Videos reveal details of deadly Lagos robbery that killed six

Lekki Robbery

Amateur videos shared by Twitter users may hold the strongest clue to identifying the thieves who invaded and robbed a Lagos bank Thursday.

The videos, curated from two twitter users [identity protected] offers security agents visual hints that could help them track down at least two of the gang members.

The video also provide insight into how the robbery, which left six people – including three police officers – dead, was executed.

The video shows clearly, two of the robbers and their brand of weapons.

Videos of similar qualities have aided crime investigation in other countries, including the deadly Boston bombing of April 2013.

Recently, the police in France and the United Kingdom relied on videos of masked assailants to build accurate profiles for criminals in the Charlie Hebdo attacks and ISIS beheading.

The police in Nigeria are yet to comment on the videos.


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  • Rommel

    The police are busy planning how to rig elections for PDP,may the souls of the departed rest in peace and I hope that these animals meet very violent ends soon

    • David

      Where is the lion call hunbu

    • Extrafo

      Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your
      understanding… And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily
      miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your

  • Ahmed

    Walahi, this is like action movie fa. Where were the police and all the soldiers deployed to Tinubu’s street???

    • musa aliyu

      we shall deal with them, coupled with the people hey are working for!

    • Lawrence Ehilegbu

      They knew the robbers were coming…and were suddenly recalled to Barracks.

  • favourtalk

    Welcome to Lagos, the home of the best. That is what we want to be a seing, it will reduce crime because of the fear of being caught. Lagos taken over the role of GEJ.

  • Total

    Great job God bless you for the courage displayed. In a good country these guys are already as good as arrested. This is how to be a patriotic nigerian and neighbors keeper. Thanks

  • Toni Udeh


  • lazona

    I don’t believe that Fashola is a SAN,

    • nas

      But you believed GEJ is a PhD holder ?

      • yitzkh


      • Lawrence Ehilegbu

        Yes, I believe GEJ is a PhD holder…but mentally, he’s not active and as articulate as one with one.

    • Lawrence Ehilegbu

      Because he couldn’t catch the robbers – abi? There’s no connection between been a SAN and ‘catching robbers” he isn’t the Head of Security Agencies brother

  • Rio

    I love Fashola but this is one of the lamest excuses l have heard. I would rather you look for a synergy between the police, navy, army and the airforce akin to the joint task force to fight crime because the police are simply ill equipped (due to corruption) to fight an increasingly sophisticated criminal gangs. This your excuse makes you sound more like Dumbo Jonathan.

    • Emancipation

      Friend the excuses is quite understandable.

    • Lawrence Ehilegbu

      Weldone Rio

  • Erinfolami

    Can somebody tell me the where about of Nigeria police and other security agents? Even the CAT that called himself LION was nowhere to be found.They have mortgage out their primary duty on a morbid search for material estate. Posterity will judge them!!!

  • Investigagor

    One of those guys look like tundemess.

  • Oladejo A. Muyiwa

    E be like watching “44 minutes”

  • Idodo Widodo

    Where are the much hyped Fashola’s CCTV cameras? …the amount and effort spent deporting people back to Onitsha bridge would have bought at least 11 CCTV cameras…25% of the pension of the gbana major which was illegally cornered in an unprecedented rape on the people of Lagos, would have been sufficient to buy CCTV cameras for most business districts in Lagos…but one man, too powerful to bring to book, diverts a chunk of state funds to himself in form of benefits and pension like never seen before…and then the confused CEO of the state, who by constitutional provision is also the CSO of the state, turns round to blame President Jonathan…..the same way the fisherman is blamed each time a Fulani or Kanuri parent leads his daughter to boko haram Islamic terrorists to function as a suicide bomber….Nigeria!!! Surely, we are not a country.

    • Olufemi Adebayo

      Yea we are not a country when ethnic warriors like you talk crap

      • Ayuba

        Can’t u c sense in her comment? In what way is she an ethnic warrior? Bcos she told u some bitter truths?

  • onenigerian2014

    This unfortunate incident in Lagos will tell you straight forward how cowardly this APC twerps are. Some Yoruba are so lousy that propaganda is what they leave on. When small, small boys are forming civilian JTF in North-East, catching B/H with sticks. This our broadas from another mothers are busy loosing their lips on talking only. APC, You have been criticizing yourself and others for years and it hasn’t worked, try approving of yourself and see what happens.

  • Thanks, Mercy.
    Here is the question:
    What can I do? What can the individual do? That is the question. It is not about the government or corporations. It is about individuals like ME. What can I do?

  • Michael Ehizokhale

    Wao,this the best article I have ever seen written by a nigerian. Nigerians got talent and surely needs to be discover. Thanks alot to this writer. This need to be shared to get to the attentions of vagabonds in power

  • Rosebud

    “The immediate past president of the U.S.,
    Barack Obama, who sealed the Deal for America on August 29, 2016….”

    Ignorance is not a virtue, neither is it an excuse for folly and falsehood. Obama didn’t seal the deal for America, if he did, he’d have sent it to the Senate for ratification. Even the Supreme Court placed a stay on his Clean Act bill which failed to pass. What Obama did was to sign an Executive document that allowed him to bypass due process and set his agenda in motion.

    Do tell what exactly are the benefits of this so-called Climate deal? You parrot support blindly but fail to enumerate how this so-called deal benefits anyone. You regurgitate problems caused by climate change that you’ve memorized from sponsored articles and yet fail woefully in evaluating its contents’ validity. China, one of our world’s so-called major polluters, by this deal you parrot, has 30 years granted to it before acting on carbon emission reduction. Why?

    But before l digress, l ask, where is the scientific proof that human activity drives climate change? One proof is all l need. Almost 400 Ivy scientists have come out publicly to say it doesn’t. Erosions, floods, droughts and yes, climate change have all been with us from time immemorial. CO2 is oxygen for all vegetation, you deny them CO2 and they whither and die. Yet, here you are, insisting we cut down on their oxygen while on the hand claiming that an increase in CO2 is actually what is causing vegetative extinction.

    Climate has never been static, it changes as the sun pleases. First, it was global warming, when that argument failed to stand up to scientific scrutiny they switched to climate change. Where is the sense in this nonbinding paper you parrot? Obama, the UK, Germany and France bullied a lot of their satellite proxies to come aboard and since it was nonbinding they figured, well what harm could it cause. A nonbinding paper isn’t an agreement, at the very best, it’s a wishful chorus. It goes nowhere in terms of enforcement and has no bite. What Europe and the global breed of political conmen are upset about regarding America’s pull out, is the fact that by it, they lost a global enforcer necessary for enforcing what they so cunningly branded a nonbinding agreement.

    A nonbinding agreement is an oxymoron, once anything is nonbinding, decisions become individualistic for the simple reason that no one is bound by them. A nonbinding agreement tells there is no agreement but that parties have agreed to disagree. There was never a deal, dear child, and you need to understand that.

    • egoigwe

      “A nonbinding paper isn’t an agreement, at the very best, it’s a wishful chorus”

      Excellently put.