Nigeria2015: Ex-House Speaker, Ghali Na’Abba, dumps PDP

Ghali Na'Abba

A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Na’Abba, has dumped Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

In his resignation letter dated March 15, Mr. Na’Abba, who led the legislative chamber during the Olusegun Obasanjo presidency, accused President Goodluck Jonathan of reducing governance to a ridiculous level and splitting the country along ethnic and religious lines.

The ex-lawmaker’s letter was sent to the chairman of the PDP Sharada Ward in Kano Municipal Local Government Area and titled “Notification of Resignation from PDP, each organs and committees.”
The letter was also copied to the PDP chairman in Kano, North West Zone National Vice Chairman, National Chairman, and Chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees.

Mr. Na’Abba blamed President Jonathan and other previous leaders of the PDP, which has ruled Nigeria since 1999, of putting the country in in a bad situation.

“In the sixteen years the Party has been ruling at the center, the Party’s leadership has failed to lead by example,” he said.

He, however, had the harshest criticism for the current president, saying, “No administration has used religion and ethnicity to divide Nigerians more than the current administration under the leadership of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.”
The former lawmaker did not state if he was joining any other party but told PREMIUM TIMES on phone that he was being lobbied by other parties to join them. His supporters in Kano, whose governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, also dumped the PDP for the All Progressices Congress, APC, however expect the ex-lawmaker to also join the main oppostion party.
Read excerpts of his resignation letter below.

“You are no doubt aware of the abysmal level to which the leadership of our great Country under President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party have reduced governance to, as a result of which our great Party has been losing its sons and daughters including so many of its founding fathers and members by the day,” the Kano-born lawmaker stated.

“All efforts of critical members and fathers of the Party to offer advice remain always unheeded. It pains most of us that majority of the founding fathers that had died like Chief S. M. Afolabi, Alhaji Muhammad Abubakar Rimi, Chief Solomon Lar, Professor Osammor, Chief S. B. Awoniyi etc all died as a result of their frustration by and with the Party.
“Those living like Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Malam Adamu Chiroma, Dr Shettima Mustapha, Alhaji Asheikh Jarma Dr. Victor Odili, Mr. Isaac Shaahu and many others are equally living with such frustration. While others like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Alhaji Isyaku Ibrahim, Alhaji Musa Gwadabe, two former National Chairmen, Chief Audu Ogbe and Chief Barnabas Gemade etc had since left the Party.

“The Party and the administration clearly possess neither compassion nor empathy.

“The Country’s and the Party’s leadership have become cabalised to the extent that while Nigerians are aware that they have a President in the person of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, they are at the same time at a loss as to who governs their Country. Both Nigeria and the PDP are left to drift. In the sixteen years the Party has been ruling at the center, the Party’s leadership has failed to lead by example.
“Instead, it has left us with the conventional wisdom that people cannot succeed in life unless they are ruthless and unprincipled. The Party has become characterized by corruption and impunity in the way and manner candidates for elective positions are being selected to the extent that in almost twenty states, crisis has engulfed the Party over the Gubernatorial primaries and the manner other candidates for other elective positions emerged.

“In short, the Party and the Country’s leadership have failed to consolidate democratic gains for sister African Countries and other transition Countries to follow. Instead, under the current leadership, Nigeria is suffering from loss of esteem, as we are now most often consigned to the back seat of international relations. Most worrisome is the current anxiety of most Nigerians as the regime wobbles and tumbles toward the oncoming election.

