Senate confirms Obanikoro as minister despite Ekitigate scandal

FILE PHOTO: Musiliu Obanikoro at the Lagos PDP governorship primaries rally

The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday confirmed Musiliu Obanikoro as a federal minister, appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan, brushing aside allegations that Mr. Obanikoro played a key role in election fraud in Ekiti State.

Mr. Obanikoro was named recently in a leaked tape as a principal actor in the state’s governorship election rigging in 2014, sparking national outrage.

The Nigerian government has refused to investigate the claims.

The Senate approved Mr. Obanikoro’s nomination as a minister, Wednesday, after repeated deferments, despite protests from senators from Lagos State, Mr. Obanikoro’s home state, and other opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, who had vowed to stop the clearance over the Ekiti scandal.

As a former senator himself, the Senate allowed Mr. Obanikoro to “take a bow and go”, without answering questions, a privilege reserved for former federal lawmakers.

APC lawmakers responded by walking out of the session in protest.

Details later…


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  • Alex

    When APC senators walked out of the chambers, how then does this become confirmation?

    • F.

      They don’t have the majority to block the confirmation

    • Tunde Bakare®

      It became confirmed when David Mark asked him to take a bow and go.

  • Spoken word

    In Nigeria you can get away with murder as long as you are Jonathan’s friend. This country is a joke, a real banana republic.every man for himself, God for us all.

    • debbeljo

      Go hug transformer.

  • Suzi

    The NASS has been bastardised by this singular act!

    • debbeljo

      No any bastardisation here. I you know like watin happen, go hug transformer

  • Imah

    what a shame! What a people! What a nation!

    • debbeljo

      No shame, go hug transformer

      • idris

        Anarchy now starts in the senate no respect for for our constitution. Mark is not ashamed. Nigeria will surely go out of this impunity.

  • dude

    We deserve those ruling us. PDP has had 16 years to show us what sort of party they are, yet a great number of Nigerians still support them. GEJ has had 6 years to show us his hands, yet extremely many still want him to continue. The politicians are the clever ones while we are the mumus….

    • Wähala

      …in Mumudom!

      • debbeljo

        Abeg go hug transformer

        • Wähala

          I’d rather hug your mommy!

          • eddy


    • debbeljo

      You be the mumu, go hug transformer

  • Umar Dendi

    They should have boycotted the Senate!
    With no quorum, it couldn’t have opened- The Shegu wanted their sitting allowance!
    Allah Ya Issa

  • Asuquo

    What do you expect from a senate headed by David mark. a man who once said openly that telephone is not for the poor. A man who has a hand in truncating the June 12 elections. We deserve better people to lead us than these crooks. Honestly! A joke of a country

  • Sydney Ezika

    Yes, that’s good news. Ekitigate scandal is a handiwork of
    APC. APC have such evidence and could not take it to the Ekiti Election Tribunal,
    but could only take it to media houses and heating up polity. Nigerians are
    wiser than that.

    • Asuquo

      Read what you have written. Does it make sense to you?

    • Akiika

      seriously??? so APC staged the audio tape even when the principal actors have owned up that it is their voices. Please look beyond any sentiment you may have, this is shameful to us as a nation. A criminal is allowed to take a bow and just leave? so sad.

      • Sydney Ezika

        Really?? They told you they owned up?? That’s what people like you tell the public. We do not need such public sentiments. Why didn’t they take such “critical” evidence to Ekiti Tribunal? Pls stop deceiving yourself.

  • Ade Dav

    Nigeria is finished! Badluck Jonathan has ruined this country completely…..omg!

  • eddy

    David mark is a criminal!!!

    • robo

      He is not please! He has only been (since 1984) a part of Nigeria’s path of descend to where it is .

      • eddy

        And is he not contributing to the mess we see now??? I really wonder how some people reason. So becos the system is bad he should continue with the rubbish going on?

    • Philex

      A very big one. Remember he is the same one who nominated that Abba Moro guy. And his wife was the one whom Abba Moro gave that Immigration recruitment contract where they collected over 700 millon from hapless Nigerians to give them jobs.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    David Mark always support impunity. His days as Senate President end in May and I believe history would not be kind to him. Jonathan is the loser because by refusing to hear the views of the opposition, they would get nothing from NA again since House of Rep is in the firm hand of APC

  • eddy

    Look, people of Nigeria… let us stand firm behind INEC and jega… March 28, Nigeria has a date with destiny. We have to take our country back from these criminals in power! Enough is enough!!!!

