about me now.
            If as d@ft as you are, you know Sansui committed so much attrocities, how come a Dumbo with DSS, Army, Civil Defence, EFCC and Police at his disposal ?

            Rogue govt. are fortunate for the citizens they govern over lack the ability to think

            You claimed Sansui will go to prison after election and I said give you an example scenario that has happened in the last 6 years cl0wn !

        • Son Of Naija

          No doubt you believe all that you have listed, as long as he is walking around ( not even as an ordinary man but an Emir), then the attorney general and the Federal Govt has failed in doing their work. In Nigeria, we try and convict ppl on the pages of the newspapers without any facts.(Even if they are clearly guilty of some crime) Your credibility can be completely destroyed in a blink of an eye. But as long as our law enforcement is not really working hard to get the facts backed by evidence and fight to convict individuals that are in the wrong, then this conversation will go on for a while.

  • yeko

    NNPC who approved the appropriation of Nmillion paid for kerosene subsidy even when there is presidential directive to the contrary?. Sanusi’s question is very simple. No diversionary auditing.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Yeko, why are we playing the ostrich? The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II should respect his God given position. Even NLC have been very clear that they opposed the presidential directive by President Yar’Adua to remove kerosine subsidy and President Yar’Adua withdrew the directive and it was never implemented.

      • Onike24

        Allah give power to whom he wills, and he takes it way from whim he wills, why won’t NNPC release the audit report? Stop defending the indefensible, release the report and prove its innocence.

        • Shehu Monguno

          Onike, again as usual we play politics. Audit reports go to the Auditor General of the Federation who is nominated by the President and confirmed by the National Assembly not the Minister of finance. The National Assembly is the only body the Auditor General is answerable too and only the National Assembly can suspend, sanction or sack the Auditor General. Even the President cannot do that. If the National Assembly really wants the audit report sent to them or released, all the National Assembly need to do is write to the Auditor General of the federation requesting the audit report. They will get the report within 24hours

          • Onike24

            You must agree that your argument is disingenuous, why is it, that this Goverment will openly flout the rules of the constitution, when it suits it, and then hid behind that very document when it chooses to? I really do not know the procedure so I cannot argue with you, are you implying that there are no executive powers that could make that report public? Why, then are we treated to snippets of the reports which appear to exonerate the NNPC? It is either you can release the report or not, but you cannot release the parts that are in your favour! Disingenuous and mediocre arguments have become the hallmark of this administration, and I suppose you support all the statements shepopotamus has made about ALL Peope from the North? Pity!

          • Shehu Monguno

            Onike24, in-case you are not aware one of the most sensitive areas the National Assembly do not joke with is their control over the Auditor general of the federation because that is the bedrock of their financial oversight function over the executive arm of government. The same Nigerians will blame the president and accuse him of violating the constitution if he releases the audit report. I have not said there are no executive powers, but the document must be gazetted first though it is a thin line and doing this the National Assembly can accuse the executive of stealing their powers

          • Onike24

            So why release snippets of it? You are clearly, clearly well versed in the administration of executive and legislative powers, can you answer the question? May I ask that you tell the truth?

          • Shehu Monguno

            In audit it is called an audit summary which actually summaries the whole report. The National Assembly should perform their constitutional role, request for the report and publish it. Why wont the House of reps do it? the audit report will rubbish the US$20billion allegation and will n#serve no political purpose

          • Onike24

            You didn’t answer my question! Answer the question, sir!

  • warry

    In Nigeria Integrity does not cover giving persons or Organizations bad name for political gains, if not how can a royal father make unverified and unsubstantiated claims of corruption against citizens of the country

  • Amoka Emeli

    It will keep on being a mystery until it drowns you…Nobody is fooled..

  • Ali

    How to solve Sanusi Lamido Sanusi once and for all

    When a man has no shame only pain can teach him any lesson.
    A Central Bank Governor proved a liar on his global accusation of
    ‘$20b missing’ should be very quiet in self-disgrace, but not this one.
    I urge President Jonathan to do the needful now by ordering the arrest
    of Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi for likely corruptive thefts arising from
    ₦650 billion found missing at Central Bank under his mis-management,
    as declared by Nigeria’s Financial Reporting Council. He can’t be Emir and fugitive
    at the same time and feel himself immune from the laws and Constitution of Nigeria.

