Jonathan challenges APC on gay allegation, says Morocco standoff less important

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation has challenged the All Progressives Congress to tell Nigerians whether or not its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, is considering the request of some foreign nations to scrap the country’s anti-gay laws and allow same-sex marriage, in order to secure their support.

The Director of Media and Publicity of the campaign, Femi Fani-Kayode, in a statement, Thursday, in Abuja, said this was more important to Nigerians than the issues that have been raised as a consequence of Morocco’s withdrawal of their Ambassador from Nigeria.

“Our attention has been drawn to the unpatriotic stance of the APC on the issues that have been raised as a consequence of Morocco’s withdrawal of their Ambassador from Nigeria,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

“It is very unfortunate that rather than join hands with the Federal Government and endeavour to stand shoulder to shoulder with their compatriots and their country when it comes to the conduct of international affairs, the APC are always ready to assume the worst about their government and about their President.

“Our counsel to them is to grow up, get real and stop playing politics with such sensitive matters that border on the interest and credibility of our nation and our people.

“If they want a clarification about the Moroccan affair, they ought to go through the appropriate channels and perhaps attempt to reach our Foreign Minister in order to find out what really happened.

“That is the proper and responsible thing to do. They do not need to make a song and dance about the whole thing and they certainly should not try to gain political mileage out of it or join forces with those from outside our shores that do not wish Nigeria or the Nigerian people well.

“We are fully aware of their obvious and pronounced intellectual limitations when it comes to such matters; yet, regardless of that, they must always endeavour to remember that we are, first and foremost, Nigerians and regardless of whichever side of the political divide we find ourselves or whichever political party we belong to, we must always seek to protect our nation’s interest before anything else.

“For the APC to even begin to assume that it is true that our President or any of our government officials lied in this episode with the King of Morocco and for them to so readily accept the suggestion that we have done anything wrong or that we have somehow misled our people about what actually transpired speaks volumes.

“Our President is certainly not a liar. The only liars here are the APC and their perfidious and conflicted spokesman, Lai Mohammed. Our President and our government have done Nigeria proud when it comes to the conduct of foreign affairs over the last few years and when it comes to building bridges with other nations. This is particularly so when it comes to our relationship with other African countries.

“Our military collaboration with the nations of Chad, Niger and the Cameroons in the fight against Boko Haram and the great successes that we are jointly recording in that bitter fight is a glaring testimony to that.

“Any Nigerian or any Nigerian political party that joins hands with foreigners to denigrate our nation, to belittle our foreign policy, to undermine our credibility in the comity of nations or to work against our country’s vital core interests by assuming the worst about the conduct of our foreign affairs is simply a traitor and is not worthy of being called a Nigerian.

“Once again, the APC has shown, by their plea for a clarification on this matter, that they are a party that simply cannot possibly comprehend or grasp the complexities of national leadership or the conduct of foreign affairs.

“They have proved that they will always put their own personal and narrow party interests before the interests of our people and our nation. The basic lesson that they need to learn is this: in a time of war, you do not join hands with foreign governments or foreign kings to undermine the interest of your nation or to denigrate your President.

“Instead of talking about the King of Morocco and who spoke to whom, the APC should tell us whether it is true that their presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, in response to a request from some western countries, is considering scrapping the anti-gay laws in our country and pushing through legislation that would allow same sex marriage.

“We are far more interested in that than in the King of Morocco because if it is true that that is what they are planning, it would be a reflection of their moral depravity as a party and it would be a negation of our values as a God-fearing nation.”


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  • yeko

    Bye Bye. PDP is gone forever. FFK go and sew a lady gown to escape through Seme border.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Masters stroke
    Buhari tell us where you stand

    • Sword of Damocles

      it is an OXYMORON to use the term “masterstroke” & Jonathan in the same sentence. Wont tell ya again, next time na spiked bat to ya tongue, Kapisch? lol

      • Jack

        Lol..I doubt if he will understand your statement here,pls come to his level

    • tundemash

      His stand can’t be worse than this …… go and return your cloned PVC card; card reader will be used for the election.

  • King Carlos

    FFK says we should forget about Morrocco issue and talk about Buhari’s Gay commitment. When you think this Fani Kayode can’t go lower, he will just surprise you from nowhere?