  • Spoken word

    this Obanikoro confirmation re-empahasis why Jonathan has to be voted out.

    • eddy

      So very true ooo

  • dd

    He is minister of what now? He need to return to state defence.

  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    Guys you don’t convict a man on social media. You do it in the courts. There’s a reason they say innocent until proven guilty. Na so una go dey here Buhari go cry by March 28.
    Oya bring it on ndi ara.

  • 1MASK01

    SERIOUSLY! is this the kind of things we want to continue seeing or hearing. anyway the senate did not even call for the probe of the Ekitigate tape.

  • dd

    Enemies put to shame. Only mouth APC can render. We will protest. We will fight. We will die. We will kill. No wonder Fayose said heaven will not fall if Jega is sacked.

    • Asuquo

      It is not about APC, it is about Nigeria. Have you reasoned why apc is always objecting to these issues. They look through the constitution before talking. What happened in the senate is travesty of democracy!

      • Baba Messi

        The APC NEVER Object when the issue has to do with themselves. What about states where APC controls comfortable majority in the states of assembly? Have you heard them object about some of the bad policies of the state governors??
        You guys need to be real. Why didn’t your APC people ‘object’ the satanic salaries and allowances they pay themselves? Do you know how much was fixed by the RMFAC? Are you aware how much they receive?? Is that your idea of ‘looking thru the constitution’??

    • Gwazy

      Yup, I made mention of this Nigerian quality. Noise no action!!!

    • SBA

      I hear you and I hear you say Fayose. But their is always a day.

  • Murtala Shittu

    No wonder Fayose is saying and doing whatever he want.David Mark are you sure this issue of Obanikoro will not be undoing for you and other PDP senators.Transparency international,this is all what they are seeing,and classify us as one of the most corrupt country in the World.Haba!David mark,when you know you will give KORO the minister,you should have setup a kangaroo committee to do some investigation or you direct him to face a committee at the chamber.As you are the alpha & omega of the chamber,who will challenge your decision?The people are watching and time shall tell.

  • Open Wound

    I always pity the general Nigerian populace While we are fighting to select leaders,the elites gather together to secretly agree to set aside differences and continue to rule. The walkout by app is just drama for the general society. all the senators are corrupt. They agreed to let Obanikoro go because one good turn will deserve another. Until the day we decide to remove the yoke from our necks it will be business as usual APC will not bring change but Transition towards the goal. True change can only come when the society truly want it. a situation where political, social, media, security, justice and religious leaders continue to decide our fate cannot bring any true change but negotiated agreement.

    • Baba Messi

      You are blessed for this comment. When this whole episode started, I wrote that Obanikoro will eventually be cleared. The APC walkout was just a gimmick! I warned about the issue of setting a BAD PRECEDENCE. WHY DID THE SENATORS, BOTH PDP AND APC AGREE TO TRIVIALISE A SERIOUS ASSIGNMENT OF SCREENING TO THE ‘BOW AND GO POLICY’ FOR N.A MEMBERS??
      I only pity the gullibles shouting ‘David mark..David Mark’. The whole thing was settled the day the Senate as A WHOLE Adopted the ‘bow and go’ nonsense!

      • Open Wound

        Nigerian elites team should be called Crooks United They continue to scam the populace and they always wonder aloud how we enjoy their Drama. They postponed the election to negotiate. OBJ truly understand Nigeria. Once Buhari give his word not yo probe Jonathan era we shall have peace. So Mbeki and terrible Abdusalam went to deliver the message to Buhari. By the time they finish their negotiation Buhari will become also a toothless bulldog. That is the true pain of the work of Nigeria elites. They have always succeeded in their plan but always destroy any advantage recorded by the populace. Awolowo died Abiola died Buhari be careful The elites are true and tested warriors, the masses are true and tested losers

        • Baba Messi

          ‘the elites are true and tested warriors, the masses are true and tested losers’

          Hmm..Nawa o!

  • john

    Not to worry, Obanikoro will only stay till May 29.

  • The people

    shame, disgrace, impunity thy name is the senate. Another reason why we need a change. The people take consolation in the fact that he would be a minister for 2months. The will of the people is the will of God.

