Jonathan accuses Buhari of gay pledge to world powers over election

Femi Fani-Kayode

President Goodluck Jonathan has accused his main challenger in March 28 election, Muhammadu Buhari, of assuring western nations of his preparedness to support same-sex marriage if he wins the forthcoming polls.

Mr. Jonathan, who spoke through his campaign organization, said Mr. Buhari made the pledge to secure the support of the countries to win election.

Femi Fani-Kayode, the Spokesperson of President Jonathan, said four western countries extracted a commitment from Mr. Buhari, who represents the All Progressives Congress, to support a legislation enabling same sex marriage.

Amid a flurry of apparently election-fuelled allegations, the claim by the Jonathan camp Wednesday seemed one of the most serious.

Still, Mr. Fani-Kayode, reputed for making unsubstantiated allegations against political opponents, refused to give the names of the four countries he was referring to.

Mr. Buhari, seen by his supporters as a non-nonsense former military leader, whose brief administration in the 1980s waged campaigns against indiscipline and corruption, has not given any hint suggesting he would condone same-sex relationship, already outlawed in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s National Assembly has already passed a bill making gay marriage a criminal offense, and offenders risk spending 14 years in jail if convicted.

But addressing a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, Mr. Fani-Kayode said the proposition was made to Mr. Buhari by the representatives of a number of western governments when he was in the United Kingdom recently.

Mr. Fani Kayode said Mr. Buhari had appealed to the western leaders for support and to get their endorsement.

“He had talks with the representatives of at least four western countries. The leaders of those countries made an offer to General Muhammadu Buhari and we are reliably informed that he has put the offer under consideration.

“The proposition and offer was that if he was prepared to support legislation in Nigeria to allow same sex marriage and if he was prepared to repeal the anti-gay laws in Nigeria they will, in return, endorse, support and fund him, initially covertly and eventually publicly, at the right time,” he said.

He also said that instead of out rightly rejecting these offers and spurning this proposition, Mr. Buhari “apparently refused to rule it out and has put the matter under consideration.

“Instead of him to say NO he assured them that he would consider these two things.

“We believe that this is a matter that ought to be brought to the attention of the Nigerian people as a matter of urgency,” he said.

Mr. Fani-Kayode added that the APC are so desperate to ensure that Mr. Buhari becomes the President of Nigeria that they are actually prepared to consider the scrapping of all anti-gay or anti-homosexual legislations and at the same time, endorsing and supporting fresh legislation that would allow same sex marriage in the country.

“They are considering this despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the Nigerian people find same sex marriage and, indeed, homosexuality repugnant and unacceptable.

“We are using this occasion to challenge General Buhari to come clean and to tell the Nigerian people whether this is true and whether, in the unlikely event of his being elected President, he is seriously considering scrapping the anti-homosexual laws in our country and pushing through new legislation which would allow same sex marriage,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.


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  • Emeka

    lol an’ Islamist’ supports gay marriages? i am tired of replying ffk’s article. it is baseless

    • emeka M

      my brother… they just keep coming up with funny attacks, now its no more islamisation since that one did not work , they dediced to change the strategy and all they could come up with is “buhari ready to support gay in nigeria” lol.
      this FFK is showing signs and symptoms of mental illness.

      • DanielOsazuwa

        He is high on crack.

        The scumbag will not escape Kirikiri IJN.

        SAI BABA!!!

        16 Days to D-Day

  • Ginika

    Loools…Thought PDP said he went to UK for treatment…When did he then meet with the western nations reps…Clowns

  • Nuga A

    This is the worse lie from the pit of hell , we know quite well that Islam goes strongly against gay all Islamic country take strong law against gay which is stoning to death.GMB can never be part to such act as a devoted Muslim.This is a very shameful lie anyone can lie against is opponent just because he need support to win an election.Evil PDP with deceit.

    • Murtala Aliyu


  • Onike24

    Yet it was Jonathan that pardoned a Peadophile rapist? Mad people

  • evi

    Hausa fulani and kanuri’s are known to be homosexual and bisexuals and paedophiles ,atiku is a clear case because he doesn’t hide his sexual preferences,liar mohammed wears pampers as a result of too much activity of homosexuality. Buhari wife is 40 years and buhari is over 80, aisha must have been nine years old and buhari, 40 when he married her, so buhari will have no issues signing such pledge.

    • August January

      You need an urgent brain check

      • evi

        Pedophile buhari needs the brain check more and if you are a homosexual, pampers wearing lair mohammed should be a cautionary tale for you, so that your case does not turn to that of liar mohammed

    • Ogom

      You’re smoking the same strong gbana as FFK? Ol’ boy, take am easy O!

      • evi

        We learned it from the master of gbana smoking, tinubu, who is the leader of your party and godfather of your result forger, quota system terrorist general

        • Ogom

          Take am easy please

    • segun


      • evi

        Speak for yourself and this forum is a public forum and not your father’s property, you and your kind throw tantrums like children when the heat is turned on you. Take the insults you have been hurling at others like men and stop whining.

        • tundemash

          olodo ….. did Fani not attack your Dumbo on the anti-gay law ?


    This FFK guy is high on very cheap drugs…d guy nor normal @ all

    • Arabakpura

      His name has since changed to Kemi kani Fayode – kkf and no more FFK. Let’s see if he will be able to recognize himself. Everybody is laughing and watching while the man is preparing to go to the market place. It’s not fair!

    • Wähala

      Hashish… the cheapest.