    • Guest

      jonhatan is a loser . He should keep his dignity and just GO . Nigeria decides

  • ije2014

    Why can’t Jonathan sack this crazy guy?

    • Tunde

      He cant sack him because he is just as mad!!!!!

    • Charlotte

      He can’t sack him because it would be bad publicity for him. Besides I think Jonathan enjoys the mud slinging. It’s the only way you can justify your loyalty to him that’s why muazu is a problem to him. If ffk is sacked you know he will switch back to APC. He’s a double agent.

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    I can’t even comment on these brain-dead FFK!

  • Jika

    You guys say Buhari is a religious bigot,a fanatic,a fundamentalist,a Boko haram symphatiser etc.From you guys,we were informed that Buhari is terminally ill,you presented us with a medical report from ABU teaching hospital which turned out to be fake.You were on record that Buhari was in England for medical reasons.Now you are telling us that this same Buhari met with some undisclosed foreigners to give them a commitment that he wii repeal anti gay laws in Nigeria.The question(s) begging for answers are;
    (1) How can an Islamic fundamentalist and a Boko Haram symphatiser support gay marriage?
    (2) How,when and,where did a supposedly sick man meet with representative of four different foreign Governments to give them a commitment to repeal anti gay laws in Nigeria?
    (3) What was the publicly stated position of FFK when GEJ signed the anti gay law in Nigeria?
    (4) is there any level that you guys can’t sink just to tarnish the image of GMB?
    (5) Does FFK feel that the generality of Nigerians are un discerning?
    It is such a pity that the more FFK speaks,the more damage he does to the chances and aspiration of Mr President.So,so SAD and PATHETIC indeed!!!!

  • Concerned

    Trust PDP to shy away from the truth of the fact that a foreign country has openly accused the Nigerian Givernment of lying and withdrawn its Ambassador in protest .

    Instead it seeks to rely on uncorroborated sensationalist allegations in an effort to draw attention away from the insult rendered on the presidency by Moroccogate.

    Wonders will never cease.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    I heard from Fani – Kayode that Candidate Buhari was planning to Islamise Nigeria , why the sudden change to an anti- Islamic anti sharia, abrogation of a gay law signed into law by Goodluck Jonathan.? FFK , so which one is the truth?


      In Islamisation, deception is allowed. You can lie to gain any and every support while you continue in your agenda.

      • tundemash

        Just like this deception by your drug addict lord.

  • maureen

    APC member don’t even get work just dey comment nonses,whether them like it or not GEJ till 2019.

    • tundemash

      yeah right !

    • Badejo Akinlabi

      Femi Fanikayode, you are a dishonest person just like Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. Goodluck Jonathan LIED. And you Femi Fanikayode has the audacity to want to cover it by mentioning how Goodluck Jonathan as good relationship with African countries. Here you mentioned “our (Goodluck Jonathan’s govt) collaboration with Chad, Cameroon, Niger Republic in the fight against Boko Haram…” But something is missing in Goodluck Jonathan relationship with others in the fight against Boko Haram, you forgot to include “our(Goodluck Jonathan’s govt) collaboration with South African mercenaries and Israeli company-Elbit in our (Goodluck Jonathan’s govt) fight against Boko Haram as part of Jonathan foreign affairs success!

    • Patrick

      I see you, PDP member who cannot even speak English. smh!!!

  • Babawale Akinola

    Goodluck Jonathan, you are shameless human being. As the President of Nigeria you DISGRACED Nigeria and EMBARRASS Nigerians by LYING that you spoke with the head of state of another country (Morroco). when you DID NOT. Goodluck Jonathan you were CAUGHT pants down LYING about what you DID NOT do. Yet you want to put a bold face on it by saying “It does not matter.. we should move on.” Move on to where? Goodluck Jonathan, you are a DISGRACE- A LYING President. You think the global world is Like Nigeria where you LIE and BRIBE Obas, Pastors, Emirs, Obis, Imams and tribal constituencies just because you are looking for votes -and get away with LYING and BRIBING? No! Sir! The outside world is DIFFERENT. It is about STANDARDS of behavior out there in the global world-Stop LYING Goodluck Jonathan. You are a DISGRACE to Nigerians, to Africa, to black people all over the world-Quit this job my friend, if you cannot do this job anymore-DIGRACEFUL Character-lacking in dignity and honor.


