APC spent N5 billion on Buhari’s Chatham House speech, PDP campaign alleges

Femi Fani-Kayode

The spokesperson of President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has alleged that the All Progressives Congress, APC, spent N5 billion to set up a speaking engagement for its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, at Chatham House, London, last week.

Mr. Buhari on Thursday presented a paper titled “Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Africa: Nigeria’s Transition” at Chatham House in London.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday in Abuja, Mr. Fani-Kayode insisted that Mr. Buhari was actually in the U.K. for medical purposes and that his presentation was hurriedly arranged while he was in London and his party paid for it.

“The APC leaders begged for the speaking engagement and we are reliably informed that they paid for it.

“The information at our disposal indicate that no less than N5 billion was budgeted for the London jamboree,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

The spokesperson also claimed the people in the hall at Chatham House on the day were sponsored.

He said 1,500 persons applied to attend the function but only 200 were allowed in.

He added that the audience was carefully selected and that most of them were Nigerian students studying in the Republic of Ireland on a scholarship by the Rivers State Government.

“The students were threatened that their scholarships would be withdrawn if they refused to participate in the rally,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

“This was the show of shame that General Buhari has got himself involved in.

“Sadly Chatham House offered its prestigious platform to sell a bad product to the world.

The campaign spokesperson also said part of expenses for the speaking engagement included numerous foreign consultants, air tickets for the huge delegation, the contingent of governors, hotels bills, the purchase and renting of vehicles and other logistics.

“We challenge the APC and its leaders to contradict this information,” he said.

The spokesperson also challenged Mr. Buhari to face President Jonathan on a debate in Nigeria, since the APC believe he did well during his outing at Chatham House.

He said it is surprising that Mr. Buhari is willing to talk to a foreign audience, as if he is seeking election in the United Kingdom.

“The ‘arrangee’ Chatham House event is another ploy, like the purported London interview, to hoodwink Nigerians and prevent General Buhari from debating in Nigeria. But we insist, General Buhari must debate in Nigeria

“As a party, we are happy over this latest development as it will no longer give Buhari any excuse not to debate when he returns to Nigeria. The APC no longer has any hiding place, but to put General Buhari through a similar coaching course like in the UK, to debate in our beloved country on any media of choice with our candidate, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan” he said.

Too late a democrat

Mr. Fani-Kayode said Mr. Buhari has “finally” admitted that ”democracy is a journey”.

He said it is a pity that it has taken Mr. Buhari 31 years to admit this and voice it.

He said if Mr. Buhari had appreciated that point 31 years ago, he would not have betrayed his own Commander-in-Chief, President Shehu Shagari, and remove him in a coup d’état and take his seat.

He quoted the former head of state’s speech at Chatham House, where he said, “It is globally agreed that democracy is not an event, but a journey. And that the destination of that journey is democratic consolidation – that state where democracy has become so rooted and so routine and widely accepted by all actors.”

Mr. Fani-Kayode said, “We are glad that Buhari is now saying the right things but sadly it is too little and too late.

“The fact of the matter is that he went ahead to truncate that democratic journey and took Nigerians through the darkest period of the most primitive and barbaric form of military rule.

“If he were in South America or Pakistan he would have been either jailed or hung for what he did to the Nigerian people 31 years ago.”

He said it was unfortunate that Mr. Buhari did not take advantage of his Chatham House address to apologise for truncating democracy in Nigeria and that the opposition candidate has done nothing in 31 years to help consolidate Nigeria’s democracy.

“We challenge him to tell Nigerians and the international community anything tangible that he has done in the last 31 years to consolidate democracy in Nigeria.

“Can General Buhari give what he does not have? Can he come to power through the ballot box after taking it through the barrel of a gun?”

The campaign mouthpiece also said contrary to postulations, Mr. Buhari’s outing in London was not all successful.

He said the retired general goofed when he said at Chatham House that he would draw foreign investors to Nigeria.

“If the APC and General Buhari were (not) in sane and in their right senses, they would have known that under President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria has become one of the most preferred destinations for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world,” he said.

He, however, expressed joy that Mr. Buhari admitted that under Mr. Jonathan, Nigeria is now the largest economy in Africa with a GDP valued at $510 billion and the economy rated 26th in the world. He said that was the first time Mr. Buhari admitted that anything good was happening in Nigeria under the watch of President Jonathan.

The former minister, however, added that “General Buhari lied when he said that the Jonathan administration “has created two economies…one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery.”

“General Buhari should have gone further by naming those he knows who live in “their tiny island of prosperity” and who are bankrolling his presidential campaign, having told the whole world that he paid N27 million for his nomination form through a bank loan.

“Regrettably, General Buhari failed to admit the fact that but for the menace of terrorism which he and his party tactically support, our economy would have grown even faster and done even better.”


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  • KG

    PDP chief comedian in action.

  • Jumoke

    Fani Kayode has become the spokesman of Gen. Buhari. He is regretting his expulsion from APC. Psychologists will tell you that ‘Food for Kayode FFK’ is a great admirer of GMB, and is impressed with the Buhari Movement

  • EPO


    • bib

      He is only telling the world what PDP govt budgeted for Dasuki to go to chatham hall. You know members of PDP GOVT have got very deep personal pockets.

  • oche

    FFK at your age cant you find something better to do with your life.you are to childish for my liking.you are irritating.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Trust For Food-only Kayode.

    He is the only comedian I know that tells a good joke very badly.

    Perhaps, he is love with GMB’s family.

    Good thing he was ousted from the APC because he would, by now, be plotting to put his “beastly” mark on GMB’s ravishing daughter.


    This boy is not saying anything!

  • KAL

    “Won ro wipe were ni” … what else to add? The proposition has swallowed the response … oro ti pesi je o!!!

  • Sams

    Hahaha Because of the mentality of people in PDP, they believe everything is about money and bribes. This is Chatham House we are talking about. By the way, when the NSA, Sambo Dasuki, delivered a lecture at the same Chatham House, how much did the federal gov paid for it???


  • omo oba

    Honestly this guy has gone mad. I doubt if he has any other thing to do with his life down raining abuses on Gen Bihari. He is just destroying Jonathan already destroyed name and PDPigs. I wonder why they now have sleepless night with this man. I thought they said he could not win election.that they will win in 29 states. So why is pdpigs spending so much energy on Gen Buhari. Touch not my anointed.

  • abc

    I wonder if this guy have no children that will tell him ” Daddy you are embarrassing us o, our friend in school always laugh at us wo”

    • Omerigwe

      …as I dey look this your grammar, e be like say na Katsina college you sef for finnish. Na God go deliver una. Like Duncee, like supporter.

      • truth is bitter

        E be like say you no go school at all oo.

  • Arewabetter

    I hope APC supporters will not respond to this shameless and barefaced THING called femi-fani kayode. The cartoon below says everything about this impudent THING.

