Poet, Ofeimun, wants Jega sacked; says Jonathan is Nigeria’s best president

Popular Nigerian poet, Odia Ofeimun, has called for the removal of Attahiru Jega as the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, just weeks before elections.

Mr. Ofeimun made the call while speaking on SaharaTV after the 7th pan African congress.

He also urged Nigerians to vote in President Goodluck Jonathan for another term.

Some supporters of Mr. Jonathan, including the Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose; leader of the Odua Peoples Congress, Gani Adams, have asked the president to fire the INEC boss, accusing him of bias.

Mr. Ofeimun said Mr. Jega has shown incompetence and bias, particularly with the distribution of voter cards.

“Before the elections were postponed, the umpire had assured Nigerians that he was ready only for everyone to discover that about 23 million, one-third of the people that were supposed to vote, had no voters’ card,” he said. “The fact that the electoral commissioner can make such a public comment in my view meant that ought to be sacked.”

“If it holds on March 28 without the proper resolution of proper disenfranchisement of so many Nigerians, I will continue to say for the rest of life that it was a rigged election. The reason is this, the card readers makes rigging impossible. Look, if you want to distribute voters cards in 10 days, it is possible because when they are doing census, they have enumerators who go door to door. Why can’t INEC do it?

“In my own part of Lagos, you need only about 2 enumerators; they will go from house to house. You know how I got my own card? Somebody who has seen it told me about it and another one brought it for me. What that tells is that it was actually possible for a distribution to have taken place and the man who brought me the card has exposed one edge of the problem and that problem is that anybody can go there and collect the voters’ card.

“What that means is also that politically interested Nigerians actually prevent those cards from being distributed were their parties are weak and that for me is a serious matter. And that for me is exactly what Jega should have avoided.

“What makes it painful is that opponents of Jega have been saying he surrounded himself with people of particular ethnic colour. Then he moved beyond that, he created so many more polling booths in an unusual way. A larger one to one part of the country and a smaller part to another part and people were already complaining about this before this misdistribution of PVC where in one area had 80.1 distribution and places that were at peace had 40 and 38 percent distribution.”

Why President Jonathan must be re-elected

Mr. Ofeimun said he will vote for Goodluck Jonathan because the president has outperformed all his predecessors in office.

He particularly praised Mr. Jonathan for convening the national conference, and defended the government’s performance on corruption.

“Listen, in the case of Goodluck Jonathan, I always wanted to support him because I knew he would do a national conference and he went after it methodically; and even Tinubu admitted it that he was methodical in the way he called civil society organization, had a Belgore commission, had a National Assembly, Senate, House of Reps deal with the constitution before the national conference.

“What that means is that we had a president while everyone was saying he was clueless, actually was very diligent in going after it. I have given a lecture on the national conference which I feel very good about. I will tell you this, if they did not start saying he was clueless, I would not have taken the pains of following the things Goodluck has done.

“He outclassed every presiding president and I would say that anywhere because in fact I have a friend, when I told him there is a brand new railway line coming from Kaduna to Abuja, he said it’s a lie it never happened, but you can go there and take a photograph.

“That lie that the man was clueless and hasn’t done anything in my view was a good way to fight a good election. It showed that the opposition had good propaganda weaponry but for God sake why couldn’t they put that propaganda weaponry into convincing Nigerians to do what we expected,” he said.

Mr. Ofeimun also praised President Jonathan on corruption, saying the president deployed technology to curb fraud in fertilizer distribution and civil service pay roll.

“When you are dealing with corruption, Goodluck managed to use modern technology to remove the corruption mafia in agriculture, also to remove them in the ghost workers department in the federal service.

Pressed on corruption in the oil and gas sector, Mr. Ofeimun said much of claims were lies.

“The corruption that is going on in NNPC is based on the lies of people. Sanusi was about to be sacked, 18 months to that time he should have been sacked but Goodluck gave him time because Goodluck did not want to be seen as oppressing someone from the north.

On why the report of the audit report over the alleged missing $20 billion oil money was yet to be published, Mr. Odia defended the government, saying Nigerian governments are not known for publishing full details of report.

“This one was brought out because people we re asking for it. The point I want to make and that’s question I want everybody to ask themselves. How can you have a sitting central bank governor who cannot count? Who starts by telling you 49billion is missing, then reduces to 29, then 10billion dollars, then raises it to 20.

“A central bank governor who cannot count like that is a disgrace to his country and a disgrace to the position he takes,” he said.


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    • George

      When they get you people red handed its because its dollars animal go and tell your half dead tinubu that his time is off

  • Arabakpura

    This man’s only credential is that he was a clerk to Obafemi Awolowo. Apart from that, he really writes and talks rubbish sometimes!

    • babatope

      He even leaked Obafemi Awolowo’s letter written to Zik during the 1983 election and Awolowo fired him. This is a big shame to our nation. We the youth will have to look for alternative to rescue this nation from these set of old men with selfish mentality. We are voting Buhari we don’t care how much this man is paid!

      • Arabakpura

        Thank you for being knowledgeable and reasonable!

    • Jika

      Not most times.He certainly writes and talks rubbish all the time.

  • Rege

    Ofeimun, You are just looking at a very small picture of what is happening and I am so surprised that GEJ can blindfold you. I just do hope that you have not been part of the collectors of the Tax payers money GEJ is dashing out.

    • Oweja

      He is not blindfolded. Someone must have hinted him after observing him for decades, churning out students who were constantly getting more prosperous and after decades of fruitless writings that a word from him in support of the Nigerian current cash dispensing machine – president Jonothin – would do him a world of good.

  • favourtalk

    Let him vote for him alone, we nigeria will vote for the best, we deserve better now, we love nigeria and GEJ is not for us

  • The people

    This man is a comedian as well. But Nigerians are not laughing.