    • Public Records

      “The point i want to make and that’s a question i now want everybody to ask
      themselves. How can you have a sitting Central Bank governor (Sanusi Lamido)
      who cannot count? Who starts by telling you $49billion is missing, and then reduces
      to $29b, then 10 billion dollars, then raises it to $20b – a Central Bank governor
      who cannot count like that is a disgrace to his country and a disgrace to the
      position he takes.”

      ……………..Odia Ofeimun

      (March 14th, 2015)

    • Mama Kay

      Let Jonathan try it. All your rants here cannot do anything to Sanusi. He is known to be honest and that is a trait that is absent in your president and his cronies.

      • Macko

        Look, mark my own word, Sanusi Lamido will be deposed, detained in jail,
        arraigned for theft, convicted, and sentenced to a long term in Kuje prison.

        • Joke right? You and your principal are coward.

        • Layo

          Then Deziani will be sentenced to death with her lover if Sanusi goes to prison.

          • godswill Ibe

            Who is that her lover sef? I hope Dame In-patience Jonathan is not reading this.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Ali see Maitama Tambari and compare to your position. His Eminent did not steal or misappropriate. The Auditing made by Accounting Standard Board of Nigeria was instigated by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, the parent Ministry of the Board. It used its New Title to intimidate the People. It is to set accounting Standard in Nigeria and not to conduct Auditing. Auditor General of the Federation is the only Authority given by the Constitution to audit Government machineries and report directly to the Peoples Parliament. The President as Chief Executive of the machineries of Government, has no right to see the audit until People’s Parliament refer it to him. This is the law. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

    • Son Of Naija

      How is he a liar? so even if they was no missing 20 Billion what about the 1.7 billion, dat wan no be money? if he had kept his mouth shut would the said sum be known to have been unremitted. The burden of proof is on the FGN, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that NNPC’s operations are not opaque and driven by corruption. No be my money and your money wey dis people dey chop sef?

  • BlackieUmukoro

    He need to sustain the lie and give it different coloration to arrived at an evil end. Some emirs do have them. What is his take on the return loot of Abacha, his late subject

  • Frank Bassey

    Sanusi has now opened his mouth again because he has been coroneted after 8 months of begging GEJ. He must be careful before he finds himself in another trouble.

    • salako

      From who? every body knows who trouble is waiting for after march 28

  • Maitama Tambari

    Government is for the people by the people. Government therefore must be accountable to the people. The Banker of the peoples’ resources told us that one of the Nigerian Institutions has failed to remit peoples’ money into the bank. He told the President of the People. Reconciliation was made between the Banker, the Government Accounting Officer, Other Government Agencies and the accused Institution. They concluded that $20 billions were not accounted for. Was the Banker correct in raising this issue? Yes. He was correct because more than three Government Institutions have accepted that $20 billions were missing. Where was the money? NNPC said it used it to pay kerosine subsidy. How is subsidy paid? Is it appropriated by the Peoples Parliament or jGovernment Institutions are allowed without banking the proceeds of sales into Peoples Bank? Or is it appropriate to deposit the proceeds first into Peoples Bank and then the Peoples President draw out a budget which Peoples Parliament will consider amongst other Peoples needs then appropriate. This is the issue His Eminent Mohammed Sanusi 11 is asking because the funds belong to the People. President and any of his Agent had no right to spend a kobo without depositing the sale proceed into People’s Bank and Budgeted by the President before Appropriation Law by the Peoples Parliament. All these were not followed. If it is so, then the law is broken. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Maitama, where there is a conflict an auditor is brought in and the auditor has the final say. Even in the banking sector the auditor not the Managing Director has the final say on whether the books are true and proper. The Senate committee on Finance the body empowered by the constitution have spoken and the auditors (PWC) have also spoken. It is time for SLS to respect the coveted throne of the Emir of Kano. I care little about SLS, my concern is the throne he occupies

  • Alfred

    It is an insult to my dignity to discuss a crook who’d rushed to wangle
    an injunction from an un-thinking High Court Judge who did as bid
    and issued a patently heinous injunction barring the investigation of
    Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, contrary to precedent set by the Supreme Court.

    • Short n’Sharpe

      Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,


      • Yusuf

        SLS live in a royal house today, but you live in a prison of your own creation out of deceit and denial. There is noting devoid of honor like to sell your own soul to the devil..If you will live for a thousand years, and be given another, and yet another, u can not match the good records of my King

      • Man_Enough

        the law is no respecter of persons. if sanusi has committed any offense the govt and it agents should have the liver to arrest and prosecute or forever keep shut.

