Boko Haram: Nigerian military accuses allied soldiers of ‘careless’ statements

Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade

The Nigerian military has raised concern over careless talks and undue exuberance by some individuals from the military of neighbouring countries involved in the Multinational Joint Task Force, MJNTF, which have the implication of destabilising the spirit of the joint efforts against terrorism within the sub-region.

Reacting to a purported statement in some media by officials from the MJTF that troops from Niger and Chad made deep incursions into Nigerian territory to battle Boko Haram elements, the Director Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, advised that it was necessary for officers from participating countries to beware of the terms they use while speaking with the press and also understand the implications of those terms.

According to him, “The location in question has to be mentioned before one can confirm whether it is part of an assigned or authorised mission or an incursion as described. This campaign against terror only makes provision for collaboration and cooperation; not incursion into territories. I think there is a careless use of terms by some inexperienced people or officials eager to make impression without understanding the implications. There’s no allowance for incursion here.

“The truth is that there were some pre-emptive manoeuvres along an axis in the theatre. Nigerian forces were also involved. It is unfortunate if that is what this young man is reporting in this false and divisive way. He may have to be called to order to stop this exuberant attitude of misinforming people as this is not good for our collective efforts. We will take this up where it matters.”


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  • Arabakpura

    It is better you sat down with the spokesmen of the other forces before you leave Nigerians with the impression that the war is being prosecuted by foreign army. Also, next time you report successes, endeavor to acknowledge them because you have given the impression that Nigerian soldiers are doing it alone!

  • BlackieUmukoro

    It is such reckless statements that APC embellishes to rubbish our military and the Jonnathan led PDP Federal govt. Never seen a group of persons are always desirous of supporting outsiders against their own country. The military needed to warn APC over some of their treasonable statements

    • kinsly

      What has APC got to do with this statement from the Army spokesman? Did he mention APC in any part of his statement?Jeeeeeeez!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        APC chided the FG in response to their careless statement. Read your news for today before exposing your ignorance Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • tundemash

    But boys’s scout General Olukolade, there was no time you acknowledge the participation of Chad and Nigerien army in your “successes” so what is wrong in those armies releasing their own press conferences too ?

    • Yusuf

      dont mind this yeye people

    • Mosaku 147

      He doesn’t have any kind of success.he was,is and will remain a liar. Chadian forces reached 85km to maiduguri (Dikwa) and this shameless man still has the guts to try to decieve me that wasn’t an incursion.if it wasn’t,then what is?till they get to Abuja?

      • tundemash

        ALjazeera just showed the Chadian and Nigerien army incursion into Nigeria and they also interviewed a Nigerian General Msheila who said they just got the required weapons to fight Boko Haram. So the question to ask boys’ scout general Olukolade are;
        1. Did Dumbo and the army not deny the army were ill-equipped when Borno Gov . Shettima raised the issue 3 years ago?
        2. Are the army boys sentenced to death not right afterall that they were ill-equipped ?
        If Dumbo and Olukolade suffer amnesia, not all Nigeria suffer from that disease and they would all have to answer for the mismanagement and consequences of their action and inaction that resulted in Boko Haram murdering thousands of Nigerians while they steal the defence fund !

  • segun

    when you’ve being giving us the impression that you winning war without their effort..

  • igbiki

    na so e be, person wey dem dey helep go choose how e go like get helep forgeting say beggar no get choice

  • Citizen

    someone is helping u fight your own fight and u are there complaining; countries we ought to have colonized have forth our own war

  • Mosaku 147

    “I think there is a careless use of terms by some inexperienced people or officials”. What does olukolade take us for? Chadian forces liberated Dikwa which is over 300km to the border and about 85km to maiduguri,yet olukolade calls them inexperienced. At least we saw pictures of BH hq with Chadian soldiers all around.where were our soldiers then? Olukolade should shut his mouth and allow our soldiers continue with their mopping up while the real fighters of BH (chad,Niger&cameroon) continue killing BH for us. Please someone should advise olukolade not to use his mouth to drive away Nigeria’s helpers.

  • Action Group

    This Olukolade of a man should have been retired long ago I don’t know why he is still kept there to disgrace the military and Nigeria.He should stop this media hype and allow these foreign mercenaries continue the good work they are doing without distractions,we like self appraisal too much for something everybody knows wouldn’t have been possible if not for the Multinational forces interventions.

  • Patriotique

    Jonathan Was Never Ready,i Alone Called War On Boko Haram – Chadian President

    Idriss Deby, Chadian President has claimed that he singlehandedly called war on the extremist group, boko haram, and as slammed Nigerian President saying nothing would have been done if the war was left to him as Chad was never authorised the decision.

    Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan had claimed that after five years of tolerating the sect that killed thousands, he finally this January embarked on the serious effort to defeat Boko Haram to make him more electable and to allow voting in occupied territory; however the Chadians have said that this real war against the terrorists was decided upon unilaterally by Deby in reaction to Boko Haram obstructing Chad’s trade routes with Nigeria and the economy of the landlocked nation.

    He made quotes from Reuters saying: Officials from Chad, Niger and Cameroon say lack of cooperation from Nigeria has for months hampered efforts to put together a regional taskforce against Boko Haram. Chad was compelled to take unilateral action in January, under a deal that allows it to pursue terrorists into Nigeria, after Boko Haram violence started to choke off imports to its economy.
    But for a country proud to be a major African power, it would be an embarrassment to President Goodluck Jonathan as he seeks reelection for a smaller nation to tackle Nigeria’s
    security problems, diplomats say.

    Chad has been ready to press deep into territory controlled by the Islamist group but Nigeria refused to let them.

    We turned back because Nigeria did not authorise us to go any further,” army spokesman Colonel Azem Bermandoa said.

    But the Chadians say there have been no joint operations between the two forces. Nigeria has for months hampered efforts to put together a regional taskforce against Boko

    Nigeria’s military spokesperson, General Chris Olukolade Wednesday denied the Chadian claims of Nigeria stalling Chadian aggression against the terrorists, stating that the Nigerian side has no qualms with the Chadians but leads the mission to liberate the nation.

    The revelations from Chad appear to be fueling distrust, suspicion and tensions between Nigeria and its neighbors and dis-credits the leader of Africa’s most populous nation and a nation that was prior credited as having one of the best armies in Africa.

    President Jonathan is yet to react to Chad’s claims of the small country having been unilaterally behind the the drive to liberate Nigeria from the grasp of Boko Haram.

    After Chad engaged Boko Haram in Dikwa, Nigeria chased Chad out with the excuse that the Nigerian side planned to drop bombs on Boko Haram in Dikwa. Chad later claimed Boko Haram leader, “Abubakar Shekau” escaped at Dikwa with the Nigerian intervention, and Chad’s president personally warned Shekau that the Chadians knew where he went to and will soon get him.

  • deri

    go and win the war—————and stop complaining–now u have the weapons–u cannot win the war i u are not diplomatic

  • Guguru

    LOL. If you controlled a terrorist group by funding them and arming them, would you be willing to destroy your creation? Well, this is why the Nigerian government refuses to deal with Boko Haram. Remember, Jonathan said he treated Boko Haram with kid gloves, did he not? Jonathan said Shekau was a ghost but somehow, Jonathan’s military reached a cease-fire with a ghost, did they not? And, the military claimed on two different occasions that they had killed Shekau, and yet they entered a cease-fire with a dead man, did they not? And finally, Jonathan decided only after over 14,000 people have been killed and 4 years of pampering Boko Haram, and only when his re-election campaign had begun, did he decide to do any meaningful thing about Boko Haram. Nigeria simply engineered a terrorist group for its own political ends. If the international community does not start arresting Top Nigerians funding Boko Haram starting with members of the Presidency, Nigeria has the potential to destabilize other African nations. It is hard not to reach this sort of conclusion.

    • Arabakpura

      You are a true son of your father! Look at how straight forward and truthful your submission is!

      • Guguru


        One thing I can tell you is that the truth is always lost to most Nigerians. A people decidedly embroiled in lies can hardly recognize the truth before them.

        • Arabakpura

          When you refresh the truth like you just did, it is good music to the soul! Truth can never be suppressed! It is always lighter than any fluid and so it floats! Continue until a couple is escorted back to Otuoke and the people’s general installed!

          • Guguru

            Thanks for your kind words.

  • EMMA


    • Guguru

      Yes, they can keep fighting the dragon they created. LOL.

      I wonder why you are not there helping them to fight their dragon? You are urging them to keep fighting from a computer when you could walk up to the Nigerian Military and tell them to sign you up for the fight. LOL.

  • momoh

    The shameless Nigerian military should have no say in the war against BH. The Chadian, Nigerien, and Cameroonian military are doing the job, so they have the right to boast and propaganda as much as they want. If Olukolade criticizes the allied military too much they may pack up, and BH will start sending the Nigerian military on the run as before.

    • Moe

      … said the civilian that has absolutely no idea of what he is talking about!
      I always believe world wide internet service is a good thing,,,,until I see people like momoh! Then I believe it should be like drivers license! You have to pass an exam to prove you are …….leave that alone.

