Nigeria-Morocco Phone Row: APC asks Jonathan to come clean

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has asked the Jonathan Administration to come clean with Nigerians on the cause of the ongoing diplomatic row between Nigeria and Morocco that has forced the Kingdom to recall its Ambassador to Nigeria, while portraying Nigeria as a liar.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said President Jonathan must in particular clarify the thorny issue of whether or not he spoke with King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

”According to published reports, the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry had said President Jonathan spoke on the telephone with the Moroccan King. But the Kingdom, in a very scathing statement, said no such conversation took place.

”The statement said ‘Morocco is surprised at the incredible twist given by Nigeria to an alleged phone conversation that never took place between HM King Mohammed VI and Nigerian President’.

”This is very serious because, in effect, Morocco has called Nigeria a liar. Therefore, it behoves President Jonathan to personally intervene to address such an international embarrassment.

”The questions seeking answers are: Did President Jonathan speak with the Moroccan King? If not, who is responsible for this egregious misrepresentation that has embarrassed a whole country and its leader?” it queried.

APC said Nigeria, because of its much-acclaimed leadership role in Africa, must not allow such a diplomatic faux pas to go without being addressed, saying other countries are keenly watching the row between Nigeria and Morocco.

”Before anyone accuses us of politicising this issue, we make bold to say that we, the APC, and indeed all Nigerians are stakeholders in the Nigeria project. When Morocco branded Nigeria a liar, over whether or not our President spoke with the North African nation’s King, it did not mention PDP or APC. It made a collective reference to Nigeria.

”This is why we feel strongly that this issue must be addressed urgently. Until then, all Nigerians, irrespective of their political leanings, will remain liars in the eyes of the international community,” the party said.


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    A new adjective for an incompetent,. clueless and weak President: Lying!!!

    • warry

      Now you are using words that actually describe you and your presidential candidate, who does not know the full meaning of APC,INEC and even the name of his running mate. There is evidence of this, and that is why he cannot open his mouth in the presence of GEJ

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      yet you took the pseudo name truth and use it to spray falsehood and abuses in this forum.You guys(APC rodents) need a fumigator to eradicate your bullshit

  • warry

    There is no need to overflog this issue.As expected APC will seize it as an opportunity to blackmail the president, since they are clueless and have nothing to offer Nigerians apart from Propaganda and blackmail. The king of Morocco does not vote in Nigerian elections, even if it is true that he does not want a phone call from GEJ, that is no big deal. There is also nothing wrong in Nigerian diplomats saying there was some discussion
    They only tried to protect the Moroccan King as civilized, but if he calls himself, otherwise so be it.

    • Jujubeans

      Are you smoking something you shouldn’t be? A sovereign country just called the Nigerian government/people LIARS and we haven’t heard a “peep” from either the foreign ministry or the presidency! Is that not a disgrace?
      I’m not surprised though… That’s GEJ for you… Weak! And hiding in Abuja under Diezani and NOI’s skirts. “Fiddling whilst Rome Burns”.

      • oluwaseyi mayowa

        war monger from the pit of hell go and hug transformer we are not bothered and it is not an issue,you guys can go ahead and manufacture another trick to use

        • Ogom

          What is this thing with “transformers” for God sake? It’s so passé

    • Ogom

      If it is “no big deal”, why did they lie the conversation took place?

      We know “the King of Morocco doesn’t vote in Nigerian elections”, but it seems Jonathan and his retarded crew don’t know that.

  • Aldame AD

    It is the same way they have filled the county’s air wave with lies and inaccurate information to cover their non performance. God will not allow them to win. Person go tell lies from Nigeria go reach Morocco. Wetin now!!

  • Jamoh

    The APC must learn to speak for its self and its members only and stop claiming to b speaking for all Nigerians. Nigeria and Morocco are not good friends due to some political reasons and if Morocco has decided to behave this way it is not for APC to continue to fuel the fire but extinguish it. There is no shame there because it happens between the USA and the Russians, its all international politics.

    • August January

      A shameless PDP rat

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      APC has a tradition of rejoicing whenever any misfortune befalls Nigeria like whenever bokoharam bombs or takes over a town,they have been silent since their boko has been routed by the military,i am amused that they will be so desperately in search of bad news to rejoice over by using this morocco (non issue) incident against us.Those guys are plainly mischievous and evil and will be massively rejected on the 28th.

    • Ogom

      There is shame. It is embarassing. Stop lying.

