Nigeria denies hiring mercenaries to fight Boko Haram

Mike Omeri, the Director General of the National Orientation Agency,

The Nigerian government has not hired any foreign mercenaries in its battle to defeat the Boko Haram insurgents, an official said on Sunday.

Mike Omeri, the Director General of the National Orientation Agency, NOA, stated this on Sunday when he paid a courtesy call to PREMIUM TIMES head office in Abuja.

The official’s statement comes amidst reports that the Nigerian military hired mercenaries from South Africa and other countries since the renewed offensive against the insurgents began on February 14. Several territories initially captured by the insurgents have since been retaken by Nigerian soldiers working with soldiers from neighbouring West African countries. Mr. Omeri said a lot of Nigerians mistake consultants helping in the deployment and use of newly acquired military hardware as mercenaries.

“When our weapons were acquired recently, we needed training because training component came with the people who supplied these weapons,” he said. “It is therefore easy to see a white man where these things are happening like in Maiduguri and elsewhere and conclude that we have mercenaries.”

“What we have are trainers who came from security companies to help us manage and learn how to use some of the much more modern weapons because there is no time; we are in a war situation and we need the capability to use the weapons immediately.”

Mr. Omeri, who coordinates the National Information Centre, where Nigerians are briefed on the progress made in the fight against Boko Haram, also questioned why some Nigerians appeared more concerned with the presence of mercenaries to the neglect of the insurgency.

“Why are we leaving the issue of fighting insurgency and concentrating on the issue of mercenaries, when the use of mercenaries by governments the world over, including the United States has been on since the 1840s,” he said.

“Mercenaries such as the foreign legion in France, Gurkhas in the UK, and even the US Marines are foreigners. They are mercenaries. It is at the completion of their terms that they are made either citizens through green cards or passports.

“They recruit them give them very hard training and send them to the toughest of battles and they are mostly foreigners.” Mr. Omeri said the Nigerian government has not hired any mercenary, despite having the right to do so.

“If Nigeria wants to recruit mercenaries, there are legitimate ways of doing it and this government knows how to do it and it would have gone that way to do it and to inform citizens appropriately,” he said.


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  • Rege

    PDP, tell us the home truth. You procured weapons from the black market and now hire mercenary to train your army. Something is wrong somewhere. This is. Not different from the way Boko Haram also operates. We are in trouble in this country. Mr President, your folks are at it again, millking the treasury.

  • Otitokoro

    Mr. Omeri, you have just concluded by default that Mr. Jonathan’s government hired mercenaries. Why? (i) Those South Africans (of Executive Outcomes and Pilgrim Africa) fought during the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. Since the end of apartheid era they have become soldiers of fortunes, traders, business men fighters looking for wars where they can fight and make money. Hence, they went to a country like Sierra leone to fight (ii) You drew a horrible analogy when you compared fighters of fortunes like those in Executive Outcomes and Pilgrim Africa to new immigrants in France, US etc who are recruited into the French and American armies. But Omehi, these immigrants recruited into the French and US armies are not different from scholars, doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers and other immigrant professionals which these countries find worthy (an example if your -Nigerian-minister of Agriculture”and therefore employ and given citizenship or allowed to commence a path to citizenship. If yur analogy is right will you say your minister of agriculture is a mercenary? Will you say Musiliu Obanikoro who helped you to rig in Ekiti state as minister of state for defense , and who you have now as a minister and who holds an American citizenship a mercenary in America when he was in America? Will you say your minister of finance Ngozi Iweala was a mercenary when she worked in the World Bank? Mr. Omeri, for you to compare these soldiers and professionals who are properly employed by the American and French governments mercenaries to the Israeli mercenaries and the mercenaries in Executive Outcomes and Pilgrim Africa fighting in the Boko Haram war is ridiculous. It shows how low Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s govt has sunk. Finally, you asked why Nigerians are concerned about mercenaries and not the insurgency? The answers are obvious. The govt you serve -Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s government -is presumably an elected govt. So? (a) You have the duty and obligation to inform Nigerians whether you hired mercenaries or not. But you hired mercenaries and you did not inform. If you did not inform then Nigerians have legitimate reasons to ask the government questions. (b) What led Nigerian govt to hire mercenaries? What happened to our military? Is the presence of mercenaries not an indication that Mr. Jonathan’s govt has deliberately thru his legendary corruption demobilised NIgerian military and de-professionalise it? Should that not be a concern to Nigerians? And what was Mr. Jonathan doing FOR SIX YEARS? Why did he just wake up to do in SIX WEEKS WHAT HE FAILED TO DO IN SIX YEARS? Isnt that important Mr. Omeri? Why is he running around doing it when it was just two weeks to start the election? Why did he turn Boko Haram to an election issues? is this not mean, evil and wicked on the part of the government you serve Mr. Omeri? It is cruel of you that you have these issues hanging over the head of Mr. Jonathan’s government and you have the temerity and audacity to ask why Nigerians are concerned about mercenaries and not about insurgency. Do you think we NIgerians will just take anything, ant garbage from you people, from your government? (c) And here is the side which is disgusting. When you hire mercenaries, you are trading , doing business. So some people in and out of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s government are making money out of the sweat and blood of Nigerians. Therefore the question is: why did your govt -Goodluck Jonathan’s govt deliberately destroy the Nigerian military in order to go out and hire mercenaries? Who are making money off the back of Nigerians? Why do you people give military contracts and pay with public money and you do not account for these TRANSPARENTLY? These are legitimate questions and you Mr. Omeri cannot use the issue of the insurgency to cover up as you tried to do. Nigerians want the insurgency to end, but they want their govt to come clean, de-politicise the military, professionalise it, equip it and make the Nigerian military fight off the Boko Haram terrorists honorably. It is about our honor and dignity. Nigerians understand if Mr. Jonathan’s government is less concerned about dignity and honor. Crudity, dishonor, indignity are the traits of Jonathan’s presidency because for them it is business as usual-just let us make our money. We have a government -Jonathan’s government-where governance is trading. We Nigerians who were there yesterday and who are there today and who will be there tomorrow are concerned about Nigerian honor and dignity as we fight off terrorism of any type -North, South South anywhere. Hope this helped you Mr. Omeri.