  • kykkyk

    I was thinking he would say Jonathan improved the quality of lives of Nigerians , but my foot. Someone who could not implement his transformation agenda would be the one to implement some cooked programme. I think we have had series of such bazaars in the past and we all know why they came to being. Perpetuation in office and settlement of elites. National Conference is now the bogey . I remember in George Orwell’s Animal farm, Squealer was always telling the animals that they have to be denied their rights so that Snowball will not back.

  • Charlotte

    Ofeimun I know that you are a cash and carry writer it whatever you wish to describe yourself. Shame on you.

  • eddy

    I can’t understand why people want jega b4 Jonathan can be reelected? I just don’t get it.

    Secondly, he said Jonathan has out performed his predecessors… i totally agree. IN THE OF CORRUPTION HE HAS!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Mr. Ofeimum disappointed me with his views, but then, they are his.

      Just wished he had kept these opinions private because I respected beyond what he has just expressed.

      • eddy

        Bros it is rather unfortunate… but like u said he is very much entitled to his views.

      • Charles Owolabi

        My good friend Kay please don’t be disappointed. The man is simply telling the truth.
        GEJ would win this election hands down even Buhari knows it.
        I told you in a previous posting that Tinubu would work out a sweet deal for himself.
        He can not afford to loose a life’s investment because of a 78 year old man who suffers from dementia. Please note that I am using his real age. LoL
        Tinubu like the country musician Kenny Rogers put it in his song the gambler – knows that the secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep.
        He would gladly trade Buhari in now that the chips are down. However the difficulty I see is that Tinubu does not have that many chips to bargain with. The cards are stacked against him.
        It seems PDP would win Lagos in a fair contest. Nevertheless my openion is that the PDP would offer Tinubu a soft landing .
        In the end GMB would cry again
        Trust me. It has all been worked out.
        Any body doing political calculations should remember that Tinubu would not give up his ConocoPhillips asset because of Buhari? Never.
        What Tinubu wanted to archive with this elections is to turn AD from a regional party to a national Party and he has been able to that using GMB.
        Tinubu can afford to wait another 4 years and then present a formidable Yoruba candidate that the North would support. Politics is about building strategic alliances that can be used in the future.
        So Kay you are one of the last APC members still holding on and wishing against all odds that something miraculous would happen.
        This type of fairytale ending only occurs in movies.
        Kay I hope you understand.
        Don’t waste your vote.
        Buhari is already a failed project.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          “A frog is kicked…kpa

          It lands on its back…yakata

          We shall all die…gbere” Odebunmi in The Gods Are Not to Blame (Ola Rotimi)

          Wait till March 28. What will be, will be!

    • Ikechukwu

      You are wondering why the dying Jonathanians want Jega out, want Patience Jonathan as INEC chairman, want card readers dumped, want PVCs thrown away and they be given the license to write fictional result? Because that remains the only condition their dumbo can ever get back to power- through audacious election rigging and nothing more.

  • Simeon

    I pity this man Odia. he is losing his mind for old age. To say jonathan is the best president ever is beyond anything I have heard and read about in a long time. Even Jonathan and dame will not go that far. I do not think it is because of money but lack of mental capacity of think

    • babatope

      My brother, I can’t still believe this man is talking all this. I won’t be surprised though, everyone in nigeria of today cares about how much money they caan make from ATM machine like jona

      • forward Nigeria.

        U think everyone must reason like u, u better wake up.gej is d best.

    • Adetona

      No he is losing his mind to Jonathan dollars but I pity these old men as they continuously devour rotten apple snd have their teeth rotten in the process. Odia and his fellow Afenijeun jeun folks have turned cash and carry mercenaries in their old age. So bad! Luckily Nigeria has outgrown their pranks and will send Jonathan back to a Otuoke preparatory to jail on March 28 and Odia can go and serve him there for the rest of his life because the dollars he received from Jonathan will finish after his benefactor has been shipped out from office.


      He is either looking for money or appointment.

  • Belusconi

    No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
    North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
    West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
    East = 0 yrs (Nil)
    South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

    “…Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south….”

    “…They have almost succeeded in subjugating the Middle Belt and making them voiceless and now extending same to the south. It is our unflinching belief that this quest for domination, …and marginalization, is against the wish of God and therefore, must be resisted with the vehemence….”

    “…This clique has an unabated penchant for domination and unrivalled fostering of mediocrity and outright detest for accountability,…all put together have been our undoing as a nation…”
    —– Gideon Orkar (April 22, 1990 Revolutionary Speech)

    Vote wisely. Look at the statistics above and vote with measured performance of candidates and with common sense…above all, if you still cherish ‘one Nigeria’, then the more reason why you must look at that statistic above before voting….those who have ears, let them hear.

    • Umar Dendi

      Another dimwit!
      Where did Ironsi GO, leaving you with your pact of derangements?

      • Otile

        Are you deranged, why not ask Alhaji Yakubu Danjuma about Ironsi? Dimwit Dendi.

  • onenigerian2014

    The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind. The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem. GEJ cannot do everything, but he will not let what he cannot do interfere with what he can do. Dear brain, please start being able to tell the difference between APC and Tinubu. Sincerely, I’m getting fat! Life is never boring, but some people in APC choose to be bored, boredom is a choice.

  • Basketmouth

    Money can do a lot to alter someone’s philosophy. Odia of all people? This man has drank the koolaid. He has pertook of the unriped fruit and it is now setting his teeth on edge. Everyone has its price and I hope Odia doesn’t come cheap. Enjoy your share of the national cake. Afterall nobody will ask you to account for it. No fear of an auditor breathing down your neck. Goodluck to Odia.


    I found it difficult to believe Ofeimun’s choice of best president is GEJ….with all the looting going on and lackadaisical attitude to same by GEJ Presidency?

    • New Jersey

      Maybe he is settled.

  • Rommel

    I have come to view this call for Jega’s sack by the followers of Jonathan Goodluck as a ploy to create alibi for the eventual massive rigging by the PDP, Nigerians should watch out,these people are not to be trusted and they will stop at nothing to achieve their end.This Odia Ofeimun man has just made himself a puppet of corruption.