“It has today become incontrovertible that cartels and shady characters are becoming visible, important and indispensable factors in Nigeria’s governance. It appears those at the helm of affairs are more comfortable with such characters of easy virtue than with patriotic and altruistic Nigerians. No doubt, in our Country today, the quality of governance is going down by the day.
“Critical National Institutions that unify and wield Nigerians together have been dragged into politics, contrary to wise counsel and political correctness. No administration has used religion and ethnicity to divide Nigerians more than the current administration under the leadership of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. The ultimate test of any leader is looking at what has remained after he is gone.
“You will agree with me that such pervasive political behavior should under no circumstances be tolerated by all who subscribe to decent and conscionable political practice. I have relentlessly pushed for reform of the internal policies of the PDP individually and collectively, without success. In fact it is common knowledge that all critical members of the Party have been made irrelevant by the Party.
“Members who are pliant and who lack principle and who stand for nothing are always more trusted by the leadership to carry out Party assignments. Such members are said to be “loyal”. Such loyalty is nothing but a euphemism for people who stand for nothing. Because no one is trusted by the leadership both at governmental and party levels, only a handful of party men and women are always entrusted with such party tasks as National Conventions, fund raising. Such men and women are now fully re circled.

“Their faces are today so familiar to the eyes of Nigerians.As a politician with political science background, it is obvious to me that PDP is both self-destruct and irredeemable. Coupled with the regimes divisive and unpatriotic disposition, Nigeria has become a bye-word for “touch and go”, if examples of contemporary nations are anything to go by. The challenge before Nigerians today, in order to secure a new lease of life therefore, is how to get out this inept leadership that has neither allure nor inspiration.

“In its place, Nigerians deserve not just a good President, good governors , and other political office holders, but true and exemplary leaders. And within this context, leadership that is more truly both transactional and transformative and which have more competence and capacity to govern. Nigeria needs leaders with a clear vision for the future. Leaders that will lead not from the back, side or front but from within. Leaders that will provide courageous and moral leadership the dearth of which has led to the weakening of political and economic institutions throughout Nigeria.
“For the above and many reasons, effective today 15th March 2015, I hereby tender my resignation from the Peoples Democratic Party, it’s organs including the Board of Trustees and all other committees to which I belong at National and State levels.

“I pray that your mind and those of other Patriots would also be illuminated with truth so that you may also act wisely and accordingly. This comes with the renewed assurances of my highest consideration and personal respect”.


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  • Repeater Station

    Ghali Na’Abba may be attracted by the following……

    “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
    across the country, i will allow the courts to decide on those cases,
    but whoever is indicted of corruption; between 1999 to the time of my
    swearing-in, would be PARDONED. I am going to draw a line that anybody
    who involves himself in corruption AFTER i assume office, will face the music.”

    ……….General Muhammadu Buhari

    (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

    • Repeater Station

      Or perhaps attracted by this other declaration…..

      “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers
      are as guilty as the Nigerian leaders. The Nigerian institutions are compromised
      and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
      and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
      Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

      ….…..APC Governor Rotimi Amaechi

      (Rivers state)

      (June 30th, 2014)

    • progress

      Keep repeating in your lies!

  • Ibrahim Jubril

    Bravo!! Now Jonathan and His wife can see the hand work of almajiris

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Na” Abba is inconsequential. Nothing/Nobody can stop a Jonathan victory come March 28.

    • Investigator

      Of course, and, by landslide too. There’s nothing left to the Buhari brand.
      Once he said publicly on 11th March he would issue STATE PARDON
      to all official thieves from 1999 till date, Muhammadu Buhari took on
      the criminal toga of a collaborator of all financial crimes in Nigeria.
      All that’s left for Buhari to do now, before fading away forever is this:

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I agree. Senile, illiterate certificate forger, perjurer and coup plotter Buhari is a criminal. He must face justice.

        • Baba

          He is still hundred times better than the failed commander in chief and his supporters like you who are being haunted by impending reality of life outside ASO rock

  • dd

    This simply means No Abba go to join is brother and left someone he consider a stranger.

  • redeem

    Good riddance to bad rubbish–he would not be missed—by PDP—-Happily he has no election value–They are now coming out of their fulani shells—-Aware when atiku contested the primaries against against–Jonathan-in 2011-it was Ciroma–a Fula who directed the entire North to vote for Atiku——Buhari it was who said Muslims should vote for Muslim candidates—-Jonathan has done more for the north than his SS——all these fulani lies does not hold-water any more—-we know the truth—was Abiola and his wife Kudirat not Mislims b4 the fulni North killed them both—?