    • Guguru


      Very nice write up. Thanks.

    • Mosaku 147

      Otito is really bitter. May God bless you.

    • walejohnson


    • Yasin

      Otitokoro, you have made a valid point on Transparency and corrupt enrichment in the process of recruiting mercenaries. Nonetheless, the situation is very urgent and we need to defeat the BokoHaram criminals as soon as possible. True GEJ should have done this long ago. What was he waiting for all these years?
      As a Yoruba proverb says, ‘…let us drive the madman/enemy away first, before admonishing our kinsman…’

    • Dr.Dan

      Sorry I understand your pain; The military is crushing your freedom fighters and you are upset and heart broken. Take heart.

      • Otitokoro

        Which military?

        • Psi Ciroma

          Your BH stooges are being CRUSHED SIMPLE

          Before now they claimed GEJ was behind BH …NOW THEY ARE SCARED OF MERCENARIES because they cant be influenced by sentiment like some armed forces.

      • ita ekpo

        Bro, you see! If the pgej did not take a stand they complain. So they like that killing and slaughtering than defeat. O! pgej abey you make u no follow our fellow nigerians divided for money on,what you did is not job well done. Because they are all evil. If you follow them and died for heart attack na dem go still laugh you. As you don dey endure still take it that way. Na God go still bless you give you encouragement of new approach. This life na je je OOO!

  • amazing2012

    My problem with this system is telling lies, in most cases issues that did not need to lie. What is the problem of bringing machineries ? Ok if you claim they are trainers, why should a trainer go to war front ? Going to war front is not for training but for practice !

    • Yasin

      Practice is a subset of Training, I dey laff ooo!

    • Otile

      Sorry, you people are now crying foul to see that your members are suffering staggering defeat at the war front. Invoke Beelzebub your deity to help you out.

      If it is true that my brother Jona is using mercenaries to punish your relives there is nothing I can do about it. At first you people were scorning him for being weak, now that he has reacted in his own way you are crying wee wee wee.

      My only concern is that my brother Jonathan may be wasting the resources he would have used to develop Nigeria to pay over-bloated mercenaries to defeat your relatives.

      • Funso

        ọmọ àlè.

        • Otile

          Omọ àlè which means bastard in Yoruba must be a very important factor in Yoruba life. There is no day some Yorubas don’t repeat the phrase over and over again. In a heated issue or in responding to people they hate the phrase ọmọ àlè is liberally littered over the comments. One can easily count 370 instances of ọmọ àlè Yoruba haters pour on those they hate in a very heated article.

          When they are bereft of what to say the still throw in ọmọ àlè. In most cases that is their only response to a comment.