      Do not denigrate our troops again! Place fault where it is due….members of our armed forces follow orders! Complain to the ones that give orders

    • chukzee

      Pls have some respect for our troops! Psychology is a potent weapon in warfare and we cannot be discouraging our own troops. If you feel they are doing a bad job then sign up, otherwise keep shut.

      • Dominic Price

        Respect for what? Soldiers are train to save and proctected people against their enemies and they’re running away like dogs! You must be uneducated for saying we should respect the lazy shameless Nigerian Army! You’re the one who should shut the hell up your dirty mouth not some good Nigerians that know their rights.

    • Dominic Price

      Hahahahaha… My brother i dey lap OoO Because you don’t talk finish!

      Nigerian Army are not even men but bunch of LOOSERS!

      All they’re train for is to run – That’s why keep on running up to date

  • Moe

    General Olukolade,
    Please don’t do this to yourself. Leave rubbish talks to to those that talk rubbish!.

    Boko Haram is not a conventional Army by any means.Therefore Incursion, excursion, border or boundary does not mean jack to them. Do not let these politicians deprive you of all you have worked for. They will throw you under the bus in a second if they feel it will give them 1 more day in office. Boko Haram is like fire! You fight it whenever and wherever you see it.
    America flew 2 stealth choppers into Pakistan’s Sovereign territory to deal with Bin Laden and they continue to do so because the threat is unconventional. You need unconventional means.

    If fire catches your neighbors house and you stand there discussing incursion excursion and boundary, b4 u finish your statement your own house is burnt to the ground..
    Whether the man or the woman wielded the stick does not matter, just as long as the snake in the house is dead!

    General, make sure the snake is dead first….then we can talk to the woman about not screaming so much of how she was the one that killed the snake……we don’t want her to wake up the kids right?

  • Moe

    Support our troops!
    I am 100% behind our troops.
    I am asking you to hold any criticism you have about our troops and realize that they are putting their lives at risk for us!
    If you have a problem with our troops, take it up with their commander in chief! otherwise, keep your negative comments to yourselves!
    Right now, our troops are fighting for us and it will help a lot if they know we are behind them regardless!

    Long Live Nigeria (LLN) Long live our Soldiers (LLOS)

    • ybello

      And who the hell are you

      • El-batuta

        It is not important who he is. What is important are the issues he raised.

    • Churchill Roosevelt

      I totally agree with you but we must not bury our heads in the sand like the proverbial Ostritch and pretend all is well.See El-Rufai’ article at Thisday back page on the 16 March,2012 on Failing State,Fading Peacekeepers.

      “However, the poor equipping of our troops has resulted in the total loss of confidence of the UN and other observers in the Nigerian Army. In fact, the UN has recently questioned the operational capacity of our troops in Darfur. The government of Sudan in March 2010 and January 2012 protested to the UN Security Council over what it considered “the deliberate re-arming of rebel groups in Darfur by Nigerian troops”. This may not be unconnected with the ease with which Nigerian troops, out of the 53 participating armies, are easily captured, disarmed or killed. In the five years of UNAMID, Nigerian troops have never won any fire fight or fought back in self defence, resulting in the highest casualty recorded by any contingent.

      In February 2010, a Nigerian military patrol of a company strength was intercepted by a rebel group and disarmed completely with their Armour Personnel Carriers (APCs) seized without any resistance. In January 2012, another Nigerian patrol was waylaid by a small rebel group and disarmed. Apart from taking their weapons, the commander was killed. From these failures, the humanitarian community in Darfur and International NGOs prefer being by other national troops; the Sierra Leonean forces that were trained in 1990s by the Nigerian Army are now more valued than our troops!

      The February 2012 visit of the American Envoy to Sudan, Ambassador Smith to our Minister of Defence was principally to do with the poor performance of Nigerian troops in Darfur. What are the reasons for the decay of our peacekeeping capacity? Poor equipment, corruption, poor personnel selection and training, inadequate feeding and welfare of officers and men seem to be the reasons – symptomatic of the general malaise in governance in Nigeria under Jonathan.

      Our equipment holdings are disgraceful and totally unacceptable; every country earns money from its Contingent Own Equipment (COE) – from uniforms, boots, face masks, compass, rifle, mortar, RPGs, APCs, power generating sets, kitchen equipment and even furniture. They are inspected every month and payments made, but our military and police contingents cannot meet up to 20 per cent of the COE required by the UN. Out of over 45 APCs for four battalions of 800 troops, less than seven are serviceable.

