I have no apology for confirming Obanikoro – Mark

Senate president, David Mark and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu

Nigeria’s Senate President, David Mark, has rebuffed criticisms over his decision to apparently orchestrate a Senate confirmation for Musiliu Obanikoro, who was appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan for a ministerial post despite being at the centre of an election rigging scandal.

Mr. Obanikoro was named in a leaked tape as a key actor in the rigging of Ekiti State governorship election in 2014.

His nomination as minister came after Mr. Jonathan dismissed the allegation as a fabrication, and refused to order an investigation.

After repeated deferments, the Senate on Wednesday confirmed Mr. Obanikoro’s appointment, brushing aside opposition from many Nigerians and some of its members.

In his first response after the clearance, Mr. Mark said Monday that he followed the rules of the Senate and will not bend them to please Nigerians no matter how “vociferous or violent” their complaints may be.

“The President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, will not trample on the rules to satisfy the yearnings of any interest, no matter how vociferous and violent,” Mr. Mark’s office said in statement Monday.

Mr. Mark said the Senate treated Mr. Obanikoro as an accused who remained innocent without a proof of guilt.

He said criticisms from Nigerians over the Senate process were “needless and misplaced”.

“We will like to state without any form of ambiguity that the President of the Senate complied with all the legislative practices and procedures in the confirmation of all the ministerial nominees that appeared before the Senate,” the statement signed by Mr. Mark’s spokesperson, Kola Ologbondiyan, said.

“It is important to state that the Senate found herself in a situation where two of its traditions were in conflict. There exists a tradition of permitting nominees that had served as Senators or member of the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic to take a bow and go without being questioned.

“The Senate also has a tradition of stopping any nominee that fails to secure at least two of the three Senators.

“Where the Senate was faced with this conflict, the option available to the President of the Senate, as the presiding officer was to put the question to the floor and rule applicably.

“The President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, did just that. He put the question through voice vote, and ayes won resoundingly and he so ruled.

“On the issue of courts, Rules 53 (5) of the Senate Standing Rules did state; ‘if in the opinion of the President of the Senate, the matter will be subjudice.’ Senator Mark made it clear that he has not been served any court order neither has he received any injunction restraining him from processing the confirmation of the ministerial nominees.

“Besides, it is a known fact that an accused is presumed innocent until proven otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction.

“The processes and decisions reached on the screening and confirmation of the ministerial nominees were in line with the rules guiding the activities of the Senate.”


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  • amazing2012

    …..elder’s statement with anger ! Tell us why not you have no apology to confirm who has case to answer. Who commits election fraud ! Shamed !!

  • Bash

    Allah ka ara wa talakan Nigeria ranar da zasu tunkude shugabanin nan namu masu mutakabiranci

  • favourtalk

    Nigerians will make that decision comes March 28, we can’t continue this way again. We need justice and better leadership. We need change

  • Murtala Aliyu

    So are you saying you dont give a damn!

  • Moses Musa

    This culture of impunity must be condemned, since he has no apology, can we tender the said apology on March, 28 with a loud statement to end this cycle. People in position must be accountable to the masses whom they hold these positions in trust for, anything to the contrary should not be tolerated again.

    • McAlfred Uta

      Are you a registered voter in Benue South Senatorial constituency where David Mark is contesting? That’s the only way you can stop him from coming back to the senate.

      • Moses Musa

        He can only be relevant if his party come in as majority. Even if I am not from his senatorial district, so long as PDP his party comes in as a minority party I will be fulfilled.

  • True Nigerian

    It is up to Nigerians to decide whether they want to continue living in this stench under Senator Mark and Jonathan.

    Most rapists and serial killers also don’t have any apologies to their victims. Yet, it is not because what they have done is less heinous and deplorable, but because their conscience and judgement is too dark to reflect on the depth of their depravity.

    Therefore, SINator Mark, nobody expects you to have an apology. It is the way you are wired – a callous liar and self-seeking narrow-minded senate president who thinks that a non-legal tradition of Senators can be regarded as a legal “rule” simply because it furthers the agenda of your dark minds. Utterly stoopid Mark, please hear me and hear me well: “Bow and go” is not a rule of law. Your conscience stinks! Your ethical awareness is in the gutter. Only a cursed country can have a man of your squalor as a Senate President for 8 years.

    But I hope Nigerians will put an end to the eyesore that you represent. Thankfully, Nigerians have an opportunity to respond to the stench of your impunity, come 28 of March. We are a pitiable country.

