Oba of Benin assures Jonathan of election victory

The Oba of Benin, Omon’oba Erediauwa, has assured President Goodluck Jonathan of victory in the forthcoming election slated for March 28.

The Oba gave the assurance Thursday in Abuja through his son and a chief in the Benin Kingdom, Ada Erediuwa, who led a delegation of princes and chiefs of the Benin Kingdom on a visit to a former Minister of Information and elder statesman, Edwin Clark.

Prince Erediuwa recalled that his father had met with Mr. Jonathan three times adding that while the first meeting was a private affair between the two leaders, the second meeting was a public function when the president went to Edo to commission the refurbished Benin-Lagos expressway.

He said the third meeting sometime in September 2014 was the most significant because the Oba presented a “red ododo” to the president.

The prince explained that the Oba deliberately gave the president the material to pass a message. He said it was the highest Benin traditional attire and the Oba wore it when he had to go to court.

“He wore it and trekked to the court to show he meant business,” Mr. Erediuwa said. “In Benin Kingdom, the ododo represents success and it is a sign of victory. Whoever wears it to the battle field must return home.”

Reports in recent past had suggested that the Benin royal house was in conflict with the presidency.
However, Mr. Erediuwa said the Oba had made it clear by his actions and words that he supported the president.

He, however, stated a “need for the Benin Kingdom to hold a private meeting with the president after the general elections to address all areas of concern.”

Mr. Clark, in his remarks said the president considered Benin home. He also pledged to ensure that a meeting between the royal house and the presidency was held as soon as the elections were over.

Mr. Clark also said the little misunderstanding between the president and the Benin Kingdom may have to do with the appointment of the former Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, ostensibly to replace her husband Christopher Ogiemwonyi, who was from Edo State.

He explained that Ms. Oduah was appointed on her own merit having served as the treasurer in the president’s campaign prior to 2011.

He said she was appointed to represent Anambra State while an Edo man was also appointed on the constitutional slot of the state and was even posted to the same ministry Mr. Ogienwonyi served in.

“There was nothing the president did to spite Edo State,” Mr. Clark said. “What happened was a normal thing in government.”

Mr. Clark also said to avoid a repeat of such an incident, the Benin royal house would be consulted “on the appointment of a minister from the state”.

He also assured that after the election, which he said the president would win, “Bini will be accorded a pride of place in the government of President Goodluck Jonathan”.

On the endorsement of Mr. Jonathan, the elder statesman said he believed “the prince has spoken the mind of the Oba”.


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  • Daniel Johnson

    Respect my king.

    • kelebook

      If your king wants to be respected he shouldn’t have dabbled into politics. It’s a dirty game and it has no respect for any title whatsoever. Look at the monarchy in England your king should take a cue from them and Awujale of Ijebu land. What a shame for the selfish traditional institution that is thinking about themselves rather than the public they claim to be serving. All na wayo!

      • Daniel Johnson

        I respect my king.

  • richkid

    After now you will hear another report saying otherwise, just know that apc is atwork, chasing JONAs shadow. GEJ has won

    • dave jacob

      No wonder PDP is vociferously against the instrument that will prevent rigging: CARD READER.

      • richkid

        Pdp doesnt need to rig to win presidency

  • Osasoba

    This is not the voice of the binis

  • kelebook

    Obas don’t get involved in politics. Please take a cue from Awujale of Ijebu land. Whose interest is the oba protecting by endorsing GEJ? His own interest or the people’s? Food for thought!

  • Olodo

    The dead no they talk.

    • Psalm Owen


  • Osasoba

    This is not about the traditional institution or the Omo,it is about performance and sense of belonging. Tell any position in this govt.occupied by a bini man or woman? Mr. President has failed the binis who gave the highest amount of votes in 2011,and indeed all Nigerians.He has failed woefully!Father Clark we desire change in March 28.We are tired of failed promises and blame game.ENOUGH is ENOUGH sir.

