I will confront Boko Haram with grit, zeal – Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari talking
President Muhammadu Buhari

The presidential candidate of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed outrage and grief at the latest terrorist suicide bomb attacks in Maiduguri, Borno State capital.

At least 55 persons were confirmed dead and 146 others seriously injured as Boko Haram suicide bombers descended on Maiduguri Saturday and carried out multiple bombings in various commercial areas.

In a condolence message he issued in Abuja on Monday through his media campaign committee, Mr. Buhari said the frequency with which terrorists destroy lives and property embarrassed him beyond measure, and that tackling such indiscriminate violence would be on top of priorities once elected into office.

According to him, terrorist violence has achieved nothing good for anybody and that his administration would confront this insecurity problem with determination and remarkable zeal.

The APC presidential candidate explained that nothing can justify this endless and brutal terrorist violence targeted at innocent people, which has also destroyed the economic and social life of the people in areas where terrorists are notoriously active.

Mr. Buhari, however, called for increased vigilance among the people.

He said the ease with which suicide bombers blend with law-abiding citizens and reach their targets undetected is disturbing.

He explained that majority of the people have no idea about the features and characteristics of suicide bombers, and cannot, therefore, identify such killers in their company.

The statement extended Buhari’s condolences to the families of the victims of the latest terrorist attacks on Maiduguri.

General Buhari has also condoled the families of the recent violence in Rivers State in which some unidentified gunmen attacked and killed APC supporter in the state. He said violence benefits nobody and, instead, it sets back the progress of the country.


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  • evi

    Which boko haram will you confront? The same one you criticised Jonathan for killing their members saying that any attack on boko haram is an attack on the north?the same boko haram you support their sharia cause, vowing to continue to agitate for sharia to be implemented in all parts of the country?The same boko haram boys you sent to kill youth corpers because they refused to allow children, chadians and nigeriens to vote? Na person wey no know you,you go deceive, you are a die hard religious extremist and terrorist sponsor , no amount of white washing can change that.

  • Interrogator


    • As i see am


      “APC is constituted by at least 70 per cent of defectors from PDP,
      raising questions as to how much difference it is from the PDP itself.
      Buhari has a track record of human right abuses, a tendency towards
      fascist intolerance and an arrogant self-righteousness ethos; the APC
      (unlike the PDP) has arrogantly refused to make any overtures towards
      other political formations not linked with the PDP.”

      ………….Balarabe Musa

      Ex-Governor Kaduna State

      (March 9th, 2015)

  • Frank Bassey

    This is political talk. Buhari had said that fight against Boko Haram was fight against the North.

  • Khadijah D.

    Nigerians can still recall with pride how the infamous Maitatsine sect with same ideology with boko haram tried to cause insurgency in current Adamawa State. The brave General took the next available plane to Yola and that was the end of Maitatsine sect. Meanwhile, it took a coward president 19 dayz to even believe and come to terms with the fact that more than 250 girls were kidnapped! History is the best teacher! I will vote based in capability!

    • onyema22ohaka

      To show you how unelectable he is according to Nasir,this is what your general,Buhari said about bokoharam in June 2013.For him they are northern freedom fighters who needs to kill enough people for allah.

      Buhari faults crackdown on Boko Haram


      Former Head of State, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd),

      Presidential candidate for the Congress for Progressive Change in the 2011 Presidential election, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has frowned on the emergency rule in parts of the North. He alleged that innocent civilians were being killed in the states.

      Buhari speaking during a Liberty FM Hausa Service Programme, Guest of the Week, on Sunday in Kaduna said that Boko Haram members were being killed and their houses demolished unlike the “special treatment” given to the Niger Delta militants by the Federal Government

      Buhari, who also blamed President Goodluck Jonathan for failing to tackle the security problems in the country, argued that the challenges started in the Niger Delta.

      He said, “What is responsible for the security situation in the country is caused by the activities of Niger Delta militants.

      “Every Nigerian that is familiar with happenings knows this. The Niger Delta militants started it all. What happened is that the governors of the Niger Delta at that time wanted to win their elections, so they recruited youths and gave guns and bullets to them to use against their opponents to win elections by force.

      “After the elections, they asked the boys to return the guns, and the boys refused to do so. Because of that the allowance that was being given to them by the governors was stopped.”

      Buhari said his joining the proposed All Progressives Congress was not all about securing the party presidential ticket for the 2015 elections.

      According to him, the formation of the APC and his joining the group is to help effect the needed change in the polity and not just about his presidential ambition.

