Neither Jonathan nor Buhari can make Nigeria better – Gani Adams

Gani Adams
Gani Adams

Neither President Goodluck Jonathan nor his major challenger in this month’s presidential elections, Muhammadu Buhari, can make Nigeria better unless the foundation of the country is restructured, the leader of the Odua Peoples Congress, Gani Adams, has said.

Mr. Adams, who spoke on Saturday in Abeokuta, Ogun State, said the constitution upon which Nigeria is governed is defective and should be changed.

“When we are looking for original change in Nigeria, it’s not about the individual or personality,” he said at the Lisabi Day Celebration in Abeokuta. “It’s about the constitution, the system, the institution. You can only change the system through a genuine constitution by the people.”

“The constitution given to us in 1999, no millions of Buhari can move this country forward without a constitutional change; no millions of Jonathan can move it forward, if you don’t change the constitution.
“If you don’t practise true federalism according to the way it should be practised like in the United States, Nigeria cannot move forward.”

Mr. Adams, who supports Mr. Jonathan’s re-election bid, added that “to move this country forward for a change, we must change the constitution first.

“We must change the structure and we must re-orientate our people. But for you to re-orientate our people, the document for running the country, the constitution, must change because when you have a bad book to run the country, there is no way the orientation and psyche of the people can change.”

While mentioning some of the arrangements he considers defective in the Nigerian structure, Mr. Adams said, “You can imagine, the individual state cannot control their own security, the order must come from Abuja; the states cannot control their own electricity.

“You can imagine, cases have to be decided finally by the Supreme Court in Abuja. These are some of the things we corrected in the recent National Conference that ended last year.

“About 633 recommendations were passed to the government and we categorized them in three sectors–the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Executive – so that Nigeria can move forward. There is a limit to which we can blame Jonathan.”

Defending his call for practise of true federalism, Mr. Adams said if Borno State had its own state police, the Boko Haram crisis  would not have gotten out of hand as the state government would have checkmated the insurgents before calling on the federal police.

“But in a situation where you are expecting orders from Abuja, only one structure of police with a population of 200 million people and 243 ethnic nationalities, it will be extremely difficult,” he said. “Every nationality will play the game in the interest of his ethnic nationality in the system.”
The leader of the Yoruba socio-cultural group also stated his reason for supporting Mr. Jonathan’s re-election bid.

“The issue of Jonathan is not much problem,” he said. ” Although he has his own shortcoming, based on the issue of the Chibok girls and others, security challenges, but this man has tried his own best and this man has promised that he would implement the outcome of the National Conference.
Speaking on his opposition to Mr. Buhari’s candidature, Mr. Adams said “the problem I have with Buhari is that he was one of the people who criticised that conference when we were being nominated as delegates. And my brother, (Bola) Tinubu was the one that said that it’s a diversionary tactics. Buhari does not believe in the progressive ways.”
Mr. Adams spoke further on his disagreement with former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu, who is a leader of Mr. Buhari’s All Progressives Congress.

“Tinubu was one of the people we learnt true federalism from. I learnt true federalism from Tinubu. We saw him as a hero 12 years ago but a sudden change in his ideology gave me a serious thought,” he said.
“I don’t have any serious issue about them because I’m not a government official but notwithstanding I have the right to defend my own future. I’m leading an organization of millions of people and I will not lead them the wrong way.

“If it is the wish of President Jonathan to implement the outcome of the National Conference, let him be the president for a second term. That’s our position. That’s the position of OPC, Gani Adams, Fasehun. That’s the position of Afenifere. That’s the position of the Yoruba Council of Elders, that’s the position of many self-determination groups.

“Yet some civil society groups have kept quiet on these issues. So, we need to move this country forward on the basis of structure and not about saying Buhari will come to perform miracle. When Buhari was in power, it was Buhari/Idiagbon government, not only Buhari. Idiagbon did much of the job in government. Buhari was just the administrator. Idiagbon was the master-strategist of that government.”

On the teenage girls kidnapped last April from their school in Chibok, Borno State, the OPC leader said he believed the girls were no more on Nigeria soil,and therefore called on Federal Government to beam its search on the neighbouring countries of Chad and Niger
“You are talking of Chibok girls. I believe those girls are not in Nigeria. If they were, they could have got them back. I believe the government should search beyond Nigeria. They should search Niger and Chad. We should look beyond Nigeria. 230 girls within age range of 15 years and you say they are still within our territory. It’s not easy with the kind of security network we have in this country.”

Speaking further on how he believes Nigeria is being governed, Mr. Adams said, “Nigeria has got to a stage that our system is over-rotten. We have got to a stage that we are recycling some families in government since the 60s and we are recycling some Mafia.

“When we are looking for original change in Nigeria, it’s not about the individual or personality.”
On Nigeria’s various culture, Mr. Adams said government was not doing enough to promote it; but explained that since the  government could not do it alone,there should be a synergy between the government and private organizations.

“In the whole world, it’s not only government that promotes culture or sustain identity. Nigeria is a complex nation; we have about 242 ethnic nationalities. So, every nationality has to take its destiny in its own hands. You must not depend on the government.

“If you depend on the government, it will be confused. Which one should we promote amongst the others and there is no culture that is inferior. So, it’s a duty and responsibility for individual ethnic nationalities to make sure they promote their culture. When it’s becoming popular, the government, whether state or federal will want to be part of it.

