APC, Buhari should withdraw from presidential race – Fayose

Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti state

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has said that the All Progressives Congress, APC, and its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, no longer have moral rights to participate in the March 28 presidential election having “lied” to Nigerians on several occasions.

According to a press statement issued in Ado-Ekiti Monday by his spokesperson, Lere Olayinka, the governor noted with dismay the “contemptuous manner in which the APC and Mr. Buhari hold Nigeria and its people”.

Mr. Fayose vowed that Nigeria will never be ruled by deceit.

“In saner climes, you can’t lie and be discovered to have lied repeatedly as done by the APC and still want to stand for elections,” he said. “The new deceit from the APC is to use a photoshoped picture of Buhari for posters in Lagos, making him look like a 50 year-old man, whereas he is as old as my mother and cannot survive the rigours of office even as a governor not to talk of President of Nigeria.”

The Ekiti governor said it was appalling that despite being found to have lied on several occasions, the APC has never deemed it necessary to apologize to Nigerians for trying to deceive them.
“First, the APC Vice Presidential candidate, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, a supposed pastor, posted a picture of Reinhard Bonnke crusade on his Twitter handle, claiming that the picture was that of APC campaign rally in Kano,” Mr. Fayose said.

“Second, the APC claimed that Buhari made a surprise visit to Chibok and went further to lie that the people and parents of Chibok girls were filled with hope and joy upon sighting Buhari and his entourage, and escorted him into Chibok with singing and dancing.

“Third, the APC cabal claimed that Buhari travelled to the United Kingdom on a working visit and used fake pictures to back up their lies that Buhari met with ex-British Prime minister, Tony Blair and
had a television interview in London.

“Even when Buhari’s wife admitted that her husband was in the UK to rest, the APC cabal went on with their lies, using pictures taken in Transcorp Hilton, Abuja as proof of Buhari’s activities in London.

“If a party and its candidate could lie so brazenly as done by the APC and Buhari, do they still have moral rights to want to rule Nigeria?

“God forbid, can Buhari and his APC cabals that are not truthful about their existence as human beings be trusted to be truthful to Nigerians if they take over power?”


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  • Segun

    APC e-rats over to you. Haven’t you read this yet?

    • Mr. Abdin

      APC cannot waist their time replying to a confusionist like Fayose remember he was not qualified to be a Governor because of his impeachment saga.

    • Dr. Kay

      When a mad man steal your clothes while having a dip in a dam and you run after him to claim them back , people observing the scene will find it hard to differentiate who is mad and sane . Fayose’s ranting are rants of a madman seeing the end days of his reign of terror and perfidy. Let him continue , ekitigate imbroglio will be attended to its logical conclusion , those found culpable will face the music , Fayose as number one accused.

    • Olu

      PDP field deceiver. Ayo is not qualify to talk on behalf of Nigerians. God is ready to deliver Nigeria from the hands of fraud-oriented rouges like your pay masters. PDP diversionary tactics have failed this time around. After being in powers all these years, yet, they don’t have anything to use for campaign but to embark on diverting the attention of people from the real issues. Nigerians are wiser than they thought. PDP is gone, Jonathan is gone.

      • Segun

        The question is “did APC lie to Nigerians on those issues raised by Fayose?”

        • Lorgic

          The answer is that fayose is talking trash as usual because;
          1) Buhari has already come clean about his age, so whether he looks 50 years or 30 years in campaign photo is immaterial.
          (2) Osinbajo acknowledged he posted the image in error. We have seen Reuben abati posting state govt. And other fictitious images as GEJ transformation. No one is above mistake, and error is not deception.
          (3) APC never said buhari visited chibok, he only tried to visit chibok but desisted when the crowd insisted on following, according to press reports.
          (4) If the press has confirmed from Tony Blair’s office that he met with buhari, then the onus is on fayose to prove otherwise.
          Except u believe fayose more than Tony Blair himself.

          • Segun

            @Lorgic. Go and research again and come back to re-write your lies. Every APC supporters are taking the nature of their leaders! Whoooo!

    • 55273

      Show your real identity, stop misleading people with your fake name, we all know you are not a yoruba man!!! You bastard imposter !!!

      • Segun

        Amazing!!! Oruko ile yin ti je ni ile Yoruba?

    • Funso

      omo ale.

