Obasanjo must apologise to be re-admitted to PDP – Official

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

The former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, will only be re-admitted into Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, if he tenders an “unreserved apology” to the party, an official has said.

Walid Jibrin, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the party, stated this at his country home in Marmara, Nasarawa State, on Saturday.

Mr. Obasanjo’s membership card was publicly torn by one of his supporters when the former president recently announced his exit from the ruling party.

“Obasanjo must offer unreserved apology before he is admitted and his card re-issued,” Mr. Jibrin stated at a ceremony to announce the defection of his son, Imrana Jibrin, from the All Progressives Congress, APC, to the PDP.

Mr. Obasanjo’s decision to dump the party on whose platform he led Nigeria for 8 years followed his disagreement with President Goodluck Jonathan and some of the party’s leaders, particularly fugitive politician, Buruji Kashamu.

The former president accused Mr. Jonathan of several things including reneging an agreement not to seek a second term in office, and handing over the party’s structure in Ogun State to Mr. Kashamu, who is wanted in the U.S. for drug-related offences. He has also been very critical of Mr. Jonathan’s performance as president.

Mr. Obasanjo is believed to be supporting the candidature of Muhammadu Buhari of the APC against Mr. Jonathan for the March 28 presidential election; and has not made any effort to return to the PDP despite appeals by some of the party’s leaders.

Speaking on Saturday, Mr. Jibrin said although the party would be glad to receive Obasanjo back to its fold, he would have to apologise. He said Mr. Obasanjo will be accorded his rightful place if he returns as he served the party meritoriously and the reasons for his exit were very unfortunate.

“Even Obasanjo who tore our card, if he decides to say I want a new card we will give him and he will apologise to Nigerians and our party, the PDP, then we will bring him back.

“Our party is a disciplined party and disciplines every member from the lowest to the highest,” the official said.

The former senator said that the future of Nigeria’s democracy lies in the PDP, which he said has the capacity to address the country’s challenges.


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  • sammyctu ode

    President General Obasanjo is bigger than you criminals in pdp. How many times pdp members and jonathan have gone to BEG BABA? Countless times. Even when jonathan came to Ogun State last week, all of you want to visit him but the man avoided you fools and travelled to Gabon

  • progress

    His son defected from apc to pdp. And yet they are not ashamed of the fact that his son had been supporting apc before now. Morons

  • Maitama Tambari

    Shameful. Walid Jibrin, unless you are a dumb person, former President Obasanjo has told the whole world that instead of him to be in any party now, he would rather be a Stateman. He went ahead to show you, the PDP that he can match his words with facts, with a visit to Ebola infected countries, The Gambia etc before coming back home. Party is for the people by the people, that is where PDP is getting everything wrong. Why should he apologize? Does he want to become President again? NO. So why should he apologize? To whom in PDP? WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Bakare


    Who has the right to re-admit Obasanjo into PDP?

    That is the correct procedure: Obasanjo’s re-admission into PDP can follow an apology to the party.
    Not just a secret apology but a written letter of apology addressed to Obasanjo’s State PDP Leader –
    Mr. Buruji Kashamu. For unless Buruji Kashamu agrees to re-admit Obasanjo, the national executives
    of the PDP in Abuja cannot offer him a pardon. At this stage, Buruji Kashamu has Obasanjo by the balls.

    • No Wahala


      • Omotolaaraujo

        Tell Jonathan to show his Thesis. How can anyone imagine Jona has a PHd?

        • Charles Owolabi

          GEJ got a division 1 for his OLevel GMB got division 3 . We are yet to determine if Buharis certificate exists or it is an oluwole production.
          Anyway let us assume Buhari is telling the truth
          GEJ Mathmatics- A2. GMB F9
          English. A3. C6
          Chemistry. A1. Wood work F9
          Biology. A2.
          Physics. A3. Islamic studies C6
          Economics. A3 Geography. c6

          CRK. A 2.
          GEJ JAMB score 278 admitted into the University of PH in the batch. Scored 2.1 in the degree exam. Best graduating student in his department
          MSC – best student in the faculty
          GMB other certificates – ask the military board
          Haba my brother how do you compere these two people if not for the Quota system we operate In Nigeria.
          Can you imagine for one second that the roles were reversed and GMB had the qualifications that GEJ Had and he was president do you think GEJ would have been allowed to contest at all?
          My prediction is that if the roles were reversed the baboon and the monkey would have been soaked in blood rather than allow GEJ to contest

  • waziri

    It’s a shame on u Jibrin to announce to the world that all this while your own son has been with APC. We all assume that all members of your family are in PDP. As such the defection of your son to pdp is never a lost to APC. And for Obasanjo, u lost him forever. U will never have him in pdp. So, stop dreaming of seeing him apologizing to go back to pdp. The difference between a wheat and chaff is now clear.

  • Moe

    Why would Obasanjo want to rejoin a dead party? Why would he join any party at all?
    These PDP people think so much of themselves. PDP was idealistic at the beginning , now ..
    ….have you heard the phrase “den of thieves”?
    Yeah! That’s todays PDP!

    They have forgotten why the party came into being. All they do now is fight and bicker about positions
    that are lucrative.

    Nigerians do not matter anymore to ourur political parties. Once they are voted into office, they want nothing to do with us
    until the next election.

    • Omotolaaraujo

      They will take your votes and drop you off at the next slave auction.

  • felix


  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Why is anyone thinking of re-admitting the incestuous baboon called OBJ? He is an animal. He belongs in a zoo.

