We must kill corruption – Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari talking
President Muhammadu Buhari

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, in Port Harcourt on Thursday promised that his administration would use the nation’s gas resources to generate electricity.

Mr. Buhari made the pledge at the APC South-South campaign rally, saying that if properly utilised, the sector would expand the economy and open other ventures that would be useful to the people.

‘’We need high technology to separate our gas because ours is associated gas. When we do this, we will have enough gas to generate power and expand our economy,’’ he said.

Mr. Buhari urged the people to join in the fight against corruption by protecting their votes.

He said, “If you work hard to stop corruption at the polling units by voting for the APC, I can say that you are not doing me good but you will be doing yourself good.’’

Mr. Buhari called for a comprehensive approach in the fight against corruption in the country, adding: “Nigerians must rise up to fight and kill corruption before it kills us.”

In his speech, Rivers Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, urged supporters of the party to vote for a change in the Presidential and Governorship elections.

He also urged the people to use the power of their votes to elect candidates of their choice.

Mr. Amaechi said the decision by INEC to use card readers for the elections was a welcome development.
“Majority of Nigerians must be allowed to vote and what INEC is doing now is better than in the past,” he said.
A former governor of Bayelsa, Timipre Silva, urged the people to vote for APC to enjoy democracy dividends.



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  • Frank Bassey

    Beginning with Tinubu an Fashola in Lagos.

    • Bayonle

      I think first with Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke and Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.

  • fab

    Thank u.then amaechi. Pls some body wit ‘memory loss’ cannot govern even. a Local gvt effectively.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    If we are serious about killing corruption, we must first kill you, Buhari, Obasanjo and Bola Tinubu. No corruption is worse than vying for a position that one does not have the requisite qualification for. Perjury and forgery – both of which you, Buhari, are guilty of – are egregious forms of corruption. Being sponsored by the likes of Bola Tinubu and Rotimi Amaechi (from the proceeds of corruption) is corruption. Senile, illiterate certificate forger, perjurer and coup plotter Buhari, please shut you trap.

    • blueeyedkitten

      you really should watch your mouth. you can please vote your idol from now till 3019 for all we care. but becareful what you say ese.

    • Frustrated?

    • progress

      Omobastarrd. Liar!

    • Kitunde

      Where is @ Funso…..Lol

    • Maitama Tambari

      You are talking nonsense. What is Dubai using to generate electricity? It is not nuclear power because Israel and USA would have bombing them. It is not hydro electricity because it is a desert where rains fell once in three to four years. What else? Gas power plant which GMB is talking about as a former Minister of Petroleum and Chairman NNPC, GMB is quite aware that Nigeria has more crude oil and gas than United Arab Emirates. Why Nigeria did not meet its potential like United Arabs Emirate? Corruption. Dubai started in 1987 with Free Trade Zone’s concept at Dubai Port while Nigeria started with the same concept in Calabar Port in 1992. Where is Dubai and Calabar today. The difference is crystal clear even to a blind man. Corruption and Attitude kills Nigeria. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

    • SAM .A

      Omo ale , apa enia ni omo eru , omo iwofa Femi Adekunle Iyafikunya omo lagere Ife.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Gege bi mo ti so fun e tele, gbogbo iran d’iran e ni omo ale o.

        • Funso

          omo ale.

    • Lade

      Is this how people write on this forum? Premium Times have an obligation to Nigerians and prosperity to censor any uncouth, insulting and offensive comment. It is really not necessary and will not convince anyone to support your candidate. In actual fact, it puts people off. So next time you abuse, know you have lost 1 person, sending them away one after the other, from voting your man.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      You and your stinking/sinking PDP are on electoral death-row come March 28, and be spared your brainless drivel on this forum after the masses have pulled the plug on Jonathan’s travesty.

    • SAM .A

      Omo ale , omo irankiran ni Adekunle Femi -Lagere Ife

    • Funso

      OMO ale.