    • Arewabetter

      Shameless THING called femi fani-kayode

  • endingNaija

    Femi Fanikayode, you claimed you went to somewhere in UK to study. Please someone should correct me if I am wrong here. If truy you were sent to UK to study, sadly you have not displayed here the appropriate suave culture, civility and couth of a trained graduate-talk more of a British trained one. Please let me say upfront here with a bit of control that some of us who visit PT and comment come here to see some truth, civility and good conduct on commentary. But it is disgusting to see you Femi Fanikayode lie from both sides of your mouth- such that we cannot even differentiate anymore between you who has a money laundry charge on his head-though presumably a British trained person, Buruji Kashamu-an alleged drug peddler, Obanikoro, a petty mind in Lagos and a military supported election rigger, and Ayo Fayose who constantly betrays his low education and who is waging a major battle to keep his Nigerian military conducted rigged “success” in the Ekiti poll.
    Now please get some education Femi, the “educated”.
    a. Chatham house is NOT a Goodluck Jonathan type of Nigerian Institution. It means you cannot use your corrupt OIL MONEY to buy Chatham House the way your candidate Goodluck Jonathan is using stolen Nigerian money to desperately buy Obas and Pastors especially in the South west the last minute of the campaign. See how Goodluck Jonathan BOUGHT and DESTROYED CAN? No one can do that kind of thing in UK, and you cannot BUY Chatham House. It is just the law in UK.
    b. Chatham House is NOT a Goodluck Jonathan type of Nigerian Institution which is influenced by the President-see what Goodluck Jonathan turned a major institution like the military into? No, Femi the “educated” the Chatham House IS NOT LIKE THAT.
    c. Chatham House IS NOT a CRUDE Goodluck Jonathan space where stolen OIL MONEY “talks”.
    a. The Chatham House is a center of excellence for research on, study of, orchestrating of local and International public issues and policies-academic, practical and theoretical. The Chatham House midwifes the orchestration of discourse for public consumption. After that, civilised members of the society take on the issues.
    b. Femi boy, since you need some education on this matter even though you claim to be a UK trained person-this is it-this will help you. The Chatham House will be very close to our Institute of International Affairs in Lagos during its golden hey days of INDEPENDENTLY leading and orchestrating public debate on major policy issues of global significance. I hope this helps you bobo Femo.
    c. I do not know under what INFLUENCE you were in when you said the Chatham House event was a “rally”. Femi, you clearly need some help here. Things are really getting bad with and for you. What happened INSIDE Chatham House is called in English language LECTURE. It is not called a “rally”. You may call the paid “protest” (of your party PDP and of Goodluck Jonathan ) OUTSIDE CHATHAM HOUSE “rally” of the un-convinced and “rally” of the paid! But what Buhari gave INSIDE CHATHAM HOUSE IS CALLED A LECTURE and NOT a RALLY as you IGNORANTLY said. Even if you must justify your pay with Mr. Goodluck Jonathan you must pay attention to the English language and its use. IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE, A LECTURE IS DIFFERENT FROM A RALLY. Mr. Buhari gave a LECTURE. I advise you Femi to go back to your dictionary and check for the meanings of “rally” and a LECTURE. Also, please have a dictionary beside you next time when you want to spew this non-sense you spew all the time.
    a. If in your own words, the Chatham House received 1500 responses from potential attendees, it means Mr. Buhari’s lecture was OVERBOOKED!!! That is a credit to Mr. Buhari and his handlers. Please you have used your own mouth to say this. So please acknowledge this and at least concede and give some credit to Mr. Buhari and his handlers.
    b. Femi, do you remember what the Chair of the lecture said after Buhari finished and was about to leave? The Chair said to the audience “em em please allow the General to leave first… …. em em the General needs to speak with journalists outside..I know everyone will like go out… but this is UK and not Nigeria…. please allow the General to leave first…’ That is a subtle classic British sharp remark on potential inappropriate conduct-fortunately NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE happened in terms of the conduct of the audience. But my point is that even the Briton is saying ‘THIS IS UK AND NOT NIGERIA” So? Femi, Chatham House IS NOT a Goodluck Jonathan type of Nigerian institution. IN western societies where they respect their people THERE ARE BUILDING CODES. So if the auditorium has a particular capacity, in western societies where THERE ARE CODES, you CANNOT go beyond the SEATING CAPACITY of the auditorium Feeeeemmmmiiii! Please tell your paymasters this if they do not know. This means even if you bring your STOLEN Jonathan OIL MONEY and you want to pay to enter, after the seating capacity has been met, there is NOTHING you can do! It is UK and NOT Nigeria-so do not cry! You can use your oil money to manipulate things in Nigeria under Goodluck Jonathan. But you cannot do that in UK.
    In concluding and comparing two countries and two senses of PUBLIC ETHICS, I want us all to recall when Diezani Alison Madueke-President Jonathan’s Oil minister DASHED Bayelsa PDP 70 million Naira for a one day rally for Mr. Jonathan. Here I am calling our attention to public ethics, procedure and protocol in civilised societies like UK. This will help Femi to know that even if anyone brings stolen money, he/she will NOT be allowed in after the OFFICIAL capacity of the auditorium has been filled. Femi Fanikayode, IT IS THE LAW! Femi, procedurally what DIEZANI did with 70 Million Naira CANNOT HAPPEN IN UK OR ANY WESTERN SOCIETY. NO BRITISH MINISTER OR AMERICAN SECRETARY HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE. IF ANY OF THEM HAS IT, NONE WILL JUST OPEN HIS/HER ACCOUNT AND DASH A CAMPAIGN RALLY 70 MILLION NAIRA THE WAY DIEZANI ALISON MADUEKE DID. Here I am talking about protocol, procedure and public ethics that govern civilized societies and NOT Goodluck Jonathan type of society. And sadly when someone objected to how Oil minister Diezani Alison Madueke just gave 70 million Naira away to a one day rally like that, a PDP and Jonathan person (and you Femi could have said that!) said “eh what do you mean… what is 70 million naira to Diezani Alison Madueke? Diezani? She has more than that… 70 million Naira is nothing to her…” This PDP/Jonathan person MISSED the point, the way your candidate Goodluck Jonathan MISSED the point for SIX years as our President. This is the reason Nigerian voters are saying that your candidate MUST LEAVE ON MARCH 28.
    Does this help you Femi? I know that you must justify your pay serving the most corrupt President ever in the history of Nigeria-Goodluck Jonathan. But next time if you must write to justify your pay, do some justice to the British education you claim you have by reading and thinking before you write.

  • ayo

    FFK has really transformed to a supper intelligent model.kudos to you FFK.buhari is indeed a big fraud concorted by tinubu and elrufai with Amaechi to defraud Nigeria. Buhari has lost every form of integrity and decorum for fraternizing with tinubu arguably the god father of high level corruption in Nigeria, atiku who obj called thief,obj who his children described in utterly despicable and immoral terms,amaechi who had looted rivers without mercy,bukola saraki who looted Kwara dry and stole public money in societe generale bank fraud.these are the companions of GMB simply because he want to be President. Shame on buhari for making himself a laughing stock and a public disgrace even at 73.The good part is that Nigerians irrespective of tribe and religion are now united in decreeing that ADONIJA shall never be our king.buhari should refuse to be dragged like a dead horse the obj drove yardua so he can go and manage his fast decomposing body .buhari must be told that he can’t escape the recompense of the blood of the innocent children, pregnant women,young and old violently murdered by his boko haram because of his desperation for power.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.


    I just wonder how and why an unrepentant coup plotter and heartless human rights violator like the old tyrant Buhari should be talking about delivering democracy,stuff like this only happens in Nigeria and it is so unfortunate.

    Buhari should be charged,tried,most probably convicted and punished for his serial human rights abuses and treasonable felony of coup plotting which led to the derailment of democracy in Nigeria,it is such a sad paradox that a man of that grotesque pedigree should be on the ballot of any respectable democracy !!

  • Prince Ogboru

    BREAKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Buhari is a child crawling at 72, he has nothing to offer” – Patience Jonathan

    Every one knows that the future belongs to the youth. The age bracket of Presidents all over the world is known to every Tom, Dick & Harry, except in continent Nigeria where the a certain region MUST be accommodated at any cost at the expense of standard practice and many times, RULES! Strange! Yes!… But it is true.

    One who has been dormant for 32yrs after he was chased out with the gun with which he sacked a democracy becomes an aspirant who claims to love Nigerian more than they love themselves but love the British audience much more…that he refused to offer himself to the people in a debate with Great Jona but to charlatan house where the audience ‘has value’.

    ….a child will always behave like one. Faka is right after all!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Exam Question:

      (1) What is “great” about Jonah? Enumerate and illustrate with cogent examples.

      There would be loss of marks for waffling.

      • Prince Ogboru

        …another Katsina college product…

        The question is wrong. There is technically nothing like ‘cogent example’.. I hereby instruct you to correct your question….I want to believe I have already gained marks for being proactive!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Obviously, your sabi too know is a direct influence from the University of Otuoke where students dictate to lecturers.

          You are rusticated.

          • Philip Musa

            counter FFK… that is all that’s required you!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            By taking crack and seeing the kind of mirage and hallucinations he is experiencing?

            Get real, bruv.

            You don’t catch a monkey by trying to run up a tree as well.

      • Awule

        Goodluck scored 0/100 is a failure to young generation

    • SAM .A

      You are one of the Students of Hippopatience language,did u translate above statement to English from Ijaw or Plincipl na u only waka comu . . Show me your your teacher, I will tell u the kind of student.Have u ever seen a 72 year old child , that is crawling in your village or Ijaw creek ?

  • Mosaku 147

    Even Jonathan’s UN jamboree with over 600 delegates and madam Dezeani keeping rooms in different hotels did not cost the FG N5billion (£14million or $22million). How on earth does this FFK think? Could this gist of “white substance” be true? Is the Ooni saying there is nothing the elders of ile-ife can do to help and rehabilitate him? I pray he doesn’t take an overdose soon because I will hate to see him take the easy way out.

