Give Jonathan benefit of doubt – Abdusalami

Ex-Head of State, Abdulsalami Abubakar

Former Head of State, Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar, on Tuesday urged Nigerians to give President Goodluck Jonathan the benefit of doubt on his promise that general elections will hold as re-scheduled.

Mr. Abubakar made the call while fielding questions from newsmen in Kano.

The former Head of State was in Kano to inaugurate the Kano Informatics Institute, Kura.

He said Mr. Jonathan had in the recent Presidential Media Chat promised to allow the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct the polls on the new dates.

“As our President, let us give him benefit of doubt and accept what he said,’’ Mr. Abubakar said.

He, however, urged INEC to ensure the conduct of free, fair and acceptable elections for the sustenance of the country’s democracy.

“I do hope INEC officials will conduct free, fair and credible elections in the country,” he said.

On his recent visits to President Jonathan and, Gen Muhammadu Buhari (APC presidential candidate), Abubakar said the visits were private.




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  • Wähala

    We will believe him when elections are conducted as scheduled, the man is simply a serial liar. A clown who lied to all the regions of the country on his pre-election promises by not meeting any has certainly no qualms lying to us again. With the clown it’s believe but verify!

    • amazing2012

      Excellent ! You have said it all !

      • Otile

        Only fools & harlots read and praise your master Wähala’s trash. Nonesense

        • amazing2012

          The english slave and cursed, give points please !

          • obi amanze

            G jonathan is a failure. Christian amanpour said on cnn that Nigerian election is between a failed president and a former dictator. Let gej sack her like he sacked martin agwai and others. Yeye drunken bastard

          • amazing2012

            Excellent !

    • Onike24

      You truly cannot trust a word he says, his lying is verging on the pathological.

  • Dan Fulani

    He is not trustworthy. I can not take any of his words even if he says there is only One God.

  • Jones

    Jonathan’s promise is like a prostitutes repentance. She will do it again and repent again.

    • Onike24


  • Garden-City Boy

    This is not only insulting for this man pass an idiotic, condescending on the President. What does he mean by “give Jonathan benefit of the doubt”? The grand Ayatollah of Minna must be more discrete about his choice of words. You don’t just open your trap and spew rubbish into the environment simply because you are abdulsalam abubakar. That dreadful facial hair can only intimidate little children. He may support his islamic brother as much as he likes, and draw the line just there. Irresponsible aspersions cannot be allowed to slide that easy.

    • Jones

      Next time you fee like responding to any topic, consider asking a sensible person near you to help you out. Intelligence is not painful to the brain, and is not a crime if you are not endowed. After all the president of a country has less of it. Amnesty is not a degree.

      • Onike24

        Hear! Hear!

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    General, considering that you and Mr. Mbeki have a history of handing over power to elected cicilian governments, Nigerians are expectant that this formed the basis of your conversation with GEJ.

    We do believe that GEJ would conduct the elections because he has no other options, but what assurances did you get from him that he would not be using the military to steal the elections as he did in Ekiti State?

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      This is good News coming you that ”We do believe that GEJ would conduct the elections”. YOUR REPENTANCE is 50% COMPLETED!!!!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Lol, Godfrey.

        Don’t bet your bottle of tombo on chickens grow teeth!

        GEJ is the calamity any nation should pray against!!

        • zeon

          Really? Make your point and take a walk…
          I must not vote for your BH Leader aka GMB, kapish…

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            And what “point” did you just make apart from bringing my attention to your odious and slimy presence?

          • zeon

            Likewise you… You did not make any point at all. ODE!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          • zeon