      • tundemash

        Sanusi does not have immunity so what is stopping your Otuoke Cl0wn from prosecuting him ?

    • Fowler

      The infamy of Judge J.T Tsoho

      Yes O!. Me too was surprised, really surprised. The Supreme Court
      had long declared the law on investigation of ALL public officials by
      saying NO PUBLIC OFFICIAL is above investigation or immune from
      investigation. (re: Gani Fawehinmi v. Inspector General of Police)
      The audacity of Judge J.T Tsoho to disregard that Nigeria’s Supreme
      law of the land marked the end of rule of law in Nigeria. That Judge Tsoho
      granted Sanusi Lamido Sanusi an injunction against investigation over the
      ₦650 billion flagged missing at Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido is
      the death day of Nigeria’s judiciary. Regardless if he was motivated by evil,
      bribe, tribalism, Islam or any dark motive at all, it was infamy by Judge Tsoho.

      • Newsfile

        “WITH his petulance, foul temperament and imprudent conduct, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
        impoverished the sobriety and dignity of the office of Governor of Central Bank
        of Nigeria in ways that made his appointment seem like an error in the first place.
        Firstly, contrary to his mandate of being a front-line steward of the nation’s economy,
        achieving low inflation, stabilising the Naira, and protecting the autonomy of the apex bank,
        the (then) suspended Governor of the Central Bank (Sanusi Lamido) spent more time playing
        politics and playing to the gallery.

        In his public outbursts and most recently, on the NNPC’s funds, he (Sanusi Lamido) had approbated
        and simultaneously reprobated to the extent that the primacy of his concerns and revelations were obviated by his flippancy. With his style and actions, there was no doubt that there had to be infractions
        on the normal run of the apex bank. The CBN must provide convincing answers to the queries from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and be subjected to further audit. This government must not validate the growing perception that Sanusi’s suspension is to pave way for the covering up of tracks”.

        ………The Guardian Editorial

        (March 5th, 2014)

        • Alkali


          • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank
          under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,
          • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank
          accounts as “inexplicable expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,
          • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido
          to persons un-known,
          • ₦3.086billion was paid out in cash by Sanusi Lamido as expense
          to promote Central Bank image,
          • ₦160billion was paid out for CBN on self-determined activities,
          • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’
          by Sanusi Lamido,
          • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered as paid to a
          non-operating airline for charter service,
          • ₦1.12billion was claimed as spent by Sanusi Lamido on luncheon
          for CBN police guards in one year.

          • Son Of Naija

            Yet the President of the FRN found Ok to go and seek his prayers and support, after such accusations ? Abeg make we hear word !

          • yeko

            You are a jester. CBN is the best organisation you can ever think of in terms of transparency.

          • tundemash

            So what is Dumbo waiting for …. Sanusi does not enjoy immunity !
            Moreover Dumbo had been to Kano on on his knees asking for royal blessing on election.

        • Onike24

          Which Guardian? The one that is Reuben Abatis mouth piece?

  • Yusuf

    The only mystery here is that we are yet to see this audit report, we have not seen anyone take responsibility, we have not heard anyone thank HRH SLS for uncovering at least an unaccounted $1.7B, we have also not received any apology from NNPC or Mr President

  • Wähala

    Why is this Government shrouded in secrecy with everything biko kwa nu? No release of PWC report for all eyes to read; No release of $Dumbo’s assets declaration forms, No release of his PhD Thesis paper or even the title… Haba! This case of the missing $20bn is one core reason Nigerians are united in determination for Change bcos everybody wants to get to the roots of the “issues at the NNPC” that even $Dumbo admitted exists at that Ministry. The fact that the Finance Minister who ordered the forensic examination did not feed us half-truths, the Auditor General’s “highlights from Dumbo” info becomes unacceptable. Thus, Emir Sanusi is right until proven wrong beyond reasonable doubt… in this case, “reasonable doubt” exists because of the secrecy surrounding the release of the full report. What are they hiding?

    • Guguru

      Rotimi Lawanson or Wahala,

      You said, ” The fact that the Finance Minister, Dr. Ngz. Iweala, who ordered the forensic examination did not feed us half-truths….” Ngozi works for a crooked man called Jonathan and yet you claim she is clean? I ask you again, How can you exonerate Ngozi when she works for filth? You can take any pseudonym you want to insult me as long as you wish, just as you have done as Rotimi Lawanson. I cannot figure out how you can conceivably make excuses for Ngozi when she is part of the filth that stinks to high heavens in Nigeria.