    • Shehu Monguno

      True Nigerian, I watch with amazement APC trying to claim the moral high ground and complaining about the nomination and clearing of Senator Obanikoro. Yes, Senator Obanikoro have been accused of rigging an election. Amongst the senator complaining are Senator Chris Ngige who was found guilty and removed by a court for stealing and rigging the Anambra governorship election and Senator Bukola Saraki who is on court on charges of fraud and corruption. If APC is talking about morality, what are men like that doing in the senate?

      • True Nigerian

        I detest corruption in all of its ramifications. But you have missed an important point. All the cases you have mentioned doesn’t justify this one, neither are they as damning as this one. In any case, if all we can do as a people is simply to justify one corruption by citing other ones that are not yet punished, then how on earth are we going to get out of this horrible state of our lives and country?

        • Shehu Monguno

          True Nigeria, I equally hate corruption in all ramification, but if we are looking for justification we will have to look back to the laws which says “Innocent until proven guilty”. To say all the others are not as damning as this one is not correct. In the case of APC Senator Ngigie he has been found by a competent court of law not just to have rigged and stolen a governorship election, but was also a beneficiary of the theft. In the case of Obanikoro it is a tape that has not gone through a court of law. That is why I brought up the morality issue

  • Rommel

    My fear is that if we do not do anything about these types of political leadership,there will be a time when our descendants will describe this our epoch as the age of imbecility

  • absam777

    David Mark is the most useless senator ever . He is worse than Obanikoro. That is why he cannot see anything wrong with his actions. He has a good knowledge of shady politics but not the rule of law.

  • Thepeople

    Mark remains the face of moral destitute which Nigerian senate has come to represent. CHANGE CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH.


    This statement from Mark shows his absolute contempt for the people of Nigeria. But who is surprised, considering Mark’s antecedents? Is this not the same man who said phones are not for the poor? To his eternal shame, even the poorest of the poor now has access to phones. Mark has done a great disservice to this Republic by virtually merging the Senate with the Executive. But his victory will not endure. Mark my words

    • Debo

      You allowed yourself to be gullible to a reporting style PT has adopted. The senate president was quoted as follows “The President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, will not trample on the rules to satisfy the yearnings of any interest, no matter how vociferous and violent,” Mr. Mark’s office said in statement Monday”. but PT interpreted this statement as “Mr. Mark said Monday that he followed the rules of the Senate and will not bend them to please Nigerians no matter how “vociferous or violent” their complaints may be”.
      Do you seriously believe this is a fair assessment.


        Debo, Mark did not follow any rule. One of the rules is that if any case is before a court of law, the Senate will not debate it. Obanikoro has been dragged to court over his alleged role in the Ekiti elections, yet Mark – who was presented with evidence of that by the way, simply ignored it.

        By the way, thank you for engaging me without resorting to the usual abuses that some folks here indulge in. This is the way to deepen discourse.

        • Debo

          Thank you too for remaining civilised, it’s a rare quality to find these days. My point has nothing to do with what Mark did or did not do, I only frowned at the way PT quoted him out of context. Besides, the senate did not debate any case in court; the eligibility of Koro as a minister is not in court. Rather, they debated the clearance of a ministerial nominee who happens to be involved in another court case. These clearly are two different cases. Let’s not allow sentiments to cloud our sense of judgement or are you saying any nominee that has any case in court should not be cleared? Then I suppose many would not have been cleared if that is the case.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Truth master, I watch with amazement APC trying to claim the moral high ground and complaining about the nomination and clearing of Senator Obanikoro. Yes, Senator Obanikoro have been accused of rigging an election. Amongst the senator complaining are Senator Chris Ngige who was found guilty and removed by a court for stealing and rigging the Anambra governorship election and Senator Bukola Saraki who is on court on charges of fraud and corruption. If APC is talking about morality, what are men like that doing in the senate?


        By your argument, sir, two wrongs make a right, right? By your arguments, sir, Nigeria will never be good because those who are clamouring for change are bad, right? Jettison that self-serving argument, sir, and let’s open a new vista. As Buhari said, he will not probe those who have messed Nigeria up since 1960, but he will draw a line. Henceforth, there will be no sacred cows. I side with him! Let’s have a new Nigeria!

        • Shehu Monguno

          I put my vote in my pocket the day General Muhammadu Buhari decided not to probe past leader because GMB will be a benefiary of such blanket amnesty. General Buhari will better show integrity if he subjects his past positions and responsibility to a forensic audit the way it was done to NNPC. As a former Governor, Minister of Petroleum, Head of State and Chairman of PTF, General Buhari is a major player/beneficiary of the system and it is morally wrong to give a blanket amnesty which covers him up

  • Northerner

    GEJ would not continue. No way he will win! Even if he announce himself as the winner, as Ameachi stated there will be another govt! APC govt and PDP govt! This administration is so dumbbbbb that only in Nigeria u can hear or see some stup1d things that have never been done in any part of the world! God save nigeria!