  • musa aliyu

    Ofeimun these dollars PDP ar doling don reach you? DiarisGodO!

  • Tayo

    sack Jega and appoint who? ..meanwhile,,,Good day people, are you looking for a genuine investment opportunity that will upgrade your financial status? Invest And Enlarge (WEALTHZONE) is the right company, a company located in Kano where you invest and get a monthly interest according to the amount you invest and also get a referral bonus interest the more people you refer which is my aim of this advert,I live here in Abuja, I read about them sometime last year on facebook and i contacted them via email and that was how i became an investor with them, I just got my 4th interest payment so I am convinced of their activities, if you are interested you TEXT your EMAIL address to their customer care line 08021341784 and they will get back to you with details. please do not forget to tell them Mr Tayo Oluwaseyi referred you, remain blessed-9

  • Ayodele

    There is had fact that confirmed President Jonathan distributed money in Lagos and other places. If truly he had performed, there is no need dolling out money to people. Also, all the actions of the PDP campaign is showing desperation. I strongly believe PDP will loose the presidential election.

  • Omababa

    Ofeimun Odia have lost his respect as a nationalist, if he could be this irrational and bias in his assessment of the govt. of Jonothin without any comment on the widespread poverty in the land due to the massive corruption in this govt, the abducted school girls and dearth of public infrastructures, then it shows this man conscience has been bought.

  • umunnem

    Eeiyaaa. Ofeimun, you lost my respect…Wetin be dis your talk about Jonathan has performed? Chei, chei, diaris God o! He will judge these your biased views and you will not go unpunished. May your household be administered the way Jonathan has administered Nigeria. Let me hear AMEN!!

    • Zonatan the ijaw manu has outclassed every president that was opportuned to pass through aso rock–with the last 20yrs

  • chinwe davis

    you are on point..!!

  • well spoken, if Jega isn’t competent then he should be sacked, those positions are not people birth right, its not a do or die affair.

  • if he no dey perform well, na to sack am na, na so the thing go, GEJ for now till 2019

  • segun


  • Arkhuma

    A very sad day for me. I just discovered that the very brilliant poet that I respect so much is a politically blind. Mr. Odia is a disappointment. Nevertheless, he is entitled to his view but sorry I’m not voting for Jonathan. Thanks.

    • Tunsj


  • emmanuel

    if Jega is not performing he should be sack

  • ubong ekanem

    Jega should be sack and nothing will happen

  • Turai

    Nigerian youth, it is a clarion call that we listen to the words of wisdom.

  • kemi

    abeg if jega no fit do him work again na sack get am oh

  • uzo

    APC you be well defeated

  • Turai

    i’m a Nigerian, very close to the war prone zone of the north east. i have taken my time to go through the records of our past leaders. I rated umar Musa Yaradua and Murtala Mohammed 2nd and 3rd positions to GEJ in showing sincere commitment to Nigeria and nigerian affairs. Considering persons in the line up, i appeal to Nigeria youths to show our appreciation to GEJ by giving him a second chance. He is still the best, selfishness aside.

    • Tunsj

      Are you blind to see what is going on around you in Nigeria? So with the level of poverty in Nigeria, we should give your hero, Jonathan, a second chance? I hate to correct you, Jonathan is the worst President since the founding of this country. Why not ask Jonathan to tell us what happened to the $20 billion missing and release the report? You seem to be living in a fantasy island. Anyone in their right mind ought to know that Nigeria is going in the wrong direction and it is about time to change and have new leadership. This country can’t afford four more years of Jonathan,

      • Fairgame

        Again another blind illiterate follower of APC speaking. When Tinubu steals Lagos funds what did you do? Blame the President. Infact if you can’t impregnate your wife please don’t fail to blame the president. Nigeria has 36 states who collect monthly allocation yet it is the president that is responsible for your state’s poverty. Evil APC

        • Tunsj

          Nonsense. Reading through your comment, it seems to me that you do not know the meaning of illiterate. You sound like a pure illiterate and ignorant. It is imbeciles like you that are destroying Nigeria. You have just lost all credibility and proven yourself unworthy of my time and attention. Have a bad day.

      • Otile

        Boo hoo, majority of poor Nigerians are lazy drones. Many are made poor by their parents especially the ones that had little children caps and baskets to go begging, if they can’t receive enough from shameful begging they turn to robbing police stations, robbing banks, kidnapping girls and weak people. If everything fails they turn to bad religion, carrying out suicide bombing, and committing jihad. These things are self-induced.

  • Honest, there ARE Nigerians AND THERE ARE 9zas——–this ONE IS a true Nigerians—-a real patriot———not the kokomba–janjaweed type dancing around in APC–the camp of drug addicts and certificate forgers————–

  • Fairgame

    Evil APC blind followers will start abusing this distinguished Nigerian rather than addressing the points he raised. That is the rascality, violence and outright barbarism evil APC has brought to Nigeria political space. But Mrach 28 is around the corner and their obituary from Nigeria’s political space has already been written. Evil APC.

  • Turai

    Jega has done well in the past but there issues abt him now yhat we cannot understand. that is to say that he has lost confidence and trust like Prof Iwu in 2010 in many quarters. this calls for serious attention. I suggest he suggest he should give way for a person that can restore confidence again.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Flaunting rejuvenation of colonial railway waggons as an achievement in an age of BULLET TRAINS? Ofeimun you let yourself down. Please stop exploiting your clerical appointment in old UPN’s HR Department to mislead Nigerians about your true character and allegiance.

    • Fairgame

      And what did the administrations before President Jonathan do? Atleast you admit the trains are moving. Afterall even in the UK old surface trains networked together with modern ones is how their world renowned train network was achieved. your hypocrisy is quite astounding.

      • Charlotte

        Can people stop calling those things trains. What bloody trains?