      • Segun

        LOL …. Funso Habah!, it done get to that level … LOL

  • Bayonle

    Ayo Fayose, you are so scared that when Mr. Buhari wins you MUST explain to Nigerians your role on the Ekitigate audio tape which reveals how you were rigged to power. Keep musing, your days as Governor are numbered. You can run for three weeks, but you will no longer be able to hide after March 28.

  • Olu Sogebi

    Whao!!, Governor Fayode talking about saner climes! My question is what would have been his fate as governor were the Ekitigate audio recording to be exposed in a saner climes? People like him make Nigeria an insane environment, and are the major beneficiaries of the alleged insanity. Governor Fayose should search his conscience, if he still has one…

  • Jones

    This psychopath does not deserve a response. He lacks credibility. Jonathan’s government introduced bare faced lying into governance, and revived criminals like Fayo, Oban, Okups, Abating wonder, food for kayo, Olosh Methusela, Chief Anini, Edwin Clerical etc.

    • Segun

      Tell us those Jonathan lies and the criminal acts of those people you mentioned?

    • dd

      Yet you responded by commenting here.

  • shola

    Fayose, absolutely ridiculous and baloney anything that comes out of your big mouth.
    You mean he (Buhari) should leave the political field for you thieves?
    Now that you’ve seen it yourself that you are not seing a DEAD MAN WALKING
    you are hoping for HIS withdrawal. March 28 will tell you where you belong to.

  • emmanuel

    Their one million man match was a sham.

    The APC is just shameless, because their. Crowd was less than what the PDP pulled the day they had their mega campaign walk around Lagos.

    Please go through the photo and you will conclude that the party is a band of jesters, inspite of the N5k paid as mobilisation fee.

    Please ask Tinubu if he has better following in Lagos than Gani Adams and Fasehun

    • Spoken word

      emmanuel or whatever you call your name obviously your life is a sham

      • Segun

        You haven’t said anything Sir.

        • Spoken word

          bloody shiza!

          • Segun

            Come again!

          • Segun


      • Chikezie

        What do you expect from scamming erats of a dying rouge cult? Soon they will start accounting for the hundreds of trillions of Naira they have stolen but I hope they first answer Soludo’s poser; where is our N30 trillion? Unrepentant thieves!

        • Spoken word

          Don’t mind him.i am sure he is online 24 hours trying to do online dating scams.

    • Ola

      Did you say sham? Now I know PDP are employing illiterates to become e rats. Olodo

      • Segun

        @Ola. Correct the guy if you know better! I doubt if you have WASC like your APC presidential candidate. You are the leader of Olodo. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        • Idowu Akanbi

          Which Segun are you?…Segun what war did you fight?… Was it the rats in the your house, you fought with, that you where named Segun?…Every member of our great party APC can buy millions of you ten times over…You have the mouth to insult people…Get your brain examined okay…

          • Segun


      • Chikezie

        That’s them. They are busy sniffing for any shadow to pursue and the fourth of the six weeks is here. No wonder their dumbo is busy employing Mbeki to negotiate reprieve for his criminal acts but none will be granted him.

      • Advocate

        rotfl!!! nice one

    • Snuffing around the enemies.

      • Segun

        Hi Rabiat. I will be glad if you can come down a bit to my level in English. Thanks

    • Idowu Akanbi

      Thank you, If you may know one million match or no one million match, Lagos state will not go to PDP forever and ever…APC will continue with the good work they have been doing…MEGA CITY…

  • UO

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the award for the politician most scared and terrified of a Buhari presidency goes to……..

    Ayodele Fayose

    • Chikezie

      Let him continue showing his scare. It will not prevent him from being sent to where people like him rightly belong: Kirikiri!

      • SAM .A

        The guy will go beyond KiriKiri , he has two murder cases ,pending the time his immunity is taken away.
        His first Tenure as governor witnessed the assassination of Tunde Omojola & Dr Daramola. He has been stalling the cases in the court.

  • Examiner


  • Spoken word

    Mr Fayose not once have you said why people should vote for GEJ, abeg commot for road and let us have serious leadersship.not leadership by thuggery.

  • evi

    Fayose,fire on! Apc’s middle name and last name is propaganda and falsehood. Buhari cannot be 73, he is over 80 or 90 years, his haggard features is also as a result of all the innocent blood his boko haram boys have been giving him to drink, thinking it will make him look younger .result forger quota system terrorist general!

    • Chikezie

      Shows how finished you PDPigs are that a scum and vomit like Ayo Fayose is now your megaphone and he oozes stupidities quite in line with your philosophy of people duping people. Thank God March 28 2015 is around the cover and catching on so fast with this scarred criminal called Ayo Fayose. He and his dumb master from Otuoke are going to share prison notes soon.