  • CY

    The struggle for Presidency is simply the struggle to control the oil & natural gas resources of the Niger Delta & Eastern Nigeria by the resources-less North & West. Pure & Simple….How can apc spend that much when many Northerners are in displaced persons camp due to Boko haram’s activities which apc tacitly supports.

    The so called mumuist CHANGE mantra is nothing but that which is analogous to the cry of an Oliver Twist. Suddenly disillusioned by the fact that they now contribute nothing in terms of liquid capital to the Nigerian federation, they band themselves in an unholy alliance comparable to that headed by Brutus against the Capitol. PDP members of Northern extraction have all moved to APC. Some Ex-PDP from the West have moved too. So, the election is not based on manifesto or principles but ETHNICITY & REGIONALISM. Pure & Simple!

    But will the Niger Delta fold its arms and allow this to happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

    We have asked for RESTRUCTURING ….& ….RESOURCE CONTROL…..I want to be able to sell my oil by myself & pay tax to the centre. This is the ideal. Even if the price is 50cents or N100 per barrel but those who own the resources should have ABSOLUTE control. Anything to the contrary is treasonable.

    • segun

      Then why does your Ijaw President-Goodluck Jonathan- go to other people and states to campaign? Why cant he just stay in Otuoke and win the election staying there?

      • CY

        He has to play your game and beat you to it! …Pure & Simple!

        Una go see ‘sheygey’ this time around. This is not 80s or 9s, this is 2015….where information is available to all…where you can take breakfast in Ughelli, Lunch in Paris and dinner in Honolulu.

        We know what we are worth. So, your opinion is irrelevant. Look at the statistics below and tell me which regions have destroyed Nigeria.

        No of yrs in Presidency from 1960 – 2015 by Regional Distribution
        North = 39 yrs (9 presidents = Balewa,Gowon, Muritala,Shagari,Buhari,Babangida,Abacha,Abdulsalam,YarAdua,)
        West = 11 yrs (2 Presidents = Obasanjo, Shonekan)
        East = 0 yrs (Nil)
        South = 4 yrs (1 President = Jonathan)

        ….Should we allow them to come back? Nooooooooooo….. . NEVER!

        • Concerned

          And look how the country has been bought to its lowest ebb with just 5 years of JEG – there may be no Nigeria left if he is allowed to continue

  • SAM .A

    FFK a peddler of falsehood, a fabricator of lies and a rumor factory just established by Jona & PDP .A man whose reasoning faculty is in complete disarray. Kayode you are one of the few inhabiting that tiny corrupt island, Okupe , Metu, Abati are your neighbors . You went to answer to your criminal money laundering with police escort . You and your cohort should continue to live in your fantasy island till 3/28. The reality is here on March 28 when Tsunami of CHANGE will sweep away your island and leave behind an Ocean of equal opportunity , sound economy ,Zero tolerance for corruption & security for all.

  • Concerned

    Wow – FFK again not only is he adept in insulting those older, wiser and more righteous than him.

    He is now libelling internationally renown institutions like Chatham. How can you beg such an organisation?

    That the event was 7 times over subscribed is a testimony to GMB’s popularity given that the bidding for entry to the event occurred over less than 48 hours

    Of course the attendees were selected and comprised a cross section of politicians academics journalists and others from across the globe.

    I saw the event on live stream and it was packed to capacity with several standing guests and I was for once very proud of Nigeria’s performance on a global stage

    Not wanting to dignify FFK’s errant rantings with a response – can he please tell us how much GMB paid to appear at Chatham House when he was invited in 2011?

    Or how much Dasuki paid Chatham House when he announced his intention to postpone the elections last month?

  • Awule awule

    If this ( oley ) FEMI KAYODE is insane we Nigerians are not , please we should allowed him to talk if he didn’t talk how came he get part of the PDP lute. Is working for his money

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    FFK is a game changer! All the spokespersons in APC combined cannot match this Cambridge-trained lawyer. And, I am inclined to believe FFK because APC has deceived Nigerians before by taking a photo of Buhari at Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja only to claim that the pic was shot in London. Why is this Islamic Party so devious and dubious? It is God that gives power. APC and Buhari seem set to fail – yet again.

    • Funso

      Orafidiya ọmọ àlè.

    • Concerned

      No one can match FFK with his lies and misrepresentations !

    • progress

      Omobastarrd. A liar per excellence!

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,

      If the game is about lies and propaganda, yes your hero FFK is a game changer indeed ! The pic below says it all about his game changing prowess.

  • Concerned

    Let’s assume for a moment that the N5bn which he initially implied was paid to Chatham then broadened to cover the while trip – is not the blatant lie it is .

    Can he compare that with the over N20 billion raised in one night in a fundraising event for the PDP?

    Not to talk about the trillions stolen under GEJ ‘a watch

    FFK is revealing PDP’s despotic and totalitarian tendencies by insisting a person must debate by force – everything is do or die!

  • Concerned

    One of many tangible things that GMB has done is become the figure head and rallying point of the change movement – bringing hope of a new dawn and the end of the reign of corruption that PDP represents

  • Wetin Naija

    How can GEJ make Fani-Kayode that is facing embezzlement and money trafficking cases in court his spokes person. That shows how dirty this GEJ is

    • Charles Owolabi

      It is the same way you have el Rufia who is facing corruption charges in court is contesting elections to be governor of Kaduna state.
      It is also the same wAy you have Tinubu a certified thief as a party leader in the APC
      It is also the same way you have Bokola Saraki a confirmed thief talking for APC
      Abeg leave matter.

  • Denko

    That must be very rich coming from a wastrel govt. I am actually relishing the PDP tawdry drama. March 28 can’t come soon enough to relieve these clowns of their misery.

  • progress

    Pls APC ignore this mad dog.

  • Aloy


    • Scatter

      Yeah, we are also waiting for Dumbo Dumbo to show us his PhD thesis.

  • the truth

    Ffk has changed the game.ffk comes with facts while lie lie Mohammed is always lying.I am neither a pdp or apc supporter but since ffk crossed ship,apc has been on the defensive.more news like this premium times

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar, I thought you claimed to be neutral ? WHat facts as your paymaster come with ? Was it N5b FG/PDP pay for NSA Dasuki to speak at same Chatham house last month ?

  • Otile

    Wallahi, Rivers state has wasted a lot of precious recourses on an old useless imam who is bound to fail again.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè ni Otile.

  • Oleku

    Elections will be held in Naija sha, not in Jand so Imam Buhari should go down to Naija and tell the Nigerian electorates why they should vote him. And he should also take advantage of his London jamboree to obtain his credentials from Cambridge ati present it to the nation-cheers

    • bootypoppin

      What were the campaign rallies and the town hall meetings for? Were they to pass time or to tell Nigerians what they can do for them if elected? I have been paying attention to western rhetoric and it seems none of them included saying or suggesting that Buhari did not go through their institutions of learning. A lot of people believe what they want to believe if it fits their conclusion but why does the responsibility of his missing certificate based on his claim on affidavit lies solely on him? I mean is it impossible for the military to lose or dispose of his papers whether intentionally or unintentionally? Are our military highly involved in politics or not?

      • NO to thieving

        The rallies and meetings were to shout “change” without explaining what they want us to change to from the phenomenal, positive change we have already undergone under GEJ.

        • bootypoppin

          Its obvious that u were not interested in listening to what any candidate from the party u dont support have to say. Rallies in Nigeria are mostly roudy. While PDP shouts Power! APC shouts Change. But in town hall meetings they lay down their plans and attendees ask them questions. They also have their manifestos which they refer to off and on. Its also available on their website. They also publish their plans in newspapers in response to current issues affecting Nigeria. Now whether you agree their plans are sound or not is another thing but if you claim that they have not opt out their plans then it means you are just being ignorant to that fact. You know what they say ” in an information age ignorance is a choice”.

