Jonathan in closed door meeting with Abdulsalami Abubakar, Thabo Mbeki

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday had a closed door meeting with former military Head of State, Abdusalami Abubakar, and a former South African President, Thabo Mbeki.

The meeting held at the President’s official residence in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

All three men refused to speak with journalists at the end of the parley.


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  • Olusola

    Mr Jonathan should just be warned. We will not negotiate his leaving office under any circumctance!

  • Preco01

    He knows his door is permanently closed, no negotiated exit!!


      The only possible negotiation in the offing is the mode of transport tyrant Buhari will use during his return to his farm in Daura,if he wants to ride on a Camel or use a tricycle,GEJ will be ready to negotiate some help.

      • betaday

        Whether closed or opened Door Meeting.GEJ will not avert the looming defeat . God willing


          Fair enough but remember to provide a donkey for the tyrant’s return to Daura !!

      • The seer

        With this loss, mr buhari will be forced into permanent retirement as he will be too old to come out in 2019 and the peace of our country will finally be restored. God bless Nigeria

  • Kadiri

    Worth7 Sharing!

    Engr.Kwanks. of Kano State declared the mediocre buharid fit as a fiddle, and even went as far as insanely declaring him fitter than blessed GEJ. Can you beat such folly & crass assertions for crying out loud..

    Sometimes , it Comes across as if these dudes , such as Engr.Kwanks erroneously ascribe to us all, the same level of nauseating & repugnant stulidity inherent in those “evo-stic” sniffing retards that makes up a good percentage of their horde up-north!….

    Ok, just like when he(barely literate buharid) , with his tail b/w his legs ran away to “charter house”(went for treatment really) , instead of squaring-up with blessed GEJ in a debate , even when GEJ was ready to participate if it was organised at the janjaweed contraptions hq . And this remains a gross display of squalid apprehension on the part of the crass perjurer buharid…….Now, it is our sincere appeal to the ghoul buharid to confirm the assertion of Engr. Kwanks by undergoing such exercise as shown done by blessed GEJ hereunder. ..I rest my case! …..

    • Moe

      What has what you are saying to do with the topic. How did you jump from GEJ meeting with Abdulsalami & Mbeki to Buhari and exercise?
      Any rational person near you (either wife, girlfriend, son or daughter) should slap you right now to wake you up.
      If there is no one near you, you should slap yourself real hard to slow down or completely stop your obvious descent into into lunacy. I will keep you in my prayers

      • Maitama Tambari

        Moe, you forget it is week end. Kadiri has the hangover of Saturday night couple with disbelieve of the failure of his Orga which is obvious now around the world that makes T. Mbaki to come and have closed door meetings probably to save our dollars and Naira. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA.

    • Guguru


      Be quiet. Stop displaying and stop disturbing is with the shortcomings of your inebriated soliloquy.

      • Wähala

        Can’t you recognize Deri and his silly comments from a mile away by now? Swallow odeku and ignore him jare!

        • Guguru


          These e-rats are so many, it is hard to keep up with them.

  • bib

    All machinations against people wish for change shall bear no fruits, God willing.

  • hummm

    Ooop, GEJ is commencing on an exit strategy to South Africa once he looses on March 28. FFK, OKUPE, et al. start paying attention, your boss is about to jump ship. Better negotiate to be part of the deal, bunch of miserable son of a gun.

  • Guguru

    A transitional ex Nigerian President, and a close and tight friend of Obasanjo are both having a few words in closed door with the most corrupt and manipulative President in the history of Nigeria right before an election?

    • Wähala

      The Otuoke Clown Prince had approached Abdulsalami to head an interim government but the Gen refused and alerted other retired Generals. Mbeki is no fan of Dumbo so, I suspect the cowardly creek crook is negotiating a cut-n-bolt deal with the Zulus while miscreants like Fayose and FFK ati Metuh keep mouthing off at APC. My suspicion is Dumbo might not even wait for any elections before disappearing into exile… No pity for thugs like Asari, Tompolo, Ateke and their senile granddaddy, Edwin Clark, as I’m certain Gen. Buhari will turn them into suya when the dust settles. Hopefully, IBB has also cut his exile deal for his role in the Boko Haram insurgency using his goons Gusau and Dasuki. Thugs and Animals… Dia eyes don la.

      • Guguru


        LOL. It is amazing how Jonathan is cutting a deal to escape while his worshipers are still making noise at the top of their voices. Who will help FFK escape jail due to his EFCC case when Jonathan is gone to South Africa to relax? When Jonathan is gone, there will be a lot of very unhappy and afraid persons. A lot of them are gonna lose their all the money they stole or they will be arrested in other nations and sent back to Nigeria for prosecution. A lot of them will lose their ill gotten wealth. I cannot wait for Buhari to become President. If corruption is all the Buhari does in 4 years, Nigeria will be fine.