    • SAM .A

      Evil mind,with Devilish idea. Nothing good in you.evi

    • Idowu Akanbi

      PDP first and last names are propaganda & falsehood…fayose, fani-kayode, okupe…Na lie Buhari is older than Methuselah…That makes him more qualified than gej…

  • emmanuel

    Reinhard Bunkie Crusade photos?

    Osinbajo has always been a fake.

    First, he eats from Alpha Beta and that confirm he is a die bard crook with no human face in his search for wealth.

    Fayose na baaaad guy, he nor wan gibe the APC crooks space at all. The man just dey uproot their lies and splash for their face.

    • Idowu Akanbi

      Thank you…Go and get your own Photoshop…what is stopping you…

    • Churchill Roosevelt

      Have you verified the photos? You just insulted a Man of God.Partisanship ……

  • Arogbo

    Governor basket mouth, the ole, onye oshi and barawo of Ekiti state.

  • Interrogator


    • Newsday

      “APC is constituted by at least 70 per cent of defectors from PDP,
      raising questions as to how much difference it is from the PDP itself.
      Buhari has a track record of human right abuses, a tendency towards
      fascist intolerance and an arrogant self-righteousness ethos; the APC
      (unlike the PDP) has arrogantly refused to make any overtures towards
      other political formations not linked with the PDP.”

      ………….Balarabe Musa

      Ex-Governor Kaduna State

      (March 9th, 2015)

      • Idowu Akanbi

        And so what? The door is open for many more to cross over…My friend come up with another jargon okay…

  • Enemies of Nigerian will be thrown out of government houses very soon.

  • dd

    APC is All Photoshop Congress.
    You forgot to measure the WASC photoshop.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Since Ayo Fayose is too simple minded to know by himself, we have to tell him that even he cannot afford Mr Buhari to withdraw from the race. This is because Ayo Fayose needs to be saved from himself, and the person who can do that is Buhari. Common sense dictates that if someone is as old your mother, you should give them the respect you would give to your mother. Otherwise, you have problem even with simple common sense.


    Fayose will rue this moment in his life!

  • Eze1

    Pastor Fayose…

  • Wetin Naija

    The mentally sick Fayose. This man is mentally sick and begging for help

  • udemeobong

    a Kettle calling a pot black. I go die ooooo

  • udemeobong

    Well, if we have people who respect the law two things would´ve happened to Fayose since the EkittiGate scam: Either he would´ve resign since or be in prison now for contempt of office. But since PDP slogan is “POWER” the situation has sort itself out. That is why he´s shouting from the western end, Jonathan´s wife from the southen end and some from north as well, only because power make people drunk and adicted. I still forsee revolution in this country in the future. When i don´t know. All I know is that, as long we still have the same old recycled people around us, who can´t offer us even electricity, road, not to talk of communication that has been used to exploit us, then danger looms. Nigerians are too sluggisch and shy to fight till end, but very vocal. No one wants to die, but thousands are dying yearly without anyone asking, who will be the next????? I wish i have another country to call mine.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Buhari is not even qualified to contest in the first instance. Before the elctions come around on March 28, he will be disqualified on account of not attaching evidence of his academic qualifications to his Nomination Form.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.

    • SAM .A

      “Shame on Jonathan for not acting on the petitions I personally took to Aso Rock on this certificate forger…..”
      Omo ale , do u recognize above statement of yours in Vanguard today.This your grandiosity is carrying you too far .
      The petition you personally submitted in Aso Rock was put in trash as soon as u left.
      Your suggestion that Buhari will be disqualified before election is same part of grandiosity and delusion that make u waka go Aso Rock . Enjoy this your euphoria when it last.

    • Idowu Akanbi

      Thank you…We shall see prophet of doom…Shei you can see into the future…I’m sure you are not a Nigerian.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Ayodele Fayose should as a matter of emergency be taken to the Federal Medical Board to assess his mental status. He is at the moment a hazard to Ekiti people and Nigerians in general. Enough is enough. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA.

  • Sunday Chuks

    So the Buhari I saw at the airport is also a cloned copy? Fayose need mental assessment

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka


    “A man (BUHARI) who campaigned for four weeks, speaking for less than one hour in all the rallies put together and needed to rest for 15 days should just stay at home and be playing with his grandchildren rather than struggling to take up a job that he does not have the required mental and physical strength to do,” ……… Governor Ayo Fayose.