  • uduakomiri

    This Fani Kayode’s obsession with APC and Buhari is becoming very silly. I can understand that throwing dirt at an opponent during a tight election contest is part of political campaigns but focusing 100 per cent of your party candidate’s campaign on an opponent just shows PDP off as lacking any concrete strategy to woo voters. By going to the press to level one childish allegations after another at Buhari is starting to portray the PDP as desperate, aloof, arrogant, hysteric, and above all disrespectful to Nigerians. Fani kayode’s endless rant about APC, to be honest, is fast diminishing whatever pool of undecided voters who might consider voting for the PDP because it has become obvious that fani kayode is only interested in throwing dirt at the other side. Fani is presenting PDP as weak, unwilling to explain to Nigerians the party’s policies, he is showing off pdp as incapable of selling their policies to Nigerians, and as such making daily disparaging press statements about the opposition becomes the only worthwhile thing to do. It’s baffling. But then, if PDP is a rational party, its members ought to be suspicious because it looks more like Fani Kayode is working at cross-purposes with the PDP. It is more than a coincidence that while the campaign director of APC goes round the country and across the world to sell an otherwise difficult candidate to sell, Fani is not even trying to promote his party’s candidate, add the fact that Fani kayode hurriedly left APC to hitch a ride on PDP’s campaign train. Fani is a APC SPY. There is something fishy about what Fani is doing. Methinks he is an APC spy planted in the heart of the PDP to rubbish it from the inside. If he is not a APC spy, then for refusing to sell his own candidate, he must be the only extant species of moronic political dinosaur in the whole world

  • Scatter


    Absolutely disgraceful! Typical of this grass-smoking, coke-snorting, ex-mental home patient. An effort to discredit not just General M Buhari and the APC, but also an internationally respected research centre just because it held an event that Femi and his paymasters didn’t like and tried to disrupt, thanks to a bunch of disreputable and foul odour smelling guys.

    How did Femi come about his figure? Where is the evidence that the APC directly or indirectly paid for the crowd that attended the event from Nigeria and from within the UK? Where is the evidence that Chatham House staged the event because the APC paid for it?

    Perhaps, Femi Fani-Kayode, the rent boy of PDP-era politics, would tell us how much Colonel Sambo Dasuki, the National Security Adviser to Goodluck Jonathan paid when he was invited to speak at the Chatham House recently.

    That is the kind of trash that we have come to expect from this shameless gigolo. It won’t be long before he makes his late father look like a small-town puritan!

    • Mathematics made Easy

      …but he has 6 O’Level credit passes in his Waec…Including mathematics…and he never forged a certificate or had drug money pass through his account in UK like the gbana major. Besides, taxi driving is an honourable job.

      • Scatter

        You think so? How do you know he has 6 O Level credit passes in his WASC? Ever seen his purported certificate and, if you have, how do you know it wasn’t forged?

        Also, how do you know drug money never passed through his UK bank account? Do you share the same bank account?

        Certainly, you cannot deny he was (and possibly still is) a grass-smoking, coke-snorting ex-mental home patient out on license?

        • blueeyedkitten

          perhaps, he is fani-kayode himself. that fani-kayode has been roaming the internet with a fake pseudonyms….defending every point made against the president, or himself.

          • Scatter

            You bet!

            And just in case you are indeed right, here is a simple but clear message from even my dog.

      • Abdul

        He is a product of expo and by the way, has he return all that he stole?

        • Charles Owolabi

          Abdul femi got As in his o’level and As in his A levels. That is how he got into Cambridge University to do an LLB degree. It is also important to know that he obtained a second class upper degree from that same university and also obtained an LLM from the University of London. Surly if he was a product of expo he would not have been able to get such qualifications from these two excellent universities.
          Please also note that this same femi passed with good grades from the Nigerian Law school.
          I think you should do your research before posting nonsense here.
          Further it is not uncommon for students to do all sorts of odd jobs to help urgument the money sent from home.
          It is more honorable to have your son work than to steal and hand the money to him as IBB has done.
          IBB we all know is considered the father of corruption in Nigeria. Nigeria started its downward fall in all spheres when he took over power.
          Femi is surly not a product of any quota system. Always remember that .
          You may call he any other thing but intelligent he is

          • Onike24

            You are wrong about Femi, where do you people get your information from? Femi before drugs, and Femi after drugs are different personalities.

          • Charles Owolabi

            please look up FFKs cv on the Internet.
            FFK is a very bright fellow that is not in doubt.
            He may have some bad tarts but bright he is.
            It is also not in doubt that he attended one of the best institutions in the World- Cambridge University.
            You can not enter into Cambridge unless you have meet the minimum entry requirements. The UK is not Nigeria where people enter into institutions based on a quota system.
            You can also look up through the freedom of information act his performance at the Nigerian law school
            This fellow did well.
            He is a silver spoon kid. He had the best of education in the public schools in England before going to Cambridge.
            That a person is alleged to have used drugs at some point in his life does not mean he is not intelligent.
            It is also important to note that he continues to be an effective social commentator in the Nigerian political space. He was so effective APC used him however he left that party because of personal conviction when it became clear that the APC was pursuing an Islamic agenda.
            Hate Him or love him this man is bold and firm

          • Onike24

            Look, Femi is bright, he went to Harrow and was thought of as leadership material, he is a third generation Cambridge man, his father was born in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea in the 1920’s, so to call him Silver spoon does not even describe him at all, his spoon was Platinum, but the question is how does a man with his background become someone with a high nuisance value? His battle with drugs is well documented, but to start telling lies for your own end is evil. Do you know that his mother was born into a Muslim family? Do you know that his best friends and benefactors are Muslims? He lies and lies and lies. The reason he left APC was simply because he was not trusted by Bola Tinubu and quickly realised that he wouldn’t be more than a ” floor members”, off he went back to the PDP with ” intelligence” garnered from his time at APC, Femi will do anything for money, simple as….

          • Charles Owolabi

            On ike he is my personal friend.
            I would agree with you that he may have had problems in the past but to say that he is not intelligent or did not get through school from a dent of hardwork is completely false.
            I can tell you for free that he made 5 As in his o’level and two As in his a levels .
            He is very bright. I hate when people try to twist facts.
            The issue is not also about his mother coming from a Muslim family. We Yoruba don’t really pay attention to such issues. It is not uncommon to see brothers of the same parents who follow different faiths in Yoruba land. One may follow the mother who may be a Muslim and the other the father who may be a Christian.
            We Yoruba are very advanced. These issues of religion are treated as a personal matter.
            It may also interest you to know that even till today femi has friends across the entire country.
            Last year when he took on the ibos , it would shock you that he ran back to his Ibo friends when he wanted to make peace. Indeed he came to the IBO meetings to sue for peace.
            I do not support femi in all he does or says but for you and others to try and paint a picture of a demon is wrong and grossly unfair.
            I would also tell you that his biggest benefactors are not Muslims but easterners – Ibos. Yes you may find it shocking. If you insist I would give you 2 names check it out and let’s talk
            On Tinubu who would trust such a man?
            I fellow who lies so much we don’t even know his real name?
            At least Femi has Honor and pedigree.
            Tinubu has non.
            It was also a gross miscalculation on the part of APC to have such a fellow leave the party.
            If Buhari looses and we know he would a lot would have been because Femi has managed to drive a dagger deep into that Presidential mission
            He is a formidable opponent to fight.
            Look at the Buhari Certificate issue has it disappeared?
            Every time Buhari stands up to talk what go through you mind- there goes another illetrate- that is Femis hand work.
            In the end people like Femi end up having the best of things. They live on their pedigree. Period

          • Scatter

            We are getting somewhere … you admit you’re Femi’s intimate. I am so sorry, but without wishing to cast any aspersion on you, your defence of Femi is at best contradictory, and at worst dishonest.
            That a man or a man-child like Femi will so viciously, maliciously and recklessly attack his chief benefactors for his own personal purposes or those of his paymasters is hardly a good testimonial in any decent society.
            There is a demon in his head. It’s about time you advise him, if indeed you are a true friend, to check in once again at his former psycho home in Ghana at the earliest possible opportunity. I wish him every good luck.

          • Charles Owolabi

            you make some bogus assumptions that would never happen
            Keep day dreaming that Nigeria would vote in An Islamic Fundamentalist as President at a time when the world is fighting this great evil.
            I also refer you to el rufias statement on Buhari. A man who he said remains unelectable. A man he called a fundamentalist . A man who used retroactive laws to kill 3 young yoruba boys. A wicked soul who wants the baboon and the monkey soaked in Blood.
            A Boko Haram supporter who said that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North. He never spoke up against the killing of Christians in the North
            A man who put the great Obafemi Awolowo under house arrest for no reason and jailed pa Ajasin.
            A man who spent over 90 percent of the PTF budget on the north and spent only 3 percent on the SW.
            A Tribalist who voted against his fellow country man for the position of OAU Secretary General preferring a Fulani from Niger Republic. Buhari took tribe over country. He forgot the words of our national anthem- though tribe and tongue may differ in brother hood we stand.
            A forgery expert who presented Nigeria with an Oluwole certificate.
            A quota general who allowed 25 billion Naira to disappear from PTF
            No my brother he can never win
            Our prayer is that once he has lost that he only goes home to cry and not incite the young to violence
            Let’s see at the polls my brother
            Those who have to be worried are the el rufias Tinubu Amachi and saraki
            There would be no mercy.
            This clueless man as you call him would suddenly have clues.
            Trust me.

