Many Boko Haram terrorists killed, arms recovered as Nigerian troops encounter fleeing insurgents

Siezed weapons recovered from fleeing Boo Haram Fighters

Troops on cordon and search along Djimitillo Damaturu road axis on Friday night had an encounter with a group of terrorists after their hideout was discovered by troops, the defence headquarters has said.

The Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade, a Major General, said the fierce fight to dislodge the insurgents from their hideout, near a market, resulted in the capture of machine guns and rifles.

Some of the insurgents were killed, the statement said.

“Some of the terrorists are believed to have died in the fire that gutted the house where they had made their base,” Mr. Olukolade said. “A soldier was killed while another was wounded and is undergoing treatment.”

In Gulak, Adamawa State, the defence spokesperson said troops caught up with some of them who were in the process of blowing up a bridge to deter troops advance.

“The terrorists were not lucky as they died in their encounter with troops,” Mr. Olukolade said.

“The troops are continuing with the cordon and search of the town and environs after overpowering the terrorists.

“A lot of arms have been recovered in the process. Troops are also dismantling the terrorists group’s flags hoisted in the towns.”


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  • burning spear


    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Thanks, bruv.

      Thought my eyes were deceiving me.

      • tony H

        Go stand in front of the weapons naw! Coward. You sit your sorry azz behind a computer keyboard and yak yak yak.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          @tony H, you would do humanity and yourself a favour by strappinfg on a suicide vest and blowing yourself up in an empty field.

          That way, the world be rid of one more useless cockroach.

          • tony H

            What is it with you Buharist and violence? “Suicide vest”? Blowing oneself up? I wonder if you are getting radicalized? hnmmmmm…

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Since you were wishing death to someone else like Fayofo and boko haram is another branch of the PDP / Presidency, I reckon you’d found greater employment for your uselessness.

            Are you afraid?

            Are you stating that you prefer the earthly Ogogoro served at Aso Rock to the fabled 72 Virgins?

            Does that not make you an irascible coward?

          • tony H

            ?????? Wake up Kay….you must have worked all night again.

  • Kadiri

    A Soldier In Baga wrote:

    “I have been in the military for the past 20yrs, without fear or favour, I must tell you that no commander In chief have ever equipped us like this present Commander in Chief, president Goodluck Jonathan.
    We must crush these terrorists”- a soldier serving in Baga,Borno state..

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      A Nameless Soldier is as good as a work of Fiction.

      Names, please.

      Not rhetorics.

      • tony H

        You are an embarrassment to your profession (that is if you have one), for disparaging these men and women dying for this country. Keep your sorry azz in UK and continue with your janitorial business. Leave the cleaning of bh to brave Nigerian men and women in uniform. Attorney my black azz. UK attorney that has never seen the inside of a court room. Oloshi. Omoale.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Do I sense envy in your tone and comment?

          Good one.

          Try harder. Maybe after 3 lifetimes you might achieve half of what I have.

          • tony H

            Kay, Kay c’mon dude…envy a lawyer that cleans toilets for a living? Gimme a break.
            You fit the profile of a person getting radicalized. All that education and the white man only allows you to clean toilets…hmnmmmm. That explains your support for Buhari.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I can’t blame your lack of understanding, bruv.

            I appreciate that the sum total of your knowledge cannot be greater than your exposure.

            Why not visit my website and log an application for work with me?

            Who knows, you may qualify to work with me as a road sweeper?

            Wishing you Goodluck with your application, but make sure it submitted before March 28 in order to be valid and worthy of consideration.

          • tony H

            I see you admit it that you’re a night soil man in UK, I see why the APC “agbepo” broom was appealing to you.

            I don’t need no job, I have crude oil in my backyard. The crude oil I am trying to keep you and Buhari away from.

            Tell me this, “agbepo”, oyinbo sh*t dey smell?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            “Night soil man” in the UK?

            Are you equating the Creeks with the UK?

            Great are your delusions or ignorance indeed, tony H.

            Wake up!

            The only sh!t you are smelling is from your mouth being too close to your nose!!

            Go clean it.

