Buhari, Lai Mohammed know whereabouts of Chibok girls, Fani-Kayode alleges

The missing Chibok schoolgirls held captive by Boko Haram

The spokesperson of President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign team, Femi Fani-Kayode has stated that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, and the opposition party’s spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, know the whereabouts of the over 200 School girls who were abducted in April last year from their school in Chibok, Borno state.

Mr. Fani-Kayode, who was responding to Mr. Mohammed’s statement on the Chibok girls, after President Jonathan announced that the girls are still alive said, “Whilst the majority of Nigerians are overjoyed by the fact that the President has given us hope by saying that the girls are still alive. Lai Mohammed and the APC are not happy.

“The truth is that they do not want those girls to be found and neither do they care about their welfare or their safety. We say this because this was a man, and a party that complained and protested at the fact that Boko Haram was proscribed by the Federal Government last year.

“Lai Mohammed proclaimed that the proscription was unjust and unconstitutional. We have always believed that Buhari, Lai Mohammed, Governor Shettima and the APC know far more about the whereabouts of the Chibok girls and the activities of Boko Haram that they have cared to admit.

“Let it be clearly understood that if anything happens to those girls and if they are not produced at the soonest we will hold Lai Mohammed, Buhari and the APC responsible,” he said.

Mocks APC over “flopped one-million-man march”

The PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation spokesperson also ridiculed the APC over what he called its flopped one-million-man-march in Lagos, saying the party and its controversial leader and godfather, Bola Tinubu, have lost control of Lagos State.

The APC held a rally in Lagos, Saturday, in support of Mr. Buhari. Mr. Fani-Kayode, however, said, “the fact that what the APC boasted would be a one-million-man march could only attract about 10,000 persons is a reflection of the pitiful state of delusion that they are suffering from.”

According to Mr. Fani-Kayode, “They have lost touch with reality and with the people of the state over whom they have maintained a wicked and ungodly economic and political stranglehold for all of 16 years. But the people of Lagos have now seen through their deception and have decided to reject them at the polls this time round.

“The Lagos people have amply demonstrated their anger against the APC and its leader. Having watched the TV documentary, titled ““Unmasking the Real Tinubu,” which exposes the plundering and privatization of Lagos state by the sinking godfather and overwhelmed lion of Bourdillion, the Lagos people in their contempt will sink the APC and Tinubu with their votes in March.

“It is interesting to read that Tinubu asked the people at the flopped march to march for their freedom. I agree with him and the people will obey him by freeing themselves on April 11 from the political and economic bondage into which Tinubu has put them since 1999.

“We had expected that Tinubu would use the occasion of the march and the speech making at the Teslim Balogun Stadium to address the people of Lagos on how he amassed his colossal wealth and mind-boggling property which were the subject of the TV documentary on him.”

Fani-Kayode dismissed the claim by the Osun State governor, Rauf Aregbesola, on the occasion that President Goodluck Jonathan has failed, like the Biblical Jonah, to deliver God’s message as the propagation of falsehood and another propaganda flip.

According to him, “What does Rauf know about the Bible? President Jonathan has performed excellently. His transformation Agenda is a divine message with which our nation is being daily developed and the transformation is manifest in all sectors.

“This is in spite of desperate efforts by the opposition APC and Boko Haram which is the APC’s armed wing, to blight the achievements of our presidential candidate, President Jonathan, with the abduction of Chibok girls, which took place in Borno State under the control of a chief security officer of the state who is an APC governor.

“We are all happy with the progress being made by the Federal Government through our armed forces who are overrunning the Boko Haram insurgents and restoring normalcy to some villages in the northeast that were hitherto captured,” he said.


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  • bib

    FFK: Why are always singing different songs fro m your Oga? Your oga already assured you that Efcc won’t touch you as long he is on the seat. How can your oga say to the world that he knows where the girls are and they are safe, and you are trying to give the credit to somebody else?
    Tell us a secret. Are those bearded soldiers who welcomed GEJ to Baga not members of your BH?