      To hell with the useless Arabic king. The kingdom has no value in Africa.

      • Babawale Akinola

        There is a BOTTOM LINE in this matter. Here is the bottom line- DID GOODLUCK JONATHAN LIE OR NOT? That is it. Do not beat around the bush. Jonathan LIED and he is a DISGRACE-a head of state LIED? Come on-accept this even if you do not accept others-IT IS A DISGRACE-it is a shame-Jonathan should simply leave-enough is enough.

      • Patrick

        i know your type … Its the likes of you and GEJ that has allowed Boko Haram to function this long … After all you are most likely from the West and what takes place in the North is their business, cuz that’s the only way you can say something as useless as this.

    • mustapha Shehu

      FFK first thing first, Moroccogate before your question is answered.Was there telephone conversation between the two leaders? Simple question.

  • Abubakar sfada

    GEJ/ FEMI KAYODE lost of campaign ideas

  • Faruk Al-amin

    lol, like seriously, damned pdp is much more desperate than i initial thought, to even say such a thing about buhari, i hope fani kayode hasn’t lost it completely, did he even know that Islam completely and totally condemns and reject gays, this has being so for like thousands of years.

  • kelebook

    Story Story o!!! Na so so grammar this guy go dey blow to deceive Nigerians and cover up all of GEJ’s atrocities. I am not surprised he is their town crier, na the money wey attract am make him take the job. Silly man without any morals!!

  • kenny G

    FFK, did the president really speak with the king of Morocco or did he lie to us? Do you think we are all fools? Just because of you, I and my family have decided to vote en mass for Buhari, because the fact that Jonathan is very comfortable with a man like you as his campaign spokesperson, is the final straw.

    • bio

      Is it Kenny G I know the saxophonist or the usual imposter? May I know. People with extreme defects in reasoning should take time to get repairs to their thoughts. You and your family’s votes will never make the change.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Is @bio a laboratory specimen in a Petri dish?

        It is unheard of for you ‘things’ to have opinions!

  • Niyi Akinlabu

    The simple question, for which a simple answer was expected has been: DID THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA LIE TO US WHEN HE SAID HE SPOKE WITH THE MOROCCAN KING OR NOT?
    Their reply, as we all know, has not been simple. It was conveyed to us in a multi-paragraphed, convoluted double-speak that leaves us without the intended answer, nor with any sense of the need for an answer.
    Is this how low we are in the estimation of these idiots?!


    Buhari the power hungry tyrant will promise heaven and earth to any quarters ready to assist him.The dictator has to declare his stand on the gay issue. That is what we call democracy,Buhari cannot dodge debates,dodge certificates,dodge answers to pertinent questions but still claim to be a “born again democrat” ,the man is a fraud !!

    • Babawale Akinola

      Femi Fanikayode gave some information in his smokey brain. That is what you are responding to. You pretend that the FACT that Goodluck Jonathan LIED to the head of state of another country is not before you. But fly as you can Goodluck Jonathan LIE about speaking with the head of state of Morroco is BEFORE us all. So the question is : Is it correct for Goodluck Jonathan to LIE that he spoke with the head of state of another country when he did not?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      But Jonothing can dodge the confirmation that he has been caught lying internationally again!

      Is it true he was in the toilet or simply drunk when he refused to answer his speaking slot the other day at the AU?

    • Danny Melvin Edheluebo

      Ur bile is pumping profusely and u need to take it easy. Your accusation, like ur Jonathan’s attack Dogs FFK and Ayo fayose is so mundane and Beer Parlourish that most Nigerians can see the lies through it. How many of the promises did Jonathan kept faith with in his near 6yrs that he has started another round of unaticulated promises? No reasonable Nigeria takes him seriously. Why Buhari, with a reputation if no nonsense man is gaining currency. Its Jonathan’s failure that is helping Buhari

  • Debo

    FFK is right about this, it is very unpatriotic for APC to jump to take sides without finding out what actually happened. Moreso when it involves international relations. First and foremost, we are all Nigerians and we should all be relentless in protecting our sovereignity. After which, daggers can begin to draw at each other. It doesnt matter what went down, APC should have at best stood neutral (say nothing) or find out the details before going public. To them they think they are embarrassing GEJ, but the truth is they have embarrased Nigeria and themselves as a selfish and unpatriotic bunch.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Grow up, bruv.

