Osinbajo issues Fani-Kayode 7-day ultimatum to apologize, demands N2 billion damages

Professor Yemi Osinbajo

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the Vice Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress has issued a seven-day ultimatum to Femi Fani-Kayode to apologize over his “defamatory statements” against him.

In a letter dated February 28 addressed to Mr. Fani-Kayode, who is the Director of Media and Publicity of the Peoples’ Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organization, Mr. Osinbajo demanded N2 billion as damages.

He also demanded an immediate retraction of the “offensive and derogatory” publication and an apology on four Television channels and national newspapers.

“Be advised that if we do not receive your formal retraction and apology and damages as demanded within seven days of receipt hereof, we shall proceed with our client’s instructions to seek appropriate legal remedies for your publication and dissemination of defamatory statements,” Mr. Osinbajo wrote, through his lawyer, Femi Falana, also a senior advocate.

Last Friday, Mr. Fani-Kayode, a lawyer, had convened a press conference in Abuja where he alleged that the APC’s vice presidential candidate had sworn an oath to vacate his seat should the party win the forthcoming election.

According to Mr. Fani-Kayode, Bola Tinubu, the APC’s National Leader, had nominated Mr. Osinbajo as part of “plans to come to power through the back door”.

“Tinubu, according to our information, has compelled Osinbajo to swear to an oath that after six months in office, he would resign as the vice president, in the unlikely event that their party wins,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said in his press statement titled ‘APC is Selling a Dummy to the Whole World; Tinubu is the Real Candidate.’

“The wicked plot, as laid out by them, is to force Osinbajo to resign for Tinubu to be nominated by Buhari as his replacement.”

Mr. Falana said that the statement, wherein he labelled Mr. Osinbajo as Mr. Tinubu’s ‘stooge,’ hurt the vice presidential candidate having been disseminated to millions of TV viewers, including on print and online media.

“As it were, the statement has now been published and circulated to an undetermined number of people in Nigeria, and internationally outside Nigeria,” Mr. Falana said.

“The direct meaning, imputation, purport and/or innuendo or insinuation of the false, misleading and defamatory statements is that: ‘Professor Osinbajo is deceitful. Essentially, you alleged that his motivation and pledge to serve as Vice President of Nigeria is inconsistent with his avowed desire to serve this nation with General Buhari, and work assiduously to deliver the benefits of his commitment, party and personal promises to the people.’

“Your characterization of Professor Osinbajo as a ‘stooge’ in context suggests that he is complicit in a fraud against the Nigerian people.”

Mr. Falana further said that Mr. Fani-Kayode’s statements imply that his client lacks integrity and had engaged in a conduct incompatible with his faith and ethics as a pastor and respected lawyer.

“It is clear that the entire publication was a vicious, wicked and reckless ploy to impugn the reputation of our client and lower him in the estimation of right thinking members of the public,” Mr. Falana added.

On Monday, Mr. Tinubu had threatened to sue the owners of African Independent Television, AIT, for airing a documentary he deemed defamatory “in all respects.”

The hour-long documentary titled ‘Unmasking the Real Tinubu,’ which is still airing on the TV station, showcased various properties and companies across Lagos purportedly owned by Mr. Tinubu, described as “Nigeria’s biggest landlord.”

It also depicted the APC leader as power-drunk and claimed he was “charged for narcotics” in 1993 in the United States.

Mr. Tinubu gave Daar Communications Limited, the owners of the TV station, 24 hours to apologize and retract the publication.

He also demanded N20 billion as damages.


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  • George Ager.A

    Sir, he needs rehab too. Use your church mind to help him!

  • Victor Gee

    From the look of things, its seems that APC financial source is broke and they want to sue everyone to raise fund. Lols

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Is this how APC hope to rule Nigeria With Court cases?
    Buhari_Court case
    Osinbajo_Court case
    Tinubu_court case
    Lai Mohammed_court case
    APC is not a SERIOUS MINDED political PARTY!!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      Don’t be silly! What do you believe is the crux of this matter? What FFK alleged is very grievious and if unfounded should be refuted with all seriousness. Why have the PDP resorted to deep underhanded defamatory tactics? They should campaign and talk to us the electorate on why we should vote for them if at all we will.

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        When APC was ANTAGONISING GEJ and his Family, how many Court cases accrued from GEJ? This is the difference that we are talking about.