  • Dankasa

    So Buhari did the commitment to the West while on his sick bed in the UK? i thought you and your co-traveler, Fayose said Buhari went to UK for medical treatment. This shows you guys are crazy and don’t even know what to say. My friends, where are you this world when Buhari is been strategizing around the globe making wave instead of these branded lies and senseless talk of your? Where were you? Eh? Go start packing your things and get ready to leave Villa my friend. Things have Changed and people are ready for your worst if you don’t. We will defend our democracy so it from me, men!


    He talks like an illiterate..Imagine d kind of people surrounding and advising the goon we call our president….Too bad…really sad

  • Aminulahi Aminu

    I don’t believe dat, ur lies is day by day making ur party losing support.

  • tanji

    Are we sure this man does not need a psychiatrist to examine his head .? He has told so many lies so much so that it is only a lie that he believes in as the truth

  • Frank Bassey

    How can you say Mr. Fani-Kayode is reputed for making unsubstantiated allegations against political opponents. What would you say of Lai Mohammed of APC. It is wrong for a newspaper to make such a judgement. Your role is to investigate and confirm whether it is true or not. Premium Times must stop being anti-Jonathan.

    • evi

      Premium times is in tinubu’s payroll so they are doing tinubu’s bidding and helping apc spread propaganda, if it were tinubu that was accused just like PT accused FFK of making unsubstantiated allegation, tinubu would have been crying by now and looking for which court to go to .

      • tundemash

        Mr. Evil, i thought Buhari was supposed to be on a sick bed in UK ?

        • evi

          Terrorist, he was pumped with steroids to enable him give his meaningless speech in Chatham house , even then he was hanging unto the podium for dear life while reading word for word a prepared speech, didn’t he spend almost two weeks in the UK after the speech before returning to the country not too long ago?

          • tundemash

            yeah right !

          • segun


    • Arabakpura

      But kani Fayode used to write a column for Premium Times and so they know him very well!

    • tundemash

      I am certain you are embarrassed by the latest gaffe from your insane spokesman. How could a man you accuse of planning to Islamise Nigeria now be funded by Western nations? Test your IQ cl0wn !

    • Adeyi

      I appreciate the FRANKness in your comment but please can you give us an update on the meeting Jega had with APC in Dubai and also the cards APC was cloning. Any update please? Or the matter has failed to hit target?

    • tundemash

      shut up clown !

  • MI

    Whatever FFK is taking, it works!

  • King Carlos

    PDP is a stuppid party i swear. they just won Buhari the support of the gay community. How can you say such? It’s like they are trying to be like APC.

  • Arabakpura

    Kani Fayode, we also heard that Buhari agreed that humans can now marry goats. A gay like you is now free to marry a goat since you can’t keep women as wives. In fact the APC in anticipation that they will form the next government has sent the proposition to their shadow assembly. This must be good news for you! Sai Buhari!

  • Murtala Aliyu


  • Moe

    Comical Fanni forgot to add that Buhari also pledged to show solidarity by marrying his own personal gay guy…the day after he wins the election.(LOL)
    …This Kayode is funniest creature on the face of the earth……I almost don’t want the campaign to end so that he can keep entertaining me.

  • olu

    PDP idiots are now so desperate and can go to any length to fabricate lies against the ever growing opposition to their misrule. Nobody believes in all your lies and deceit anymore. By May 29, you are gone forever. Shame, drug addicts!

  • tundemash

    Same Buhari planning to Islamise Nigeria will now be funded by 4 Western nations ! Insanity is the driving force behind PDP now !

    • Uwem Udoh

      Islamised Saudi Arabia, Yemen and others are lead by people who have been backed by the West. What’s your point?

      • Wähala

        In those countries, is same sex legal?

        • Otile

          Don’t say same sex, say gayhood or gaydome.


            FYI @Wahala is as gay as they come,his boyfriend lives at Jo’burg,that is why he supports the tyrant fanatically !!

          • truth is bitter

            Public information !!!!!!!!!Tawanda is a clown. Lol now I know. Don’t take him serious. Am sure he is going to vote buhari he and his household

      • tundemash

        Really ? So what religion was being practised in Saudi Arabia and Yemen before the people who were backed by the West islamise them ?

  • maureen

    Fami. Fani kayode I don’t knw ur problem bcos I knw that APC bribe u to say this but mind u that ur party is nothing but a fake party.GEJ till 2019.

    • I don’t trust this guy anymore. He seems to be campaigning for buhari. Jonathan should fire this lunatic straight away.

      • tundemash

        ha! ha!! ha!!!
        When he Femi the whole world last year Dumbo lacks balls and yet Dumbo appointed him campaign manager this year, you trusted his mental stability ??????
        Too little too late.

  • justme

    Let’s see how he intends to legalise same sex marriage,its only if he gets to Aso rock he can do that!

    • And you believe this lunatic who is one of the reasons Jonathan will loose this election.

  • Oladoja wahab

    To my observation,it’s certain that the end of pdp had arrived….all dirty allegations made against Buhari wash him and put him on top every day. But pdp never realise it.
    wereas, fani kayode forget that they have send the gay bill to the house for adoption, if not the legislature that rejected the bill. there might be a different story now.
    when pdp know that gay is forbiden why are they sent gay bill to assembly for adoption.

  • Action Group

    OMG,FFK has sniffed his “Charlie white” again,may God deliver him!!!

  • Ogom

    Maybe FFK is some kind of APC double-agent, because this kind of talk can’t really be helping Jonathan?

    Either that or the pressure has finally gotten to the poor guy and he’s having a mental breakdown.

