APC behind fuel scarcity, plotting sabotage of power supply — Jonathan’s campaign

Femi Fani-Kayode

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation (PDPPCO) on Monday attributed the sudden fuel scarcity in many parts of the country to sabotage by the opposition All Progressives Congress, which it said has infiltrated the ranks of Nigeria’s fuel marketers.

The Director of Media and Publicity of the PDPPCO, Femi Fani-Kayode, said in a statement in Abuja that the fuel marketers have taken a sub-contract from the opposition to frustrate supplies of petrol to fuel stations as part of a grand plan to create tension in the polity.

According to Mr. Fani-Kayode, “We know who the fuel marketers are. We know the relationship that exists between one of the biggest fuel marketers and a national leader of the APC. These unconscionable opposition elements infiltrated the ranks of the fuel marketers, whom they have contracted, in a calculated attempt to frustrate the good efforts of government.

“Why have they taken this time when all hands are on deck for the March 28 elections to cause this artificial fuel scarcity? The situation is so bad that they are not importing the product. They are even threatening tank farmers not to release any fuel in their depot in order to sustain the shortage. We are aware that the tank farmers have reported the threat to the Police and other security agencies.

“This shows how desperate and wicked the opposition APC can be in their quest for presidential power. Must they make Nigerians suffer simply because they want to rule? They must desist from this act of sabotage.

“The opposition should not take delight in celebrating over the pains and sufferings of Nigerians as they have continued to do with the Boko Haram attacks on our people and nation.

“The APC’s penchant to diminish the gallantry of our Armed Forces in the battle to defeat insurgency in the northeast zone whilst mocking the government whenever the insurgents bomb and take over villages in the zone, must be condemned by well-meaning Nigerians.
“This predilection exposes and portrays the APC and its leaders as forces of retrogression with a devilish mindset to unleash the worst form of anarchy on the nation before, during and after the March 28 presidential election because they know their party and presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari will be dealt a crushing blow by President Goodluck Jonathan at the polls.

“The PDPPCO also wishes to use this medium to alert the nation on the lingering plot by the opposition elements who have been sponsoring their agents of destruction in the power sector to vandalise critical infrastructure in order to reduce the megawatts of electricity that is being generated and reverse the gains that government is making in the sector.”


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  • George Ager.A

    The ramblings of a junkie!

  • Anene Mercy

    These criminals in APC sabotaging our fuel distribution should be arrested and their licenses revoked.

    • niajaman

      How gullible can anyone be to believe this nonsense. Anene Mercy, please use your brain for a second here, please!!

    • amazing2012

      Ok but what is PDP doing to stop them ? Stories ?

  • adonis76

    yeah i don sniff white powder O, i have Boko Haram in my Gov’t yet no body is arrested, if you know these people oga act as a C&C and stop ranting losers.

  • dilim

    The opposition should not be stronger than the government. I support PDP but I don’t buy this argument

    • niajaman

      Please ask yourself again why you are supporting a government that is so desperate to hang on to power, a government that can not even pretend to be dealing with wide spread cases of malpractices and corruption. They have succeeded again in dividing Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines because they want to continue to rule. Ask yourself if there is any sense in that if indeed they are well meaning

      • dilim

        PDP might not have done well, APC divided Nigeria . In bringing alternative for change why did they bring a northerner and muslim . why didn’t they bring a southerner from the east to fight it out with Jonathan. The alternative they brought has polarized the country. tell yourself the truth

        • UNAFFECTED

          Thank God you voiced this sentiment. I have been waiting for someone to open about about the hatred that Southern and Christian GEJ supporters have for the North and Muslims. Many like you have been too cowardly to say what is really on their minds. You forgot that in 16 years of civilian rule, the south has been in power for 13 years and four months. Did anybody ask GEJ to hand power to the north? This is an election and when you make an argument for the youth to rule Nigeria, you should also know that it would come through the ballot box. If you want it, you have to campaign and lobby to get it. And really how did Buhari polarize Nigeria? Who is campaigning in the church and making inciting comments about the other candidate? May be you know the meaning of polarize? Keep hating!