  • OC

    FFK is not a normal human being & does not know the work of a campaign spokesman. I’ve been following his utterances all thru the campaign & can conclude that he’s one huge liability to GEJ’s campaign. At his age and perhaps status, I thought he shd be able to defend wht he says. Not voodoo talks in the name of campaign. He’s doing GEJ a lot of harm & plenty setback.

    • Moe

      I thought I was the only one that noticed.

  • Okey

    I agree 100% with Tinubu that people should march for their freedom. A situation where only one person will own (actually, confiscate) half of the entire state and caused a another situation where, in the midst of plenty, over N200 Billion was incurred as debt to be paid by our grand children is such that calls for urgent and immediate CHANGE, not just a mere “march” for it.

    • Concerned

      Really! – well Lagosians are doing really well if they only own half the State

      At the very least they are able to generate sufficient income to pay back the debts which are used to provide amenities for future generations not heard of in many other states !

      • Okey

        You are highly mistaken. Go through those 46 impeachment charges raised by Speaker Ikuforiji and colleagues, you will see another fellow; and by the time you unmask the others, the people of Lagos won’t have up to 10% for themselves. Finally, by the time the minder of Alfa Beta Ltd comes in as the Governor, then “water-go-gari;” debts will double, the yoke will be wider enough as to hook the necks of our great-grand children. Continue to march in praise of your hangman; that’s your funeral, not mine. But to be fair, the hangman has asked you to “march for freedom.” You won’t be heard to say, “He hypnotized us.” For he has been true enough.

        • Concerned

          Lagosians only own 10% ?
          Like I said we are a very enterprising people if that be the case!

          From your name you sound like you and your descendants can go live elsewhere

          We Lagosians are generally very happy with our lot!

          • Okey

            Indolent loafer, even though my sweat and investments are a veritable source of the tax your man is pissing away, I cannot leave this Lagos for you. I will be patient until God gives us a true Lagosian that will govern us with the fear of God and regard for humanity. Never, I won’t run away and leave my hard earned investment for you, indolent loafer.

          • Concerned

            Takes one to know one !

            At least you have one thing in common with those you criticise – the love of money

            Therefore put up or shut up!

          • Okey

            Nothing in common. Not all. I buy and sell and live n modest profit arising therefrom. I do not covet public or private resources or property.

    • Joe

      The duty of government i to protect you from criminals that steal public funds. You should run away from any government that tells you that someone is a thief and allows the person to go free in the society.

      • Okey

        How do you mean ? That such as a solution, the government should then allow the thief to take over government ?

        • Joe

          it is the duty of government to prosecute crime. Take him to court. if up till now the government haven’t done such and left it to the discussion of you and me who have no power, then its not doing us favor. The government is only setting us against each other while they go about protecting their selfish interest. And you know it is devilish and wicked. Bro if any person is corrupt irrespective of party affiliation government should take the individual to court and let us follow their argument in the court not in the media. We should stop allowing wicked men and women to continue setting us against each other. The trend today is let the government do the “needful” please

          • Okey

            and the “needful” is that because Police is not effective, armed robbers should take the place of the Police ?

          • Joe

            Bro police is the arm of the executive, and if thepolice is not effective then the government is not effective and must be changed. Government has a duty. When government fails in its duty people find themselves in this type of situation we are now in a generation of gossipers. There are laws governing our land. If the government can’t use the law to stop criminals from getting into power, there is little or nothing two o can achieve. They can change from one party to another and continue influening hings while we will still be here abusing ourselves. As I stated earlier We
            should stop allowing wicked men and women to continue setting us
            against each other. The trend today is let the government do the
            “needful” please. take criminals to court and spare u this game of gossips.

          • Okey

            Change it with the “Change” record that Jagaban of Lagos has ? God forbid, this nation will not sink into the abyss in the name of “Change.”