  • GideonOrkarII

    This is how APC will boycott the elections when results start coming in. Winning is a game of numbers and not propaganda!

  • Hah!

    Too Bad.

  • Innocent

    SHAME! BIG SHAME!!! The PDP senators led by David Mark in their myopic thinking reduced the issues to APC vs PDP. What will a secondary school student reading this conclude: In Nigeria, it is ok to be a bad guy. They could not see the generational effect of their decisions, painting Nigeria as a rouge state.

  • blueeyedkitten

    we must punish this crooks come march 28th. any patriotic nigerian should join this crusade.

    • zeon

      You are on your own bros… You only have one vote so do I. Mine is already reserved for PDP. Your APC propaganda cannot make me blind of the reality.

      • eddy

        I have one too and is it not for pdp.

        • idumagba2much

          my family have six, all for PDP

          • eddy

            I am not… a family that lacks morals! One shouldn’t expect any better.

        • zeon

          Then come out on March 28 and vote for your candidate. Do not convince me to blindly vote for your candidate Kapish…

          • eddy

            Who is convincing u??? Ur case is a lost case!

          • zeon

            Same as yours… GMB will be trampled upon come March 28. Its a promise…

          • eddy


      • blueeyedkitten

        dont you ever in your life reply to my comment again.

        • zeon

          Stup!d is your middle name. Who are you. Go get your own website Mor0n. Typical APC Minion…

          • Baba Messi

            Nawa for una o

          • Faruk Al-amin

            didn’t u get the message?

          • zeon

            Nope, another Mor0n replies…

          • blueeyedkitten

            am sure you got the message.

          • zeon

            Nope, you probably need to explain Sir. Is this how you and your APC wants to effect change. Military style… Well the good news is this is democracy. Actually it is your first name that should have that name instead of second…

          • blueeyedkitten

            i dont explain nothing to you. just move on.

          • zeon

            …And so do not EVER in your life try to shut anyone that thinks differently to you down. EVER…

        • Baba Messi


      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        You’re a blind bloke running towards an open ditch, while brandishing a diploma in bigotry. Die if you must, dude!

        • zeon

          You are already dead on arrival. Your parents buried you long time ago due to their conviction that you are and will be up to nobody in life. APC e-rat… go check the full meaning of your name Mor0n!

        • zeon

          u r dead on arrival. I refused to be brainwashed even if PT keep deleting my msgs… ur parents will be regretting ever bringing to earth. tufiakwa…

  • Khafilat Adeoye


    • Sani

      Perhaps, you listened to the wrong tape.

      • Sani Kaleel

        Are you a judge? When was he indicted?
        Where is yur courtroom?
        Abi you head an OKIJA shrine court?

        • Sani

          I have a sound mind that can sieve reality from myth. A number of us on this forum have allowed our obsessions along party lines to becloud our judgement. The tape is questions is not for a tea party meeting. It was a meeting where PDP big wigs, Obanikoro inclusive, rigged the Ekiti elections. If I can recall, in one of the exchanges, Obanikoro said he is not there for a tea party, but he was on an assignment from the presidency. He even asked Fayose to give to General Momoh the token. Listen to the tape well before you make any irrational comment.

          • idumagba2much

            All APC supporters and apologists always claim to have sound mind, sound health, sound record, sound everything; they can never be wrong or make mistake. APC with the mad desire to get political power, has no time to see the truth that is against their desire or ambition. The purported tape, have you asked, who produced the tape? In this time and age of hi fi technology, could there be super-imposition of speech, clips audio and video? Could APC and its supporters be ready to receive and investigate a video of their own version of Osun State election mal-practices? Many questions should be asked. Nobody can trust a group that is ready to spill blood or do something more horrendous to obtain their political ambition. People that will defend lies and hide truth, e.g. GMB certificate saga, health condition, questionable characters in and around the party…… all of these will make a sane heart to be wary of APC.

          • Sani

            I am not asking you to agree, whether or not, I have a sound mind. It is purely within my jurisdiction to come to terms with that and I find that comfortable. The issue at stake involves an appointee and a close associate of GEJ. It is not about technology mister technology. It is about Obanikoro vowing to sue Sahara Reporters and others. The last time I listened to Omoyele Sowore on Sahara TV, he did confirm that Obanikoro vowed, on an interview, to teach Sahara Reporters a lesson by instituting a suit in the United States. To date, Obanikoro has failed to do that. This clearly indicates that Obanikoro is having a second thought about the issue because it is true.