  • Tunde

    OH MY GOD! This guy is now beyond a joke!!!!!!.
    Does he not have friends/family that can muzzle him?
    Na wa ooooo

  • Harry


  • Diamond Nivax

    A man he accused of Islamic fundamentalism and religious bigotry. He has also accused him of sponsoring Boko Haram. The same Buhari will permit gay marriage and homosexuality? Fani Kayode thinks that Nigerians are imbeciles. He might as well pick our PVCs and help us to vote on March 28.

    • Ayo Odunsi

      Kai ….. have you been listening to Buhari lately …. you should have known that Buhari will obviously permit gay marriage under the guise that he is under international pressure.

    • evi

      Islamic fundamentalism does not stop them from being gays. Atiku is bisexual and Liar mohammed has already started wearing pampers as a result of his sexual preferences. Go to the core north and you will not doubt for a second this story, more than half of hausa fulani’s are bisexuals.

      • Md

        What are U, how do U know they are that if U are not one of them.

        • evi

          It is an open secret that atiku is bisexual.

          • Trendy


          • evi

            Yes, right after he finished with you and your dad’s ass.

      • tundemash

        Mr. Evil, you will be the next target fr your gay Fani.

    • tundemash

      Yes some Nigerians are imbeciles; two of them just responded to you below. More will come along.

    • August January

      Shame on President Jonathan for passing anti-gay law – Femi Fani-Kayode on January 15, 2014 (Daily post newspaper). Meaning Femi supported gay marriage. So, you can see he’s actually the one guilty of the allegation he’s raising against Buhari. Femi has surely lost his mental health.

  • Ayo Odunsi

    If Buhari can wine and dine with the most viciously corrupt in Nigeria like Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi and Bukola Saraki ………. then I can safely say that these allegation by PDP are very true.

    • Diamond Nivax

      If you are right it then means that Fani Kayode and PDP have been lying that Buhari is an Islamic fanatic. Gay and Islamic fanaticism cannot reside in the same man’s head. Bunch of propagandists!

    • August January

      Who emptied your skull like this? O mase o!

    • Md

      U are empty headed

    • Trendy

      Cheap lie …… please face the truth. LOL

    • Saydo Shan

      Hahahahahaha. Gibberish talk. I hope U r not under d influence of Cocaine and Igbo like FFK.

    • tundemash

      Olodo …. the only truth is this .

  • August January

    Shame on President Jonathan for passing anti-gay law – Femi Fani-Kayode on January 15, 2014 (Daily post newspaper). Meaning Femi supported gay marriage. So, you can see he’s actually the one guilty of the allegation he’s raising against Buhari. Femi has surely lost his mental health

    • Ayo Odunsi

      Cheap lie …… please face the truth.

      • tundemash

        Truth like this cl0wn ??????

  • ComradeCliff

    Apc is desperate to take power from the ruling party n can do anything possible without second thoughts. You people talking about Buhari’s alleged religious fanatics to his current desperate ambition is really talking d level of myopic brains. If you don’t know what the west can do to get what they wanted, be informed that they openly promised to help Nig fight bokoharam if d 28th February elections were been held as scheduled. Can reasonable Nigerians get something hidden in such openly made statement from the western country? I’m here in the UK n I know what I’m talking about. The said bargain is 89% correct

    • Trendy

      Story.. yet U r in d country… or their sister country. Come to 9ja and see things. rather than walking around the street of UK..and telling us bullshit abt what we see..

      • ComradeCliff

        Do my profile looks like some1 working around the street?

        • Mohstone

          Yes, perfectly. Walking the streets looking for a gay partner.

    • segun


    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Go over the cliff!

    • Mohstone

      I can see that your mom ejected you from the top of a cliff as your name implies.

  • Eyen Akwa Ibom


  • segun


    • Saydo Shan

      The more FFK talks the more he campaigns for GMB. So let him go on attacking GMB and the APC.

      • Johnson Omale

        Thank you, the dementia disease man called FFK forgot taking his drugs today again.


        FFK is hitting the tyrant Buhari and his bunch of fraudulent extremists very hard,they are in hiding over this allegation ,they should come out and defend themselves .

        Nigerians deserve to know the stance of the old dictator on issues,he must stop using medical rest excuses to dodge pertinent questions !!

        • tundemash

          Yeah right !

        • Saydo Shan

          U guys contradict yrselves. U say one thing and the other at the same time. It is bcos U guys, from even una Ogoa GEJ, lie from every angle of yr mouths. Gradually U guys r concocting d things GMB discussed in Obodo Oyibo. So at least U guys admit it wasn’t medicals dat took GMB to London.

          Let us face it. Assuming he went to London to do his medicals, anything wrong with that. Do U know how many times GEJ has gone abroad bcos of his health. R U aware dat Ogogoro had impacted on him long. Take a good look at him. He looks 65. Why is dat so? Na Apeteshi. Also look at the Uncouth Humpty Dumty Loose Cannon Paraga Joint Operator Madam of GEJ. How many times has she been to Germany for serious health issues? Shepoppotamus cannot still see her feet when standing.

          PDPigs na PDPigs. Nothing less. And they lie even beyond any imagination. Film producers and fiction story tellers still have a lot to learn from PDPigs.

        • salako

          you an animal


            I am just human like you !!

  • Victor TC Anyanwu

    The tenets of integrity should require that Fani feels sorry over an earlier loud claim that Buhari’s overseas trip was for medical attention: if Fani has not repudiated his earlier claim, how come he is the same persons making the present claim! And yet Fani could not mention the name of the 4 countries. But what is wrong with such conditional response allegedly given by Buhari; it is even commendable for a very solid Buhari to have said this, rightly inferring that the National Assembly has the last say on the matter. Please, Fani, some measure of honesty and integrity can be reserved for life after the elections!

