Nigeria2015: Why we are worried about Buhari – Governor Akpabio

The Akwa Ibom State governor, Godswill Akpabio, has said that the ideas postulated by Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate, is a cause for concern for Nigeria’s ruling party and its leaders.

Speaking during the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Women Presidential Rally in Uyo, Friday, Mr. Akpabio alleged that the APC candidate was suffering from amnesia.

“We are not worried about the age of the man, but we are worried about the age of his ideas,” Mr. Akpabio said.

“Because in 1983 that was the same man that truncated democracy. 50 years old ideas. 1966, they came and said they want to take power because of corruption.

“50 years after they formed a group of aggrieved peoples’ party, and they are all going back with APC and they are saying they want to take power because of corruption.

“But we are fighting corruption. If you come to Akwa Ibom, can’t you see the projects all over? We don’t have a pothole. Women are still empowered.

“Mummy (he addresses Patience Jonathan, Nigeria’s First Lady), we have what is called WADP, Women in Agriculture Development Programme. My wife has the one she calls Green Brigade. We are empowering the women.”

Mr. Akpabio said that government’s activities in the power sector as well as the return of railway services are evidence that the president if fighting corruption.

“When there is no corruption, the people will enjoy. Government is fighting corruption. That is why the president is transforming the power sector. That is why today nobody can complain about fertilizers,” he said.

“That is why the power sector is improving. That is why the trains are working. It was corruption that killed the trains. Jonathan is fighting corruption, that is why the roads are working. You can drive from Lagos to Benin, that is what I mean by fighting corruption. Not by talking about it.”

The Akwa Ibom governor said that Mr. Buhari’s “50-year-old” idea were the reason he doesn’t know the name of his running mate.

“So 50-year-old idea, when they come how are we sure he will even know the name of his country. If after election, will he even know the name of his country? Mr. Akpabio said.

“So we have no problem with the age of the man, we have problem with the age of his ideas. So I assure you that Goodluck Jonathan, who is within the youth bracket, will come back as president of Nigeria.

“What can bring unity to Nigeria is the return of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. We’re saying that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. And that he must do his second term.”


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  • Naira

    This is treason. that returning Badluck ensures unity otherwise Akpabio will destroy the country. Akpabio! Akpabio! Akpabio! how many times did i call that your name that sounds like Akpu? Let me tell you Nigeria cannot be destroyed by millions of Akpabio with their flat nose and square shape heads, so note from today, that Jonadaft will never win this election, we must vote him out and Nigeria will be more united than ever. By then you would have been in Ghana or Kirikiri.

    • abelizto

      GEJ will lose if the north will contribute economically to this nation if not we will cripple this nation and all of u parasites will die off idiots

      • Ogom

        Na mouth dem dey take “cripple”?

    • peaceometer

      Hahahaha,Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha,Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha,Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha..yeee.. this man really vess

  • Lala

    Which Lagos – Benin road is he talking about? I spent 5 hours at Ore last week Saturday. Is this what transformation is all about?!

    • Faka

      Your brother OBJ had 8yrs to fix the road but cudn’t even though he spent N37b on the road. Jonathan will fix it in 6yrs….In fact, in just 4 yrs he has done thrice more on that road than all the presidents from IBB to Yar adua have done. So what is your problem?

      I hate it when parasites are ungrateful. If u make too much noise, I will go with my resources. Period!

      • truth is bitter

        You are the ungrateful dog. Maybe you should park your cursed life and go back to okija. Bastards

      • peaceometer

        The resources that plunged Nigeria to incapacitated governance due to evil thinking!! The whole world see agriculture as the bed of development,peace and unity..if I may ask you, what’s the colour of Nigeria flag and what does the colours stand for? Until when you get answers for these, then you we know what I mean without sentiments ….and understand that the clan have been saved, for greed that characterizes the clan might’ve wiped the clan due to greed in the CLAN

      • Neeyee

        It will actually get to a point when the rest of the country will have to allow you to drink your oil to stupor. Empty brain!

      • Ade

        Oil has become a useless resource. In today’s world it is knowledge and not natural resources that drive growth. I pity mumu like you.

      • Charlotte

        Anenih ate all the money for the road.

  • Idodo Widodo


    “…. the need to stop intrigues, domination and internal colonization of the Nigerian state by the so-called chosen few. This, in our view, has been and is still responsible for 90 percent of the problems of Nigerians….”

    —– Gideon Orkar (April 22, 1990 Revolutionary Speech)

    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    “…Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south….”

    “…They have almost succeeded in subjugating the Middle Belt and making them voiceless and now extending same to the south. It is our unflinching belief that this quest for domination, …and marginalization, is against the wish of God and therefore, must be resisted with the vehemence….”