          • Scatter

            Hehehe …. I knew it! Femi you have blown your cover by yourself. Just cut it out NOW!!
            You shout Jesus’s name to high heavens in vain, only so that you can cover your heinous and shameful atrocities. This will surely catch up with you before long.
            Just reflect, go back to your recent past, compare what you wrote above with what you’ve written in the recent past. In Jesus name, ye shall not have a hiding place. The day of reckoning isn’t far too off. Trust me, too.
            Celebrate what you may while there is still time. But all I want you to remember for now is make a note of this chat. The evil that men do, we are told, lives after them.
            If you have any scintilla of honour or shame, don’t ever go back to the El-Rufa’is, Amaechis and Sarakis of this world when the come come to become (apologies to the late KO Mbadiwe).
            In their various ways, they did all they could to oblige your importunities, to support your false lifestyle, but you still betrayed them just so you could continue to satisfy your whims and caprices.
            I dread your fate. I can only pity you, for only you can save yourself from yourself, assuming it is not too late already.
            Fare thee well, my friend.

          • Charles Owolabi

            scatter now I think you are high on something.
            What makes you think I am FFK.
            Femi does not hid
            He is bold. He is not one of those people who hid’s behind a pseudo name trust me.
            There is nothing to fear I tell you my brother but fear it self.
            In the end PDP would win and those who would come begging are Amachi el rufia and Saraki
            I hope we can talk on that 28th. Maybe I would invite you over for a victory party.
            Make sure you identify your self as scatter.
            I know you would enjoy the party.

          • Scatter

            You wish! Keep dreaming … Your real nightmare maybe about to start. And you won’t avoid it by postponing the elections once again. Good luck to you.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Scatter promise me that when you loose the baboon and monkey would not be soaked in blood?
            We did not postpone the election INEC did to ensure that others in the various geopolitical zones got their PVCs surly you would not suggest that we disenfranchise over 25 million Nigerians.
            The North West is not the entire Nigeria Scatter.
            Now we can have a good election.
            Jega has failed
            We have been able to reposition our message and are leading in all the polls.
            Scatter elections are not won through social media postings?
            It is also not won through the print media. It is a grass roots affair.
            We dominate the grass roots and your general is about to bit the dust a fifth time.
            See you at the polls.
            Remember you are invited to our victory party.
            Just use the name scatter. You are still by brother.

          • Scatter

            Hehehe … I am enjoying this.

            Femi, you have to pose your question to the baboon perching perilously on Aso Rock. So I understand your fears well well.

            Alas, they will come to pass. Trust me. Even that crude and vile woman who goes by the ridiculous title of Dame Patience has warned you of what to expect.

            But since you’ve apparently become friendly, I will put in a good word for you with the likes of El-Rufa’i, Rotimi Amechi and Bukola Saraki so that you are given a nice suit in Kirikiri when the come become the become.

          • Onike24

            He is your friend? Femi? Haha, you clearly don’t know him, I have never said he Was not clever, read my posts, what pedigree does his have? His father was a weed smoking thug, infact Fayose is a nothing compared to ” Fani power”! You are not the only one that knows him, the things I know about Femi cannot be printed! He is a disgrace to put it mildly.

          • Charles Owolabi

            onike remove the speck in your eyes before you remove the log in another persons eye.
            You remind me of the Pharisees always pretending to be righteous.
            I only wish people knew all the dirty things you have also done it may be probably worse than Any thing Femi has done.
            Since you have never sinned Onike , keep to your self and let Christ save us the sinners.

          • Scatter

            You’re right, Onike.

            When a child adds more shame to his father, neither deserves any respect. For if the child had been properly brought up, he wouldn’t drag his father’s name into the mud or sink it deeper in it, as Femi is doing.

            Femi certainly makes the Pharisees look like small-town puritans.

          • Charles Owolabi

            I demand an apology.
            We are Yorubas remember?
            There must be a basis for interaction.
            If you do not apologize then I would know that you are not yoruba but shameless imposters.

          • Scatter

            No prob!

            Let Femi first apologise for his gross impudence and insults towards General Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Lai Mohammed and many others.

            If he doesn’t, I will know that he is a true Yoruba schooled in respect for elders. I also know I am older than him.

            Fair deal?

          • Charles Owolabi

            Onike I also doubt that you are a true yoruba.
            We don’t insult our elders. We also don’t insult the dead
            If you are a true yoruba I demand an apology now.
            You have no right to drag Femis father into this discussion
            It is wrong and done in bad faith.
            If you don’t tender an apology right away I would never reply any of your postings again
            There must be respect even when you disagree.

          • Onike24

            Oroko rere San ju wura ati fadaka, those words were drummed into my head by both my parents and grandparents and numerous Aunties, uncles that brought me up. Why should I apologise for the truth? I am Yoruba but that also places a burden on me; nkan ti ko da ko ni oruko meji ( a bad thing is incurably bad) so I do not intend to offend but the truth is the truth, the sad thing is that Femi himself will soon be a grandfather, what legacy does he leave for the his own progeny and their children.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Onike I don’t ever want to speak to you again
            You were badly brought up.
            You are proud and arrogant.
            Please focus on your wonderful life and leave us sinners alone.
            We acknowledge that we are sinners and are seeking forgiveness and mercy from our creator.
            Surly we are comforted by the fact that the bible provides a way for us sinners to avoid eternal condemnation.
            No matter what you say or think there is hope for sinners like me.

          • Onike24

            LMAO! Why are you so pained? Otito is a biter pill to swallow.

          • Scatter

            You got it! It is actually Femi F-K himself posing as Charles Owolabi. Ever had a Yoruba person bearing only Charles Owolabi? See our chat above, pls.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Scatter I demand an apology for you insulting FFKs father right now
            You have absolutely no right to insult his father in this discussion
            If you say you are Yoruba you would immediately do the right thing
            Note that in these discussions we are guided by Yoruba customs and tradition
            Apologize now

          • Scatter

            Fair enuff.

            Let Femi first apologise for his gross impudence and insults towards General Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Lai Mohammed and many others.

            If he doesn’t, I will know that he is NOT a true Yoruba schooled in respect for elders. I also know I am older than him.

            Fair deal, right?

          • Charles Owolabi

            scatter you have failed to do the proper thing.
            FFK was not the first to insult any one it was that Almajari Lai Mohammed who started it all.
            Remember that all FFK asked for was for a fair deal for the Yoruba within the APC.
            The major bone of contention was the adoption of a Muslim Muslim ticket for the race.
            Tinubu had tried to impose an impossible condition on the party.
            It is because of FFK that the APC now has some semblance of order.
            Hate him of love him the APC has adopted some of the recommendations he made to the party leadership.
            I also suggest that you look up FFKs age before you start jumping to all sorts of conclusions about who is older than who.
            Scatter I can tell you some thing for free. The APC leadership has absolutely no regard for Buhari. He is just a figure head Being used in a sinister plot- trust me.
            That plot could back fire on a he Yoruba Nation
            We did it once and got away with it. This time it may prove disastrous for us.
            Think about it. Don’t just close your mind to careful analysis.
            Further it is important that as an ethnic nationality that we keep the lines of communications open with our brothers in the Niger Delta.
            The political equation in Nigeria has changed for ever. There is no North as we once thought. There is now talk of a new South. All those states Benue Taraba Nasarawa Plateau to name a few are no longer considered as the North but form the new south.
            The constant killing of Christians in these States by the Fulani has changed the political equation for ever.
            Scatter this was not caused by FFK. It is the reality on ground.
            Further do you think the Fulani are still in charge of the country?
            I want you to know that the Niger Delta is no longer prepared to accept the second class position they have occupied all through Out Nigerias political History
            Scatter embraced by their eastern brothers who are intellectually superior to most ethnic groups in the country the Niger Delta has found a voice that can not be ignored.
            We must keep our lines of communication open
            If Buhari Looses this election and it is likely what would be the faith of our Nation if we all are in APC?
            Scatter do you now understand?