  • Guguru

    it gets so tiring hearing Jonathan administration telling another lie.

    • konfumaster

      The laugh at you not me

  • The people

    Yet another comedian at the heart of government.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    So what if Nigeria has hired mercenaries to aid its war against boko haram?

    All is fair in love and war!

    As long as they are discharging their duties effectively, I don’t care!!

    • Psi Ciroma

      now Your BH stooges are being CRUSHED SIMPLE

      Before now they claimed GEJ was behind BH …NOW THEY ARE SCARED OF MERCENARIES because they cant be influenced by sentiment like some armed forces.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Mr., if you were more cerebral, you’d realise that the bh trick by GEJ has failed to give him the electoral advantage he wanted in the North.

        He is now using MASSOB, OPC and only God knows what else he would be unto next to destabilise other parts of the country; all in the name of elections!

        Same way his bh trick failed in the NE, so shall his OPC fail in the SW.

        • Psi Ciroma

          Lol… well as one who lives abroad …I WANT THE BH CRUSHED…sorry if it hurts your feelings!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            What the fu*k has your place of abode got to do with this?

            You reckon that makes you somewhat more intelligent than you never were?

          • Psi Ciroma

            It makes me decent and not prone to psychotic outbursts like a failed man like yourself.
            Shame on you for using swear words.. APeS in humanity?


            Reading through your exchange with the above person who lays claim to (Esq),it is easy to tell that you are a very decent and educated person .

            Politicising terrorism for political gains is indeed condemnable and his ridiculous analogy about about MASSOB and OPC goes further to confirm your suspicion of psychosis !!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Are you insinuating that people who live in Nigeria are “indecent and prone to psychotic outbursts”?

            Pray, please tell us where your parents are this very moment.

            When was the last time you spoke to them or sent money to buy garri?

            Why are you taking pride in portraying yourself as an inebriated pongid online?

          • Psi Ciroma

            anyone reading our discourse will understand your level of intelligence 🙂

            Well, people travel the world for different reasons. Google “why people travel” and find out.
            Try to get an education my dear.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Last response to you.

            You were so unintelligent and lacking in self-esteem. Otherwise, you would never have have brought in your abode into an an exchange that had no bearing on such matters.

            To compound your asinine level, you even concluded I’d need a visa to go wherever. At the risk of being immodest, I am positive that I have been in more countries than you would ever in your lifetime; just to reiterate, there are only 2 continents I have not visited.

            But why do I bother with a brainless dolt like you?

            So you live overseas, great!

            I employ people overseas.


          • Psi Ciroma

            YaWnnning… Only nobody(s) like you are vulgar on-line because they have nothing to loose….
            You have ZeRo influence and businesses even in Nigeria!
            If you were a child that wanted to sit with elders you would at least wash your mouth with the detergent of decency.
            Please return to your sleeping mat before others snatch it from the street corner

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            The villagers are still waiting for you to repay their contributions for sending you to Lagos.

            Please come off your cheap second hand Blackberry and report to the Bus Stop and your driver for the day!


          • Psi Ciroma

            Jealous of my abode?? I bet you need to queue for a Visa

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Was that the line you used on the village girl you had been running after before you were able to stowaway?

            If it worked on her, it won’t work here.

  • Mosaku 147

    When I said on this forum about three weeks ago that all what the Nigeria Army was doing in Bornu was mopping up ops,so many imbeciles insulted me.I am happy this have finally come out to the public.
    My question to omeri is,how long it takes a soldier to learn how to use a “new” weapon? Don’t this weapons come with users manual? Must your teacher be in the exam hall with you to teach you how to answer questions? We know as a fact that before any purchase is made for military hardware,officers are sent to the manufacturer for training on how to use this weapons. This military of Jona,Badeh and olukolade is one day one lie military.

    • Dr.Dan

      You don’t operate a drone or fly cobra attack helicopter by just reading the manual if were that easy there would be no need people going to aviation schools. Sophisticated weaponry require training.

      • Mosaku 147

        What kind of special training is required sir? did our military just realize 6months ago that this were did equipment needed to prosecute this war successfully?from when they refused to sell them to us and now what have we been doing? Military hardwares deals take far longer to be sealed I suppose.if so why do the trainers have to be here on the front? Sir,where are our best pilots,best best machine gun man,best this and that that we have alway spent money of dollars training and re-training them as confirmed in our defence budgets for the past 10years or more. This is my pain about the whole saga.

