Sacking Jega “recipe for disaster” – Northern Elders

Speculations that President Goodluck Jonathan intends to fire the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Attahiru Jega, before the general elections, intensified Friday after the Federal Government refused to give a clear commitment on the matter.

Responding to concerns that the electoral chief would soon be mandated to proceed on a terminal leave, the Minister of Information‎, Edem Duke, gave an uncertain response, saying Mr. Jega’s exit will follow a “natural course”.

Although he re-echoed President Goodluck Jonathan’s comments last two weeks that he had not informed anyone of any plans to sack the INEC boos, Mr. Duke said that did not imply that when it is time for Mr. Jega “to naturally exit his office, then the natural course of things will not take place”.

“I think all of that is in the terrain of the Presidency and he has spoken. I have nothing to add to that,” he added.

On Thursday, members of the Nigerian Senate belonging to the All Progressives Congress, APC, had accused Mr. Jonathan of plotting to ask Mr. Jega to proceed on pre-retirement leave next week.

They promised to resist the alleged plot.

Mr. Duke criticised the APC for fuelling speculations about Mr. Jega’s removal.

“I will also like to say once on that issue. I recall that for several weeks now, people keep threatening the President on the shift in the date of the poll. You begin to wonder that parties have a couple of extra weeks in order to reinvigorate their campaigns and try to reach as many voters as possible,” he said.

“Rather than do that, you begin to identify imaginary pockets of unlikely developments and then focus your attention on them and then when you lose election, you begin to complain.”

Northern elders reject move to sack Jega

Meanwhile, the Northern Elders Forum has warned the presidency to jettison any plot to remove Mr. Jega head of the general elections, saying such move will be a ​”​recipe for disaster​”​.

The spokesperson for the group, Ango Abdullahi, said “any attempt at this last minute by this government or its agency to remove Jega is a clear message that this govern­ment is determined to rig an election in which they see Jega as an impediment simply because he thinks that the commission must follow the rules for a free and fair and credible elec­tion”.

Sacking “Jega at this material time will be a recipe for disaster”, Mr. Abdullahi warned at a press conference Friday.

He said the excuse given for postponement of the general elections, earlier scheduled for February 14 and 28, to March 28 and April 11, was “flimsy, clumsy and indefensible”.

Speaking against background of security concern cited for the poll shift, he said, “the NEF viewed it as unacceptable because only a small frac­tion of the security per­sonnel in the country are directly engaged in the battle against insurgency within the north east en­clave of the country.

“We also know that even in countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan , Sri Lanka and more recently Afghanistan where full scale wars were still rag­ing when they decided that election could still be held and indeed were held.”

Stating further, he accused the “the ruling elite” of plot to scuttle the elections and ‎ultimately Nigeria’s democracy.


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  • Faruk Al-amin

    By even attempting to sack jega, this country is headed for destruction, jonathan ur ambition is not bigger than Nigeria woh, must u be president

  • Benny born

    He has been long shown a tape and his long list tele-communications with the oppositions home and abroad. he knows the game is up. They will not sack him but he must proceed on his terminal leave and still remain relevant, and offcourse still be entitled to pension.

    • Ahmed

      Not until after 28th and 11th man get a glass of water, terminal leave is his entitlement if he chooses otherwise, must he be forced? he said he wants to give his leave as a sacrifice for the Nigerian project, so you shut up!

      • Benny born

        tchew! his already planning a press conference to alert you about his leave soon. his a goner…

  • Sanmi Falae

    Brain-damaged Jonathan wants to reduce Nigeria to the Niger Delta Creeks. The man is biting more than he can chew.

