APC raises alarm over Jonathan, Jega meeting

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has said the decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to summon INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega to a meeting that was not attended by other political parties in Abuja on Tuesday is part of ongoing moves to compromise the integrity of the electoral commission, which is expected to be fair and neutral.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said it is wrong for the President, who himself is a candidate in the forthcoming elections, to be summoning the electoral umpire at will, especially when such meetings are populated by his appointees.

”Without the representatives of other political parties attending such meetings, irrespective of whether or not it is aimed at briefing security chiefs on the preparations for the polls, the ruling PDP and its presidential candidate are seeking to gain undue advantage over others ahead of the elections.

”It is like the referee in a football match meeting with key officials of one of the teams ahead of the match. This is against the spirit of transparency and fairness and must stop forthwith.

”Had the representatives of other political parties apart from the PDP (the President is the leader of the PDP) attended the meeting, the widespread speculation that Jega’s life and job were threatened if he fails to drop the use of the card reader, as well as circulating reports that he will be removed before Saturday, would not have happened,” it said.

APC said whatever briefings must be given by the INEC chairman on the elections must have in attendance the representatives of all the political parties that will participate in the elections.

It also decried clandestine meetings between some key presidency and INEC officials with a view to rigging the elections, warning the presidency to steer clear of the electoral officials if indeed they are desirous of a free, fair, credible and peaceful elections.

Meanwhile, the party has said the Presidency and the PDP cannot and must not be allowed to profit from their sponsorship of ethnic militias, including MASSOB and OPC, to create chaos and violence before, during and after the elections.

It said the plot by the duo is to make the country so unsafe before the polls that members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), who are supposed to serve as electoral officials, will simply say they can no longer participate in the elections because they fear for their lives.

”This will simply truncate the elections and trigger a constitutional crisis, the exact scenario being plotted by the Jonathan Administration and the PDP to allow them to either perpetuate themselves in office or install an interim government,” APC said.

It said another booby trap on the path of holding the elections as rescheduled are the pending court cases against the use of the card reader by INEC.

”Nigerians should note that nothing is yet guaranteed as far as the holding of the rescheduled elections is concerned. The Jonathan Administration and the PDP are still shopping for a court judgement to declare the use of the card reader unconstitutional, just because they are now painfully aware that Nigerians have rejected them and their party

”We are therefore calling on all our compatriots to be more vigilant in the next few days to the elections. We are also alerting local and foreign observers, and the international community, to the ongoing shenanigans by the Jonathan Administration and the PDP to scuttle the polls,” APC said.


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  • AGA

    It is like the referee in a football match meeting with key officials of
    one of the teams who are the host country for instance ahead of the match. This is against the spirit of
    transparency and fairness and must stop forthwith.

    • share Idea

      The election is not a football match as the referee is never appointed by either of the participating teams. If Jega starts visiting GEJ personally that is when we’ll raise alarm and more so GEJ has ensured that he minimises every opportunity that will make him look as taken undo advantage of his position. Check the people that attended the meeting.

      Do you think that if Jega wants GEJ to accord him the necessary privilege of overseeing security apparatus on election day, he’ll get that without being in a meeting with GEJ and other services chiefs? Election results will be announced at every polling booths and any party that has representative in every wards does not necessarily need anybody to determine their faith. 28th March is not far from now…

      • AGA

        The Truth of the matter is that since Jonathan is now a candidate of a particular political party, he ought to have surmon Jega along with representative of other political parties, INEC is an independent Commission, even if he is to brief him in his capacity as president of Nigeria, usually he can do so through the Council of State, that’s what the law said.In deed 28th March not far…free, fair election is all what we need for whoever to emerged to reduce tension…one of such measures is the use of smart card readers to validate the authenticity of the PVC, accredited voter and records the number of people accredited so that at the end of the voting number of voters MUST tally with the number accredited.

  • onyekaokorie

    What is wrong in briefing security council members.

  • onyekaokorie

    No bi president appoint am?

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Hey, hey, hey, hold it there! Does the APC suggest that Jonathan can no longer meet with any of his appointees, even if for routine purposes? Surely if anything is needed by the INEC Chairman, for example, to help him carry out the election the chairman must have to see the president who appointed him to that post; after all the yearly budget of the INEC is made by the Executive arm of government. So why is APC suggesting that it should now form a part of the present government when the latter is carrying out its constitutional duties? Or does Nigeria now have a government comprising the APC representatives and Jonathan?

    Some alarms being raised at times could be preposterous. This one surely is one of them. The APC must have to realize it has not formed any government at the moment. It should wait till after March 28 to know whether it would be mandated to form a government or not. But before that time, Nigeria still has a constituted government that must be allowed to do its work.