  • Soon they will come back with stories that the Oba never sent them to visit Jonathan—very unsteady

  • segun


  • PROF

    The Oba has a lot of sons who can speak for themselves ,as such cant speak for the EDO people in general . For Edo ,its one man one vote . Power belongs to GOD .

  • Otokitimire O’tega

    WHY APC MUST FAIL, The SS&SE are not allergic to Presidency

    1960 – 1966 – Mallam Tafawa Balewa………….(NORTH), Duration = 5yrs
    1967 – 1976 – Mallam Yakubu Gowon………….(NORTH), Duration = 9yrs
    1976 – 1976 – Mallam Muritala Mohammed…….(NORTH), Duration = 6months
    1977 – 1979 – Oloye Obasanjo Aremu………….(WEST), Duration = 3yrs
    1979 – 1983 – Mallam Shehu Shagari……………(NORTH), Duration = 4yr
    1983 – 1985 – Mallam Mohammed Bokohari…..(NORTH), Duration = 3yrs
    1986 – 1993 – Mallam Badmanmusi Babangida.(NORTH), Duration = 8yrs
    1993 – 1993 – Oloye Shonekan Earnest…………(WEST), Duration = 3months
    1993 – 1998 – Mallam Sani Abacha……………….(NORTH), Duration = 5yrs
    1998 – 1999 – Mallam Abdulsalami Abubacar….(NORTH), Duration = 1yr
    1999 – 2007 – Oloye Obasanjo Aremu…………….(WEST), Duration = 8yrs
    2007 – 2010 – Mallam Musa Yara Dua……………(NORTH), Duration = 3yrs
    2010 – 2018 – Dr GoodestLuck E. Jonathn……..(SOUTH), Duration = 8yrs

    NORTH. = 11 Presidents in 39yrs….(72% Occupation of Presidency)
    WEST… = 2 Presidents in 12yrs… (23% Occupation of Presidency)
    SOUTH.. = 1 President in 4yrs……..( 7% Occupation of Presidency)
    EAST……= Nil (Zero President)……. ( 0% Occupation of Presidency)

    This grotesque imbalance is visible to the blind & audible to the deaf. The question is: Are the people of the South & East allergic to presidency? Why must Nigeria be continuously misgoverned by the North & West? It is time to place culpability where culpability belongs. The South & East reject the North & West team. Pure & Simple..and thank God, all my resources are in my backyard …and my deep sea oil reserves & rivers are all at my backyard… We shall see how aliens will have access.

    —-Shouldn’t there be FEDERAL character in Presidency? …The only alternative is Secession!

    • Omo Omoregie

      So your Jonadaft hopes to abdicate power by 2018 and not 2019? See where forgery has led you into as PDP is intrinsically webbed to forgery. Yesterday Morocco humiliated Nigeria because this same shameless PDPig government lied that the president of the country spoke to Jonathief when he did not. And now you are telling us that Jona the thief will stay till 2018 and not 2019 to hide the fraud in his selfish desire for more power to steal. Anyway, the man and all you PDPigs are already history and in two weeks time, Nigeria will be rid of this idiotic useless corrup cultist in PDP.

    • Ododo

      Where is Aguiyi Ironsi?

      • Jack

        I wonder oooo! Still dey laugh how people are so ignorant

      • Otile

        Ask Yakubu Danjuma. But don’t tell me that Alhaji Danjuma is not a Muslim, that’s beside the point..

    • Ken

      Thanks for this. This is how it shall be.

    • Ken

      Ironsi held office for 6 years.

      • chukzee

        6 Months abi 6 years. Abeg no rewrite history o!

      • Otile

        Yorubas and distortion. Na wa o.

      • Manfromnorthcentral

        Ken and history’ nawaoooooooh! Go back and read your history books first

    • progress

      Tell them to start using their heads and stop using their stomach. Support change and see someone from the SE become president as early as 2023 otherwise Pdp will continue to use and dump the SE.