    • Abiodun Tola Abdullai

      My candid prayer to God Almighty is to rule your life and that of those in your shoes the way GEJ is governing Nigeria IJN ( Amen & amen)

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Amen. I pray for you in return that God make all members of your family certificate forgers and perjurers.

  • warry

    If Buhari is not involved, then there is corruption. He is the only clean person. To create this hypocritical impression of being clean,he has no investments,despite the Billions being paid to him since 1961, and constantly has only 150 cows.

    • Baba Messi

      ‘constantly has only 150 cows’???
      Meaning the number hasn’t increased all these years??
      meaning the cows no dey born??

      • Hahahahahahahah. ……….. coward!

      • John

        You won’t kill me with laughter, Baba Messi

      • zeon


    • zeon


  • evi

    This useless terrorist keep talking about how he will fight corruption when he is surrounded by the most corrupt people. Tinubu his leader and godfather and the biggest landlord in lagos is the most corrupt human being in Nigeria,he himself has corruption allegation hanging over his head from when he was head of state when 53 suitcases of hard currencies disappeared to when he was petroleum minister when 2.8 bn disappeared to when he was PTF chairman when 25 billion disappeared

    • AGA

      Take it easy don’t kill your self with hypertension.

      • evi

        Kill myself with hypertension ke? No fear of that, but can’t say the same about you when Jonathan wins and buhari loses the fourth time,them come back here , if you are still alive and let us talk about hypertension again .

        • I just dey laugh you.

          • evi

            Mad man wey dey naked,dey waka for road dey also laugh people wey their head correct, so what’s your point?

          • We must kill corruption. You corrupt bigot your days are numbered.

    • Empty comment

      • evi

        Coming from someone that just posted two un intelligent words? Please!

        • CLEAN THE ROT

          “un intelligent words” – evi.
          What is this????? Mr. EVIL, this shows how UNINTELLIGENTLY EVIL you are.

          • evi

            An illiterate terrorist wants to teach me the English language? This should be interesting!

        • Corrupt bigot. Afraid to go to jail?

    • SAM .A

      Evil u can’t see what other Nigerians are seeing as corruption ,bc your mind is beclouded with corruption , u are in bed with it, wake up with it , u drink and eat corruption, u are indeed part and parcel of corruption. When ever your greatest apostle of corruption sings stealing is not corruption. ,you chorus hallelujah & glorify him . Whenever Buhari a man of integrity talk of killing corruption b4 it kills us , ur countenance changes & u go into convulsive episodes.
      Whether u like it or not we shall jointly sweep away this most corrupt government of Jona with policy of Impunity, with our PVC & brooms come 28/3.

      • evi

        Animal, what is corruption? What is stealing ? You are here talking trash about corruption. Tinubu is the president of corrupt people and a thief . The documentary about his stupendous wealth on AIT should be proof for you .Corruption is also buhari lying under oath about his certificate and entering the army with recommendation letter. Tinubu will first of all be swept away before any other person then buhari will lose the forth time because he is a serial loser ,you can take that to the bank just better be ready to drink otapiapia when Jonathan wins or bomb yourself out of existence .apc entire existence is built on falsehood, propaganda,corruption and stealing and their end is near, tinubu will be rejected both in lagos and nigeria, he will not be president by proxy.

        • Ajayi Ifayemi

          Tinubu is corrupt under a Government run by your leader. Can you please ask him to prosecute Tinubu instead of just whining about it? Oh, I forgot, no evidence all you guys have are innuendos and innuendos can not be prosecuted. Sorry, my bad! Let me tell you, Tinubu may as well be very corrupt, but the problem is that he can wax stronger in it because our President is busy using the law enforcement for nonsense instead of going after corrupt people.

          • evi

            What evidence do you have that jonathan is corrupt? You an an illiterate like your result forger quota system terrorist general, that is why you don’t know that their is separation of powers, Jonathan will not do the work of the judiciary but this time around all the judges that are in tinubu’s payroll will be flushed out and then we will know if tinubu will be persecuted or not.