    • Pete

      When weak-minded APC slaves want to run down Jonathan’s efforts in the rail sector they spew your kind of garbage.
      If you were a thinking fellow rather than an APC propaganda robot, you would find out for yourself that all the countries in the world that have “bullet trains” are not up to 20.
      But I know since this is not an APC command, it will not make an impact on you!

  • evi

    If Jesus comes out today to endorse Jonathan, apc blind followers will accuse him of collecting bribe and even call him the devil.Tinubu is the master of giving bribes, apc has spent over 500 bn on campaigning, they have taxed the apc governors to the point that they can’t pay their workers salaries anymore, osun state is an example

    • Andr.

      Jesus will never endorse mortal men.pls stop bringing his name into political issues.

  • With two weeks to the March 28, 2015 presidential election, the Independent National Electoral Commission disclosed that it had yet to distribute Permanent Voter Cards in four local government areas of Edo State.
    The electoral body explained that the PVCs were meant for eligible voters, who registered during the Continuous Voter Registration exercise last year.
    He said the cards in the affected areas of Owan East, Owan West, Ovia South West and Uhunmwonde, had yet to be distributed because the commission had yet to take delivery of them.

    The state INEC Administrative Secretary, Mr. Brown Ulucha, made the disclosure while addressing some protesters at the state headquarters of the commission in Benin, Edo State capital.
    The protesters, who were led by the Peoples Democratic Party House of Representatives candidate for Egor Ikpoba Okha Federal Constituency, Mr. Johnson Agbonayinma, expressed displeasure over what they termed as a bias posture of the commission in the state.

    They also accused INEC staff, including the Electoral Officers in Egor and Ikpoba Okha councils of bias, alleging that the PVCs, which were reportedly stolen, might not have been missing.

    • eddy

      Where did u get ur story from burning spear??? I am sure it is another propaganda by pdp again, cos I know people from that redoing and most of them traveled back on the week when the elections were supposed to hold to vote. Where did u get ur story from ooo!!!



      God already rejected GEJ. That is why he is running from pillar to post bribing everybody on his path. GEJ is the most wasteful Nigerian on earth

  • deji

    Ofeimun, is one of the few who do not wish Nigeria well. Jonathan is a monumental failure and Nigeria’s worst President

  • SAM .A

    Odia Ofeimum, has kept mum before now, Father Christmas, Jona just passed by & dropped some $ & £ ,then he started singing like Parrot.

    • Fairgame

      Another blind evil APC follower whose WASC less status implies illiteracy and as normal with your kind you abuse people more accomplished than you because you are a failure.

      • SAM .A

        e-rat/ creek monkey, FFK & Obi Asika didn’t inform you that they no longer talk about WASC, they now talk about Card reader. You will not collect your pay this weekend . You are far behind, outdated & eccentric .

        • Fairgame

          You are clearly from the dark age that Buhari comes from. You should know what WASC is or rather WAsC-less. Evil APC

  • Mrs benita akpan

    So far those that wants the INEC’s Chairman to be sacked are increasing in number.

    • Fairgame

      The man has lost credibility and has no integrity. He tried woefully to rig his fellow born to rule fulani man Buhari into power by technically disenfranchising 23 million voters. And now that it has failed he is looking for another way to do it. But he has failed even before he started.

  • kingsley obi

    Jega should know that we have heard about his meetings with enemies of democracy, well, time will tell it all.

  • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

    He will soon be gone, i beleive GEJ is taking his time on that.

  • Fairgame

    Jega has lost credibility and has no integrity. He tried woefully to rig his fellow born to rule fulani man Buhari into power by technically disenfranchising 23 million voters. And now that it has failed he is looking for another way to do it. But he has failed even before he started. Even in the north, there is a split. A good number want a new path carved for Nigeria based on the resolutions of the national conference while the other wants power to return to the north for the sole purpose of enthroning born to rule domination. Buhari is the champion of the latter. Buhari both as head of state and decades after cannot point to one thing he has done for the north talkless of Nigeria. Library sef he no set up. Nothing! yet blind APC followers are following the crook Tinubu and his gang who are trying hard but failing, to repackage him. Anytime that man has shown up in our political space he has left the streets soaking with the blood of those he called ‘monkeys and baboons’ but if his followers attempt going violent this time around after he loses to President Jonathan he and they will know that 2015 is not 2011.

    • Emmie

      you talk has no direction … lay constructive critics please !

  • Wähala

    @Dele Awogbeoba aka, Odia Ofeimun… Shame on you for calling for more of Dr. Dumbo. How much did you pocket?
    “Someone saw it for me, and someone else went to get it to bring to me.” – (Blind & Financially Crippled Odia Ofeimun)
    Failed and hungry author, Odia Ofeimun, is the demented sadist who wrote that vitriolic “poem” he multi-posted on Sahara Reporters as news broke that Prof. Chinua Achibe had died. He went about posting same egregious travesty online everywhere. He worked in late Thief Obafemi Awolowo’s office as a hate speech secretary during the Biafra War, their pogrom policy of annihilation using illegal blockade cost 3million Igbo lives. Broke like my grandfather, Odia has been greased! He’s from Auchi in Delta State, but occasionally gets a call-up to give pep-talks mostly to Zulus in S/Africa, his self-serving antics has since reduced him to picking crumbs. Imagine. Only a shameless and disillusioned Nigerian will ask another Nigerian to continue suffering. Ofeimun did not give any cogent reason for calling for another 4years of his moron Dumbo, he simply mouthed out his agreement with the Otuoke criminal and can hide behind their chorus… “na our turn to schop” and the, “South-South must complete our 8yrs!” Wetbacks! No wonder bloated Lady Hippo Dumbo echoed the same perverse idea in today’s Edo State rally with her fellow widows: “My husband must complete his 8yrs as President.” Calling for change after 38yrs of stagnant leadership, hear clown Odia… “People who can run the shop, should run the shop”. But, he sees no reason why Nigeria does not deserve people who can run the shop to run the shop after 16yrs of uninterrupted raid of our common patrimony by the PDP, that’s the hypocrisy of the tout Ofeimun… Blind & Hungry clown. Oloshi.