            zzzzz…… APC Mugu

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


    • Charles Owolabi

      Kay GEJ steal the elections?
      Why do you demonstrate such hypocrace
      When has Buhari ever won any election in Nigeria?
      Do you think Nigerias are fools that forget things over night.
      He is a dictator who overthrew a civilian government pretending that he is a reformed democrat.
      A Boko Haram sympathizer pretending to care for all of Nigeria.
      An Islamic Fundermentalist who now claims he never intended to Islamize Nigeria
      Buhari should at least be honest to him self. Little does he know that His past utterances give him away
      What makes you think that a serial loser would suddenly become a winner?
      What oracle has he consulted or what deity did he consulted that has given him this false hope of victory
      Here is a man who does not know the name of the political party he represents
      Here is a man suffering from dementia who does not know what the name of his running mate is?
      Here is a man who says he would raise the price of crude oil who wants to rule a new and emerging Nigeria. A frontier country for foreign direct investment. Can we afford a complete illetrate at the helm of affairs. My answer is capital No.
      Buhari claims to be a solution to all our problems yet all we see is a man who is a beneficiary of every thing that is bad about our nation
      A failure who got into the army simply because he is from the North. Compere this fellow to others like Nzeogwu Adekunle ojukwu Nwawo Alabi Isama to name a few and you would know that this illetrate has been the greatest beneficiary of Nigerias quota system.
      It is because of the likes of Buhari that every section of Nigeria wants autonomy. The yoruba for example would not want an illetrate to every rule over them. He can rule over his northern brothers and take them back to the Stone Age if he so desires but the rest of Nigeria would not be part of this dark experiment.
      Let us have free elections let INEC ensure that registered voters get their PVCS and not only select sections of the country
      Let INEC ensure that all the card readers are tested and working and let us vote. In the end our prayer is that Buhari would respect the non violence accord reached.
      We do not want the baboon and the dog socked in blood
      However we would accept his tears.

      • Otile

        Sensible analysis of the situation indeed. Nigerians are not all fools to allow themselves be lead by a backward creature of quota system. Abuses and insults on the person of Jonathan do no not qualify Buhari as a capable educated man. We know better.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, with all the ‘gbagaing’ and ‘gbosas’ in your “illetrate” composition above, I am now compelled to enquire if you passed O/L English Language because of quota system to favour your village too!

        If you cannot explain, in a satisfactory manner, that you did not, either rely on ‘expo’, buy an Oluwole certificate, got someone to sit the exams for you or never finished school, then I will be forced to conclude that you “demonstrate such hypocrace”

        Which one is it going to be?

        NB: As to that retarded @Otile hailing you on this post, do not be deceived. @Otile is no better than a drunk Australopithecus at the best of times. His upvote and gibberish is asinine as usual.

        • Charles Owolabi

          We the yoruba have a saying that when you find the son of a slave in the midst of free born children , What you discover is that the son of the slave is always the one pointing fingers at others.
          This is done to hid his own identity and inner insecurity.
          It is also done to ensure that no one questions his linage.
          Kay that is just who you are. The son of a slave who probably feels that one may question his own academic achievement.
          Why hid behind a pseudo name when posting if you are such a star?
          For your information my real name Is Charles Babatunde Owolabi. You can google me.
          My record is clear there is nothing to justify to a misfit like you who’s identity no body knows.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thanks for your response.

            Are you the Maths teacher or the East Londoner? Just curious. You don’t need to answer, if you don’t want to.

            By the way, I do not use a pseudonym either and why should I care who knows me when I know myself?

            Surprised you chose to call me the son of a slave without knowing my antecedent. I will not respond similarly.

            I have questioned your academics in view of the various school boy errors, but if you chose to be defensive about such, na you sabi.

            The lesson this should teach you is simply that when you come on a public forum like this, you need to be sure of your own antecedents before questioning others’. Those who live in glasshouses should not be throwing stones.

            Have a blessed day.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Kay or what ever your name is I see how educated you are. I used the word slave metaphorically. Your literal interpretation of the word shows how shallow you are.
            Secondly if there is any one who should not be throwing stones from a glass house it is you. You don’t seem to comprehend the difference between both terms.
            I also question your own academics. Any body who has been through a good secondary school would know the difference.
            Kay did you go through secondary school?
            Please be honest?
            You talk about antecedents. When I look at all your postings I see a very negative individual who is fixated on GEJ.
            You act like your life depends on GMB winning.
            You are probably a hired hand who has no other choice but to earn a living posting negative stuff for the APC.
            Sorry ooh
            Yes I am a teacher – economics teacher – not Mathematics.
            Yes I live overseas in the US not the UK and if you insist I would give you my address?
            I have nothing to hid unlike you?
            So sad you can not reveal your true identity?
            Don’t you think it is another form of 419 for people like you with strong views to be unable to reveal their true identity?
            As I refect on our past discussions I have a deep sense of empathy for you.
            Sorry ooh.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            If you were more cerebral, you would have done a Google search too, wouldn’t you?

            But your further response has shown, clearly, how unintelligent you are.

            Need I continue a discussion with someone who is clearly drunk on his own spittle?

            No, I don’t need your address. Stick to E6.

