Jonathan, PDP to blame for Nigeria’s fuel scarcity, worsening electricity – APC

The APC Presidential Campaign Organization (APCPCO) has condemned the recent and sudden emergence of fuel scarcity and fuel queues in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and some parts of the country, as well as the recent gross reduction in the hours of electricity supply across the country by electricity providers describing it as sad reminders of the failure of the PDP Federal Government.

The party wondered how a political party which has been in power for 16 years and which is unable to ensure that its citizens enjoy regular fuel supply being an oil producing and endowed country and electricity having privatized the power sector and given generous financial assistance to operators of the power sector can still feel confident to seek another term in office.

In a press statement Garba Shehu, Director of Media Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organization, the party said that the glaring and inexcusable failure of the PDP government in these two important areas is a sign of gross ineptitude, maladministration and corruption which is responsible for the sorry economic state the average citizen of Nigeria has found themselves.

For the people of Nigeria to be again confronted with the specter of fuel scarcity so soon after the harrowing experience of last Christmas period shows that the Jonathan government can never get anything right as Nigeria will continue to be an embarrassment among the oil producing countries of the world. The issue is that being unable to set up even one new refinery in the past five years and unable to get existing refineries to function up to 50 per cent capacity, the people of Nigeria surely need another set of people to be in charge of affairs. Those who man the two critical sectors of fuel and power are cronies of President Jonathan and supporters of the PDP that they have no reason to discharge their mandate in favour of the Nigerian people.

We all remember the hype and fanfare with which the privatization of the power sector was carried out and yet majority of Nigerians are having less electric power or none at all but are forced to pay outrageous electricity bills to the operators of the power companies who are either card-carrying members of the PDP or are close associates of President Jonathan. 

To add insult to injury, the Jonathan government has also given billions of naira to these operators under the guise of assisting them to improve power supply, without result. And this happened after the sector had been sold and the facilities handed over to these private operators.

We of the APC demand that the Jonathan government and his party explain to Nigerians the reason why fuel scarcity and blackout should persist making life a hell for Nigerians, despite huge investments and policies put in place to eradicate these problems.

In a separate statement, the APCPCO also said the return of fuel queues at filling stations is a confirmation that the policies of the Jonathan administration are founded on deceit and insincerity.

It explained that the recent fuel price reductions announced by the Federal Government was borne out of political expediency, rather than compassion, because the ruling party is desperate to cling to power at all costs.  

The statement signed by Garba Shehu said all the emergency projects and palliatives being bandied about by the Jonathan government are intended to pull wool over the eyes of Nigerians.

According to Mr. Shehu, a PDP administration that greeted Nigerians with an unprecedented fuel price increase of N140 per litre in January 2012 has lost the basis to be trusted any further by Nigerians.

He explained that the APC Presidential Campaign was not surprised by the sudden return of fuel queues at filling stations in Abuja and other major cities.

He said the return of fuel queues, which are causing undue hardships for passengers, motorists and other Nigerians, has made nonsense of the recent Federal Government’s announced reductions in fuel prices.   

Mr. Shehu added that the PDP’s artificial show of compassion towards Nigerians in the face of imminent electoral debacle should not fool anyone.

The APCPCO explained that a ruling party that once boasted of its invincibility is now confronted with the reality of imminent defeat, which it said, has shattered the false sense of security which until recently, deluded the ruling party into ridiculous overconfidence.

According to the statement, all the current PDP emergency reliefs or projects for Nigerians are borne out of the fear of defeat rather than genuine compassion for the Nigerian people.

Describing the Jonathan government as “notoriously unreliable,” the APCPCO said any policies founded on deceits would collapse and expose those who thrive on duplicity.

Mr. Shehu said that the return of fuel queues was like an accident waiting to happen because the recent reductions in petroleum product prices by the Jonathan PDP administration were not based on sincerity.

The APC presidential campaign said the scales are dropping from the eyes of Nigerians day and after day, and that they are embracing the imperatives of change for a better Nigeria.

Garba Shehu
Directorate of Media and Publicity
All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign


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  • Spoken word

    You know you are in a failed country when you get excited when you get electricity for 20 minutes in one week.

  • warry

    APC are you not tired of lies, propaganda, deceit,misinformation,manipulations,half truths,repeated lies?

    • eddy

      R u not tired of fooling urself?

  • Uzoma

    You didn’t give them credit when there was near constant electricity in most parts of the country or when you could just walk into any filling station at any time of day and fill up. Now you want to blame them when you are no longer enjoying these things. APC will need to grow and even re-brand if they hope become a ruling party.