“Outside the shores of Nigeria, when a good thing comes from your compound though it doesn’t belong to your family, you’ll tell outsiders that this is part of my family. But in a situation where you don’t package it well, you don’t organize it well, you don’t inform people about the uniqueness and goodness of it,

definitely they will not align with it. Even if we are doing anything, a person who does not have knowledge of religion will continue to demonize it.”


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  • Wähala

    Confused clown. When change truly comes with the new dispensation, these fringe groups… MASSOB, OPC, MEND, ACF, Ombatse Cult and Arewa dis-n-dat movements, should be outlawed and their miscreant leaders rounded up if they seek to destabilize the restructuring of Nigeria along economic, security, infrastructural fault lines. This tout obviously pocketed his dirty dollars from Dumbo and is now hedging by sitting on the wall after realizing his influence in Yoruba land only ends with agberos. After the elections is when he, Fayose, FFK, Koro, Buruji, Bode George et al, will sing a different song or bolt into exile… Cowardly Thugs!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Thanks, @Wahala.

      You took the words right off me!

      There was nothing ‘original’ in everything he said.

      Sounded like a carpenter that saw so many pieces of wood and nails at the same time and is in a hurry to hammer everything together and call it “furniture for sale”!

      • Wale

        Your problem is that you are weak thinkers. Every weak thinker will always attack personality and ignore real issue. Gain Adams raised issues like foundational problem emanating from the fraudulent 1999 constitution of Nigeria but because your mind cannot comprehend that you conveniently ignore that and attack him. Do you think the country can move forward and progress under the burden of the 1999 constitution? Read the article once again and address the points raised honestly, that is if you know what honesty means.

        • ologbin

          Wale, your comment is appreciated. But the preference of Jonathan by Gani Adams is contradictory and sound fraudulent against the fundamental issue of constitutional changes he is proposing .

          • Wale

            His preference of Jonathan is not fraudulent in my humble view, it is personal and constitutional. Are you honestly expecting every intelligent being to be supporting your candidate? Election into the presidency is coming up this year. Gani Adams has his preference based on his belief that Jonathan may implement confab recommendations while Buhari will never consider it. You do not need to consult oracle to know that Buhari will never implement it.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            The paucity of your intellect is laid bare by the fact that your position conveniently ignores the antecedent of a man who is more renowned for not keeping previous promises.

            I fail to appreciate how you intelligently fathom that he would now suddenly reform and start honouring words which he never did.

            Further, you hinge your support on some utopian restructuring as if that would be the magic wand to resolving the myriad of problems that stae creation and proliferation of local governments have failed to resolved. Rather, you hearken back to a sense of “regionalism” that would only serve to create so many fiefdoms to the same set of thieves that are stealing at federal, state and local government levels.

            I am all for devolution of power, but it must be preceded by a sanitisation of the polity as it is currently structured.

            Until the approach to politics and a reform of the present political class is undertaken, any other approach is akin to putting the cart before the horse.

            Please think beyond the obvious. Learning to regurgitate nice sounding terms etc does not equate reasoned and deep thinking.

            People like BAT wanted devolution, but saw beyond the cosmetic palliatives being offered by GEJ to gullible offal consumers – that is why he did not support the “talkshop”. Neither did I.

            If GEJ thought anything important about it either, he would not have shelved the report with 10 months of his present term remaining.

          • Jika

            On point!!!!!!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thanks, bruv.

          • Rotimi Lawanson

            So you would rather gamble your future and the whole of SW region with a man that wants to entrench the Fulani hegemony in all ramifications? Please be careful. Let us not deceive ourselves by jumping from frying pan to fire. I can never be deceived by all this posturing by Buhari. A man that never helped anyone, never improved himself outside of office, never accomplished anything tangible outside of office and was an ethnic champion suddenly wants us to believe he is born again. Never! Please listen to Fela’s Beasts of No Nation. He spoke some home truths there and you are best advised to follow.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, all you need to convince me about the plethora of accusations you just
            laid against GMB is ONE PROOF.

            You accuse me of “gambling” because I refuse to further accept the words of a man who is not known for keeping his words. I offer no apology for being sensible, in that case.

            Have you not heard the saying about a man f00ling you once, and then twice? Who becomes the f00l if once bitten, he then allows himself to be bitten once more?

            Bruv, abeg, park well.

          • Funso

            Ọmọ ale ni ẹ.

          • Funso

            Ọmọ ale Wale.

        • truth is bitter

          So for the past 12 years he did not know the constitution is faulty only 3 weeks to election is when he is realizing that. I see.

          • Rotimi Lawanson

            This is an opportunity to change the constitution. Would you rather have a man that defends the status quo constitution wise or one who wants to change it to reflect the wishes and aspirations of Nigerians?

          • Funso

            Rotẹ ọmọ àlè.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          @Wale, would “weak thinking” explain why you have chosen to focus on my person too?

          It would also raise your own credibility if you can point out where I had attacked his person rather than his ideas.

          The problem with people like you is that you wallow too much in filth to even notice it, except in others!

          • Rotimi Lawanson

            Kay you have displayed weak thinking.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Clap for yourself, Rotimi.

            In the meantime, I await your response to your other non sequitur.

        • Wähala

          You don’t even qualify as a thinker else you would know that Dumbo has failed (as usual) to implement the recommendations of the NatCon which he wasted N7bn to organize. Why not wonder why Gani is not calling on Dumbo to effect the changes recommended by the Egba delegates to that conference? The Constitution is junta-made but amended in 1999, a Sovereign National Conference was initially resisted by Jona Dumbo only for him to make a U-turn and convene a nat’l conference, since they finished their deliberations nko… how far? Gani Adams is nothing but a common tout, simple as that.

