How Buhari’s administration will fund social investments, safety nets – APC Campaign

Muhammadu Buhari

The APC Presidential Campaign Organization, APCPCO, has assured that it will not impose any harsh tax regime on Nigerians but will rather employ existing tax policies of government to fund its people-oriented programmes.

In a press statement by Garba Shehu, Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organization, the party said that under the present administration of President Jonathan, the Nigerian people and the business community are reeling under multiple, discriminatory and harsh tax regime.

The prevailing harsh tax regime under the present PDP government has caused untold hardship on the population while manufacturing industries in the country are threatening to shut down their operations because of the high electricity tariff imposed on them when they depend largely on generating sets to power their factories (See the cover story in The Guardian of Thursday, 26 February 2015).

An APC administration will make life more bearable and manageable for both the citizens and the business sector by entrenching discipline in Public Administration across all sectors of governance. Second, the party will plug all loopholes through which public funds are being lost. When these loopholes and accompanying wastages are plugged and corruption reduced to a minimum or totally stamped out as promised by our presidential candidate, General Buhari, the government will have reasonable quantum of funds for social investments programmes in education, health, and safety nets such as free school meals for children, emergency public works for unemployed youth and pensions for the elderly. Third, an APC government will seek to ensure that all existing laws and policies on taxation will be implemented judiciously while tax authorities and administrators will be encouraged to do their work with the utmost transparency.

The PDP is obviously scared of the credible alternative which the APC represents and will go to any length to lie to Nigerians on any issue including those on which the APC has not expressed a position. The majority of Nigerians are looking forward eagerly to the advent of an APC administration as a panacea to the deceit and fraud that has characterized the administration of the PDP in the last 16 years.

In view of the mood of the nation and the glaring cases of stealing, corruption, fraud and looting that is the character of the present administration, we advise the PDP spokesperson to save his breath and make the burden of change and power transfer lighter by advising his party and their government functionaries to start preparing hand-over notes!

Garba Shehu

Directorate of Media and Publicity


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  • Ozed

    Corruption is a bad problem in Nigeria. However, it is not measured. Any quantity that is not measured or measurable is open to over estimation or under estimation. Thus monies saved from reduction in corruption cannot really be quantified and so cannot be reliably used to plan for a credible social safety net program.

    In any case if we want to be practical, the savings from an anti corruption program will take at best 2 years to accrue, and will accrue bit by bit over time (because it will require a complete re positioning of the EFCC and Police special fraud units as well as a rejuvenation of our judicial system). meaning this social safety net program might not kick off before the next campaigns from year 3 (2018).

    How will you explain this to the populace whom you have promised ‘heaven and earth’. Once more APC is showing very shallow thought processes regarding their manifesto.

    • bib

      Just fancy billions that go in minister of petroleum plane chatter, billions of naira cost of running presidential jets,Trillions bogus defence budgets, trillions on import duty waivers, etc. These are drains that can be easily plugged by a disciplined govt.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Besides these, the costs of removing certain recurring items from the Aso Rock budget alone would be considerable.

        Items such as furniture, kitchen utensils, generators et al are repeated every year in Aso Rock budget at billions.

        There are so many others in the little print and details that @Ozed appear not to be taking into consideration.

        Just imagine how much would be saved with this practise duplicated across so many tiers of government in Nigeria.

        As GMB/PYO rightly surmised, it is not an issue of the resources, but how it is managed.

        • Charles Owolabi

          Other ways include the return of money obtained illegally by prominent Nigerians- that is to say recovery of funds obtained through corruption .
          We must start with the following Nigerians
          El rufia
          Bokola Saraki
          Buhari- he should give account of the Missing 25 billion Naira at PTF
          If we are able to recover the he billions of Naira that these Nigerians have stolen directly from our treasury I am sure any government in power can fund its social programs

          • mahmudu

            You have forgotten the 300 billing dollars missing during GEJS 6years in office.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Mohammed or Mahmudu which one do you prefer to use for your own Oluwola certificate?
            Please tell me where you got that amount from.
            Second question – does your state contribute one dollar to the national treasury?
            Please tell us how much this country generates in foreign earnings each year and the principal sources?
            This is what happens when you are a product of a quota system. You really can’t think.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Charles, you deviated off track and became partisan.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Kay are you not partisan in your posting.
            I only pointed out that the recovery of stolen money from the above individuals would help pay for social programs.
            Is there something wrong with that.
            Is there something wrong in asking Tinubu to refund the 5 billion Naira he collects for himself every month for the past 8 years from Lagos State
            Or is there something wrong in asking Bokola to return the over 90 billion Naira he stole directly from SGBN to fund his campaign for the governorship of Kwara state.
            If that is being partisan then so be it.
            I expect you as a senior Lawyer and a true omoluabi to ask the right questions.
            We all can not be slaves to Tinubu

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Sure, Charlie.