      Some of the problems of the APCs are as basic as batteries and tires. The equipment available to our troops is enough to demoralise them when compared to other countries. The Nigerian government is supposed to earn $6,000 monthly for each APC. By contrast, each Rwandese battalion can boast of over 50 vehicles. Rocket Propel Grenades (RPGs) is today the weapon of deterrence to wade off ambushes, but it is rare to find any with Nigerian troops.

      The process of selecting troops to peace missions is also flawed. Some battalions are loaded with clerks, cooks, batmen and orderlies who can barely handle a weapon, but are well-connected! It is not unusual for legislators, retired military officers and traditional rulers to influence the selection process, so competence and capacity get compromised. Some of these ill trained soldiers simple take to their heels when under attack. The end result is the high casualty rates of our officers and men. Similarly, poor feeding also affects the performance of our troops.

      The UN pays for the feeding of the troops but in our case, the money is provided to the home government to ensure the inclusion of local content. What is ultimately provided by the MOD/Presidency contractors never meets the expected international standards. The Rwandese government allows the UN to directly feed their troops and so four Rwandese soldiers share one whole chicken during a meal. A Nigerian soldier is not likely to see a piece of chicken throughout his or her six months tour of duty in Darfur.

      How is the money paid upfront by the UN for our participation in peacekeeping spent? Other countries use the funds to sustain their military and add value to their national economies; in Nigeria, such funds and even the income tax deductions from the earnings of military officers are not remitted to the treasury but supposedly re-channelled into the armed forces – with no accountability! The monies earned from peacekeeping are not recognised as revenues, the procurements not subject to rigorous ‘due process’ scrutiny on spurious security grounds and therefore often looted by the Ministry of Defence and the Presidency.

      Many observers opined that the policy changes introduced by two former Chiefs of Staff, Agwai and Azazi to transform the army into an American-type institution destroyed the British military tradition of valour, honour and integrity. These two army chiefs between 2003-2006 introduced the policy of achieving C+ at the staff college as the main criterion to earn promotion and command appointments. This was abused and mediocre officers were able to buy their way and move up to command positions.

      The poor performance of our troops today is a direct consequence of deficits in command capability. Currently, over 90 per cent of those who placed Nigeria on the world map with their extraordinary feats in Liberia and Sierra Leone are out of service due mainly to the C+ policy. It is time to correct these errors, equip our armed forces better and restore our nation’s reputation in international peacekeeping. It is not too much to ask of a real commander-in-chief.

  • Pause


    The very fact that Chad, Niger, Cameroon have to come to do any work inside Nigeria is an indictment on Nigerian Army.

    We have no army until the rank and file of Nigeria security agencies are restructured to reflect the SIX regions.

    Therefore may God punish Nigerian Army for opening their GWORO mouth to complain. First they sat there till Boko Haram was created and matured to be bombing Nigerians.

    As if that was not enough, they sate there when BOKO HARAM (Northern) ELDERS FORUM led by one Ango Abdulahii invited Amnesty International, Reuters, BBC, AP, HUMAN RIGTS WATCH to stop COAS Ihejirika & team from defeating rag-tag Bokos in January 2014 when they were engaging in cannibalism in Sambisa Forest.

    A year later more than 13,000 Nigerians have been murdered. Where are Boko Haram (Northern) Elders Forum, BBC, Reuters, Human Rights Watch, AP to explain the murder of Nigerians by their boys?

    It is a waste of time residing in the same country with ISLAMIST ALMAJIRIS.



      • Dominic Price

        Nice hit back, Well done! But are sure JESUS CRISIS is not a CHRISTIAN?

  • Advocate

    the army should investigate ekitigate.

    • warry

      Ekiti Tape is another blackmail from APC. What of the first Tape to CNN on Boko Haram?

  • don684

    The Nigerian army is a urban police force that primarily keeps the peace and protects the government in power. The government is afraid to give them too much in arms as they fear a well equipped army could conduct a coup d’etat. The military is not a well trained or a well paid force,or well equipped force in Nigeria. This is why they were not all that effective against Boko Haram. Plus let’s face it the oil is in the south and Boko Haram is in the poor north .The government did not see B.H. as a big issue . B.H. has been around for six years now only when the international press brought the 200 kidnapped girls to international attention did the government do anything. Only since a coalition of neighboring countries has the B.H. group run up to any opposition. Jonathan wanted to negotiate with B.H. ,you do not negotiate with terrorists.Then he went around to major powers to help take of the B.H. issue ,no takers .So elections are coming up ,now postponed due to guess what B.H. crisis . Jonathan said the terrorists would be gone in 6 weeks ,well that was 3 weeks ago. Good thing most of the people in the region have fled so it should be easier to take on the terrorists .So get going Nigeria ,get a plan together ,make sure the soldiers are well equipped with military equipment and supplies and do it .B.H. is not some super force they are only brave when attacking unarmed villagers .


