Fayose criticises planned Lagos APC 1-million-man march

Governor Ayodele Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has described the planned One-Million-Man march by the All Progressives Congress in Lagos as a “plot by the party to cause chaos and pandemonium in the state.”

He also said that by Muhmmadu Buhari’s own admission, he had been proven right that the APC presidential candidate travelled to the United Kingdom for medical reasons.

The APC presidential candidate returned to Nigeria on Friday after spending about two weeks in London.

Asked by journalists who accosted him at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, if he actually visited hospital as alleged by Mr. Fayose, Mr. Buhari asked, “What is wrong for me to go the hospital? Am I not here now? Are you seeing a sick man?”

In a statement on Friday by his media aide, Lere Olayinka, the governor, who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, said walking the streets of Lagos by the APC would not remove the fact that the party was a congregation of “liars and deceitful people”, who can
never be trusted with the resources of Nigeria and its people.

He alleged that the opposition party was planning the event in order to take the minds of the public away from the lies they told about Mr. Buhari’s health status.

Mr. Fayose insisted that the APC flag bearer was not healthy enough to govern Nigeria.

“A man who campaigned for four weeks, speaking for less than one hour in all the rallies put together and needed to rest for 15 days should just stay at home and be playing with his grandchildren rather than struggling to take up a job that he does not have the required mental and physical strength to do,” he said.

“They brought in Buhari like a thief in the night and now they want to put Lagosians into more hardships by blocking major roads all in the name of a phoney one-million-man match. Why not hold their rally in a designated place instead of embarking on a match that will cause chaos and hardships in the state?”

Mr. Fayose said going by Mr. Buhari’s response that he was in the UK to rest, it became difficult whom to believe between the APC presidential candidate and the party, which had insisted the former military head of state was on a working visit.

The governor said, “By this statement from Buhari himself, it is clear that APC and its lying leaders tried to fool Nigerians, lying so brazenly and using fake pictures to authenticate their lies.

“Even though there is nothing wrong in Buhari going for medical care abroad, after all he should be seeing his doctors more often at his age, it is shameful that APC lied so brazenly trying to cover up the obvious reasons Buhari travelled for 15 days.

“What is wrong, is the lies told to defend Buhari’s trip to the UK to rest and seek medicare; the fake pictures of Buhari walking the streets of London, the fake Tony Blair picture and the use of pictures taken in Transcorp Hilton, Abuja and claiming that the pictures were taken in London is the main issue.

“Most importantly, presenting Buhari to us as a superhuman, who can never fall sick is what is wrong and Nigerians are expecting Buhari to apologise for all the lies told in an attempt to cover up the real reasons he travelled secretly to UK.”


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  • bissyshobbo@aol.com

    Abeg wetin concern dis man with Lagos matter , shey Lagos na Ekiti , make e mind im business ooo, abi Lagos ppl complain give am

  • Awarawa

    So, wetin concern Lagos with Ekiti matter too?! If you guys let Fayose be, he will stop his counter-attack.

  • King Carlos

    Thugnor Fayose has now turned himself to the governor of Lagos, imagine what will happen if Jimi Agbaje is the governor.

  • Olu Ade

    “Who did we beat, who is crying” (Ta’ni ana, ta’ni ara n ro) A protest is planned for Lagos, a mumu house boy turned governor who is more than 300 kilometers away is crying…We know who is really sick and dying of anxiety…go take your medicine Ogbeni Ifayose…

  • Usman Suleiman

    This boy fayose is mad .he has a serious mental problem .every reasonable human being need visit doctor from time to time so what’s all this about.even if the pdp can’t advice him based on their assumption that he is entitled to his own opinion

    .can ‘t his children if he has any advice him. i think he need to reduce his drug intake.

    • Frank Bassey

      You don’t even understand the issue. APC said the man was on working visit. The man said he was in UK to rest (after election campaigns).

      • tom

        so what, am afraid i can’t get the logic in your assertion on here. whats your point , that he is right? to leave the affairs of his state to go and monitor buhari in london? c’mon. anyways that tha APC said this and he said that is useless argument really deal with it .

      • Emir

        Instead of him to start thinking of how he’s going to defend himself on the recorded tape of his stolen mandate.

  • tom

    the only thing i could make out in his ranting is panic, the reality of going back to jail is all over him otherwise he won’t be in ekiti and be dreaming about massive rally in lagos or leave his post as a governor, a supposedly newly elected one, and go monitoring buharis movement in the u.k; a fruitless mission that is, even as he takes pain to explain to whoever cares to listen that gmb is in the hospital nobody bothered about him, i imagine that says much of nonentity/nuisance that he is , obviously he is not over the sudden come back to power in his state yet and not prepared to govern at least not until after elections unfortunately ebele jonathan sees a lot of value in him to the extent that he had to deploy armies to ensure his election is rigged in his favor, the same tactics we read them wanna deploy in this election well, we’ve got news for them…..it going to fall flat. absolutely.