        ”THE HUMBLE SHALL BE RAISED AND THE LOFTY ONE BROUGHT LOW”!!!!!! This is what my father (GOD BLESS HIS SOUL IN HEAVEN) use to tell me.

        VOTE GEJ and PDP for sustainable TRANSFORMATION of NIGERIA!!!

        • SAM .A

          e-rat/ creek monkey , will you stop responding to every submission here . I know you must make your pay per day. You are becoming a nuisance in the process.

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            INTIMIDATION does not PERTURB the BLESSED!!!

          • Emeka

            I wonder o, my brother. At first I tho I could school him, but it’s a waste of typing energy. Lol@ creek monkey

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            What good can come out of emptiness?

          • Emeka

            Ask Goodluck. He’s an expert at emptiness

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            That is why BUHARI and APC REJECTION by the Nigeria electorates is FINAL and TOTAL!!!!
            VOTE GEJ and PDP for sustainable TRANSFORMATION of Nigeria!!!1

          • Emeka

            And that would be tragic

        • Jeremy

          What exactly did the APC say about GEJ and his family, tell us sir. We all occupy public space and domain But it seems you PDP apologists live in your own world, where you cook up any excuse to unleash you uncouth minds on us all. In any case, I’m sure your FFK will issue an apology and a retraction.

          • Emeka

            If he knows what’s good for him, he’d better apologize. Judges will eagerly side with a prof and San, insulted by a political nuisance, keeping in mind ffks antecedents at running his mouth without boundaries

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            Was it not APC through Nyako that said that GEJ was unleashing genocide to decimate the Northern Nigeria population?

          • Jeremy

            You have just proven now that you’re an ignoramus and I really shouldn’t be replying you since you level of intellect is far beneath mine. I’m sure you’re driven by the crumbs you’ll be paid to make your oga popular on social media. Now, some word for you and that’s if you still have a brain to think: has Nyako’s statement not been proven by latest happenings in the North East, where our military have “suddenly “become effective against BH? Nyako claimed that GEJ left BH to decimate the North for his own selfish political ambition.

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            You BLATANT LIAR!!! APC through Nyako said that GEJ has unleashed geneocide on the Northern Nigeria People.

        • sola

          Pls wen and where did u see Apc sponsoring hate n defamatory advert on national tv in d name of campaigning by blackmailing Jeg? Pdp started with buhari,now tinubu n osinbajo,is dat issue based campagne we are talking abt?hw did u tink dat will change d mind of pple to vote for Jeg.if u dnt kw it creates more enemy for jeg cos it shows pdp n jeg has notin upstair,they left campagne n started attacking personalty even d professor of english patient jonathan doin her own too.pdp is gone.

  • Olawepo Ishola Omoniyi

    Is this how pdp plans to win election?

  • Victor Gee

    Hahahhahah, everybody in APC now is demanding for one damage or the other. It is a sign of frustration.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Victor Gee, there should price for defamation by anybody if we are to be descents people. You cannot go about defaming people’s character in the market place and think that the law should be kind to you. If so, it doesn’t stop your wife shaming your character in the market place and allow her to share the same bed with you or house. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Professor Osinbajo has a name that is credible. Tinubu cannot sue because FFK is right to a significant extent. Tinubu is only appreciated for smartly supporting the candidacy of some effective politicians like Fashola, Amosun etc. His greed for wealth is relatively on the high side.
    Nigerians are voting for the incorruptible Buhari and not Tinubu who is like a Tiger that could devour his unrepentant rider.

  • SAM .A

    FFK will now pay the price of his vulgarity, it will finally serve him a lesion not to defame people again as he did to Madam Binca Ojukwu, Tinubu, and others.

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      FFK is not paying SISI nor TORO. GEJ signed the FOI bill into Law.

      • Emeka

        That is defamation here, where are you from? What has foi bill got to do with this? Why talk nonsense? Haba! Shouldn’t you be reading for jamb? Oga go and play.

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          APC hide under this same FOI bill to TERRORISE and ANTAGONISE GEJ and his Family. Why would the same Law not apply APC statwarts? Mr. JAMB, if you continue, I shall teach you how to pass GMAT!!!!