  • Concerned

    PDP – have hardly been able to produce figures for the numbers attending their rallies yet they know the numbers attending APC’s. How many were at their purported 2 million rallies in Kano/kaduna etc?

    If they paid as much attention to managing the economy as they do to making unguarded and non factual remarks about APC Nigeria would be in a much better position by now

  • Funso

    Ọmọ àlè Fẹmi Fanikayọde.

    • Etang Chris

      Omo ale jati jati @ Funso

      • Oracle

        Omo iya, truth is bitter. Especially when you have made up your mind on which party/candidate to vote.
        If Tinubu is clean, stopping AIT documentary shouldn’t have been as important as allowing investigation to commence immediately.
        The most difficult thing on life is change, especially change of party/candidate in the midst of openly declared secrete.

  • Dankasa

    serious substance abuseeeeeeeeeee!

  • Arabakpura

    A child in a man’s body trying to salvage a human vehicle with no second hand value!



    • Moe

      ……What learning??? This guy is as dumb as a door knob!


    Some on plssss tell FFK to get off cheap skunk….Its not helping him fa

  • Jika

    Is a good thing that FFK says that GMB and Lai Mohammed know where the Chibok girls are.I am URGING FFK to quickly without further delay,pass this VITAL piece of ‘information’ to his principal so that the innocent girls can be rescued!!!!!!!

  • Etang Chris

    I expected Tinubu to address Lagosians on the damaging documentary against him. So that the people will know who to march for freedom against.

    • Concerned

      He has done more than that – the matter is being dealt with in an accelerated hearing before the court

  • abc

    Any body who wants me to believe that, the 200 Chibok girls which were taken away by BH almost a year ago are kept intact and in one location is trying to insult my intelligence. We wish they are all alive and safe by now, but no matter what we have tell our self the hardest truth. As Obj said and I quote, ” any body who thinks of rescuing the girls intact 24 hour after their abduction is a dreamer)

  • Antonini

    FFK. You’re simply a disgrace to Yoruba Race

  • True Nigerian

    Everyone born as a Nigerian and living in Nigeria should be pitied.

    A country of 160m people in the heart of a decisive election. And this daily words of utter idyocy are all that the campaign office of an incumbent President can muster as a campaign message. This is a government whose army commanders were reliably informed of the location of the Chibok girls whose abductors were travelling within plain sight on a vast expanse of arid land for more than 6 hours after the abduction, and yet the government did nothing. This is a presidency that ignored and mocked the children and their poor families for more than two weeks and needed a plea from a foreign teenager in order to convince him to see the families after nearly 5 months of an incident that should make a sensible leader to prostrate with apologies before the victims of his negligence and callousness.

    Another 185 children, girls, women and men were also abducted several months after the Chibok girls. Apparently, they are not human beings to Jonathan and Fani-kayode. For them, if Chibok girls are found today, then they have earned their right to a second term. So for that reason, they (the president and his criminal fools) must blame every citizen, except themselves, for the avoidable and reversible fate of the Chibok girls.

    It is truly a pity to be born a Nigerian, especially today. Jonathan is an eyesore on this country, an offensive mistake that should be corrected on 28th of March.

    It is up to Nigerians. They can continue like this or decide to do something about it on 28th March. Buhari may not be an Obama. But I am sure that he will not dish out this level of ignominy on the sensibilities of this country and its people. I have never been more embarrassed, more mortified, more ashamed and more sorrowful to call myself a Nigerian.

    • Garden-City Boy

      Question for you, my dear friend. have you ever heard of ODI? In that community alone, way more than 500 girls of school age were murdered. That community was not up in arms against the Nigerian state in a jihadist insurrection. But those children, along with their parents, were brutally massacred by troops. Why? their homestead happened to be in the way to oil blocs to awusas.
      NOw, nobody cares about these hapless victims of state policy of impunity, plunder and pillage of the peoples of the south. you can here and characterize the Chibok girls as “OUR CHILDREN”; the innocent ODI children have hardly ever been remembered, let alone referred to as “OUR CHILDREN”. Why? They are no blue-blooded, untouchable holy cows. But, there is this huge noise about CHibok girls whose orchestrated disappearance has been blamed on APC by FFK. APC-JANJAWEED has also been blamed for Boko Harama sponsorship, based on FFK’s findings as an APC insider.
      The APC is yet to go to court to content those damaging allegations. BUt we now know the intended motive for the infamous Chibok abduction: blackmail the administration, use the girls as human shield against the military. the APC-JANJAWEED can only run; but they can’t hide.