          • Ajayi Ifayemi

            At least I don’t call myself a Ph.D. without theses.

          • TrueNja

            @ Ajayi Ifayemi – you got it wrong. Fed govt cannot prosecute Bola Tinubu b’cos Tinubu did not steal fed. govt money. Tinubu stole Lagos people’s money and he deliberately planted his stooge Fashola as governor to cover his deeds. The only way Lagosians can get to the bottom of his corruption is change in Alausa. As long as you fake change apostles do not see anything wrong with Lagos state corruption, there is no vacancy also in Aso Rock.

          • Ajayi Ifayemi

            Lies! When Alamesiagha stole Bayelsa money, who went after him, state or federal? You people should stop misinforming us. Someone creates an atmosphere for corruption to fester, then they turn around to complain and use it as campaign song.

          • Jabilo

            One of the best comments I’ve read on PT in a long while. A comment that is as punchy as it is instructive.

        • SAM .A

          Evil the tool in the hand of Devil ur master, go through all your submissions on all the media , you have been one man riot, who has contributed most negative , most destructive , most partisan , and most useless stuff. You are not only abusive , you are aggressive . What type of creek monkey are you. This your e-rat contract ends on 28/3.
          Your amnesty benefits expire , we shall send u back to Atlantic Ocean.

          • evi

            You that is under the control of the most evil and vile human beings, tinubu and buhari have no moral right to accuse anybody of evil, you are surrounded and support the most evil and diabolic set of people, you hurl insults and cry when it is returned, you and your terrorist brothers and family members don’t have monopoly of insult and violence and it is the creek monkey’s oil wealth that your and your groundnut and gworo growing desert north have been feeding fat on. No more this time around, go and cultivate and sell your gworo and kwulikuli and nunu and use it to develop your state. We will be happy in the Atlantic ocean and develop it with our oil wealth to be like dubai

          • SAM .A

            I want you to look@ your name, evi, add L to the end = evil , add D to the beginning = Devil. You have evil in your name , your thinking & utterances look like that of Devil. It is tme for a change.

    • Corruption is evil.

  • Debo

    We don’t need any high technology to separate gas, we already can do that effectively. What we need is infrastructure to evacuate the gas safely and securely to the power stations and a solid gas commercialisation policy. If you don’t know this by now I wonder what you know. Besides, ours is not only associated gas, we have a lot more of dry gas.

    • WiseTalk2015

      @”what we need is infrastructure to evacuate the gas safely and securely” Don’t you think you actually need very good technology in doing this? Remember it’s hydrocarbon flowing through pipelines at 75bar

      • Debo

        Yes, but we already have the technology, one of the best in the world. The problems are the vadalisation of these pipelines either to sabotage or steal (security) and the safe delivery (e.g ruptured pipelines). In any case, what he is talking about is technology to separate, which we have abundance of.

    • Lade

      Hi Debo, you seem to have mixed it up and I hope it’s not deliberate because you sound like you know but we need to clarify for readers to understand. 1. Associated Gas is what we have in Nigeria. 2. Dry Gas is a TYPE of Associated Gas- this is when the associated gas does NOT include Condensates. 3. We also have WET Gas, I am sure you know we export condensates. 4. Associated Gas contains Ethane, Butane, Pentane, Propane etc. 5. The other NAME for Associated Gas is Flare Gas or Field Gas, hence his description being technical rather than say ‘we flare gas’ 6. Nigeria accounts for 10% of the total amount of gas flared globally meaning we still have to capture the associated gas and SEPARATE it. 7. Yes we are in the right direction but his statement is very much in place. 8. You statement on infrastructure to evacuate is part of the process of delivery for separation. How do you separate and not evacuate…hope you understand. Cheers.

