Switzerland returns $380 million Abacha loot

Late Sani Abacha

About $380 million Nigerian money, stolen and stashed in accounts in Switzerland by late Head of State, Sani Abacha, will be returned, Swiss officials said Tuesday.‎

The money was confiscated in 2014 after it was transferred to the country from Luxembourg where it had been seized since 2006, Geneva prosecutors said.

This followed an agreement between the Nigerian Government and the family of the late dictator.

‎The money was confiscated on the ground that the Abacha family was a criminal organisation, according to the Swiss authorities.

The process of returning the loot to Nigeria will be supervised by the World Bank.

‎With the return, Geneva prosecutors have closed their case with the Abacha family which was opened in 1999. Abba Abacha was the last member of the family under investigation.

‎Meanwhile, previously Switzerland has returned to Nigeria more than $700 million that late Abacha hid in Swiss accounts.


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  • Desina

    Another looted money to be re looted. Y dis people fall full ground so.

    • progress

      200 million MUMU people!

      • amazing2012

        We are really mumus of humans

        • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

          Only a MUMU Will not ask why his ‘change agent’ said Abacha never stole a dime!

    • amazing2012


      • Otile

        Excellent what? Did Umaru Yar’Adua recover a red cent?

        • amazing2012

          The Cursed and English slave, had it you have sense you should have wept for returning that money. Surely it’s a trap that may damage your fathers last reputation and take him to prison.
          Thieve steals and return to another thieve !
          This also give reason why I condenm Abacha family for their romans with PDP for an open insult to their father while the worship the same people that are humiliating them. This will surely become a precedent on the leaders children who’s parents are late including Jonadaft.

  • DTaj

    Ah, $380 million (equals N76 billion)! Don’t give it to Jonathan o! He will loot half of it and spend the remaining part to bribe the remaining militia groups, traditional rulers, students, thugs, etc!
    Please hand it over to the in-coming President, Buhari!

    • warry

      Yet Buhari said Abacha did not steal a dime,so how can he receive it? Now all these refunds came up during GEJ, meanwhile in your usual ignorance, you blame him for using this approach to recover the monies than to kill the relations of Abacha. .And how cone a looting GEJ in your warped mind is performing more than other administrations that did not steal in addition to fighting a war?

      • omokomol

        Are you sick by saying all these money came in during GEj. Its obvious you are not well informed. The previous $700 million came in through another regime. This is the only one coming into GEJ’s administration to the best of my knowledge and point of correction, GEJ has nothing to do with its release. Swiss govt completed their investigation and following normal process decide to release the fund. Why do you people always want to attribute what is not achieved by GEJ to him.

    • bib

      Well said.

    • Frank Bassey

      Abacha was from Kano. Kano is APC state. Does that tell you anything?

      • Bidemi Lukman

        Yes, it tells a lot. Jona had a meeting towards end of 2014 with Muhammed Abacha, whose family is described in the article above as criminal organisation. The meeting was how Muhammed would deliver Kano for Jona. Besides, Muahmmed case was withdrawn from EFCC

        • Otile

          Buhari was Abacha’s petroleum minister and his bosom friend who watched over Abacha’s monetary transactions involving petroleum proceeds. Does that tell you anything?

          • Bidemi Lukman

            Yes, it tells me you are ignorant of what you are saying. Dan Etete was Abacha’s Petroleum Minister who did the money landery for himself and Abacha.

            So, go back home and get your facts right just as Jona sent you all home to make some enquiry the first time he came to Lagos for campaign

      • Wähala

        You’re sooo stupeed. Does the money belong to Kano State… or are the Swiss returning it to Kano? That dog brain you eat must have replaced the little human brains you got during cross-breeding with chimps, you just make a mess of thinking. Punk, just go offline and stop displaying amazing stupidity on serious national issues. You’re disgustingly ignorant. Damn!

      • King Carlos

        pls read what u just typed here. Why …why? Shekau is from Nigeria, and you are a Nigerian, does that tell you anything?

        • Otile

          Imam Shekau is from NE. Frank Bassey is from SS. Does that tell you anything?

      • vasco

        Abacha, I believe you will rort in hell, bcos their is no repentance in hell. Jonathan, very soon God will expose you, even you Buhari, you deserve probing while in power. Politics in africa forget it count me out. Abacha upon all the 380 mln. Dls. You died in 1 room on 1 bed and was lowered in 6 ft.