          • dilim

            My dear do you know that from the sixties till Jonathan took over ,Nigeria have been governed by a combination of the north and west lets be fair. I never said Buhari polarized , I said APC by their choice

          • Dan Arewa

            And when Jonah govern, he happened to be the worst ever president to rule Nigeria throughout our history. Just take a look at the state of the country, each and every sector has become a ruin.

          • UNAFFECTED

            Somehow you conveniently forgot that we are practising multi-party democracy and that parties present candidates and not ethnic groups.

          • zacchaeus Akinleye

            Is your drivel related to the issue of fuel queues? Why don’t you go back to school? Irresponsible followers of a calamitous regime!

        • Peter Perceival

          If there is anyone who has divided Nigeria, it is GEJ. I am a Christian – born again, but I know I will not vote for GEJ. I have grown beyond considering tribe and religion in pitching my tent. I would also say that the earlier we expunged such sentiments from our politics, the better for Nigeria. Suppose Buhari had gone round mosques asking Imams to lay hands on and pray for him over the coming elections. What would the country have thought of him? The more I see GEJ running round churches and claiming to be asking for prayer for Nigeria – when he is in fact subtly campaigning for himself – the more I distance myself from him. He and his party have been aggressively trying to divide Nigeria. GEJ is not a statesman. He has shamelessly turned the criminals of yesterday into kingmakers, just because they are his tribes folk.

          I would not vote for my blood brother just because he is my father’s son. I will vote for the person I believe is best placed to address Nigeria’s current challenges. It does not mean that I think such a person is perfect – there is none perfect. It is about who is best placed for the moment, despite his or her imperfections. Let’s stop all these sectionalistic sentiments!

        • August January

          In simple language: APC should have even picked a Christian candidate from Otuoke in order not to polarize the country! Too many political analysts in Nigeria

      • dilim

        I was 10years plus when Buhari took over . If he wins and stays 8years, I will be 51 when he will step down when will the leaders of tomorrow lead. APC insulted the sensibility of the youths by bringing out Buhari in this age of IT and great innovations

    • amazing2012

      You are supporting hardships due to negligence and weakness ?

  • amazing2012

    Fools, we are not interested on who does what ? But how do you stop such mess. You are confirming not to be incharge or weak to handle the Nation. Vote PDP out for incompetency and becoming Story tellers !

  • Spoken word

    Dem no well.PDP don craze.PDP don go loco.

  • Standingfirm77

    These are stories for d gods. It just shows how irresponsible this govt is, giving excuses when concerted action is needed to deal with the situation by puting d plight of the people first. Is this the Peoples Democratic Party or Peoples Destabilising Party? I just wonder….

  • Maria

    PDP are afraid of their impending doom. Even if mama peace could not speak english, APC caused it… animals.

    • Peter Perceival

      Just watch their comments in online fora – Nothing intelligent but always abusive and incoherent. They think they will win the election by being aggressive and blaming everything on the opposition. The opposition does not run the government. If they really believe the opposition is sabotaging public facilities, let them fish out the saboteurs and prosecute them. But they can’t, because the opposition is busy articulating their manifesto – what they would do if voted into power. Buhari has no time for these jobless e-rats.

      • August January

        I really pity Nigeria! I pity you too for real. Honestly, you should be weeping! So, that APC is behind fuel scarcity is the intelligent thing? Why is it that you’ve lost every good part of your thinking faculty to partisanship?

        • Peter Perceival

          I don’t think you read my post at all. Please read and understand before you respond to any post.

  • taiwo


    • bib

      He has forgotten that the oil marketers are the people PDP govt dashed Money through NOI ol subsidy scandal? The friends of PDP that should have been prosecuted are the ones sabotaging pdp because the president is dashing all the money to be used to import fuel to pastors, clerics, tribal and community leaders to help him buy votes for him!

    • Peter Perceival

      Since you are paid based on how much noise you make online, keep posting these lines. “The APC are evil” – Who says? Your paymasters? comón, post more of these senseless statements so you get more money….

  • Peter Perceival

    If indeed APC , not being in power, is so powerful as to do and undo on power and fuel supply, then maybe that is the government we need – a government that can actually make something happen! It is amazing how PDP blames even their burnt pot of soup in their kitchen on APC!