      • obi amanze

        Charles.owo, u are an illiterate of the highest order. Buhari never won election cause they were all rigged. You link buhari to boko haram, is it not the fisherman from otuoke that refused to deal with bh till now? Buhari always condemned bh and has now decided to destroy them if elected. The same chadian president accused of sponsoring bh is now the one killing them like lizards. Charles owolabi you are a cow. I am igbo, and I know the yorubas hate gej like I do. I guess u clown must be benefitting from gej rule. I am too, but am being sincere. During buhari rule, have u ever heard of one side being favored? Was there no discipline all over? Charles owolabi, I suppose u are one of those baboons paid to destroy buhari like doyin okupe and dokpesi and abati. Charles, please go and treat your mother from the senseless fucking she got from jona badluck since u sacrificed her to him to collect money from him.

        • Charles Owolabi

          You are an IBO not Igbo . The language you speak is Igbo please note the difference .
          I would not insult you because I can see from your posting that you are a hired hand- man must eat. I respect that
          However try and be objective in your posting don’t allow stomach infastructure to take over your entire thinking faculty.
          Sorry ooh

      • Jonathan will disappoint you by handing over power to buhari peacefully without throwing this country into crises.

        • Charles Owolabi

          In your dreams.
          Please stop taking those hard drugs . It has affected your brain.

  • Awarawa

    All the janjaweeds children of anger are here again with their petrifying stench from Bourdillon. Either you like it or not, GEJ s your president till 2019. Tell Aregbe and Amosun to pay the salary arrears they owe for 5 months…

    • Jones

      In Nigeria every government is broke especially federal government. Only amnesty allowance and militants consultancy fees are paid. Our bribe warrior president is so bitter that beneficiaries are not delivering.

    • Aminulahi Aminu

      Sai buhari change is our wish.

  • Du Covenant

    It is such a pity that everybody with skeletons in his/her cupboard are scared to death about the prospects of GMB second coming. The General has said repeatedly that a line will be drawn otherwise there will be no time to do what the Nigerian masses want him to do!…

  • segun


  • Jones

    A man that wasted ‘doctrine of necessity’ will certainly bury ‘benefit of doubt’. Abubakar, if you sign any bail bond for Jona, your money and integrity is gone the next hour.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    What is breaking one more promise in the strings of many, many more he made in the past on either to the Northern Governors as sworn to by Aliyu Babangida, or on the electioneering podium as well as at the seat of government in Aso rock. Do one need to resort to the sad recount?

  • Frances Jini

    GEJ will still rule this nation weather the devil likes it or not.
    GEJ till 2019.

    • tundemash

      Unless election does not hold.

      Have you heard that in the card reader test INEC did it achieved 100 per cent success in its objective of verifying the authenticity of the Permanent Voter Cards presented by voters on Saturday.

      My Advice: don’t show up at the poll booth with the cloned card your paymasters have given to you!

    • Musbau Hamzat

      It is we Nigerian that will vote him out of power not devil. The devil is doing its part on him and Nigeria will massively vote GEJ out of power. God Bless Nigeria

    • obi amanze

      Since gej is the sole bastard who owns naija, let him rule till eternity. I hope all u ignorant lames either loose your jobs or a member of your family due to insecurity before u come to your senses. I just hope u loose your first child if u have. Sentimental biased bastards

      • Odogwu

        The useless man jona is already a gonner,

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      The devil can keep him for all we care!

      • Charles Owolabi

        Just like the devil helped Buhari in previous elections and he won.
        Kay you are on something.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I am high on the Bible and spirit filled.

          How about you?

          By the way, do you also run the handle @Deji75?

          I noticed some oddly similar grammatical errors in both your compositions?

    • Odogwu

      In your father’s house!

  • arinze uba

    Those projecting 8 years of tyranny are dreaming,the old tyrant will not even do 1 day as a president. He is the only head of state with out a legacy. Some said,environmental sanitation is his legacy and I ask,how has that improved our economy?or is nigeria the cleanest country in the world. We keep hearing from APC members and buharist,we will fight corruption,i will stop corruption,we need change. How! In your house?because I know you will not smell that seat,be wise and vote for GEJ.

    • I understand your frustration. You and Jonathan will go and create another Nigeria in the moon where he will govern you till you die because you are his slave.

  • favourtalk

    Nigerians had always been given him chances but he misused it, we can’t wait for long again. He should give us chance to help this nation also, it is nit his birthright, since he can’t do it, he should allow a capable hands to do it. We need change

  • Abdusalami a true elder states man, spoken well.

  • chinwe davis

    up GEJ, now and always, lets march on.