    Buhari surely on a parade of shame !!!

    • Idowu Akanbi

      Thank you, he doesn’t need to talk at all…Look we shall vote for GMB come 28th March 2015…Anything your type says goes on deaf hears…APC for change.

      • Prof. Wole Soyinka

        Yes …… Buhari does not need to talk at all ….. as you wrongly suppose …… but does he also need plenty of rest as answer to Nigeria’s myriad of problems ?

        • emmanuel

          Please answer the last question.

          Jonathan campaign through same period and had more campaign, he has been working still and campaigning since then.

          How come Jonathan has not taken longer rest?

          You want to impose Yar Adua and the new Zambia president on us?

    • uduakomiri

      Even if Buhari is in a coffin today, many Nigerians will still prefer to vote him than GEJ. Yardua ended the Niger Delta militancy even while he was on a sick bed yet a hale and hearty jonathan could not fight a rag tag band of druggies and rag heads whose obsession with stealing under-aged girls for forced intercourse is masked in the name of religion…but we all know that a crime is crime…yet our confused jonathan for 6 years could not bring these arseholes to face justice
      Abeg pack and go Jona. If someone fails the same class consecutively for 6 years, haba, it is clear they are never going to pass that class. The most honourable thing to do is pack and go back to Otu-oke

  • Olusola

    Ayodele the thug start packing, please ask Lucky to withdraw, we dont like his face and your ugly face anymore.

  • Buhari presents the only viable option and avenue for Nigerians to vent their frustrations and anger against inept and clueless federal government led by Jonathan.

  • Tayelolu

    Ayo Fayose, do you know what your rigging mate Musiliu Obanikoro- in the Ekiti fraud is facing now? You know we Nigerians are asking him serious questions in his bid to become minister? We ask him to tell us what he Obanikoro- knows about the Ekiti fraud. You know that he is most unlikely going to be confirmed? And that is because of the treason both of you committed by using the military to rig your “victory” in Ekiti. I am sure that you are thinking that “If my rigging mate Musuliu Obanikoro is gradually failing to be confirm as a minister as a result of the treason we committed against Nigerian people, then what is my fate…” I will say that unlike your rigging mate-Obanikoro-you are temporarily “lucky” that you are not facing election or nomination. But your days are numbered. You know from March 28, Nigerian people will ask you serious questions about your role in Ekiti rigging, and this will make you forfeit your rigged Governorship. It is obvious this is the reason you have become so irresponsible-you are a curse and a shame to the Yoruba nation. Sadly, you are just like the following thugs: creek Dokubo-asari, boyload, Gani Adams, Buruji Kashamu, Government Tompolo. With you as “Governor” of a Yoruba state, it is a sad and tragic day in Yoruba polity and Yoruba land.

  • ologbin

    This guy Fayose definitely needs a psychiatric examination. The days of rogues and the corrupt in government is coming to an end. Difficult for somebody like him to operate under an incorruptible leadership that will hold all subordinates accountable. He has the option of resigning if the stage is becoming hotter.

    • emmanuel

      Everyone knows Ekiti people love their governor, who keep catching the APC in their lies.

      You need immediate psychiatrist attention, if one who flaunts fake result with Old age picture is your savior

      • Churchill Roosevelt

        Which EKITI is that? Is it the same Ekiti in Yorubaland?

  • omo oba

    Nobody seems to understand where Fayose ‘s concerns and desperation are coming from. But he knows his position as governor is not safe with GMB as president that is why he is ranting like a lunatic. He is scared stiff.

    • emmanuel

      Fayose’s concern was exhibited by Zambia President yesterday who manifested his ill health which his nations’ opposition voiced during campaign and he denied.

      Fainting in public has commenced just six weeks after swearing in.

      Psychiatric cases like you should be calmed down fast, because we cannot have a senile baba, who is terminally ill carrying on as if all is well.

      My sincere question to you? Is someone who exposes a fake Pastor (Osinbajo) who post Reinhard Burnke Kano Crusade photo as APC rally photo desperate or a statesman worki g to save Naigeria from fraud called Tinubu and Buhari?

      • town crier

        You just shot your self in the foot. Zambia president was born 1956 , that puts his age at 59. Closer to gej’s age. So that defeats your old age argument

        • emmanuel

          Shut up and recline back to your stupidity.

