Boko Haram: Nigerian troops uncover bodies in Bama well

Nigerian Troops Registering targets with Artillery Guns

Scores of dead bodies have been found in a well in Bama, a community in Borno State that was recently wrestled away by Nigerian troops, from Boko Haram terrorists.

PRNigeria, a media organization that disseminates statement for security agents in Nigeria, said the large number of bodies found in the well are apparently some of the hostages of the terrorists or those who resisted them.

“Aside those whose bodies were thrown inside wells, others were also said to have been executed on the River Bama Bridge as the terrorists fled the town,” PRNigeria reports.

The media organization said some civilians who have been cooperating with Nigerian troops narrated scary tales of the group’s brutality.

They said the terrorists ruled in the vicinity executing their version of religious jurisprudence ruthlessly.
An intelligence officer is reported to have confirmed that a cordon and search operation in the town is continuing with interrogation by troops.

Also, the military’s medical and emergency teams have been attending to survivors and evacuating some of the internally displaced person following a screening process.

It also said the spokesperson for the Defence Headquarters, Chris Olukolade, a major general declined comment on the specific atrocities committed by the group. He said specific details will only be given after the ongoing thorough search of the town and its environments is concluded.

Bama, the second largest Local Government Area in Borno, fell to Boko Haram on September 11, 2014.
Some residents, mostly women and children who tried to flee the area at the time were reported to have died of thirst and hunger as insurgents tightened their grip on the town.

The community was liberated from the group on Monday by troops of the Nigerian military.


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  • PROF

    islam has become a cancer to the world . it must be stopped ASAP.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Stopped by who

      • umolu

        By everybody, including moderate moslems.

        • Bidemi Lukman

          Ok, continue dreaming

      • PROF

        Stopped by muslims themselves. Just look at the battle btw shites and Sunnis. Sit back and watch .

        • Bidemi Lukman

          The battle is just like battle between Tutsi and Hutu, North and South vietnam, Russia and Crimea e.t.c

          • PROF

            Those battles your mentioned are based on ethnicity not religion. I expected you to mention Kashmir or even old paki vs India.

  • Zake

    Whenever I see or hear of Black African and Islam, I wonder if they know how they got under this sad predicament.

    The first Europeans (Portuguese and Dutch) arrived in Africa in 1460, before
    the French and the British.

    And 1200 years before the Europeans arrived in Africa, the Arabs, the Moors, the Berbers have been enslaving, brutalizing, and exploiting Africans for centuries. Forcefully conversion to Islam, rape, pillage and indoctrination;
    Africa’s religion is holistic, supernatural, traditional, primitive, mystical, spiritual, or even and in rapport with nature. Not Christianity and definitely Not Islam. They (the Arabs) turned the African man into a “Hunis” or “Dir” his
    testicles removed to increase his size, in a to sense make him bigger and stronger, a workhorse, a master slave. Wile
    the women were turned into “Harem or haram “ black prostitutes, concubine, sex object and housemaid, servants (modern day Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Niger,
    Djibouti etc…

    all the countries north of the equator eight degree longitude are in fact Islamic and countries South or below the eight degree longitude are Christians, animist or African beliefs. The
    ethnic-hybrid throughout the Sahel knows as the Tuarec, Fula, the Hausa, Peule, Fulani, and many others are in
    part or in full mix Arab breeds).
    The African Muslim is as oxymoronic as a black Japanese. There is No such thing as an African Muslim. Clearly this is the result of centuries of brainwashing, indoctrination, and ignorance. Clearly
    Africans that are devoid of their history and past are indeed the true victim of human civilization.

    The dichotomy of Africans and Islam is as absurd –oxymora, as a Zulu claiming his Vikings ancestry.
    Claiming Islam in lieu of their own African culture and indigenous religion is cruel to Africans alone as well as all citizen of

    M.J Herkovits Ph.D and Dr. Akinjogbin summarized this truth in their book entitled “Dahomey and Its Neighbors” Lond. Oxford. And in a nutshell, comparing Europeans slavery to Arab slavery would be comparing Adolph Hitler to Mother
    Teresa. Arabs slave traders were 1000 times more brutal, more savage, more cruel than anything we have ever seen”. All we can say is lack of knowledge breed ignorance and misery. For a Black Africans to defend Islamic as his religion in
    lieu of his own African culture, would be no different than a Jew defending nazism.
    It is in indeed bewildering considering twelve-centuries of savagery, brutality, brain washing, forceful conversion, they [The Africans ] went through under the hands of the Arab Muslims.
    In effect, 1400 years ago “Bilal” an African slave muslim in [their prophet mehmed] era was not allowed to practice Islam, because of his darker complexion & African heritage. Sadly this practice still goes on in places like
    Mauritania, Niger, Sudan, Somalia, etc….…. In fact the Arabs not only enslaved and brainwashed the Africans, they enslaved and programmed entire nation states: the Turks, Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Serbians, southern Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh all of Eurasia, Kazakhstan, South Asia Indonesians, Malaysian known as (Borneo-man), the Philippines island of Mindanao etc…reason why all the non Arabic countries-
    Muslim countries listed above have funny sounding, misspelled or
    altered Arabic sounding names.
    In their Koran verse, known as the “surath” they encourage older muslim men ( 39-70 to take several brides included very young brides: … their own prophet had 12 wives and two of whom were under 6 years of age. And sadly this
    practice still goes on today in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, andvarious Arabs and Muslim nations.