  • Shahokaya

    Before we have another display of butt-faced ignorance, pig-headed arrogance and
    unadulterated, jingoistic, xenophobic and chauvinistic bilge from Abati, Okupe
    and Fani Kayode and Clark’s sidekicks, let us make one thing crystal clear: Nigeria
    has never has been ruled by an inept, corrupt, clueless and incompetent ruler
    as Jonathan

    • redeem

      GEJ–God Endorsed Jonathan—–(told) them again and again—that–life is a choice–

    • kinsly

      Tell them.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “The challenge before Nigerians today, in order to secure a new lease of life therefore, is how to get out this inept leadership that has neither allure nor inspiration. – Ghali Na’Aba.

      What else is there left to say?

    • Contact Point

      As well as zombie-like president who has a useless elephant as a wife that thinks through her anus

  • Yoruba Ronu

    @Ghali N’abba

    Who divided Nigerians on religious lines?

    Please get the facts right. It was instead Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu –
    Leader of Yoruba Mujahedeens – who injected Islam into politics; first in
    Yorubaland, because he had no credibility he could use elsewhere to hold his
    banditry gang together. Stealing followed and on the back of thefts, the school
    system degraded to the lowest level ever in Yorubaland. As things fell apart in
    2012, Alhaji Bola Tinubu sought escape from the consequences of his mess
    in Yoruba where he had lost face, by pledging his family’s political party – ACN –
    to the Hausa/Fulani in a grand coalition of Muslims called APC. To thereafter
    put it beyond doubt that the APC party is an Islamist Jihad, the APC registered
    as a political party with 100% Muslims as national executives as follows, viz:

    • Yoruba Ronu


      1] Party Leader – North, Gen Muhammadu Buhari……(Muslim)

      2] Party Leader – South, Bola Ahmed Tinubu ……… (Muslim)

      3] National Chairman: Abdulkareem Bisi Akande…….(Muslim)

      4] Deputy National Chairman: Aminu Bello Masari… (Muslim)

      5] National Secretary: Tijjani Musa Tumsah……………(Muslim)

      6] Deputy National Secretary: Nasir El-Rufai…………(Muslim)

      7] National Publicity Secretary.: Lai Muhammed……(Muslim)

      8] National Treasurer: Sadiya Umar Faruq…………….(Muslim)

      • Yoruba Ronu

        9] Financial Secretary: Alhaji Shaibu Musa…………… (Muslim)

        10] National Youth Leader: Abubakar Lado………………(Muslim)

        11] National Legal Adviser: Muiz Banire ………………… (Muslim)

        12] National Deputy Auditor: Bala Jibrin………………….(Muslim)

        13] National Women Leader: Sharia Ikeazor……………(Muslim Convert)

        14] Ex-Officio Member: Muniru Muse………………………..(Muslim)

        15] Ex-Officio Member: Alhaji Yemi Sanusi ………….…(Muslim)

        • The APC National Treasurer protested this entirely Islamic leadership

        of the APC party and resigned immediately.

        • sobo


        • sobo2



          • sholojo

            Shashshshhh, no noise please, APC Lagos Leaders are in caucus session;
            featuring Alhaji Bola Tinubu, Alhaji Raji Fashola, and, Apprentice Ambode:

          • alani

            Oshun State workers wear amulets for the mother of all fights

            Well, from the look of things there may be no APC again in all of the
            six states of Yorubaland, except in Oshun State where a civil war’ is
            imminent, with Oshun State public servants now bracing for the fight
            of their lives over un-paid salaries since last year’s August 9th election,
            which the APC won in the state, after which the coin dropped on the naive
            voters that Governor Raufu Aregbesola had illicitly dipped his hands into the
            state treasury and emptied it to fund his personal election.

        • kinsly

          Tales by Moonlight. More lies!


      Bobo Chicago Asiwaju looking relaxed in the dock like Al Capone of the Chicago Mafia…..his mentor !!