    • taiwo


      • Peter Perceival

        O yeah! Which god will punish me? PDP’s god? Is that how you campaign and debate issues? I see you have a serious problem and are very, very desperate.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    It is more than time these criminal APC elements were injected with Pentobarbital (lethal injection used in executions in America). There must be a limit to desperation.

    • AGA

      You control NNPC, PPPRA, PEF, MOF, MOPR, DPR, NPF, NCS, Civil Defence
      &still claim that opposition is responsible for fuel scarcity? This shows how incompetent the government are

    • SAM .A

      Omo ale, Femi Adekunle Iyafikunya . You are ignorant with your outdated info. Phenobarbital has been withdrawn from the execution cocktail in U.S . Stop misinforming people.

      • sanetalk

        Didn’t you know that his reasoning is out of date on all matters. Just ignore him

  • bootypoppin

    Oboy wahala dey WO…like play like play Na so e dey start WO. Make somebody hold this guy before he loses it completely. Please if you a true friend or family of FFK please tell him the truth even though it may hurt.

    • Ken

      There are proofs to show what he is saying. Why would OandO shut down their Tank Farm? NNPC will fill the gap in two days.

      • dareolu1

        Why would OandO shut down their Tank Farm?…So who owns OandO, Chief Bola Ahmed aTinubu abi! lol!…..abeg no kill us with laughter for here o…confused analysis my friend!

      • bootypoppin

        I am not aware of that. I dont know where you got your sources from But Majority of the petrol Nigeria consumes is imported. As you know we (the giant of africa) do not refine our own oil. Thats why we spend trillions of naira on subsidies. Even if your statement is true, Oando does not contribute up to 10 % of Nigeria’s petrol supply. Closing their tanks will not cause a sizable ripple effect on supply. In the end it is still failure of govt. As long as PDP will take full responsibility and credits on some developments (whether directly related to them or not) they should also be willing to accept failures rather than blaming APC

  • Sani

    Almost all of the Fuel importers are PDP members or their cronies. We have all seen the sort of people I am talking about during the Fuel Subsidy Prove conducted by House of Representatives. I am not surprise that FFK is trying to turn reality on its head by blaming the opposition. Blame game has never reached such a level in Nigeria. GEJ’s regime truly accounts for the complete restructuring of our norms as a people. To the PDP, it is okay for a father to blame his children for not nurturing into becoming good citizens. It is absurd. We want to have leaders who are ready to own up and take responsibility for their actions, good or bad. I cannot recall having heard Obama blaming Bush for the war on terror. The truth of the matter is that not taking account of actions is one key ingredient of GEJ’s regime. They keep saying that some people promised to make Nigeria ungovernable and thus their looking the other way as BH continue to fester for 5 years. I often ask people who hold such position about people promising to make Nigeria ungovernable. Has GEJ done anything to prove his critics wrong about their threat to make Nigeria ungovernable? For over 5 years, GEJ looked the other way thinking he can weaken the North by allowing BH to continue to ravage our communities and kill our people. Little did he know that he is digging his own. It is a fact that the renewed onslaught against BH is a welcome development. It is however, very unlikely to change the fortunes of GEJ in the North. Either by omission or commission, the military is not in any way incapable of routing this menace since from day one. There exists however an agenda of the powers that be to render a whole people unworthy. Thanks to former President Obasanjo and his book. In it, he documented how GEJ refer to Northerners as his enemies and not worthy of any concerted efforts to save their lives. Lastly, it is worthy to note that if GEJ is allowed to govern for another 4 years, he will surely run this country aground. Given the fall in oil prices, we are made to believe life is going to be tough.

  • favourtalk

    Any fault of PDP now must be transfer to APC, on what ground? Who is the GCFR, minister of pertoleun,minister of finance, director of NNPC? And all officers at the federal level? APC also abi? Continue with all those blames ehn, we will use our PVC to teach PDP a hard lesson by 28, GEJ us a gunner. We wants change to do the needful for us

    • AGA

      Good Talk

  • ade

    I have not seen somebody that is as MAD as fani kayoed. What concern APC in this matter? It remains 26 days for you to run away from Nigeria. Honestly, you will spent the rest of your life in JAIL. The first 1 year at psychiatric hospital to treat your madness and later move to maximum prison. At that time, your family that cannot caution you will be sending people to GMB to beg him but it will be too late. omo irankiran, ole-olosha.