  • Comfortkay

    This money should be more than that because it must have interest in it . What has the PDP done with all those money they received in the last 16 years?

  • Frank Bassey

    This money that would have been used to rehabilitate the Almajaris and build schools for them. Now GEJ is doing it and someone from the corner of a bush is shouting CHANGE. That is why they could not even pass WASC.

    • Yusuf

      the almajiri’s never celebrate thieves, that is why Jonathan is celebrating Abacha’s stolen money few days to election. I am sure no same politician will attempt that on Ibori, Almsg, or Cicilia Ibru few days to election, according to PDPs EFCC James Ibori alone stole more money than was confiscated from Abacha family in the last 17yrs, what is there in Delta state? a so called oil producing state. Mention your state and I will tell u what your governor received from fed acc during his tenure, and I will expect u to tell me the projects he did to save u from baby making factories… that is what always happen when u learn a foreign language and think u are educated..

    • truth_is_bitter

      U’re right my brother, but we all need CHaNGE. It depends on the kind of change…For some, change is resurrecting the dead or near dead with the hope to govern on ‘irrefutable presumption’ that he will live, while for millions more, change represents absolute control of their resources and secession.

      My prayer is that God will grant all of us our heart’s desire. .

      • Otile

        This is not the understanding of corrupt APC miions, for them change only means imposing their illiterate dummy leader on us.

  • T-Rex

    But Buhari said Abacha never stole any money!

    • Yusuf

      then he was wrong, the problem is if he gets cough stealing or abating stealing, if we have had ‘one’ Buhari in Jonah’s government it would have brought in some relieve

  • Rommel

    Soon we will be talking about GEJs loot

    • Binta

      U can’t loot what belongs to you…or did u graduate frm Katsina college too?

      • Rommel

        Well some people even steal from their families,when you Binta started stealing,I am sure it was from your parents so no wonder the Ijaw definition of corruption excludes stealing

  • Rommel

    If under international sanctions,Abacha in 5 years could despite all the stealing grow Nigeria’s foreign reserve from inherited $300 Million to $10.3 Billion and this was with crude oil selling below $35,what excuse does Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan have for squandering the $62 Billion he inherited with crude oil selling over $100 in the largest oil boom in the history of crude oil sales from 2011 to August 2014.Soon we have to be making efforts to recover GEJ loot.Abacha’s loot is child’s play compared with what Goodluck has done to Nigeria

    • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

      You guys should be honest to yourselves for once. Just once.

      • Northerner

        Truth hurt right? U are just as dumbbb as GEJ!

        • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

          Lol! The only person who seems hurt by the truth is the one resorting to name calling!
          U guys really amuse me. I can say it here; this PDP regime is corrupt!
          *you can choose the easy way out which most intellectually deficient minions do; insults and abuses..true to the APC way!
          Cheers mallam northerner..Allah ya ba ka hankuri!

    • Naija Pikin

      Then, there was no democracy. The state governors were appointed by the head of state and they could not hold him to ransom. There was also no 13% derivation. Now, the federal government tried to save but the ACN and governors took them to court saying that it is unconstitutional.

      • Rommel

        Your response is even more lame than what Faka Jonathan will suggest,don’t you understand what excess crude account means? even that has been depleted by the Jonathan administration.Abacha built LNG Bonny and created many states that needed to start from scratch,Obasanjo is responsible for telecom revolution and Capital market expansion,IBB built third mainland bridge,Eleme petrochemicals, created many states and gave them seed money and also moved Nigeria’s capital city to Abuja,all these were achieved with crude oil sales far below what Jonathan has been exposed to,what tangible thing can we point to that Jonathan has achieved? mind you every administration built and rehabilitated roads and schools so those are no achievements

  • Yusuf

    17yrs after, this ole is a very big thief

    • Northerner

      Abacha is a thief yes, but he stole less than $1bn, on the other hand GEJ stole a lot of money that can buy Microsoft, 10 top football clubs, build Burj Arab, give 6billion people $10,000 each and still he’s not done stealing!

      • Tanko

        Aboki, a thief is a thief! Neither the Bible nor the Qur’an differentiates between a big thief and a small thief. Stealing is bad aboki!
        Only a thief will reason the way you do and argue otherwise!

      • Yusuf

        this is Abacha’s time to pay back our treasure, some day day it will be Jonah’s time to pay back

  • Northerner

    From 29th May 2015, we would start to hear GEJ looted Billions of dollars being recover like water in a basket!