      • zeon

        You probably indicted him at Alfa ThiefNUBU mushroom Shrine…

        • Sani Kaleel


        • Sani

          We must try to be honest and sincere to ourselves. PDP or APC alike, we are all Nigerians. We all have a stake in the project called Nigeria. People must go back and listen to the tape in question with utmost sincerity and openness. The tape is not only an expose, it indicts Obanikoro and all the others. This is why Fayose is fighting rough because he knows the implications of an APC government at the centre given the veracity of the claims made in the tape by him and others. Lastly, Obanikoro vowed to sue Sahara Reporters and some Nigerian dailies for peddling falsehood. To date, he has not been able to do that because he does, quite well, that the tape is genuine.

  • amzat kola

    I sincerely congratulate the Senate President & the Chairman, National Assembly, Senator David Mark and the Nigerian senate for drawing the curtain on this unnecessary saga by their confirmation today of Distinguished Senator, Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro, once again, as Minister, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Long live Nigerian Senate, Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • Chris1408

    Nigerian Senate is a joke

  • Abdulsalam Abdulsalami

    The ‘walkout’ was for the cameras.
    APC has just lost addition to Ekiti, Ondo and Ogun!
    APC ya mutu!

  • Wetin Naija


    • Abdulsalam Abdulsalami

      I’m telling you!
      Interesting to note it comprises of members of both PDP and APC!
      It can then be implied the two parties are a DISGRACE!

  • Joe

    APC is good at propaganda, and walking out of meetings. Nonsense!!!!!!!!!

    • eddy

      And u r good at stupidity!

      • Tanko

        You are a damn good reflection of yur party; VIOLENT AND UNCOUTH! OBSCENE GUTTER LOWLIFES.

        • eddy

          And u r just silly!

          • Tanko

            Excellent! True to type! A pig is happiest in the gutter!
            Keep rolling in the mud bro..*thumbs up*

          • eddy

            Please, I don’t have time for shameless people like u who were without morals! Useless.

          • idumagba2much

            @eddy am sure you were brought up in a Ghetto and characteristically, you post like motor-boy in Lagos or Ibadan; your imbecility is too obvious in manner. Please get oriented with accepted social norms otherwise you will lost out in this modern age.

          • eddy

            Sorry o, modern day boy… if speaking truth makes me a motor boy in ur words, then by all means see me that way. U r entitled to ur opinion.

            But know this much, it is people like u who have no morals should be put behind bars and have the keys thrown away… Cos with ur way of reasoning urself I can safely assume that u r nothing but a common criminal urself.

    • Tony

      All to deceive their gullible members!

  • Philex

    Of course I know that those criminals will eventually come around. It would have surprised me if they hadn’t confirmed their fellow crook. But I assure them that we will really surprise them this time. They will meet us at the polling booth on th 28th. We are already waiting for them there.

  • eddy

    Jonathan and the 40 thieves!!!!

    We shall meet at the polls.

  • eddy

    Impunity ends 28 March 2015.


    Jonadaft and his clowns should start preparing to flee the country, because when Buhari gets elected on March 28 he will put all of those PDP thieves in KiriKiri prison.

    • Tunsj

      Well put!

  • There is hope for Nigeria.

    • August January

      So, you see hope in this shameless act? You’re cursed!

      • lolz….. did you have to pronounce a curse on whomever? Guy! Is it better to say that there is no hope? Nawa o

  • Philex

    David Mark must return Jonathan’s favour now. Remember he nominated Abba Moro to the cabinet. Then his wife teamed up with the criminal minister to organise that Immigration Job scam where they swindled unemployed Nigerians to the tune of N700 million and even spilled some innocent blood in the process. Jonathan refused to sack Moro or even indict them for that heinous crime. Now he has to pay Jona back by confirming Obanikoro so that than one will help them to rig election in Lagos.

  • August January

    God will surely punish Jonathan and David Mark for this shameless act. They continue to tell the international community that Nigeria and Nigerians have no sense of shame. In societies where people have sense of shame, Jonathan would have withdrawn Koro’s name, at least to protect the remaining part of his own battered image, and order investigation into the leaked tape. But they always believe the masses will always have their “say”, while they in power will always have their “way”. Nemesis will soon catch up with all of you for telling the masses to their faces that you don’t bloody care about what they feel.

