OPC factions clash after anti-Jega protest

FILE PHOTO: APC Youth Destroying PDP Billboards in Borno

Following Monday’s protest by the Oodua Peoples’ Congress, OPC, factions within the group have risen up to dissociate themselves from the call for removal of Attahiru Jega, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

The Gani Adams’ faction of the OPC, accompanied by members of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organization, took to the streets in Lagos to demand the removal of the INEC boss ahead of the March 28 general elections.

Mr. Adams said the rally was not partisan, but a call for Mr. Jega to be removed from office.

“What we protested for was the removal of Jega over the poor distribution of PVCs in the south, registration of underage in the north and creation of additional 30,000 polling units in the north,” Mr. Adams told PREMIUM TIMES after the protest.

The OPC members, armed with guns, pocket-knives, machetes, and charms marched from the Lagos-Ibadan expressway through Ikorodu road chanting anti-Jega songs.

Some of protesters harassed motorists and passers-by while others vandalized campaign posters of political parties, particularly those of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Last Friday, the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, held similar protests across the South Eastern states of Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi where they accused Mr. Jega of incompetence.

On Sunday, the APC claimed it had uncovered a plot by the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, to use ethnic militias to protest for the removal of Mr. Jega.

But Mr. Adams accused the APC and Lai Mohammed, its National Publicity Secretary, of peddling falsehood, adding that Monday’s protest was peaceful.

“Nobody was attacked. Lai Muhammed should stop peddling lies against our members,” Mr. Adams said.

“Nobody touched their bill boards. It’s the most peaceful rally I have seen. Even they, APC, cannot hold a peaceful as successful rally ‎as that. As a matter of fact, over 30 Nollywood stars took part in the rally including myself.”

“Against Yoruba interest”

Another faction of the OPC responded swiftly and angrily on Monday, accusing Mr. Adams of betraying the group and the Yoruba people.

“We, the members of the National Coordinating Council of the Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, the highest ruling body of the organization, wish to disassociate ourselves from the shameful, destructive, violent and reactionary activities of the Gani Adam-led team which occurred in Lagos today,” the group said in a statement.

“What was witnessed today in Lagos was the highest level of political violence sponsored and funded by certain elements in the Jonathan government.

“Gani Adams is on his own and does not enjoy the support of a large size of our membership spread across the country. He is working for the sponsors of violence against our people who want the March 28 elections not to hold. Unleashing terror on innocent citizens and killing them is not the way of democracy. It is not our idea of a people-oriented advocacy.”

In 2013, the Mr. Adams-led faction of the OPC secured a lucrative contract from the federal government to secure crude oil pipelines in the South West.

At the time, Mr. Adams justified the contract by claiming that President Jonathan had also awarded similar contracts to Niger Delta militants and that the OPC deserved its share.

“For a group that has been doing a lot of things for the society free of charge, it is not too much to apply for a security job,” Mr. Adams had said.

Monday’s meeting of the OPC faction was attended by Shina Akinpelu, Monsuru Akande, Sunday Adebayo, Kilanko Oladipupo, Kehinde Ogunyale, and Gbenga Eegunlusi.

In its statement, the faction accused Mr. Adams of being on “dubious project” and using the pipeline contract from the government as an excuse to recruit people to work for Mr. Jonathan and PDP in the South West.

“Gani Adams is acting against Yoruba interest. The compromises he has made amounts to selling the Yoruba to the present government for a piece of Pipeline contract to line his pockets,” the group said.

“OPC is not about pipeline contracts or any other contracts for that matter. The Yoruba interest is beyond contracts. We seek justice and fairness from the current government.”

The group called on Yoruba sons and daughters to join them in condemning Mr. Adams and his “anti-democratic tendencies.”

“We must renounce him and remind him he cannot sell the Yoruba race to Jonathan and PDP on the cheap. He also has no authority to speak on behalf of the Yoruba people,” they said.

“We pity those who rely on him to win votes. They will be sorely disappointed. Their investment is a bad one already. We reject today and always any attempt to use our organization and its members for narrow and selfish partisan purposes.

“We must remind them that the Yoruba people cannot be hoodwinked by sweeteners. No one should expect them to kow tow to an individual who is a Lilliputian in the political development and history of the Yoruba nation.”

