Jonathan visits Adamawa again

FILE PHOTO: President Goodluck Jonathan in a handshake with the PDP Governorship candidate Mallam Nuhu RIbadu at the PDP Stakeholders meeting

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday visited Adamawa State for the second time in two weeks.

Mr. Jonathan arrived Yola, the state capital, at about 12p.m. and visited the Lamido of Adamawa.

Sources at the palace said “the president had a closed-door meeting with some traditional rulers in the Lamido’s palace for about hour before living for Adamawa State government house”.

At the government house, the president met with political and religious leaders in the state.

Mr. Jonathan was meeting with members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, including Governor  Bala Ngilari , his deputy, when this report was filed.

Also present at that meeting were the state PDP chairman, the PDP governorship candidate, Nuhu Ribadu, past and present National Assembly members.

Mr. Jonathan paid his first visit in years to Adamawa State, on February 26, when he visited Mubi, a town reclaimed recently by government troops from the insurgent group, Boko Haram.

Before the visit, the president had stayed away from Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, despite the three states being at the centre of a violent Boko Haram insurgency that killed thousands of residents and displaced many more.

During his first visit two weeks ago, the president, alongside Nigeria’s Chief of Defence staff and all the service chiefs and the Inspector General of police, met with the Emir of Mubi, Isa Ahamadu, and the people of the area.

He later travelled to Baga in Borno State, another town recaptured in February from Boko Haram.


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  • Anene Mercy

    Weldone Mr president. North east will vote for u. U have done well.

    • Onnama Mary

      Lord have mercy on you for posting the worst comment in the history of the internet. U have equally done well.

    • Ogom

      Put the crack pipe down!

    • ilesanmi

      If not Jonathan who else? is it the tyrant and septuagenarian terrorist?

  • Victor Gee

    Everyone in north east is witnessing peace and they want continuity

    • WTH

      Who the hell is everyone?. Speak for yourself , and count me out. Two visits after years of non-performance does not get my vote 2 weeks to the election.

    • Omababa

      After killing about 13,000 of them and made them refugees in their own country.

    • Jika

      That is true every one is happy.We are just wondering why it took this long.

  • inuwa kate

    With this current war against boko haram, we are happy again with president Jonathan. I will vote him.

    • hummm

      Your vote is only one that doesnt even count . How much did you get for this post?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


        His future is already mortgaged!!

      • jack

        I will vote GEJ.

    • SAM .A

      Fake Kate, what about the 13 thousands your Dumbo promised to protect when he took Oath in 2011? Was any of your sister or brother among the dead? Please be human , the dead are Nigerians May their soil RIP. Do away with partisanship.

  • danjuma

    I won’t be surprised if PDP wins Yobe and Adamawa

    • Al Hassan

      …..Because the North now knows better

      “The point I want to make and that’s a question I now want everybody to ask
      themselves. How can you have a sitting Central Bank governor who cannot
      count? Who starts by telling you $49billion is missing, and then reduces to
      $29b, then 10 billion dollars, then raises it to $20b – a Central Bank governor
      who cannot count like that is a disgrace to his country and a disgrace to the
      position he takes.”

      ……………..Odia Ofeimun

      (March 14th, 2015)

      • Al Hassan

        ….that APC is a criminal organization

        “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
        across the country, i would allow the courts to decide on those cases,
        but whoever is indicted of corruption between 1999 to the time of my
        swearing-in would be pardoned. I am going to draw a line that anybody
        who involves himself in corruption after i assume office, will face the music.”

        ……….General Muhammadu Buhari

        (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

        • I go die O!

          “APC is constituted by at least 70 per cent of defectors from PDP,
          raising questions as to how much difference it is from the PDP itself.
          Buhari has a track record of human right abuses, a tendency towards
          fascist intolerance and an arrogant self-righteousness ethos.”

          ………….Balarabe Musa

          Ex-Governor Kaduna State

          (March 9th, 2015)

          • progress


      • Charlotte

        Please don’t make the mistake of quoting Odia. He’s a brown envelope kind of person and has no credibility. He would write anything for a price. Besides what is his cling to fame?

    • hummm

      Dream on if that makes you feel better. Not only will he loose those states , he will get a beatdown by landslide defeat there.

    • Jika

      That is a possibility.It is equally not going to be surprising if Buhari wins in Bayelsa and Cross River state.

      • SAM .A

        Jika don’t reply to that Danjuma, he is fake , lot of SS& SE use northern names to give a semblance of geographical spread of opinion. Ignore him.

        • Jika

          Dear Sam,irrespective of where Danjuma comes from,I am just telling him that if he won’t be surprised if PDP wins in Adamawa and Yobe,he should equally not be surprised if APC wins in Bayelsa and Cross River.I hope you get my drift.


          Bigot and hater of SS/SE ,how do you prove what you have maliciously alleging ?

  • true nigerian

    Let see on 28th of this month

  • hummm

    The photo is so telling. PDP chairman looking so worried as GEJ runs from pillar to pole. Wasnt he in Lagos a day ago? Wow, operation helter skelter, rock on bro. Judgement day is in 2 weeks.

    • Charlotte

      You are so observant. That picture of muazu says a lot. It must really be difficult to sell a faulty product like Jonathan. Such a pity.

    • Nwokolo

      Not only Muazu my brother, the individuals captured by the photo all look as if the pictures were joined together from nowhere. CONFUSION!

  • Maitama Tambari

    Premium Times should unsubscribe me because they decided to silent me and refused to share my comment with Fellow Nigerians. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • Tayo

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  • By Popular Demand

    The North now knows that APC is a criminal organization

    “On the issue of past corrupt leaders facing trials in various courts
    across the country, i would allow the courts to decide on those cases,
    but whoever is indicted of corruption between 1999 to the time of my
    swearing-in would be pardoned. I am going to draw a line that anybody
    who involves himself in corruption after i assume office, will face the music.”