  • Wähala

    Even with pictures of a ramrod Gen. Buhari strolling down the aisle of Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja, this eccentric regional thug and psychopath still thinks he’s healthier than ex-soja, Buhari. Maybe, it’s time to let Gen. Buhari knock-out a few front teeth from Fayose’s pungent mouth to teach him a lesson about when to shut-da-fcuk up. EiE of this attention seeking at the expense of Baba Buhari and the APC. Gov. Ayo Fayose’s understanding of governance seems to be limited to mouthing-off at a person clearly head & shoulders above him. Oloshi. “Even if (PDP propaganda) shows Tinubu ati Buhari robbing the CBN, Nigerians will still vote for APC” – Anonymous Tweet. Me-say, Even if General Mhm. Buhari rolls around on wheelchair, Nigerians still say, ‘Sai Buhari, Ran ke dede Baba!’ Hahaha chei.

  • taewo

    In Nigeria generally, anyone who goes for medical checkup, even to have a blood test, is seen as sick and unhealthy. Those who stroll around with a heavy load of cholesterol in their blood steam are seen as super men. This is what Fayose appears to be echoing and why cases of sudden deaths are rampant. Fayose should watch out.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Ayo Fayose displays all the classic symptoms of clinical PARANOIA. The man’s family need to take this very seriously and insist he seeks therapeutic counselling. Please this is not a joke or put down. The man needs urgent help.

  • Moe

    “What is wrong for me to go the hospital? Am I not here now? Are you seeing a sick man?”
    Is it not the failure of President Yar’adua’ to keep abreast of his health that saddled us with this “THING” that is now in office?
    If you need to be found physically fit to join the police or army, why not for Presidents hopeful candidates of the presidency?
    If you remove politics from the equation, Nigerians are generally happy that we wiill have a health conscious new president after march 28th.

    We will like to give Fayose a complete physical medical examination to evaluate his fitness to hold office.
    Of course, I can not be part of the team that evaluates him since I have strong opinions about him. I will recuse myself…
    ……let him take the medical exam from somewhere that he can not bribe the healthcare practitioners and share the results with us,

    Just studying his attributes, there are a few things I can spot….but it will be unprofessional to mention anything. Take the exam, if not for Nigeria, do it for your family.
    Infact, should this not be a requirement for the preseidency or Governorship? Senator and congress man??

    • Arabakpura

      If you want to know between Jonathan and Buhari who is fitter, set them up for a mini race in a stadium; do not put any liquor along the way because one of them could be distracted! The result is that you will see the older of the two finishing the race far ahead of the younger!

      • Moe

        You make me laugh!

        Buhari is not an old man…..he is an old soldier, and you know what they say about old soldiers.
        He earned his ‘redneck” ,,,Jonathan on the other hand is just posing around with Generals uniform. Today it is army, tomorrow it may be air force or Navy. I won’t be surprised if one day (before the election) this clown poses as a general in the Salvation Army.

        • Arabakpura

          Yes, I know what they say about old soldiers; according to the now deceased General MacArthur of the U.S. army : “Old soldier never dies, they fade away” and so it is with Buhari.

  • detective

    #BabaWhileYouAreGone we no c fuel by again because Nigeria don broke, they no get money to pay marketers

  • detective

    #BabaWhileYouWeregone GEJ coppers no gree pay workers even coppers are nt left out

  • segun


    • Funso

      ọmọ àlè.

  • Ehi Ehinomhen

    It is quite a sorry situation to see all the Fayose bashing here over a matter that is as clear as daylight. Such a pity.

    • Arabakpura

      The only thing that is as clear as daylight about Fayose is that he is a thief and recently, insanity has joined!

      • logmein2nite

        The man is not insane anything. He is in the battle for his life. He’s the first casualty of a Buhari victory. He can’t survive the new Nigeria, and of course the Ekiti – gate tape will be investigated! Not only will he loose the cherished position of governor, he could go to jail.

  • evi

    Buhari’s doctor should keep pumping him with steroids to make him appear fit until buhari collapses, then the whole truth will come out.

    • Papashango77

      U may even die b4 the same Buhari u are wishing dead..I wonder if u are there when steroids was administered to him..If u don’t have anything constructive to say u just shut up.

      • umunnem

        Did you hear about the man from Benue who predicted GMBs death two weeks ago? Well, the guy himself just collapsed and died 2 days ago. Enough said.

        • Papashango77

          Are u serious about this?

        • Churchill Roosevelt

          At the age of 46.Was a Commissioner in Benue State.He that hath ear,let him hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying

          • Churchill Roosevelt

            Never wish anyone death but life.May He continue to keep & protect us

  • Funso

    Ọmọ àlè ni Ayo Fayọṣe.

    • Oweja

      Be civilized Funso, stop insulting His Excellency in vernacular! It is not done!!!

      • Enemona

        In Queen’s English, it means Fayose is a bastard! Is that allowed?

        • Emir

          I think this insane man called fayose needs his wife to embark on six month fasting and prayer for him so as to cleans all the madness he must have gotten from the horse ride that the ancestors of ado warned him against sometimes ago

      • Onike24

        Vernacular ? o ma se O!