    • bib

      Is epileptic supply of fuel and electricity the required ingredients of development?

    • Jones

      so it has reached an extent where we have to thank PDP for giving us fuel to move our cars? Lord have mercy!. If we make the mistake of returning these PDP crooks to power, after 4 years they will begin to ration the ‘air’ we breathe. Was it PDP that brought electricity or petroleum to Nigeria? Never in my life have I seen this level of foolishness brought about by mediocre incompetent leadership.

      • Mosaku 147

        They will soon tell us to thank them for waking up.i can’t stop wondering how we ever allowed this man be president in the first place.

      • Uzoma

        Well, It’s only natural that if you blame for your local filling station not having fuel or your city DISCO not providing you electricity, then you need to thank them when these things are available. That’s how responsibility works.

        • zacchaeus Akinleye

          Responsibility for services paid for? Is your brain in smokes?

      • Murtala Aliyu


    • Murtala Aliyu




  • ayo

    We have it on good record that APC had infiltrated nupeng and pengasin to sabotage government efforts at ensuring regular supply of petroleum products at this auspicious election time simply to discredit Jonathan. Every reasonably Nigerian should have known that ppmc have enough supply of petroleum products that will last for the next 3 months uninterruptedly but the hiccup is artificial scarcity created by APC manipulation of petroleum marketers.the issue of hired boko haram thugs that kept bombing gas pipelines to sabotage the giant efforts government had made in the power sector had been documented and being investigated so that by the time government moves against the axis of evil party leaders who are using ill gotten wealth to undermine our government and nation it is going to be a total onslaught that will left APC dazed for ever.may Gods severe punishment and judgment be on liar Mohammed and axis of evil APC.

    • Mosaku 147

      Just like FFK and every Jonathanan,you guys always have it on your broken records. Don’t you think it will be wise to give up now that APC has infiltrated your government? I suspect the next thing that will happen will be your dumbo getting a dirty slap from his ADC very very very soon.mumuson somebody you are!

      • ayo

        APC days are numbered ,there evil shall surely find them out when divine retributions overtakes the axis of evil party for all the mischief they have done against our nation because of the inordinate desperation of tinubu and buhari for power.

    • Arabakpura

      No, you got it wrong! PPMC has got fuel that will last another 3years. Next lie…, we are counting down already because the March has begun!

    • Michael Akinmola.

      If your ruling government is in charge, they will be in control but jona and his gang have lost control due to corruption and IMPUNITY and they have become a complete FAILURE forever ijcmn.

    • Murtala Aliyu


  • Michael Akinmola.

    As far as good people of Nigeria are concerned, Jonathan led pdp gang is a complete FAILURE.
    The recent omen is an indication that they have been rejected by the fast majority of the good people of Nigeria. PDP IS THE CURRENT EBOLA IN NIGERIA.

    • emmanuel

      Your family is made up of dead people, if you say anyone who embraces the PDP will surely die.

      I am sure you are one small unschooled boy from a yahoo class.

      • Michael Akinmola.

        If you dare embrace pdp and Jonathan, I can assure you once again, you are embracing EBOLA and you may likely face death if you are not lucky to receive the right treatment on time. It is just the stark TRUTH, take it or leave it.

        • Murtala Aliyu


  • segun

    God have mercy on us don’t let PDP rule us ever again.

  • emmanuel

    APC sabotage petroleum dealers can yet not point to a single genuine reason why this scarcity is on.

    But it began from Mobil and Oando where Tinubu is a major stake holder.

    The coincidence of this scarcity and the energy distribution drop in the last two weeks point to a game going on to dampen the PDP chances – APC evil!

    • Murtala Aliyu

      The party in govt. must take responsiblity, how would you even think of blaming APC?!. They allowed fuel importation to continue because they are reaping the profits now that the value of the naira made it unprofitable to import, you the PDP apologist try to pin the blame on APC. WOW! ONLY IN NIGERIA!

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        You’r right. Ignorance at work here…

  • blueeyedkitten

    march 28th, loading……………….

  • Tope Alabi R

    if you are sabotaging the light and fuel again thunder go fire you people.Irresponsible and devilish power seekers. APC should be proscribed after the elections

  • Mr. Abdin

    Nigerians are really tired of the stories of the PDP and the need for change is highly needed that is why come march 28, this regime will be shown the way out. Change is what we need. God save Nigeria amen.

  • Ette

    Imagine wicked GEJ and PDP dishing out billions to seek endorsement from different groups so they can continue their wickedness against Nigerians. The stolen money must perish with them. Total rejection of these wicked people at the polls. God bless Nigerian.