      It is Jonothing that is embarrassing the country with his st2pid lies!

      • Debo

        I believe if at all there is anyone who needs to grow up, that person should be you or your likes. Except you want to inform me that you know more than the average Nigerian what exactly transpired between the two leaders, then you should learn to be wise in your choice of words. people like you that believe that the only way to have a superior argument is to run the other party down have no place in a modern society; like Lai like Kay. Imagine a scenario where you bump into two adults arguing over an issue; one’s word against the other, you seriously believe that the wise way to approach is to jump to conclusions that one party is wrong and the other is not simply because you do not like or trust the other. Nobody should query you for choosing to support your preferred candidate, it is your right; God given and constitutionally guaranteed, but that right should not encourage you to be unwise.

        • Charlotte

          But Jonathan lied and APC are the opposition. That’s what the opposition do. However, Jonathan’s handlers sometimes make it difficult to defend him. They just go out and spew rubbish.

          • Debo

            I agree on your last sentence and i speak for my self only. But you must have to prove to me based on a reliable Intel that GEJ lied before i can reason with you along that line. By the way, the opposition is not supposed to oppose just for the fun of it – i thought this was what i was trying to say all along!

          • Funso

            Ọmọ àlè.

          • Debo

            You are a royal jester.

          • Funso

            Àlè ọmọ.

          • Charlotte

            Debo they have confirmed that Jonathan did not speak with the Moroccan king. You can read it here on premium times. They lied basically. Makes you wonder if the people around Jonathan wish him well at all.

          • Debo

            Yes, I have seen the news. The President himself confirmed he didn’t speak and has ordered an investigation. I wonder who would dare lie like that without GEJ’s permission – at least that’s what he is saying. I feel more more comfortable now that we can now form opinion based on credible information .

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Debo, God gave us brains so that we can use it intelligently, not st2pidly.

          One man said Yes; and the other said No.

          The one who said No then precedes with further action to demonstrate that he is not party to lying. Yet the other who claimed Yes refuses to publicly back his earlier statement and instead says a Third Party who is uninvolved – in your own words, “the man who bumped into them – is a gay lover!

          Are you using your brain at all?

          Like you rightly wrote sha, it is your right not to!

          • Debo

            Perhaps you will only need to just use your brain at all even if not intelligently to tell me how the withdrawal of the envoy proves that they are not lying. The 3rd party is you for your information, no wonder you couldn’t tell whether or not the brain has been used.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            There we go, Debo.

            Do you have to prove how vacuous you are so soon?

            The “third party” is the common Nigerians, not just me.

            The paucity of the quality of your mind is made indubitable by your refusal to acknowledge that your man is suffering an apoplexy instead of explaining what went wrong; as you similarly are!

            If he has issues on the gay matter, he can raise it later, but for now, we are not interested in his puerile attempts at diverting our attentions away with red herrings.

            People who use their heads knows better. Better join the enlightened ones and take your head out of uranus!!!

          • Debo

            I have just realized that your case is irredeemable. i have no further comments to make.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


        • Ogunjimi Dipo O

          OK you’re right Debo. But can i ask you why Jonathan lied to us he spoke to Morocco king? I only asked since it seems you understand foreign policy and international relation so well. Please respond.

          • Debo

            How are you sure he lied.

          • Debo

            Do you seriously believe that GEJ lied just because the Moroccans said so, but you do not believe that the Moroccans lied even when the Nigerian govt said so. This is a clear case of “he said, she said”. The only thing that is obvious is that the Moroccans are angry about something.

          • MC

            Debo, please stop wasting your time on this chap. Can’t you see he can never grasp your beautiful point due to his bias?

  • bio

    No extent of pressure from Western world will make us sign same sex marriage into Law. Who so ever that make’s the bargain should know that CHANGE has taking long ago

  • Elis Davia

    That’s the problem with APC, they can never show patriotism, always looking for a way to condemn President GEJ administration which shouldn’t be seen from any true Nigerian.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Did they ask him to lie yet again?

      I can bet that people like you would still blame APC if Mr. Jonothing is caught coming out of the toilet without cleaning his backside!!