    • konfumaster

      When will u ever learn. Mosaku the illiterate for life

  • Born To rule

    It seems many people commenting against this story are not really happy about the success of our military against the book haram. They are so overwhelmed by the daily stories of bo-ko haram killing innocent Nigerians and gaining from it and don’t even want to hear about the vice versa. US marines mainly constitute the jews and we all understand that jews are Israelites, so what are we talking about? Even if the devil himself came down to defeat Boko haram on our behalf, he is most welcomed.

    • ita ekpo

      For you, forget that, i will be in overseas get advice come back tell nigerians. I will be the one who can fight terrorist. For the fact of what you hope for has been defeated. What do you think you can said. Negative upon negative. As no mouth for saying your hope.Naija4nation4peace4rejectingkatakatapeople.

  • blueeyedkitten

    mike omeri, you bloody liar! what is wrong in admitting using mercenaries in fighting boko haram, that you have to speak such glaring lies? haba!
    i remember when the CAN aircraft-arm-smuggling scandal just broke out, RFI Hausa service(radio france int’l) interviewed this same omeri, and he denied the involvement of the FG in that dealings. he in fact, berated the journalist and nigerians; who are suggesting that a responsible govt(in his own views) will be involved in buying arms through the back door. few days later, the govt, after realising that: there was no place to hide that glaring fact, decided to own up to its involvement. immediately this mike omeri aligned himself to the govt stand, and pretended he ever spoke contrary to that. govt of lies, by the liars and for the liars.

  • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

    If Nigeria like hire 20,000 mercenaries as long as Boko haram is wiped out, WHO CARES?

    • Scatter

      So whats the job of the Nigerian armed forces? Your mumu President has policised them, putting his kith and kin as Chirf of Armt Staff over the heads of over 30 of his seniors and betters. So Nigeria has to borrow a billion dollars to buy weapons as inflated prices and hire mercenaries to bfight. How sexy! Your grandchild will pay for such stupidities. That is why some people care.

      • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

        if you like jump into the ocean, Boko Haram is being decimated daily. Whoever is doing it I care not.

        • Scatter

          You can say that again. That’s what Dumbo Dumbo gonna do on 29th May 2015. Then he can devote more time to his ogogoro.

  • samson john

    For God sake must u pple knw y dy use mercenaries to fight boko haram,d must important tin dia is victory against terrorism in dis country

  • samson john

    Mr president is tryin is best to fight dis terrorist by any mean,wat is bad if dy call for help u guys dnt have anytin doin I knw u ar speakin for APC.Mr president is workin u guys jst want to distract him cos now there victory over boko haram

  • Dr.Dan

    From various post I can pick out the sympathizers of Boko Haram. I wonder why people would bother about mercenaries instead of celebrating the military that have freed swaths of land from the control of terrorist. Some Nigerians have lost empathy that would prefer Boko Haram to slay thousands,razed communities rape and maim the innocent than than the gov’t to seek technical assistance from military consultants. Even the powerful France had to seek the assistance of US satellite in its counter terrorism strikes in Mali. American sometimes use the services of Isreali Mosad in some mission. You dont operate a drone or jet fighter by just reading the manual you have to be trained. so mercenaries or no mercenary I dont care what matters to me is result and for now im happy with the news from the field.

  • evi

    Is it now that our gallant soldiers are winning the war against boko haram that the military went to hire mercenaries? Even if they hired mercenaries, does the end not justify the means in this case? I don’t know the purpose of this latest misinformation and propaganda from apc quarters but like other propaganda from them,it is dead on arrival. Their plan to demoralise our military and to create hatred and distrust for jonathan will never come to pass.

  • musa

    These jobless APC sponsors that don’t have shame, even if we seek for help to fight Boko Haram is it not a good thing? We love playing politics with everything even in the face of truth. Well what I have to tell you APC e-rats is that you should tell your sponsors and boko haram sponsors that we Nigerians will win the fight against Boko Haram, God bless our military and all well meaning Nigerians.

  • Moniboss Omaliko

    Even if we did so, what is the crime? What of the mercenaries fighting for Boko Haram? We must not feel guilty or apologetic for actions we take to protect our country and people. Are the, so called, mercenaries not being paid with our resources? Bravo gallant Nigeria soldiers, Please ignore all efforts by Boko Harm agents to rubbish your achievements.