    • Otile

      You said that Imam Buhari did not go to Ingila for medical attention. How do you know? Did you go with him? Again don’t praise the Imam for supporting gayhood. The practice is un-African. Muslims inherited it from their Arab masters who dip their dicks into any hole be it man, woman or animal.

      By the way, last year a devout Muslim man was caught knacking a fat goat, but Imam Buhari did not object.

      • Aminu

        The trio of Semitic rooted religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam forbade any form of satisfying sexual pleasure outside marriage between Man and Woman especially homosexual.We read the story of people of Prophet Lot peace be upon him on old testament and Holy Qur’an on what befell them after they failed to heed several warnings to stop the ungodly practice.Upon all that some Christian clergies in the western world have allowed gay marriages in their Churches mostly upon intense pressure by Politicians &Right Groups.Politicians like FFK were furious when the National Assembly passed anti gay bill.Recently it was on record FFK was busy concentrating to identify the color of pant wore by his opponent instead of discussing the issue that brought them together. FFK knows very well Nigerians can never condone gay practice and that’s why he labelled it against GMB as a political tool but he is deadly wrong as no SANE person will bring the issue for discussion in the country again.My candid advice to the incoming Govt is to ensure FFK rehabilitation room at psychiatric hospital must be isolated for the obvious reason.

      • Mohstone

        Otile-the-mule is on the loose again. This time around walking naked looking for an anal-sex mate. I know that decency is out of gene since. Please leav the general alone as you can see your lies are adding more strenght to him.

  • Aliyu Muhammad

    You are now satisfied that he didn’t go to the UK for medical treatment? Now thank God for that. Now you come with a new lie, this your bad habbit will expose you , cos you will say this today and tomorrow you’ll say another , people now have stopped believing you

  • Izenagi

    Rubbish news. Muslims don’t do gay. Fani-Kayode’s own brother was as gay as they come (no pun intended) and died of AIDS (look up Remi Fani-Kayode yourselves). Nonsense.

    • August January

      Shame on President Jonathan for passing anti-gay law – Femi Fani-Kayode on January 15, 2014 (Daily post newspaper). Meaning Femi supported gay marriage. So, you can see he’s actually the one guilty of the allegation he’s raising against Buhari. Femi has surely lost his mental health…

  • OmoLasgidi

    Fani Kayode moribund political life will certainly end up as like his father, except if he is a bastard. His political star is fast diminishing that he does not even know his right from his left. He has become intoxicated that his drug-related addition has got the better of his brain cells. Our political history must make every attempt to erase the family names of these types of low characters!

  • Otile

    Gayhood is an Islamic thing. They should ban gaydome and gay politics in Nigeria. We the people east of the Niger are appalled by gaydome and debauchery ravaging the North. They should leave us alone to practise our Christianity. Ijaw faggot Deri Orbuka should move to the North and treat himself with other gaymen.

    • checkmate

      In short, you are saying that Northerners should not elect GEJ.

    • Charlotte

      But I hope you know FFK’s brother was gay.

      • ije2014

        I googled him and he was a gay man that died of AIDS in 1989 and he lived with a gay British man who died of AIDS later in 1992. I would love to know what’s going on in the heads of Fani Kayode and the people who support him on this forum.

    • tundemash

      cl0wn… that is the druggie for you.

      • Debo

        I see that you are having a field day posting this article. But i dont see anywhere it was reported that FFK is now anti-gay, he only queried why GMB/APC would dare to consider (and not “extract a committed” as PT interpreted) repelling a law that majority of NIGERIANS (Not FFK in this case) support. The west has a taken a stronger stance against anti-gay laws before, so I wont be surprised if there is an iota of truth in this.

        • tundemash

          And did you see anywhere it was reported Buhari, who is supposed to be an Islamists according to your druggie lord, had a deal with some unnamed 4 Western country on some gay law ?

          • Debo

            Yes, that is what this article is reporting. Your problem is that you don’t take time to understand an issue before you jump to comment. Let me break my message down to you in ABC; the fact that FFK supports gay marriage does not mean that he cannot warn against repelling a law that majority of Nigerians accepted. It only means that on this one he is in the minority and that is ok in a democracy unless he is trying to change the law against the wish of the majority. if you still don’t understand this then I have nothing else to say to you.

    • Saydo Shan

      Did U say gays are only in d North. Well, I hav a big shocker 4 U. Anyway let me not say anything. If U r sincere, check around properly. U will b in for a surprise.

    • Jujubeans

      “We the people of East???” Are you mad??Let me state it categorically and clearly … You are an absolute disgrace to Ndigbo!!!! Anuofia!


    Buhari the old tyrant has to stop using medical rest as an excuse to dodge campaign issues like the above allegation. The old dictator must render answers to these national issues if he is honest about democracy. Nigerian voters reserve the right to know his stance on issues.

    • checkmate

      You are more ridiculous and insane than FFK.

    • idoni

      You are definitely sick. I advise that you seek psychiatric medical attention.


        I have not had any serious medical issues for more than 15 years in fact I have been blessed in that respect. I am not sick !!

        • ije2014

          I know your response to me would be ‘keep quiet’ as it is to anyone else. Are you aware that Fani Kayode said that Igbos are uncouth, unlettered, uncultured, and bad in every way? If you’re aware and you still support him blindly, then please review your answer to idoni commenting above. I guess you’re Igbo, from other posts, and you support someone who supports Hitler’s Mein Kampf and wishes to gas us in the same way. Nwanne check yourself.

    • tundemash

      Same allegation FFK accused Dumbo on or what are u talking about creek rat ?