      • Charlotte


    • Ademola Aderiye

      So Mr. Elis Davia, it is “patriotic” to support a lie by President Goodluck Jonathan? So patriotism to you, Goodluck Jonathan and Femi Fanikayode is lying? Just asking.

  • Elis Davia

    How can a party as selfish as APC convince Nigerians that have something good to offer to this country since its obvious that they don’t have the interest of this country at heart rather they’re there for their own selfish reasons.

    • Babawale Akinola

      So? The “good” thing Nigerians like you, Goodluck Jonathan and Femi Fanikayode have for this country is that Goodluck Jonathan LIED that he spoke with the head of state of another country? So LYING is a good thing with PDP and Goodluck Jonathan?

  • Fodio Gandoki

    Biggest confusion ever! Why did PDP hire this man Fani kayode? Why? Now can you tell us the number of votes PDP is loosing just because of wrong of this ill advised undertaking


    3C meaning:
    Crass! Crude!! Childish!!!!

    This guy called Jonathan a liar last year. Can somebody play his interview on channels a TV for this boy to see.

    Does he think this is a student union thing. Does he think he is talking to secondary school boys. So when we ask the government to clarify issues, we are undermining our foreign policy. This boy should go back to mummy. He is not an adult yet!!!!

  • Charlotte

    Blah blah blah! Likes the sound of his own voice. He must be a double agent.

  • MIB

    Femi, but you forgot to tell us what really transpired in the Morrocan case. We are truly interested in knowing what really happened. We are talking about international relation here.
    As for the repealing of same sex marriage law, you accused GMB, produce the evidence or go to court to compel GMB/APC to prove their innocence . Asking the party to confirm or deny the allegation verbally is begging the issue. Nigerians are not gullible. We need solid evidence .

  • tsunami1earthquake

    It’s harrowing that some people contradict themselves here! Is it because of politics or what? Some submissions have asked Femi Fani-Kayode to produce evidence that GMB was mulling the possibility of reversing the law on gays/lesbians. The bottom line here is evidence. Why must evidence also not be relied upon before drawing a conclusion on the spat between Nigeria and Morocco? Has anybody gone to the Nigerian Foreign Ministry, as directed, to ascertain correct information on what happened? As of now, there are denials and counter-denials between Nigeria and Morocco; so why must some people instantly believe Morocco and denigrate Nigeria and its leader on this issue without arming themselves with concrete evidence to the matter?

    It’s not for me to sound the need for patriotism in matters concerning Nigeria and a foreign nation. However, it is imperative that in any dispute, be it between individuals or between bodies, the least anyone who assumed the role of an arbiter could do would be to satisfy himself/herself with enough evidence that would give rise to a judgment or conclusion. There is now a state of ‘you-said-I-said’ between Nigeria and Morocco. Therefore there would be no basis to draw any conclusion either way until one got to the bottom of it. That is how things are done.

    • Omoagunmate

      Yes, how things are done in a country that have a leader. In a country where corruption has not destroyed her foundation, a countries where leaders are accountable to their people. Not in Nigeria led by a clueless man in a bowler hat, a joke of a president that understands not the implications of his actions talk-less of his inaction, a liar who surrounds himself with criminals, drug addictions, an illiterate wife asking citizens to stone other citizens, to name a few, a man who openly confirm on national tv that he doesn’t even give a damn. Now you can take your preaching elsewhere because from where we are standing, you are talking a load of rubbish.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        Hmm, very sound reasoning you may think. But before you continue to sound like a primary schoolboy on a demonstration or a lone dancer who cannot even decipher the sound of the music, go and read today’s online Vanguard on this Nigeria-Morocco issue and see the mature and reasonable way your APC had handled the matter and NOT this your schoolboyish type of ranting.

  • MC

    APC is Association of Past Criminals…(except Buhari) Gays! On their utopian path to giving us Gay Republic of Nigeria (GRN)! When you (APC) partake in making fun of our country over some charlatan king of poor Morocco’s gestures, we begin to read the handwritings on the wall. From currying electoral favor by accepting to sodomize this our 9aija, to cheer-leading for some ‘god-king’, to not joining in celebrating the current victory over BokoHaram among other things etc, because una wan rule us! Nigerian will not be a land where man sleeps with man and woman with woman, because if una succeed, one day una go tell us say e no matter to sleep with animals in the name of ‘consenting adult’ which has been the gay and their sponsors creed and motto. Power drunk fiends!