  • Idodo Widodo

    See him mouth like fresh shit…him face like powerless juju…him cheeks like inferior hand grenade about to explode. What benefit is this chop I chop politician to PDP?

    He mentioned religion…I dey laugh. I will not even respond. But even the dead know who between Prof Jona and Duncee has religious issues. Those who know they have bcome irrelevant and will not win any election or that their tenure has ended, are the ones decamping. They are all simply looking for daily bread so they can secure their future and leverage on my Niger Delta Resources. But una go see surprise like never before.

  • redeem

    Was it because of tribalism that he wanted Obj impeached–when he was speaker of the house of reptiles?

    • Yusuf

      It is only Jonah that has tribalism as his first agenda, that is why he is falling on his face, but for people like Naabba it is Money and self-centered relevance. His allegations are true but he closed his eyes them thinking he will be given a ministerial position

    • Dara Plangzak

      I was in Kano when APC in 2011 burnt down your house along SHARADA road after GEJ was declared winner.
      So look very well before you leap.
      But then, you should have quit long ago not at the 11th hour which spell rat instaed of a genuine move.


    APC Kar ku karbe shi.
    Do not welcome him into your party.
    He has no political stability.

  • alani

    Breaking News:

    Oshun State workers wear amulets for the mother of all fights

    Well, from the look of things there may be no APC again in all of the
    six (6) states of Yorubaland, except in Oshun State where ‘a civil war’
    is imminent, with Oshun State public servants now bracing for the fight
    of their lives over un-paid salaries since last year’s August 9th election,
    which the APC won in the state, after which the coin dropped on the naive
    voters that Governor Raufu Aregbesola had illicitly dipped his hands into
    the state treasury and emptied it to fund his personal election.

    • Festuso

      What is this rubbish Mr Alani? What has this nonsense got to do with Naaba leaving PDP? Do you think everybody is as gullible as you are?

      • Martins

        Do we have to wait for Oshun state civil war to start and spread before he warns us?
        Anyone who might be affected has the timely news to act now before APC ruins Oshun.

  • Yusuf

    I de laugh big time………….If not many human beings are fools no one will enter government and have his interest as his only agenda, imagine the powerful Gali Naabba moving from one place to another like ‘ashawo’, if he had put Nigeria first when he had the change, he would have been a hero

    • Baba

      Better for him. Gej is a failure and betrayer and not worth associating with.

    • Okey

      For long, he has been complaing that his house in Kano was burnt in 2011 because of his support for Jonathan and when the first Ministerial nomination and appointment from Kano was made, he was byepassed; the second Minister (Shakerau) too was appointed, Na’abba was also bypassed. And worst of all, no ambassadorial appointment went his way. He has a reason, quite understood. But to hing it on “religion” and ethnicity caused by Jonathan,” Na’Abba, that’s a fraud !

    • olu

      Shame on him. Moves are not based on ideology.

  • Umar Dendi

    People from that side!
    The house is burning indeed!

    • Otile

      Dendi boy, be told that what you call house burning is a command of the Holy Qu-ran. Every Muslim everywhere in the world is in duty bound to fight the holy war, the reward is immense in paradise. In February,
      a video was released appearing to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian
      Christians kidnapped by IS militants in Sirte.

  • Spoken word

    After the election.PDP will disintegrate.

    • lukman


      • Spoken word


  • Northerner

    a word to describe GEJ administration is yet to be invented!

  • Okey

    For long, Ghali Na’Abba has been complaining that his house in Kano was burnt in 2011 because of his support for Jonathan and when the first Ministerial nomination and appointment from Kano was made, he was bypassed; the second Minister (Shakerau) too was appointed, Na’abba was also bypassed. And worst of all, no ambassadorial appointment went his way. He has a reason, quite understood. But to hing it on “religion” and ethnicity caused by Jonathan,” dear Na’Abba, that’s a fraud, a hugely massive fraud !

  • Guguru

    Any reason why the INEC office in Abuja has been set ablaze?