      He declared, “If APC fails to give me the ticket, I will remain in partisan politics and in the party. Anyone the party picks as its candidate, I will support him because I will remain in the APC.”

      Besides, Buhari noted that the problem of the country was that of bad leadership, which the APC was out to change.

  • True Nigerian

    Duncee, where is the certiPicate?

    • Maitama Tambari

      Warry and True (false) Nigerian, GMB has done it before when dropped off Maitatsine in Maiduguri and the Chadian Rebels. What GMB said he would do for Nigeria, he would do it. Unlike your favorite who for six years he could not chase the BH almajiris until Chad, Niger and Cameroon came to assist him. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA.

      • warry

        Now terrorism we are facing now and Maitatsine riots are not the same. I am not like you who will go for an abstract word called change and jump on it. What are the signs on the ground? It’s like a guy with a big chunk of meat in his hand and getting close to a stream saw the shadow of the piece of meat in his hand in the stream, then threw away what was already in his hand that the image he was seeing in the stream was bigger.Stupidity. Sorry Buhari doesn’t look more intelligent than GEj.Moreover,he was there before and never demonstrated any positive change ,only destruction.

  • warry

    Haba, you said ‘An attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North’. Okay you will personally lead the fight or is it for the sake of getting power? Okay if you are not the person there, every other person is not good enough and corrupt.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    No, Sir. You will be confronted with forgery and perjury charges soon.

    • Olusola

      NO Sir, Mr Jonathan will go to jail unless he returns our $20B, he will also produce his PhD Thesis or have even more years added.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Drastic situation requires drastic measures. It is common knowledge that these suicide bombers hide their bombs in OVEFLOWING GOWNS and DRESSES. Why can’t the state government TEMPORARY ban the use of such clothings until PEACE until?

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      It is very difficult to do, but it makes sense. Religious exigencies would have to obey the laws of survival, for if all humans were to be wiped off the face of the earth, what purpose would religion serve? In Nigeria we accord more emphases on religion than we do God. The result of this is, wickedness, corruption and hatred reigns supreme here. Reason why there is so much suffering. Asking us to change our mode of dressing temporarily as to reduce the spate of suicide bombings would at once put one in the firing line of religious bigots whose hearts are as filthy as a sewer. But it is working in some European countries and the heavens have not fallen. We should give the idea a thought. What think ye, people?

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    ”I will confront Boko Haram with grit, zeal – Buhari”

    Where will you find them?
    After they have been defeated by GEJ?

    VOTE GEJ and PDP for sustainable transformation of Nigeria!!!

  • nwa Biafra

    Buhari will never call them by their name boko haram

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka


    When I read this kind of statements from Buhari …… I cannot but conclude that Buhari is a dubious character below the level of a petty thief who is so desp[arate for power that he would be willing to let other men lie with his wife.

    Was it not Buhari that said that “fighting to stop Boko Haram is a fight against the North” ……. how then is he going to confront the same Boko Haram with zeal and grit ?

    • progress

      Get a life mumu!

    • kelvin

      When did he say that? Dyou have any source? Your first statement could be applied to Mr PHD.

  • excel

    This is a man with lion Heart, a leader Nigeria deserve ready to accept responsibility not like the clueless one. That has turned down is responsibility to the Opposition. Sai Buhari March4CHANGE

  • Tunde

    “We respect the past, but we don’t pine for the past. We don’t fear the future; we grab for it…. We are boisterous and diverse and full of energy, perpetually young in spirit. That’s why someone like John Lewis at the ripe old age of 25 could lead a mighty march.” —— Obama on the “bloody Sunday” @ Selah

    Grand Pa Buhari should go and leave governance for the youth & healthy. Robert fell down last week as he walked down @ the airport. Yesterday it was the turn of Zambian President who now has to be flown to London for treatment where Duncee just had his.

  • bib

    Yes General! You have the training, the education, the courage, the capability and the integrity to lead from the front, unlike the brainless and ball less who criminally brought us to this state in six years. Come 29th May the days of the BH and all crooks stealing Nigeria blind are numbered. Vote change! Vote APC! Vote the people’s GMB!!!

  • Patriotique

    Whatever! I really don’t believe you, GMB on what you say you can achieve. Truth is, the look of things is very bad already, perhaps your tenure might face more challenges/frustrations than GEJ’s. Crude oil prices have coasted downhill, corruption is now in every sector of Nigerian institutions. You might even have to worry about the loyalty/patriotism of the staff of your government. So don’t talk too much about what you can achieve, pls, because we will surely remember in years’ time. As for me, I consider your true patriotism for this country and courage to stand for what you believe in as attributes, enough for me to choose you over GEJ. I will not eat stale bread because I’m afraid of what the taste of grass would be. This is my reason for wanting CHANGE. Regards.