          • Charles Owolabi

            Scatter what makes it right for one man to determine the entire faith of a party?
            Is It proper to have just one person dictating to others because he is the one providing the money.
            Money acquired fraudulently?
            In any party there are financiers and there are the strategists.
            Here you have one person who wants to dominate the party- call the shots become VP
            Pick half the ministers. Select who becomes minister for Petroleum- he wants his brother Wake
            Select who becomes AG of the federation – the current APC vice presidential candidate
            Scatter the list is endless.
            We would never accept such a situation Period.
            I would stop here but you know nothing at all you are just a follower period.

          • Scatter

            Looks like you have a beef with Bola Tinubu. But are you a member of APC? If not, what’s your wahala? Afterall, fake Dr Dumbo Dumbo has done worst things in the PDP. He even harassed and barred anyone from contesting the presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party so-called. Very shameful, absolutely disgraceful in the 21st century.

          • Scatter

            “Bold and firm” indeed. Effective he may also be — as an irredeemable nuisance that his pot-making father was to Chief Awolowo and the Yoruba in general. Anyway, whatever!

            Femi Fani-Kayode is still “my boy”, according to Uncle Sege. Give him food and he will sing for you — as he is now singing for the Ole of Otuoke.

          • Scatter

            You write as if Femi’s academic record is on public display, which it is not. So you are probably either him or his intimate; or just spewing nonsense.

            In any event, Femi may well be a poor Nigerian version of Einstein. But this still is irrelevant to decent, ordinary or patriotic Nigerians. The fact is he is and remains a grass-smoking, coke-snorting ex-mental home inmate out on license.

            He is, above all, a political rent boy and agbero presently on hire to the most inept, thieving and morally bankrupt regime Nigeria has ever had. An omo ale jati jati, who even his now deceased pot-smoking father may well wonder if, in fact, Femi is his progeny.

            What a shame, what a tragedy!

          • Charles Owolabi

            Have you smoked any thing with FFK before?
            I guess you are one of those who just spill out nonsense that you have heard.
            Local beer palour jist.
            Femi is no saint I agree but he is not dumb as people have tried to make him out to be.
            He is very intelligent and mentally switched on.
            When he sets his mind on a mission it is always accomplished
            See how APC is sweating because of FFK. Buhari has not got a days rest.
            He is still battling his certificate issue because of FFK. A great Omoluabi
            FFK is a true politician who understands Nigerian politics you may dislike him as much as you want but he remains ever relevant
            Remember that this fellow who you call all sorts of names has been a former minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
            What about you? Have you ever been a minister? Who knows you?
            Who knows your father?
            I would not insult your father because he has done nothing to deserve insults.
            We Yoruba always respect our elders but I want you to know that you are way out of line insulting FFKs fathers
            I ask that you respect your self and immediately tender an apology.

          • Scatter

            Hehehe … what a joke. Yes, I am a nobody, so is my father. But neither me nor my dad is the weed-smoking, coke-snorting type.
            True. Femi was a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But only because Uncle Sege wanted him to sing for him and he did. But then Femi also lined his pocket,, went off with and hid in his native home some Mercedes Benz jeeps that were ostensibly bought for a project under his Mnistry. That’s not a creature I would to be like.
            If, in fact, Femi is a true Yoruba man or even a Yoruba man-child that is schooled to respect his elders, he wouldn’t be showing the gross disrespect he does towards Buhari, Asiwaju, Lai Mohammed and countless others in the name of politics.
            But, then, we know Dumbo Dumbo has put some crumbs on Femi’s laps, so he is singing and singing. He also wants to avoid going to jail for his ministerial crimes.
            We know, too, that until he joined the Jonathan campaign, he was so hard up he couldn’t pay his lawyers for his case with the EFCC.
            Femi, stop deluding yourself.

  • curtney


    Last week, there was a massive protest against Boko haram in Chad. The week before, it was Niger Republic which protested against the terrorists. Only yesterday in Cameroon, over 10,000 demonstrated against the blood thirsty Islamic terrorists from Northern Nigeria. …But in Nigeria, the leaders of the North canvass for amnesty for the terrorists….and the pastor’s wife organizes mass demonstrations against the President and not the terrorists…. and the opposition leaders elsewhere join hands with the incumbent to condemn terror & fight terror. But in 9ja, the opposition party is with the terrorists. … So why are we like this? Is Nigeria really a country?

    • Scatter

      Yes, Nigeria is a country. No, the APC opposition are not with the terrorists. You are lying to yourself, and you know it.

      No one is demonstrating against the Boko boys because Nigerians a re not fools. They know who is feeding the Boko boys with arms and US$s to massacre innocent Nigerian northerners, Muslims and Christians alike — that clumsy and simple-minded pretender in Aso Rock!

      The then Adamawa Governor, Murtala Nyako, said so some moons ago, but he was vilified and hounded out of office. The chickens have finally come home to roost …

      • Charles Owolabi

        Scatter look at your posting do you really believe yourself.
        How delusional. This is politics at its worst.
        Nyako a confirmed sponsor of Boko Haram pointing fingers and you believe him.
        Scatter are you a Yoruba?
        I seriously doubt it.
        You elevate lies to the position of truth.
        How sad.
        These Fulani are the most deceptive people on the face of the earth. It is in built into their DNA.
        Do ever forget Afonja.
        Scatter the killing of the innocent has been supported by the Fulani take it or leave it.
        I fault GEJ here. He had security reports and should have acted a long time ago by arresting all these Northerners and putting them inJail.
        He allowed these evil men to continue to room the North fermenting trouble.
        He should have taken the advice of countries like Israel and dealt decisively with this group and their sponsors from the very beginning.

        • Scatter

          Charles (FF-K) Owolabi, that’s your true colour coming out. A shameless, self-seeking and egoistical tribal jingoist but makes so much noise about going to Harrow, Cambridge, etc and being cosmopolitan, and having a Muslim mother , etc, etc nonsense. You are really nothing more than chicken sh*t! Continue on your destructive path and you would soon return to where you came from in Ghana. Omo ale jati jati!

        • Scatter

          Charles (FF-K) Owolabi, does it matter whether I am Yoruba? This is not a Yoruba forum; it’s a Nigerian forum. Femi, I have nothing but scorn and contempt for your tribalism and bigotry. How sad someone made the cardinal error of letting you pass through the gates of Harrow, SOAS and Cambridge. Very regrettable!.

          • Charles Owolabi

            I can not understand your rambling. I thought we were having a productive discussion.
            I suggest that you try to be civil in your postings
            I have never insulted you and don’t intend to.
            What we are discussing is far more important than personal insults.
            Scatter we are talking about Nigeria here and the thousands of innocent souls that were murdered by these animals called Boko Haram.
            We are also talking about how the some prominent Fulanis have supported Boko Haram.
            That’s what this discussion is about
            How the baboon and Dog got socked in blood if you get my drift

          • Scatter

            Charles (FF-K) Owolabi, if you had thought we were “having a productive discussion”, you’d not have gotten the impression that I was “rambling”, or indeed failed to understand that I wasn’t.

            I apologise if you think my language to be uncivil. It is not, and never meant it to be. It is just that I won’t accept your pretentions of ethnic superiority and talking about the interests of Nigeria and all of its peoples all in the same sentence.

            No true Nigerian will think of any sub-nationality other than his or her own as inferior to any other. Incidentally, even though you only claim to be a friend of Femi Fani-Kayode, it happens that your thoughts as expressed in this thread coincide exactly with what Femi has espoused in his writings, most especially about the ‘nasty’ Igbo and Hausa-Fulani. But, then, birds of the same feather, it is said, fly together?