  • Layo

    NNPC is a secret cult. The more you look the less you see. Only Buhari can clean up that mess.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Layo, NNPC has been a secret cult since 1973 when the organization was formed. GMB should have cleaned NNPC up when he was Petroleum minister and Head of State

      • staaaaaaaaaaa

        he did but nobody to sustainbed it sinvce he left. A man that uses ptf money to modernised nigeria infrastrucre even in abacha days. Since then oil has been at highest price ever until the recent few months. so where is the money? Indeed you must be a ‘Monguno’!!!!

        • Shehu Monguno

          Staaaaaa what did GMB do?Please be specific. Remember it was during GMB tenure as Ministr of Petroleum that US$2.8Billion was alleged to be stolen. True or false was the issue of US$2.8billionever audited? To ask the FG alone wher all the oil money is very funny. Have you ever heard of Federal allocation? the oil money is shared every month between the Federal, state and local governments

          • staaaaaaaaaaa

            what did GMB did?
            1. he set us free from IMF
            2. he stopped corruption that was entrenched in the 2nd republic.
            3. they cleaned out all stench and filty spots out nigeria, we didnt need expatriates to sweep for us
            4. the civil service became the bedrock of discipline in Nigeria, no untoward strike here and ther
            5. he cancelled Nigeria#s participation in OIC -which the present admin resurrected.
            6. he managed out oil revenues and our external debts didnt grow.
            7. WAI was instituted and as a people we got direction.
            He crushed maitasine riot and extremism didnt fettered as it is now.
            Mind you all within 8 months.
            By the way Buhari was exonerated from the 2.8 billion USD that went missing. Under Jona we are still not able to account for 2 trillion naira in subsidized oil that was never supplied but money paid out. And on his watch all investigations have hit the rock.

          • Shehu Monguno

            Staaaaaaaa, on public media get your facts right. The OIC and IMF issues came about during the regime of President Babangida so GMB could not have set us free from what did not exist. Our external debt grew from US$14billion to US$18billion under GMB. Google it and get your facts right. I can go on and on. Please do your research first before coming on social media.

        • Abia_Man

          Lazy boy,go and work the oil money will never reach you.

  • Rommel

    Mr Jonathan Goodluck (PhD?) should return that missing $20 billion and then submit his PhD thesis for public scrutiny if he ever hopes to make any impact in this election.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Rommel, I agree with you since the money was transferred through your bank account. How much of the US$20Billion did you get and when should I come from my share. Don’t eat alone

  • MushinSpeaks

    NNPC always using Barr Mike to hide the rot in their financial handlings…this will end soon.


    sanusi is very corrupt. sanusi and some Lebanese join hand to steal CBN money.

    • tundemash

      And what is Dumbo doing about that ?
      Did Sanusi have immunity against prosecution?

    • Ashibogu

      Sanusi inflated Access Control System for CBN Branches nationwide by 500%. CEM System of Belfast, Northern Ireland gave CBN the quote which they inflated. CEM System is a Subsidiary of American Company, Tyco International. They gave the inflated contracts to their cronies and some Lebanese crooks. Sanusi also awarded over One Hundred Billion Naira CBN International Conference Center Abuja to a Lebanese Company whose owner is a very close friend of Bola Tinubu. The contract was awarded even before the design and priced bills of quantities were ready. The question is simple; how did Sanusi arrive at the Contract figure. N35B was provided for the demolition of the Old Building which CBN bought for over Seventeen Billion Naira. This was a building which the then NITEL Liquidators valued for N2B. Jonathan may not have done well but Sanusi is the least qualified to talk about corruption. Make dem no allow us talk o! Enough is Enough!

      • tundemash

        And Dumbo did what while all these was going on ? Does Sanusi have immunity against prosecution ?

        • Charles Owolabi

          Have you heard of the CBN act that gives the CBN virtual autonomy?
          Any way GEJ suspended him.
          No Sausi does not have immunity from prosecution that is why he should keep his dirty mouth shut or face the same faith as his deposed grand father.
          He should remember the begging he did to get to that position.

          • Desina

            My friend, Pls go back and study what you wrote. Sanusi was doing all above listed evils and the president did nothing. what would you expect of the president who by all intent and purpose has to report back to the electorates all that he has done,undone or in this case refused to do? Just go read your comment again. Regards.