          • tony H

            Lawyer wey dey clean toilet for UK…hahahaha… You got busted Kay Soyemi (Esq). I knew that “Esq” was because of your low self esteem. There are several medical doctors, engineers, pilots and other professions here, but naw u alone wan shout say u be lawyer – “Esq” my yansh. “Esq” wey dey clean toilet for UK.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            You are actually boring, @tony H.

            Petulance and tantrums are the stuff of pre-pubescent delinquents.

            BTW, cleaning toilets in UK is better than stealing public monies in Nigeria or anywhere else. It also beats being paid per comment as a PDP e-rat.

          • tony H

            @ Kay Soyemi: I can’t steal want belongs to me. I have made my point that you’re not an attorney, rather, you are the owner of a one-,man janitorial biz in UK.
            “Agbepo”, abeg, move on…

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Seems you, @tony H, have missed some of your medication today.

            Report back to Yaba in the morning.

          • tony H

            Fake lawyer…lol. Janitor oyinbo…lol…hahahahha

    • abc

      Uptil now I am not convince that this fight against BH is making some serious impact. Why will you show me dune guns, as BH weapons, what of all the weapons we see in YouTube videos BH carted away from Baga, Gwoza and Monguno. This BH guys in one video shows over 50 Toyota hilux, they snatch in their Damaturu attack only, but why are we just shown some golf cars burnt as the progress made. I want to see like 20 hilux burnt and 200 BH lying beside.

      • The whole affair is a ruse as the above picture shows.

        • tony H

          shame on you @ Yomi Falade…coward. Hide behind a keyboard to disparage men and women dying for your coward azz.

          • The ruse is that the picture dated 02-27-2015 and claimed as Boko Haram arms have been debunked by most commentators as false. If you have better info, let’s have it.. Thanks.

    • Shehu Monguno

      Kadiri, God bless you. I was in Maiduguri and the size of the mine resistant armored cars been offloaded made me proud to be a Nigerian

  • Are these the arms Boko Haram attacked Nigerian army with and they ran away and said Boko had superior weapons? Are these the same arms and ammunition gifted to Boko haram by Jonathan’s erstwhile mass killer and girl-child abduction squad, before he was forced by the good example of our northern neighbor countries to engage Boko Haram? No wonder the Civilian Joint Task Force claimed they could do better.

  • eddy

    Firstly I would like to salute the brave soldiers on the battle field fighting to restore security in these regions.

    Secondly, I still maintain… why on earth did it take this long to strike at the hearts of these scum bags called boko haram? So many many lives wasted when this could have been done to end the insurgents long ago.

    • Clancy

      Without being biased, I think it took this long because Nigerians were not united in the fight against boko haram with many members of the opposition playing politics with and even seeking to score political points from the insurgency. For instance, when the FG first requested approval for a state of emergency, it was opposed by many opponents. When the FG seemed to be making significant progress, many cried foul saying “an attack on boko haram was an attack on the North” and they even suggested that the government should offer them amnesty. We know the government withdrew, in national interest, and offered amnesty which boko haram rejected. Again, whenever it seemed the FG was getting an upper hand, opposition (through their moles in the military and the current administration) would do everything possible to frustrate it. Hope we have not forgotten that the president once said boko haram has infiltrated the military as well as the administration. This was the handiwork of the opposition who had earlier threatened to make this nation ungovernable, run a parallel government and which has shown gross disrespect to the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is not easy to fish out one mole in an establishment let alone fishing out and hundreds or maybe thousands. We know how many people in government and in the army used to leak information to the press from various quarters and how some of these leaked info jeopardized the plans of our military. That was why the FG set up a directorate of defense information headed by Gen. Chris Olukolade and ordered that nobody was allowed to release information concerning the insurgency other than this general. Then again, the military got another clear advantage and this same opposition through its moles, misinformed the government about a boko haram proposed cease fire which made the government, in national interest again, to soft pedal.But of course, it was just to buy boko haram some time to regroup and re-strategize. So the whole fight against insurgency has been replete with politics fuelled by opposition’s craze for power, betrayal, hypocrisy among some members of both the military and the government. All these things would take time to straighten out. Moreover, internal laws prohibits any nation from crossing national borderlines to carry out any acts of aggression. Boko haram knows this and that is why they chose to pitch their tents along the borderlines so they can commit their atrocities in Nigeria and quickly cross to another country for guaranteed safety. This is why the multinational joint task force is very welcome as it ensures that the cowards have no where to run to which in turn has ensured the recent successes being recorded. So to answer you question, it has taken this long because our politicians, especially the main opposition, has decided to make it a mine for political capital in their quest to embarrass the government and Nigerians in order to have a bargaining chip at the next elections. My advice: let’s all rise above politics and party lines and support this government to win this fight because a victory over boko haram is a victory Nigeria. I hope I answered well.