  • Guy Jabbar


    Former Head of Military Ruler and Chieftain of the Congress
    for Progressive Change, CPC, Major General Muhammadu Buhari has asked
    the Federal Government to stop the clampdown of Boko Haram insurgents,
    saying Niger Delta Militants were never killed or properties belonging
    to them destroyed.

    Buhari who spoke on Sunday on a Liberty Radio programme, Guest of the
    Week monitored said accused the government of killing and destroying
    houses belonging to Boko Haram members while the Niger Delta militants
    get special treatment.

    The former dictator said that unlike the special treatment given to
    the Niger Delta militants by the federal government, the Boko Haram
    members were being killed and their houses demolished by government.

    While accusing President Jonathan of failing from the beginning to
    address the security situation in the country, Buhari said he has never
    been in support of the state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa

    According to Buhari “what is responsible for the security situation
    in the country is caused by the activities of Niger Delta militants.
    Every Nigerian that is familiar with what is happening knows this. The
    Niger Delta militants started it all.

    “What happened is that the governors of the Niger Delta region at
    that time wanted to win their elections. So they recruited the youths
    and gave them guns and bullets and used them against their opponents to
    win elections by force.

    “After the elections were over, they asked the boys to return the
    guns; the boys refused to return the guns. Because of that, the
    allowance that was being given to the youths by the governors during
    that time was stopped.

    “The youths resorted to kidnapping oil workers and were collecting
    dollars as ransom. Now a boy of 18 to 20 years was getting about 500
    dollars in a week, why will he go to school and spend 20 years to study
    and then come back and get employed by government to be paid N100,000 a
    month, that is if he is lucky to get employment.

    “So kidnapping becomes very rampant in the South -South and the South -East. They kidnapped people and were collecting money.

    “How did Boko Haram start? We know that their leader, Mohammed Yusuf
    started his militant and the police couldn’t control them and the army
    was invited. He was arrested by soldiers and handed over to the police.

    “The appropriate thing to do, according to the law, was for the
    police to carry out investigations and charge him to court for
    prosecution, but they killed him, his in-law was killed, they went and
    demolished their houses.

    “Because of that, his supporters resorted to what they are doing today.

    You see in the case of the Niger Delta militants, the late President
    Umaru Musa Yar’adua sent an aeroplane to bring them, he sat down with
    them and discussed with them, they were cajoled, and they were given
    money and granted amnesty.

    “They were trained in some skills and were given employment, but the
    ones in the north were being killed and their houses were being

    They are different issues, what brought this? It is injustice”.

    While fielding questions in English in the same programme, Buhari
    said that the promoters of the All Progressive Congress (APC) were aware
    of the challenges ahead of them in an effort to get the party
    registered, saying “the road to merger is quite rough.

    “The ruling party, with its enormous resources and its capacity for
    coercion has seen it as a threat and they have said it. Personally, I
    came to realise since 2007 that Nigerians believe that the only way to
    stabilise the system of multi-party democracy is for the opposition
    parties that have representatives right from Councillors to the National
    Assembly come together to deliver their constituencies democratically.

    This is the only way you can counter PDP’s enormous physical and material influence in the country”

    He expressed optimism that the All Progressive Congress will be
    registered saying “by nature, I am an optimist. If I were not an
    optimist, I will not attempt to contest the presidency three times and
    end up in the Supreme Court three times. I believe we are going to be

    “There is a law guiding party registration which states that you must
    have your headquarters in the nation’s capital that can be identified
    by INEC and you must have a convention. All the three parties involved
    have held their conventions and have agreed to forsake our existing
    parties and go for APC.

    “At the national level, we must have those who will run the party. As
    soon as we meet these criteria and INEC acknowledge that, 30 days after
    the acknowledgement, we are APC whether INEC write us and give us the
    registration or not”.