    • Clay

      Bring it on.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    I wonder why government has not sacked this Jega twerp yet. Here’s a man who claimed he was ready to conduct the polls as scheduled but hasn’t even produced (not to talk of delivering) close to 2m cards. Jega was planning to install his fellow Mallam (certificate forger and perjurer Buhari) as President last Feb using the instrumentality of skewed PVC distribution. Or else, how would one explain his insistence on going ahead with the polls as scheduled when he was going to disenfranchise at least 24m Nigerians? He is clearly not an impartial umpire. Many under-age voters are now on the electoral roll in the NE and NW with his connivance. Jega must not be allowed to supervise the rescheduled polls. He must be sacked before then and handed over to law enforcement and security agencies for investigation. Jega is clearly acting out APC’s script.

    • progress

      Omobastarrd! oniro ni e.

      • Kabiru

        Bros, no vex abeg, but why are you APC people so VIOLENT?? The guy is entitled to his opinion and has aired his own view. Why not air same? I pray it’s actually ‘tundemess’ going about insulting as usual. But if it’s not, are we to believe APC supporters are mainly Touts and lowlifes?
        Bros, you are doing yurself and yur party a great dis-service.
        Pls don’t abuse me too, I am just trying to help you sir. Maybe you need some professional help.

        • Clay

          You can say that again. The All Political Criminals (apc) language is nothing but violence that is why they said that boko haram was not a terrorist organisation until their emirs began to vacate palaces for their lives.

  • These brazen acts of electoral impunity will definitely impair the future and development of the Nation and its masses. You do not change the post when a goal has already been scored.
    This statement is being made to test the waters with a view to determining the degree of backlash from Nigerians. The obvious fact is that GEJ and his PDP cohorts have acquiesced to the truism that they cannot win under a free and fair election, given that Nigerians are disappointed with the looting and the so-called failed TRANSFORMATION AGENDA.

  • Clay

    Why all these noise and hysteria about Jega? Was northern elders consulted before Jega was engaged? Is Jega a candidate for northern elders and apc? Is there a secret script between northern elders, apc and Jega. What will really happen if Jega proceeds on terminal leave like his predecessors Maurice Iwu, for police IG, Emir Sanusi, former for CJN. Nigerians are beginning to read and see a conspiracy between Jega, northern elders and the apc.

    • BoT

      You really want to know what will happen? Oh… I shall tell you. Heads like yours will roll and your blood used for cleansing the land your fathers have polluted with impunity and corruption.

      • Alapanle

        Northern elders shold take note that nothing will happen if Jega is removed from office anytime from now. Heavens did not fall when the elections were postponed. Maybe you can volunteer your children to lead the APC instigated riot in the event of Jega being asked to proceed on terminal leave like Maurice Iwu, Lamido Sanusi and Ayo Salami, etc. Nigerians are well informed and wiser now than before

      • Advocate of Ngba ngba

        The gutters will over flow with fresh human blood, the streets littered with fresh human flesh and the bush filled with fresh human skeletons. All this will happen if you, northern elders, do anything or anything happens to clay.

      • Clay

        This is the language of your father the devil who believes in cutting heads and shedding blood, you have already purchased your destruction with your confession just as Judas did. Your uncle Buhari said it in 2011 of dogs and baboon blood soaking the streets. He believes and rejoices when heads are cut will never take his head to the grave in Jesus Name. Now when the streets are soaked with blood who will vote for him, who will he rule. Blood thirsty demons and agents want to destroy what President Jonathan is taking time to build. People forget that to build a lasting legacy takes time and sacrifice. People don’t ask why does it four to five years some cases more to graduate a student with a degree. Why don’t they just hand students degrees the moment you enroll in universities.

  • evi

    We all know apc and their co travellers have violent tendencies and thrive on human blood they spill everyday.this time around the military is also ready to quicken their journey to the world beyond. Maybe they think Inec is Jega’s property just like they think they own Nigeria and are born to rule. Jega will go and the heaven will not fall,what he should be praying is not to be jailed for collaborating with apc and nearly succeeding in disenfrachising 23 million voters from the south so as to hand buhari the presidency on a platter of gold

    • Island man

      Your name befits your comment, are you sure you are in this Country? If your paid master are not planning to rig the election why must they remove Jega? He has planned for this Election over 4years now, few days to the election they want to replace him because he is not ready to be Compromised……APC haters the earlier you hug transformer the better for you, CHANGE has come…….