          • Charles Owolabi

            The president did what was permissible by law.
            In fact the suspension caused so much trouble for the President.
            You have to understand that this is s systemic problem with Nigeria.
            Northerns have an entitlement culture. It would take time to get them of this drug.
            Take the contestants in the political space do you see the gap in terms of education?
            Everyone in the country knows that with Northerns you bend the rules.
            If it is not based on a quota system do you think sanusi would have attended kings college?
            The man scored 219 in this time- please check the archives at Kings college .
            It bears stating that the cut off point for his state was 200.
            For that same examination the cut off point for the east central state was 287. While that of the South western state was 282.
            I hope you are getting a clearer picture of our Nigeria.
            While the cut off point for other states was far higher – especially those from the east and west.
            This situation is still in operation today.
            How do you think Buhari got into the army? Is that the same way Nzeogwu or Adekunle got into the same army?
            So please don’t blame GEJ
            He acted wisely
            As Markafi once said the North in order to gain the respect of all the other parts of Nigeria must get itself out of the present situation of dependence.
            It must ensure that in all aspects of Nigerian life that it competes favorably.
            GEJ has had to navigate through this very difficult arrangement of certain parts of the country fighting to retain inherited privileges .
            A totally removal of that system as bad as it is ,is bound to cause immediate problems for any administration.
            Due care must be taken to ensure that the blood of the baboon And dog is not spilled. LOL

          • Desina

            Good day Charles and thanks for your intelligent replies. however considering my understanding of how govt works in sane society and also my little knowledge of the Nigerian situation, i say again; i disagree with your observations.

            my reason being that Sanusi eventually got kicked out despite your conclusion that the Nigerian situation is solely responsible for Mr president’s inability to fix things.

            my friend do you realise that we all know of the socio-economic imbalance parading the Nigerian society hence the agitation for regional autonomy and same reasoning was behind the soft landing Jonathan got from the populace.

            if Jonathan feels He is not ready to die for a just cause then He is best advised to leave the position for those willing to d just that; the present situation in Nigeria does not permit ass lickers in position of leadership.

            Pls let us make this people stop taking Nigerians for a ride. I belief I am also preparing myself for the same position and belief me, i am also ready to face the requirements of the office.


          • Charles Owolabi

            Desina I ould like to appriciate the civil manner in your replies you are a cultured individual.
            We may disagee on certain aspects of Nigerian life but do not have to insult our selves in the process.
            I agree with you totally that Nigeria must be restructured- we must return back to the regional arrangement that we had right after Independence.
            That is the way Forward.
            Let ever region fend for its self.
            We do not have to operate as centralized structure that is wasteful.
            Let us go back to the arrangement that brought about the ground nut pyramids of the north and the free education of the great Obafemi Awolowo.
            That is what would ensure that all this dependence on oil comes to an end.
            We in the South West are ready today for such an arrangement.
            We beleive that it is not oil or solid minerals that leads to development but Human capital
            I would vote GEJ because he has demonstrated an intent to implement this arrangement.
            Buhari on the other hand would never- he is a product of this unfair parasitic relationship
            I hope you understand my position
            As a Yoruba our group interest is paramount.
            Take care

          • Desina

            Thanks ma friend. I do appreciate your point. Do have a good day.

          • tundemash

            Cl0wn ,….. why are u misusing word ? Does CBN autonomy give immunity against prosecution ?
            And that your same CBN autonomy does not preclude Dumbo from susupending him Confused creek rat ?
            Ask your Dumbo to grow a pair of balls and do the needful !

          • Charles Owolabi

            Your adulterous Emir was suspended period LOL
            And he would go to jail once the elections are over.
            I would not waste my time insulting you.
            You are not worth my time.

          • tundemash

            Emir Sanusi was suspended and Dumbo had to go last year, prostrating at the palae, to plead for votes.
            How many people have gone to jail in Dumbo’s 6 years to make your assumption look real? Are you going to lend Dumbo your balls or how woud he do it ?
            Cross-bred Chimp, your paymasters are singing a different tune now after letting you lose. Chairman Muazu not so sure of a landslide win; that is the latest. And US has called Dumbo to let him know card readers must be used so go and return your cloned PVC cards !!!