    • Omoagunmate

      I wonder where you idiots will run to when we the real Nigerian people with the love of our nation at heart, rescue our nation from the hands of evil men (and women) holding us to ransom and having a good laugh about it. We know you all and we’ll find you and make sure you all pay for all your evil and corrupt deeds. Yes, you can laugh now, in fact you all can laugh out loud while your evil party last, but you are not going to be laughing for long. So Buhari is no longer planning to turn us all to Islamic fundamentalist, he is now planning to turn us all to gays abi? Evil and evil people may last for a while, but light and goodness will always overcome. The time has come for Nigeria to overcome evil and evil people like the current president and his agents, and we shall overcome. We are not surprised that all these evil people in our country are grouping together to use all the means available to them to fight for their survival, that was expected and we are ready for it, so no shaking. As for fanny kayodi, we know your history and your family history too well to take you seriously.

      • MC

        Omo Yoruba, have you heard about the proverbial hunter that, in absence of a game in the bush, pointed his gun to his co-hunter, wanting to shoot him, saying he looked like a game? I wish I could reverse fate and let win for a week! Wou guys would have seen what the headlines would look like. Something like: “Buhari orders EFCC to investigate Tinubu, Amechi, Atiku, other members of APC. The former general says the war on corruption is without fear or favour”

        • Change

          You sound corrupt, if your imaginary headline isn’t one you are clamouring for. Only a bastard should mortgage the future of his kids and grandkids for friends or allies. Only a corrupt individual will have an issue with the possibility that GMB will hold everyone, including himself, accountable “without fear or favor.” The impunity in the land must change.

          • MC

            I agree things should and must change, though change in this context is relative. But how can you effect change when you have those who are of questionable character as your backers? The only way would then be to change them first and that’ll be very difficult given the nature of Buhari’s hench men. Charity, my brother, must begin at home.

  • alabi olubunmi

    Pdp is just confused. The same buhari u say is an Islamists is d same buhari u say wants to christianize d north according to vp sambo is d same buhari that wants to scrap anti gay law. Is an Islamists not supposed to enforce it. Confused people. Please choose one and stop ridiculing ur selves. 1 6yrs with nothing to show

  • ade

    Omo ale ni fani kayode, baba re lo jo.



  • Elis Davia

    This APC has blamed President GEJ for
    every woe in our country but have refused to identify with the real causes of
    our country’s shortcomings. What APC want is power, they don’t have the interest of this country at heart.

    • Moe

      First, I think you meant ‘APC HAS refused to Identify the real causes of our Nations shortcomings” Not “APC “HAVE refused to Identify WITH the real causes of our nation;s shortcomings”
      When one ‘identifies WITH something’ has a completely different meaning from when ‘one identifies something.’

      what are these ‘real causes of our country’s shortcomings’ ?
      What exactly has APC refused to identify?…Corruption? failure of leadership? Boko Harams unchallenged escapades for years? looting of the Nation’s treasury? pardoning of internationally convicted criminals? What?
      please enlighten us.

  • Khalifa

    I wander what brother fani kayode will not say with his mouth , how many lies will he tell to defend obvious facts . How can a Yoruba man throw away all that we are known for ” OMOLUWABI ” into the dust . His brother Kayode power drunk or just suffering from the syndrome of uncontrollable lust for wealth and pride. Brother Kayode don’t forget ” Ile ni abo isinmi oko ” .

  • evi

    Hausa fulani’s and kanuris are mostly homosexuals and bisexuals so this story of buhari agreeing to scrap anti gay laws is not in doubt, atiku is a clear case. We all saw the drama in the house of rep before the anti gay law was passed and it was fought against by mostly the core northern reps. Buhari will sign it just to please people like atiku and Lair mohammed

  • Elis Davia

    APC should tell us whether it is true that their presidential candidate, GMB in response to a request from some western countries, is considering scrapping the anti-gay laws in our country and pushing through legislation that would allow same sex marriage?