          • Emeka

            Is Prof Osinajo in govt? What is the information requested on his dealings that foi relates? You see this is why we need change in this country. Our children are grossly illiterates. You are a fine example how the educational sector has been ruined by Pdp

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            FOI bill allows me to ask you:
            Did you take an oath?

          • Emeka

            Yes, if I am in govt, you twat!

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            What if you are aspiring to be in government?

          • Emeka

            *sigh* it doesn’t apply. Now run along

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            Do you mean that I have to wait until you are in government before I can inquire if you took an oath?
            It JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!

          • Onike24

            He didn’t go to school, don’t waste your time, a bunch of Turkey’s unanimously voting for both Christmas and Thanksgiving!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          He is from the University of Port Harcourt, bruv.

      • SAM .A

        Unfortunately u don’t know the meaning of FOI, wait let the Judge tell you or define FOI and Defamation for u.
        When his pocket & his master is being kicked by Law ,you will be hiding then.

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          Look at this simple Logic:
          I say you took an oath.
          You respond that you have not taken an oath.
          What has this got to do With a judge?’
          This will be the most LAUGHABLE case in the history of Nigeria!!!

        • Guest

          FOI means FREEDOM OF INFORMATION not the same as Freedom of Speech, if that’s what you’re referencing; and the above article indicates an intent to sue for Defamation of Character.

      • Koffa0319

        F.O.I means FREEDOM OF INFORMATION not the same as Freedom of Speech, if that’s what you’re referencing; and the above article indicates an intent to sue for Defamation of Character.

  • Emeka

    Falana! Finish him! You don’t talk garbage all because of electioneering. There is a fine line between campaigns and defamation. This will teach that gutter mouth how to talk to his elders. How dare he? To a Prof and SAN of rock solid integrity.
    I can’t wait!!!

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      This will be the first case that Falana shall be THANKING NO to!!!!

      • Emeka

        What? Make sense please.

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          Because there is NO SUBSTANCE to work on LEGALLY!!!!

      • Maria

        This statement doesnt make any sense.

        • Godfrey Etokebe

          See below!!!

          • Emeka

            Even the below nor make sense pass!

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            Emeka, wetin konsign you for here?

    • Adebenson

      The case would be dismissed.. APC has said alot of seditious statements

      • Emeka

        1: define sedition.
        2: give examples with reference to apc.
        3: don’t say what you don’t know.

        • Adebenson

          1. Read the Criminal Code
          2. The 1001 propaganda generated against the Presidency
          3. Of course. I hope you do the same

  • Wise Head

    Nigerians should be tired of APC’s empty threats of going to court. When FFK said that Boko Haram is the armed wing of the APC, did Lai Mohammed on behalf of the APC not openly threaten legal action if the statement was not retracted? Did they go to court even when FFK rather than apologise said more and further amplified the charge? Again the APC through Lai Mohammed said a statement by the DSS spokesperson, Ms Marlyn Ogar, portrayed it as an ally of Boko Haram and threatened legal action, did they do anything? I beg make I see road! APC has the most horrible bad mouth, but each time they are fed with just a little dose of their medicine, they would start threatening legal action — which they never carry out. I hope they will make good their threat this time around. It is like they are broke after spending all their running billions carrying out a deceitful propaganda, so they are looking for where they would get some billions since it is now crystal clear they would lose the election, which might even be conducted while their candidate is still in London on a “working visit”. Indeed, from the way things are going, I see Buhari monitoring this election from London where he is on a working visit. Yeye dey smell!

  • Asking Question



    • Emeka

      He didn’t say he is a professor, he IS a professor.

      Your other remarks are irrelevant.

    • Enquirer

      What is defamatory in this Press Statement?

      “We are not surprised by the denials of the APC in this matter.
      They are and will always be a party that is built on lies and headed
      by liars. This is graphically reflected by the first name of their party
      spokesman who is known as LIE Mohammed.

      APC is a party that is used to sordid, bizarre,byzantine and subterranean
      back-room deals where people take blood-chilling and cultic oaths and
      in which people are asked to sign perjurious and illegal letters of resignation
      even before they are elected into office.

      If anyone doubts that they should ask Pastor Tunde Bakare who was asked to sign
      a letter of resignation by both Tinubu and Buhari in 2011 even when he had not been
      elected to the exalted position of Vice President.”