      • Murtala Aliyu

        In 2003 I told an Igbo friend the only way an Igbo will become the president of Nigeria within 10 years is to support the candidacy of Buhari if not no Igbo will be president of Nigeria untill after 32 years of democracy.

        • McAlfred Uta

          Is it tribe that rules Nigeria or human beings? The rule that ruled for 38 years where are they today. They destroyed Northern textile mills and agriculture but nurtured almajiri system and poverty. Pray for the best man to lead Nigeria irrespective of where he comes from.

          • Murtala Aliyu

            In 2003 GMB made an offer to the Igbos, he will do only one term and he will hand over to Chuba Okadigbo an Igbo, he did that for sake of fairness. He would have kept his word. This issue has nothing to do with tribe or region either. In 2003 the south east hold the cards. Now they miss road. Corruption was the reason Industries and all infrastructures crash in Nigeria and you cannot associate Buhari with any Corruption. Past or present.

    • Olufemi Adebayo

      Its all about ethnicity not competence. Amazing. I’m sure cost of living is cheaper in the east and SS than other areas

    • Ed

      You forgot Major General Ironsi East.

  • Osasoba

    Of course the Oba never sent such message.It is the handiwork of pdp and their cohorts in the Benin traditional council that arrange such visits. Afterall it is the season of dollar rain,opportunity for them to get their share.Our Oba is a man of honour and integrity. Please stop using the Oba’s name for your personal gains.Change we desire,change we want and change has come—sai Buhari.

    • Shehu Monguno


    • Manfromnorthcentral

      We will see how your Buhari will get it


    I now know why the Awujale of Ijebuland is one of Nigeria’s most-respected traditional rulers. His wisdom is impressive. He refused to endorse Jonathan, telling him to go and convince the people on why they should vote for him. I believe traditional rulers should be above partisan politics, since their subjects belong to different political parties. This self-appointed spokesman for the Bini Kingdom apparently spoke for himself, for reasons best known to him.

    • Ken

      Because the awujale is supporting his son, the VP for Apc?

      • Jack

        But Awujale was more diplomatic bout that even in saying Obas don’t ask people to vote for a particular candidate. This pronouncement from the omooba is dubious

      • Wähala

        Did you hear the Awujale mouth off his support for his son, the VP, as you claim? Even if he is, the wise thing to do is offer that support diplomatically without acting as prophet which this tout Oba is trying to be.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Thank you for you sensible comments!

        • ogbuefiakajiaku

          The Yorubas are not straight forward very slimy and treacherous. They are not courageous enough to say their feeling unlike the Oba who defied his governor to say the truth.

          • Olufemi Adebayo

            Maybe the Yorubas are matured and not money grubblers

          • ogbuefiakajiaku

            saboteurs, slimy and treacherous. I have worked with people from all corners of Nigeria and I find them very offensive.

          • tulampa

            Really are they saboteurs, slimy and treacherous? I thought those are d trade marks of Ibo people where u come from. I mean really it’s no secret that your people can sell their conscience for a pot of porridge. That’s the main reason they are condemned to nothing in d federation. In fact ijaw people have overtaken then in d federation. ‘Use and dump’ people.

          • Olufemi Adebayo

            A bit rich coming from people with no heritage

          • Manfromnorthcentral

            No Yoruba like money well well, thus u hear of juju, babalawo, etc where humans are used for money rituals. In fact the support for APC is all about money, if u don’t know

          • Stephen

            It is so sad that some regions in Nigeria will be selected and money shared to their monarchs, strangely GEJ did not visit the igbos and we have not heard if he shared money there despite the massive support of the igbos. Are Igbos fools?

  • SBA

    Is this not the Oba’s son that recently left Oshiomole’s cabinet. I know the Oba is not frivolous. This guy is on a mission after all he has to collect his own personal economy before the window closes

    • Ken

      The Oba of Benin has endorsed GEJ; Oshiomhele cant take that away.

      • Tunsj

        The Oba of Benin has only one vote and nothing more.