      • SAM .A

        Thank u Lade , u have spoken like an intelligent professional.

    • Lade

      Hi Debo, you seem to have mixed it up and I hope it’s not deliberate because you sound like you know but we need to clarify for readers to understand. 1. Associated Gas is what we have in Nigeria. 2. Dry Gas is a TYPE of Associated Gas- this is when the associated gas does NOT include Condensates. 3. We also have WET Gas, I am sure you know we export condensates. 4. Associated Gas contains Ethane, Butane, Pentane, Propane etc. 5. The other NAME for Associated Gas is Flare Gas or Field Gas, hence his description being technical rather than say ‘we flare gas’ 6. Nigeria accounts for 10% of the total amount of gas flared globally meaning we still have to capture the associated gas and SEPARATE it. 7. Yes we are in the right direction but his statement is very much in place. 8. You statement on infrastructure to evacuate is part of the process of delivery for separation. How do you separate and not evacuate…hope you understand. Cheers.

      • Debo

        I guess it boils down to the use of terms (topic for another day). Dry gas as far as i am concerned is gas cap gas or gas only and associated gas is solution gas. What we produce in Nigeria mostly is solution gas and we have more than enough of it (flared gas). What i said was that we do not only have associated gas but gas only or gas cap gas far outweighs the quantity of oil let alone associated gas. The fact that it is not produced does not mean that we dont have it. Secondly, the infrastructure to evacuate is not part of the seperation process. Yes you can seperate and not evacuate (that is why we flare it) beacuse you can only flare gas after you have separated it (waste product). Seperation process ends in most cases at the field location or creude oil terminal and the end units are either flared or evacuated (pipelines, tankers etc). The challenge we have in Nigeria is how to transport the gas to the power stations (security, vandalisation etc), gas commercialisation (appropriate pricing etc) and not the technology to seperate. Buhari at best for me does not even understand these challenges yet, that is why he could make a statement like that. If you need more clarification, feel free to ask.

        • Lade

          Debo, for Buhari to use the term ‘associated gas’ should tell you he has either read about it or being tutored or simply knows, remember he was once a Minister for Petroleum. Now separation is in two stages. You seem to imply only one in terms of Crude (oil well). Natural gas processing consists of separating all of the various hydrocarbons like Ethane, Butane eg and fluids from the pure natural gas, to produce what is known as ‘pipeline quality’ dry natural gas. I am glad you have corrected yourself by saying ‘what we produce mainly is solution gas’ this is after you said what we have is dry not associated? This is contradictory. In fact, what you mean by solution gas is when it contains ‘impurities’ (in quote) like condensates. So you are back to square one. Buhari is right, we have associated gas and we need to separate it. The separation in this case goes beyond Crude oil but the hydrocarbons. When he separates it, do you think he would then lock the gas up in one box and throw the key away? Ofcos with additional infrastructure for transport and distribution. Let my President GEJ even speak with this level of understanding.

          • Debo

            You are a confused human being. When did I say we only have dry gas, you better read my statements clearly before you open your mouth. Separation involves the segregation of the different phases of hydrocarbon; liquid and gas, as in crude oil, natural gas and water. The moment you begin to break crude oil into its constituents, that is no longer separation but refining. Obviously yourself and Buhari are on the same ignorant page. Educate yourself before you embarrass yourself.

    • Man_Enough

      how can you evacuate gas safely and securely without high technology. relevant infrastructure is a manifestation of high technology. you forget that buhari was a minister of petroleum when you were not born.

  • ogechi

    This Buhari talks too much; i just hope u don’t scare a sitting president from conducting election this time around

  • Al

    Good info, you can be a good petroleum Minister in the new govt.