    • Etomi

      Are you not the stup1d one here?
      David Mark has reeled off the position of the law to you…
      And you are not satisfied, because to satisfy you he must defy and sidestep the law, even though Nigeria is a nation made for law…
      Keep threatening until you are cut down!

  • eddy

    David mark the criminal!!! No worry, ur time is up.

    • Etomi

      Sorry dreamer!!!!!!!

      • eddy

        No worry… e go be u like film! Nigeria has moved on from sit tight leadership.

      • eddy

        Etomi, wake up… dont sell the future of ur children for muzzle of bread!!!

        • Etomi

          Is it MUZZLE of bread or MORSEL of bread?
          I see you are deluded into thinking that a barely literate man Buhari is the messiah!
          You are the one that really needs to come alive!
          What else, Jonathan has nearly dislodges BH; he has reduced electricity and fuel tariff…
          In fact in my part of town we are seeing electricity like never before…
          You can see hints of a president who has concrete plans for Nigeria..
          You are seeing a democrat, who has broadened the space for public participation in governance by virtue of guaranteeing free speech..
          What else are you looking for?
          If you are looking for a messiah who would fetch you heaven, why don’t you just commit suicide and appear in heaven right away!

          • eddy

            Go and sit down… he is doing things at the 11th hour and u called them achievements? What happened in the last 6 yrs? I guess he was asleep or busy drinking Ogogoro as usual. U r just as dumb and blind as he is…

            If not for the strong opposition he has in buhari would he be doing half of what he is doing now? Open eye, open ur sense make u see road well… mumu.

          • Etomi

            Better late than never….
            No..GEJ has only been in office since 2010..that means he has been President for 5yrs..
            Besides, he only spent the first one year to finish Yar’Adua’s tenure…
            His own tenure began in May, 29 2011…
            Look at the monumental strides he has made in infrastructural development, OBJ didn’t even achieve a fifth…
            As per BH you know the constraints, except you chose to play dumb…but we thank God for the effort thus far..
            Wait until GEJ is done with his two terms..
            The transformation Nigeria would witness would sure be unparalleled!
            Only a F00L would vote for Buhari!

          • eddy

            5years / 6years what is the difference? Nothing to show but looting galore… Secondly where he wan get second term from?

            Listen, only a BIG FOOOOL will vote Jonathan.

          • Etomi

            Which looting galore are you talking about…
            The one that took place in your nightmarish malaria dreams?
            I really want to know the looting galore you are talking about!

          • eddy


  • Bidemi Lukman

    Nigerains from Mark constituency would surprise the world by re-electing Mark

  • ST. Maries

    Body go tell u when u come out to contest presidency. We are waiting.

  • Taye

    So David Mark is telling us that the rules of the Senate is more important than the views of those who elected them into office. This guy is ready for scrap yard.

    • Etomi

      Which views?
      The problem of APC MINIONS is idiotic presumption!
      Dare raise your head after we, PDP, are done trashing you on March, 28..
      We’ll crush you!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank Bassey

      Who are those that elected ‘them’ into office – APC?

  • Salako

    We are not complaining the worst has been done, but no apology when we send you back to your bush.

    • Etomi

      Dreamer….APC MINION!!!!!!

    • 247don007

      Did u just said ‘worst’? Which worst? Don’t forget Koro was a senator & a former of state. So far, he is not guilty of any offence. I’ve listened to that hogwash called rigging tape & can’t find anything rigging component in the said recording. People should try and embrace objectivity than sentiment.

  • sammyctu ode

    The most useless senate president Nigeria ever had. In any democracy, elected officials often listen to the views of their constituents before voting on any issue but in Nigeria, they listen to their party first and other pdp corrupt elements. By His grace, mark will be retired by his constituent and if he is reelected, he will be an ordinary senator because APC will win two thirds of all senate seats which will make mark totally irrelevant in the senate. mark, you are a useless s.o.b.

    • SBA

      This man has always being anti democratic, anti people. Remember his most famous quote that telephone wasn’t meant for all Nigerians and his infamous role in the annulment of June 12 elections. He lost the 2013 elections in his senatorial district and it took the intervention of the elders in his state to persuade the winner to step down as he had been sworn in as senate president whilst the case was in the tribunal

  • Aldame AD

    Why discuss him, he is a shameless being. He does not know that responsible Nigerians has the least respect for him. If I remember distinguished Senators like Ken Nnamani, I feel ashamed of this thing.