      …………Femi Fani-Kayode

      PDP presidential campaign director, South-West

      (March 1st, 2015)

      • Ajayi Ifayemi

        Let him go to court and use what he wrote above as his evidence and then we shall see. This is going to cost him big time. Based on his characteristic behavior in the past, I can see him apologizing real soon.

        • Badero


          The court will need the best microscope in the world to see any
          defamation in what Femi Fani-Kayode said above, in my own view.

          • Ajayi Ifayemi

            We will wait and see

    • Gaskiya

      Osinbajo can not answer the question, don’t waste your time. He is on an errand.
      He can’t second-guess or countermand his less educated bosses whom he serves.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Jesus taught us that as Christians, we will be open to persecution by others. He didn’t tell us that when it happens, we should sue them. Turn the other cheek.
    Prof if you are a real PASTOR be calm as GEJ

    • Adebenson

      As in.. i agree

    • Uzoma John

      GEJ, calm. I dey laugh o. GEJ is quietly wicked and a criminal for that matter. Who is FFK, a semi criminal facing money laundry trial, working for. GEJ personally supervised the killing of over 20,000 Nigerians in the North East by giving BH free access. We are waiting for the UK/US report and their findings cum reasons they left Nigeria when they came to help rescue the Chibok girls and fight BH. It’s a matter of weeks. March 28 is around the corner.

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        Keep waiting
        u should have asked why America and 40 other nations are yet to defeat IS and taliban

  • Wise Head

    Mr. Femi Falana, please, grab your own slice of the APC billions siphoned from Rivers State treasury and other APC states as legal fees. Such opportunities do not always come around. Seize the moment and make your own fortune. Yeye dey smell

  • Emeka

    If FFK thinks PDP will stand by him on this one, he will be shocked. He spoke out of office, attacking persons directly and not officially. Pdp will hang him out to dry. Can’t wait!

    • Adebenson

      even in the US they throw dirt at each other… its political campaign… court will sooo dismiss the suit

      • Emeka

        Really? Tell me more. In the name of campaign I impugn your character and the court will okay it? Fantastic! And they do so in the US too? Incredible. Please, tell me more…

        • Adebenson

          ALOT has been said about President Goodluck Jonathan​ since November 2014 by the All Progressives Congress. ALOT OF propaganda and lies, geared towards inciting violence against the President.. YET, he did not sue for DEFAMATION, or prosecute for SEDITION or TREASON (those who stoned him). He played maturity and although they may argue he is a “mean” man, he NEVER did any of such, he allowed the FREEDOM OF… and AFTER speech.

          NOW, FFK shades Lai Mohammed, AIT exposes Tinubu and FFK cites Prof. Osinbajo on resigning office for Tinubu. Tinubu sues for 20 bilion naira and two (2) days later, he instructs Prof. Osinbajo to institute his action for another 2 billion naira. EVEN in the US, they go verrrrry low in the dust dissing their opponents in elections… it is an election guys.

          I can imagine the type of government the APC would run, file sedition charges against all ANTI government groups (such as bringbackourgirls,etc), DEFAMATION against all Newspapers and human beings against them, etc. In all, they will CONTROL the media, using democratic forces MILITARILY.

          I do not justify FFK, but I fault the leadership of the APC on this. Yes no one (NOT EVEN YOU) should talk trash. Not when you are trying to make us feel comfortable that you care about the ordinary people.

          I repeat my support for GEJ… unequivocally

          • Emeka

            Let’s get something clear; a president can sue for defamation of character if he feels his person has been slandered or libeled against by anyone or party. Defamation of a president character, telling lies about a president, does not equal sedition, treason or whatever you are saying. One is civil, while the others are criminal.
            If GEJ felt any one has lied against him, as you noted above, he certainly hasn’t shown it by going to court. Meaning those who said those things could justify what they said as true, and so GEJ just kept quiet.

            You obviously do not know the meaning of sedition, treason etc. kindly Google them before mouthing the jargons.

            Going very low, as you said during elections does not mean you throw caution to the winds and tell blatant lies against personalities, especially when such lies cannot be substantiated. Alleging that someone of Osinbajos standing, took an oath and signed a questionable agreement is not campaign talk, rather this is saying what is utrue, impugning on his character, in order to reduce his estimation in the eyes of reasonable men…and THAT is defamation.