          • Wale

            And what are you. A philosopher king? If Gani Adams is not saying it right what is the way forward? In my humble opinion I have scrutinized the activities of your man, Buhari and his “promoters” and I am afraid for the country. The “change” slogan they adopted has no practical meaning to them vis-a-vis the common man in the street. The slogan is a gimmick for high jacking the government through the masses for their personal gains. Take a critical look at all the funny characters advocating for change surrounding him, those who are governors among them have practically ran their respective states to the ground and still holding tenaciously to power while advocating for change in the federal. How many of these governors prosecuted a corrupt officials in their state. Please name one.

          • Funso

            Wálé ọmọ àlè.

        • Funso

          àlè ọmọ.

      • Rotimi Lawanson

        Kay i am disappointed that someone supposedly learned as yourself cannot appreciate the fundamental structural issues in Nigeria. How can you have a situation where in one state like Kano, the Emir’s palace is a local government and receives free money every month from the Federal coffers. Where do you see that in the South? How can a tiny state like Jigawa have more local governments than Lagos? Please keep quiet if you don’t understand the issues at hand. We cannot continue with a lopsided constitution designed to favor the Hausa Fulani Muslims. We must address this!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Mr. Lawanson, I am struggling to bridle my contempt for educated, but unintelligent adults who grace public threads such as these without evidence of applying critical analysis to matters they chose to comment upon.

          In “Kano, the Emir’s palace is a local government and receives free money every month from the Federal coffers”. Really? Are you for real?

          Please go back to the beer parlour from whence your moribund thoughts emanate. You are on the wrong platform here.

        • Funso

          ale ọmọ.

  • Funso

    Olè.Ọmọ àlè.

  • Elis Davia

    GMB is never an option

    • Trendy

      give us an option.. maybe your dad will be beta

      • truth is bitter

        His daddy is also not relevant. Who knows him?

    • truth is bitter

      And you are never relevant.

  • Comfortkay

    When OPC first started people thought they have the interest of Yoruba in their heart and people were talking of Gani Adams but this day what do we have is bunch of sycophant who running after Federal government Contacts and their own pocket.
    Jonathan was well informed and he gave and dish out Dollars to a person like Gani to occupied newspaper and talk on his behalf. Gani is really an Hungry man.

    • Rotimi Lawanson

      How is he a sycophant? Do you even know the structural problems in Nigeria? How can you have a situation where in one state like Kano, the Emir’s palace is a local government and receives free money every month from the Federal coffers. Where do you see that in the South? How can a tiny state like Jigawa have more local governments than Lagos? Please keep quiet if you don’t understand the issues at hand. We cannot continue with a lopsided constitution designed to favor the Hausa Fulani Muslims. We must address this!

      • Comfortkay

        I know Gani Adams and l know why he is talking on Nigerian newspaper just because of oil pipeline contract.

      • Funso

        ỌMỌ ÀLÈ.

  • Gbelegbo

    He has confirmed that he is supporting GEJ because of his stomach. GEJ has just given him and his OPC the contract to guide pipeline in south west, very soon there will be serous fight with Fasheun group on how to share the bounty

    • Rotimi Lawanson

      Where did you see that in the article? When someone speaks the truth and you can’t handle it you start talking nonsense. Go and be a slave to Buhari. I will never be!

      • eddy

        What truth? This tout called Gani is now making noise cause he has been awarded contracts… well it can only happen cos of our desperate president called Jonathan… if not wetin go give this thug mouth to talk?!

        Soon all this will change. March 28, we are kicking Jonathan and the 40 thieves out of aso rock.

      • Funso

        OMO ALE

      • DazzlingSmile

        Abeg shut up, have you not been a slave to GEJ for over 6 yrs now? Bunch of low life f00ls make senseless comments

      • GEJisaDISASTER

        We have tried and concluded that GEJ is just a failure but a reproach. Let’s try Buhari and if he doesn’t perform, we change him in 4yrs time. Never again should Nigerians be slave to mediocrity!!

      • Gbelegbo

        Omo ale ni o man fi owo osi ju we Ile baba.

  • OPC Chief Gani Adams, are you ready to give back Jonathan’s graft to him? Or is it the case that he didn’t settle you yet? Or the national conference money finished? Why a change in your language?
    Sai Buhari, Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, March 28, Vote Buhari, DESTROYER of Maitatsine and Boko Haram and of all Corruption in government, as President of Nigeria.

    • ilesanmi

      Please read the piece again.

      • Funso

        omo ale.

    • OLU

      Lack of education and enlightenment is a disease. Please, go and enlighten yourself. Did you read the article before making comments?

  • Trendy

    MASSOB, OPC, MEND, ACF, Ombatse Cult and Arewa dis-n-dat movements, should be outlawed to pave way for new Nigeria.. No such movement occur where there’s need for modernization.

    • Wähala

      MASSOB should not even be interested in the affairs of Nigeria if you know what the acronym stands for. OPC, MEND and Ombatse Cult are all terrorists who use violence to advocate change. Any genuine movement for modernization does not need to destroy what needs to be modernized, and certainly do not need to waste human lives to make their visionless statements. Even the IRA, ETA, RAF in Europe all warned citizens to stay away from their threatened or actual bomb sites. Yet, they were all outlawed by their respective governments until some of their political wings accepted dialogue which is the only way to go in civilized agitation for self determination or anything. Go Sitdon!