  • David Adeniran

    Yet this is the Head of Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? This is far more terrible and miserable than being unfortunate. Nigeria is just unfortunate with political leaders.

  • Adeleke Abimbola

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  • Shehu Monguno

    Nigerians are very strange people, I watch with amazement APC trying to claim the moral high
    ground and complaining about the nomination and clearing of Senator
    Obanikoro. Yes, Senator Obanikoro have been accused of rigging an
    election. Amongst the senator complaining are Senator Chris Ngige who
    was found guilty and removed by a court for stealing and rigging the
    Anambra governorship election and Senator Bukola Saraki who is on court
    on charges of fraud and corruption. If APC is talking about morality,
    what are men like that doing in the senate?

    • amazing2012

      Monguno again, please put your real name !

      • Shehu Monguno

        amazing2012, please ask those who have been commenting since 2010 and they will tell you. It was my hero that said “Uthman Dan Fodio, conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it”. 150 years later, the saying remains true.

      • SAM .A

        e-rat creek monkey from SE/SS

    • Ikechi Ngwube

      If we adopt your analogy here there will be no one left in PDP to hold public office today. Nearly every member of p; from Jonathan to the least member has an EFCC case trailing him and you can understand for aarty that has stollen several hundreds trillions of Naira since 1999. But here we are talking of a character that has been roundly implicated in election rigging being presented forth for a ministerial position when his criminality is on the front burner and you are trying to obfuscate issues. Anyway, from May 29, 2015 all three cases Jonathan and pp have shoveled under would be unearthed and the culprits punished apprpoptely else Nigeria will become a den of criminals and this is why Nigerians desire earnestly for change from the PDP criminality.

      • Shehu Monguno

        Ikechi, the simple saying that he who seeks equity should come with clean hands stands. It is an insult to Nigerians when a man like Senator ngigie who was removed by a court for stealing an election join a protest against someone who it is alleged stole an election

  • Umar Dendi

    Well of course you’ll have no apologies!
    With all those Benjamins to wet one’s eyes, I wouldn’t either!

  • Hassan Lawal

    No problem! get ready to follow your master(GEJ),because,even if you get elected again into the next Senate,you can NEVER return as the Senate president.I can take a bet on that!

    • UO

      Yes o! I hope so too. The reason why Nigerian politicians behave like this is because there is usually no electoral consequence for acts of corruption such as this one. If Nigerian voters start voting out politicians who behave like this then they will start behaving themselves. Can you imagine the US or UK president or PM associating with a man or woman suspected of corruption, let alone nominating them for a ministerial post? That will be the end of that president or PM.

      Prime Minister David Cameron had to apologise for hiring Andy Coulson as No 10 communications chief even though he didn’t know at the time that Coulson had broken the law by hacking peoples phones while he was editor of a newspaper. Cameroon would have lost voters confidence or even have been forced to resign if he had not apologised unreservedly and assured the country he wasn’t aware of the crime. Coulson ended up going to prison despite his closeness with the PM. When will the the big men in Nigeria start being imprisoned for their many crimes? Let’s March 2 Gr-8-ness with Gen Buhari

  • Scatter

    David Bonaventure Mark, with your notoriety for questionable dealings, I don’t expect you ever will have any apologies to make. To expect you is to suppose that you know any better.

    Shame on you!

    Shame on you!!

    Shame on you!!!

  • Mr. Abdin

    David Mark has said it before that he will support 3rd even if it comes 100 times, he will never change as the confirmation of koro has justified that.

  • Lanre

    Thank you david Mark. I remember you from the June 12, 1993 days. It is not your fault. Yorubaland shall be free from your clutches in Nigeria. My own children will NOT BE SLAVES IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. BY THE GRACE OF GOD. AMEN.

    • Yusuf


  • Layo

    David Mark, you will surely regret, you are an unrepentant criminal, what you did is minor to what your wife did at the NIS fake recruitment. Your generation will surely pay for it. You inclusive.

  • Akindolamu

    That is okay David Mark. We will sort all these out after March 28. We will remind you how you were a symbol of historic crime, historic shame, dishonor and historic illegality in legislation.

  • Ola Onanugaola

    I am not surprise, Mark once said Telephone is not for the poor, but in his life time everyone is using the phone.

    Shame on you, shame on your family!!!!!!