  • Total

    It is only a matter of time. Others like him will move. All of them are being cohersed to bury personal principles for regional agenda. Only pretenders will claim not to know this whole set up. Even those that remain inside are only marking time. Yet they acuse another person of what they are doing. It is all about religion and region. This is the bitter truth covered under different guises.

  • Otile

    Fighting has been raging in Libya between Islamic State (IS) fighters and a militia alliance from the west of the country, near the city of Sirte.

    A spokesman for militia brigades told the BBC that two of their men had been killed in the clashes. Jihadists affiliated to Islamic State seized government buildings and a state radio station in Sirte last month.

    Fighting for Allah is a serious business.

    • lukman


  • warry

    Now I’m at a loss to understand that from Naaba statement that the generation of the Iboris,Alamiesigha,Obj,and Atiku is better than the current one. I don’t know whether I’m in a different country. While he is accusing GEJ of ethnicity, let him mention one thing that GEJ did for the South that he did not do more than that for the North. Honourable men should not lie in public

    • Guguru

      But people in Bayelsa said Jonathan did nothing for them.

      • warry

        Most times our people talk out of ignorance .Which Govt has solved all problems of the society even in100 yrs? The resources available to Govt, are they unlimited? The East -West Road passes through Bayelsa,There is an Airport project on going in Bayelsa. Funds meant for NDDC were released and there are NDDC projects like Land Reclamation going on in most Niger Delta communities. Now as for Naaba, it appears to me he has the problem of ethnicity and religion,because I’m not aware of any protest from him on the death of Abiola or against the Govt.of Abacha which was known to be corrupt and brutal. Why? This is why we are saying we should have a loose Federation where everybody will carry his destiny in his hands, and not blame someone else due to ethnicity and religion.

        • Guguru

          None of us has heard Jonathan make the argument you have made. All we have heard form him and from his wife is that they can solve all of our problems.

    • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

      Na abba fought Obasanjo because the man is Yoruba Christian from the South. Now he is leaving PDP because Jonathan is a minority Christian from the South-South. Where was Na abba when Abiola a muslim from the South West was arrested and died in detention? His wife Kudirat killed in broad day light. Abiola built schools, hospitals, churches, mosques in the north and all over the country. Yet, predator northern elites like Na abba conspired against him suffocated his mandate. The current anti Jonathan hate campaigns is part of the grand conspiracy by our northrn elites to hijack power at all cost. The other day Ango Abdullahi and Col Hamid Ali, Chief of Staff to Buhari said power must stay in the North for another thirty years that is the reason why they cant trust any southerner or northern christian in 2015.

      • Ibrahim Jubril

        U must be a habitual liar

  • Akanji92

    Bishop Kaigama of the Catholic Church in Jos made the same observation as regards GEJ. Truth is constant, only fools contest it.

    • olu

      Flimsy excuses to move from one party to another. Moves not based on ideology but for pecuniary reasons.

  • samuel

    It’s clear that this man does not know his right from his left. Leaving the biggest party in Africa based on flimsy excuse means he can’t stand for what he believe in. The only reason why he left is because he knew that our able president has closed all there avenues of financial corruption. Just like jonah in the bible, we need to remove the dead weights in PDP so that we can have a smooth sailing in the polls come march 28.. vote for transformation.

    • tpolo

      Erats at their best, you people waste no time to go into action and defend your masters. Make sure you got paid before March 28, Buhari will not honor PDP’s erat salaries, there is God oooooh.

      • Ceejay

        Rubbish! Dreamer!!

    • lukman


  • Nigerian

    more of these to come as a result of patience Jonathan speech, an insult to all Northerners in PDP. for all of you reasoning from your toes, for how long do you think this Man has been in the forefront for PDP?

  • Arrest warrant

    Thank u 4 exposing them..a criminally minded leader like GEJ needs no sympathy..he is to be sentenced 600yrs or above for the six years he wasted for Nigeria..GOD PURNISHED GEJ WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT..YOU SHALL NEVER RULED EVEN UR FAMILY AGAIN..SHOELESS LIAR..