While renouncing Mr. Adams and his activities, the group also renounced other Yoruba sons and daughters who are playing roles inimical to the welfare and interest of the South West.

“We call on our people to be vigilant politically at this time. Nigeria needs a new leadership, a new direction and a country that works.”


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  • Spoken word

    GEJ no get sense.his father Christmas money,is money down the drain.

  • favourtalk

    And the end of GEJ has come, he failed already. He should continue with his dollars sharing, he will end up loosing all in nigeria. We want change now

  • Mosaku 147

    Can we conclude that Jonathan has succeeded in setting the yoruba’s against themselves? 28th March will tell.

    • Advocate

      no i don’t think so. opc members are a minority group in lagos. the protest was combined with sure-p people from abuja and co

  • Akanji92

    GEJ dividing every group.


    GEJ may be heading to the ICC. Seems nothing will stop him now. This is like the road to Kigali and Cote d’Ivoire combined!

  • Aminulahi Aminu

    Why not GEJ understand dat d system of d campaign he take is not giving him favours, I hope he would change another one, 4me buhari I stand.

  • Maria

    Nigeria is in for big trouble. Jonathan has armed these militants… they are ready to kill for him, having collected huge sum in hard currency.

    • djay

      That’s what he can give to the SS/SW, violence thru militants just as he encouraged bokoharam to spite the North. They are the same politicians that started militancy by arming their supporters to win elections for them 2003/ 2007.

      • segun

        How much did Goodluck Jonathan pay for this? This is really sad-everything Goodluck Jonathan touches divides and creates unhealable wounds. Jonathan is cursed.

        • John West

          he is not curse.he has an oversize blessing, the one i am praying GOD to give me

          • Dumbo

            You must surely receive the curse of $Dimbo. Yes any oversized blessing is a curse.

          • John West

            my friend you see things from your own perspective and i see things from my own perspective and not yours ok. so from my own perspective oversize blessing means so much blessing to the level it becomes stunning. SO you are not GOD to determine anything for any man, you are just dust and must surely return to dust one day. your anger on Jonathan will not yield any result than given you so much headache

        • Head Master Kay

          How can you say Jonathan is cursed ? Anyway let’s see who wins the battle

          • segun

            Which battle? Is there one? I think Nigerians are able to separate dignity from thuggery and being cursed. Jonathan is cursed. We Nigerians know that you people reply on the stolen and accumulated oil money. But there is no contest between honor, dignity and integrity(Buhari) and indignity, thuggery, bribing, and being cursed(Jonathan) So Jonathan is really cursed-anything he touches divides and becomes sectional. Too bad. It is just disgusting.

          • Maria

            Battle? So it is no longer election, it is now battle? You will be killed in this your battle in the name of Jesus… all of you who are destroying lives of Nigerians for selfish ambition, may you all die before your time, and may your generation never know peace.

          • Head Master Kay

            Maria the battle i was talking about was not a physical battle, it was an expression. Anyway I hope GMP will perform better.

      • Maria

        Bros… You are right…Jonathan and Alams were the sponsors and godfathers of MEND who they heavily armed to harass people. The same method he is now adopting across Nigeria.

        • djay

          You 4get to add Odili,Ibori.

    • Wähala

      That’s why I’ve removed the ‘Dr’ in front of his name since he can’t show us proof he actually secured an PhD.
      I now call him ‘Dollar-Dumbo’ ($Dumbo) because his campaign is powered in hard US currency. About thugs & militants, don’t worry sis. The ICC just opened investigation of Lady Hippo in acceptance of Amaechi’s complaint to them. The Otuoke crude couple will be the first to face joint trial at The Hague for their numerous crimes against humanity. Don’t worry, just go ahead and finish your hot chocolate…

    • TrueNja

      @ Maria – You are nothing but a charlatan. Looting federal treasury is bad but looting Lagos state treasury is good, right? Instead all you fake Change internet rats to condemn our corrupt leaders irrespective of party affiliations but quick to condemn only corrupt officials at federal level. When Gani Adams OPC members were working for your asiwaju of thieves against baba Obasanjo regime, they were good Yorubas, abi. Pls stop using the picture of Our Dear Lord Mother, Holy Mary picture b’cos she is not into fraud like you.