    The military were responsible for the distrust between them and the Nigerian people… They told us chibok gals were rescued, they told us they repel the attack against giwa barracks, they told us that shekau is dead twice, they told us that they negotiated for cease fire with the terror group, they told us the the military is well equipped, they told us that 400 army that ran to cameroun did so as a tactical manuever. All the above mentioned happens not to be true. How can people trust any statement from them.?? Mayb, it’s d ogas @ d top that tarnish the image of our great military. Vote for change, vote GMB.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    These are things you discuss amongst yourselves. No need coming to the pages of the media to air such matters. In the spirit of this cooperation let there by unanimity and unity of purpose until the common vermin is extirpated.

  • MushinSpeaks

    If we had got it right, we wouldnt have been where we are…an end to insurgency is what we want while the CHANGE must also get to the top.

  • BTT

    Rubbish!!! What do you expect? You think they would not flaunt their ego after helping us on our soil to fight insurgents. Expect more of such statements. Infact, South Africa has much to say. GEJ is not fit to be re – elected. Our security as a country had been compromised; our military was politicised. At this stage, our military has to be careful as to how it reacts to issues of this sort. Because war-of-words may result to another war with our neighbors.

    • AAZ

      Is Northern Nigeria not more of Chad, Niger Republic than Southern Nigeria? You no get eyes? They speak same language, same built/looks, same ideology, same culture, etc etc etc….”Nigeria” is the greatest error of the last millennium. We are not a country. E no go better for Luggard.

      • progress

        Thesame way some of you from SS look like those from Congo and Cameroon. Nonsense!

  • Caroleena


    I am a presidential candidate and I represent ‘Change’. This is why on this day 31yrs ago, in a style synonymous with state terrorism, I ordered the abduction of a Nigerian National (Umaru Dikko) from his London apartment in an attempt to get him to answer to alleged mismanagement of funds. He had been drugged to unconsciousness and packaged like an animal in quarantine. That act has been the first case of abduction or if you like, kidnap in Nigeria. I gave those orders to disrespect the victim & disregard foreign sovereignty bcos my government did not believe in diploma tic extraditions. What is my name?

    (a) Imam Mohammed/Mohamadu Buhari (b) Prof Goodluck Jonathan E. (c) Thief Obasanjo A. (d) Musa Okorie Wilson (e) Pastor Liar Mohammed

    • Dominic Price

      The Answer is your MOM is Caught with your Boyfriend!

      Hahahaha… Hear me out – I dey lap OooooO!

  • Wise Head

    Those celebrating the “careless statements” of the soldiers from the collaborating countries miss the point. Bringing them to form a multi-national force was the only way Nigeria could wipe out the insurgents without the Northern political and religious elite, including even Gen Buhari hi,self, and led by Ango Abdullahi’s NEF, shouting the skies down on everybody about “genocide”. You see, since the Boko Haram is being wiped out, has anyone heard even a whimper from them alleging that they are killing “our brothers?” It is no longer a Nigerian thing, and if they have to accuse now, they would have to accuse the AU that set up the force and the UN that has given full backing for a full-scale war against Boko Haram. Has anybody heard Amnesty International again talking about the “human rights” of Boko Haram people? All the sympathetic noise makes have gone dumb. So, the Chadian soldiers can go ahead making careless statements; what concerns us now i Nigeria is that Boko Haram is now history. That is enough for us.

    • It is a surprise that people like you still exist!

      • Wise Head

        Yes, I exist to continue telling you the truth and rescue you from self-debilitating lie

    • Ed

      Not a careless statement but a factual information by the collision forces. The problem is that Nigeria corrupt military administrator are only interested in public relations. Yes the northern elite hands are all over Boko Haram. That is no excuse for the unpaid salary and compensation of our troops. Talkless of lack of communication and military hardware.
      When you fail to protect you home and invite outsider to help. You can’t complain about them talking about an activities of which they are involved.

  • Is this dull general saying that “pre-emptive manoeuvres” cannot be another word for incursion depending on how it was done and the people involved?
    What does Nigeria expect when foreign soldiers are firmly on Nigeria soil as you read this. The armies of Niger and Chad are not only helping to defend their own side of the borders, they are actually fighting on Nigeria soil. Even the successes of the Nigeria army has been attributed to support from the foreign armies, without which Boko Haram would have remained immoveable. Olukolade should just accept failure and keep quiet.