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Arrant nonsense. This is a mere public announcement of what you privately did or have been doing in secret. Good riddance

  • Adebisi

    Ghali Na’Abba and APC should know that we all will die one day. So they should stop campaigning with the dead, troubled and bereaved.
    Ghali Na’Abba said that many of the founding fathers of PDP died out of frustration and today Ghali Na’Abba has expressed his frustration with the ruling party. Guess he should start getting ready to join his ancestors since he is frustrated with the party.
    Life is all about taking out the chaffs from the grain. APC is party that cares more about number than the credibility of their member.
    Nigeria will continue moving with the transformation. We will vote massively for GE

    • lukman


  • lilian ugo

    This is the hand work of APC. Well! I pity Ghali Na’Abba, his wife should give him a morning kiss with a divorce paper

  • Okey

    For long, Ghali Na’Abba has been complaining that his house in Kano was burnt in 2011 because of his support for Jonathan and when the first Ministerial nomination and appointment from Kano was made, he was bypassed; the second Minister (Shakerau) too was appointed, Na’abba was also bypassed. And worst of all, no ambassadorial appointment went his way. He has a reason, quite understood. But to hing it on “religion” and ethnicity caused by Jonathan,” dear Na’Abba, that’s a fraud, a hugely massive fraud !

  • Awojab

    This is a further evidence that the funeral ceremony of PDP is approaching. March4GMB.

    • Forward_Nigeria

      Where have you been …… are you not aware that that God Endorsed Jonathan (GEJ) ?

      • Enyi Enyi

        God? Please DO NOT INSULT the Almighty!

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          His almighty is GEJ

      • Sadiq Garba

        Which God? Your own?

  • August January

    I know PDP rats will say it’s APC that has forged this again. Leagues of Mumu who are still travelling with a wrecked ship called PDP will all perish with the ship when it finally sinks

    • djay

      The pdp rats are everywhere and will shall put them to extinction soon.

  • SAM .A

    Thank you Ex -Speaker Ghali Na’Abba for this bitter & lacerating truth, as u correctly observed ‘as the regime wobble and tumble toward upcoming election, the president transformed himself to Father Christmas in the month of lent leading to crucifixion of Christ , re located himself to Marina in Lagos ,instead of campaign , he started distributing $ & £ to Obas and groups in SW. with hope that this will compensate the electricity he did not provide(more darkness than light), the neglect he has visited on them. As he was doing this the buccaneers and the undertakers of the PDP are having their fist day.
    The truth you have prayed for, to illuminate their mind , will not work for this unpatriotic zealots, because they have hardened their heart , their judgement day is here 3/28 , they must have a head on collision with their destiny & destiny of the party ; People Deceiving & Destroying Party.

  • Truthometer

    Over to EFCC. It’s time to probe Ghali Na’Abba’s terms as the Speaker of the House. This is a directive from Dumbo’s office. Treat with urgent fierce. Report must reach presidency before March 28, 2015.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Another ex-this and ex-that languishing in abject obscurity and seeking relevance on a platform of blackmail. He must have shouted his voice hoarse in his demand for political largess, vowing to quit the party if ignored. Another pathetic rusty YESTERDAY’S MAN propelled by rapacious taste for cheap, public money. Check out on the intellect and values of a man who would have Buhari as leader.

  • Acosta

    Unscrupulous elements who add no value to the good governance of GEJ’S administration are finally leaving PDP and APC is waiting eagerly with arms wide open to welcome chaffs. Myopic individuals like Na Abba will stop at nothing to showcase their brainlessness. GEJ’S administration witnessed the equitable distribution of resources to all geopolitical zones and by far outperformed previous governments in all ramifications.
    The issue of ethnicity and religious divide arose from APC who wants to form the Nigerian version of Muslim Brotherhood with the sole aim of Islamizing Nigeria.
    Guilty people always point the first accusing finger.
    GEJ till 2019

    • blueeyedkitten

      anybody that leaves your party, you insult them. why? dont people have freedom of association any more? its this your draconian approaches to issues and your favourability for criminals over the founding fathers of your party, that has led to all this massive defections. the real pdp is gone. thanks to jonathan, his cabal and people like you.