    • ita ekpo

      Bro, i am fate up with nigerians who are still behalving backward. We were shouting govt is not serious . That is why insurgents are killing people. With the touch of God from army to president they stand up to flush this idiots out. What suppose to be joyful praise to God. And stand by our country nigeria to build up that unity one nigeria. Instead we continue to put fire that will divide us. There is nothing outsider will come to do for us than selling of weapon you should know. If we are push from outside to make enemy to ourself then we have ourself to blame. We have seen all over the world what is going on. when we are not have ourself cautioned. If the situation acomplished what should be talking,whether this is done in or out should have not been problem. APC want it to be that way. If as first the army not with them it would have been a story for long. Do you think APC will be happied. They must still have a word.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Boko haram recruited mercenaries to wage war against Nigeria so there is nothing wrong if Nigeria hires mercenaries to flush out the idiots. Were they not used during the civil war to surpress Biafra ? So why the rantings now ?

    • Denis_NG

      If Nigerian government indeed is engaging foreign mercenaries in its fight against Boko Haram, then, it is indefensible and as such, there is absolutely no reason why our armed forces should still remain in uniform or retain their salaries. It is high time the entire Nigerian Armed Forces disbanded and everyone that currently wears a uniform got sent home. That way, we would know that we have no armed forces in this country as a result of Jonathan having bastardized all our institutions.

  • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

    APC is angry that Boko Haram is being decimated daily. Whoever is used in doing it, I care not. Simple let these foot soldiers of Buhari and his northern brothers be completely eliminated

    • Scatter

      Eliminate them with your mouth, eh?

    • dada

      So you agree that the Nigerian military now take orders from South African, Israeli and East European mercenaries? That is all we need to establish.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Mike Omeri, check your achieve again because after the African Union meeting in Addis Ababa, the South African Foreign Minister raised the issue of 100 South African Mercenaries recruited by Nigeria and warn that they would be prosecuted when they returned to South Africa. Mike Omeri, have pity on us Nigerians and avoid a situTion where you are not raising the blood pressure of ordinary Nigerians by some of embarrassments Nigerians are going through, save for us the little dignity that remains for Nigerian in theCommunity of Nations in this World. Whatever false information you spread in Nigeria for Nigerian consumption other Nations also have and share the same information and compare to see the correctness of your message, like Morroco and Nigeria, whether there was a telephone call or not. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • Not again———-so stop these silly if not childish acts————-Nigeria has all the rights in the world to hire contractors–to watch over her citizens being slaughtered———–in the Fulani North–There is no law in the universe which says Nigeria is not obligated to rent mercenaries—from any part of the globe—-not any that i know of-in the human right council—so stop these denials———————-the US hired contractors made up of retired soldiers- to protect her citizens–in Iraq and fight alongside her forces–enough of this nonsense–what we want is an end to the boko haram killing–how we get there is best known to the government–and not these watery excuses all the time—-that is why wee call for the sack of dasuki and gusau—they are too empty——for Gej——-apart from being traitors—————-moles in government—————who set up Jonathan on the King of Morocco debacle—clear as day light that–those behind boko haram are right there eating with the president in aso rock

    • Ademola Aderiye

      You meant Nigeria has every right to hire mercenaries, pay them $400 per day, give inflated military contract to Mr. Arthur Eze so that Mr. Eze will pass some of it to Goodluck Jonathan 2015 campaign and church in Otuoke, abandoned our $9.6 with the South Africans because we dare not ask, abandon our Internet espionage contract money with the Israeli mercenary company Elbit, award another contract to Elbit and Mr. Arthu Eze-Jonathan’s financier, use pilgrimage to israel by Jonathan/Oristejafor to cut secret mercenary business deals-Oh I see what you meant corrupt spear!

  • MC

    Even if we hire mercenaries, is it not for the purpose of quenching insurgency? Is any measure too strict to use in combating Boko Haram?This no be news jor.

  • udemeobong

    Don´t worry they will still come back and admit as with the MorrocoGate. Spontaneous lying is part of our leaders, after they will say the truth. We are used to it. Just wait and see. Cause in South Africa where these people come from, they have already admited this. According to foreign media, Nigeria has bought dones that we don´t know where they are using it when we have Boko Haram to fight. So all these are the many lies we are subjected to accept. I am watching!!!


    Nigeria should owe no apologies or regrets to any quarters for doing whatever it takes to defeat the insurgency. Nigeria is a sovereign nation with all the rights to defend her territorial integrity. Nigeria procured new weapons from friendly countries and reserves the right to obtain the necessary expertise required to optimally deploy and use the new hardware.