  • Arabakpura

    Fayoshe is trying to commit suicide! Did you clear with the PDP before this latest outing? Have you not been humiliated enough by the same party you claim to be speaking for?
    Ekiti people, please take heart! Our sympathy increased for you when it became clear that the mandate giving to Fayoshe didn’t belong to you but the military – a rigged mandate! It will not be long before your liberation will come

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, I swear each time Fayoshe visits the loo, he must examine his excrements to see if it has traces of GMB in it!

      Such is his morbid fascination with the General.

      Don’t be surprised if he gets a coronary attack after the elections.

      • Arabakpura

        I can bet my next meal that you are not far from the truth!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • Curseless

    Ayodele omo Fayose, you are creating more problems for the prospect of your master”s re-election by your chronic ranting and lies. I suggest you return to a university for a degree in riddles and jokes for I’m sure you will bag a first class easily. You are a clown per excellence and the Ekiti people will soon show you the way out. I submit to you that Jonathan have gone for medical exam in Germany and Britain many more times in the last two years.

  • Kadiku Lateef

    fayose has become a public nuisance, he should stop barking like a rabid dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SAM .A

    Ekiti State will go into Guinness Book of Record as the First State in any Country of the World to have elected a psychotic as a Governor. His paranoia is triggered with shadow ,picture or hearing the word Buhari.

  • korona melvin


  • Maryam Audu

    APC show of shame, Tinubu trying to cover up his shameful acts. We all know your intentions and motives, they are not pure and clean. Defeat is waiting for you…March 28. #GEJ4NAIJA

    • Ibrahim M

      Defeat is surely waiting for them #NO2Buhari #GEJ4Naija

      • Moe

        Maryam Audu and Ibrahim M, who do you think you are fooling?
        When you ‘sorry excuses for human beings’ use your stage names to write the same rubbish you always
        write, it is evidence that you know how far fetched the idea of Jonathan getting re-elected are.
        I just laugh every time I hear from one of you….so please keep it coming. Life is hard under Jonathan’s administration and we all could use a laugh or two.

        • Ibrahim M

          How old are you tho? Do you know how hard life was under Dictator Buhari? Milk was gold then. Who is fooling who here?

  • Spoken word

    Fayose with all his utterances cannot even be taken seriously by a 1 year old baby.

  • Let Us Pray

    Let’s take a look at the tribalist and corrupt Gen. Muhammadu Buhari
    during the Abacha regime when he was made chairman of the Petroleum
    Trust Fund PTF. Go around the south, go around the Niger-Delta, go
    around Igboland and show me one solid PTF project. Not only did our dear
    general corner a huge chunk of the PTF money (as accused by Babangida),
    he built solid structures in his area while the goose the lays the gone
    eggs (South) was given substandard projects. If that isn’t tribalism
    and marginalization I wonder what else is. And yet this man believes he
    can do better. Already the Goodluck Jonathan regime has shown to us that
    over 80% of the oil produced from Southern Nigeria are actually owned
    by Northerners. With Buhari in power, it would most likely become 100%
    with no Southerner owning any oil block in Nigeria. Looking at his
    racist track record and that of his cohorts as demonstrated by Fashola,
    is this the kind of leadership we want

  • Let Us Pray

    Let’s come to a nearer past, the last general election where even a
    madman knows that President Goodluck Jonathan was the clear winner.
    Rather than behave matured and take his defeat like a good sportsman,
    Gen. Buhari exhibited a high level of irresponsibility which owing to
    his inciting and unguarded utterances cost the lives of innocent
    Southern corpers whose only crime was to serve their fatherland in the
    North. Question I ask Buhari is this, have he even shown remorse for the
    death of those corpers? Have he even considered let alone issue a
    public apology? Have he ever considered offering some form of
    compensation to the families of those corpers who lost their lives due
    to careless utterances from a man who clearly lacks the maturity to be a
    leader? Instead, Buhari goes on to do the reverse threatening more
    blood should he fail to get into Aso Rock come 2015. Should such
    utterances ever be credited to a leader? Have you ever seen or heard
    President Goodluck Jonathan raving like that? Whose blood is Buhari
    threatening to pour in the streets of the North? Definitely not his
    blood (people that talk like this are like the cowards that run Boko
    Haram who are too afraid to die but manipulate the gullible ones to die
    for their own personal gains), neither will it be the blood of his
    family members rather more Southern blood, more Ndi Igbo blood will flow
    if this power crazy man does not achieve his ambition. Is this the kind
    of leader you want? A man who lacks the maturity of leadership? A man
    willing to sacrifice your life so that he can become president? Is that
    who you want as your leader? Ask his former running mate Tunde Bakari
    who God has now opened his eyes and he termed any association with APC
    as an association with the devil.

    • Dan Arewa

      How can you expatiate these mid-day tales?

  • BTT

    Some people just utter unnecessary statement to seek cheap popularity. GMB is not too old to become president. There are older presidents or presidential aspirant around the world. “Is it s crime to visit the hospital?” is a question Fayose and others need to ruminate about, not an answer. Any sensible human should know that visiting hospital does not mean you are sick. A man who holds his state to ransom is the last to criticize what happens in another state. It is only a country like Nigeria that a crook will have the gut to call another man a thief; a thug becomes a political celebrity. Someone that should be behind bars is now a party celebrity.