  • Pharrel Mitchell

    FFK can you shut your gutter smelling mouth for once and concentrate on your court trial. Didn’t the Federal Government tell Nigerians the other day that the girls will be rescued soon that Boko Haram where using the girls as shields and his Government will crumble Boko Haram and bring back the girls? Now useless Taxi driver with no respect or self pity now come here to propagand nonsensical statements. Tell your useless PDP Government to rescue this girls and stop putting your ill luck on someone else.

  • kykkyk

    We must rescue our polity from the se despicable people. Those who trivialize polity make misgovernance possible.

  • Moe

    This clown, Femi Fanni Kayode, never ceases to amuse me! He is Nigerias own version of Iraqi’s “comical Ali”. the former information minister for saddam Hussein. Even after it was apparent to all that the war was lost and saddam had disappeared, comical Ali continued to give news briefings e,g. “We are defeating them,,,,,American soldiers are committing em mass are suicide at the gates of Baghdad”

    In fact, I am Changing FFK’s name to “comical Fanni”!

    Maybe ‘comical Fani’ is actually a mole planted by APC into PDP’s inner chambers because if you think about it, most of the things he says may appear to support Jonathan, but actually, only undermine PDP standings.

    For instance: he said “the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC,
    Muhammadu Buhari, and the opposition party’s spokesperson, Lai Mohammed,
    know the whereabouts of the over 200 School girls who were abducted in
    April last year from their school in Chibok, Borno state.”

    So you have just told us that the locations of these girls your boss has tried to find for so long, is not an impossible task since even a retired general can locate them!
    Just the other day,The President of Chad, warned the Boko Haram leader that his whereabouts are known and that he should surrender or die……..and think of it, Chad just joined this war about a few months ago!
    ,,,,you forget your boss commands the entirety of Nigeria;s military and para-military institutions. He has the power of the Nigerian Nation at his fingertips…and still no chibok girls.

    I’m sure Comical Fanni was trying to stir Nigerians away from General Buhari, but all he has succeeded in doing is to prove that his boss is completely clueless. How can a person call himself a leader when he has the nations resources to do his number one task “Protect the citizens”. You claim your opponent knows the whereabouts of close to 3 hundred citizens you took an oath to protect, and yet, you still haven’t fount them.

    Comical Fanni, keep up the good work!! APC thanks you.

    • Gbofia Lunar

      Lol @ comical Fanni… The name sure fits him like a glove

  • Brass

    Fani is just tooooooooooooooooooooo much for apc….Walahi, when we break away from Nigeria I will personally champion his automatic citizenship of the Niger Delta Republic. This citizenship will extend to all family members that are related to him by any degree traceable….It will also be extended to his pets and any animals as long as he identifies them.

    But why has PT refused to capture Great Jona’s jogging round the National stadium. This is a practical display of fitness…and he didn’t have to go to London to declare, ‘I am fit as a fiddle’. Keep fiddling! …You have fiddled in the last 3 elections and “God willing”, you will fiddle again. Nonsense!

    • Nationalista

      I cannot wait for the day you declare a republic in the Niger Delta, we have been looking for the opportunity to scatter you to pieces and settle hausa/fulani in the delta and settle Nigeria’s problem once and for all. My brother from Niger,Chad and Northern Cameroon will soon have a home and plenty of oil and gas for export.

    • Desmond

      Which Niger delta, una when nor get land Ijaw lol

  • Maria

    For every evil government there is always some animals used as tools for despicable acts…Abdulateef Fani Kayode is a despicable human being.