  • T-Rex

    Hahahahaha! They will also walk out of Nigeria after March 28th

    • Abdulsalam Abdulsalami


  • Tunsj

    Lawless lawmakers. Shame on you all.

  • Gidi

    Oh my goodness! How can we trust our next four years with this present PDP led government, given its propensity to reward law breakers and looters? Confirming Obanikoro as minister says a lot about GEJ and PDP.

    This is the final nail in the coffin for me. There is no amount of campaign slogan that can change the fact that action speaks louder than talk. PDP cannot be trusted. We shall definitely see them at the poll.

  • True Nigerian

    Shameless country! Utterly shameless country governed by disgusting criminals.
    Even in an election season, no respect was given to you (the stoopid voters), because the criminals who are governing you seem to believe that they will win, because idyots like and me would still vote for an incumbent president, government or Senators no matter how criminal the president or government is.

    Shame on all of us; shame on us if we don’t put an end to this eyesore come 28th of March. No one should be born into a country like Nigeria. This country is a maggot-infested hellish space pretending to be a state and a democracy.

    If a sitting president and ruling party would not respect even when it is supposedly in dire need of your vote, then what is your worth as a citizen and a voter in a democracy? You are utterly worthless!!! You are a piece of rag!!! A piece of rag actually has more value than you!!!

    • idumagba2much

      Could you have uttered all these your nonsense if the Obanikoro is still an APC member? Search your conscience. Eternally selfish people like you. What has Obanikoro done that many APC members and chieftain have not done? Search your soul and tell yourself the truth.

      • Sani

        It is Obanikoro that is caught on tape mapping out plans to rig Ekiti election, which they did. It is true that rigging takes place in Nigeria’s elections, APC or PDP inclusive. We must not lose sight of the fact that all the characters in the Ekiti scandal are card carrying members of the PDP. If you have any tape that captures a rigging session by APC, you should make good your claim by exposing it. The central figure in this problem is Obanikoro and it is a shame that his nomination scales through when any responsible government would have investigated the matter first. We are happy that these things are happening a few days to the elections. Impunity will be a thing of the past. Count my words.

      • True Nigerian

        I usually don’t reply people who are wired like you! Because I know they
        are gone, and I know some people are beyond redemption in the loss of
        their conscience and patriotism.

        The attitude on display in your comment is exactly why the impunity in Abuja and government houses are growing wings and bolder.

        The truth is, no country can descend so low into this gutter if it doesn’t have many ordinary citizens who are wired like you.

        you catch an APC governor or minister in a meeting committing that
        crime? If you did and the government you support did not prosecute such a
        person, shame on that government (and you) for not being able to prove
        to us that such an APC electoral crime syndicate is somewhere committing
        mindless crimes just as a criminal like Obanikoro.

        • idumagba2much

          When it is PDP it becomes impunity but if it is APC it is normal, normalizing abnormality to suit your selfish life.

  • Layo

    The end of PDPigs has come. Oya Koro, go and steal to replenish what you spent on the gubernatorial primaries. Keep stealing. Jonathan is an unrepentant criminal. Rigging sef go hard for una.

  • warry

    An allegation is just one until proven. We cannot run Nigeria on propaganda, blackmail and lies
    APC is all lies and propaganda.

  • SAM .A

    Arrogance of power, and complete desecration of senate, this impunity and corruption of legislation shall not last.
    Nigeria deserve a complete overhaul of this corrupted system.Today evil has triumphed in Senate.

  • taiwo

    Koro is a strong man any time anyday

  • evi

    Which yeye ekiti gate scandal? PT stop writing about a useless tape buhari sent his family member to circulate .Obanikoro ,carry go! anybody that does not like it should drink otapiapia.apc sleepless nights is turning to nightmares by the day.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    Nigeria as country where anything can happen and nothing will happen.

  • Chike

    Mr. President of the Federal Republic and the Senate President all of PDP, what do you think is the International Comunity impression of both of you?