    • Pete

      You know, one of the most successful results of APC’s experiment in mind bending is you.
      You actually rant, rave and throw tantrums against Jonathan as if there are kinks in your brain. Indeed, I guess there are!

      • Wähala

        Before APC was Höly Wähala…
        And, I’ve always railed against the creek crook. I hated him from Day-1 and it will last for as long as he lasts… Sue me!

        • Pete


          • Wähala

            You are a true victim of Stockholm Syndrome for you to advocate a continuance of this madness called Dumbo’s Govt. Either that or your mind has been thoroughly indoctrinated in PDP corruption… Clown!

          • Pete

            You seem to revel in the silly thought that you are on some kind of a mission. Hear your moronic and psycho self: “I’ve hated him from Day-1”.
            That betrays your morbid condition.
            It means you aren’t judging Jonathan based on his achievements or the lack of them!
            Rather, you are being propelled by a psychotic and psychological imbalance inherent in your constitution.
            You therefore need expert attention urgently before you flip your lid and your neighbours and associates would say: “I used to know that bloke when he was sane!”

          • Wähala

            I simply revealed that I have a quicker discerning mind than most of you and it’s true. Going back to Turai Cabal’s days will also reveal I wrote vehemently in support of adhering to the Constitution and making your moron the Substantive President aka, Acting President until his campaign of lies to be elected for a full term… that was when he knelt before fake pastor Adebayo to lie and deceive gullible Nigerians. Go sitdon!

    • Curseless

      Let there be civility. Awolowo, Azikiwe and Sadauna are the founding fathers of Nigeria and they are dead. Regardless of their shortcomings of which I’m sure there will be, but decency demands that you don’t pour vitriol on anyone of these men as you just did to Baba Awolowo when you called him Thief Awolowo.

      • Wähala

        Pal, I pull no punches regardless if the perpetrators are dead or alive. I’ve neither won nor lost any bottles of odeku for being rude or polite with the views I share, why not you forget my comments whenever you come across them. Why did Awo spend time at Calabar Prisons… and what did he do to Igbo bank account holders after the war? Let’s not descend to the grave but, my lyrics will remain my prerogative. Go sitdon!

  • Dankasa

    I pray for you Mr. Poet to became the next INEC Chair after Jega is removed and before the next election, lets see how you can rig election for your prefered candidate, Jonah. May be people like this guy were not in this world to witness what happen to Lawrent Gbobo or the recent Bless Campore of Burkina Faso. You think Nigerians will fold their arms to watch their mandates being hijacked? I don’t know the kind of specie of human being people like you are? You sleep in darkness almost every night and faces all sort of live degradation (if you think i am being bias? try and transfer money from any Nigerian bank and see if it will be possible because the economy is crashing) under this guy but yet sentiment has blindfolded you to the truth and to the dreamland. You like it or not Jonnah is losing this election, and lets see; may be you will change nationality or die instead. Bigot!!!

    • Sam

      Sorry I am wasting my time to type this. You are truly Wahala to call an elder “bigot”. It speaks volume of what you are.

  • taewo

    In the US voter turnout rate was less than 60% in presidential elections since 1972. Generally, the estimate in advanced countries outside the U.S. is 70% despite their very high literacy levels. In far away Australia, voting is mandatory for citizens, hence a 90% turn out rate. So, I don’t understand what Odia is saying. Is he suggesting that INEC should appoint distributors of PVC just as it is done for factory products?

    There is a high rate of PVC collection in the North because of the power structure there. When the Emirs tell their subjects to go out and collect their voter cards or to vote for a candidate, it’s law. The situation is different here in the south.

    I am surprised that Odia didn’t go to personally collect his PVC, someone else did it. And there are many educated elites in this category. Is that INEC’s problem? It is unfortunate that Odia is now with the likes of Gani Adams the carpenter, leader of factional OPC calling for Jega’s removal to truncate the electoral process. Perhaps that is where he truly belong.

    The truth is that jonathan has completely betrayed the trust reposed in him. In 2011, he didn’t have to go from house to house begging for votes. People voted for him because of his education and poor background. But he supervises a deeply corrupt government and he is clueless. Hence, whatever the failings of Jega or INEC are, nobody wants to listen because jonathan does things worse than that.

    • Pete

      If you had comprehension skills you would know that the poet is talking about INEC’s deliberate efforts to deprive people of their franchise, and not whether people choose to vote or not.
      APC has exploited some Nigerians’ mental weaknesses to confuse issues in their minds!

    • Factsay

      turn out doesnt mean collection of pvcs.
      Where is ur brain?
      it is a different thing for people to choose not to vote than for INEC to disenfranchise registered voters by not giving them pvcs.

      Commonsense is not common these days. Try and find ur commonsense

    • Brandon Landry

      You ain’t never lied bro!

    • Sam

      My friend stop confusing voter turnout statistics with voter registration for legitimate citizens. It is a civic right. Citizens must first have the ability to vote before we start talking about the number that voted.

      • Arkhuma

        Mr. Sam, the question is “should Jega start hunting out people to come and collect their PVC or even tie a rope around their neck to come and do so?”. How many people were able to collect their national ID card that the government spent heavily on before it was declared a failed project and presently being replaced with another bogus one. INEC should be commended for its handling of PVC collection in achieving a success rate of above 80% in a very imperfect system. Indeed a white pap do come out from a black pot. Please stop complaining and looking for fault here and there.

    • Femi

      Mr taewo, the question is should people who registered not be given the opportunity to do so. Just imagine you want to collect your PVC and you are told it’s not ready!. Does this happen in the US too?

  • Brandon Landry

    This hungry mute poet finally got some crumbs to eat from Aso Rock now he has miraculously found his voice!

    • Pete

      Why won’t he be hungry? As long as he’s not bleating CHANGE like a goat, you’ll call him hungry!
      APC vermin! !