    • Mann

      He is a Muslim, he was once a pastor/minister but later converted and now a BoKo Haram informant, hence the hatred of Islam and Muslims unless the followers of Boko Haram.

  • Moe

    Actually, GEJ….please keep him. his messages may not resonate with all Nigerians but, it is guaranteed to resonate with at least some Nigerians….and quite honestly, you never know when a deranged human being may come thru for you.
    Good luck (no puns intended)

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Then, Jonathan should instruct law enforcement and security agencies to invite Buhari and Co. for a chat. Government should stop according these APC criminals more respect than they deserve. I actually hold cows (yes, cows) in higher esteem than Buhari and other APC criminals.

    • SAM .A

      Omo ale ni Femi Adekunle Iyafikunya .U ran away after ur dope head ,useless omo Omooba w/o honor vomited some garbage here last week.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      So go ahead call the cows your Uncle!

    • ogechi

      Then ur dad,Jonathan must be a dog

  • SAM .A

    FFK a dope head made this statement ,after he has just finished his sniffing session and was in trance with hallucination & delusion possessed him. He needs help badly .

  • evi

    Shettima knows where the chibok girls are, he planned with boko haram to abduct then Bcos he did not want Jonathan to extend state of emergency in borno. Apc knows this, that Is why up till now, they have not asked shettima why he insisted that the chibok girls be in school to write exams even when waec advised against it because of security report and didnt want to conduct exams in chibok.

  • Sir k

    Today’s episode.What come next Femi the jester?

    • Oracle

      Omo iya, truth is bitter. Especially when you have made up your mind on which party/candidate to vote.
      If Tinubu is clean, stopping AIT documentary shouldn’t have been as important as allowing investigation to commence immediately.
      The most difficult thing on life is change, especially change of party/candidate in the midst of openly declared secrete.

  • kolafemi

    Naira is exchanging at more than #200 to the dollar. Nigeria’s foreign debt is mounting seriously just as the sovereign wealth fund is disappearing rapidly. Nigeria’s corruption perception index is at a disgracefully bottom level. Nigeria’s plans for vision 20-20 appears dead and buried. These are some of the malaise that have befallen our country under PDP 16 years rule. How I wish Femi Fani Kayode will tell me how Jonathan is going to reverse this urgly trend perhaps he may convince me to cast my vote for Jona

  • SAM .A

    If you all remember Moussa Ibrahim of Ghadafi’s last days in Lybia . He was the propaganda machine that kept on urging Ghadafi on , lying to him that NATO cannot get him. As soon as Ghadafi was dealt a fatal blow , the guy disappeared . FFK is Moussa Ibrahim of Nigeria ,he has turned campaign to war propaganda,attacking individuals instead of issues , or what his party have for Nigerians because he is mentally unstable. PDP curse in FFK is APC blessing. A drug head will always be counterproductive in any assignment giving to him.
    Watch my words Kayode will like to disappear after 28/3 /15 ,like Moussa Ibrahim, but this time we have to make him give account for his nefarious activities , lying and stealing .
    God bless Nigeria

  • koffa0319

    Is this FFK alright with his below utterance? After a year or more, does he really think the girls are still “intact” in any form?

    “Let it be clearly understood that if anything happens to those girls and if they are not produced at the soonest we will hold Lai Mohammed, Buhari and the APC responsible,” he said.

    “If they are not produced at the soonest.” Seriously FFK!!! did you really say this? Well, It’s been months of their kidnapping, in case you have forgotten o.

  • Garden-City Boy

    The bad news is that the APC-JANJAWEED is a bunch of blind zealots, each trying hard to be in the lead behind Aremu, the NAVIGATOR. They are planless and, in fact, very clueless. They plan a 1million man march and got only 10,000… and that is just 1% of march budget.
    Being idiotic cattle-tending mullahs, the next plan is for a 10million man march so as to get 1million to join the cattle herd. But the funny part is how the wretched voodooists blame other people for every pathetic blunder they make. you can judge the quality of APC-JANJAWEED followers from that of their asinine leadership.