          • Charles Owolabi

            How many times has Buhari won ?
            What is the statistical chance that he would win given past antecedents? 0
            Keep dreaming.
            Our prayer is that the when he looses that he does not call for the blood of the baboon and dog- LOL

          • tundemash

            You cl0wn would have asked Abaraham Lincoln same thing;

            1832Ran for state legislature – lost.

            l832 Also lost his job – wanted to go to law school but couldn’t get in.
            1834 Ran for state legislature again – won.
            1838 Sought to become speaker of the state legislature – defeated.
            1840 Sought to become Senator – defeated.
            1843 Ran for Congress – lost.
            1846 Ran for Congress again – this time he won – went to Washington and did a good job.
            1848 Ran for re-election to Congress – lost.
            1854 Ran for Senate of the United States – lost.
            1856 Sought the Vice-Presidential nomination at his party’s national convention – get less than 100 votes.
            1858 Ran for U.S. Senate again – again he lost.
            1860 Elected president of the United States.

            Back to Africa, Attah Mills of Ghana, won on 3rd attempt. Attempting and losing isn’t a disease cl0wn !

            Go and return the cloned PVC card, same card readers your paymasters have been scared of will be used !!!

          • Charles Owolabi

            My friend are you joking or what. Lol
            How low can you go – compering Buhari- a man who does not even know the name of his political party to Abraham Lincoln.
            Wonders would never end.
            What you failed to do was to check Lincolns educational background before he went into politics.
            I do not want to insult Buhari but please never you ever compere him to Lincoln.
            Lincoln never used frudulent means – certificates to enter into any US institution.
            always remember that?
            Up till now every body including Buhari knows that he lied under oath.
            He has played one of the biggest 419 tricks in Nigerian History
            We all know that .
            In any sane society he would have withdrawn from the race by now.
            But in Nigeria you dare not touch a Fulani even if he steals.
            That is what the problem is my brother.
            The answer is for this country to adopt a new structure- regional autonomy.
            Let us use our own resources to develop.
            Guess what it is only the North that wants this parasitic arrangement to remain.
            They can not give up the privileges- Quota system all the way.
            Use land mass as a means of sharing revenue
            Own 83 percent of all the oil assets in the country and control the political space.
            They claim they are born to rule.
            Well we are now saying enough is enough.
            Nigeria belongs to all of us
            No more
            Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop- Fela

          • Charles Owolabi

            Thank God the Fulanis and the Emirs of the north are now being installed by we the Yoruba.
            We decide what happens in Fulani land now- lol.
            If not people like obasanjo would Sanusi have had the liver to say anything ?
            My brother go and sit down you know little about Nigeria.
            You and your Emir are under our protection else GEJ would have finished Sanusi.
            Always remember that. Lol

          • tundemash

            Under protection from ?
            Cl0wn …. so you now agree your Dumbo has no balls … how about you lending him yours so he could act just maybe you will lament less online !
            Aside Sanusi, others you e-rats have accuse of being corrupt, who is protecting them ?

          • Charles Owolabi

            What you fail to understand is that there is no monolithic North as there once was.
            We have divided you guys for good.
            Do you think the Benue man considers himself a Northerner?
            Or the Plateau man?
            With all the killing going on by you Fulanis?
            Buhari has already lost the election and he knows it.
            I am Yoruba so I would tell you a few truths
            No yoruba man living would vote for Buhari- a man who insulted the Oni of Ife and held the Great Obafemi Awolowo under house arrest.
            Tinubu has sold you guys a dummy trust me.
            Buhari is going to the slaughter house on election day – mark my words.
            My brother the North is in total disarray
            Think about it who would ever come and invest in such an unstable region?
            You guys have taken yourselves back to the Stone Age. Lol
            Your emirs don’t even stay in the North they are afraid of Boko Haram- women who strap them selves with bombs.
            And now that the regional structure would be implemented what are you going to do to contain all those Almajari?
            You have a big problem
            Please stop and think- your leaders have failed you.

          • tundemash

            cl0wn… stop behaving like someone with an unstable mind. I have no business with monolithic or no monolithic north and it is not the basis of this news.
            The news is that Sanusi said govt has not addressed the issue of the missing money and you claimed Sanusi is a criminal who stole money ? So the issue is does Sanusi have immunity from prosecution or what is stopping Dumbo from prosecuting him ?