    • evi

      Abeg o! The last time he was petroleum
      minister, 2.8 bn disappeared into thin air .He may even put OPEC out of business because he says he can single-handedly stabilise the falling global oil price

    • Compared to my local government chairman mr Jonathan

  • Uwadiegwu

    Interest place to talk about corruption the 1000,000th time: Rivers State. Interesting also that after Bokohari’s speech, Gov Amaechi, the managing director of the Rivers State treasury which is funding Bokohari’s election changed the subject from the disturbing topic to the convenient subject – “change” for the worse. By the way, who said turning PTF under Buhari into Party Time for Fulanis, run by his in-law, was not corruption.

  • Abdulkadir

    That is very correct Mr. president in waiting. Corruption is a monster that drains the surviving fluid of our nation and if it can be terminated, many ills bedeviling the country will naturally die. SAI BUHARI

    • evi

      Corruption is a monster in the form of tinubu,buhari godfather and everything connected to tinubu or sponsored by tinubu will be terminated this election. Bank on it.

      • Tunlampa

        why can’t we just stop pointing fingers, this won’t change the fact that the present administration is not capable of bringing us forward and that is why we need change. Forget about who is corrupt and who is not, another 4 year of Jonathan will be a disaster for Nigeria. For the sake of the future generation, let us vote wisely. We all pray for our children to have it better than us therefore, let us see this as a chance to pave the way for a better future.


    Talking corruption, here are the cumulative budgets for the OBJ and GEJ governments.
    OBJ: 1999 -2007, total budget for the period came to approximately N9.21tn for his 8 years in office.
    GEJ: 2010-2014, total budget for the period came to approximately N23.45tn for 4 years in office.
    Effectively GEJ has spent in 5 years a sum that’s about 2.5 times the sum OBJ spent in 8 years.
    The OBJ regime grew our external reserves by a staggering 930% to 45bn dollars from a little more than 5bn dollars in 1999, paid up a 12bn dollar external debt, grew the economy from below 3% to over 7%, agric sector also grew by same margin to a record high of 7.4% by the end of 2006, reduced unemployment to a record low of about 6% by 2006, reduced domestic debt to about N2tn by 2007, still left 22bn dollars in the Excess Crude Account and actually improved the exchange rate from 133 to 117 until the global financial of 2008/2009.
    GEJ regime has not added a dime to the external reserves despite earning far higher revenues than any Nigerian president in history, but has actually depleted reserves to about 34bn dollars, escalated external debt, economy still below 7%, agric sector growth dropped to 5% (forget the hype about eliminating corruption in fertilizer distribution), grew unemployment to over 23% ( a record), poverty incidence to 71% ( another record!) grew domestic debt to N7.65tn from N4.55tn in 2010, has depleted the excess crude account and we now have the worst exchange rate in the history of this country. Remember all of this has happened in an era of UNPRECEDENTED BOOM!

    • UO

      Exactly. Good analysis. In any developed country Jonathan will stand no chance of reelection.

  • Yusuf Ahmed

    Buhari is corruption personified!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Magaji Dankwalle

      Whatever Hausa name you pdpigs e-rats “agents of doom” may choose, we can still smell you …even from afar! By their fruits, ye shall know them. We the Hausa’s don’t reason and speak irrationally like you do! We are for PROGRESSION, PEACE AND PROSPERITY…WE ARE FOR BUHARI/OSIBANJO!

      • evi

        You hausa fulani’s are terrorist and cowards. You don’t have peace in your vocabulary and you are backward and are against any form of development or progress or education except sharia education. You will wait for your victim to be asleep, then slash their throats and take over their land and properties ,We know you people very well,you are nothing but cold blooded murderers like your quota system general

        • CLEAN THE ROT

          Mr. EVIL, Na only waka come? You are an EVIL perpetrator for defending and supporting Corruption.

          • evi

            Terrorist, na only me waka come and I ready for you. How can I defend tinubu who is the poster child for corruption? God forbid!

          • CLEAN THE ROT

            But you can defend Mr. Stealing is not Corruption.