          • Adebenson

            It’s interesting that your common denominator cannot define the crime of SEDITION. It is an election… things are said, it is for the gullible to fall for it. all the nasty allegations against the Presidency which keep getting lost in the truth daily are evidence of this fact..

            yes i support GEJ cos i am constitutionally allowed to and I should not define my reasons along your rudimentary covers. Maybe you should try to understand that from the point of law and the ingredients of the tort of defamation, these Osibajo claims cannot stand

          • Koffa0319

            In the USA, they can go very low as you’ve said, but MUST have evidence to prove their claims, especially when going personal. can’t just make things up and call it politics or freedom of speech. Not at all in our U.S. of A o oga or madam Adebenson.

          • Adaeze

            So birthers had Obama’s birth certificate? The knew for a fact that Obama was a Muslim when they nicknamed him Hussein?

          • Koffa0319

            How can you compare Obama’s birth certificate arguments or if i may say, “jokes,” with what is being alleged in the above article? AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, OBAMA’S full/real name is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Hussein is not his nickname. Well, end of argument with you, my friend.

          • Adebenson

            and how many of such evidence have u seen????

          • Adaeze

            They already control the media,that’s why some people who only depend on the Nigerian media for news seem so ……..

        • Don’t mind him.

        • Adaeze

          Have you ever heard of birthers? The reelection of Obama was the dirtiest ever,did he go to court? GEJ has been called all sorts,dumbo,clueless,boko haram etc,has he gone to court? Transfigured born again democrats indeed

      • Ajayi Ifayemi

        Yeah right!!!

        • Emeka

          Abeg let adebenson talk o! Lol! He seems to know something. Ewu. Lol

      • Without evidence?

        • Adebenson

          They don’t bother to even sue so the issue of evidence never comes up.

      • Koffa0319

        Seriously???? Personal attacks of one’s character and integrity, with no evidence to back it up? Not in the USA my friend!

        • Adebenson

          USA wont show you evidence ‘cos in the first place no one even bothers to sue

  • Akanji92

    It is important this PDP and GEJ rabid dog is caged. He will soon bite his handlers. His father, Remi Fani-Kayode was also a nuisance within the polity during the first republic, abusing Awolowo and his supporters. Irony of life, the father abused Awolowo, the son abuses Awolowo in-law without shame. Iran kiran, to bi omo komo, to di eniyan Keyan.

    • Adebenson

      Oh please… GEJ could also hold them for sedition.. Its politicking…

  • Maria

    Fani Kayode is going to commit suicide.

    • Emeka

      Il volunteer the ropes

    • Philip Musa

      all talk, no action! That’s APC motto!!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Even this midget and fake Pastor likes drama?

    • Repeater Station


      “If the Yorubas vote for Buhari because their son is the national
      leader of the APC South-west, then it will prove that Bola Tinubu
      is the un-disputed leader of the Yorubas. This is because his people
      shall have spoken and therefore hearkened to Bola Tinubu’s directives.

      But if not, then it will be laid to rest that Bola Tinubu is NOT the leader of the Yoruba.
      As you can see, some recognised leaders of the South-west have decided and urged
      their followers in the zone to vote for President Jonathan as the preferred presidential
      candidate. “This is why Jonathan will beat Buhari hands down in Yorubaland and,
      in-directly settle the leadership among the Yorubas”.

      ……….Governor Sule Lamido

      (Jigawa State, March 3rd, 2015)

      • Who doesn’t know how his children stole jigawa money, he was blackmailed by Gej to play along or his yansh will open. What do you expect?

    • August January

      Always singing out of tune! When would you go for your brain check?

    • tundemash

      Omo Ale Orafidiya,

      We know you are the killer Omisore masquerading as another nonentity omo ole orafidiya.

      • Alcindo Satori

        your shadows SHALL continue pursuing you until you vote for PDP. Told you that weeks ago, and it SHALL COME TO PASS!!

        • tundemash

          Keep hallucinating !

  • Trico

    But poverty no good oh!…make una see Pastor with him long neck! …N2b? For what na?…Duncee threatened the spill blood of Nigerians which he called Dogs & Baboons and he never apologized. So, why shud gentle man Fani apologize? Nonsense!