  • Princess Faka

    …and Duncee, the Mr Integrity or i you like, Major General Integrity, was an ‘honourable’ caucus member and favoured appointee of Thief Abacha…So, how come the one ranting up & down from charlatan house to Benue killing fields was so close to the Abacha govt that stole, killed,…and hanged as many as it could prey on? …how could one so alien to corruption tolerate the brazen crudity of Abacha’s unparalleled self aggrandizement?…clearly, these apc boyz think Nigerians are Dunces.

  • Aminu Baba

    No wonder this man had to be withdrawn from Mother Earth by his creator before he complete wrecks His creatures. He was a merciless looter. With the way and manner he expired, one would think that his successors would be so shocked as to not touch any public money even with a long pole. Alas! Man is forgetful in his worldly stupor. We are now talking in billions and private jets to boot. Even state governors and ministers now own private jets while still in office. They are too important to go about in our bloody roads. That was why Stella was left lose and unchecked when she embarked on her Airports Rehab projects. The jets must have a safe and secure landing pads

    • Essence

      Sorry Buhari made the statement that Abacha did not steal money on June 9 2008.

      • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

        Shhhh…this statement of yours hurts the minions real bad! they struggle to erase it from their hypocritical brains..and will attempt to force us do the same. But na lie!!
        Interesting most of them above have no condemnation of this kleptomaniac act.

  • Essence

    June 9 2009 Buhari said Abacha did not steal any money. He said this in Kano when the marked the 10th year anniversary of his death. He also kept his appointment and did not resign in protest of obvious looting. He heard no evil and saw no evil. Hmmmm. Some people don’t want us to mention this.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Buhari vouched for Abacha’s integrity. Buhari is a thief.

    • Garden-City Boy

      That is the thing! Abacha is Buhari’s idol, his patron saint. But our horges of robotic buffoons are lining up behind a thief and murderer.

  • CuriousScholar

    Extra funds for the GEJ election campaign

  • Otile

    Then why did Buhari swear by the Holy Qu-ran that his master stole no money while Buhari himself was serving as the oil minister where the stolen money came from? Who said that Imam Buhari is not corrupt.

    For the sake of justice in the land this money should be returned to oil producing areas that feed the nation.

  • i hope all this returned loots can be accounted for one day

  • evi

    The same abacha that Buhari absolved of any corruption case and swore that abacha was not corrupt and a theif.

  • favourtalk

    They just gave PDP another Avenue to steal more money without proper account they allow GEJ to distribute more dollars around the country, they will fail and that is certain. We can’t continue this way again, we deserve better

  • Ken

    You can image that this is the same Abacha that GMB said is a saint. GMB is an accomplice and therefore lacks integrity.

    • Rommel

      Soon and very soon, we will begin to talk about the loot of Jonathan,

    • Abanj

      I am a GMB supporter but I agree with you I was very disappointed with GMB on this case but more so I was very sad for Nigeria for it meant we have a situation where it is difficult if not impossible to be clean or make change without associating with powerful thieves. Even Jonathan is friends with Abacha now, when Obasanjo put him in jail (and anyone can say what they like about Obasanjo but it was during his time that we had powerful people prosecuted, IG, Abacha etc) he was forced to release him because on powerful Northerners. I believe and pray GMB was just being pragmatic and will bring change through leadership BUT I also know Jonathan is far worse – someone that says Corruption is not stealing, someone who was there when children were dying in aeroplane crash and still didn’t do anything when his minister of aviation stole money that was meant to keep airlines safe, someone that under his watch we had a senator admit he collected millions of dollar bribe from a business man Otedola but still couldn’t provide the leadership to ensure he was prosecuted, someone that during his watch we didn’t have any politician being prosecuted for corruption but we had one being pardoned, someone who has openly said he wont declare his assets when the constitution calls for it. You see my friend the president cannot kill corruption himself but his attitude’ leadership, example creates the atmosphere that will prevent it. In business they say if you want to change a company’s culture – change the managers because as long as the leadership don’t lead by example NOTHIONG WILL CHANGE.

  • Concerned_9ja

    The same Abacha, Buhari said wasn’t corrupt…..una de see am so???

  • basil edoma

    I’m glad that the plans of these ex generals that ruled us are being made Open for all to see. A snake can’t give birth to a cow. And so it translates to this case between abacha and buhari… buhari’s supposed convenant with Nigeria is that of looting, looting and more looting of public funds. Think wisely Naija!!!!!