    ……….General Muhammadu Buhari

    (APC rally in Kaduna, March 11th, 2015)

    • duruji

      @General Muhammadu Buhari,


      Haba, Buhari, Buhari, Buhari!!! Why? You have killed APC. What 360° degree somersault!

      Where in the law, or even in the world is ‘state pardon’ ever prescribed to fight corruption?
      You’ve destroyed yourself, General Muhammadu Buhari, you’ve made a mess of yourself.
      With naivety you violated the law by giving out ‘State Pardon’ to thieves, before any election.

      • Interrogator


    • Omababa

      You are right but you people should allow the masses to choose their leader, then we shall see the criminals from the north facing trial.

    • abc

      Which north, North of Otuoke? Wait for your deadly surprise come March28.

  • Jika

    I am from North East and,specifically from Adamawa State.My VOTE at the Federal level will NEVER BE FOR PDP.

    • Jo

      Am also from Adamawa state, keep ur one vote please.

      • Jika

        Thank you for the unsolicited advice.That you are from Adamawa state is not the issue here given the fact that I did not suggest that I am the ONLY indigene of Adamawa state.The fact still remains that I vote according to my conscience and what I believe is good for me and my generation yet unborn.You are entitled to vote whoever you want and, that is your God given right.Believe me I don’t have a problem with that.What I will NEVER do, is to vote for PDP at the forthcoming Presidential election.That, I believe is my right which NO one including you, can take away from me.Once again, thanks for your unsolicited and, actually, inconsequential advice.

      • Bunduma Mohammed

        You are lier, we in Adamawa and the two states knew and still feel betray for the last 5 years. Why is it that now there equipment and concern for our sufferings? Because GEJ need out votes? What happens after the election? We would surrenderd to boko haram again? no one from Adamawa would vote except he or she is a bastard

    • UYI111

      if you like vote for boko haram who really cares!!

      • Jika

        Actually, you care.That is why you responded to my post in the first place.

        • SAM .A

          Jika tell every body you can rich now , that we are voting for real CHANGE. Change from darkness to light, insecurity to total protection of life & property, poverty to riches, massive unemployment to gainful employment, massive corruption to zero tolerance to corruption, etc . The newly found Father Christmas is free to distribute all $ , £, € , & Naira , it is our money , people should take and vote against them.
          The Dawn of New Nigeria is here.

  • abdallah M.

    Adamawa people are no fools mr jona.

  • segun


  • CCCD

    It’s Great Jona for life. There is no vacancy in Presidency till 2079 after every other region equals the 39 yrs of the North. Everyone of you can turn to suicide bombers if you want to. But one thing that will not change is that Prof Jona goes nowhere.

    Can any of you on this forum, living or dead, cite any single comment made by Duncee during Yar adua’s ailment and the power vacuum and the chaos in the country at the time? If this man really loves Nigeria and has any atom of integrity, then why was he mute throughout that period that some crooks sought unsuccessfully to undermine our constitutional provision regarding transfer of power to a VP if the C-in-C is incapacitated?

    TRUTH – Fela was right. Somebody is clearly ‘something’ in human skin

  • Wetin Naija

    Jonathan will kiss every behind to get re-elected, but it is too late

    • Uju

      Premiumtimes should research properly before jumping at conclusions that Jonathan has not visited Adamawa in years.

      For the records, Jonathan was in Adamawa last year where he commissioned an Airforce Secondary School among other projects

      • eddy

        Why he go go there? E no dey fear boko haram?

  • eddy

    All this running from pillar to post won’t save u… ur days in aso rock r numbered. 2 WEEK TO GO!!!

  • Umar Dendi

    Splutter at the end of the duel!
    Men of wisdom would have chosen a Graceful Exit!

  • Acosta

    GMB, tinubu, Amechi and fellow cohorts will be shamefully disgraced in this election. GEJ wil get more than 50% of votes from the so called APC strongholds in the NE, NW and SW.
    GMB is a sorry loser

    • dave jacob

      Ala re ko ni se! No wonder, he is shamelessly and shamefully corruptly corrupting voters for votes, prostrating to every manner of animals.

  • Arabakpura

    The man who behaves in this manner will not be kind to anybody after he gets what he is looking for! He will deal ruthlessly with people for making him struggle too much and the man is by nature vindictive and wicked!

  • Ibrahim

    Disgusting to see Ribadu shaking JonaHaram and an awful short Fulani elder there close to sad looking Muazu

  • uzo

    PGEJ will win the election period

  • emmanuel

    PGEJ carry on we are right behind you

  • uduak akpan

    Mr President keep it on victory is sure

  • Bassey

    This election is a win win for Jonathan.

  • Divine West

    This visit will yield a good result for PGEJ on the day of election.

  • Tunde philips

    we can go back and forth on the issue, but one thing remains jonathan will win.

  • Nelson David

    Nothing do you mr. president because victory are waits you on 28 March.

  • gathering all the variables in this on going campaign by both parties, it is very obvious that buhari has been lagging, and at this critical time nothing has been done, am telling victory is a sure thing for GEJ.

    • dave jacob

      And the most instructive variable is repeated going to a particular part of the country, distributing money to all sorts of people, every Tom, Jack, Dick and Harry, kneeling before herbalists and spiritual nonentities, all for votes that he will never get.

  • chinwe davis

    Its TEAM GEJ, carry on, now till 2019

  • real2x

    Wasted trip using tax payers money.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    All hands are on deck right now.

  • kingsley obi

    Yes i subscribe to this as whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.