            You are not partisan, by your own word, just enslaved to Jonothing and the PDP.

            It is okay if they keep the NNPC and the CBN as their personal ATM.

            I concur. Not.

        • bib

          Thank you. We didn’t even talk about false papers NGO used to pay fuel subsidy.

    • Amir

      Stopping oil theft alone can fund the moderate social programmes of the APC. Nigeria paid N300 billion yearly on oil subsidy under Obasanjo, we are paying about N2.1 trillion under Jonathan. The beneficiaries of bourgeois oil subsidy are the sponsors of saTAN rally all over Nigeria. If these loopholes are plugged, we will have enough to initiate comprehensive reforms in our education sector. We also have monumental corruption taking place at Inland Revenue (VAT), and Road Safety. Did you know a federal department like the Inland Revenue share ‘excess revenue’ from their fake yearly receipt figures? Every Nigerian wishing a driving licence or renewal pays about N12,000 while N6000 is remitted to the federal government. If corruption is eliminated at FRSC, more than 1/3 of unemployed Nigerians can be gainfully employed there at N7000 cost per licence!
      Think about this and vote wisely according to your conscience, and realise that democracy survives when you are not driven by sentiments to make your choice. You help an incompetent person when you refuse him an opportunity to waste your life and progress. Nigerians are not born to wait for their president to learn how to lead.

  • bib

    Yes. Plugging the drains and leakages alone shall create a boom that can allow any disciplined govt enough revenue to improve the quality of lives of ordinary Nigerians.

  • ayo

    This APC guys are taking Nigerians for their bankrupt almajiri hooligans that are following the sickly buhari about,it is very funny listening to APC tales by moonlight every day .is indeed one week one fable by APC in its desperation to decieve Nigerians.for APC to be talking about plugging loopholes and fighting corruption while dining and winning with the god father of corruption tinubu,atiku,obj,amaechi,elrufai etc is like taking treachery and mischief too far and peddling deciet to a rather ridiculous level.APC is an axis of evil full of deception, blackmail, propaganda and falsehood peddling. Majority of Nigerians have seen beyond the media propaganda of APC and are united in saying and decreeing that ADONIJA shall never be our king no matter the clever lies . is on record that the states with the highest tax yoke in Nigeria are APC begins at home.APC is a big fraud.

    • Mosaku 147

      Anywhere I see your comments I always feel sorry for your parents because I can’t just imagine or wish my greatest enemy your kind of a child. Kpele oo,didirin.

      • ayo

        You are a treacherously mischievous bigot.God can never bless you with my type of a person because Gods curse is upon you and your generation for joining hands with blood mongers,murderers,religious bigots ,looters,haters and blackmailers to undermine our nation .

        • Mosaku 147

          To your prayer that God should not bless me with your type of person as a child,I say a big AMEN. I will wait till 28th March to see who Gods curse is upon knowing already his curse is upon you and will remain with you and your likes forever IJN.

      • alabi olubunmi

        He is not yoruba. Don’t b deceived. That’s y he did not reply in yoruba

    • Investigator


  • Gideon Orkar

    Harsh Fed govt taxes? Has Shehu been drinking kunun tashi? What will he say about Lagos and other APC states then? APCS and lies sha!!

    • david

      Have u been to PDP states like Ondo, FCT snd others and see tripple taxes dat is even worse than Lagos, U even pust Train in ur DP, u must be a member of PAPA DECEIVE PIKIN (PDP). Vote for change

      • Gideon Orkar

        Have you been smoking Janjaweed ?

  • evi

    Shehu should first talk about apc states and lagos in particular that are busy destroying small businesses with multiple taxation and harassment from their thugs in tax office. They tax everybody from akara seller to pepper seller to bread seller and okada riders. Small businesses that can’t survive the huge tax from lagos state are closing shop .Even to put up a signage in front of your office or shop comes at a huge cost.

  • favourtalk

    PDP should just leave this country for us, we can’t continue in thier harsh way,weneed a better. Country with good leader and transparent government. We need chnage now