  • ilesanmi

    Whether any body believes Gani Adams or not there is no way Nigeria can change for better if we continue with present bogus federalism. The implementation of the CONFAB recommendations is the Panacea. Can Buhari who was opposed to the CONFAB ever implement its recommendations? We must thing right.

    • Funso

      ọmọ ale.

  • samson john

    Presently GEJ is d best candidate

    • Tunsj

      Speak for yourself.

    • DazzlingSmile

      Yes for your family

  • Amir

    These people are so mischievous. They have nothing to hold on to support a man who has ruled for about 6 years except an illegal national conference. Recall that agitation for national conference arose because of Jonathan’s failure in providing leadership which to his party PDP became so embarrassing. PDP’s failure is not Nigeria’s failure. We’ve not had alternative leadership at the centre, so why think a national conference is the solution?. There is nothing about national conference that any president can implement. No serious country needs national conference to tackle corruption, arrest the decay in the education and infrastructure, or provide jobs for the teeming unemployed. You don’t need a national conference to address impunity, abuse of office. There is anti-money laundering law, in a country that promotes cashless transaction, yet the president carries cash in foreign currency to dole out to groups and literally bribe all traditional rulers. No volume of national conference can stop such disgusting recklessness if the president continues to use national wealth as his personal property. Did national conference provide for the sacking of the minister who scammed unemployed graduates, and sent them to their early graves? Did national conference recommend the court trial of the minister who procured two bullet proof cars at an outrageous price, and is now heading to the senate to make laws? Did national conference stop the clearance of the Obanikoro’s whose contribution to democracy is to rig elections and intimidate a serving soldier into weeping? Did national conference provide for an overbearing unconstitutional office of the first lady at state and national level? How can a failed national conference that recommended creation of additional 18 states increase the international oil price, or stop borrowing and squandering of foreign reserves?
    The national conference packaged by short sighted, greedy ethnic politicians have been rendered worthless by today’s realities which is the onset of harsh austerity measures, non payment of salaries, impending retrenchment, empty treasury and inflation. Advocates of national conference have no point. The position of APC at that time was for the government to fine tune Obasanjo’s national conference recommendations of 2005, and save cost. A wasteful government decided to produce an unimplementable term paper, even when the national assembly have approved a new constitution. Who marks a term paper after a thesis?

  • taiwo

    That is a detribalised Nigerian speaking,.what he is too diplomatic to reveal to the world is that the yoruba nation is united in their zeal to free itself of Tinubu’s stranglehold

    • Funso

      ỌMỌ ALE.

      • taiwo

        da giri doro, omo toyi o gbon

        • Funso

          táíwò ọmọ àlè.

          • ilesanmi

            Funso, your endless use of the phrase “OMO ALE” is suggesting something pitiable about your background.

          • Funso

            ilésanmí ọmọ àlè.

        • DazzlingSmile

          Afofun gbe mu

      • DazzlingSmile

        Omo ale ni abi omo ofo

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Free themselves from Tinubu and follow no direction under Jonathan?

  • Elis Davia

    GMB at his age, should be retired

    • SAM .A

      The topic above is about Gani Adams & his opinion , not about GMB , go & re read it. Buhari is a retired general, now a democrat that lots of Nigerians are rooted for as agent of change , wait till 28/3. & see his elevation.

      • Elis Davia

        GMB will never be a democrat, read some of his statements he has made.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      While Jonathan has proved fishing and drinking Oogogoro which his mother taught him is better for him

      • Elis Davia

        Am not surprised at your words, abuse and violence are two common elements found in the camp of APC. GMB has previously called for total sharia law in all of Nigeria and has repeatedly said he will not recognise the elections if he feels cheated, statements which signalled alarm for some.

    • yeko

      Shameless, if a 70+ old man can be called upon to salvage us from corruption riddle government then it is sad. And you fools are still opposing him because of few dollars that you collected. Money that will be spent within days.

      • Elis Davia

        What you have refused to realise is that GMB committed so many crimes against humanity as a military head of state which was so terrible that another military set intervened

    • DazzlingSmile

      Is that all you got?

      • Elis Davia

        GMB time in power was marked by strict sanctions taken against those who opposed the law or his government, part of a campaign called the “war against indiscipline.” Armed with an idealised ed view of society, GMB sought to educate Nigerian society by whip and police baton.

  • justme

    And in the light of this matter GEJ is certainly the better option!

    • DazzlingSmile


  • SAM .A

    Gani Adams the illiterate leader of a faction of OPC has transformed their group into militant wing of PDP in SW. He is going to find out on 3/28, and 5/29 , that Nigerians have decided to put all militant groups out of service , their contract gone with the wind of change.In a New Nigeria, Adam Ganiyu, Asari Dokubo & others will be put in dustbin of history.

    • Tunsj

      Well put. Gani Adams talks from both sides of his mouth.

  • A. N. Baba-Kutigi

    If non of them will take us to the greatest height
    . why are you supporting GEJ?

    • DE KING

      Go back and read the article again!