    • AJ

      With all respect, I think you have completely missed the point. This is not about governance by the party or persons in power. This is about the sanctity – real and apparent – of the electoral process. A meeting between the INEC boss and the President, without the participation of other parties, at this time, under the present circumstances (Jega-must-go pro-Goodluck rallies, etc), necessarily raises issues and suspicion. Surely you do know that if INEC has election-related needs or any needs at all, there are established, day to day governmental channels for handling such matters. Many times, my dear friend, appearances are as important as reality, if not more so. Mohammed’s analogy of a football match is particularly apt.

  • August January

    The truth is that Jonathan is desperate, and it would be a risk for APC to keep quiet when it feels or thinks something dangerous MAY be going on behind the scene

  • musa aliyu

    We are going to make life unbearable for any one who scuttle our democracy.

  • Mr. Abdin

    No matter what change has come and GEJ must go.

  • amzat kola

    Why this unnecessary alarm? Why is APC continually demeaning the office of the President? Must the president invites other political parties to a meeting that their presence is not needed? I think APC should desist from this unnecessary desperation at grabbing power. God is the custodian of power and authority and He gives it to whoever He pleases. If He desires Goodluck Jonathan even in the forthcoming presidential election, there is nothing anybody can do about it. Detractors will just be running from pillar to post.

    • blueeyedkitten

      you’re talking rubbish

    • Ola Alani

      But the issue being discussed is of importance to the other political parties, so they should have equally been invited. You should check the list of the attendees and u will find out that they’re all PDP/Jonathan appointees except the INEC chairman. Common! How can that be at this point in time?

      • Nubianlady

        President Goodluck is the Present President of Nigeria and can call anybody he wants, why is that an issue? Why shouting fire where there is no smoke?

  • dk

    D more reason one shd nt remain in office 2 contest or stand 4 election, cos d necessity of usurping power 2 detriment of opponents will always be there. #Uwais Electoral Reforms

  • Joseph Williams

    That was wrong. Prof. Jega shouldn’t have attented that meeting. I just hope and pray like every well meaning nigerians, who are for the successful outcome of the elections that the umpire has not compromised his intergrity in that meeting.

    • Odogwu

      No, he was right to have gone to answer the moron president if not PDP would’ve had the reason to remove him sighting insubordination to the president. Don’t forget that Jega is a professor of political science. PDP people are angry with the man because he always beat them at their game.

      • Joseph Williams

        I you are right.

  • Aliyu Muhammad

    We are ever ready for the president to cross the line which is either postpone elections or remove jega and that is the end of Jonathan, we will make sure of it I can guarantee you that

    • Fulani

      Remember equally that is where the south south we created are waiting for us to take back their resources.I hope you are ready for the prize.They are stronger now and tired of our gimmick .let us face our problem.Are we the northerners the owner of their oil.

      • blueeyedkitten

        what is your real name?

        • Fulani

          blue eye kitten is my name

          • 9jaIsFinished

            Very good response! Lol!!!!

          • blueeyedkitten

            no wonder

  • ade

    Fellow Nigerians, there is no different between a MAD man at Oshodi and fayose, even that mad man reason a times, but fayose madness deteriorate everyday. It is a pity that Ekiti people are also looking at this man like this until he will enter market. Your madness will turn to another things as from next week. wishing you bad luck, omo iya to nde pampe

  • maureen

    One who wear a marks remains the same person after pulling it,Nigerias beware of Gen buhari.

  • Gambo Jarumi

    Shouting fire where there is no even smoke.

  • Harry

    For Nigeria Election to be free and fair, the Chief of Defense Staff (Alex Badeh) and the Chief of Army staff (Kenneth Minimah) must be assassinated before March 28. Alex Badeh and Kenneth Minimah are the tools GEJ is banking on to rig the election on the promise that nothing will happen. I call on every well meaning Nigerian Soldier to be vigilant and be ready at any mistaken opportunity to assassinate Alex Badeh and Kenneth Minimah, they are the most dangerous treat to Nigeria’s democracy at the moment.

    • Chukwudi Boniface

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! As much as i couldn’t agree less, let them just be exiled till June 2015 abeg, make we no shed blood.

    • I_Speak_Straight

      I’m not surprised. Violence and killings is your A-Fee-Cee trademark.

  • shola

    The Permanent Voter Card (PVC) or better the Jega-Card has come to stay
    for good, for ever.

  • Arabakpura

    Thank you Lai Mohammed and the APC for being real whistle blowers! Keep them on their toes relentlessly

  • Adele Uhuru

    Evidence of an Innovative progressive based leadership- The Federal Government on Tuesday inaugurated the first ever Nigerian Business Development Services Network for effective and productive performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the country.The $200m (N39.6bn) project involves a network of private sector business development service providers that will work with the MSMEs across the country to mentor them, provide support services and link them up with financial institutions.

