Nigeria2015: ICC vows to prosecute politicians inciting violence

International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court has begun preliminary investigations into claims of genocide and war crimes in Nigeria.

In a statement on Monday, the Court reiterated its call for politicians to refrain from electoral offences, noting that it had the capacity to prosecute culpable individuals “whenever necessary”.

“The Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC conducts independent and impartial investigations and prosecution of the crimes of genocides, crimes against humanity and war crimes,” said Fatou Bensouda, the ICC Prosecutor.

“The Office of the Prosecutor has opened investigations in: Uganda; Democratic Republic of Congo; Darfur, Sudan; Central African Republic; Kenya; Cote d’Ivoire and Mali.

“The Office is also conducting preliminary examinations relating to the situations in Afghanistan, Columbia, Georgia, Guinea, Honduras, Iraq, Nigeria, Ukraine and Palestine.”

In September last year, a group, the Human and Environmental Development Agenda, HEDA, petitioned the ICC at The Hague over the possible culpability of Nigerian government officials in the terrorist activities of Boko Haram.

Also, last month, a coalition of civil society organizations in Nigeria held a meeting with a team from the ICC on ways to reduce violence during the forthcoming elections.

In his statement, Mr. Bensouda reiterated the ICC’s resolve to go after persons who ordered or incited electoral violence.

“At a time when abhorrent levels of violence already plague parts of the country, I recall that the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over Rome Statute crimes committed on the territory of Nigeria,” Mr. Bensouda said.

“Any person who incites or engages in acts of violence in the context of the upcoming elections or otherwise – including by ordering, inciting, encouraging or contributing to the commission of crimes that fall within ICC’s jurisdiction – is liable to prosecution; either by Nigerian Courts or by the ICC.

“No one should doubt my Office’s resolve to prosecute individuals responsible for the commission of ICC crimes, whenever necessary.”

The ICC further reiterated that electoral violence is not the solution for aggrieved parties in an election.

“The conduct and outcome of elections in Nigeria, free from violence, will not only prevent further instability in the country, but will also send a clear message that electoral competition does not have to result in violence and crimes that shock the conscience of humanity,” said Mr. Bensouda.


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    Starting with APC and Buhari and lai muhammed and Amaechi and Kwankaso

  • Frank Bassey

    I hope Buhari’s involvement in the 2011 post-election violence will be listed by ICC. Ibrahim Kumasi had announced that his people will resist with everything in them to an attempt to postpone the election earlier scheduled for February 14. Rotimi Amaechi also said “we will move into the streets” if the election was postponed. What do we call these – Peaceful statements?

  • JustMe

    @ Frank Bassey They did not move into the streets after Feb 14 postponement. Or did they? GMB chose to address the situation early enough

  • kammykazee

    Faka Jonathan, you get ear so? make I write am for language wey you go comprehend, ah sorry, language wey you go understand, those ICC ‘peoples’ no dey joke o , dem go send you go gulag where all your expensive bling bling will be replaced with hand cuff and leg chains and walahi those ones no be gold or silver. , na zero carat dem be. If you like listen, if you like kontinuu, na only you go waka go, you see your oga uncle Jo, im smart well well im no dey make inciting comments openly, im dey delegate ffk and the ekiti thug plus including baba Clark and obese Dokubo. Patience, na the money way I get I borrow you so.

  • international games

    Na Wa oh. World government is here like play play. This ICC, where is the legislative arm or executive arm of the organization? Which citizens voted to be tried by them? No one should be tried by any court in which he or she is not a citizen of, or not a suspect of a crime within it’s national territory. This is how oyibos abducted Oba of Benin and Jaja of Opobo. This ICC is dangerous beast. Everyone WATCH OUT.

  • hummmm

    Code word is that GEJ is under investigation by ICC. If he riggs the election to win, he will be thrown out of office for genocide. The handwriting is officially on the wall. Pay attention man, you are going down.

  • egoigwe

    Since when did the ICC assume jurisdiction over a sovereign state?
    That jurisdiction in the first instance belongs to the Nigerian state
    and its judicial process as dictated by its constitution. It is not an
    either/or position but an internal matter for the sovereign state
    concerned to resolve. Electoral violence does not fall within the
    jurisdiction of the ICC but that of the sovereign state involved. It is
    not a war crime nor is it a crime against humanity or genocide.

    “The Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC conducts independent and
    impartial investigations and prosecution of crimes of genocide, crimes
    against humanity and war crimes.”

    Are you absolutely kidding me? Impartial, independent??? Really now, well,
    go tell it to the Libyans, the Syrians and the Palestinians, who have
    had their countries ravaged by external wars of aggression. Tell it to
    the people of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia whose governments still indulge
    in ancient slaughter by beheading. Independent? The ICC is actively
    sustained by American money dubbed “donations” and America is the single
    highest donor to the UN and its appendages. If it wasn’t, it would be
    before the Hague for those crimes that it has arrogated to itself to rule
    upon. But there again, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

    • tundemash

      Cree rat . since Nigeria signed the ICC statue !

      • egoigwe

        You brain dead moron, does signing up to such a statute equate to giving up all our sovereign rights? Mr Pulp-for-Brains, read the statute! The ICC is limited by it to the investigations of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. Illiteracy is a curse that has found residency with you and your ilk, I doubt that educating you will ever change that lasting fact. You are seriously diminished, now go and drown in your bile!

        • tundemash

          Creek rat ….. you claimed “The ICC is limited by it to the adjudication of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.”
          So what do you call the crime of those who advocate violence against others because of their political believe? Whether you like it or not, Dumbo and HipoPatience are due for ICC after May 29th so prepare to protest and defend them at the court.
          That was how you creek rats threatened fire and brmstone over Ibori and Charkles Okah and yet you couldn’t burst a baloon when they were convicted. Keep jabbing the air, the CHANGE is inevitable !

          • egoigwe

            See what I mean by education is of no use to a dimwit like you? Why should I waste my time trying to educate a porous canary brain like you about the finer issues of law when you cannot even fathom the difference between advocating violence and its actual commission? Hey Bird Brain, for the umpteenth time, incitement, even by the measure of your debased imagination and sawdust filled cranium, cannot be deemed a war crime, genocide or crimes against humanity. Now run along and go choke on your vomit!

          • tundemash

            Olodo … can moan as much as you can …… your masters inciting thugs like you shall be charged for crimes against humanity. It woud be nice to go and practise that your elementary law defending the criminals at the Hague instead of getting paid crumbs to come and defend criminals online.
            By the way, Charles taylor and Gbagbo are ready-made cases for you; they didn’t actually kill anyone but incited their followers to do the killings and yet are sitting in jail now, go defend them mr. thug !

  • King Carlos

    Look at the way they are treating us like babies. When will African govts stop acting like toddlers.

  • Ademola

    We are only treated as we deserve. Look at how vicious and violent the campaign has been. Some people seem to prefer bloodshed and more national division in the name of independence than an international watch to avoid the 2011 scenery. Since the polls seem to give GEJ ahead, who can say that exactly the same elements as in 2011 will not want to take it to the streets once again?

  • Fillip

    Bubu should worry then. The fact that his senility prevent him from remembering what he was responsible for in 2011 and during his time in power doesn’t mean that we forgot about it.