  • Ogom

    The son has bet his father’s credibility on jonathan. It’s all or nothing

  • Otile

    Long live Awon Kabiyesi Omon’oba Erediauwa. May your lineage be blessed.

  • UYI111

    Oba”s endosement of GEJ is not secret long may you reign.

  • paul eneke

    The boy is broke,he needs money,please give him some and let him enter the next plane back to Benin,biko!

  • Osasoba

    All the so called meetings between our Oba and Mr. President took place before President Jonathan declared his intention to run for President. So let Prince Ada and those who visited Mr. Clarke speak for themselves and not our King. It is one man one vote,so endorsement does not win elections,Abiola’s case is a classical example. Change is inevitable come march 28,the umbrella has been shattered to be swept away by the broom on march 28. Congratulations Naija

    • courage ize

      Keep quiet, Edo people know what is good for them!

  • musa

    Long live the Oba,he know that at his age 92 his leaving issues that have to do with national interest to his son to handle, unlike the 73 old grand father who still want to rule a nation he says belongs to the future leaders. We need transformation and not change cos the people that want to bring change are thesame criminals that have been rejected by PDP and people that has made Lagos their personal property. Nigerians please let us be wise!

    • Papashango77

      What is transformation and what is change?

      • musa

        Thanks but next time read well to know what content both were used for. They could be used to represent different issues and idea.


      A 73yr old grandfather is preferable to a 57yr old irresponsible and lazy father anytime anyday

      • musa

        How do you assess irresponsibility? Is it a party that their so called governor is blaming the president for an arm robbery that happened in his state, or a very corrupt party leader that owns almost all the properties in lagos and has turned the government into personal family business? Hope you know what you claim you want cos Nigerians are wise people.

        • Stephen

          You type of Nigerians are fools. Remove the mole in your eye before you remove the log in another person’s eye. Who corrupt pass pdp people. Militants de buy plane you de accuse Tinubu. Where were you when they were fighting Abacha during NADECO days

    • Stephen

      We are wise now, we won’t allow transformation where our commonwealth has been squandered, where militants are buying private jets at the expense of jobs for our young men and women, where stealing is not corruption. Vote APC

      • musa

        Change to Tinubu or Fashola? You know what both of them stands for, or is the ritualist and boko haram sponsor Buhari? Transformation is a gradual process, we don’t want magicians as the criminal Tinubu is claiming he is, but a person that has the interest of Nigerians. Forward ever and backward Never. I can imagine what change a grand father is willing to offer.

        • Stephen

          You vote can’t change the outcome of this elections. APC will win. The fear is palpable in their eyes. Age is not a factor in being a President. All over the world we see presidents above 75. Come to think of it, are you not tired the way the country is been destroyed. Even Jonathan will be amused at his supporters because he will look at you people as fools.

          • musa

            You buhari’s supporters I wonder if any of you can ever give intelligent contribution, but am not suprise becos old brains think alike. Have you ever seen any foreign president with good governance of that age? Even Mandela had to step aside to allow the younger generation. We need transformation and not change from criminal like Tinubu and his fellow Criminals have to offer.

          • Stephen

            At your age are you more intelligent than a 75 year old man? Is Jonathan intelligent? If you consider Jonathan intelligent with the way and manner he has handled the country then I am shocked. Apart from Mandela, check properly and with “intelligence ” there are many. From my own assessment we have reached a point where we need this old man to rescue us from thieves. What is your grouse with Tinubu and Co. They are not the ones contesting o. Let pdp sell themselves instead of castigating APC. As for APC their plans are clear. To get rid of corruption. You charge your phone with your generator and come online to support pdp, are you not qualified to enjoy electricity. I beg wake up we no want transformation from a clearly inept leader.