    This is real news that will uplift our country not these none issues- gullible rants that these corrupt politicians espouse daily

  • Chukwudi Boniface


  • General Minimah should not be telling INEC’s Prof. Jega when to have elections in NE states. It is Jega’s call.
    INEC and Jega are ready for elections to take place all over the country including the 3 NE states and IDP areas.
    This is the decision General Minimah was claiming INEC was yet to make. “Jega ….said that the commission had made full preparations to enable Internally Displaced Persons to vote during the elections. This, he explained, would apply to IDPs from areas that are worst hit by the insurgency, specifically Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states. The plan, according to him, is to create voting centres in safe areas. He said where applicable, the voting centres would be located close to the IDP camps. Jega added that the arrangement would require special provisions for security and the commission
    would be counting on the various agencies for assistance.” Jega never needed permanent government infrastructures to conduct elections.

    Minimah said Yobe and Adamawa states have been liberated completely and we look forward to the reinstatement of
    structures of government and governance. “I am also sure you know that in Borno State, out of the 27 local governments,
    we have three local governments remaining: Abadam, Kalabaldi and Gwoza and we are optimistic that with time, we will liberate those LGAs.” Minimah corroborated Jega’s stance that elections can be held now in those areas.

    From the foregoing, Jega, who general Minimah said would decide the time of elections in NE, has decided the time is NOW. Minimah may just be laying the foundation for Jonathan’s Interim National Government with his excuses, since to have the ING, election must be protracted past May 29,2015, Jonathan’s last day in office. Minimah should not be telling Jega when to have elections, he should be providing security where and when Jega asks for it.

  • ilesanmi

    Lai Mohammed and APC are just pretending like they do not trust their Jaga. The level of conspiracy between jega and APC is so high that Jega can not afford to abandon the “project” of the conspiracy. APC just like to use the opportunity created by this meeting to pretend before the whole world as if Jega is not with them. If Jega could hold a meeting with the APC in Dubai (APC has not denied this) what is wrong in an appointee meeting with the President with government officials in attendance?

  • Maitama Tambari

    Independent, what is the meaning of this word? In a society where rules of law are followed, where Government structures and portfolios are respected, this kind of attitude would never surface. Nigeria live in a weird period of Administration, only CHANGE will bring sanity to the polity. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • evi

    Jega deserves to be summoned anu time by Jonathan, he has shown that he is not to be trusted, he has still not explained why as at Feb 14, 23 million voters in the south had not collected pvc and some can’t even find their names on inec register, while everybody in the core north has collected pvc, including children ,nigeriens and chadians .Nigerians are yet to understand the sudden love affair between Jega and apc, the same apc that demonstrated against Jega and asked for his resignation during the ekiti and anambra election, all of a sudden,they fighting for Jega to stay even in the face of his incompetence. The only reason is that Jega has planned with apc to rig the election in favour of apc

    • Hummm

      EVI , the EVIL BE QUIET, jo

  • Maryam

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  • hummm

    The intl community will not recognize GEJ adminstration and lets see who will work with him. Everyone is watching closely. He is setting himself up to become a disgraced president on the world stage

  • basil edoma

    When will apc stop all these complaints??? They will be the first to bite and the first to complain when their victim bites back??? I seriously think that the conduct of apc throughout this election campaigning so rings with childish innuendos… The truth is that be it as it may, after the March 28th polls, GEJ will still be commander-in-chief of the armed forces in Nigeria…

  • anneedu

    Hahahaha, what funny fools Apc have, first to bite and first to cry

    • Nubianlady

      when they had closed door meeting with Jega, it was normal and ok! Now , GEJ meets with his subordinate, it becomes a problem. Come March 28, Nigerians will prove to APC that propaganda is not enough in politics but transformations and positive impacts are! ‘I dey laugh’

  • Nubianlady

    They have started crying even before the election… we are waiting for the usual failure of Buhari again. BUHARI FAILURE RELOADED### Lolzzzzz

  • Udozend Jeho

    Keep on painting your country black before the international community in the name of politics. Liars and desperate prematured politicians. Why can’t you learn from these advanced countries.

  • Mosope Oni

    A president and the INEC discussing if the country is safe enough for the elections. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Uju

    The APC hasn’t got much left to chew on : GEJ’s track record is positive, BH is being repeatedly defeated, the electricity prices have gone down, the economy isn’t quite fit but we all know it’s structural and not linked to GEJ’s presidency but the
    global market and oil price crisis. So they resort to low end paranoia like this. But it does not work. They must really despise Nigerians to think such foul tactics can convince us.