  • Aliyu Muhammad

    Then watch and see on March28 how Buhari will transform Nigeria in just 6 months

    • DE KING

      A dictator? lol…

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    This is opinion of former carpenter and leader of thuggery organization. Reasonable people knows:
    1. Jonathan=failure while Buhari=success
    2. Jonathan=clueless and Buhari=Has direction
    3, jonathan=inscurity and Buhari=security
    4. jonathan=corruption and Buhari=transparency
    5. Jonathan=five presidents while Buhari=one president etc.
    You are among the bunch of idiots who endorsed Jonathan on what ground are you comparing the two. Are you changing you endorsement?

  • yeko

    Gani Adams wise up, don’t be use to create problem in your father land. GEJ is deceiving you, he will dump you later.

  • CommonSense

    It’s an irony that some Yoruba elders commentators here believe that Jonathan can singlehandedly implement the decisions taken at the so-called national conference which was nervously organized by Goodluck Jonathan in order to calm down strayed nerves at some point his government was loosing steam. No implementation can be done without the approval of the national assembly which is presently dominated by the “powerful” North who detest true federalism and will fight tooth and nail to prevent any such implementation. Those who have a stronghold on the oil wells in the Niger Delta are from the North and will do everything using the wealth they have accumulated to sabotage any change to the status quo. If I may ask, why has Jonathan’s government been withholding the document without doing anything with it, but now promising what it wouldn’t do if re-elected.
    I see a problem with Nigerians and even with the so-called elites are unpatriotic. Elections in Nigeria should be based on issues and what is best for everyone, not tribal, religious or fraternal sentiments. The current government has failed its citizens in so many obvious ways and will not do anything different if returned to power on May 28, 2015. Nigeria needs a change for the good of all and the only alternative it has is to vote a repentant and more experienced hand that Buhari represents. Mind you, I am Christian, Nigerian and a Yoruba.

  • Gani Adam has even admitted Jonathan has shortcomings. I hope this comment will not set him on war path with Fani-Kayode, Abati and Fayose.

  • CommonSense

    The various compromised Yoruba elders and groups that ignorantly believe and trust Jonathan to fulfill their dream of Federalism will live to regret it if Jonathan is returned as President of Nigeria in May. The country may end up in an abyss from which it may never recover in generations to come. Most of the present crop of political rulers (not leaders) in Nigeria, whether they are called Ibrahim or Samson aren’t patriotic, but inherently corrupt, selfish, brainless and don’t learn from history. I refer them to the book of Solomon in the Holy Bible……….all their ill-gotten wealth will surely fly away the same way it came.

  • chi ngobar

    If neither Buhari nor Jonathan can make Nigeria better, can you? Between Buhari and Jonathan, Buhari clearly stands out.

    • umolu

      One person does not matter in a country especially one like Nigeria. What is Buhari going to do about known crooks like Atiku,Tinubu,Amaechi etc?What new wine can Jonathan produce in an old bottle?Until the structure of the country is changed from a unitary way of running the country to a true federation nothing would solve the mountain of problems that face the country. Right now, Nigeria is a make believe.

  • jesssymma

    Jonathan will do better than all

    • DazzlingSmile

      After 6 yrs? use your head

      • Psi Ciroma


        • DazzlingSmile

          He has been acting before then

          • Psi Ciroma

            He began acting Feb 2010..still only 5 years …. EXAGGERATION is UNNECESSARY for A True Researcher

          • DazzlingSmile

            Okay Okay Okay and what has he achieved?

          • Psi Ciroma

            Well the truth is that after his first year, forces have focused on unseating him …for the first time in Nigeria’s history.
            Unfortunately we have to be content in our online struggle as the youths are totally out of the big picture in this contest

          • DazzlingSmile

            But you agreed he is a big failure

          • DazzlingSmile


  • August January

    It is dollar that is now talking all over Yorubaland since the elections were postponed. Who heard this useless thief and terrorist talk on national matters before Jonathan relocated to the South West after the postponement? But after dollars exchanged hands, every mediocre and self appointed Yoruba leader who can’t even influence a single vote started talking about CONFAB. For 6 years, if the only reason Jonathan should be reelected is CONFAB implementation, then he’s really a monumental failure as he’s been consistently internationally recognized

  • Dr.Dan

    GEJ promise of implementing the national conference report and Buhari silence on the matter is turning the tide in the South west. though the odd still favours Buhari, I believe this recent politicking by GEJ and the recent military exploits would affect the outcome of the election. The margin of victory or defeat will be thin.

    • JACK


  • Ayodele

    Unfortunately, there is nothing Jonathan can do except rigging to win this election. In taxi cab, newspaper stand, within families that I know, etc., everybody want change. Instead of dolling out money now, both naira and dollar, Jonathan should have made the lives of majority of Nigerians that voted massively for him in 2011 better.

  • Curseless

    I believe the pipe line security contract Gani is vying for have developed a K-leg because he is seeing the light now.

  • New Nigerian

    Mr. Gani Adams – Your angling to be the South Western equivalent of Dokubo-Tompolo as the safeguard of Jonathan-oil-cartel of “theft” of 400,000+ barrels of crude oil per day would not happen. We will vote in Buhari who wants to be a humble chief servant of the masses and sunset the administration of the oil sheik Jonathan.

    Having said that, on the day after the landslide election of Buhari, Nigeria and the world would already be a better place, hope will fill the land and the renowned creative energy of Nigerians the world over and all good people of the world would be available to be tapped to make Nigeria better because security, corruption would take a hike would be on the run which can only lead to great things for Nigeria.