    Naija dey make me laugh 00000000

  • Yusuf

    This man is so arrogant that he do not even know that all Nigerian rules were made to please Nigerians. He has turned the Senate into a cabal, Akin to the military, where-by once a member u get a lifetime protection from your fellow criminals. The tradition has no basis in our constitution, it is a product of mutual understanding from the members, which means if one member is not comfortable with it, he has a right to request otherwise. Unless u are completely shameless u cannot contemplate abusing the confirmation process of a minister of Fed Reb of Nig

  • Titi

    You are a shameless man devoid of morality, a generation of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida; Nigeria has no history, otherwise u would have lived all your life after 1993 in exile, but this civilized uprising will certainly consume your cabal into oblivion

  • taewo

    Asked why he refused to declare his assets, Jonathan once said “I don’t give a damn”.

  • Murtala Shittu

    HABA MARK! HABA DAVID!! HABA DAVID MARK!!!.No events No history.Mr David you are making history.

  • ladidi

    Oh my God, Mr Daid Mark, you seemed to have been the last man standing in the line of honour amongst the PDP top shots, but now you too have gone. How are the mighty fallen ! And to even think you took the path of shame for someone not worthy of honour ! Oh no, may God save Nigeria. If a once respected military officer can let go his esteem at this stage of his life, then all hope is gone. I cry for myself and my country !

  • Truth

    You are right David Mark. It is not in our character to apologise because an average Nigeria leader is a Mr. God, never wrong. Carry go. Your days are numbered.

  • Otigba1

    This is a big slap on the sensibility of all of us. He has nailed himself. Wont come back to the senate.

    • Thebeloved

      No, he’s coming back but as Minority Leader

    • anneedu

      You will be there saying he won’t come again, surprisingly he will be there for more than you thought and say same you will comment the way you just did forever or turn your tongue to good or forever remain silent

  • Tunsj

    Sort of proves that most intelligent people don’t go into politics doesn’t it? Why would David Mark have regrets? He is a sociopath and sociopaths don’t even grasp the concept of “regrets”. Those in PDP are coming off as little boys in a sand box.

  • SAM .A

    Criminal will always side with criminals, do not blame Mark, he doesn’t know how to be honest in live , he won most of the elections in his state through dishonesty & lies. You cannot give what u don’t have.
    New Nigeria will sanitize the dead woods recirculating themselves in government.

  • udemeobong

    Why should you? Are you not following the footsteps of your master? When the head got rooten, what can the body do. You are the second president, so don´´t you what you like. But rember: One six days are for the thief and one for the owner of the house. A lesson about what is going on in Mauritius should serve as a lesson.

  • chi ngobar

    David Mark has never been a man of honour. He is one of those pushing GEJ to ensure Buhari does not rule Nigeria. But sorry for all such evil men who do not want Nigeria to survive. God in His infinite love and mercy will deliver us from these wicked politicians

  • Arabakpura

    What will it profit you to confirm a controversial and tainted person and lose your hard earned reputation? Because that’s what has happened. All in a bid to justify why Abba Moron your campaign manager will continue in office after killing several Nigerians
    You will sure regret it someday and it shall not be too long!

  • rhad

    Mark is shameless to be apologetic

  • Comfortkay

    Senate President David Mark has along history in Nigeria, he told Nigerian as a soldier that teleponing is only for the rich and not the poor . As a Senate he has master mind every rigging maschine in all PDP won election, afterall he never won a single election in his state and with his body language to confirm Obanikoro has disqualified him to be a senator. With this kind of man Nigeria will never move forward.

  • Action Group

    David Mark can never be apologetic,he has too much aura of arrogance in him.He thinks the way he enslaved his Idoma clan he can enslave Nigerians,this is his last outing as senate president come March 28,he will by God’s grace be relegated to an ordinary senator when APC takes over the Red Chamber.

  • Kekedu

    David Mark, you just stabbed me with a long knife… I was so much in love with you. Adieu.

  • Basketmouth

    He will soon apologize and prostrate to Nigerians for this shameless act of cowardice.

  • Tokunbo Pole

    Was it not the same Mark that said Telephone is not for the poor when he was minister for communication as a military man?Nothing good can ever come out him.

  • Africa

    Hear him ‘would not bend to please Nigerians’.. Surely, these guys consider their own interests before that of the very people they are supposed to rep. Thank God his days as the Senate president is coming to an end!

  • Amir

    When Dr Femi Aribisala realised that a timid Dr Jona, who had no shoes, has been selected as the Naira and dollar messiah, he pleaded to stick to him. And like the prodigal son he is now ….for Nigeria’s political ‘Evans’ has been arrested and about to forfeit many ‘dia is god’ acquired mansions. ‘Tufia’ for this double faced impostor that wrote articles to support the stealing of the future of Gods children via the incurable leprous hands of a greedy incompetent president.