      • Brandon Landry

        Say what?? Shut your putrid reeking mouth, you crumb eating swamp tramp!

      • Brandon Landry

        Say what?? Shut your putrid reeking mouth, you crumb eating swamp tramp!
        And stay in yo lane punk. Ain’t nobody got time for ya impoverished stray dog b*tch ass!

        • Pete

          2 things you are:
          1. An APC robot/rodent. (So uncouth, so predictable)
          2. An American wannabe ( but the effort falls tastelessly flat on its face)

          • Brandon Landry

            haha I peep your inferiority complex peeking through your mouthful of stench. I am Nigerian-American with a Nigerian born mom. Wbu? Whatcha got dickhead? Biatch!

  • Moe

    Dear Mr. poet, give me one reason why you think your opinion matters to Nigerians.
    While addressing the alleged falsehood with regards to Jega public statement (which turned out to be a lie) you said
    ““The fact that the electoral commissioner can make such a public comment in my view meant that
    ought to be sacked.””
    That reminds me of something that recently happened which involved someone lying about a certain phone call to a certain King. Following your logic, this person should be sacked!

    You talk about the National conference convened by President Jonathan. Were there any recommendations from the panel ? If so, what exactly did Jonathan do with these recommendations?

    Your talk about PVC reminded me of a Night Watch man that advised his employer not to go to work that day because he (the watch man) Had a dream in which his boss was seriously injured,
    You committed a crime by receiving a PVC that was not issued to you….but you are here confessing your crime
    They don’t make poets like they used to.

    • Pete

      If he was saying things that suit your evil APC purpose his opinion would’ve mattered.
      You APC vermin are simply insufferable!
      God will soon excise that tumour from our body politic.

      • RockSolid

        You’re the insufferable bore. clown!!!

        • Pete

          Aha! Another robot is enamoured by a word!
          Can you prove that you are human and not an APC robot by saying something sensible, pls?

        • Pete

          Aha! Another APC robot is enamoured by a word!
          Can you prove that you are human and not an APC robot by saying something sensible, pls?

    • Brandon Landry

      You better preach!

    • Sam

      His opinion matters because you are either misinformed or have your own agenda that is not for the good of majority of Nigerians. You are like a child that stood under the shade of a tree, without realizing that what the elder has seen and is seeing, you cannot see it even if you climb to the tree top. Find out what happened between 1983 to 1985, then we can continue this conversation.

  • Curseless

    Mr Ofeimun I have always been fascinated by your writings and your depth, but this time I have to say i totally disagree with you. In any civil society, it is the civic duty of citizens to register and vote and in the case of Nigeria to pick up their PVC”s. The INEC released the data of the citizens that have received their voters card in every state yesterday and I have to submit that in a country that is as complex as Nigeria INEC have performed extremely well . 80% delivery is not a small achievement and most developed countries never got hat close in any election cycle. As for your wanting or preferring to see President Jonathan continue to lead the nation, i believe you have every right to pick him as an individual. I also happen believe he has tried his best, but the Yoruba people say “Atari Ajanaku ki ise edu omode” meaning a load as hefty as an elephant is not meant for a child to carry. Nigeria needs at this moment in history a leader with a steely mind and vision to take us to where only the eagle dares to fly and that person is Buhari.

    • RockSolid

      Very incisive comment. Keep up the good work bro.

    • Sam

      I do not agree with you that Buhari gas that steely mind and vision you claim he has. He did not have it when he was younger as HOS, so can not have it now he is old. If he cannot remember or know the full names of APC his party, and INEC, that is a negation of the quality you aspire to have. Therefore, we need someone younger, methodical and non-dictatorial.
      You also mentioned 80% registered voters. You bundled that statistics wrongly. If 80% registered voters votes, yes, that is Great! In this case, we are talking about ensuring that legible voters are equipped with the legal capacity to vote. As at Feb 14, all those that got their cards recently could not have voted and worse still, Jega told the Mational Assembly that more than one million voters card are yet to be received from China.

      • Yusuf

        Buhari is not perfect and certainly not close to ‘best’ in Nigeria, but the election is technically between a ‘Buharia’ and a ‘Jonathan’, and we can not take engine oil and die bcus they both have problems, we must chose one, and in a world where common sense is common this election will not be called a ‘contest’.
        For INEC issue, it is all sentiments, when JEGA admitted that about 30% of voters in Anambra were deliberately disenfrchsd by a corrupt INEC official, INEC did not cancel the election and no one called for sack of even the state INEC commissioner, this is a double standard that even our colonial rulers did not do. INEC could have distributed the remaining cards at its disposal in 2 days if Jonathan felt he had any chance of rigging that election, but they did not rely on voters card, they simply said ‘we own the security apparatus and we will not provide’

  • vuvuzela

    haba Odia. I am sure chief Obafemi Awolowo will be disappointed to hear this from your end. What a disgraceful way to end a carrier. It is a shame….

  • En

    Shameless man! He is hungry!

  • jesssymma

    Goodluck is the best president

  • jesssymma

    Also, president jonathan understands the positive role of the opposition party, appreciating their role, because sometimes their criticism reveals some faults.

  • jesssymma

    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan listens to his people at all times, especially when there is a disagreement.

  • Acosta

    It is visible to the blind and clearly audible to the deaf that GEJ is the best president Nigeria has ever got. Nothing can change that and come 28th March, we will massively Vote for GEJ

  • Malik Isah

    may we not be afflicted with hunger in our old age, we not goof in our old age in the mighty name of Jeeeesus! somebody say aaaaaameeeennnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

  • True Nigerian

    The people of Nigeria will speak on 28 March. Their decision will shock people like Odia – a poet with a very narrow contruction of the word “best”. It’s a shame.