        The question is not really the position one takes on issues rather the idea of dodging the position of a presidential aspirant on such a sensitive issue is unethical . Bring your tyrant out of hiding ,we want to know his opinion !!

    • MIB

      Do you have elders where you come from? If there are burning issues in a community, who do you turn to to resolve them? In your community , if you disagree with elders do you resort to insulting them? Tawanda, pls address GMB with respect he deserves . Or is it the more insults and disrespect you show for GMB the bigger your pay cheque? I have observed that your group, (Funny Femi Kayode, Ayo Fayose, Doyin Okupe and Madam Peace) has nothing to offer Nigerians other than trash , using foul language like agberos at a bus stop in Lagos. If you want respect at old age please begin to learn how to respect elders otherwise you will at die in frustration.” Do onto others what you wish for yourself ” so says the scriptures. Do not be blinded by worldly favours.

      Campaign on issues but stop attacking GMB as a person. Tell us your programmes for the next fours years. We already know what you have done in the last 6 years and indeed the last 16 years of PDP government. Otherwise we have formed our judgement and we shall vote accordingly come March, 28 and of course April 11, 2015 by the Grace of Almighty Allah (SWT).

      This is my free counsel to your group as an elder myself. I have witnessed the good, the bad side of our dear nation. I do not wish to see the ugly side at all. I need peace and cooperation and understanding . We should aspire for unity to have a great nation for the good of all. Ok?


        Well said,but the reality is that Buhari is old,Buhari was a tyrant and Buhari was a military dictator. There is nothing wrong in addressing him as an old dictator or old tyrant.

        You would expect Nigerians to wish away history and address Buhari as the Pope or Mother Teresa ? please note that old age does not erase historical facts.

        Meanwhile the APC are expected to declare their stance on Gay issues before the electorate,Nigerians reserve the right to know,your tyrant dodges debates,he dodges his certificates and he dodges answers to pertinent questions yet he wants to be president.Nigerians smell a rat especially with the likes of Bobo Chicago Asiwaju pulling the strings !!

        • MIB

          I do not wish to join issues with you. It was a free advised offered. You suite yourself. You can continue to write trash as you wish. What comes around goes around. Respect for elders is a wise counsel. Tread the world gently. When the chips are down you will be on your own.


            I have always been on my own…..can I tell you something,I am ready to die so your threats cannot work on me !!

  • KAL

    Hmmmm … this is getting more ridiculous o! Are there no more elders in Femi Fani-Kayode’s family? They should do something quickly o! PDP was off-handish when they claimed that elections are not won in UK or anywhere else but in Nigeria and why are they now bothered about GMB visit to UK and his ‘purported’ agreement with four unnamed countries in respect of same-sex marriage? Haba, someone should call FFK to order oo. He like Mama Peace are doing irreparable damage to GEJ re-election bid and they are creating more enemies for him every passing day. Anyway, it is time to start packing for back trip to Otuoke!


      This is a democratic election,the APC cannot be dodging all questions about national issues and even dodging showing their certificates etc.

      We Nigerians need to know Buhari’s take on the issue raised by FFK, we are fed up with his meandering tactics of dodging debates,dodging his certificates and dodging answers to pertinent questions !!

  • kykkyk

    This is Femi Fani-Kayode in his element.

  • kykkyk


  • ICC Hague

    PDP have lost control completely now in a state of confusion and disarray, last kick of a dieing horse, Some body you accuse of going to islamise Nigeria, how did he become anti Islam overnight? From going for medical treatment in UK to an agreement with western powers on same-sex marriage, contradiction and confusion of a failed government. Pls. PDP should help FKK for psychiatric medical attention, if not he will soon run to bush naked, and the few yam eaters left in PDP will soon join APC.


      The PDP are campaigning on issues ,just answer the question or just shut up !
      Nigerian voters deserve to know his stance on gay marriage and gay legislation in Nigeria generally. Buhari dodges debates,he dodges his certificates and he dodges answers to pertinent questions,the man is a fraud.

      We are fed up with medical rest excuses,he has to put up or ship out !!

      • Northerner

        I think the biggest scam in the world is stealing more than $60b to buy a farm of yam and a goat!
        And a fake PHD!

        • rhad


        • CLEAN THE ROT

          HAHAHA!!! Thank you so much. You got them.

      • Daniel

        Is gay/same sex marriage aloud in Islam? But you said Buhari is going to Islamize Nigeria.
        May God save Nigeria



      • Babs

        Campaign is supposed to be issue based. Anyway Nigerians deserve to know what this administration have archived during the past six years to enable Nigerians vote in PDP or out.
        Nigerians are intelligent people. GEJ brought someone who is suffering from temporary insanity when things goes wrong they will bring out his certificate since we have had he have one in Ghana.

      • ICC Hague

        Only you going round defending the indefensible, your contract will soon end by 28 march 2015, when Nigerians will flush out your paymaster. PDP has never campaign base on real issues affecting Nigerians, except personal attact, insult and blackmail, threatening war against Nigerians if they refuse to vote for GEJ by militants, is that campaign base on issues? One good thing about it, is that Nigerian voters are not fools, as far as we are concern here in Nigeria, this is a non-issue because by the antecedent of Buhari you cant link him with corruption talkless of dirty issue like this. By our culture and religion in Nigeria is taboo. But GEJ is confirmed having children outside wedlock, but that is not the main issue for the Nigerian voters. The real issues are: why Nigerians voters are left in darkness and pay for darkness, despite huge amount of money spent on electricity? where is the audit report on missing 20 billion dollars? why is it that Nigerian government allowed BH to fester leading to seizure of our territory equal to the size of Belgium, death of about 18,000 Nigerians and 3 million displaced, only to be defeated in two weeks after election postponement? where are the Chibok girls? Why is it that more Nigerian army are sentenced than the insurgents? Explain to Nigerian voters circumstances leading to the fake unilateral cease fire when Nigerian army have upper hand against the insurgents, at a time GEJ want to declare for reelection. Cash for arm deal in south Africa, Immigration job scam, pension scam, Devaluation of Naira etc.