          • evi

            Corruption is also when buhari lied under oath about his qualification and got admission into the army without wasc and rose through the ranks to be a quota system general

          • kday

            But you are here to defend a president who is a web page for corruption. a man who sees nothing wrong in the Ekiti-Gate tape thus nominates one of the culprit, abi? Whatever the amount they are paying you to support this madmen, I hope you choke on it. It is even an insult to debate you guys about who is better for Nigeria Between Dumbo and GMB.

          • evi

            Tinubu,that is buhari’s godfather is the most corrupt human being in Nigeria. The useless tape that Buhari’s kinsman circulated is irrelevant and will be treated as such. Ekiti indigenes came out en masse to vote for fayose without harassment from the military ,the only people arrested were apc thugs who wanted to cause chaos. Fayemi lost because he used ekiti workers four months salaries to buy bed of 50 million and cars of 23 million each, it was fayose that paid those arrears owed by fayemi.why should I choke on money when you haven’t choked on tinubu’s blood money ? Have you choked on the 10k tinubu gave you to organise one thousand man march? You dare not debate on buhari because you will lose that argument.

          • kday

            Hey Evil, like i said there is no debating someone who peddles falsehood. N10K? Are you freaking kidding me? My daily expenses is way more than that and not everybody will sell their soul like you and your kind no matter what the price is and GMB falls in that category and that is why we are supporting him with our voice and pocketbook. You see this is not about Tinubu because he wont be your President nor your VP, so get over it. Wm okay and doing fine but still willing to fight for the leas fortunate in our society unlike you with your myopic view of what performance is. May God forgive you for your obvious hypocrisy.

          • evi

            Shut up! What daily expenses? You are a bloody tinubu’s boy feeding off of tinubu’s blood money .Fight for your useless self first before fighting for someone else.Buhari is just a front for Tinubu, osinbajo has already signed a letter that in the event apc wins he will step down as vice president after six months and be replaced by tinubu, buhari that has one foot in the grave will be a walk over for tinubu, we know all this so we are not only rejecting buhari again, we are rejecting tinubu and his evil plot to extend his thieving tentacles to the rest of Nigeria since his thieving in lagos is no more enough for him.

          • kday

            Shut up ke? You can’t shut me up. You are not man or boy enough for that. I truly understand that its poverty that turned you into an E-rat. I ain’t mad at you just the Dumbo leadership or lack of it that is to blame for your condition. Like it or not this change is here to stay so you need to start searching for other livelihood.

      • Otile

        But are you a good Moslem?

    • tundemash

      And your rogue masters are scared ????

    • Omoagunmate

      And if so, what would you say about about “corruption is only stealing” Goodbye Jonothing?? ode!

  • Ayo Odunsi


    Buhari probably does not understand the meaning of the word … corruption.

    Here is a man who dubiously joined the Officer Corps of the Nigerian Army without WASC and even fraudulently rose to the rank of General yet without WASC ……. retired as a General and drawing huge pensions without WASC.

    This same idiooot executed many innocent Nigerians with retroactive laws while himself was nothing but a practicing hard-core criminal sitting and thriving on false claims that he has WASC.

    It is annoying that this same perenially corrupt Buhari is the one posting himslef as “saint” and talking about killing corruption in Nigeria.

    Let him start by refunding all the money he collected from the Army with WASC

    • tundemash

      If you are one of the corrupt politicians, your tirade is understood and you have everything to fear for ! Buhari is coming for you and this time we shall advocate for execution for rogues so you have every reason to fear ! Your master looters like ode george have perfected plans to go on exile while you rant here

      • Omoagunmate

        Abi o! abeg tell these small-time crooks

  • Demo

    Sai Buhari, THE only hope we have now.

    • PROF

      With Buhari ,every thing is violence .