    Both of you have stolen our commonwealth dry and crashed the economy. Today, ONE US$ is going for N227.00. and
    One British Pound (£) is going for N342.00

    When Dr. Jonathan took over in 2010,
    US$$$$ was @ N140.00

    Nigeria is divided along ethnic and religious lines. Soldiers are now used in rigging elections. Our Presisent and his wife can vomit anything from their mouths because……he dosen’t keep a damn? And SREALING IS NOT CORRUPTION? Upon all that, he and his few Ijaw crooks wants to start a war of which they don’t have and idea of how it will end.

    The same Ijaw people that betrayed the Igbos and it’s cause in the 60s? Let them start their war lets see how they will fight it. Nigerians shall send off their own to Otuoke on the 28th instant. Ask for David Mark our Port Harcourt properties forfeiter, he will NEVER be the Senate President again as PDP will never ba able to be in the majority anymore. So let them continue…with their impunity.

  • shola

    There is something wrong in the state of NIGERIA.
    The new administration must get the CONSTITUTION overhauled and updated.
    No government should have the right to refuse any investigation. The truth must be spoken out.

  • hummm

    Liar, Preminum Times get your fact straight . He was not confirmed by the senate. Only Pdp senators has a closed door meeting in David Mark s office without APC senators and took a yes vote. How do u confirm someone without the entire senate members in all parities taking a vote? APC walked out when they found out. GEJ, is going to end up like Gbago and his attempt to steal the election will be a disaster for him. He will not be recognized and isolated by the international community and charged in ICC at the desperate rate he is going.

  • Virtuousity

    I am really short for words. What a country! What a shame!! What a pity!!!


    If Obanikoro is confirmed, this will be a disgrace to APC an this may affect your results in all the elections. An inside thief supporting outside thief to rob the father of the former. Who can you trust again.

  • Psalm 35

    What is the beauty in confirming a Minister into a govt which has just two months to its end ?

  • New Jersey

    What do you expect from David Mark’s led senate?

    • Yusuf

      for me until today he was the only respected person left in PDP, i was been fooled by his seeming nationalistic approach. PDP is a bunch of crooks with no morality and no shame for that

  • Guguru

    The criminals simply allowed one of their own to join them back.

  • udemeobong

    Just read this first. A man is jailed in Abuja just because he was loitering:
    So we have law and justice system that works and Judges who know what is right and wrong, but Obanikoro got rewarded for rigging election. The Nigeria is theatre house indeed. So richness and position are the key to commit offence and not jailed abi??? What a shame. That is why the situation remain the same. Ghana survives while someone like Jerry Lawrence whiped out all the corrupt elites. Have you ever heard of Godfatherism in Ghana or people like Obanikoro and Fayose and the likes?? That is why Buhari is the right person for now, even when he´s not going to be the messiah we are looking for, but for a start he is the one and with Osibayo there is hope. Adeboye will never allow his boy to misbehave.

    So what do we expect from people who don´t know the difference between good and bad. They all mean the same. Even if Abacha and the likes should wake up today and want to be part, they will quickly welcome him into their club. Afterall, he is also a former member. So Nigerians stop crying over spilt milk. Just wait, if Buhari doesn´t win, then it is time for revolt. Cause this too much and beyond human incomprehension. Where I am living in a foreign country, I have started receiving uncomfaortable comments. It is a shame, shame shame. Too much talk will never change anything. We muss leran like othe nations that want to survive to take the bull by the horn. Protest without end. !!!!!!

    • amazing2012

      Good one !

  • udemeobong

    Oh Jonathan, Oh Jonathan why have you betrayed us. Do we deserve all these, has it come to that stage. Is this Obanikoro the LAST MAN STANDING IN NIGERIA??? Why why why!!!!!

  • udemeobong

    National Asembly should impeach Jonathan for openly abusing our constitution, if at all we have a genuine one and try him for comminting and promoting crime while in office. He moraly not fit to be our prasident in a country where religion has a strong root and he himself is a believer. We can´t accept this. I call on people to immediately protest against this act after the elections, no matter who wins at last.

  • redeem

    Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State said it was in support of a full scale investigation into the video that alleged the Osun governorship election was rigged.

    Chairman of the state PDP, Alhaji Gani OlaOluwa, told newsmen in Osogbo that the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) lacked enough evidence to defend the allegation. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Mr Gboyega Famodun, the APC Chairman in the state, had challenged the Director, State Security Service (DSS), to investigate the said video.
    NAN recalls that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode had recently released an online video alleging the rigging of Osun governorship election by the APC.