      • Clancy

        *corrections: “internal laws” there was meant to be “international laws”. Victory Nigeria should be “Victory for Nigeria”. Finally there’s an “and” which shouldn’t be there. Nevertheless, this fight started about six years ago and so I urge Nigerians not to see this as an isolated piece of action which is meant to last just six weeks. We should see it instead, as the final stage of a six-year battle. Remember that the military once claimed that they were ill-equipped and the FG set out to acquire more advanced military hardware, an effort which met a lot of stiff resistance (again an act of politics) which delayed the procurement and delivery of those hardware. The hardware barely arrived Nigeria a month or so ago and we are already seeing good results. So my point is, let us count all the gains and the losses of the past 5+ years, the errors/failings and the successes as well as the good moves and the bad as part of what has led to this point where we are winning the war more assuredly. After-all, the six years we always refer to would expire on May 29th so this IS NOT a six-week fight. It is a six-year fight which, by God’s grace, we would win eventually within the six years.

  • warry

    In Cameron, Niger and Chad, citizens are protesting against Boko Haram..When will the APC propaganda and lying machinery allow Nigerians to do same for political reasons?

  • Johnny McDexy

    Let’s give kudos to the rejuvenated morale of the Nigerian Soldiers…

  • Bin Fodio

    Dear Olukolade, can we see some images and/or videos of the dead Boko Haram insurgents pls? This is 21st century and wars are fought both on ground and on media! Shekau and Co. upload images and videos of their ‘successes’ (or do I say atrocities and destruction). Why don’t our soldiers do so? Or could it be that our army doesn’t have the IT capacity for that? Chadian army shows theirs on TV’s, why not our Nigerian soldiers? No need to show our fallen heroes but at least lets see the successes recorded.

    • Soul_brother

      Tell Sahara reporters to send a reporter

  • Jeremy Parker

    Well done to our valiant soldiers. Defenders of our beautiful country. I salute you for all your work in keeping us safe. Also thank you to our neighbors, Cameroun, Chad and Niger. We will never forget the kindness you are showing us at this difficult time. God bless you all and God bless Nigeria.

  • Okey

    This is simply an attack against the North. Why can’t Jonathan compensate them the way Niger Delta militants were compensated ? After all, their demand is simple – just the practice of Sharia and Muslim to rule Nigeria! simple !

    • charles peters

      U are really a bastard, u better surrender now or die miserably. Forget the Igbo name u are using, u are a member of boko haram.

      • Okey

        Repeat, even though, for political expediency, the faithful have stopped saying it, I will continue to say that this is simply an attack against the North. Why can’t Jonathan compensate them the way Niger Delta militants were compensated ? After all, their demand is simple – just the practice of Sharia all over, and that only Muslims shall rule Nigeria! Simple !

        • Soul_brother

          Stop joking

    • Onome Curtis

      U are stupid,u hear say Niger deltans burn church,abi u hear say Dem kill Christians.u go die if nor leave dis country cos they’re coming for u insha Allah.


    Okey I am convinced you are Boko Hara

  • Rommel

    So these are the sophisticated weapons that Boko haram used to chase the Jonathan Goodluck commanded army away from 14 local government areas under his command? I can see den guns including one that is held together with rubber bands,I think president Jonathan should hide his head in shame,his response was to seek for loan of $1Bn to purchase nuclear weapons and stealth fighter jets to combat people using den guns,shame on president Jonathan,shame on all his supporters

    • Richie

      very myopic…..