          • Charles Owolabi

            You are the one who is unstable
            You act like your entire life depends on GMB winning?
            Hope you don’t have a heart attack once you receive the shock that he has lost.
            Take it easy Ooh – LOL
            Who cares what a criminal says?
            Every body knows that Sanusi is playing out a script that is intended to undermine the government.
            Sanusi is an unstable character who was almost killed by Abacha for instigating a riot in Kano that resulted in the death of an Ibo trader – Remember Gedion Akaluka
            Abacha almost killed him if not for Mutalab- father of the underpants Bomber.
            In any sane society he would never have occupied such an exulted position if he was not a Fulani- we all know that
            For your information he was sacked from UBA by Tony Elumelu because of poor performance
            Again his God father Mutalab found a place for him in first bank.
            There is nothing special in Sanusi
            In my openion he is below average as a person
            He went to kings college based on Quota.
            For your information he would never have entered kings college if he was not for affermative action.
            His performance at the degree level was also nothing to write home about 2.2 from a university known for rewarding the children of the Northern elite with grades they do not deserve.
            So the Sanusi that is a star in your part of Nigeria is a simple Olodo here in Western Nigeria. LOL
            Is it not the same fellow who claimed that 48 billion USD was stolen. He later reviewed the figure downwards to 12.4 billion and then in another breath said that the figure had gone up to 20 billion- ABU graduate – LOL
            The problem is that Sanusi does not understand basic principles in Accounting not to talk of complex concepts like fluid or flowing accounting processes.
            His entire banking carerer was spent as a risk manager- he knows 0 about banking. That is the truth.
            Please look up my submission on flowing accounting processes written in this paper well over a month and a half ago to understand what it is all about so that we can have a meaningful discussion.
            Until Sanusi who pretends to understand what happened in the NNPC reconcillation takes the time to be taught the basics in flowing accounting processes, he would continue to be at sea in his thinking.
            Makafi a brilliant accountant understood the problem that is why the senate dismissed Sanusi as an ignoramus
            So my submission to you is don’t trust the words of an ignorant fellow.
            On why GEJ has not yet gone after Sanusi.
            My brother the statute of limitation has not elapsed so why rush.
            What any right thinking individual would do is gather incriminating information and build an air tight case so that the thief can not wriggle out of the charges.
            That is what you do .
            GEJ would get him after the election- he is being strategic.
            Yes he needs the votes from Kano so he would not do anything that would upset that equation now.
            However once he has been declared the winner Sanusi would run like a rat.
            Sanusi knows it that is why he rushed to the international Media- it is to serve as some sort of Insurance for him.
            But that move would not work
            He has a case to answer and answer he will. Period.
            Keep underestimating GEJ . We love that

          • tundemash

            A drowning cl0wn full of excuses!
            the statute of limitation has not elapsed so why rush ….
            Amnesty miscreant ….is there any statistics to back that up? Is there anyone the Otu0ke Cl0wn has been able to prosecute in 6 years ?

            For 6 years , Dumbo is still gathering incriminating evidence against Tinubu. For over a year, he’s still gathering incriminating evidence against Sanusi ? What a misfit! Rogue govt. are fortunate the people they govern lack wisdom! The TAN rice and stove would not last for too long i assure you and your grandchildren will curse your unfortunate memory for selling their future for a bag of rice and stove, cl0wn!

            Keep jabbing the air. The free dollars being distributed all over the place will stop May 29th and it’s back into hopelessness for you !

          • Charles Owolabi

            Maybe you are talking about the free dollars you are receiving from Tinubu or Amechi abi?
            It is you who would be cursed by your grandchildren- Olori buruku.
            you live in the midst of deprivation, Illiteracy and disease in the North caused by your leaders yet you have the effrontery to insult a man who has done his best to build institutions to address these deficiencies.
            Why did your Northern leaders not build schools for the Almajari’s when they had power?
            Why did they not open new universities? ode.
            You want power abi?
            You would never smell it in 50 years.
            I told you before that a Monolithic North exists only in your little mind – a mind that cannot comprehend the significance of demographic change – it is a numbers game olodo .
            When power goes back to the North it would go to the middle belt- people like David Mark are waiting for a chance to teach you Fulanis a lesson or two.
            When you do the demographics you would find that Buhari has already lost.
            Check all the geopolitical zones in the country and you would come to the same conclusion.
            Elections are not won on social media platforms remember?
            All we are praying for is that Buhari accepts defeat and goes home to cry as usual. LoL.
            In your sober moments please think about the lost opportunities that your leaders squandered. Think about how your leaders failed your people and
            left the vast majority uneducated and poor.
            Don’t point fingers at GEJ . Be bold enough to point fingers at the right people- your selfish leaders in the North Buhari inclusive
            Keep underestimating GEJ and he would keep running circles around you.