          • Charles Owolabi

            Scatter it is wrong to bring up issues that are personal in nature when we talking about national issues.
            again I totally agree with you that no culture is superior to another however certain cultures promote excellence.
            A good example is Ibo culture that is rather republican . Individual effort is respected and acknowledged by the group. These acceptable trates in IBO society has helped to drive productivity and creativity.
            I deeply respect my ibo brothers who are self motivated and self driven. Their society also allows for a degree of upward mobility that is absent in most cultures in Nigeria.
            This does not mean that I he ibo do not have faults that must be pointed out
            As the saying goes it is only a close relative who can tell his brother that his mouth is smelling . Somehow I have often found myself doing just that to people who are not From my ethnic group
            My intent has always been to act as a reality check on the excesses seen.
            I hope you understand.
            My intent has never been to look down on any group.
            As a Christian it would be wrong to do so.
            The goal is to ensure that my postings reflect a true position of the issues raised. Some of it I agree may be hurtful to some groups but if you reflect deeply you would find truth in what is written.
            Scatter note that I have never explicitly said that any group was inferior to the Yoruba.
            However deep down you would accept that the yoruba have been a blessing to Nigeria.
            We have always been the moderating factor in the politics of Nigeria and as such created the balance that is required for national development.
            Our position is clear on development- we like our Ibo brothers beleive in a society built on merit.
            That is the only way to go. It is sad to note that sections of the country are still demanding privileges after 50 years of independence .
            That is unacceptable and I intend to fight against this nagative and retrogressive trend.

          • Scatter

            Charles (FF-K) Owolabi, if only you believe and write the way you do here, you won’t shoot your mouth into trouble. Much of what you say here has validity, though I sense an effort to ingratiate yourself with the Igbo (I spell it with a ‘g’ — Igbo, not Ibo).

            Yes, the Yoruba are a blessing to Nigeria. But so is every other sub-nationality in their different ways — art, culture, learning, music, history, language, trade, dress, food, abilities, outlook, etc. None is an island by itself, and one or some parts is/ are not better than the whole. So, it’s important to focus on what Nigerians of all shades and hues can give to Nigeria, not what they alone can get out of the country.

            When you talk of the Yoruba being a moderating influence or force, I anot quite sure what to make of it. I guess in the political sphere? Hmmm … the people in much of what is called the Middle Belt would disagree with this. Historians, too (and I am told you said you’re one?), would disagree with you. Modern Nigerian history does not, I believe, have some pretty things to say about what some call the “Wild Wild West”.

            So, there you are. Sadly, some upstart and pretender in Abuja is trying to wreck all that has been done to build the Nigerian nation if he cannot force himself on the society just because oil is found in his part of the country — if the the people there ‘sow; the oil.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Scatter the people are Ibos and the language spoken is Igbo. Please note this correction.
            You say the man forced him self on society?
            This is grossly unfair. Please don’t get me started.
            He won a duly contested election. He beat GMB. This is part of our recent history.
            Secondly you talk as if the contributions made by that section of the country is just marginal.
            This is completely disingenuous of you.
            Our entire development as a nation has been because of the resources from this section of the country.
            Name it – Abuja, Modern Lagos, our infastructure etc the monthly allocation from the federation account to the 3 tiers of government. It is all from oil receivable.
            Please have respect for that section of the country.
            83 percent of all the oil blocks in the country are owned by the Northern s in a country where their section produces no oil . Yet you say GEJ is being forced on Nigeria.
            Who has forced what on who. I demand that you examine your head correctly.
            We live in a country that My Brother Fela described as Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop.
            That has been the relationship between the North and the South.
            Let me ask you a simple question- what section of the country has ruled this nation the most since our Independence?
            Is that position of President reserved for only one ethnic nationality?
            Please don’t push me
            I hate to think that you are a bigot.
            Be careful .
            I have warned you now.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Yes it does matter to me if you are Yoruba.
            We yoruba are taught early in life how to deal with one another. We are also taught the value of respect and its reciprocal effect in developing relationships. There is therefore an unspoken understanding between our people about acceptable conduct and behavior even in the most difficult of times that most other ethnic Nationalities do not have.
            So it is very important to know who I am discussing with.
            Hope you understand

          • Scatter


            Charles (FF-K) Owolabi, I do understand you pretty well. But I reject and scorn the racism and bigotry inherent in your assumptions and conclusion. The “value of respect and its reciprocal effect in developing relationships”, etc, is what any civilised and decent culture would ordinarily accept as proper. If a White person had said the same to you as a Yoruba or any member of another ethnic nationality, you’ll no doubt accuse him/ her of racism and bigotry, and I so hold. So, please, cut this out.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Scatter I demand an apology from you.
            I have said nothing to warrant such hash words.
            Kindly tell me what in my statement is untrue?
            Do you resent the fact that I have stated the obvious?
            I truly would like to understand you.
            I am lost

          • Scatter

            Charles (FF-K) Owolabi, thanx for making my day! You made me chuckle not a bit. I offerred you an apology even after you called me a rambler. And you are still asking for more. Abi, are you as greedy as your two bogey ‘tribes’, the Igbo and Hausa-Fulani?

            Now, I am always glad to oblige you if my doing so would make you happy. What is so manifestly wrong with your outrageous claim is that it is false. The Yoruba or any other Nigerian ethnic nationality or ‘tribe’ are not superior in manners to any other.

            Your opinion is plain prejudice. You may actually hate yourself if you were to know what others think of the Yoruba, which maybe just as nonsensical as your claim. What you call obvious is just your own imagination. It lacks anecdotal evidence, not to mention scientific validity.

            It used to be said that General Abacha, a northerner was a big thief, as were all northern presidents or Heads of State. Maybe, maybe not. But we now know better Your old oga is certainly a grand master in the game. As for your present Oga, the Ole of Otueke, he is in a class of his own He presided over the biggest public accounting scandal in world history!

            Hope you are no more lost, are you still?

            Ps: Oh, btw, can you help us locate where the PhD thesis of HRH Ole of Otueke is, please? No one has found it, however how hard they have tried. Maybe, even the title and year of submission would do nicely. I remember Uncle Sege say recently him no gettam.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Scatter I am glad that your true colors are now coming out.
            It does not matter what your little mind thinks of the great Yoruba Nation
            Great descendants of oduduwa.
            Your group can never match our accomplishments.
            That is fact- most other groups are just plain jealous of the Yoruba that is simple
            We stand ready to go it alone- let us split up the country and see who suffers.
            You really make me laugh.
            On GEJ
            Have you seen his WASC result? This is the minimum requirement to be eligible to contest.
            Grade 1 out of 8 subjects offered the man made 7 As
            for his 1st degree the man made an upper second- 2.1
            For the masters degree the man made a distinction
            And for the PHD his research project has been there ever since.
            The university of PH has come out to say clearly that there were 3 copies of the thesis submitted to the school.
            A copy was kept in the library while the department has a copy .
            The acedemic board has another copy.
            They have offered to provide a copy to the PH weekly – a local paper -that demanded a copy since the thesis suddenly disappeared from the library.
            Let us wait
            This man has nothing to hid unlike Buhari who is only contesting based on a quota arrangement. lOL

  • Jide

    This FFK should shut up and stop exposing PDP ways..he really thinks all parties act like PDP. He will follow Bode George to go on exile once APC takes over so he should shout all he can now

  • King Carlos

    He’s telling us the amount the federal government spent to have NSA Dasuki speak at the Chatam house. Imagine a campaign spokesman speaking this much about an opposition candidate. They just dey campaign for Buhari.

  • otapete

    A lie a day.

    • Scatter

      It’s a lie an hour sef! It’s Femi’s and PDP’s oxygen. I lie, my broda?

      • otapete

        It is a sign of desperation. Jonathan had 6 years to prove himself but started pointing fingers. When Nigerians say your game is up, you are just wasting time. Babangida ,Obasanjo etc are good examples except he wants a Somali result.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    How much did PDP paid for Dasuki in same Chatham. If APC spent N5b to arrange this, it worths it. PDP £20,000 spent to arrange the protest totally embarrased the nation.

    Let PDP spents same amount to sponsore Jona to deliver speech in Chatham

  • dude

    These PDP folks have been in power for so long, gotten too used to spending big and having access to so much money that billions have become chicken change. With Pounds Sterling at he rate of N340, the alleged N5 billion equates to £14.7M. This FFK guy’s mouth will say absolutely anything without consulting his brain. I don’t know how much (if any) you have to pay to speak at Chatham House but from the very nature of the Institute, I don’t see how you can pay more than £50,000 that is if you they ask you to pay at all….

  • favourtalk

    This ma just open his mouth and talk anything that comes out of his mouth,anyway that is what he is been paid to do, Nigeria deserves better than a lab rat and tools of GEJ to continue to feed us. We need a nigeria who has the country interest not the one that get paid to lie to us and decieved the country. We need change and good leader

  • salako

    This guy has lost it all apart from the nonsense he has been saying all this long, now he is becoming a blackmailer. kolo mental. mak una help this guy ooh he is becoming something else oohh abeg.