    • nsikak

      guy the insult is too much. till u n ur father till una die n bury 6ft below the ground u will never achieve wat OBJ has achieved in life. PDP knows wat they r losing. BABA has never said he want to return to PDP. they r just saying this on their own. nobody in Nigeria is internationally n globally recognised like baba mention one. i know how many ECOWAS,AU and even UN Envoys BABA has gone n led since he left govt. i dont thk anyone even kw in ur street talk more of ur community.

    • Omotolaaraujo

      Because they need him. He knows to much about them. He could hang them all. The Zookeeper can’t control the animals anymore.

  • Curseless

    You must be kidding, PDP is a disciplined party? Remember Professor Wole Soyinka couple of years ago called you a “nest of assassins”


    Let the old cargo do his worst !!

    • Scatter

      He is, and will see the back of Dumbo Dumbo in few weeks time. And that you can take to your bank.

  • burning spear

    Time for PDP to allow sleeping dogs to lie–Obj is of no use to the party–he is a born spoiler—————The highest calling of any leader is to help other leaders reach their potentials–leadership and visions go together-obj had none of these attributes———————–he is mean to a fault——————-evil———noise making–and accusing opponents of corrruption and so on and so forth- does not always indicate–acoomplishment-cause we are still grappling with light–water–roads–education—stealing———–54 yrs AFTER THE BRITS LEFT—–so obj should pls leave 9jas and jonathan alone-

  • Bade

    Dear Sir,

    I doubt if Buruji Kashamu will accept Obasanjo’s application to rejoin PDP.
    As Yorubaland PDP Coordinator and Leader Buruji Kashamu holds the aces.
    For General Obasanjo to return to the PDP he will have to beg Buruji Kashamu.
    It is Buruji Kashamu that can approve Obasanjo’s application to rejoin PDP.

  • Curseless

    For you to have even elevated Kasamu to a position of importance proves one thing. And that is ” people deserve the kind of government they have”. Kasamu typifies PDP in that they are all birds of the same feather. This is why, President Obasanjo left the party.

    • Charles Owolabi

      Please save your tales for the deaf.
      It was obasanjo who brought kasumu to the limelight when kasumu was his financial and political enforcer. obasanjo used kasumu to fight otunba gbenga Daniel when he wanted to seize control of the party structure in Ogun State.
      Kasumu stated and obasanjo has not refuted the fact that they were so close he was allowed to enter obasanjos bedroom at that time. It is also on record that Iyabo obasanjo spent a lot of time privately with kasumu. If you know what I mean. So these people were close. Iyabo even confirmed this fact in her open letter to her father.
      The two only fell out when Kasumu expressed a desire to take up an exulted position in the party structure which meant he would have a seat at the table. Obasanjo objected strongly since he only wanted kasumu to continue as his house boy politically
      There are allegations against kasumu that he is involved in the drug business but all attempts to prosecute the man has failed . Kasumu has managed to beat all the cases brought against him. His trials have been in British courts judged as the best around the world in the adjudication of criminal cases.
      So kasumu for all the allegations is a free man by law while obasanjo still remains a convict . Convicted for plotting a coup against the government of General Abacha.
      Î also think obasanjo is fast becoming irrelevant in the scheme of things.
      Every one is tired Of this bully who can not even manage his own house hold.
      A man who sleeps with his sons wife
      And a man who’s daughter abuses him openly,
      He has lost all respect and is viewed simply as a clown who does not know that the show is over.
      PDP does not need obasanjo he has no electoral value. He can not even win his polling booth in ota.

  • Tunsj

    You will be waiting for the next 50 years for any apology from Obasanjo. Walib Jubrin, you are a CLOWN.

  • burning spear

    Time for PDP to allow sleeping dogs to lie–Obj is of no use to the party–he is a born spoiler—————The highest calling of any leader is to help other leaders reach their potentials–leadership and visions go together-obj had none of these attributes———————–he is mean to a fault——————-evil———noise making–and accusing opponents of corrruption and so on and so forth- does not always indicate–accomplishment-cause we are still grappling with light–water–roads–education—stealing———–54 yrs AFTER THE BRITS LEFT—–so obj should pls leave 9jas and jonathan alone—jONATHAN ON HIS PART SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER————THAT OBJ DOES NOT FORGIVE—OR EVER FORGET—–VINDICTIVE TO THE CORE—————LIKE BUHARI LONDON–so lef the man alone———-he is poison-

    • Jake

      Remember he singled handed GEJ to Aso rock

  • Arabakpura

    This was the man who rigged out Labaran Maku and set him against Jonathan. The man is not done yet gathering more enemies for the clueless one!

  • Spoken word

    OBJ would rather commit suicide than apologise to PDP.

  • Femi T.

    OBJ doesn’t want to come back to PDP, so what’s your problem, at his age he has achieved all positions every Nigerian aspires to be, moreover what else does he want in life, the man is truly blessed. Please stop deceiving yourself, apologize for what, LOL.

  • Strong System

    Lol….till Kingdom comes

  • Jasper

    Someone publicly tore his PDP membership card and told the whole world he was done with partisan politics. Who is Walid Jubrin demanding for apology before he would be reissued another. This people like face-saving tactics!!! As Femi T noted, OBJ had been president of Nigeria 3 times. What else does he need in life?

  • Jake

    Dream on jubrin trying to play tuff

  • Maria

    This man is masturbating.