          Did you read me clearly? The man denied having health challenges like Buhari and Yar Adua

    • eddy

      U have just hit the nail on the head…

    • YK

      lol………you got it so many people will not understand the desperation of this clown but sooner or later people will understand better where the desperation of Fayose is coming from and where it is heading to. The people would soon understand this desperation, it is a matter of days before the keg of gun powder he is sitting on will explode.


      Fayose’e problem is his morbid fear of Buhari’s presidency and what he stands to loose. He knows that Buhari will not for one second tolerate the impunity that brought him to power.

    • Wähala

      Don’t mind the clown, leave him to keep mouthing off for he knows he has only a few more weeks to be Governor. A tout who is running Ekiti State with only 7 Legislators knows a lot will be undone once proper Government is installed in Nigeria in a few weeks’ time. While he rants, Dumbo is secretly negotiating a soft landing for himself in South Africa in exchange for handing over peacefully. Asari, FFK and Obanikoro all have dual citizenships and can bolt in a hurry, while even IBB and Bode George have said loudly they will live in exile if Gen. Buhari is elected President. What is Fayose’s ‘Plan B’ ?? NADA! That’s how you know a senseless clown, let him keep dancing nude, Buhari will certainly circumcise him when the dust settles. Oloshi.

      • emmanuel

        Hear this bastard call someone olosi.

        Nigeria will be as peaceful as ever by Round March 30 by which time the full result should be ready.

        I want to hear from fools like you by then.

  • Bisikay Ayedun

    I hope that these guys will SURVIVE this their self-inflicted MADNESS after the Ides of March is over….

    • shaga

      Bisikaya–who among the two of u looks more like a man with a mental case in his family ?–Is it not time for Buhari to call it quits———–

    • Preco01

      I pray they don’t!

      • emmanuel

        Have you checked Osinbajo’s tweeter page?

  • burning spear

    In the year 1984 when Muhammadu Buhari was Head of State of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan was 26 years old.
    31 years gone, if you are a youth and still shouting ‘Sai Buhari’, One will honestly conclude that there must be something wrong with you.You deserve better, not the Past—a check at the records of Buhari will reveal a lot—————–on Buhari who was encouraged by the wife of late Abacha –to go into politics——–with a view to wrestling power from Obj—-his fair weather pal now—————-its not as if he was actually interested in helping to improve the lot of the down trodden masses–hence the need to move over into politics———–without a certificate—-ati an unknown ailment—————-

  • hummm

    Buhari is really giving Fayose and pdp people sleepless nights. Why would anyone request an opponent to drop out of a competition, if not for fear of loosing? PDP has psychologically conceeded defeat. WOW

  • emmanuel

    Zambia six weeks old new president fainted at a public outing yesterday.

    We do not want that kind of liability as our president

    God bless Fayose for the role he is playing to puncture the APC many lies

    • How old is the Zambian president that fainted? The commissioner that slumped and died in Benue State was only 47 and information had it that he had classified GMB as ‘quarter to go’. You people must have the fear of God and tread softly on this age thing. No one should play God as death is no respecter of age. Only God knows when we will depart this world.

      • emmanuel

        The man is old and sick period.

        Such persons are not fit for rigorous official demands. Do not preach religion here.

        Buhari is unfit

      • emmanuel

        Read my response to omo oba below which came before this. I stated clearly that the opposition in Zambia voiced their concern about the mans ill health (just like Buhari), which he denied.

        My position is about Buhari’s ill health, his Chattam House presentation showed a man who struggled against pains to speak.

  • Worried Mother

    Fayose you mean to tell me your mother is useless because she is old?

  • Tolu

    This guy must be crazy

  • Let Us Pray

    This is a Buhari who said he borrowed $20 million from a bank to pay for
    his APC presidential nomination form. Now the same Buhari is now
    living it big as to be having his rest in London. Where did Buhari get
    the money he lavished in London on himself and family? He is apparently
    stealing money from campaign donations to enjoy himself with his
    family – while gullible poor Nigerians fight and kill thrmselves over
    Buhari and chanting ‘SAI BUHARI.’. THIS APC LEADERS NA WAO! . In the US
    or UK, Buhari would have been jailed for using campaign donations for
    his personal enjoyement. He should ask how Edwards, former Obama rival
    in the US democratic primaries got into trouble, after been found to
    have misused campaign donations for personal enjoyement

    • kelebook

      All you have written is complete rubbish. Please try and think deep before making contributions. Don’t just write for writing sake. Get your facts right mate.