  • Sith Lord

    i just love this fani-kayode guy, whenever theres bad signal on DSTV and my kids cant watch cartoon network, disney channel or comedy central i just tune in to a station where FFK is being shown so that my kids can entertain themselves.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Shame on FFK; imagine the kind of children this mad fellow will raise…he needs urgent medical help

    • taiwo

      you are actually the one in dire need of help,shameless e rat of a youth busy fiddling and abusing people while supporting an old grandpa to take over what is due to his generation.olodo

      • NV Danmola

        Tell me, is Buhari’s age the only problem you have with his candidacy? If it is, then you seriously need to take a break from alcohol. Sober up and see the systemic mess that this country currently is in.

        • taiwo

          i can challenge you to a debate on the achievements of this government any day because i am not one of the victims of your devilish propaganda and falsehood disseminating machinery. Buhari is not and can never be an alternative to GEJ. EVEN if he were to be young,educated and with no health issues.We all witnessed the fiasco of a regime he had in 1984

          • NV Danmola

            And the incumbent regime is not a fiasco, to you?

  • cadian

    Thank God this is coming out now.
    It shows that the ruling party have spent over this amount to plot the election postponement.
    We all know the postponement begins at Chatham House when the NSA gave his presentation.

  • Eniola Adeola

    Election is in Nigeria not in Chatham house,Buhari and his cohorts are just wasting the little money they have left.Up GEJ.

  • taiwo

    “Regrettably, General Buhari failed to admit the fact that but for the menace of terrorism which he and his party tactically support, our economy would have grown even faster and done even better.”I read this statement several times over,ample truth.This APC scam is really getting worse by the day but my only joy is that those stolen monies they are busy throwing away in the name of marketing their bad product will at the end of the elections and their eventual defeat go a long way in limiting their capacity to commit evil by sponsoring more bombings

    • david

      why cant ur mumu president arrest all the APC that u believe are d boko haram and prosecute them? Jonathan must be a real MUMU.

    • Scatter

      Keep dreaming …

  • malik shaibu

    So how then will Buhari fight corruption when he knows that all these men that spent so much for his campaign needs to recoup their losses.The yorubas must ensure that Tinubu loses lagos so as to stop him from recouping his expenses through their monthly allocation and his toll gates must be dismantled ASAP

    • Tope Alabi R

      Don’t worry @Malik we are already waiting silently for him,on the 11th he will hear from us.JK is okay

  • Isa Aliyu

    If they can pay up to #5 billion to arrange for an ordinary presentation, I can imagine what they will do to our resources if given the opportunity. we say “NO” to All Progressive Criminals A.P.C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anene Mercy

    APC is a fraud. Spending 5billion naira on frivolity just to cover the ill health and London treatment of Buhari is irresponsibility of the highest order. What a shame that instead of admitting that pa Buhari went for medical care in London, APC has to waste about 5 billion naira to cover it up.

  • Eniola Adeola

    This same cabal Called APC is the brain behind all the calamity faced in this country,the sponsoring of boko haram,sabotaging the power system in this country,vandalism,fuel hoarding in various filling station just to fustrate the effort of Mr president,this group of people do not want to grow and move forward,the truth is out and we must reject them and throw them out of this country for we grow and move forward.Vote GEJ for transformation and progress.

  • Victor Gee

    Chaiiiiiiii, 5billion naira to cover up Buhari’s sickness. But God is not asleep. Since after the Chatham house, Buhari is still missing in Nigeria, what is their excuse again?

  • Tope Alabi R

    The problem with Nigeria is localised in the yoruba land and is traceable to this group of men with questionable background who are not free borns and who behave as such.This group of omo ale(e.g Tinubu and Obasanjo) has succeeded in exporting their gross misconduct and insatiable quest for power and material acquisition to the nation as a whole having managed to do so successfully in yoruba land

    • Scatter

      Only an omo ale jati jati will speak like this about his elders. You cannot be a true Yoruba. You just don’t have the Yoruba culture and sagacity.

      • Tope Alabi R

        you are the proper omo ale for accepting crumbs from Tinubu and selling your destiny

  • Eniola Adeola

    Buhari you are still in London and we the youth of this country who know the value and importance of education in the country are asking you to please bring your certificate as your coming back or better still borrow money from tinubu or Amechi and buy yourself a certificate as you good in buying them,please we do not need a recommendation letter.

    • Scatter

      Yes o, Buhari. The youths are indeed waiting …

      And please look for where Dumbo Dumbo’s non-existent PhD thesis is also deposited so that you and Nigerians can learn from his two-Kobo wisdom and bad SS3 grammar.

  • Victor Gee

    The same man who truncated democracy and derailed the democratic process can not be allowed to benefit from it. If Buhari wins, it will be a bad precedence to our political journey.

    • Festuso

      Did you know that Senator David Mark, your Senate President, was in the top military hierarchy during the IBB regime? He has been the Senate President for nearly eight years teaching you all how to practise DEMOCRAZY….and he is now planning to go for a third term as Senate President. Talking about precedence….think before you speak please!

  • Etang Chris

    Buhari is in the middle of confusion now. he should step aside and attend to his failing health. He needs his health more than the presidency. Let him quit now.

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    On Thursday at Chatham House, London, Buhari said he took responsibility for what happened under his dictatorial and draconian administration. If he indeed meant that, why did he not apologise for the atrocities that took place under his watch? .Why has he not apologised to Malam Shagari up till date and to the family of late Umaru Dikko etc.Some of us that have grown of age witnessed the jubilation that welcomed the overthrow of Buhari dictatorship by IBB in 1985…

    You can put lipstick on a pig; it is still a pig.

    • Law

      Just as we all celebrated when Shagari was overthrown then. I could remember vividly because Nigeria was being driven into coma by the polity of the day. Yes the corrupts celebrated Buhari’s overthrow which I think you might be one or perhaps you might be too young then to remember all the detailed account.

      • shamsudeen sadiq

        bloody liar

        • Law

          How were you then because I was of age and know what happened perhaps you have been misinformed. But I would advise you to research for the undiluted facts but you start post sentimental rubish online.

  • Etang Chris

    APC where is Pa Buhari?

    • Scatter

      He is still in Oyinbo country looking for where the PhD thesis of the fake Dr Dumbo Dumbo is deposited so that he and Nigerians can learn something from the two-Kobo wisdom and SS3 bad grammar of the great Dumbo the cheat, liar and pretender.

  • onyekaokorie

    where is Pa Buhari? Is he still at the Chatham house? Well Obj is now with Buhari, I expect him to organize a rally where he will put a call through to ask, “Buhari they say u are dead, are u dead?

    It is a pity that north doesn’t want to learn from the past.

  • suegbe

    Of what use is a ”Basketmouth” that cannot mouth run 24/7. FFK is a foremost brand of negative basketmouth, the biggest ever in Nigeria today and he must always run his mouth, spewing rubbishes before consulting his senses. THat’s the way basketmouths are wired especially, the negative ones.

  • Hassan Lawal

    ….now,i want to believe this guy is truly on some hard substance,probably cocaine.Too bad! He’ll need more of that after the race in March, most likely.

    • Scatter

      You bet!

  • Scatter

    Femi Fani-Kayode, what really is your problem? Is this really what you get to teach your unfortunate kids?

    Now, since we are talking about who is paying what and to whom, we might as well ask you some simple questions. Answer them if you dare, even though any of your false aliases on the net.

    1. Did you ask President Jonathan to give you N6.5 billion as your budget for his presidential publicity campaign?

    2. Did President Jonathan for quite some time refuse to see you, and you resorted to attacking especially General Buhari in order to attract the attention of President Jonathan?

    3. Were you promised N1.5 billion as your publicity budget instead of the N6.5 billion that you requested?

    4. Finally, is it true that you have so far received N250 million only as your publicity budget for the Jonathan campaign, as they don’t trust you because of your treacherous nature and as Jonathan is actually using the TAN to prosecute his campaign?

    Once again, dare to answer the above questions directly or via proxies …

  • AdemolaO

    N5 billion of dirty money moreover.

  • Fillip

    5BN isn’t much when you know he stole 2,8 billion dollars when he was head of NNPC in the 70s.

  • Scatter



  • Nnah Inyang

    Thanks for this Article, these are my thoughts exaclty

  • Egbu Yugo

    Sigh! Having entertainment never stopped the development of other humanities