    • Omooba

      Good governance in deed. Your ‘gej’ ruled for 6 years without anything to show apart from the support of the cohorts like you. Don’t you people have shame?

  • Shehu Monguno

    Ghali Umar Na’Abba sought reelection in April 2003. A few days before the election the Kano state chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Yusuf Kutamato, said he had been expelled from the PDP party due to “anti-party activities”. Na’Abba was defeated by the candidate of the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANP). He denied that he had been suspended from the PDP, and said his defeat was due to a conspiracy between the police, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the state government.

    In December 2005, he formally resigned from the People’s Democratic Party, along with other members of the Movement for the Defence of Democracy including Audu Innocent Ogbeh and Abubakar Rimi. Later, he joined the Action Congress (AC) party, led by former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar.

    In 2007, the leadership of Action Congress rejected his bid to be their candidate for governor of Kano State. He then returned to the PDP. In
    August 2009, Ghali Na’Abba was among former and current leaders who established the Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reform initiative in an attempt to push through reforms to the 1999 constitution, a difficult task requiring 2/3 majorities in both houses.

    • Hah!


  • samson john


    GMB the man of many firsts!

    First Nigerian leader to introduce kidnapping in Nigeria, by sending his kidnappers to kidnap Alhaji Umaru Dikko in faraway London.

    First Nigerian leader to order the execution of a woman.

    First Nigerian leader to pass retroactive laws and execute people, not based on the rule of law, but on spontaneous draconian laws which he invented himself.

    First Nigerian leader to introduce jail sentences lasting hundreds of years for mostly Southern Nigerians, but just a few years jail terms for Northern Nigerians.

    First Nigerian leader who cut off diplomatic ties with England.

    First Nigerian leader to cancel the Lagos metro line and deny Lagos State of having a metro line.

    First Nigerian leader who built no infrastructure for Nigeria as a military dictator.

    First Nigerian leader who deported most other Africans living in Nigeria.

    First Nigerian leader who clamped down on most fundamental human rights of nearly every Nigerian.

    First Nigerian leader who issued import licenses to his associates for everything, and ruined the Nigerian economy.

    First Nigerian leader who took Nigeria to pre-historic times and introduced trade by barter.

    First Nigerian leader who jailed anybody whom he perceived that criticized him, from journalists, artists, doctors, labour unionists to students.

    First Nigerian leader whose troops publicly humiliated and flogged many Nigerians in public. Nigerians please ask your parents about the real Buhari, as some were either publicly humiliated, flogged, jailed, tortured or even executed by Buhari.

    First Nigerian leader who did not accept defeat at the polls and incited his supporters, who killed thousands of innocent Nigerians. This is now a matter before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Buhari may be the first Nigerian leader to join Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo at the ICC in the Haque.

    First Nigerian leader who said publicly that he is for the total implementation of Sharia all over Nigeria, despite the over 85 million Christians living in Nigeria and this being against the constitution of Nigeria.

    First Nigerian leader who publicly said, that if he loses this February 14th elections, “the Baboons and Dogs will be soaked in blood”, calling for even more violence and bloodshed.

    First and only Nigerian leader whom Boko Haram appointed to be their trusted mediator, meaning, that he must know them and they must know him, for this trust to exist between themselves.

    First Nigerian leader who has presented no manifesto to the electorate, only the empty slogan of change, yet he seeks votes.

    First Nigerian leader who said he will fight corruption and insecurity, but has never told Nigerians how he will do it.

    First Nigerian leader who forged his school certificate and has refused to clarify the truth about his primary and secondary school education.

    First Nigerian leader who brought in two foreign consultants, AKPD and Burson Marsteller, to run his entire media campaign.

    First Nigerian leader who preaches Anti corruption, but is being sponsored and surrounded by Saint Tinubu, Saint Amaechi, Saint Rochas and foreign Arab backers.