      • Maria

        Listen to yourself… you sounded like a f00l. When OBJ was working and installing GEJ he was also a good man… now, is he still a good man? Jonathan looting federal money, thank God you did not deny it. Your problem is that I did not condemn those doing same at the state level, right? I condeman corruption at whatever level…The present article is about Jonathan arming militants to cause mehems… I am not a corrupt woman. But I blame federal government because it is the federal government that, as our constitution stands today, provides institutions that prosecute corrupt people be it at state or federal level. Thank you.

        • John West

          was it jonathan that initiated opc in the first place around 1999?.
          wasn’t opc unlawfully armed as at the time they started in 1999 when we still have the police, and still you guys embraced them as yoruba militants using them to intimidate non yorubas without a cause.you must be joking to think they will not so much regard jonathan who has given them white collar job and made their lives have a meaning. you guys made them ordinary thugs in the past against non yorubas but today they are enjoying a refine jobs from jonathan. SO CLOSE THE CHAPTER

  • Oladoja wahab

    Drag Yoruba elders and Obas into political jeu is misleading, unlovable and totally unaccepted to yoruba nation,democracy is not the government of elders or Obas but is a government of the people, so it is not acceptable to the Yoruba nation,for any politician to humiliating our elders and Obas for the cause of politics.
    Obas are the father of the nation every citizens are welcome to Oba palace any where in yoruba land,all the political parties and the politicians belong to Obas ,therefore it’s unacceptable for any office holder to force Obas for their endorcement.
    In the past, during Abacha,it was then Oba Awujale that disclose the embezlement given to obas in presidiential villa.
    The politician should sell their political propaganda to the people not to Obas. Oba palace is superior than the office of president in anywhere in the world.
    If at all the president visits any Oba in yoruba land, he must obey our culture…….He must lie down to greet Oba not with arrogant,for Jonathan to sit down and Obas standing arround him is unacceptable to yoruba nation……for Jonathan to put on his shoes in palace of Obas is arrogant and unacceptable to the yoruba people. We see the same Jonathan knel down in front of pastor. Then what Jonathan did for yoruba and yoruba culture to deserve the Obas endorsement?,we will not allow Jonathan to disrespect yoruba culture for his political ambition.
    Those yoruba that are selling the yoruba culture for politics must desist.
    I here by call on Jonathan and pdp to go and play their polity elsewhere.
    Long live Yoruba nation,long live Nigeria.

    • John West

      forget all these long story you are talking about it doesn’t move anybody. dumb nigerian passport and get a yoruba nations passport that is acceptable in nigeria and every where in the world for traveling and means of identification then i will remove my cap for you and your yoruba nation of an illusion and now rate your oba above a sitting president

      • Oladoja wahab

        yah but it can move yoruba to dump president jonathan for Buhari………Let me explain to you in simple words…Oba means…….Traditionnal Ruler
        Gej knows that the position of Oba is largely over-rated that of the presidency and that’s why is parading the palace of Obas
        If the yoruba nation is less important for Gej’s and pdp why don’t
        you leave yoruba alone,,what yoruba gain from jonathan era, if not maginilization and humiliation!

        2015-03-18 0:17 UTC+01:00, Disqus :

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Jona is through with Nigerian pastors. It now the era of militants.

  • Abiodun Ojo

    This is what happens when Goodluck Jonathan is on rampage bribing everything in sight. Gani Adams is a jobless person. He needs a job. He gets one. It is sad that he is pretending to be doing this for Yorubas. The Yorubas are too dignifying to be associated with this kind political prostitution Gani Adams is engaged in. But it is really a sad day in Yoruba land that Gani Adams will be found doing this. This is a shame, complete shame. The Yorubas should quietly do a re-think to know how to keep a thug like Gani Adams in check. What is fellow is doing is just embarrassing to every decent Yoruba-home and abroad. I cannot believe this.

    • taiwo

      lolzzzz Adams is a jobless person?but he leads an organisation that has millions as members while you are here feeding on crumbs from Liar Mohammed and talking trash

  • segun


  • Saydo Shan

    GEJ’S desperation knows no bound, it knows no frontiers. Was is d sharing of $$$ or d do or die dat gave it to him in 2011. The whole thing is utterly Befuddling.

  • Dan Arewa

    When will Jonah come back to his senses?