    • Common Sense!

      Pls summarize ur comment so I can read it. Waiting!

    • Katakore

      You seem to have read something about Islam. However, either you intentionally misrepresented it here or you did not completely understand what you read. Kindly go back and read the history of Islam very well.

      • Bidemi Lukman

        Writtn by who

      • Zake

        Name a single issue we have misrepresented here, state one untruthful piece of information stated here. Everything posted therein has been or is currently being done by Arab Muslims- or
        Muslims in general. Everything posted therein has been proven thorough history.
        I would beg the differ, I suggest you go back read and understand
        what is proscribed in the Koran…. Additionally read scholarly articles, well researched
        and documented facts, the atrocious, conquest the Arab, moors etc… inflected
        on their black Africans slaves. Pre and post Prophet ……

        Among forty well researched books… I suggest you start with “Black
        folks here and there” by St Claire Drake PhD. Vol. 1-12 lots of reading… this modest
        portion might help enlighten you a bit .

        Good luck.

  • Wetin sef?

    …and the story of one aisha holding a broom and speaking rubbish is more deserving of more prominence on your website than this story. No be so? There is God o!

  • pinky minaj

    A Pharoah will take us back to the land of Egypt, where we will become slaves again (apart from the few who will be his associates and collaborators), whilst all others will be whipped into order, slammed into jails without due process and will have to bow down to the Pharaoh. 

    The Pharaoh’s tribe and religion will be super-imposed upon all, as the born to rule superiority complex will override all other tribes and religion/s.

    Some slaves may want to go back to Egypt again, to be slave masters, as they see gains lording it over other slaves, but the majority of the other slaves want their own freedom and will rather take their destiny into their own hands, serving their own living GOD.

    A Moses is no Saint and has his faults, but like Moses, he is leading the slaves to cross the red sea and then take the slaves into their promised land, a desert, flowing with milk and honey.

    To be able to get to the promised land, the slaves have to first cross the red sea, and need Moses.

    However, we are at a cross road and need to decide between a Pharaoh who will take us back as slaves into the land of Egypt, or a Moses who will help the slaves cross the red sea, into the promised land.

    Spiritually, we all have to decide if we want Pharaoh and to go back as slaves to the land of Egypt, or we can chose Moses, who has his faults, but who is already taking us to cross the red sea and is trying to help us cross into the promised land.

    Spiritually, the battle is on, either back to Egypt as slaves and bowing to Pharaoh, or choosing Moses with his faults, then, crossing the red sea into the promised land.
    GEJ is the Moses of our generation, please wisely for the betterment of our country…

  • New Nigerian

    Important Announcement from the International Court of Justice (ICC) on Jonathan’s administration:
    [Massive wholesale theft of this dimension, especially in an environment where there is a raging genocide in the North and mass kidnappings in the oil producing area (The Oil minister’s familu just got kidnapped) are crimes against a society and a people. Any patriot who wants to blow the whistle on the transactions of what actually happened to the $20billion or who authorized the disbursement of kerosene subsidies that was stopped through presidential directive should forward the details ]

    “”International Criminal Court’s Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) is currently conducting preliminary examinations in a number of situations including Afghanistan, Georgia, Guinea, Colombia, Honduras, Korea and Nigeria)…[Thanks to President Jonathan’s administration can you see that Nigeria is in the league of rogue nations??!!!]

    [Fellow Nigerians, please forward whatever details you know about the Genocide in Northern Nigeria (35,000+ dead, millions displaced) under President Goodluck Jonathan, the ex-militant-oil-for-arms details relative to the 400,000 crude oil per day theft since 2011 (more than $60billion) and politically-motivated killings, violence or threats to the International Criminal Court by mail, email or fax]:

    To submit information about alleged crimes, please write to:

    International Criminal Court
    Office of the Prosecutor
    Post Office Box 19519
    2500 CM The Hague
    The Netherlands.

    Or email: (You can google it easily)

    Or send information by facsimile to: +31 70 515 8555.