    ……. Gen Mohammadu Buhari

  • Charles Owolabi

    I honestly beleive that GMB means well for Nigeria.
    However his past utterances makes it difficult to trust him
    In the past the General openly declared that an attack on Boko Haram would be viewed as an attack on Northern Nigeria.
    He also made statements like the Barboon and the dog would be socked in blood.
    Such statements have led Nigerians to distrust GMB.
    He has also failed to show the necessary remorse for past undemocratic actions like overthrowing a civilian government elected by the people.
    His perceived arrogance has hurt him considerably
    To govern a complex Nation like Nigeria a level of flexibility is required something other Northern leaders like Yaradua understood
    in the finally analysis Buhari would loose the election because of the rigidity that he demonstrates
    Take the issue of his certificate – till date Buhari has refused to show Nigerians his certificate .
    This does not read well of a man who is supposed to lead Nigeria by example.
    My daughter who is 10 years asked me a basic question she said daddy why does the General not show his certificate? Daddy she continued I know he has it so he should just show it and get it over with.
    That is from my 10 year old daughter- speaks volumes.
    In the end GEJ would win the election because of his flexibility and approach to the entire process.
    He has continued to dialogue with the south West and has continued to address the concerns of the North
    Chibok and the surrounding communities are getting the much need support and the military is now given the much need security
    So every day that goes by is a positive for the PDP and a negative for the APC
    the APC is fast becoming a shadow of what it was a few months ago
    The documentaries onTinubu and Buhari has damaged the APC considerably

    • Flinth

      Sir, I have just read through your comment and all I could glean from it are naming-calling and unsubstantiated facts about Buhari. For undecided voters who are still straddling the fence, it would have helped if you had presented a balanced and compelling argument why they should vote Jonathan instead. I am not sure if character assassination will win the PDP votes, rather its Jonathan’s achievements in the past 6 years the electorate will judge him on, which you failed to list in your submission – i.e. the electoral promises Jonathan has delivered on and the promises he has failed to deliver, and what he intends to do if given another 4 years.

      Thank you.

      • Charles Owolabi

        Flinth thanks for your reply . No insults intended.
        I have no reason to insult the General however one must state the facts.
        What the PDP has managed to do is to show a man suffering from dementia. All over Nigeria now there is a video that shows Buhari in an interview in London. In that interview he refers to his party as the all progressive confidence.
        Recall he had also made a mistake in the past about the name of his his Presidential candidate.
        Such glaring mistakes reflects a man who is certainly not mentally switched on.
        If such mistakes can be made on basic facts one wonders how the old general would handle important and complex economic issues that affects a developing nation like Nigeria.
        On what GEJ has delivered – the PDP has now managed to show case a president that despite the obvious difficulty he has faced in fighting insurgency has managed to do the following that is undisputed by the APC
        25 thousand kilometers of roads across the federation have been totally finished or redone using money from a program set up by the federal ministry of finance- Surep.
        The rehabilitation of the railroads and the effective take off of the Lagos Kano line
        The PH- Maiduguri line is 80 percent completed.
        The kaduna – Abuja rail has also taken off while intercity service within Lagos has also commenced.
        The new standard gauge is almost completed for both major lines by a Chinese company and the documentary on TV has helped Nigerians see how advanced the work has gone
        On Agriculture the PDP has managed to show that the government has undertaken a revolution. Agriculture is now viewed as a business with a huge potential. The reduction in past corrupt practices in that sector – like in the distribution of fertilizer and other farm inputs has helped propel this sector to new heights . The government has also encouraged the processing of various key agricultural commodities such that the value chain for Agriculture is being exploited for once in Nigeria.
        On transportation the government has managed to dredge the Niger river up to Lokoja the result is that our water ways can now be used as a means of moving bulk cargo up to the North at a substantially reduced cost and inland pots are springing up all over the Niger. At least 10 new ports are being constructed
        Our airports are also wearing a new look with over 25 terminal either remodeled or under going remodeling
        On security the government has purchased new sophisticated military equipment 4 new naval ships 40 new t – 72 tanks , new communication equipment and a host of other very important hard wear. This has helped our troops to confront the insurgents and are gaining an upper hand now- more and more towns in the North East are being liberated. The coalition of Nigera chad Cameroon and Niger are making significant progress in dismantling Boko Haram- note that GEJ was a principal actor in the formation of the coalition
        On the economy despite the present fall in the global price of crude oil Nigeria has managed to maintain its credit rating BB- by the credit agency Fitch. This is remarkable given what has happened to other oil producing countries.
        The managers of the economy have managed to maintain growth rates for the past 4 years in excess of 6. 3 percent- world bank and federal office of statistics figures.
        And with the global downgrade of growth targets by the IMF to about 4 percent, Nigeria is still expected to grow at 5 percent.
        The country with the rebasing of the economy is now the largest economy in Africa. This shows greater absorptive capacity for foreign direct investment
        The minister of finance has also managed to show the potential in the hosing sector with the establishment of the Nigerian Mortgage refinancing company. This has the potential of changing Nigeria totally with young people being able to access mortgages . Further it is clear that construction is going to experince growth and the economy would create more jobs in this sector
        On electricity the government has undertaken the most comprehensive privatization program of NEPA. All the distribution assets have been sold of and like wise the geraration companies. Though there has not been too much of a difference in the number of hours that Nigerians receive light- there is the expectation that this would change significantly as the NIPPs come on stream with greater gas delivery.
        In education greater attention is being put in ensuring that people who were excluded in the educational mix are now being brought into the pool . A clear example is the establishment of over 150 Almajari schools in the North and the construction of another 200. Also the establishment of 12 new federal universities in the country with 9 in Northern Nigeria.
        All this points to transformation and shows that the GEJ has indeed worked . The message is now being seen by Nigerians and also being appreciated.
        In the end the PDP has managed to get its massage across while the APC has nothing to show but sound bits- attacks
        PDP in the openion of most Nigerians today according to the recent polls would definitely defeat the APC