  • Khalifa

    Mr President there is very urgent need for you sir , to put your campaign spokesman Fani Kayode under control before he completely destroy what little sympathy you might still enjoy from home and abroad . Did you notice the salient insult he Brother Kayode hurled on The king of Morocco . Why should he brother Kayode because of his deadly and devilish hatred of opposition And the fear of been thrown out of job make him loose all sense of decency . Has he forgotten so soon the story of alafin of oyo and a close friend of his dad . Bode Thomas . Four years is just around the corners . We are watching

    • taiwo

      shut up and discuss the issues raised here,instead of telling us about the insult hurled on the king of morroco or are you a morocan because if you are you need to be deported very fast for seeking to insult our president.Or Is APC now the ruling party in morroco?

      • Yetunde

        Which “issues”? taiwo is a lie an issue? Do you think? Can you think?

  • Ken

    It is the stance of GEJ on same sex marriage that made US and UK to deny Nigeria arms to deal with Boko haram. It is unfortunate for GMB to do that. Homosexual thrives a lot in the North, so I am not surprised.

    • blueeyedkitten

      homosexuals thrives in the north…yet you call them baby factories( our people no dey bon shildren throway for street). homosexuals dey born shildren?

  • taiwo

    APC is a party of criminals and irredentists and they have no good intention for our nation

  • Ade

    This drug addict critisized GEJ when the antigay law was passed. Now he is trying to score a political point by posing to be antigay. Relatives of this mad fellow should quickly tie him before he enters the market naked.

  • Cox

    This Buhari was called so many names in other to win support for President Jonathan, which has gone bad but now he is homosexual. Somebody you called an islamist who want to introduce sharia law and islamize nigerian and i think islam does not recognised homosexual. So how these two things comes together. This PDP people self. Na wa ooo

    • Ceejay

      APC should clarify on the allegations. Simple

      • Seyi

        Femi Fanikayode alias Ceejay, clarify what? Clarify your lie? How does one clarify a lie?

  • Khalifa

    Taiwo there is no need for you to be insultive if I have said anything that bothers you say it to me . I have only expressed my feelings about creating more enemies for the President and our country that friends . Is it right for The Morris an king to call us liars . But he was giving that opportunity because of the controversial phone call. Brother Fani Kayode should do more than just insult every constructive criticism . If you are a politician , sorry am Not . Just a nigeria. That can not sit and watch my president and country been insulted

  • Mr. Abdin

    We need explanation from the government since the Morocco’s disgrace cannot be tolerated. Nigerians need change.

  • richkid

    He will never get that chance so help us GOD! How can they turn us Christians to Muslims, asnd equally turn us to sodom and gomorah taaa!! God will never God will never allow it. GEJ rules again

    • Bayonle

      Are you okay?

      • richkid

        Homo like you. Try it and you will end up 14 years in jail

      • richkid

        I see your head is now blank. That happens when your defending the wrong person

  • MC

    Let’s even examine these APC boys’ IQ:
    * Questionnaire instruction: Please, abeg una, saanu, ejor, biko, choose the most appropriate from A-D. Attempt all questions or you fail! (lol)

    1. APC, was your Presidential candidate, Alhaji, WASC-unholder, very aged, RETIRED and TIRED, Mohammadu Buhari approached by representatives of the West, with a proposal to back his presidency so that he would repeal gay law upon assumption of office?

    (A) Yes sir, Mr MC, they did but we are still pondering over it.

    (B) Oga MC. Such a thing took place while he went for the Chattam House, rehearsed interview. The general turned the offer down citing his Islamic background but Atiku, Bola and Amechi forced him to accept. While the former cited his sexual preference as his reason, Bola and Amechi asked him if he knew that the treasuries of Lagos were emptied during the APC campaign?

    C. Oga MC get lost, we’ll not dignify you with an answer. You have so terribly beaten and battered our image on social sites. Who the hell do you think you are? (well, MC is a genius who will ensure APC fails except una apologise to am)

    D. MC my brother, we no get choice. You see, the money we budgeted for the campaign got depleted two days after the postponement. What you see us spending now is money from APC governors and they are already exhausted. Please, my name is Liar Mohammed (pleading for annonymity) if this election is postponed again, we go give up. I’m giving you insider information sir.

    • blueeyedkitten

      oboy, nobody has answered your waec questions o. can you be a little bit clearer? ejor.