          • musa

            Why can’t you mention any foreign president or prime minister that is even 65 years, at least you claim to be intelligent. You don’t want your sponsors to be mentioned but they will be part of the Buhari’s government, you are blinded by the peanuts they are paying you, can a corrupt leader and party fight corruption? What impact did nigeria feel when Buhari was the then head of states? Apart from killings, abuse of human rights, jailing and abuse of power. We are not there yet but we will soon be there in nigeria and we don’t want a grand father with his criminal sponsors to drag us back to the past.

          • Stephen

            Music if you are sensible and intelligent enough you will know than the past in Nigeria is better than where we are now. For your information nobody is paying me anything. I have not meet any APC person one on one, they don’t share money like your clueless pdp. Shame on you and any of your family member that votes pdp because the votes will be wasted. I am sure you don’t have children because if you have you will be thinking of their future. Not this chop and quench way u na de inside so

          • Stephen

            So,sorry he still won GEJ at his age lol

          • Stephen

            Musa how are you, the change has finally come

          • Stephen

            Buhari don win o, haters go hug transformer lol

  • Olusola

    No problem, na the one wey Omon’oba N’edo cursed. He can continue to run his mouth.

  • Moe

    Mr. President sir, congratulations on your recently acquired ododo. I am sorry to have to tell you that whether you have red ododo, green, ododo, blue, ododo plus boli and ekpa, nothing will keep you in office past March this year.

    While Ododo may mean success in Benin Kingdom, this is the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Ododo is nothing but trinkets!
    You yourself know that Ododo doesn’t do jack else you’d have acquired all the free roaming Ododo in the world. Benin Kingdom would have been the richest kingdom in the world and you would not be jumping up and down in desperation going from school certificate, to brain death, to legalization of Gay marriage etc .

    you know what actually brings success (apart from hard work)? A full Agbada made from the skin of one-eyed mosquitoes..that are harvested during a full moon in a leap year..sure banker!

  • Maria

    Some obas still use slaves or who is that young man carrying giant sword?

  • Preco01

    Which Oba? I dey laugh o!!!

  • samson john

    GEJ will win

  • samson john


    Your future depends on your choice

    Fellow Nigerians, we have Just few days to our elections and below are some vital things we must consider before casting our vote.

    1. Buhari killed Ben ogedengbe by a death penalty for a crime that didn’t carry death penalty when he committed it.

    2. Buhari doesn’t attend the Federal Council meetings yet collects his allowances. Mr. Integrity indeed.

    3. Buhari canceled former Governor Jakande’s metroline and forfeited the $50 million paid for it by the then Lagos State Government

    4 Buhari used Violence to stop the September 1985 National Conference of the National AssociatIon of Nigeria Students.

    5. Buhari jailed Tai Solarin and denied him his asthma drugs simply because he campaigned against military rule and for democracy.

    6. Buhari Jailed Nduka irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing a truthful report which embarrassed his Government

    7. Buhari raided respected Papa Awolowo’s house and seized his passport so he couldn’t travel out of the country. Was he also corrupt?

    8.Buhari threw Former vice President Alex Ekweme in jail even though it was proven that Ekweme never stole any money.

    9. He jailed honest and respected pa Adekunle Ajasin.

    10. He jailed Fela Kuti in I984 for singing against the dictatorial tendencies of his Military Government

    11 Doctors, remember that Buhari banned the Nigeria medical Association (NMA)

    12. Buhari stopped Ooni of Ife for traveling abroad simply because he visited the holy land of Israel in 1984

    13. He broke up press conference of ASSU in 1984 and detained four of their executives

    14 He jailed Beko Ransome Kuti who only demanded for the release of his brother.

    15 He jailed Dr. Sam Onunaka Mbakwe.

    16 He jailed Awwal Ibrahim now the Emir of Niger State before IBB pushed him aside.
    Nigerians must be careful with what they wish for!

    Please share this post to keep Nigeria democratic and free from oppression…….I am a gejite and I endorse this message.

  • emmanuel

    The Train is moving across the Land.

    Even the Fulanis are tatically giving GEJ their backing instead of wasting their vote on a Lagos basee one man Mafian squad, that will see them loose another eight uears