        • Wähala

          FFK is a smart junkie, he has obtained his passport thru the courts and can afford to bolt… likewise, Obanikoro who has dual citizenship with his American pali. Pity the likes of @Tawanda, @Otile-Oleku, @Deri redeem and all the e-rats who scavenge on crumbs. If someone like IBB could say if Buhari is elected President of Nigeria he would have to live outside Nigeria, and thugs like Bode George echoing the same thing, there will be an exodus of PDP thieves immediately after the general elections you won’t believe it. That’s when I will rush home to occupy one “Abandoned Property” á lá Biafra after the civil war… LoL !!!

          • Guguru


            Roll On The Floor And Laugh Out Loud. I agree.

          • Guest

            Lol…truly you are a detribalized Naija, loving it.

          • Gwazy

            Ol boy I go join u o

      • Tanko Maihula

        Wahala say whatever you want to say, mama piss…..had already issued a fatwa in calabar for people like you and your supporters to be stone any time you say SHANGE again………..


    Jonathan MUST be at the villa till 2019 because he will defeat the tyrant Buhari fair and square come march 28….better get used to it !!

    • Guguru


      How large do you desire the hand that has been writing on the wall about Jonathan’s eventual political demise, to be? Do you need the hand to grow ultra large so that your malfunctioning eyes can transmit the best data of reality for further processing in your slow mind? Answer me so that I can help you.

    • betaday

      Moron like GEJ


        Typical APC intolerant and violent mentality !! Your Tyrant will be defeated and he will cry again as he retreats to his farm !!

        • Guguru

          Be quiet. You sound more like a wounded lion than a rational being.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Tawadan incommunicado is still in deep slumber when he learned that Mbaki and Abdulsalam Abubakar were visiting his Orga. He dreamt wrongly that his Orga would be around after 28-03-15 when all the signs have shown otherwise. When you wake up from your slumber, speak with Guguru, on the outcome of the conversation to help you recover properly. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN.


        Your “change” to bandits like Tinubu and Atiku et al will not happen !! Maybe on the pages of PT and SR they will change the colours of their home-pages or change their loyalties to BH and ISIS,those are the possible changes you may expect.

        As for GEJ,2019 is the destination !!

  • Fredodo1



      YEAH !! Soft landing to a second term which will end in 2019 !!

  • emeka M

    everyone here should rememnber that thabo mbeki told jonathan to declare his assets because nigeria comprised of the 40% of money being launder from africa….


      Mbeki never told Jonathan anything directly ,his report was a general report on African illicit funds leaving the continent. Stop spreading lies !!

      • emeka M

        ok.. has he declared his asset.. he was part of the African leaders being asked to declare their asset..?


          Yes Jonathan declared his assets in line with the constitution,the issue of “public declaration” is not in the constitution of Nigeria hence this was one of the aspects in the recommendations of the national conference,our constitution was designed by the northern military kleptocrats of the past to protect themselves,they never knew that a southern minority would become President.

          All Jonathan’s assets were declared and are in the custody of the constitutional body responsible for that duty,the same with other elected executives. There is no provision which makes it mandatory for that body to make it public,that is why no Nigerian can challenge the declaration process in court !

          • Wähala

            Did he also declare the Abuja land grab with his thieving old mother? Don’t lie! His declaration form is with INEC for his re-election bid. Freaking liar, I’ve told you to start saving crumbs because the clouds are gathering before the heavy downpour. Desperado!


            Ignorant man ,INEC is not saddled with duties of verification of assets as far as the constitution is concerned !!

          • Bigzy

            Increasingly you are sounding more angry, demented and unmanagable. To me it feels like a psychosis. It would be wise to have a check-up. For someone who is trying to convince others to share his point of view, you are doing a very bad job.

          • Desmond

            Your mate is not here please, go and sleep

        • Awarawa

          Some of you talk without your senses. Nigeria constitution only request any aspirant to declare his/her assets to the code of conduct burea before and after office. Anything outside that is what Yoruba calls “aseju”.

          • pauloo

            Are you a yoruba man? If yes you are a ‘omo ale’.If you are an igbo man you stupidity is forgiven! Dumbo….

      • Guguru


        Below is the truth you deny all the time.

        “Worried by the high rate at which resource-rich African countries lose huge revenues through corruption, illegal transfers of profits and money laundering abroad, the African Union, AU, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan and other African leaders to openly declare their assets and subject their wealth to public scrutiny.”

        “A report on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, compiled by an AU panel led by former South African President Thabo Mbeki, said Africa loses an estimated $60billion (about N10.08trillion) annually through such transfers. The report was presented Sunday at a summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.”

        Premium Times, February 2015, “AU asks Jonathan, other African leaders to publicly declare their assets”

  • Wähala

    Dumbo might bolt even before the elections… All points alert, biko.
    South Africa offered Ghadaffi similar exit hole but the desert pfool balked and ended up getting slapped to death. Read yesterday’s interview granted by Henry Okah to The Nation and understand that Dumbo is a natural coward who will not miss any opportunity to stay alive and away from prison. However, wherever he ends up at, Nigerians will still demand he returns our stolen common wealth or that country will have 180million angry Nigerians to contend with. Run he can, hide he cannot… Oloshi!