  • Demo

    What most of us don’t understand is that it is not about Buhari. It is about a country needing hope. We live by come, we dream hope. You live to tomorrow with hope. Thats why people wants to try Buhari for a change due to his past records. It is not even that he is non corrupt or intelligent or sound or a problem solver. With Jonathan, there is really no hop. Jonathan is today a christian and tomorrow bowing down for Traditional rulers in Ife or going to Olumba or Hare Chrishna. Never has anybody brought the Presidency so low as that. A governor cannot kneel down for a traditional ruler. Fashola will never bow down to Akiolu but this president kneel down for Oni and his co rulers. Aregbesola will never kneel down for Oni and Jonathan is superior to Aregbesola, yet Jonathan because of votes kneel down for Oni. Shame. What a deceitful shame. I will still vote for Buhari any day. Sai Baba.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    This is what will happen if Buhari wins the 2015 Presidential election and is sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (God forbid).

    Buhari will use corruption as strategic weapon to liberate himself from the present strangle-hold of Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, Bukola Saraki and others.

    Buhari the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (God forbid) will certainly be different from Buhari the APC Presidential Candidate.



    As a military Minister for Petroleum Buhari cannot explain how $2.8 billion developed wings and vanished on his watch yet he has the impetus to “kill corruption” . What about his best friends Bobo Chicago Asiwaju and Baba Turaki Adamawa,the godfathers of corruption and illicit wealth accumulation ?

    The tyrant should give us a break,his days of dictatorship will never be back !!

  • justme

    It’s only in this country u find criminals wanting to fight corruption,tell me how possible that is!!,with a man like Tinubu as ur backbone,how do u intend to fight corruption?,i will rada stick to tally transformation than seeking for the change that will envelope the entire country in a worse situation than we r in already!!

  • redeem

    Buhari who returned to Nigerian last week after nearly 2 weeks in London Hospital, has been on bed rest and was allowed by his foreign doctors to make less stressful political activities, preferably indoors.

    Surprisingly, the aling Buhari’s media Team dubiously released a statement saying that the sick Buhari could not attend the Kaduna rally because the Kaduna state governor, Mukhtar Yero denied them access to the venue. This is quite absurd and ridiculous.

    This is the same pattern of lies that Buhari and APC chunked out to Nigerians throughout his stay in United Kingdom, until Buhari revealed in Chatham House that he has been on Hospital admission and that his doctors have declared him fit to contest the March 28, 2015 Presidential election.

    We wish Buhari, speedy recovery!!! WHAT A SHAME -WHAT A COUNTRY

  • redeem

    where is buharis certificate in london or katsina

  • Okey

    Oh, Yes Gen. Buhari ! With the designation of the G.O. (General Oversea) of Corruption in Nigeria (a fomer Governor from the South West whose multi-billion Naira private jet you exuded delight riding in) as the Chairman of EFCC and the Deputy G.O. (a serving South South Governor) also as ICPC Chairman, the war against corruption in Nigeria is already won. Already, we have won the war on fake certificate. As reported by Premium Times, the NBC has refused to sack a holder of fake certificate in its employ because, after all, “it doesn’t matter.” Once the holder was employed to make a “Change” in her area of work, Original or true certificate is no longer needed. General, who says with all these we are not winning the war on corruption ?

  • Let Us Pray


  • Let Us Pray


    • jay

      Help me ask am….

  • Let Us Pray

    Using Alpha Beta alone Tinubu collects 40% of Lagos IGR, Amaechi has
    emptied Rivers state treasury in search of an illusive VP position that
    has finally eluded him!

    Buhari will pight kwaraptuion not Corruption!

  • Let Us Pray

    Buhari claims to be an anti-corruption crusader,

    nevertheless, he agreed to serve under Sani

    Abacha, one of the most corrupt Heads-of-State

    ever in the history of Nigeria. He conspired with

    Abacha a fellow Northerner, to illegally transfered

    our money into Abacha’s private Swiss account. It

    is abundantly clear that this fabled anti-corruption

    crusader failed to curb the rampant corruption that

    prevailed in the PTF under his chairmanship.