    I’d close with the followings quotation that would help you realize that not having that continuing would be a HUGE relief for Nigerians and the world:

    Femi Fani Kayode, in his speech delivered in Ife Town Hall, Ile Ife on September 23, 2013 has the followings to say about Jonathan, take a read – (and sorry Mr. Fani Kayode, you can run but you cannot hide, we believed what you told us then as we can independently verify by ourselves as true. They were not “your views” and just so you know I am a patriot who does not belong to any party):

    “””It is only under this Federal Government that, according to Rotimi Amaechi the Governor of Rivers state, two powerful, sophisticated, well-armed and highly efficient combat helicopters can be ordered and brought into the country to fight and bring an end to the massive oil theft that has gone on in the Niger Delta area for the last three years yet when those helicopters arrived the President simply refused to use and deploy them for reasons best known to himself. I have the utmost respect for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is especially because I am someone who had the privilage of working in that office for three years before I became a Federal Minister when I was spokesman to President Olusegun Obasanjo. Yet even though my respect for that office remains intact I am constrained to say that I have nothing but contempt for the way that it is presently being run and I have no qualms about criticising the performance of our President and his government. As a matter of fact I consider it as part of my civic duty to do so. The truth is that this government is fast living up to it’s reputation of being utterly clueless and manifestly dishonest. Worse still their incompetence, whether it is to do with the handling of security matters or the economy has no bounds and knows no end.

    I say this because more people have been killed by terrorists under the watch of President Goodluck Jonathan and in the last three years than at any other time in our history outside the period of the civil war. 7000 Nigerians have met their bloody end at the hands of Boko Haram in the last three years and even as we speak today there are paerts of our country that are under lock down and in a state of emergency where innocent Nigerians are being slaughtered by our own security forces. Under this President Nigeria has become an abbatoir of human flesh and blood yet he still has the sheer effontry to say that he wants to return to power in 2015 and some around him have said that ”if Goodluck is not re-elected in 2015 there will be bloodshed”. Such threats and such words against the Nigerian people yet no-one in government has seen fit to call those that harbour such bloody and violent sentiments to order. What a government we have and what a country and what a people we are. The President has divided his own party and his own nation more than any other President in the history of Nigeria simply due to his lust for power and his blind ambition to succeeed himself at all costs in 2015. Yet regardless of his desperation and their threats this must not be allowed to happen. We must not allow it to happen regardless of the efforts of the fifth columnists amongst us in yorubaland that still support him for the crumbs that they are getting from his table. If he comes back in 2015, by the time he finishes in 2019 the yoruba will have been reduced to nothing but errand boys and slaves to others. That is the hidden agenda. Worse still Nigeria will be irretrievably destroyed and she will never be the same again. The challenge of every self-respecting yoruba man today is therefore simple and clear- we must stop Jonathan from coming back to office in 2015 and we must vote him out of power when the time comes. We must do this for the sake of our people in the south-west and we must do so for the sake of the people of Nigeria.

    It is with this background in mind and in the knowledge of President Goodluck Jonathan’s desperate and unholy intention to return to power at all costs in 2015 that I feel compelled to share the following words of wisdom from our Royal Father, the Alafin of Oyo, HRH Oba Lamidi Adeyemi with you. Just a few days ago he said the following- “My fatherly advice to those in authority at the federal level and especially our amiable President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, is to learn from the mistakes of his very illustrious predecessor, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, by resisting any temptation to take the ‘west by all means.’” Kabiyesi has spoken well and a word is enough for the wise.

    A few more words on President Jonathan. Two days ago he reportedly asked the Nigerian people to ”leave him alone” and let him ”do his job” and challenged us to point out, with facts and figures, evidence of his corruption. I will do so here and now by simply asking a few questions which I had originally asked in another speech at another distinguished gathering in Lagos on April 2013 and which they refused to answer. Now that our President has thrown down the gauntlet and asked us to challenge him perhaps these questions will now be answered. The questions are as follows.

    When will our President and his ”today’s men” answer David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’s, question and tell him what they did with the 100 billion USD that they made from oil sales in the last two years? When will they answer the question that many of us have asked over and over again about how they squandered 67 billion USD of our foreign reserves? When will they answer the question that Nasir El Rufai asked sometime back about how they spent over 350 billion naira on security vote in one year alone? When will they answer the many questions that Pat Utomi and many other distinguishedand courageous leaders and ”yesterday’s men” have raised about the trillions of naira that have been supposedly spent on oil subsidy payments in the last two years? When will they implement the findings and recommendations of the Nuhu Ribadu report on the thievery that has gone on in the oil sector? When will they cultivate the guts and find the courage to respond to a call for a public debate to defend their abysmal record? When will these ”today’s men” stop being so reckless with our money? Why would our ”today’s man” FCT Minister budget 5 billion for the ”rehabilitatioin of prostitues in the Abuja”? Why would he budget 7.5 billion naira for a new ”FCT city gate”? Why would he budget 4 billion naira for some kind of building or centre for the First Lady? Why would the Federal Government of ”todays men” budget 1 billion naira for food in the Villa? Are these the priorities of ”today’s men”? And all this when Nigeria is back in foreign debt to the tune of 9 billion USD and is still borrowing, when local debt has hit almost 50 billion USD, when 40 per cent of the Nigerian people are unemployed, when 80 per cent of our graduates are unemploymed, when 40 per cent of Nigerians do not have access to good food and are described by the U.N.D.P as being ”hungry”, when 50 per cent of our oil production is being stolen on a daily basis by pirates and bunkerers and when 70 per cent of Nigerians are living below the poverty line? Is this the vision of ”today’s men”? If so, may God deliver Nigeria.