    It is clear that elements of the APC opposition in connivance with foreign forces whose political power snatching project in Nigeria may have received a blow from the recent successes of the Nigerian military in the effort to defeat the insurgency are not happy and are presently neck-deep in subverting the government of the day with a view to gaining political advantage.

    The government should remain fixated and single minded about this anti-insurgence effort,they must not lose focus because national security is a duty which they swore to and they must stay assured that the vast majority of Nigerians stand solidly behind our armed forces and their C-IN-C in a resolute manner !!

    • Kayode Akeredolu

      Did you mean President Jonathan C-IN-C of South African, Israeli and East European mercenaries?


        Europeans directed the military tactics for Nigeria during the Biafra war,Egyptian pilots flew MIG jet fighters for Nigeria during the Biafra war,troops from Niger and Chad fought for Nigeria during the Biafra war.

        There are no mercenaries here in Nigeria,what we have are technical experts on the handling of new anti-insurgence hardware which many armies of the world have never deployed to any battle field.

        • Kayode Akeredolu

          So you are confirming that President Jonathan is the C-IN-C of East European, Israeli and South African mercenaries. Thanks so much. And before you leave, how are the mercenaries being paid? Are they being paid through the inflated contracts given Mr. Arthur Eze, one of the main financiers of Mr. Jonathan’s campaign, and the Israeli company Elbit? Is Mr. Eze expected to pass the extra on the inflated military contracts Mr. Jonathan allocated to him to Mr. Jonathan’s 2015 election campaign-the way things dey work for Naija? I am just asking. Thanks for your confirmation. God Bless you.


            I bet if Arthur Eze were to be a Fulani you would be crawling on the floor and licking his back-side as is typical of your ilk,well the Israelis are our friends and there is no apology about that,they responded to Nigeria in that hour of need when the the APC and their foreign coalition stopped us from buying weapons all in a desperate bid to hijack political power.



          • Kayode Akeredolu

            So you confirm that it is correct for Mr. Goodluck Jonathan to award inflated military contracts to Athur Eze’s Triax/Elbit Security the financier of his campaign, his Otuoke church and his family, so that Arthur Eze can pass the extra through some informal means to Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. Hmhm hm quite interesting. One more question before you leave, Mr. Tawanda. The information is that the Governor-General of the Ijaws-Diepreye Alamieyeseigha-Goodluck Jonathan’s former boss-also has something to do with all these scams, contracts , etc. Is that true? Your kind confirmation will be highly appreciated Mr. Tawanda Incommunicado -Mr. Goodluck Jonathan online spokesperson.

  • favourtalk

    They should pack well becaue soon, change is coming to nigeria, we can’t continue to be living like this, we need a better nigeria

  • igbiki

    The mercenaries (specialists) (trainers) are training the Nigerian soldiers on the art of war at the war fronts?

  • Wetin Naija

    A big disgrace that a country like Nigeria cannot fight its own war gainst Boko Haram. Hiring racist apartheid Mercenaries from South Africa, begging Chad, Niger, Cameroon to come and fight our war is a big disgrace. You should not be surprise that one day Niger or Chad will invade Nigeria because GEJ has destroyed our military. Already Cameroon is slowly taking away territories from Nigeria. These countries know that we have a very weak military and they have no respect for Nigeria

  • Comfortkay

    The fact that the mercenaries are here to do what ever shows that our Military Generals should be dismissed without pay. Nigeria giant of Africa; this is how low we have gone with PDP President and Commander in Chief.
    I doubt if our Military can even kill a rat, b ut they are very good in rigging election for PDP, this is a big shame to Nigeria and this is the more reason why we must get a change in leadership by 28 of March 2015.

    • greaterNG

      Did you read the story?great

    • basil edoma

      You be mumu ooo…

      • Comfortkay

        Arguing with PDP idiots isd like playing chess with a pigeon

        • basil edoma

          I seriously doubt you know what chess is all about….

      • Comfortkay

        Olosi Omo ale.

  • halima

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  • richkid

    It’s evident that our world class, best under ground soldie who suffered sabotage asking america to help in this fight. Our soldiers has proven tasted and trusted flushing out boko haram from there tettitory by there self. I forever remain greatfuull to our military and GEJ. GEJ all the way not the gay man buhari

  • August January

    Liars! Take it or leave it, no truth can ever come from anywhere or anything connected to Jonathan. He’s not only a corrupt thief but also a pathological liar.