    The PDP chairman stressed that his party had been vindicated with the revelation, adding that “the PDP will not take the revelation lightly until justice is done”.

    OlaOluwa said “such revealing allegation cannot be taken with levity as it bothers on the electoral process; the burden rests on the APC to prove its innocence”.

    • Babso

      What a trash. Why didn’t PDP present the tape at the tribunal? Why do you people easily believe in the lies of PDP? Is FFK among human being to be taken serious?

  • Isi Agwo

    By confirming Obanikoro, the Senate has proven that Propaganda Times is irrelevant. Nigeria voters, on March 28 and April 11, will further confirm to all cockroaches that propaganda is not journalism.

  • redeem

    Can both incidents–of rigging be investigated in Osun and Ekiti state respectively–APC people are just noise makers–always like little aje butter kids playing to the gallery—————–

  • Kimono

    Did people not vote for MKO Abiola despite ITTgate? Or is that one ITTfence?

  • Tokunbo Pole

    May God help Nigeria.

  • Jack


  • Maria

    Anyone who thinks the senates would not clear koro must be living in delusion. The leadership of the Nigeria senate was part of the rigging, which was supervised by President Jonathan. Any attempt to deny Koro the ministerial appointment, which he has blackmailed Jonathan into would lead to his spilling the beans for the corrupt and endemically pervert called Jonathan. The only thing I expect from OBJ is to apologise to Nigerians for allowing, supporting and imposing a criminal called Jonathan on us and then find means to clean up this mess. Jonathan is a disaster, he is a disgrace to humanity.

    • Yusuf

      my sister OBJ has done his part of apologizing to Nigerians, and his grave mistake is part of our journey to statehood, it is up to us to use this (possibly last) opportunity to cleanse our system from this evil politicians who have no drop of morality

  • Olu

    It is a crazy thing for anybody to keep on justifying corruption and fraud by the actions of another corrupt person. Nigeria masses are tired of corruption. We are yearning for a new Nigeria where the rule of law will be respected and patriotism will be upheld. PDP can never bring this reformation if they can still be demonstrating this type of fraud now.

    • Olumide

      That your cooment na old old old trick. E no dey work again….CHaNGE? By recycling one who terrorized people over 31yrs ago?….and believed terrorism will scare Jonathan?…that is what u call change? Look my son, get a dictionary and look up the word ‘change’.

      Jonathan is going nowhere. Election or no election. Let Duncee wait…Presiency in Nigeria is ‘turn by turn’. Ok? …after Jonathan completes his turn an Igbo will enter the ‘throne’….and when that person completes eight year term, then a Yoruba will come on board. But if Yoruba West want, they can cede their turn to aboki. …so my dear, ENDURE Jonathan. We endured IBB, abacha, abdulsalami & Yaradua ….and heaven did not fall. This is ‘One Nigeria’. …If u dont like this arrangement, then get angry and break away.

  • Maria

    PDP is a conglomerate of Nigerian fraudsters.

    • emmanuel

      No wahala. But them dey defeat the real fraudsters dey go!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    I don’t know why PT is making a song and a dance of this useless so-called Ekiti Rigging Tape. What was done about the hard evidence of unethical communication (as evidenced by MTN call logs) between dirty-looking, semi-literate (IN)Justice Ayo Salami and chieftains of defunct Action Congress of Nigeria on the one hand and the party’s legal reps on the other; in the period leading up to, during and immediately after the judgements in the Ekiti and Osun Gubernatorial Appeals were procured? These APC criminals should give us a break.

    • Babso

      Read your post again. Is there any sense in it? People like Mark are the problem of Jonathan and the damage has been done already.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You don’t even have half a brain. You are a moron and a lunatic.

        • Babso

          Oh! I don’t know my response is to one that has no manners. I will not say your response is less than wise but sounded worse than that. I am sure only a moron and lunatic will open his mouth to insult others like you have done. Please piss off.

    • Okonkwo

      Shut up mr

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I’m not talking, moron. So, there’s nothing to “shut”.

    • Etomi

      Love you there!

  • Titi

    I cry for my beloved country..This bunch of good-for-nothing idiots should pay for this reckless confirmation, they have no morality left in them

  • emmanuel

    Na so e go happen too for March 28, 2015. Presidential eoction will come and go, Jonathan will be sworn in and a few Bomb here and there – Jonathan till 2019

  • Amir

    Minister of rigging.