      • tundemash

        Creek monkey … this is the answer for you …..

        • SAM .A

          Thank u Tunde.

        • CLEAN THE ROT

          This has really shown that this guy FFK is deranged. He needs urgent psychiatric attention.

  • Moe

    ….Comical Fanni is actually challenging Gen, Buhari to come clean and tell the Nigerian People WHETHER THIS IS TRUE!!!
    the logic is bewildering. I am at a loss!Jokes apart….this kid is insane.

    • Arabakpura

      It is true! We heard about it! Even goats will be allowed to marry humans like Kani Fayode! Sai Buhari!

  • Emancipation

    Hahaha, just funny. Tactically placed ” he refused a yes or a no”.

  • chooka

    Really this Ffk is suffering from “substance abuse”. Always chasing shadows. Tell us why we have not been having light for so many weeks now. Don’t always build your campaign around Buhari. You are giving him more publicity.

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    I had the privilege of listening to Mr Fani Kayode’s comments on video before his appointment with PDP and my conclusion is that Mr Fani is lacking intergrity. A reason perhaps why Nigerians are losing confidence in the party he now belongs. Leaders needs to have intergrity in order to develop credibility for people to believe what they said. With all due respect the lots of people surrounding Mr President are lacking intergrity.

  • Remi

    What is when Buhari was in the hospital that he made this commitment? PDP told us the man was in the hospital while in the UK. Can a sick man be attending to these countries on the hospital bed? Bunch of fools fueled by “substance induced ” thoughts


    This is very disturbing. Is this still all about Nigeria Elections come March and April 2015? Is this still all about seeking the votes of Nigerians? I seriously now have my doubt. I hope I am wrong. But all I know is that this GOD’s own Country (My Beloved Nigeria) has witnessed worse tensed and crisis situations many time before now and survived. She came out more united, peaceful, progressive and more stronger. Those who created the crises, many have long died and buried yet Nigeria still remains. The story will be true again after 2015. Amen

  • Abubakar sfada

    Non idea campaign, mr femi pls go an fine a solution to ur problems, ur ideas. Has already gone, the next step to ur life is jail .

    • Daniel

      Insha Allah

  • Ayegbo Phillips Adegoke

    you completely resembles your father, but you people say he was sick and went to hospital

  • Godwin

    Please for God sake Nigerian are fed up with your writeup all the times. If you do not have anything fruitful to contribute positively to GEJ re-election just keep off from cooking up lies all the times. Some of us who have flare for GEJ are fed up with you. Why do you keep on addressing personality of the same GMB all the times instead of telling Nigerian what and what GEJ will in the next four years. Enough is enough FFK.

  • 1MASK01

    OMG! can’t this man keep his mouth shut for once. is it not contradictory for someone who is being accused of islamising the country to now agree to allow same-sex marriage? something his religion is completely against.

    • rhad

      thank you. he is really confuse

  • George Ager.A

    hahahahahah! Rantings of s drug addict.

  • Omoagunmate

    We all know that oily bottom-Fanny kayodi is a puff, lets face it, he is indirectly campaigning for his own interest by bring this issue to the Jonathan campaign. The only person fooled by this crackhead’s motives is Goodbye Jonothing, the clueless one.

    • August January

      “Shame on President Jonathan for passing anti-gay law” – These were words of Femi Fani-Kayode on January 15, 2014 (Daily post newspaper). Meaning Femi supported gay marriage. So, you can see he’s actually the one guilty of the allegation he’s raising against Buhari. Femi has surely lost his mental health…

      Can lies give Jonathan victory on 28 March? Morocco has recalled its ambassador to Nigeria because Jonathan lied he had discussions with the Moroccan king, when actually there was no conversation between them. Jonathan has given us another slap again by portraying Nigeria to the world as a country governed by a liar, apart from being an internationally acclaimed corrupt thief and monumental failure…

  • stevola

    rubbish, non-coherent, shamefull allegation.

  • MIB

    Mr. Koro or whatever your names are, are you employed to campaign for Jonathan/PDP to ensure their victory or just to keep on manufacturing lies, lies and lies ? I really pity you and your type . We do not want people like you around the corridors of power or as policy makers. No wonder you had to be a guest of the EFCC when you had a brief stay as a policy maker. I tend to believe people who insinuate that probably you suffer from substance abuse. How can you just wake up, probably from the wrong side of the bed, with hallucination and come up with such nonsense. I don’t even blame you, I blame your paymasters who are clueless to the damage you are doing to their cause. If you were working for me I would have booted you out long ago. It appears you do not have understanding of your job as a spokesperson of a campaign organisation . Say and write whatever you wish now because your date with EFCC is still waiting. Anything that has beginning has an end. That is the law of the Almighty. Just take a look at your picture and tell yourself the truth , do you really look normal?

  • salako

    This man is irresposible Goat !

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    Hhmn, PDPig. The more you try to paint GMB black, the more his star continue to shine. Nigerians are not worried about Gay. The want a country free from corruption, insecurity, unemployment and the rest of social vices.

  • Modibbo Adamu

    The propagandists are running short of lies against Mohammadu Buhari, forever shall APC presidential candidate will accept same sex marriage. Jonah, and Jonathanians this framing has failed woefully better look for another lies.