    • Moe

      Your level of ignorance (you and Justme above) requires divine intervention.

    • SAM .A

      Add ‘L ‘ to your name , you become (evil) add letter d to the beginning it is ( devil) you are indeed a demon , messenger of lucifer, create crisis and run away. Be careful the way u talk. It will consume you.

  • BoT

    Jega’s removal, under any guise would be a test of the sensibilities of Nigerians and we shall show them what made a military junta to “Step aside” some 12 years ago. Let them try.

    • Advocate of Ngba ngba

      You can’t do jack! Let GEJ hurry and remove Jega lets see wat u all av in stock.

  • justme

    I think u guys shud be reasonable n use dis time uve all got to engage in campaigns and draw up strategies to win d elections,rada than engaging in all these false accusations and name calling..APC pls make urselves useful and make proper use of this time uve got left!!,thats if u all know what that means!

  • True Nigerian

    If Jonathan is really planning to sack Jega, Jonathan should get ready for a tsunami. Nigerians are patient – sometimes annoyingly docile – people. Such people and society are easy targets for perpetual abuse. Yet, such people or society are potentially the most hellish forces when they run out of patience. Every people and every country has an elastic limit. Nigerians are close to their elastic limit. And this is why Jonathan should never drive us to that limit by sacking Jega. I don’t like Jonathan’s leadership, but I am hoping and praying that he and his family will not be killed like a chicken on the streets, neither do I want them to go on exile. I also do not want the Niger Delta to experience what the Igbos were put through in the 60s.

    Jonathan, you were not a President in 2009. You were a poor vice-president who was condemned to reading newspapers. In 2007, you did not even know that you could be president. You did not even know or hope that you would ever be a deputy governor. When you were asked to replace your jail-escapee boss, Alams, you refused because you were not prepared or desirous of office. Suddenly, you are now ready to destroy Nigeria and yourself in order to remain in power just before your destruction.

    Please, allow Jega to do his job just as he did to bring you into power in 2011. Don’t set Nigeria on fire; if you do, the fire will burn many poor innocent Nigerians, but it will consume you and your family too. It will consume many of your aides and close friends. Just go and enjoy the proceeds of your thefts and other crimes against the poor masses of this country; but leave us alone to gather our pieces if another candidate wins the next election in a free and fair atmosphere.

    Gadafi doesn’t know how much he owns after 42 years of raping and plundering Libya. He looted so much, but he and his entire family are now wishing that they were never even born into the earth. Jona, Jona, Jona! Na how many times I call you now?

    Nigeria has often proved to be too complex for the smartest dictators, let alone a poor thinker like you.

    • Biscotti

      You as the writer, you are a full, why should you riminding Niger Delta of this to be like Igbo’s in 1960’s, Do you think that Igbo’s was loose the war against Nigeria? If not b/cos of British and thier genicides, what can Nigeria do to a formidable indiginiues people of Biafra. (Igbo’s).

      My friend talk about Jonathan and their criminal tenure activities here, never mentioned Igbo’s on this, Igbo’s are mighty forever and ever in this life.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        “You as the writer, you are a full, why should you riminding Niger Delta of this to be like Igbo’s in 1960’s, Do you think that Igbo’s was loose the war against Nigeria? If not b/cos of British and thier genicides, what can Nigeria do to a formidable indiginiues people of Biafra. (Igbo’s).

        My friend talk about Jonathan and their criminal tenure activities here, never mentioned Igbo’s on this, Igbo’s are mighty forever and ever in this life.” Biscotti

        Ha, this grammar wan scatter my medulla oblongata!

        Abeg, who get APC make I knack for headache?

        • True Nigerian

          Kay, Hahahahahaha! You just cracked my ribs (especially the exclamations you add after every bombshell you quote). Lwkm!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, True Nigerian.