  • concerned9ja

    I now believe in the a
    legation if substance abuse in the top echelon of Jonothing campaign. If not, how can FFK, the son of traitor Fani Power be weeping that the opposition did not join the clueless president in lying diplomacy whivh has brought oppobrium and shame unto this country. Diplomacy is not about telling lies, neither is it about barefaced abuse.
    This government has displayed its usual lie telling attitude, but the likes of FFK has forgotten that twenty years of lies would easily be overtskrn by one hour if truth.
    On FFK, I am sure that as calamitous as Metuh is, he and his group would be happy inwardly the terrible job this son of the first republic traitor is making of Jona’s campagins

  • excel

    Gej as lost it finally, he’s extremely desperate going that far to lie about diplomatic issue and bringing disgrace upon this country is an act of irresponsible. Enough of lies, it is time for CHANGE

  • chinwe davis

    ewww APC thats rubbish, no way we want someone like buhari.

  • This is the last straw, what’s with buhari and the gay ish, like does he really thinks this will turn anyone to his directions, a really pathetic thing to do if you ask me.

  • No need to listen to what buhari is saying, its simple he has no clue or implication of what he’s doing, GEJ will emerge victorious at the end. buhari doesnt stand a chance.

  • kemi

    APC we are waiting for your response oh on this

    • Progress

      How market?

  • uzo

    APC are no where to be found now

  • Nelson David

    APC have nothing good for Nigeria

  • Bassey

    Goodluck knows what is better for Nigeria and APC are trying so hard to block Nigerians from the good work of Jonathan.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Nigeria can never accept that gay law, imagine man getting marriage to his fellow men,hmmmmmmm. May forbid that in this country. Shameless APC

    • Progress

      Apoda ni eleyi o. Who btw you and FFK has the worst case of a brain that just refuse to grow with your body. A man with infant brain!

  • SO

    Another lie from the pathological liar. Now that the lid has been blown off the lies about Morocco, what else do we expect from someone without integrity? No need to bother ourselves with anything that comes from Femi Fani Kayode. The guy is just absolutely incurable. If Nigeria President could lie about a simple case and wait for four days to retract the story, then the depth of their lies is simply unimaginable. Even just yesterday, Femi was still saying that for APC to have assumed “that we have somehow misled our people about what actually transpired speaks volumes.” And guess what, the following day, they made a u turn! So the question to him is did they or did they not mislead our people that the event “actually transpired”? Bunch of liars!

    • Emeka215

      Please go get some sense before commenting.

      • Progress

        A dunce like you even then will still not get it. U just dont have it. A soup no mattaer how well prepared will taste bitter to a pesron with malaria.

      • SO

        I suppose your contact has ended. Sorry oh. Go get a life! I hope you have learnt one or two lessons from what happen during the elections – Honesty pays!

    • bio

      Morocco issue is not what has to bother us, Let the elections be done and dusted,so APC can rest thereafter.

      • SO

        You still dey or have you committed suicide after APC won? Just checking on you as a good Samaritan!

  • Enumah


    • Progress

      Soon APC will be blamed for GEJ insatiable appetite for Ogogoro! Wise up man!

      • bio

        Talking like a tapper himself.

  • Ukpono

    Damn APC!

  • felicia jones

    Because we know how power thirsty the APC are we are going to starve them of our votes.

  • kingsley obi

    That their evil plan will not see the break of day, so they should wake up.

  • faith adams

    We will make sure the APC do not see the gates of ASO ROCK

  • kelvinister

    I have always suspected APC on this gay issue. The West does not give support free of charge. The way and manner western media have been giving good press to APC while bad mouthing GEJ shows there is a tacit agreement the west will benefit from. APC are a dangerous bunch Nigerians must beware of. Nigerians have said a resounding no to legalizing gay marriage whoever wish to reverse it has a date with the wrath of God!

  • murty

    From an Islamic party to a gay rights party. You pdp guys are seriously pathetic. Please if you have nothing to say, keep quiet. Haba

  • Dayo

    The whole story is a fabrication. The “clown” never mentioned a single western country and yet, as always, his “Sheeple” still believe him.

  • Dayo

    Fani Kayode, the unrepentant liar, lying as ever. He has neither mentioned a place, a country, nor a diplomat with which Buhari had made the agreement, to tell u that all is a fabricated lie to drift Nigerians away from the Morocco lie, and yet, as usual, amazingly, the blind PDP folks still believe him, as they do in everything he says. Out of words!