  • Preco01

    This is becoming something else! MADNESS. How desperate can Jonathan be, how helpless can an incumbent be and how disconnected can a presidential attack dog be?

  • SBA

    Jonathan has done a big damage to this nation through this election. Even if he wins, which he will never, Nigeria can’t be the same again. He will superintend over a divided nation

  • Reality

    Say No to Buhari say No to Gay.

  • chi ngobar

    The POLITICAL EVILS that Femi Fani-Kayode has committed WILL Hunt him to his grave. It is what you saw that you will reap. No sane person will associate Buhari with gay support. This c ertainly is NOT what politics means. Can somebody tell Mr. Jonathan that Nigeria is greater than him and his interest. Why would he allow people like Fayose and Kayode to destroy this country? GOD HAVE MERCY ON US FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR LOVE.

  • Rommel

    So now the Islamist,Jihadist and fundamentalist Buhari will now support gay rights? what will the peoples defrauding party not say with their mouth? not that I am anti human rights but this? Naaaaaaaaaah even the gays will be afraid of Buhari.I have full confidence that Buhari has won the election and I hope that people will find it in their hearts to forgive Fani Kayode because he is obviously sick and cannot be held responsible for whatever comes out of his mouth

    • bib

      Thank you. It’s desperation galore!

  • ade

    fani kayode Enu njawaya omo ale, like father like son. We had that your father did the same thing in his life time, the end is death. I hope your children will not inherit this because oti di iran.

  • Khadijah D.

    A man you accused of Fundamentalism, a man you claimed would Islamize Nigeria by implementing sharia if elected, you now accused has agreed to sign a gay law, talk of contradictory accusations, Smh…

    The PDP is desperate and very confused, thus vomiting senselessly any time they make a public talk. The head is clueless after all.

    We need change from all this nuisance and nonsense

    • Ola Olakunle

      U hit the nail on the head. Discussion finished.

    • fab

      And u think dat change wud come from a man suffering ‘loss memory’?

  • taiwo

    this is not news for we know already since the US where undermining our nation’s fight against the boko haram because of the anti gay law passed by GEJ,the APC being very desperate people who doesnt have the interest of the country at heart will gladly accept to repel the anti gay law and allow gay practise

    • Mohstone

      Am sure you are talking to yourself. Sheer Madness

      • taiwo

        boko boy you carry bomb?

  • waziri

    So what Tinubu said about Fani kayode being mad is true. I belief that kayode is suffering from madness. What we want to hear from u and pdp is record of achievement. Tell us what this present administration achieve in office not campaign of cluelessness and cheap lies. Can’t u see every lie u said about Buhari give him credit and make him popular. One thing I know about u and pdp is u are all confuse and don’t know what to do. Only thieves are having case with EFCC. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • taiwo

      Your own madness is already manifest by the way you laugh,irresponsible e rat

  • sean

    desperation on drugs! simple

  • blueeyedkitten

    this is madness

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    In this present age,it is not possible that a non graduate will rule us.What can somebody who has tasted power as military leader and contested elections three times and failed,come to do again?

    • ICC Hague

      As a Nigerian are you comfortable with the darkness, insecurity, poverty and corruption the so called graduate rewarded you for voting them? Just try for once and travel out of the country to see how other nations prosper, and also have the opportunity to witness how your green passport is been ridiculed by the international community.

      • fab

        If you are in darkness or poverty its bcos u decided to remain like that.for your information,the richest african is from this same country you claim to be poor.wake up and do something with your mind

        • August January

          Really pity you!

        • Jujubeans

          Wow… Wonders will never cease? So it’s people’s fault now that they are poor?

        • Abanj

          This is one of the most unintelligent comments I have ever read. Because richest African is from your country it means all is well. When 70% are living in poverty, is the president of North Korea not rich, is Mugabe not rich? I’m not even sure why I’m replying. Anyway let me try and impart some education ‘fab’ A society where majority live in poverty is a society in which there is poor leadership. One of the marks of a broken society is a society where able people cannot achieve there potential and where there is a huge gap bw rich and poor. I happen to be relatively successful and respected globally in my field but I know many more Nigerians can do better if they have been given the chance and opportunity.

      • oluwaseyi mayowa

        you are either not a Nigerian or you are not based in Nigeria or a third scenerio is you are a mere rodent from the sewage bin of the APC

      • donkesson

        you have made a point GMB on the way.we love you gone are the dark age when people are be mislead

  • malik shaibu

    With all the noise about Buhari’s popularity with the talakawa in the North,we have not heard or read about anything that he has ever done or would do for them

    • ICC Hague

      Pls Buhari is not a sectional leader, the issue is to rescue Nigeria from the grib of criminals and restore sanity in our beloved nation, Buhari built our refinaries and deports, war against indiscipline and corruption, crushed maitatsine insurgency completely, dealt with Chadian forces when they invaded Nigeria. You can go and read what he intend to do for the country in his speech after the presidential primaries and in Chatam house.

    • Separate Us…

      What did Gej do as a governor?

      • Jossy Nock

        Go to Bayelsa and ask.

  • richkid

    I know this, that is why usa is supporting him to sabotage GEJ’S GOVT. But hey will fail. We can’t do gays here, we are not soddom and gomorah .
    GEJ all the way!!

  • Dking

    Dis guy don kolo finish

  • sammyctu ode


  • SAM .A

    Faniwere lives in his own parallel world,he wakes up after the sniffing, arrives on island of delusion & hallucination , then grab the microphone and start broadcasting all this psychotic stuff, “Islamic embracing Gay”sick & demented person meeting 4 world leaders , the guy has no certificate but he is a retired General / HOS , etc. Behold your final admission to Asylum is already confirmed to be 3/29.