  • News

    Breaking: AIT Lagos station on Fire

    AIT Road, Off Lagos/Abeokuta Express Way, Ilapo Village, Alagbado Lagos State is on fire, fire service officials are urgently needed there, please share the word.

    The Fire at the Lagos studio of Africa Independent Television has been put out by Men of the Fire Service, No casualty recorded. The Damage said to be in millions of Naira is currently being assessed.

    • Dominic Price

      This is a result of what they did few days ago… They Collected money from PDP to Blackmail TINUBU.

      Well that’s what they get from the masses – Shame on you AIT, PDP Tv-Rat!

  • Rommel

    Nigerian army should keep quiet and take any insult that comes their way,they have disgraced Nigeria,after all,if they could take care of Boko Haram,would there have been any need to invite the Chad,Niger republic and Cameroon? are we still the giant of Africa? dethroning of Nigeria as the giant of Africa will be the most enduring legacy of Goodluck Jonathan, this is what happens when a giant fails to live upto expectations .

    • Saydo Shan

      Aptly stated.

    • emeka

      Why in the world are Nigerians talking like this! A few weeks ago, there were attacks in France, and the whole of Europe came together immediately to fight back. If France, with all its advancement in technology, economy and warfare could find a need to team up with Germany, Italy, the UK and even Russia to fight terrorism, what’s the big deal in Nigeria partnering with its wretched neighbours for the same cause. In terms of operations, all the other countries have captured far fewer towns than the Nigerian Military has. They should be humble about it and stop making unnecessary inciting statements. These military boys are also human beings laying down their lives for you and I. They definitely don’t deserve a lot of the wicked comments being made above

      • Olusola

        Why in the world will a sane person compare the way they do things in France and the activities of French President with those of Nigerian government and president of Nigeria who lies at will. Jonathan is complicit in the war and he is corrupt. I cannot work with thieves.

        • Etomi

          Must you give a dog a bad name so you won’t vote for it?

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      These guys face death everyday so that you can be able to run your filthy mouth daily on punch. Keep it up.

  • Dominic Price

    Never mind Nigerian Army They’re ALL GAY! They can do morethan That…

    Keep running to BOKO HARAM Because We All Know Your Not Even Men… Idiots!


  • shola

    General General Chris Olukolade, are you insinuating that the Chadian president is not telling the truth.?
    Listen to what he said on TVCNEWS.

  • Chris1408

    If Nigerian military did their jobs, there won’t be need for poor countries to fight our war. GEJ is now outsourcing military functions.

  • Total

    It is better to comment on matter that you have full grasp of issues involved. Some comment here show the level ignorance of some people in the issues of terrorism. Terrorism is a battle that requires collaboration of allies to win. Chad, Niger, Central Africa republic and Cameroun had been a safe haven for terrorists coming to attack Nigeria and retreating into those border communities easily. Now that they are securing their own borders it’s been difficult for terrorists and easy for Nigeria soldiers to curtail the activities of the terrorists. These are some of the issues the uninformed may not understand

    • Debo

      God bless you.

  • JibrilMusagroup

    The issue of insecurity is like a wall of snakes, but watch out, we will progress in the war against terrorism. The soldiers will be progressing faster in the war against Boko Haram now. Victory is ours. Nigeria will be free from every terrorist organisation soonest. our supports are with the security operatives. VICTORY IS GUARANTEED. We will all make it happen, the transformation we need is very possible with President Goodluck Jonathan so it’s President Goodluck for second term. #goodluck4president

  • Umar Dendi

    Nigeria is at War!
    call it what you will, but it is WAR,
    A war in which it was loosing until little Chad and Niger came to its Aid, Don’t know about you guys but if i ever got the chance to help a giant in his own turf I’ll be shouting and bragging about it FOREVER!!
    Too bad for Nigeria, either way the Nigerian Armed Forces have lost in the Public Relations Game!
    No more bragging credits for Nigeria!!!

    • Scrutiny

      Not so my dear. In spite of the noise that the commander of the Chadian forces is making in the international media, the truth is that the size of their contingent (under 2000) is too small to make the impact that they would like to attribute to themselves. What do you make of President Idriss Derby’s recent warming to Shekau? Fact is that these folks are enjoying the ‘undue’ international attention they are getting. The renewed effort is clearly being driven by the Nigeria Army, which is now better equipped and motivated, and has reworked its strategy and tactics. After all, the Chadians pulled out after the Baga attack by Boko Haram earlier this year. Unfortunately what has stuck is in the public domain is an unsavoury image of fleeing soldiers, poorly equipped and motivated fighting men and sundry unprofessional stuff. The military needs to put out a video documentary of their efforts for public relations. The emphasis here is on public relations. I clearly do not support the angle BBOG campaigners on this matter which is consistently unpatriotic, partisan and irritating.