  • Du Covenant

    This is yet another reason why we must change the government that does not give a damn to what anyone says….

  • Comfortkay

    Today is 11 of March 2015 and Nigerian goes to the polls on the 28th of March 2015, what sence does it makes to confirm Obanikoro as a Minister? If the PDP senators that have jumbo salaries have another assignment for Obanikoro to rig Lagos State in the forthcoming election , we all know that, this shoddy show today in the senate prove the need to remove PDP for ever from Nigeria Politics
    This same senator were there when 20 Billion disappear, they were there when 2,3 Trillion Naira was used to import fuel , Up till now No answer to the question who stole Police pension, Nigeria is really in a deep mess if this senators are not removed.

  • Kessy Toks


    • djay

      Don’t weep, jona is not coming back. Just go and vote on the 28th.

  • Reality

    No vacancy in Aso Rock

  • Dazmillion

    Every criminal around Jonathan is a creation of his criminal mind, that’s why he is surrounded by them. He even married one.

    • redeem


      • Olu

        Tinubu can enter USA anytime he want but your Jonathan right hand man in South West, Kashamu cannot dare to enter even US embassy in Nigeria.

        • Dazmillion

          Thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy of his comment

      • Moses Musa

        Please take cover with ‘Fugitive Kashamu’

  • redeem

    Sick Buhari Cancel Kaduna Rally.

    The Presidential candidate of All progressive Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari will not not be strong enough to attend his scheduled rally in Kaduna today. The planned Enugu rally last week was also canceled to allow him to recuperate.

    Buhari who returned to Nigerian last week after nearly 2 weeks in London Hospital, has been on bed rest and was allowed by his foreign doctors to make less stressful political activities, preferably indoors.

    Surprisingly, the aling Buhari’s media Team dubiously released a statement saying that the sick Buhari could not attend the Kaduna rally because the Kaduna state governor, Mukhtar Yero denied them access to the venue. This is quite absurd and ridiculous.

    This is the same pattern of lies that Buhari and APC chunked out to Nigerians throughout his stay in United Kingdom, until Buhari revealed in Chatham House that he has been on Hospital admission and that his doctors have declared him fit to contest the March 28, 2015 Presidential election.

    We wish Buhari, speedy recovery!!! WHAT A SHAME -WHAT A COUNTRY–WHAT A PARTY APC—IS

    • Olu

      We better have a sick person spear heading a healthy economy than having a so called “healthy” man running a sick economy.

      • Joe

        Another wisdom from the pit of hell.

  • Omo oba

    APC is dead in lagos when Obanikoro take over his ministerial appointment because, there will no gate for APC to gigged the election

    • Comfortkay


  • Adeboye Bakare

    i av said it if u want to get appointment or post 4rm gej/pdp u must b a 1st class criminal. boko haramite are wasting their time, if shekau join pdp today it will b funfair and get senatorial slot. koro, my foot.

  • new republic

    I hate reading anything from Atiku,when he was VP to Obasanjo,he never thought of this,Atiku is a politician,he want to be president,sweet talk.

    • sirOscie

      Please young man stop advertising your Ignorance and Cluelessness.
      Do you even know the responsibilities,duties, functions or roles of a Vice President as enshrined in the Nigeria constitution?

    • sirOscie

      Keep sentiment aside and address issues

      • Zirem

        He is not capable of that and from his comment he didn’t even read through,cos anyone who read the speech above won’t call it sweet talk, it’s our reality and a way out. And those who sweet talk us don’t even don’t even dig deep to the root of our problems and profer a workable solutions,they make superficial promises which we have heard over and over again. Atiku has raised the bar so high and we should as the electorate should raise our expectations so anyone seeking any seat of leadership realizes we are not going to cheer their usual empty and baseless promises.

  • MI

    In the first place, Atiku still remain amongst those who brought Nigeria to this near sorry situation. Despite all that they did, God didn’t deny his grace on our country. I thank God for his grace upon this country by giving us such a good leader to help pull us out of the quagmire that Atiku and colleagues had dragged us deep into.

  • Black Pope

    Hope Atiku or El Rufai will replace PMB for 2019 election.