    Nigerians need to be reminded that Group Captain

    Usman Jibrin, a board member of PTF, resigned

    from the organization in protest over Buhari’s

    irregularity in the appointment of consultants.

    In 2000, the Obasanjo administration set up an

    Interim Management Committee to look into the

    affairs of the PTF, under the chairmanship of

    Haroun Adamu. The Committee discovered that

    billions of naira was stolen under Buhari’s


  • Let Us Pray


  • maureen

    Muhammad buhari is a criminal he can’t read nd write,he can’t make a sentence,he is a killer and a vampire the blood of the innocent is about to drown him and his supporters pls run frm him.

  • MC

    We understand your predicament sir. You want to kill corruption abi? Okay here’s where you could start; you see that Tinubu? He’s a corruption that assumed human form. Oya kill am quick quick before he kill you! So you don’t know that each time you mention “killing corruption”, Tinubu gets so scared and because of how the game of politics is, i.e. betrayals, distrust etc, he has devised a counter measure to apply if you should attempt to make a scapegoat of him? Oga Buubuu, you have made an unholy alliance with wrongest of men and hence you thread on a road to perdition. Sorri sorri oo!

  • Jerry Marok

    Sad. Maureen and let us pray, your sentiments can not change the momentum. A rolling stone gathers no moss. There is no stopping a moving train, not even the meanest of all sentiments. The day for APC is hear and the anointed General has a date with Nigeria and Nigerians. Join up or else the train will leave you at the station. No sentiments, no insults and there will be no need for had I known.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Yes…Corruption has been killing us and we must at this time kill it with our votes…

  • Elis Davia

    Unlike GMB, President GEJ understands that corruption
    has to be attacked institutionally, from the roots. Therefore, he proposed the
    abrogation of the petroleum subsidy; one of the biggest avenues for corruption
    in government. However, Nigerians refused. Jonathan has sanitized the
    corruption in fertilizer distribution. The Minister of Agriculture, Akinwumi
    Adesina, lamented that between 1980 and 2010, Nigeria lost 776 billion naira to
    corrupt fertilizer racketeering. President GEJ tackled the issue of corruption in the agricultural sector diplomatically and succeeded.

  • Elis Davia

    TRUTH is that GMB have not achieved anything in the office before. For those
    that supports him, CAN U LIST 8 PROJECTS ASSOCIATED TO GMB as a former Military
    Governor, Oil Minister, Head of State and PTF Chairman?

  • TY

    Haba! This old man too like blood sef….any small thing him go say, ‘die’, ‘kill’, ‘blood’. ….Wetin? Na so you like blood? …

    Couldn’t he have used another word other than ‘Kill’? …Is he not tired of killing things or people? …Not tired of seeing people dying?

  • Clay

    You did not kill corruption when you were head of state neither did you kill corruption when you headed the PTF when you were young and energitic. Now you are old corruption will finish you off with Tinubu, Saraki and Amaechi as directors but sorry you have had your time. Please go to bed and pray for your grandchildren.

  • LLLeon

    The writer says ” Agitating for secession without a good plan and strategy, as it seemingly looks at the moment, is a grand recipe for disaster.”
    The problem, however, is that those who propose secession are prevented from meeting, planning, and studying the situation. Nmamdi Kanu and others are simply arrested and thrown into prison without trial.
    How then, can they plan or create a strategy ?

    • Remi

      I wholly agree with you that Nnamdi Kanu should never have
      been arrested and detained, in the first instance. However, it should be noted
      that most of those spearheading this struggle live abroad, where they are beyond
      the reach of arrests and the basic survivalist worries that most people living
      in Nigeria have to contend with. Had Nnamdi Kanu deployed just half of the time
      he spent on radio Biafra London abusing others – prior to his misadventure into
      Nigeria and subsequent arrest – consulting, planning and organising plans for a
      nascent Biafra, I am sure they will have a viable plan by now or be nearly there.