  • the truth

    Osinbanjo, in the process please advice lie lie mohammed that suits are also coming his way. This is the game you guys have been dishing out to pdp and now the table has turned you are running from fry pan to fire. And please tell that drug lord thiefnubu and that smelling mouth lie lie mohammed to brace themselves up for a terrible landing. keep up the good work ffk, this is the beauty of democracy.

    • Emeka

      Sake of say work nor dey, you join PDP e-gangsters, dey write rubbish, for peanut wey dem go pay you ba? Kontinu

    • Gej will make you ambassador when he win this election.

  • Ayo Odunsi

    Yeye Pastor

    • Emeka

      Well done bro. How work? How much does PDP pay per post?

    • Good work carry gooooooooooooooo. Gej PA

  • Verdict 2015

    There is no better proof of the pudding than in the eating – so the saying goes.
    Yemi Osinbanjo will be showing himself up as crass opportunist without scruples,
    should he continue with his silence on this matter of urgent national importance,
    since he’s now shown that he has time on his hands to threaten to sue his critics.

    • Emeka

      You guys are really working tonight. Hope PDP pays before election o.

    • Gej special assistant, well done!

      • Leke

        But what surprises me is that this Pastor Osinbajo does not join honest Nigerians
        to ask General Muhammadu Buhari to say the truth on this simple issue of WASC.
        Is this how they want to govern Nigeria? With lies, deceit and dishonesty? Too bad.

        • Investigator

          • A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has
          presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

          ……SECTION 137 (1) 1999 CONSTITUTION

    • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      Please continue to remind us that this man does not possess the qualification to occupy this esteemed office.
      Lest we forget as the election draws near, we still need full disclosure of how this man made it this far without a certificate. Nigerians must not allowed themselves to be fooled one too many times by a few journeymen whose sole objective in national affairs is self-preservation. BUAHRI, SHOW US YOUR CERTIFICATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Amina Omowumi

        U pose to be a retired Colonel and u find it difficult to believe a Rtd General. Some people think social media is a congregation of fools. Pls Mr. Colonel Rtd, stop the foolery.

  • Comfortkay

    How many court case can Fani Kayode handle? If her failed to control his tongue he will start to have a sleepless night. Because he study History doesn’t make him a good Jonathan’s campaign director.

  • bib

    These garbages being thrown about by PDP crooks are aimed at covering up serious allegations against their govt. Why are they not explaining the 13 trillion Naira they spend per annum instead of 4trillion Naira annual budgets they throw at our face? Why are they not explaining BH members spotted among the welcoming team of Mr President at Baga? Etc. Instead they are indulging in fictions that they think tarnish the images of the opposition.

    • Pdp is now the opposition. They are so disturbed about this poll. pdp camp has become a nuisance.

      • bib

        You are very right.

  • Arabakpura

    Another Femi has come to judgement! The time for the big play has finally arrived.

  • Simplicity


    • Amina Omowumi

      E be like say u dey live for moon. If the certificate matter worry u much, take a trip to Cambridge and ask them now. Them no be like us. Dem no dey lie. U don’t just sit in ur bedroom and issue statements bcos u have handset and data bundle. Send a mail to Cambridge if u don’t have Fares to travel Bro.

  • Joe

    APC is on court suit rehearsals. Buhari v AIT, Tinubu v AIT, Prof. Osinbajo v FFK. As I said earlier, expect anything from your opponent, except violent attack on lives and properties that should be condemned.

  • Ayo Odunsi


    • Agbalajobi A.

      How we all miss Pastor Tunde Bakare now…..

      How we miss the frankness of Pastor Tunde Bakare! If he were Buhari’s running mate today,
      he’d have held a Press Conference to say he was not going on with the campaigns unless
      Muhammadu Buhari tenders irrefutable proof that he sat for the WAEC/Cambridge exam
      in 1961 and obtained a WASC/Cambridge certificate. Now, contrast Pastor Bakare with this
      Pastor Yemi Osinbajo and you would understand Matthew chapter 7 verse 21 better, that:
      “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only
      the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven”

    • Separate Us…

      If a Vice Presidential candidate is a disgrace,what do u call the incumbent???

  • King Carlos

    Coupled with his corruption case with EFCC, FFK is in for a battle that his careless mouth has brought him.