  • taiwo

    Nigerians will hand a crushing defeat to the janjaweedians on the 28th

  • Olusola

    So Jonathan is an APC member femi? At least he said he knew the girls are alive, how did he know and at the same time it is Tinubu that locked them up. Femi you are a lunatic, alawoti.

    • Maiwada Abubakar Muhammad

      Hm my brother help ask these brain damaged fellows. I wonder how human being can think upside down like this, Jonathan says they are alive and you forget to ask there where about and asking APC

  • musa

    Femi Kayode the comedian pls go and join Nollywood


    Some set of people like APC are not happy to hear any good news about Nigeria. Bicos of their political ambitions they want negative things against Nigeria so that they can use it to campaign. I think that is barbaric, wickedness, unpatriotic, ungodly to wish your fellow human evil. They may know the root of boko haram and the location of chibok girls. #GEJ4Naija


    Mocks APC over flopped one-million-man march. Inshallau, every thing about APC will be a flop. #GEJ4Naija

    • ola

      You dry vex?

    • Desmond

      Igbo man why bearing hausa name?

    • Faisal Muhd Dikko

      Cant even spell Insha Allah correctly. Just use your nickname if u want to remain anonymous or something instead of trying to delude people with fake names. What a disgrace!!

  • umar shehu

    Well said mr Fani-Kayode. APC together with Boko Haram is nothing but a flop because anyone who is wise knows who APC are and what they stand for, they all do not stand a chance in this nation. #GEJ4NAIJA

    • ola

      What do they stand for?

  • Abd-Fattah Daniju

    What a bunch of fools FFK and the commentators below are?

  • umar shehu

    Shameless APC, everything bad that goes on, is GEJ, he is only human as you are but extraordinary from you are. Why didn’t the governor of Borno do something about the Chibok girls? Why is he there then if he cannot solve problems around the territory to which he governs, or if so since you APC are the all righteous and can do better than GEJ, why didn’t you do something about the Chibok girls? You(APC ) only know how to make noise and trouble, you are such mechanism of distraction of peace, development and stability. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • umar shehu

    Point of correction to the Osun governor, Jonah at the end did what God wanted him to do and also accomplished the task, so, if he is actually comparing the two then GEJ is not and cannot never be a failure, he shall finish that which God has called him in sha-Allah. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • umar shehu

    APC do not only lie against PDP and GEJ, they also lie to themselves when they say and believe that BUHARI is going to win the election. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • raji

    Common guys u all dont need 2 go mad, we all know FFK 4 who he Is.. jonah @media chat said ppl carry false info dat on an invite 2 d villa dey were served turkey which he gej confirm dat u cant find @ d villa cos he dont like eating it..meaning FFK was only given chicken wondered ow dis man will behave wen given turkey 2 chop

  • Maiwada Abubakar Muhammad

    The fake human as you are naturally born (umar shehu) as you write here but you will never be, you not more than inyamuri (ebo). You ebo knew FFK than any body in Nigeria go and read his write up on ebo THE BITTER TRUTH 1 and 2

  • wode

    This guy just confirmed one thing – that he’s on drug.

  • Now wait a minute…. Didn’t President Jonathan’s military leader already claim that they (Meaning Jonathan’s government) knew where the girls were and that their intelligence services had been tracking them but they couldn’t use force to rescue them because they might be injured or killed.

    • Patriotique

      Yea. I think he just confirmed that they lied when they said they knew where the girls were. Too much falsehood in this govt.

    • BankyMons

      Why is that any of your business? Are you part of Nigerian military intelligence? God will put all of you to SHAME!

  • Patriotique

    FFK, Substance abuse fit kill u o. Abeg try stop am! Thanks.