  • well for me, buhari was never a formidable opponent. abdusalami handed over to civilian rule, the so called buhari over threw civilian rule.

  • brightdestiny

    Jona’s promises are like dat of a man wen in high need of sexual activity such man tends to promise d female counterparts heaven n earth just to sertisfy his sexual hormones at of dat moment den after dat she is on her own

  • uzo

    thank you Abdusalami

  • emmanuel

    we believe Mr President that election will hold

  • uduak akpan

    election will hold and PGEJ will win period

  • Onike24

    Every single non Nigerian I know, is perplexed that Nigerians are actually debating whether Buhari is the best of the two options we have. Buhari no doubt, has his short comings as we all do, but are these short comings what the PDP machinery accuses him of? Everything has been thrown at the man but he keeps going, defending the accusations, and reiterating his anti corruption stance. One thing is certain, another four years of GEJ will spell the end of Nigeria as we know it. So why oh why are we still debating who represents the best option? I sincerely hope that those given Pecuniary inducements to post pro Jonathan sentiments, will vote with their conscience.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Jonathan And Buhari. In the year 1984 when Muhammadu Buhari was Head of State of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan was 26 years old. 31 years gone, if you are a youth and still shouting ‘Sai Buhari’, One will honestly conclude that there must be something wrong with you. You deserve better, not the Past.

    • Omababa

      What makes the present better than the past. Strength of character is more important in leadership than youthfulness. Sai Buhari!

  • Bassey

    GEJ is still our next president, so we all should obey him & respect his word……

    • Onike24

      He is not a king, we should respect the office of President, but when the man is a disgrace to the office, we should say so, he is our servant not our boss, we the people employ him, we gave him the Job and we can sack any elected representative at the ballot box. That is democracy 001

  • Nelson David

    This is the kind of elder state men we need in Nigeria now.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    The elections will hold as scheduled, with all things out in place.

  • Mr. Abdin

    We are waiting for change.

    • Mrs benita akpan

      transformation is the key.

  • faith adams

    PVC collection has increased, so the elections will hold.

  • felicia jones

    OK, let us watch and see, UP GEJ

  • kingsley obi

    President Jonathan wants the elections to hold as scheduled as much as we all do.

  • Nwaobilor

    March 28 is Sacrosanct!

  • nwaeke

    Can’t wait for another swearing in of President Jonathan.

  • Kufere

    Jonathan has perfoermed beyond expectations in his administration, to which many even claim his administration to be the best Nigeria has ever had and i concurr.

  • Enumah


  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Abdulsalam should tell Nigerians which promise was ever kept by Jonathan?

    • ahmed

      ALL…And thats the reason Nigerians will vote him to continue his good works. Bunwhatever give me ten reasons why anyone should vote the dead meat called buhari…

    • nafisat

      First President/ Head of State to sign into law the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT

      First President/ Head of State to EFFECTIVELY outlaw toll-collecting illegal police checkpoints in Nigeria

      First President/ Head of State to introduce a national tax policy to create a self-sufficient economy that could bring development to the people.

      First president to pay attention to our International and local Airports – Kano airport upgraded after 57 years, other airports upgrades in progress.

      Kaduna Refinery rehabilitated after 15 years

      The first President to summon the courage to unbundle Electricity distribution after 52 years, power supply more than doubled after almost 100 years after amalgamation (met power supply at about 2,200 mw, now 4,237 mw) States Begin Electricity Distribution

      First President to address the bad state of the Benin-Ore road which was rehabilitated after 20 years.

      First president to rejuvenate our comatose Railways back to life after 20 years of lull in the sector, Colonial laws under review, States and Private investors welcome in the railways sector.

      First to introduce 35% female appointments in government positions.

      First in decades to reduce salaries of public servants and examine the proliferation of different salary structures in the public service in the federation

      First to deliver on Nine New Varsities, to accommodate, the growing number of admission candidates/population

      First to promise Almajiri school, promise kept

      First to follow due process/rule of law in government conduct

      First president to be thought of, by the average Nigerian, as his/her COUNCILLOR, LGA CHAIRMAN, ASSEMBLYMAN, GOVERNOR, REP OR SENATOR and CHIEF JUSTICE in one fell swoop, not minding the fact that everyone has his/her job cut out in a democracy as this is not a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP- that the buck does not stop at his desk in matters involving states, LGAs and the Judiciary or Legislature; that their jobs are complementary and they are allocated funds every month from FAAC, not to ‘chop’, but to work!












  • uko bassey

    GEJ is the president Nigerians has been praying for