      • Umar Dendi

        They just took Damasak and Malam Fatouri from Boko Haram!
        Idris Deby openly accused the Nigerian President of “Not being Serious”
        Would he even think about considering such insults in the days of old?
        ..and the fact that just 2000 men from Chad could inflict such devastating blows on BH says a lot!
        Now CNN, BBC and RFI are calling them the “most powerful armed forces in the region”, and given their track record, I’ll have to agree!
        Lets just hope that we one day reclaim our place as the Giant!

        • uduakomiri

          Do you know where Damask is? Check your map if you have one. About 30-40 villages have been re-taken. Chad was asked to cover the border towns and block all exits toward its border with Nigeria. Malam Fatouri is a border town. Point is a lot of people here say things they have no idea about simply because they read it online.
          Even if Chad took these places, I mean we have heard since 3 weeks ago chad claims repeatedly it took Malam Fatouri…if I must ask, how many times do they have to take malam fatouri? Chad also claimed it took Fotokol the first time it joined the fray yet BH rode through the Nigerian half of Fotokol into the Cameroonian side and killed hundreds of Cameroonians.
          Agreed Nigerian army under this government has been disappointing and of course less than sincere and capable in fighting this war for some obvious reasons that are more political than tactical plus corruption yet we must also be aware of the fact that Chad is only being mischievous by laying claims in the international media in a manner that would make it appear as if Chad was liberating 99 per cent of the towns in the NE. Truth is, Chad is out for a glory hunt taking advantage of the frosty relationship between the current Nigerian government and powerful countries in Europe and America in the aftermath of the kidnap of the Chibok girls.

          • Umar Dendi

            I think you just made my point MR.
            Check my earlier posts!
            Chad is out for the Glory and God knows we’ve given it to them, We gave it to them on a platter of gold!
            We’ve lost of bragging rights!!

    • Etomi

      When an APC sympathizer is talking about the campaign against Boko Haram you just know….
      They lose all sense of patriotism just to rub it in that they are not ready to give credit to the government for the successes they’ve recorded against the insurgents as if they silently prefer that the insurgents should continue to have the upper hand…
      Are you really sure you want to see Nigeria win this war?
      Are you not being silly to think Nigeria can win the war fighting it alone?
      Terrorism is always trans-border; always transnational, and to that extent solo effort are hardly sufficient to win the war…
      It is to the credit of Nigeria that it was able to engender the cooperation of other African countries to join in the anti-terror campaign…
      It took a lot of diplomatic effort to accomplish this…
      I want to ask: Nigeria has won back practically all the territories formerly held by BH; but did you hear that the country recorded those successes because Niger or Chad or Cameron came to her rescue?
      The operations of those countries are only limited to Nigerian towns close to their borders, the idea being to forestall the movement of routed insurgent across those border towns to the concerned neighboring country..
      There are terms of engagement governing all the country-participants in the war..
      Where these terms of engagement are being breached, does it not show a government that knows its onion to rein in on the breach by reading the riot act?
      Never seen a complex nation as Nigeria and a confused citizenry as Nigerians!!!

      • Umar Dendi

        Blah Blah Blah,
        Damasak, Doron Baga, Dikwa, Malam Fatouri ……Are all in foreign hands!
        Anyways, we know your kind!
        Those who make excuses when some tiny flock have obviously sold us to the cheap dream of fat swiss bank account!
        We no longer command the respects of our friends or the fear of our enemies!
        We are locked in some lame slogan “Never Again”!
        …..With simpletons in charge, we’ll one day be called the “Never Were”!

        Has it occurred to you that you could be part of the “Confused” part of the citizenry?

        • Etomi

          Obviously those towns are not in foreign hands…
          The relations between nations both in times of peace and war are governed by international relations and diplomacy principles…
          You would recall that during the Obasanjo regime Nigerian forces were dispatched to Sao Tome and Principe to rout the anti-democratic elements that seized power in that country…
          Would you say that on that score S&P has become a satellite of Nigeria?
          Nigerian troops were also deployed to Liberia and other parts of the African continent to restore peace…
          Have those countries on that account become colonies of Nigeria?
          When America went to Afghanistan to chase out the Taliban as well as Iraq to destroy Saddam Hussein, of course the US went with what it called “The Coalition of the Willing.”
          Hope you recall..
          Would you berate the US for engendering a multilateral effort in those campaigns?
          More often than not, efforts against terrorism are distinctively multilateral for the purposes of legitimacy and success, because of the unique nature of the enemy being confronted…