    So much destruction and disaster all wrought in the space of three years and by just one man. That is the legacy of President Goodluck Jonathan and his ”todays men”. Yet just as it took one man to take us to these dingy and depressing depths so it will take one man to lift us up again to the heights of glory….””.


  • Bassey

    Gani Adams is a confused man and i believe Nigerians knows about.

  • Divine West

    Nigerians can’t trust people like G-Adams because they all always thinking about there-self.

  • Nelson David

    If only people like can see what Jonathan is going to Nigeria than you will know that he(Jonathan) can make this country better with our help.

  • chinwe davis

    Excuse me, what are you saying., if its GMB yeah, but GEJ for naija.

  • Gani Adams stop your meaningless ranting, if there’s any candidate that will sure transform Nigeria is jonathan, with all he has been doing, what more can we ask for from a leader like GEJ, keep it up

  • MushinSpeaks

    After collecting dollars…this man….CHANGE is imminent..

    • samuel

      Transformation by the president is the surest way to move us forward as an indivisible nigeria.

  • leave gani adams is high, he should arrange his mouth well before speaking.

  • ubong ekanem

    PGEJ is the man to move us forward

  • Marvelous

    I doubt if many commentators here read this article before commenting.
    Pls Nigerians endeavour to read at least before going off like loose canon in your commentaries.

  • kemi

    PGEJ is moving nigeria forward



  • Etega

    Gani really?! Why the double mouth all of a sudden?. Crock!!!.

  • nwaeke

    Jonathan is good for Nigeria,,,

  • Ukpono

    Gani should keep it low already before he turns himself into a media laughing stock.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    Relating to the implementation of the outcome of the National Conference, i am 100% convinced that GEJ will do it.

  • kingsley obi

    President Jonathan will create so much job opportunity for our youths with the plans he has one ground.

    • Abanj

      You mean the same plans he had for four yrs that didn’t create anything. When graduates are becoming bus conductor

  • bello isah

    Gani should leave the decision for Nigerians to make.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Gani dollars talking remember an Ijaw man does not have cow to give you.

  • jesssymma

    How Northern Nigeria’s Violent History Explains Boko Haram
    Long before this extremist group arose, other radicals terrorized the region, British former administrator says.

    Muslim Kanuri horsemen ride in the independence day durbar in Kaduna, the regional capital of northern Nigeria at the time. Nigeria gained its independence from the U.K. in 1960.
    By John Hare, National Geographic
    PUBLISHED MARCH 14, 2015

    In the northern Nigerian town of Gombe, I became a registered alcoholic at the age of 22.

    The year was 1957, and I was starting out as a district officer (the last to be recruited by the British government for service in northern Nigeria) just three years before the country won its independence.

    The only way I could enjoy a “drink” in Gombe—a sleepy mud-brick township, laid out by the British in the 1920s, where Islamic laws were in force—was to issue myself an “addict’s license.” That document allowed me to obtain liquor from the “pagan” city of Jos, 175 miles (280 kilometers) away.

    In my administrative capacity, I also had the authority to issue addict’s licenses to the 12 other expatriate Europeans who lived in Gombe. I doubt many other towns in the world can claim the distinction of having their entire expatriate community registered as alcoholics.

    I lived in a circular, thatched mud house and rode to work on my horse, which I hitched to a rail outside my office.

    Gombe was essentially a happy place, presided over by a benign and astute Muslim emir of the Fulani tribe and a team of enlightened councillors. Apart from the odd dispute over a woman or land, there was little violence. Gambling was frowned on, but a blind eye was turned toward the drumming and dancing that in a pre-television age carried on throughout the year, except during the month of Ramadan.

    Kanuri men draw water at Lake Chad, in the northeast corner of Nigeria, the heart of the old Borno Empire. Today, the Nigerian army and Boko Haram have been fighting intensive battles for the town of Baga, situated by the shore of the lake.

    But today Gombe is on the front lines of the obscene and bloody battle waged by Boko Haram to impose an extreme interpretation of Islam on the whole of northern Nigeria.

    How has it come to pass that 55 years after Nigeria’s independence, peaceful towns are being terrorized, attracting suicide bombers and an invading army of fundamentalist Islamists? 

    Boko Haram seeks to impose an extreme interpretation of Islam on the whole of northern Nigeria.

    The War for Nigeria
    The answers lie in Nigeria’s northeasternmost state, Borno—a 27,000-square-mile (70,000-square-kilometer) territory south and west of Lake Chad whose prominent inhabitants are the Muslim Kanuri tribe and where radical dissent led by brutal, fanatical men goes back well over a century.

    In one burst of violence last month, Boko Haram attacked Gombe and Dadin Kowa, another sleepy town in my former administrative orbit, on the banks of the Gongola River. 

    Boko Haram invaded Dadin Kowa, which translates as “tranquility for everybody,” in 30-some Toyota HiLux vehicles from Borno State to the east, setting fire to houses and government offices.

    In Gombe, 60 miles (95 kilometers) to the south, the Nigerian army repelled the attack and called in the air force, which strafed and bombed the militant Islamists. There were numerous casualties on both sides—possibly as many as 50—but the exact number of dead has not been reported.

    In northern Nigeria, radical dissent led by brutal, fanatical men goes back well ov

  • sophy henry

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    Image by boellstiftung

    The upcoming March 28 presidential elections in Nigeria are expected to be the most contested in the nation’s history. As election day approaches, the world is given a revealing look at the challenges facing Africa’s largest country today.