  • Let Us Pray

    To confirm the special relatiobship Buhari has with the Boko
    on Sunday June 2, 2013 in a program on Liberty FM Radio Kaduna.
    Buhari confirmed his open support for the Boko Haram terrorists when he
    protested vehemently the military crackdown on the terrorists. In that
    interview with LIBERTY FM Radio Kaduna, Buhari has this to say, while
    the Niger-Delta were treated like kings, the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna
    Lidda’Awati Wal-Jihad which some people call Boko Haram are being killed
    and their houses destroyed unlike the special treatment given to the
    Niger Delta militants. This is injustice to Northern Nigeria.

    In his first reaction to his nomination by Boko Haram, it took five days
    and much persuasion by his now estranged friend Engr Buba Galadima for
    Buhari to say that he will not accept Boko Haram’s offer. But your sharia Reporters will not report such news

  • Let Us Pray

    Buhari is national leader of antagonists of Nigeria. This man could not
    be trusted with the affairs of the country. Always scheming, deceiving,
    talking from both sides of his mouth. It’s obvious he is the greatest
    supporter of Boko Haram and a major sponsor. Is Nigeria presidency his
    birthright? Sai Buhari, you would never become the president of this
    country again. Nigerians are wiser and was the reason you failed in your
    comeback bid. You will fail again and again and again. No wonder Boko
    Haram couldn’t surface for amnesty

  • Let Us Pray

    Let’s take a look at the tribalist and corrupt Gen. Muhammadu Buhari
    during the Abacha regime when he was made chairman of the Petroleum
    Trust Fund PTF. Go around the south, go around the Niger-Delta, go
    around Igboland and show me one solid PTF project. Not only did our dear
    general corner a huge chunk of the PTF money (as accused by Babangida),
    he built solid structures in his area while the goose the lays the gone
    eggs (South) was given substandard projects. If that isn’t tribalism
    and marginalization I wonder what else is. And yet this man believes he
    can do better. Already the Goodluck Jonathan regime has shown to us that
    over 80% of the oil produced from Southern Nigeria are actually owned
    by Northerners. With Buhari in power, it would most likely become 100%
    with no Southerner owning any oil block in Nigeria. Looking at his
    racist track record and that of his cohorts as demonstrated by Fashola,
    is this the kind of leadership we want

  • Let Us Pray

    Everybody in this country knows that it was Buhari who vowed that if he
    did not win the election, he would make the country ungovernable for
    this President Goodluck Jonathan. It was this same Buhari who said
    during the electioneering period that if the votes were counted and he
    lost, people should go for blood.

    • ade

      Please proof your claimed. Why is that people like you will be saying what you don’t know? Are you telling me that you are comfortable with jonathan government? If you are, then something must wrong somewhere. Do you think to spoil GMB which pdp are doing can stop whatever GOD wants to do? I don’t think it is possible because Pharaoh try all he could at time and yet he fails at the end. Take or leave it, jonathan has failed and he will be boot out of office May 2015.

      • Let Us Pray

        In case you dont know your past, let me remind you that a panel wast set up in 2011 ascertain the political leaders responsible for the post election violence,The Sheikh Ahmed Lemu Panel found out that Buhari’s utterances contributed partly to the
        violence that erupted in the North in which scores died.

      • Let Us Pray

        Buhari’s utterances in the aftermath of last elections caused the
        violence in many parts of the North and the amplification of boko
        Haram insurgency,if you have conscience you will not vote for a man whose utterances promotes the atrocities of BH

  • Let Us Pray

    In the run up to the 2011 general elections Buhari categorically said that Muslims should not vote for Christians and
    that Northerners should not vote for a Southerne

  • Maxwell

    This people are just exposing themselve more……you are accussing oppositions of abbetting insurgency you are never deem fit to publish names of those you found culprit. It is shows your gross level of incompetence. FFK and his goon should be ignored.

  • anonymous

    GMB and the APC hierachy have been over-indulging this loud-mouthed rascal amd drug addict called Femi Fani-Kayode. They should sue him and make sure he is permanenyly silenced.