      Living in a fool’s paradise…..Jonathan will be your President and Buhari,Tinubu and Atiku will not smell the keys of Aso rock.This is Nijah !!

      • Wähala

        Goes to prove you are just an arrant e-rat with zero understanding of contemporary politics. Most likely, Dumbo and Mbeki are trying to convince Gen. Abdulsalami to takeover reigns of power so elections can be postponed again so Gen. Buhari can be prevented from ever becoming President of Nigeria… remember that second Sahara Reporters article on this same issue? Sycophancy is you disease but it doesn’t matter, the print on the wall will soon become audio-video to your ears & sight. Anam River mugu, senseless clown. Didinrin.


          No ,South Africa is helping in the effort against terrorism,the visit was a security based one,you uninformed nincompoop !!

          • Amir

            Pfoolish! South Africa is helping in the effort against terrorism. Her your confused self! And a sitting president ferried $15 million black market dollars to South Africa lawlessly, and the same country refused to release the laundered money to Nigeria? Foreign policy pfool. Your disappearance online was postponed by 6 weeks, it’s remaining 3 weeks. The magic of time is impossible when God has decided.


            I was on-line before GEJ became President and I will be there after he leaves in 2019 !!

          • Guguru


          • pauloo

            Tawanda or what are you called…you are simply off this political scenery. Reserve well before posting any comment!

        • Guguru


          LOL. Tawanda needs all our help and love to better understand his purpose in this life. LOL.

    • warry

      APC is a party of liars,by liars and for liars. Your presidential candidate cannot change his life despite being paid billions since 1961,had nothing to offer as former Head of state, indicted in PTF probe, stopped NNPC probe involving him,and now being assisted by other crooks like Obj and Tinibu in APC.

    • Guguru


      LOL. Well said.

    • Omababa

      Any meeting that involves this IBB stores (Abdusalami and Jonothin) is not in d best interest of Nigerian democracy. But God is watching them.

  • Jack


  • Contact Point

    Baking the cake of Interim Government even after dumbo has denied it and called that treason. Nigerians are eagerly waiting for this plot that even involved a foreigner in the person of Mbeki. Can any of the fools presence in that meeting be requested by South Africa in handling their civil and internal matters as election? Jonathan has failed and must be relieved of that position because he has shown his failure.

  • Ahmad

    Jonah negotiating a soft landing and resident permit in RSA. Mbeki, pls take him for free.

  • Amir

    Hey, If na joke Mbeki please softly. Jonathan is not going anywhere until he returns serialised $15 million he laundered to South Africa. Please president Jonathan #BringBackOur$15million before running away. It is no money to you but can provide succour to the families of the Chibok girls whose innocent daughters were kidnapped under your watch.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    Me and my husband resolved that it is GEJ come rain or sunshine, GEJ all the way

    • Emeka

      I pity for your children.

      • Mrs benita akpan

        its none of your business.

  • favourtalk

    If he likes, let him meet Gurumaraji in ibadan, he will still looses. Nigerians needs a change in nigeria, we deserve better for the country. We can’t continue this way

    • kingsley obi

      in your dreams

      • favourtalk

        And it will become reality. Watch and see

    • faith adams

      You this psychopath, your sponsors saw their failure coming so they had to recruit dummies like you to make them feel better.

      • BOSSO


        • chinwe davis

          you must be high on cow dung.

      • favourtalk

        You don’t need to abuse anyone here. Wait and see the winning songs of buhari. GEJ is going back

  • kingsley obi

    Victory is sure for President Jonathan, the electorates love him, more grease to your elbow sir.

  • faith adams

    Put your trust on someone with a good track record, not on someone who does not know what it means to run a democratic government.


    If you run to South Africa you will be on the next available flight back to Nigeria cant you see you are about to make a terrible blunder? South Africans will roast you like suya.

  • MushinSpeaks

    This man should respect the wish of the people…we are tired of your govt and CHANGE we want….

  • chinwe davis

    If its change you want and GMB is the choice you go for, then you have a very poor judgement on real matters.

  • Eye brows must be raised in anything GEJ does, what baffles me is things of less importance thats what they fuss about, get ready to vote for GEJ as the date approaches.

  • closed door meeting , and so? are doors been opened during meetings, abeg make una leave me, everything goodluck, na wa oh.

  • Enumah

    I know is for the good of the Nation.

  • Ukpono

    Those who sit in the counsel of wise men shall acquire wisdom.

  • Nwaobilor


  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    They are planing for the way forward.

  • Bassey

    Hmmmmmm, this sound good and bet something will come out of this meeting.

  • Nelson David

    If you want to know the way forward ask those coming back and will know, that’s exactly what president Jonathan is doing.

  • kemi

    this sound good

  • ubong ekanem

    PGEJ keep getting it right

  • uzo

    PGEJ carry

  • emmanuel

    up PGEJ till 2019

  • turaki

    You are worst than Fayose and FFK.

    • whereto

      Lazy writer. All he has to do is Google pmb’s comment in the USA. Mischief and laziness would rather see him distort information and make baseless assumptions.