    $20b stolen from the treasury; audit report concealed for 4 months, and then released it with some content still hidden; 400,000 barrels of crude stolen on daily basis; marine/port security is handed over to criminal cronies of the president to the tune of tens of billions; Militants threatening Nigerians with war if Jonathan is not re-elected, and Jonathan keeps silent because they are truly holding briefs for him; pension funds looted with no consequences for the looters; Ekiti state is mindlessly rigged; part of the crime was a 5-month torture of a 15-year old who was mindlessly starved and tied with ropes and chains for 5 months following which he developed peptic ulcer; the chief criminal in the act states clearly that the crime was an assignment by the president; the president then dismisses the evidence as “fabrication”. the chief criminal is rewarded with ministerial appointment; in Onitsha, a bridge that should easily cost less than 33b is pegged at N117b (almost 4 times of its real cost), and the people will still pay a toll on it for 30 years; at that level of coruption and stealing (since the president has warned us to always distinguish corruption from stealing), is it hard to see why the economy is literally a walking deadman?

    I don’t want to remember the arrogance and insult that was meted out to the Chibok families. I don’t want to remember his comments that “it is our turn to experience terrorism” or that “he doesn’t give a damn”.

    I have not mentioned half of the eyesore that I have seen in this country because of Jonathan’s horrendous leadership. But Odia Ofeimun thinks he is the best president this country has ever had. Ofeimun is apparently a poet who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “best”. I would never have criticised Ofeimun if he had simply said that he would vote or support Jonathan because he (Ofeimun) doesn’t believe that Buhari will do better. That would have been understandable because this is a democracy. But to refer to Jonathan as “the best president of this country”, despite the record I stated above? That is the height of poverty of the mind! Ofeimun should hide his head in shame. “Poverty of the mind” is not a phrase that should ordinarily be used to describe Ofeimun. But I have learned that people should be judged per time, not on old reputation, because people change.

    • Henry

      The man is exactly why you love him. He has told you the truth but you are still fixated in believing the lies the APC is telling you. There is no Nigerian head of state dead or alive who can rival Jonathan in performance. The evidence is there for you to see only if you care to look for it. Nigerians will bring him back come 28th of this month.

    • Eniriches

      The man is broke.

    • Titi

      and this is a man that call himself ‘Pan-Africanist’, and feels that some one is destroying Africa due to sentiments

  • Kim Roland

    This man sounds drunk!

    • ken

      Kim Roland 🙂 , what a name. I can tell you’re not in tune with the happenings in Nigeria or you’re clearly on of the “my papa tell me” type..posting a comment here at least tells me you have a device with internet connection.. Pls educate yourself. Thanks

  • McAlfred Uta

    Mr. Ofeimum I have always known you as a truthful man from your days with Pa Awo, the legendary and most revered Yoruba leader. You are still right because I doubted the Railway revolution until I saw the Abuja light rail line at Kubwa and the Kaduna Abuja rail line. The computerization of Civil servants salaries eliminated thousands of ghost workers who earn wages where they did not work through corrupt civil servants. I sincerely believe that GEJ fought and is still fighting corruption through technology and that as you rightly observed he might end up the most development oriented President Nigeria has ever had.

  • Yusuf

    Ofeimun should find the answer to his ‘Pan-Africana’ frustrations in his comments; it is the typical African sentiments that destroy Africa, self serving sentiments. Ofeimun should not be frustrated by Africa if he is satisfies with the current situation in Nigeria (as the giant of Africa, the most populous black nation, the largest economy in Africa, an oil producer). If Jonathan is the best president Ofeimun ever had, railway line from Kaduna to Abuja is the best Ofeimun needed in 6yrs, and misapplication of $10B or $2B mean nothing to Ofeimun then an Ofeimun is the main problem with Africa

    • ken

      Yusuf…read your comment, then than of the man and you can tell that the man makes far more sense than your “Pan Africana” jargon. Ofeimun has man a fair and balanced comment.

    • ken

      Yusuf…read your comment, then than of the man and you can tell that the man makes far more sense than your “Pan Africana” jargon. Ofeimun has made a fair and balanced comment.

  • real2x

    Another person needs appointment from GEJ. After FKK, Fasheun, Gani etc has received theirs. I am always disappointed when old men become sycophants just because of crumbs from Aso rock.

  • MC

    Odia Ofeimun, you are true legend. God bless you. Many Nigerians have eyes but have refused to see with it.

  • hyperbole123

    is this what Odia learnt from Awolowo? is this Awo’s vision for Nigeria. Odia, how much dollars did they pay you. totally disappointed. i never trusted people like you anyway.

    • ken

      Hyperbole123 you are actually the clueless one here. Don’t even try to use Awolowo as an icon because he wasn’t and he and played a big role in putting Nigeria in this mess.

  • ice queen

    corruption is when we leave the the num 1 corrupt man in d nation to lead us. who is d num 1 corrupt man am refering to here? no other than d founder of boko haram…(buhari) a man who is stained wit d blood of d innocent. who has vowed to carryout his unfinshed business which is more death and hardship when he gets to the seat.

    say no to corruption……say no to buhari!!!!

  • ice queen

    GEJ is d 1st president to make sure there is a federal uni in each state of d nation. He established 9 new uni to make sure the 36 states of d federation have a fed. Uni.
    > He provided leadership in d development of risk reduction measures and disaster management.
    > 4,607 jobs were created for health workers in 2012.
    > He rehabilitated the kaduna refinery after 15 years of neglect by past administrations.
    > Restructuring of d nigeria civil authority (NCAA) to expand and promote safety oversight, surveillance and human capital development in d industry. 
    > Development of a national counter terrorism strategy (NACTEST)

  • lilian ugo

    Where is he coming from

  • Acosta

    GMB is aloser

  • Acosta

    Dear General Buhari; I would’ve addressed this letter privately to you, but in the expectation that you may not receive it, I decided to make it an Open Letter, in the hope that you would stumble on it, read it and hopefully feel some of the pains and anguish that have been my lot. Having said that, permit me therefore to proceed with the rest of this missive from the grave of innocents departed.