    • stabod

      Owolabi , please eni eku pa Iya re how did you want to console him.

  • Okwudili

    this miserable old man lie from his teeth because the reality on the ground proves he is the godfather of boko haram

  • Isi Agwo

    “For demon cannot drive out demon.” Bokohari should start by calling Boko Haram by name. How can a man who has never used the words “Boko Haram,” an organization which picked Bokohari himself as its spokesman in the failed dialogue with the federal government, fight the same demons.

  • Thankfully

    Can someone please tell pa buhari to go and rest,as far as Nigeria is concern he can never be president again..no matter what he says or do.we can never be moved cause we know him too well after he was chased away by babangida in 1985 as a thief that gain power through the back door by scaling fence in 1983 coup…. what has he contributed to the growth of Nigeria with his billions?nothing only to fight arrogantly for president,thinking ignorantly that he merits it more than all.INFACT BUHARI IS A CUOPIST WE DON’T NEED HIM,WE DON’T LOVE HIM WE DON’T TRUST HIM..THE INNOCENT NIGERIANS HE ODERD THEIR DEATH CAN NEVER FORGIVE HIM..YOU ARE A FAKE MAN.RUNING TO CHURCH AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR AFTER COMANDING DEATH AGAINST THE CHURCH. WILL NEVER SAVE YOU..WE DISLIKE YOU.

    • KennBest

      If u like, call him Papa Bihari. He’s better than the thief called Jonathan we all voted for in 2011. Big mistake we’re living with, till May 2015 sendoff party.


    Blah….Blah….Blah !!

    “Any attack on Boko-haram is an attack on the north” ___Muhammadu Buhari

  • Flymo

    The people’s General has spoken. Loath him or like him, he is ekwueme – a man of his words. Doesn’t mince words unlike the clueless he-goat we have in Aso Rock whose concept of leadership is stealing with sense of entitlement. ‘Oyel’ in my backyard….. they profess. Animals!

  • trippi

    No u don’t need grith… All u need is to just tell them to go home for victory has been achieved…

  • Sandy Low

    No boko

  • Abufata Gumi

    You have always known what to do. please help the nation by just calling them to go home. you dont need our votes to do so. when you were head of state, you did your beat. I dont know why you cant go home now that your mates have all retired. Buhari if you ever believe in justice, equity and your grey hair please leave Jonathan to complete his time in peace. take my advice sir

  • tom

    we trust you will deal with it from day 1 not when election defeat is imminent.

  • JibrilMusagroup

    Frankly Speaking, If APC has the remedy for Boko Haram while wait till he becomes the president before the remedy could be used. This action of his has led to the murdered of thousands of innocent Nigerians. APC is happy to see Boko Haram rampaging and killing Nigerians. A good party in any circumstances will apply any known remedy to save Nigerians. APCdid the opposite because APC want to be the president of the country at all costs. APC action is evil, any right thinking person should condemn APC silence over the remedy APC fail to introduced to tackle Boko Haram. The issue of insecurity is like a wall of snakes, but watch out, we will progress in the war against terrorism. The soldiers will be progressing faster in the war against Boko Haram now. President Goodluck is the best President in Nigeria. Vote for Goodluck. #goodluck4president

  • Clay

    BUHARI IS ANTI NORTH AND IT IS REAL. Remember Buhari said that boko haram was not a terrorist organisation and that fight against boko haram was a declaration of war against the north. Buhari said that fight against boko haram is anti north and went ahead to compare boko haram with Niger Delta militants. How come the same Buhari will lead war against boko haram if he wins. God forbid. Master of double speak and he is not corrupt indeed. The same way he said in 2011 that he wont contest presidential election again after crying profusely like a baby and now he is contesting. How can reasonable men of good will believe this man. GEJ carry go.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Well done Buhari we know you are capable.