  • Advocate

    poor gani adams wants to get paid for championing the interests of yorubas? he’s confused. who asked him? why do have legislators? he should join a political party and campaign for a ward

    • Success

      Omo ale paraku ni Gani,meaning in Yoruba Gani is nothing but unmixed Basterd if Jonathan instruct him to have sex with his mother all in the name of dollar don’t be surprise he will do so he has forgot the Awolowo’s spell on those that betrayed Yoruba in 1983 their end is nothing but a disaster

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  • Mr. Abdin

    Gani dollars in action.

    • Melaine

      Here is a prayer for you mr taiwo, as from today may God direct and rule your life as jonathan has done to nigeria

  • SAM .A

    Jonathan resided in Marina state house, distributing $ to cause Mayhem & division among adams OPC. Confined Father Ejike Mbakas prophesy , anything he touches become badluck . Now that he had poured $ into OPC , they are transformed, a faction of them become the real thug, demostrating and destroyed with violence everything on their path. Now those Yoruba Obas can see the result of their blessings.
    I have said it , that Gani adams is an illiterate thug, the JonaTan TRANSFORMATION has brought out the beast in him. Information has it that he is from Delta, no Yoruba will destroy his own home. He is going to end up like Amuda Omopupa in Mushin, or Elewe Omo in Ibadan , violent thugs often end in violence
    Yorubas should be weary about this bastard in their mist.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Thank you bros. Am not surprise to hear that some bastard youruba musicians were also present. The like of Osupa and Obewere abi na Obesere, Oh! it is Obewere

      • taiwo

        Since you don’t know your father you are obviously the bastard here

        • Bidemi Lukman

          Bros, I quite agree with you that whoever does not know his father is a bastard except the one that lost his or her father at a tender age.

          • taiwo

            which one is your case,pls tell us the truth

    • TrueNja

      Be objective in your post, hypocrite. Your thiefing Tinubu used Gani Adams’ OPC against baba Obasanjo regime.

      • Babawale Akinola

        Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, that is why I am asking: how much exactly did you pay Ganiyu Adams that has made him gone completely mad? How much?

        • taiwo

          you are the one that sound mad and angry because the people has rejected you people and your over lord the wizard Tinubu

          • ray

            Mr Taiwo if you have nothing important to say pls kindly leave this platform because its for serious minded Nigerians not for people like you that can betray your people and conscience for naira and kobo and maybe dollars. go to marina and do a Virgil till jona comes with his loot.

          • taiwo

            serious minded people indeed and you are doing what here?

        • John West

          he paid gani adams 20 pounds

  • Hassan Lawal

    Gani Adams,Yinka Odumakin and their likes are obviously anti-Yorubas,they dont reason and act Yorubas,we are waiting for their excuses and dobales after the election,because i know GEJ will not win.

    • TrueNja

      This same Gani Adams was not anti-Yoruba when he was working for your asiwaju of thieves Tinubu? Can you see how hypocrite you are.

      • Babawale Akinola

        TrueNja, how much oil money did you people give Ganiyu Adams that has made him gone crazy and bananas this way. It must be a lot of money. Did you pay in dollars or in Naira.? Just asking. You just turned our Little thug -Gani crazy and mad with the amount of money you gave him! Na wa o Goodluck Jonathan alias TrueNja. Cheap oil money na real wahala for naija!

    • taiwo

      free yourself of slave mentality and see clearly for the ist time in your life.Tinubu’s era in south west politics is over mark my words

  • Guguru

    Jonathan will bribe rats and insects soon. And once he does, they will also be as divided as the humans whom Jonathan have bribed to the gills with dollars.

  • bib

    The company of small men being led by GEJ!

  • taiwo

    The attempt by the APC to factionalise the OPC will not work and has already failed woefully

  • Omo Baba

    I blame the YEC for all this. They made the mistake of not only recognising him but also supporting him against Fasehun back in those turbulent days when the OPC held sway in the South West. It baffled me even then, that as well educated as the Yoruba people are, a stark illiterate who knows next to nothing, at least going by his utterances and childish actions then, allow themselves to be led by him. How could they have allowed someone with questionable traits be their spokesman ? As it has turned out. the die is cast and the result of Gani Adams stupidity, militancy and murderous tendencies are threatening to divide the Yorubas, I pray they manage the crises well and get that Nonenity out of the way. There are older, respectful and more educated elements in the South West than what we see in Gani Adams,