    Last night, while I was at my modest home in Katsina, relaxing and probably half-awake, I heard the voice of my cousin who was killed in the North in April 2011 during the post-election violence instigated by your loss of the presidential election. With bloodshot sad eyes, my cousin, looking apparition-like, was wailing “Gen Buhari, why why”. My cousin’s name is (or was) Mallam Yusuf Danfulani, a bright young lad originally from Katsina State, who was slaughtered in cold blood and set on fire by youths chanting “Sai Buhari”, like they are again now chanting in 2015.

    Gen Buhari, in case you have forgotten, Yusuf was slaughtered in your name even though he never did any wrong to you, and even voted for you against Dr Jonathan. He lost his life just because the murderers you encouraged by your many hate speeches believed Yusuf to be from middle belt or southern Nigeria, most probably because of his bulky looks and brave, patriotic attempts to prevent the killing of an innocent Youth Corper, Ukeoma Ikechukwu. Even though he cried out in Hausa and Fulfulde, he was still not believed by those you (Buhari) managed to brainwash to see all non-Fulani Nigerians as conspiring to vote against you. In this very case, Yusuf voted for you but his ‘Sai Buhari’ killers never believed he did. Like you, Gen Buhari, the mob was baying for the blood of innocents.

    If not for Yusuf’s best friend who was with him and was himself nearly killed, we would not have recognized his charred body that was burnt beyond recognition. And thanks to the same friend for recounting to us the little he could make out at the last moments of Yusuf’s life, the agony he passed through and the most important words he uttered before he gave up. It is the same words I heard him utter last night from the grave: ‘Gen Buhari, why why’. Yet, to this day, you (Buhari) have not cared to apologize or show any remorse, but you instead offered lame excuses for the bloodletting you had instigated, and still instigate. I now ask you this: Gen Buhari, must you always shade blood, like you started doing from 1983, to rule Nigeria? Do you recall how you killed Brigadier Bako in 1983 just so you could take power by force from Shehu Shagari?

    General Buhari, Ukeoma Ikechukwu himself was reported missing that same day Yusuf was murdered by your supporters, and finally confirmed dead the following day when his charred remains was discovered in a hooded area. Apparently, your supporters had dragged him out of the open and tortured him before finally snuffing life out of him. Like my cousin, Yusuf, Ukeoma was very young and an innocent. Unlike Dr. Jonathan, they were not contesting against you. Yet, when they were killed, part of Nigeria was killed with them; the same Nigeria that you are now angrily campaigning to rule.

    Yusuf and Ukeoma were not alone. Six other innocent Youth Corpers were also murdered in Bauchi, where you Buhari, polled 1,315,209 votes (almost 82 per cent), defeating Dr Jonathan who scored 258,404 votes and did not even hit the 25 per cent mark. The corps members were reportedly chased to a police station where they sought refuge. But the rioters, who were raving mad with bloodlust and chanting “Sai Buhari”, overran the station and murdered the young Nigerians in cold blood. So, Gen Buhari, as you can see from the Bauchi result and it’s aftermath, your supporters even shade blood when you win; still you have no qualms. Today, you are prancing around the nation, arrogant and angry as usual, behaving like you have already won the election; and thus setting up another bloodletting if you are not announced winner.

    The story of Obinna Okpokiri is as heart-wrenching as Yusuf’s. The 27-year-old was butchered and burnt to ashes, in the service of his fatherland. Okpokiri’s own circumstances were as gruesome as they could be. He had run to the Corpers’ Lodge as the rampaging ‘Sai Buhari’ rioters targeted Youth Corper polling officers recruited by INEC for the election. As painful death loomed, the young Nigerians contemplated fleeing to the barracks. But they were not lucky enough. Your ‘Sai Buhari’ supporters caught up with them, slaughtered and set them on fire. Like Yusuf, these innocents are human beings and future leaders on the last laps of fulfilling their national duty before moving on to a bright future. But it was not to be because, in your name, Gen Buhari, they were slaughtered, sliced, soaked in petrol and scorched. Reduced to ashes in minutes and in the most callous fashion by those that are not better citizens or humans than them.

    General Buhari, while you are now busy inciting another violence, please bear in mind that in 2011, your supporters turned violent in whole 12 northern states as they burned the homes, vehicles, and properties of innocent Nigerians, some of whom are also Muslims and Northerners like you and my cousin Yusuf. Your ‘Sai Buhari’ supporters also targeted and killed Christians and members of southern Nigerian ethnic groups, who were seen as supporting the PDP, and they burnt churches across the north. One particular attack in Bauchi stood out as most heart-breaking. According to Human Rights Watch, on April 17 in Giade, a rural town in northern Bauchi, ‘Sai Buhari’ mobs attacked youth corps members in the town. The Corpers, who were mostly from Yoruba, ran to the local police station to seek refuge, but the mobs stormed the police station. The mob killed the police officer on duty and burned down the police station. They raped two of the female youth corps members and then hacked them to death with machetes, along with five male youth corps members. In total, rioters killed ten youth corps members in that town alone.

    A lecturer at the Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria, Kaduna State, described to Human Rights Watch how a mob of Muslims chanting “Change, Sai Buhari” attacked and killed several Christian students, a Christian lecturer and four Muslim students suspected of being PDP sympathizers on April 17: He said “Between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., they entered the school chanting slogans and shouting: “Where are the Christians and Muslims that supported the ruling party?” They had painted their faces black and were shouting that they needed “change”, the Congress for Progressive Change campaign slogan. The mob had all sorts of weapons – machetes, sticks, and clubs. They started breaking the glass on the buildings. The students ran away but the mob pursued them into the staff quarters and they had nowhere to go. The mob beat them to death. The lecturer they killed was Yoruba“.

    Finally, Gen Buhari, let me end this letter by asking you this question: When are you going to apologize to me, to Yusuf’s aged parents, to Ukeoma’s parents, to parents of all innocents murdered by your brainwashed supporters, to Nigeria and to mankind? And here is Yusuf again, asking you from the grave: “Gen Buhari, why why”.