    First Nigerian who shot his way to power, misruled Nigeria, was kicked out, yet, he has lost the elections three times and will lose this time again, because, he is serially unelectable.

    First Nigerian leader still seeking power at the good old age of 72, when his age mates are respectable retired grandfathers.

    First Nigerian leader exposing his wife and daughters as online models, to gain online twitter hits.

    First Nigerian leader who wept and publicly said that he will not seek office again in 2011, yet, he can never keep to his promise nor can he accept defeat.

    First Nigerian leader who seems to have no certificate and claims he had an F9 in Mathematics, yet, he is shameless to still want to contest an election to lead Nigeria in the 21st century.

    Let this be the first Nigerian leader, that we the Nigeri

  • Ike

    Naaba who?
    Another thing, I thought the credentials the opposition APC capitalized on to push GMB were mainly tribe and religion disguised under cries of Insecurity and Anti corruption, which the vast majority of GMB’s supporters don’t even understand and can’t relate with.
    We’re not deceived. Naaba should please tell us his real reasons.

    • ICC Hague

      Even the chairman People Demon Party Muazu said PDP is full of injustice, how do you expect PDP that has not done justice to their members, to do justice to Nigerians. No body will remain in PDP before the election , may be only GEJ and Lady hippo.

  • Ette

    All well meaning Nigerians must distance themselves from the wicked GEJ and PDP for destroying our beloved country. We know that election in first term is usually costly and for second term your achievements should earn votes for you. GEJ’s PDP and his unbridled corruption will kill Nigeria if he is allowed to rig himself back to power as he will spend the next 4 years stealing to recover all the bribe money he has dished out to buy or rig the election. Let us vote against this wickedness and stand to ensure our votes count. God bless Nigeria.

  • Clay

    No PDP dumped you. If you had collected the party’s gubernatorial ticket you wouldn’t be saying this. Another failed and aggrieved politician without relevance.

  • taiwo

    Another failed and angry politician on the prowl

  • ode

    Wasn’t he part of the PDP corruption all these years? Now defecting because he believes Buhari will win, so he needs to be where the money will be following come May 29. Will joining APC change his character? He will remain the same thief.

    • taiwo

      Buhari will only win in his dreams,an amalgamation of failed and angry politicians will never rule this country

      • ICC Hague

        GEJ himself Know that Buhari is the winner, that is why he postponed the February election, victory is certain for Buhari, come 28 march Nigerians will flush GEJ to otouke.

        • taiwo

          and another e rodent is here,APC’s money is really working wonders in this forum

  • Gbenizibe Amachree

    Resign quietly and stop whipping up religious and ethnic sentiments after all you have been up there ever since with no memorable achievement to your credit,If you think you timed your action to see the downfall of GEJ,you failed.

    • Daniel

      No memorable achievements? It’s too soon to forget about the 13% derivation during OBJ’s regime.

  • Eze1

    The man is broke

    • Progress

      And then leave PDP? Reflect again upon your line of thought

  • favourtalk

    The house had crumbled. What a shame to the end of umbrella part that suffered the country for 16 years. Nemesis is here, we need change

  • richkid

    A change into violence! Into killing etc. Gej has no opposition here. Pls vote GEJ

  • richkid

    Look at a man who has got his eyes as dirty as this claims to reason well. The truth is that the best Apc can produce is not equal to the list in pdp. This man was a speaker when Ghana must go bags containing money was brought into the house of REP’S for the first time ever. People who call themselves political hustlers! Get paid and say rubish. But you can’t stop the divine mandate!! GEJ all the way

  • hannes

    You all here are either fools or prefer to sell your birthright and your future generation’s for the little gains.Politics is no longer a thing of ethnic minority but hopefully you’ll see the light.GEJ my ass.Zombie way;;

  • begy

    Did you say ex- ,speaker? If so, he is expired and can be flushed into the garbage. Who cares. He is only shopping around for greener pastures.