      • Let Us Pray

        you don’t have a point here,check my facts and compare it with yours

  • Yunusa J

    Fayose comparing Buhari with his mother in term of age that confirmed my suspicions that Fayose is a product of multiple sex with multiple partners whose agony remains of not knowing who his true father is. I pity Ekiti for having him as a Governor.

    • Northerner

      Baaaaaaaaaam! I hope fayose come across this comment! Lol

  • Let Us Pray

    APC said Buhari went to London on working visit but Buhari said he went to London to rest,what has he achieved that makes him want to rest? liers

    • kelebook

      Why don’t you work on your spellings. Olodo!

      • Let Us Pray

        Kelebook,when did Buhari and his supporters (Boko Haram) care about spelling?

  • Omoagunmate

    This murderer is going mad now. He is so afraid of what is to come. Evil people like him will ever find peace, he is the most afraid politician in Nigeria today. We’ll see whether after a Buhari’s victory he will abscond altogether as the evidence against him right now is overwhelming. His old file for the being complicit in two murders in Ekiti State and of massive corruption is gathering dust. The latest is the audio evidence of rigging himself into office with the help of Dumbo Goodbye Jonothing in the last Election. He should be locked in prison and the key tossed in the Atlantic ocean.

    • blackdove

      The fear of Buhari is the beginning of a very long prison term! Lol! Fayose will be sentenced to 975 years in prison! Lol!

  • Moe

    Fayose, the talisman you chewed and used to speak this rubbish is not working. Go and collect a refund from whoever just 419’ed you.
    That said, rest assured, you are going to prison for a long time.

  • blackdove

    This man is just a pest!

  • Kadiku Lateef

    can fayose stop being a nuisance?

  • uduakomiri

    Can someone for God’s sake take Fayose to see a psychiatrist urgently!! This guy needs to be committed immediately to a mental ward for his own good and for the sanity of everybody. The people of Ekiti state must be so terribly embarrassed by their governor’s depreciating mental state

  • yemi

    nawa for this Buhari obsession oooooo. I think fayose should be ignored period.

  • Ab

    The late Chief Obafemi Awolowo was 74 and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe 79 when they both contested for election in 1983 – probably Ayo was not old enough to appreciate their ages when this was going on. Please tell Ayo to get a little history of Nigerian politics and elections into his head before opening his mouth or was he just involving himself in thuggery?

  • JibrilMusagroup

    Buhari is a man full of contradictions. He will fight corruption but Tinubu is his friend. He will give us security but said BOKO HARAM is anti-north. He is honest but refused to show Nigerians his certificate. He is poor but all his children school abroad. He will fight terrorism but sees others fighting against terrorism as anti-north. He will help the youth but is never known to have helped a single almajiri even in Daura. He will fix the economy but has not even the basic rudiment of economics. He will fix education but build any school when he was Head of State. He wants to benefit from democracy but overthrew a democratic government. May God protect us from this hypocrite. President Goodluck Jonathan is the best president in the history of Nigeria. #goodluck4president

  • JibrilMusagroup

    Buhari is a man full of contradictions. He will fight corruption but Tinubu is his friend. He will give us security but said BOKO HARAM is anti-north. He is honest but refused to show Nigerians his certificate. He is poor but all his children school abroad. He will fight terrorism but sees others fighting against terrorism as anti-north. He will help the youth but is never known to have helped a single almajiri even in Daura. He will fix the economy but has not even the basic rudiment of economics. He will fix education but build any school when he was Head of State. He wants to benefit from democracy but overthrew a democratic government. May God protect us from this hypocrite. President Goodluck Jonathan is the best president in the history of Nigeria. #goodluck4president

    • Segun

      Ride on and on. Very thoughtful of you!

  • ologbin

    Emmanuel, you are doing a great job for your paymaster in the person of Ayo Fayose. But mark it, your source of income will soon dry up as it is certain that your paymaster will soon be booted out of government house on account of his fraud. In fact, all the characters involved in Ekitigate will definitely face the music. If I were you, I will seriously be searching for a more credible and long lasting job for survival. Fayose cannot sustain your family. “Abo oro lanso fun omoluwabi”.

    • Segun

      Ologbin or what you call yourself, Which job you dey do? Does Emmanuel have to support your buhari before you will know that he has a sustainable job?

  • Samson

    Fayos let Nigerians decide if they want him or not. Nigerians know they want and can decide for themselves, sorry o are you scared.

  • Samson

    Fayose let Nigerians decide if or not they want him. Nigerians know what they want, and can decide for themselves. Are you scared,? sorry o.