    “…This clique has an unabated penchant for domination and unrivalled fostering of mediocrity and outright detest for accountability,…all put together have been our undoing as a nation…”
    —– Gideon Orkar (April 22, 1990 Revolutionary Speech)

    • truth is bitter

      Maybe you should go and join orkar in his cell. Punk.

  • truth_is_bitter

    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    — The rest of Nigeria (South & East) are not allergic to presidency. Why must it be the North & West? No! We reject this move in every way possible

    **************Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of JUSTICE & EQUITY. ************

    • Ibrahim Jubril

      Yakubu gowon, middle belt, ibrahim badamasi babangida, middle belt. Abdussalamu Abubakar also middle belt. Go and do ur finding, leadership is not about propaganda and destruction of lives and properties

    • peaceometer

      Please it’s not about “belts or trousers”, its about Nigeria development, average distribution of wealth and a good blue print for governance for sustainable development.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      It is this meaningless ideology that end up making us produce inept leaders such as your Jonathan, leaders who though good intentioned, yet cannot put their foot down and tell PDP “enough of the stealing and sharing mentality. Let’s start governing for a change…” The Scots produce all the leadership in Britain. That does not mean that no Irish or Welsh or Englishman could do it even better. That has not stopped the country from progressing. It does not matter from where the leader comes. Doing it right so no group lacks the fruits of the unity is what matters. The institutions on ground and adherence to the rule of law ensures that the leader gets it right. Look at your country again. Too many people are suffering. Too many people are sad. Too little people got everything, while too many people got nothing… Please don’t feign blindness. Is this a country or an animal farm?

  • NTT

    May God Run the lives of Those who are supporting Gej as hw GEJ IS running this country?

    • oga boss

      May God run ur life same way Buhari ruled Nigeria n same way tinubu ruled Lagos. Amen

    • babsjatt


    • Collins

      May your idea and brain work like Buhari own in JESUS NAME.

  • True Nigerian

    Liars who lie to themselves. Just listen to the loquacious Akpabio:

    “So I assure you that Goodluck Jonathan, who is within the youth bracket, will come back as president of Nigeria….What can bring unity to Nigeria is the return of Goodluck Ebele
    Jonathan. We’re saying that what is good for the goose is good for the
    gander. And that he must do his second term.” – Godsfool Akpabio

    See how broken his logic is. In one breath Loquacious Akpabio pretends that Jonathan will be voted massively because of his useless age. And in the same breath, he dishes out a veiled threat to intimidate us by suggesting that Jonathan should be voted just because he is from Niger Delta, and because sacking him through the ballot box could mean trouble.

    Oga Godswill, if you are so confident that Jonathan will command majority of the votes because he has fought corruption and because he is more youthful than Buhari, why then do you consider it necessary to threaten us in order to vote for him?

    You are lucky that Nigerian voters are mostly naive. What most of you say in the course of your desperation to cajol us into the Jonathanian “one chance” is really pathetic enough to damage most of Jonathan’s support base if only this country had properly educated voters.

    PDP has itself to blame. Jonathan is not the only Niger Deltan alive today. PDP could have retained power by giving its ticket to Pat Utomi or Donald Duke who is still an active member of the PDP. You thieves and arrogant dictators should not blame anyone else for what is about to happen to your evil and wicked leadership on 28th of March.

    • peaceometer

      You sound firm..

  • Rommel

    Akpa boi boi,despite the position this man has attained,he still remains a houseboy! nature they say is smarter than we are

  • adnoy

    Akpabio, it’s true what is good for the goose is good for the gander; the masses must enjoy the common wealth just like the politicians, not on the basis of geo-political region this time around.

  • Anene Mercy

    Kwankwaso and Atiku dump buahri

    • truth is bitter

      In your dream.

    • Aminulahi Aminu

      Is dat what they told u, by d way how many pvc they have, one thing u ppl should understand is in north when u talk about buhari is final nothing more,sai baba dat is all.


      And stoned GEJ?

  • Victor Gee

    Buhari needs rest and not stress

  • peaceometer

    You’re a thief

  • Maitama Tambari

    You are only scared of GMB because of what you stole from Public Service. You correctly recalled 1984 when he dealt with your kind in politics. He is democract now with the same political thieves that undermined development in Nigeria. There are already public institutions in place to take care of corruption, which wife of your leadership said was nothing “if you stole to build a house, buy helicopter etc”, so PDP decapitated these institutions which GMB said it is part of the problem, it requires restructuring. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

    • Okon Okorie

      Certificate please! This matter is already global and we need a president without blemish – not one the International Community will view as being in the mould of Idi Amin Dada.