  • Mr. Abdin

    This is very unfortunate for our dear country Nigeria.

  • Maitama Tambari

    A big liar. The World has started tasting the kind of poisons Nigerians have been fed with in the last six years, lies, lies, lies. Britain and USA had seen it before and now the Kingdom of Morroco. Nigerians have rejected the subjugation of Nigeria to ridicules and embarrassment, we demand CHANGE. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • 05FISH

    Why is d presidency embarrassing us before smaller nation? What is wrong wit our president? Is it wisdom to lie ol the time. They olwez lie to niverian people and now decided to take it international. The good news sha is march 28th iz around the corner. Vote for change, vote GMB. CHIKENA!

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      you guys are so predictable and shameless,noise makers and propagandists but luckily all these do not translate to votes because the more you seek to deceive and hoodwink the more the sophisticated masses in this country get angry and strenghten their resolve to reject your pampers wearing gay crooner of a grand pa at the polls

  • tunji braimoh

    Lai Mohammed and their shameless lies and deceit,i wonder when they will realise that Nigerians are tired and fed up with their shenanigans and hate speeches.Manipulating Morocco to embarrass our country and then turning around to give it maximum publicity by calling press conferences is a hideous agenda that Nigerians are already aware of

    • August January

      You need an urgent brain check! Everything is politically motivated by APC. Right? You’ll surely die a mumu

      • oluwaseyi mayowa

        Both the politicians themselves especially in the APC and their online rodents like you will all answer one day for your evil deeds

      • tunji braimoh

        you are already dead a mumu

    • blueeyedkitten

      and fani-kayode is the must honest nigerian ever, right? please tell us all the good attributes of fani-kayode and his crew. go ahead and convince us. believe me, am ready to vote GEJ from now till 3019. all i need is a good reason.

      • tunji braimoh

        the reasons abound all around you free yourself from Lai Mohammed’s crumbs so you can see clearly

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    The labourer is worthy of their wages. Civil servants or public workers have a right to their pay as and when due. No politician does anyone any extra good by paying salaries. Paying salaries is NOT an achievement .Aregbesola must be told in emphatic terms to pay his worker’s salaries and stop squandering it with Tinubu his godfather.He should know that he must account for his wickedness to his fellow man one day .dia is god ooo

  • Debo

    Uncle Lai, Nigerians are not fools. If indeed you are not biased or trying to take political gains, you should have mentioned also that Nigeria called Morroco a liar too. So the call should be to both parties to come out clean and not one. Something definitely is going down under, I don’t see any reason why a mere phone call will lead to this, there is more to it.

  • evi

    Liar mohammed and Buhari and apc should come clean about buhari’s certificate and birth certificate, where are they? Is it true that Buhari was born in Niger and is actually from niger?These are issues that must be addressed. If your evil plan with south Africa to embarrass Jonathan over arms deal did not work, this story of terrorist morrocan nation will fail as well

    • blueeyedkitten

      stop smoking kpa kpa

      • evi

        Tell tinubu, your drug addict leader and godfather of terrorist buhari to first stop sniffing cocaine and heroine before you advise any other person. Worthless trash.

        • blueeyedkitten

          you really need to stop smoking tinubu buhari and your fictitious boko haram. you’re near suicide o.

          • evi

            Story. Is it the boko haram that it is on record how buhari supported them and their sharia cause or the drug addict tinubu who is the biggest landlord in lagos and most corrupt human being in Nigeria that is fictitious? It appears you are the person close to committing suicide because you have started hallucinating and slowly withdrawing from reality .

          • blueeyedkitten

            hey moron, why dont you give us your proof for linking buhari to boko haram. i mean hard proof, and not you usual conjectures. dondee!

          • evi

            Terrorist, where were you when buhari condemned Jonathan for killing boko haram members and said any attack on boko haram is an attack on the north? Where were you when he chose sharia over secularism for Nigeria, vowing to continue to show support for sharia both inside and outside of him and vowing to continue to agitate for sharia to be implemented in every part of the country, did buhari send you on an errand to bomb somewhere when he made these comments that you are not aware of them?

          • blueeyedkitten

            i warned you, no conjectures. dondee!

  • Ogom

    It’s hard to juggle so many lies. After a while, you forget who you did or did not speak with.. Who is Islamist and who is pro-gay marriage.. etc.

    Not to worry, after 29th May, Jonathan can begin a well deserved rest in his village – Otuke, or whatever..