          • Umar Dendi

            Firstly, Nigerian forces were NEVER dispatched to Sao Tome. Obasanjo Negotiated!!!!!!
            The ONLY Nigerian President that EVER used Nigerian Forces in a foreign Situation LIKE YOU mentioned was GENERAL ABACHA- Do you think much about him? Didn’t think so.
            You do not seem to get the point!
            Imagine a situation were by Mexico and Brazil will have to send their forces to America in-order to crush a terrorist uprising.
            No Imagine it was Jamaica and Barbados sending their troops to quash an uprising in the US.
            The Eagle standing tall over the raccoons once elicited fear amongst those who dare think of crossing its way-stream! No Longer!
            Nigeria has fallen! We have fallen! I do not know how old you are but you sound a bit older than I am- there’s this tint of African-Wisdom in your words and I respect that- But one day my generation will tell our children the story of Nigeria, we’ll tell them about who it was that LOST the Federation!!!

  • Idodo Widodo

    DOMINIQUE STRAUSS KHAN : Head of IMF, Economist by profession, Presidential aspirant.
    Offense……………: Caught with ‘short time’ in a New York Hotel ostensibly at the expense of tax payers’ money.
    Consequence……: Sacked. Stripped of his VIP privileges. Presidential ambition quashed forever. Prosecuted and paid the victim some cool Dollars as ‘Damages’.

    SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI: Head of CBN, ‘Risk’ Analyst by profession, Emirate aspirant.
    Offense……………: Caught with ‘short time’ in a Lagos Hotel ostensibly at the expense of tax payers’ money.
    Consequence……: Retained his position until sacked for financial mismanagement… Retained his VIP privileges…Maintained his Emirate ambition… Eventually gets appointed to the throne in active connivance of the Kano State government. …No compensation paid to the victim as ‘Damages’.

    The above underscores the typical Nigerian absurdity. We exalt and revere those who steal or abuse positions of authority…and then turn round to say we are a country. This example is a classical case. Similar in almost every way except for the way the offender is treated. If the current CBN does the same thing tomorrow will you prosecute and/or jail? ….This is why some people believe we are not a country.

  • Eze1

    Is this man not happy?

  • Idodo Widodo

    DOMINIQUE STRAUSS KHAN : Head of IMF, Economist by profession, Presidential aspirant.
    Offense……………: Caught with ‘short time’ in a New York Hotel ostensibly at the expense of tax payers’ money.
    Consequence……: Sacked. Stripped of his VIP privileges. Presidential ambition quashed forever. Prosecuted and paid the victim some cool Dollars as ‘Damages’.


    SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI: Head of CBN, ‘Risk’ Analyst by profession, Emirate aspirant.
    Offense……………: Caught with ‘short time’ in a Lagos Hotel ostensibly at the expense of tax payers’ money.
    Consequence……: Retained his position until sacked for financial mismanagement… Retained his VIP privileges…Maintained his Emirate ambition… Eventually gets appointed to the throne in active connivance of the Kano State government. …No compensation paid to the victim as ‘Damages’.

    The above underscores the typical Nigerian absurdity. We exalt and revere those who steal or abuse positions of authority…and then turn round to say we are a country. This example is a classic case. Similar in almost every way except for the way the offender is treated. If the current CBN does the same thing tomorrow will you prosecute and/or jail? ….This is why some people believe we are not a country.


    All ego and not enough substance, that is the problem of Nigeria. Arrogance and the posturing competence without real acumen, working knowledge and intellect in executing any business to the entire satisfaction of the public.

  • Effacer

    You cant take anything else where it matters. You cannot deal with BH and now other real soldiers are trying you are crying foul. Can you take Shekau in Sambisa Forest? Mtss.

  • bonifacejoe

    Ego should be set aside all we want is a defeat of Boko Haram.

  • Preco01

    Allied soldiers must have picked up that bad habit of clearless statement making from their Nigerian counterparts eg Olukolade, and the other big stomach generals.

  • sherif A


  • Bayo Ola

    If the Nigeria Army has done its job, may be it would not have needed Armies from smaller neighboring countries to help it fight these rag tag Boko Haram, it could have ordinarily defeated a few years ago when the Nigerian Army was still the most revered Nigerian Army. Now that you Generals have stolen all the monies to purchase arms and ammunition for your troops, this is what you get from “these small boys” from the neighboring countries. Poor you!!! SOme of these countries are not even the size of Oyo State, and all put together do not have the budgets of Akwa Ibom state and Delta State. General Olukolade did you get the drift now?