  • Julius

    No, you worried because you know you will end up in jail…simple !!!. Love the way these idiots describe corruption … constructing roads is fighting corruption . chei…

    • Otile

      No, nobody is going to jail because Imam Buhahi said if elected he is going to pardon all corrupt people. What a way to fight corruption, indeed.

  • Wähala

    Gov. Akpabio was one of several PDP governors recently investigated for secretly working against the re-election of Dumbo. Akpabio was deceiving Lady Dumbo with his ostensible propaganda, he is so corrupt he has secretly cut a deal with the APC to undermine his PDP in the South-South in return for a soft landing during Buhari’s inevitable probe of government at all levels. Akpabio is lying through his yellow teeth, he pointed to Lagos-Benin road but carefully avoided the death-trap road called, East-West Road in his backyard which their moron has not fixed in 6yrs of transformation of corruption to exclude stealing. Clowns!

    • Patriotique

      God bless u.

    • Desmond

      From lagos to Benin is not even good, only Benin side is good from ogun to ore is bad, if you are not careful accident because of the pothole

  • SAM .A

    Akpabio , the real man with dementia, u have forgotten what u said when u & other 5 governors were on ur four begging Obasanjo @ Ota,That he should stay in PDP to prevent Buhari from being elected because he will jail you ALL.
    You know how much money u have stolen, no doubt you have performed, but u are a thief and expansive personality.
    You did not spend up to 50% of Akwa Iboms monthly allocation on all these projects.
    The truth will start coming out in May/ June. We we then see who cannot remember things.

    • joe

      Buhari has told us that APC will not probe past corrupt leaders, but those that may found corrupt during his tenure. Huge expectations from Buhari’s government is like a day dream

    • Okon Okorie

      You are a damned bloody foool. Governor Akpabio is not afraid of any Jackass – talk less of a clueless old guard like Buhari. Wanting OBJ to stay in PDP was because of the relationship they have with him. OBJ has no electoral value in PDP. In his election the South West did not vote for him. The Yorubas do not like him. AIT’s Gbenga claims he is an Igbo man (courtesy of an Igbo DPO) who served in his area and who OBJ resembles. Why am I even bothering with you…. I never wrestle with pigs!

  • Man_Enough

    Every discerning voter should feel the threat in Akpabio’s campaign. “What can bring unity to Nigeria is the return of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. We’re saying that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. And that he must do his second term.” In other words, if Jonathan does not win, there will be no unity. Coming from persons in power; with the instruments of brute enforcement, this is grave.

    • Joe

      I think this is done by merit. Is it a constitutional right? so why going for an election if its a right. GEJ has a constitutional right as every other Nigerian to aspire for elective office as a president.If chosen has the right to aspire to the office twice based on the people”s chose if the people so desire after appraisal of a first tenure. We must get this right please.

  • T-Rex

    The best performing Governor in Nigeria!

  • Comfortkay

    Chineke this is a useless governor.

  • Elis Davia

    I don’t know what makes GMB believe that he will be the president of a democratic nation ? Based on what? GMB can never change from being a dictator

  • Otile

    Twin bomb blasts kill at least 14 people and leave dozens hurt at churches in the Pakistani city of Lahore, local officials say. This happened because Islam is a religion of peace.

  • Patriotique

    where did u say there is not pothole? Akpabio look well. I fit point plenty of potholes for u and Plenty of bad roads. You only did four fly-overs in Uyo and u no let people hear word. You are just a criminal afraid of going to jail, just like OBJ said in his book. Rubbish!

    • taiwo

      shut up mumu you must have seen the potholes in rivers state

  • justme

    One who intends to fight corruption is suppose to at least tell us how he intends to do so,if u had at least attended one of the presidential debates,u wud have told us ur ground plans in actualising ur set goals..cos all these talks won’t get this nation anywhere,u were once a leader and we can’t point out any meaningful tin u did then,so why will now be different!,we have seen a lot GEJ has done and I can only trust someone whose efforts I have seen so far!,and the wise ones will certainly agree with me here…



  • chi ngobar

    You should be more worried about Mr. Tony Aneni’s ideas than Buhari.

  • Larry Basford

    Leadership and leaders of lies and LIARS.

  • Dayo

    The guy indeed proved to be an economic bomb back in 84. And given the glimpses of program he has put in his speeches, nothing good is to expect if he is elected. The guy has a pre-internet, pre USSR dissolution vision of the world and its economics. He can’t even understand the current oil prices crisis given all the nonsense he has been babbling.

  • Fillip

    Plus, he has prostate cancer. Let’s not forget about that.


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