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    The frightening aspect of the run down your country tactics of the APC was carried to ridiculous level by General Buhari recently when instead of praising the country’s military for the recapture of some territories taken by the terrorists rather chose to give the credit to chadian soldiers and praised them for coming to the rescue of the Nigerian soldiers.What kind of leader does that.What kind of leader deliberately undermines his own nation’s fighters just because he wants to score some political points in the eyes of the public.Now the APC is at it again

  • 1MASK01

    Na wa o. I never take this thing so serious. May be I need to be educated on why it is important to talk to the Moroccan king, and if really the conversation did not take place, why would the president men announced that it took place? why would APC take interest in issues like this?

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      one is that the conversation actually took place and,please read the story on thisday and others tomorrow for better clarity on the matter,second is that the APC is always looking out for ways to embarrass this country and the president even to the extent of paying monies to procure such embarrassments

  • Anene Mercy

    Why is APC always supporting anything that will embarrass this country. In any diplomatic issue the country ought to come together. Well APC will soon be disgraced. King Morocco has no locus in our election.

  • Victor Gee

    GEJ is on course. Morocco is too small to stop the moving train.

  • Etang Chris

    Nigeria is bigger than Morocco and any attempt by APC to use the king of Morocco after failing to use boko haram to distract Mr president will dealt with. Jonathan can’t be stopped.

    • Lade

      Lol! APC will soon spoil the tap in your bathroom. Guys on this forum, you all need to know that people are reading the comments and when somebody sounds silly, thousands know you are silly. Lucky you that you don’t have real names written here because people will see you outside and wonder ‘I did not know this guy is a dullard’

  • inuwa kate

    APC is confused. They are in disarray. What Jonathan was lobby for from Morocco is the election of agric minister as the AFDB president and has nothing to do with our presidential election.

  • WiseTalk2015

    Now I know there is a problem, How can Nigeria have a diplomatic row with another nation and the nation withdraws it’s ambassador and you blame the APC, are they in power? for God sake we need to think logical in this country. sad days 🙁

    • inuwa kate

      How many times have u seen opposition in other nations who have diplomatic row with another nation attack its leader if they are not in conspiracy to embarrass their country.

      But shame on them, Morocco will soon beg Nigeria and apologize.

      • Lade

        Does supporting a candidate mean we should not think or analyse? The people to be questioned here Is the foreign affairs ministry, why did they say the President spoke to King Abdullahi when he did not. What political mileage were they looking at getting? Why this story at all? A major defect of GEJ’s government is the calibre of people working for him and the lack of sacking them for incompetence even in the last 5 years. Hardly do you have 4 people who have been relieved of their duties. A swift and responsive government would have placed the staff of suspension pending investigation except the President is aware.

      • WiseTalk2015

        all he said was the Nigerian Government which is headed by Mr President should explain what the row is about. are you saying as a Nigerian you don’t care about that??

      • WiseTalk2015

        Have you watched US politics lately… Say that to Obama and hear his response lol

  • danjuma

    Jonathan is bigger than this propaganda. This attempt to cause international disaffection as he sets to win election won’t work.

  • justme

    It’s like the APC just love adding salt to injury at any given opportunity just to discredit the president,this is a national issue that needs to b tackled with wisdom and pointing fingers at anyone!

  • Moe

    This is an orchestrated attack on our dearly beloved President Jonathan hatched by the twin ‘evilibilty’ of General Buhari and the King of Morocco.
    This horrible brain-dead homosexual candidate in the name of Buhari has vowed to exterminate all Nigerians by use of a special card (called PVC) he received as payment for selling his soul to the devil!

    Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Buhari eats little children and vomits homosexuals that he plans use as replacement for the Nigerians he will vamoose the very next day if he wins the election!

    Intelligent sources have also uncovered the fact that not only is Buhari a sponsor of Boko Haram, he is in fact the very same Abubakar Shekau we have been trying to arrest for the past several and a half years!

    Vote Jonathan for president

  • redeem

    Somebody in the presidency set up Jonathan—he may have spoken to the Sultan of Sokoto–or the Emir of Kano and not even the King of Morocco—-for all i care–the issue here is–what does the president need the consent of the King of Morocco for–the whole thing does not make sense one little bit————–its a an APC—set up–where is dasuki–the minister of FA?

  • Unekwesylv.

    @wise talk2015 yes we care about it. Since 1978 till date Nigerians have been agitating to know how NNPC $2.8 grew wings and flew in thiefubuari’s the change makers London account

  • tinom

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