  • AGA

    You control NNPC, PPPRA, PEF, MOF, MOPR, DPR, NPF, NCS, Civil Defence
    &still claim that opposition is responsible for fuel scarcity? Shameless PDpigs

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Don’t bother yourself, mate. When all efforts of the opponent are exhausted, they’d resort to mouthing such meaningless excuses as this. Just prepare yourself for the last onslaught of the dying PDPeans. Soon they’d jump from the top of Aso Rock to do a collective suicide rather than surrender to be flushed out and forced to regurgitate our stolen commonwealth. We must deny them such luxury. We need the money to start afresh rather than face the notorious IMF and their very bitter medicines again. Plus, we need to use them as examples to strike the fear of corruption into the hearts of those who might be considering a repeat of such economic destruction of our country in the future…



  • Khadijah D.

    How did Nigeria end up with this clowns?

  • Mr. Abdin

    The level of frustration by the PDP is highly surprising as it has shown their level of failure.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Hollow excuses that tells us that the time for change has come. They have strung all of their strings. Their songs are now not only predictive but empty. Time…

  • Fula

    this guy go soon run enter market naked o….de thing im dey smoke no allow am sabi reality again

  • dankasa


  • omo oba

    Here they go again. A government of clowns.

  • shola

    Femi-Fani- Kayode. Not only you is suffering from schizophrenia.
    Fayose and the entire PDP are also in your club of the mentally disordered.

  • Danbaba ka

    LMFAO. Now APC is stronger than the Govt, if they are this powerful maybe they should be running the country

  • sagereal

    Why is it that APC is blamed for all the govt woes from corruption, BH, insecurity, poverty, unemployment, fuel scarcity etc. This is funny only a clueless govt can reason like that and I wonder why they are in govt. Time for positive Change as come. Change is here to stay enough of all this excuses.

  • JibrilMusagroup

    APC will use any little opportunity to blackmail PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan, I wonder why APC people are wicked and evil eager to destroy Nigeria. APC have been sponsoring their agents of destruction in Nigeria, to vandalise critical infrastructure. APC also destroy Nigeria image in the fight against Boko Haram. It shows that APC as a party is agent of destruction. Long live President Goodluck Jonathan, long live PDP, long live Nigeria. #goodluck4president

    • niajaman

      At least you can read and write, that is something. Soon you will be able to evaluate situations and information for yourself and arrive at a logical conclusion rather than this blind acceptance of everything you hear or read. There is still hope for Nigeria…

  • August January

    Oh my God! When Jonathan should have attacked Boko Haram, PDP kept accusing the opposition parties. And they could not prosecute any of the members of the opposition parties. It was only after almost 20,000 souls have perished that Jonathan realised he needed to stop accusing the opposition, and then he started fighting Boko Haram, so that the fools who are now praising him after waiting for 6 years before realising the capabilities of Boko Haram could give him their votes. Now it is APC again that is behind fuel scarcity. For goodness sake, how did we get here? God, please, deliver Nigeria from PDP and Jonathan

  • August January

    Is their any power supply in Nigeria in the first place? Omo ale!!!

  • Truth

    Yes Ogbeni Fani Kayode. I agree with you. APC and Buhari are responsible for fuel scarcity, joblessness, lack of power supply, too much rain, lack of rain, bad road, insecurity, and even all accidents on the road. It is Buhari and APC who also increased the number of Presidential jets in Aso Rock, Buhari gave bribe to Pastors and others.

    FFK, when will you and your co-travellers start accepting responsibility? Why not just get out and jump into the ocean. You are insulting us man!.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Finance Minister Okonjo-Iweala blames the fuel queues on logistics, pipeline disruptions and an outstanding debt of 185 billion Naira due to the marketers. Now, between Okonjo-Iweala and Certified-Liar FFK, who is believable?