          • Saleh Ali Kudai

            Buhari has won the election and our sensible brothers among the yorubas voted for him. Tinubu has not sold us and the Benue man has voted for Buhari. Finally my piece of advice to you and co. should remember that when GOD destined nobody can change it. I cant match you with abuses because iam brought up that way. May GOD guide us and protect nigerians anywhere irrespective of tribe and religion. GOD had not formed nigeria by mistake he has a reason for that and we believe in that but for some of you with contrary opinion we pray for your guidance.

  • favourtalk

    Nigeria want wants a better life, we don’t want PDP again, corruption in oil sector, we need change now

  • mantock

    It doesn’t matter who wins the election. All Nigerians accept corruption as a way of life. The only ones complaining are those that have no opportunity to benefit from the corruption. Four years from now, regardless of who wins the election we will still be talking about corruption. Corruption is not only at NNPC, CBN, Aso Rock. It is everywhere. How about billions in budget allocated to the military over three decades that disappeared, and now to fight boko haram they remembered to purchase equipment. How about billions given to states to maintain roads, but the roads are dusty in most states out of the capital. We can keep deceiving ourselves and point fingers, oh, it is Jonathan, it is Abacha, it is Sanusi, it is NNPC. The Bible says “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”.

    • Effacer

      I agree with you my brother, however, there is need to repent and be born again.

  • Omababa

    Mr. Alegbe categorically stated here that kerosene subsidy was not removed by any law, meaning govt still pay N100 subsidy on each litre of kerosene on behalf of its poor consumers. But the naked truth is that nobody in this country buy kerosene at the subsidised rate of N50. Most people pay N150/ltr for kero. Mr Alegbe, who is the beneficiary of this dubious kero subsidy.
    I won’t blame you because when the head is rotten, the entire body becomes useless. This is why PDP and Diezani are stealing N100 from the poor masses on each litre of kerosene they buy. For the miserable followers of Jonothin, is this not enough evidence that Jonothin will kill Nigeria with corruption? People vote wisely for GMB.

  • dan

    You heartless politicians don’t worry we Nigerian youth are coming very soon, to burn all of you people with your families to ashes. not even your devilish secret cult will help you. you people will beg for your life’s but God will turn his back on you idiots.

  • jack

    Dan go and kill your Buhari first animal.mumu

  • James

    Jack what makes Dan animal what he said is it not right?

  • halima

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  • Mr. Abdin

    Whe the change comes everything will come out.

  • New Nigerian

    Important Announcement from the International Court of Justice (ICC) on Jonathan’s administration:
    [Massive wholesale theft of this dimension, especially in an environment where there is a raging genocide in the North and mass kidnappings in the oil producing area (The Oil minister’s familu just got kidnapped) are crimes against a society and a people. Any patriot who wants to blow the whistle on the transactions of what actually happened to the $20billion or who authorized the disbursement of kerosene subsidies that was stopped through presidential directive should forward the details ]

    “”International Criminal Court’s Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) is currently conducting preliminary examinations in a number of situations including Afghanistan, Georgia, Guinea, Colombia, Honduras, Korea and Nigeria)…[Thanks to President Jonathan’s administration can you see that Nigeria is in the league of rogue nations??!!!]

    [Fellow Nigerians, please forward whatever details you know about the Genocide in Northern Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan, the ex-militant-oil-for-arms details relative to the 400,000 crude oil per day theft since 2011 (more than $60billion) and politically-motivated killings, violence or threats to the International Criminal Court by mail, email or fax]:

    To submit information about alleged crimes, please write to:

    International Criminal Court
    Office of the Prosecutor
    Post Office Box 19519
    2500 CM The Hague
    The Netherlands.

    Or email: (You can google it easily)

    Or send information by facsimile to: +31 70 515 8555.

    • Chuck Ghainard

      How the blankity blank did we burn $2B in kerosine? That’s enough lue to power 150m homes with 4kw of solar power each. What does the Nigerian congress do on a day to day basis? It was George Washington that said anytime people fear their government there is tyranny. …anytime the government fears the people, there is liberty? Who will make the Nigerian government fear Nigerians?

      • Chuck Ghainard

        Read $20 B in kerosine?…… $20 freaking billion dollars in kerosine….. it is reasons like this that beg for the formation of a people’s militia to rescue the people from a despotic government

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