    The electoral candidates are incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), which has been in power since 1999, and General Muhammadu Buhari of the newly formed All Progressive Congress (APC). Though the APC is a recent addition to the Nigerian political landscape, General Buhari is not.

    In 1983 Buhari seized power from a democratically elected government through a military coup. He held the presidential seat for 20 months and was eventually ousted by a coup himself in 1985. His time in power was marked by strict sanctions taken against those who opposed the law or his government, part of a campaign called the “war against indiscipline.” Armed with an idealized view of society, Buhari sought to educate Nigerian society by whip and police baton. Reports abound of people being beaten if they weren’t queuing orderly in bus stations or if they were late for work. Unfortunately, the memories of the Buhari regime have faded away, especially since 70% of Nigeria’s population is too young to remember his rule.

    For many Nigerians their role as voters lies in finding the lesser of two evils, between Buhari’s negative baggage and the deficiencies of the current president. Jonathan, who beat out Buhari for the presidency in 2011, has come under fire politically for his inability to quell the terrorist activities of Boko Haram or to properly deal with corruption in his own government. General Buhari’s campaign promises swift and effective solutions in both areas.

    But there are other factors to consider beyond the strengths and failings of the candidates themselves. On March 28th, a great intersection of economics, geography and religion will have occurred. Historically, few Nigerians vote outside of a predetermined socio-economical pattern. For example, in 2011’s contest, Buhari received 96.9% of votes from the north.

    Indeed, Nigeria is consistently stuck in a political game of tug-of-war between the majority Muslim north and the Christian, oil-rich south. The two regions, albeit equal in terms of population, have deep social divisions, with the north feeling more marginalized because of its general underdevelopment. These divisions, remnants of British colonial malpractice, have seen their grievances crystallized in two militant groups: Boko Haram in the north, and the rebels of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) in the south.

    Both groups have a history of political involvement, with MEND in particular having blackmailed government after government with terrorist attacks on key oil infrastructure unless its demands for more political representation were met. Threats made by MEND have led to an uneasy alliance between the militants and the government. In exchange for “amnesty” and pensions for its fighters, along with the promotion of fellow southern politicians, the group suspended terrorist activities. That is, until this round of elections, when MEND publicly endorsed Buhari, threatening to resume their attacks in the event of a Jonathan win.

    On the other hand, Boko Haram has proven to be one of the most consistent threats to Nigerian peace, causing the Nigerian government to declare a state of emergency in three of its northernmost states in 2013. The jihadist group, whose name translates to “western education is forbidden,” is devoted to the creation of an Islamic state and has vowed to hinder the election process. And while General Buhari is outspoken in his intentions to stop Boko Haram, on this point the two agree. The Muslim presidential hopeful has previously called for total sharia law in all of Nigeria and has repeatedly said he will not recognize the elections if he feels cheated, statements which signaled alarm for some.

    But beyond concerns for what might happen if Buhari is elected, there are also concerns for what might happen if he isn’t. After his unsuccessful tussle with Jonathan in 2011, pro-Buhari supporters instigated a campaign of violence and terror targeting Jonathan’s ethnic group. While Buhari denies any involvement, a legal action has been filed against him before the International Criminal Court, calling for an investigation into claims he encouraged his supporters to riot if he lost.

    As the election approaches, Nigerians are faced with an ostensibly simple choice between Buhari and Jonathan. But it is also seems to be a choice that can be expressed along several fault lines, such as north versus south or Islam versus Christianity. And with the date of the vote being delayed in order to ensure an adequate security presence and to prevent riots like those in 2011, it seems impossible to separate Nigeria’s elections from its history. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that history will be repeated.

    Image courtesy of boellstiftu

  • samuel

    The two heavyweight has been put to test and we all know who the best leader is. People celebrated Buhari ousting in 1984 both in the north and south. People went through untold hardship during the regime of the military junta. He assassinated our economy and locked up people for 20months even after court rulings has exonerated them. He overthrew a civilian govt and locked up the VP leaving the head of state to walk freely ( an act of tribalism). Buhari is so corrupt that his atrocities and crime will hunt him for the rest of his life. Check out our jonathan who has demonstrated that he is a true democratic leader by giving APC a mouth in the media. His achievements are enormous that I can’t count. Vote for transformation. Team GEJ

    • Tanko Maihula

      Samuel, you can say anything against GMB, but not tribalism or corruption. President Shagari was under a solitary confinement for good twenty months in one bed room apartment in ikoyi (where he almost lost his sight) and his V.P. was in ikoyi prison. If you don’t know you can ask which is better between staying where you can at least talk with a fellow human being or staying in a solitary confinement where you can’t see or talk to anybody but yourself. Read shagari’s book “BECKONED TO SARVE”
      GMB was a military gov. of north eastern state (Adamawa, Borno, Bauchi, Gombe, Taraba, and Yobe states now) a minister of petroleum and later a head of state and he (GMB) challenge Nigerians to bring one thing of corruption against him if there is any, WE ARE CHALLENGING YOU TO BRING IT IF YOU HAVE.
      GMB may have his own shortcoming like any human being but like him or hate him he is far above those pretenders in terms of being a sincere leader to this country.

  • Tanko Maihula

    Wow…………..Dollarisation in action. Gani Adams, upon all the dollars and pipeline protection contract you pocketed you are still not hundred percent loyal to GEJ ?