  • The truth

    Nigerian politics is so dirty that no responsible pastor will accept to participate in any capacity. Bakare ignorantly tried it and run away, preferring to look after his sheeps instead. This man Osibanjo had tried it before under billionier Tinubu and saw nothing wrong with it and decided to come back again through Tinubu again, Without being told, any reasonable person can testify that this man “Osibanjo” is questionable. His being a pastor is highly questionable because birds of the same color flocks together. Everyone knows what Tinubu stands for in terms of corruption in Nigeria.

  • Arewabetter

    APC stalwarts should not waste too much of their energy and resources by responding to the mindless and shameless THING called femi fani-kayode. Just like his master, this THING lacks integrity and his head and ass are interchangeable. The cartoon below says everything about this shameless and outrageous THING.

    • Arewabetter

      Yeah, this THING called femi fani-kayode lacks integrity, principle and rectitude. IBB’s tweet below says everything about this shameless THING

  • Johnny McDexy

    More dramas are yet to be unfold…

  • Taster

    Apc is making sane people confused – jonathan n pdp stole 20-30bn naira n wasted 30trillion naira in 6 years according to the book of apc, but to throw back the jab at them, they have started making a case out of nothing.
    Had rather travel outside the country than to vote for apc even if it is the only party standing.

    • Amina Omowumi

      Why u dey run? Are u complicit? You are witnessing a government with its myriad of challenges and u no run. Na Party wey never even win u don dey run away from. Bros abeg talk the real thing wey dey worry u. We no be fools Sir!

      • Taster

        Hope you look a mirror n judge for yourself indeed you are not.

    • August January

      So, you found it difficult to understand what’s called defamation in law? You think what Fani-thief said was covered by freedom of speech? And for you, to say the government mismanaged some public money is the same as saying a pastor and internationally renowned professor of law swore a secret oath in deliberate deceitful arrangement to leave the office of vice president for Tinubu after six month should APC win. Don’t let the thief apologize for defamation, you will see what will happen to him in court.

      • Taster

        You must have been a product of a worst school of thoughts.

        • Emeka

          What? Lol! What? Does that even make sense to you? Lwtmb!

          • Taster

            Get a life by putting on your brain.

    • famaks

      Youfwill run if you had things to hide. PDP can sue soludo fnr CBN gov. Who raised issue of 30b dollar dtolen.

      Point of correction the books of CBN.

      DEMOCRATS go to court for thing like this pdp can do likewise.

      • Taster

        You`ve been taken for a jolly ride, n expect you live with that.

  • emmanuel

    It is getting clearer that these guys are trying to raise recovery funds after the elction which is obvious they will loose – Buhari is gone underground.

    Osinbajo does not want to go the way of Mr.Mohammed in Gombe State who tore his PDP membership card because the Governor refused to pay him rehabilitation funds for lost election.

    Unfortunately, Falana cannot even prosecute the case deligently and no Judge will award N2 billion to the fake Pastor.

    • Amina Omowumi

      It is your Pastor that is Fake.

      • favourtalk

        He is a dreamer, they don’t have such good men in PDP and that is his problem. We deserve better for this nation. We need change

  • favourtalk

    You can’t just be opening your mouth anyhow just because the country is nit having law and order, we can’t continue this way, we must survive this harsh period of GEJ and change the bad GEJ regime

  • taiwo

    APC are desperately trying to raise funds from every possible avenue,even the houseboy is now demanding 2billion,wonders shall never end

  • Wale Adegoke

    Osibanjo like his master Amuda of the Chicago fame is one of the black legs of the Yoruba race. They are now romancing with the very people that masterminded the annulment of 12 June elections and the subsequent killing of Kudirat Abiola and the death of Abiola himself in detention.

  • MushinSpeaks

    PDP and its agent of falsehood should know that no amount of blackmail will stop the people from electing CHANGE…. Nigerians are sick and tired of PDP.

    • malik shaibu

      we know the party that reeks of lies and deceit,now they are desperately seeking to raise money by any way possible having depleted their ill gotten wealth.But we are ready for them because propaganda deceives no one any longer,meanwhile we demand to know buhari’s whereabout from Tinubu

  • malik shaibu

    Tinubu’s houseboy is talking too wonders shall never end

  • Umar Dendi

    Go get them Prof! Go get ’em!!