  • Spoken word

    Fani Kayode is a bloody hypocrite. His brother Rotimi was Gay and died of AIDS in 1989. He is conveniently silent on this.

  • Es3

    Fani-Kayode or no Fani-Kayode, APC has shown enough desperation with quantum of lies they manufacture on per second basis so far that they can promise anyone anything to win!!!

    The anti-gay law is the singular reason US, UK, France, etc etc are not happy with Jonathan and guess, Jonathan is not about to regret or change his mind on that!!!

    Let Buhari promise them anything, after March 28, he is returning to Daura!!!

    • ICC Hague

      They are not happy with Jonathan because he is a failure, his leadership is a disaster to Africa.

      • Es3

        And your Buhari a success so much that before as military head of state when inflation rate rose to unprecedented and unrivaled till date 40% with queues for bread (Agege), milk, rice, etc???

        Or was it during PTF days that his office and responsibility as the head was carried out by his in-laws “consulting” firm so badly that PTF was now importing mosquito coil, etc???!

        • ahmed funmi

          Stop waiting ur time telling us wat u don’t. Know keep shot.

          • Es3


            I bet it would help if you can decide to ask for help, for I believe that even your Jimi Disu may decide to help your non-existent sense of the facts and figures of history???!

            Probably he may consider telling you the truth about that two only (not the load of others, waiting) to enable take a cue from there on who should “shut-up”, not, “shot”!!!

  • Dominic Price

    FFK kolo metal #FFKKoloMental

  • Umar Dendi

    So What if Gays are allowed to GET married!
    So What!
    70% of your people are going to sleep hungry and you’re concerned about locking up Gays!
    Nigeria is seriously sick!

    • BABA


      • Umar Dendi

        You are the Sick Bastar*
        You are happy dancing to those retrograde biblical tunes while people die of hunger and disease!
        Sick Fuc***r
        Go find another dunce to talk to, Sucke*

  • Truth

    This is a bitter truth and you will be shocked. Fani Kayode, Okupe , Abati and Fayose are actually working for APC clandestinely. Anytime they speak, Buhari’s popularity soars and these clowns win more supporters for APC. Many friends of mine who were, hitherto, against the candidacy of Buhari / Osinbajo have changed camps and now seriously campaigning for APC. Fani, Okupe, Abati, Fayose, please go ahead, you are doing a nice job for APC.

    • August January

      Fani parades himself as the most intelligent person Nigeria has ever produced, but he’s actually an empty fellow

      • ahmed funmi

        U right

  • August January

    It’s no longer that Buhari went for medical treatment! Or maybe he made the promise to the Western leaders on his hospital bed. There is nothing PDP won’t use to blackmail Buhari. You read new one everyday. Jonathan, shame on you and your boys!

  • MC

    APC guys, get ready for ship-loads of pampers are on their way. They’ll turn all of you to gays and lesibians and bisexuals and trans-sexuals. lol. Clowns!

  • ije2014

    One minute, Buhari plans to Islamise Nigeria, then next minute he plans to be a complete liberal and introduce gay marriage. This is why people must never dialogue with lunatics. I hope APC don’t waste precious time responding to this madman and his garbage. The media should demand that PDP talks of issues and policies or they should be given a media black out.

  • Ahmad

    Seems FFK and PDP have exhausted all the palatable lies about GMB. How can the person you claimed will enforce full Sharia if elected be accursed of promising gays liberty to practice their immorality? Your stupidity is nauseasting.

    • ConScience

      Shikena!!! Can the PDP through the vile mouthpiece FFK stand on one argument because it seems they are throwing Hail Marys hoping to see what will stick.

  • Steds

    Whatever the true story is, US cannot campaign or vote for Buhari, Nigerians will, and we will vote against him as we’ve done in the past. I have no qualms with their support, GEJ has dine well. We wont do gay here, if that is how GEJ failed, we love him anyways. We will determine our future, and will say no to any neocolonialist agenda. #ForwardMarch4Jonathan.

  • Abdulkadir

    Victim of substance abuse is getting jittery day by day as the postponed burial date of the PDP is fast approaching. Little wonder he begin to hallucinate and concoct events out of his delirious mind thinking Nigerians are a collection of drug addicts, incapable of rational thinking. Well, I have news for him, times up; The once big umbrella is falling apart and it will take an act of God to restore its lost glory. Think of how life will be in a sane Nigeria. Enough of hooliganism.

  • egoigwe

    This basket mouth really makes me sick to my bones. He is the main reason Jonathan is losing followers and will be the primary reason why Mr President will lose this election. He is repugnant to the max, indecent and an inglorious tribute to political rascality. He makes my skin crawl. He is a classical case study in dementia, terribly ill-bred and the ultimate study of a diseased upbringing.

  • BTT

    It is better for Fani Kayode to shut up. All this allegations are rather making Nigerians to like Buhari every day because it is obvious PDP is cooking all lies against him. Surely it is obvious GMB is a threat to PDP.

  • Majek tunde

    I thought that olori bury ku ,Omo ale Fayose said Buhari was in the hospital. how then could Buhari have made statements to world leaders? Fani, answer.

  • tittop dede

    He will marry his running mate first Osibajo and their wives marry themselves,ewu people. This is why he can’t win the election.

  • bonifacejoe

    “Aru” “tufia kwa”

  • Umar Dendi

    Kill the Bill
    Kill the Bill
    Kill the Bill

    So F–ing what?