            The guy cracked me up as well.

          • ije2014

            ‘indiginiues’ – maybe he was writing in French 🙂

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      • True Nigerian

        Biscotti, I am actually Igbo. I was just saying that what happened to the Igbos should not come upon the Niger Deltans because of one man’s selfishness. That’s all I’m trying to say, if that explanation makes things better in your mind.

        I totally agree that the British help was pivotal to the outcome of the war; but that doesn’t negate the fact that too much bloodshed occurred against the Igbos and that the bloodletting could have been prevented. So, that is why I am saying that Jonathan should never bring the same bloodletting to Nigerians (including the Niger Deltans). Niger Deltans have suffered enough, both as a result of Nigerian injustice and Jonathan’s incompetence. It doesn’t make sense to bring deaths to the poor people because of the selfish ambitions of the man that has spent the last 5 years enriching himself and less than a handful of his criminal cronies who do not even invest the proceeds of their loot in Niger Delta.

  • Moe

    To all those posting comments, Please check your grammar. Use MS word or google to make sure your grammar is okay. It is not just Nigerians reading the posts, and when you write such bad grammar that people start getting stomach ache, you disgrace us all.
    If you can’t write proper english, Don’t post any comments! If you feel you really need to say something, go tell your wife, girlfriend, mother, father or even your goat if you have one. Just stay the hell away from message boards!
    Who am I talking about? You know yourselves!

    • Gaskiya

      What of the grammer of her excellency, Patience Joy? Be careful, the presidency can ask for your head.

    • ije2014

      This is a serious issue that shows the state of the country. I’ve actually read comments like ‘waist of time’, ‘silled his faith’. These are grown ups. I don’t see these phrases when I mark youngsters’ books.

    • ije2014

      I’ve just read ‘riminding’ – I guess this means ‘reminding’ and someone has been called a ‘full’ – we can guess what that means. 🙂

    • ije2014

      Just seen ‘his a goner’. I think we should publish a new PDP dictionary with a forward acknowledging Mrs ‘diaris god o’. 🙂

  • Frank Bassey

    This is EMPTY threat.

    • Spoken word

      I know enemies of progress like you never wish the country well.enjoy the country going from one crises to the next.

  • Spoken word

    If jega is removed.that would be Jonathan’s last mistake.

  • Johnson Omale

    I want to believe that Jo-Nothing will not try that. Those encouraging Jo-Nothing to do what will consume Nigeria will be first consumed. We have made up our minds to vote you out and trying to force yourself on us will be a deserter.

    • Sword of Damocles

      You should know our “PHD” Presido by now nah. His REPUTATION precedes him. Dont you see How President “self only” is using his own hands to gently massage an ethnic-yawa by his consideration of sacking Jega? Our President is not a cultured man, he is a brute, who apparently seeks power for the sake of it. It is as it appears, Nigeria is on the precipice of a path to greatness, or disintegration into ethnic & religious conflagration. Unfortunately for us(the masses), Jonathan will play a MAJOR PART in which one of the two scenarios ends up being the “reality on the ground”. Strength & Honor, brother.

  • sammy

    Nigeria has come to stay as one indivisible!

  • SAM .A

    No individual’s personal ambition should truncate Nigeria Project.

  • Advocate of Ngba ngba

    JEGA must GOO! Nothing will happen. Any attempt, the gods are wise.

    • amazing2012

      Gods ? So you worship many gods ? Pagan !

  • sammy

    Why all these empty and baseless threats from every quarter without the understanding or knowledge of the term ‘DUE PROCESS’. I don’t see the heaven falling or the earth removing because a due process is followed on the issue of Jega. Mathematically, Jega’s tenure ends on June 24 2015, dating senate’s confirmation, but following the ‘DUE PROCESS’ he is required to proceed on terminal leave with effect from 24th march 2015 (three months to the actual date of his appointment date, 24th june 2015). This however is very well known to the Subject, Jega himself. Unless otherwise by the president’s grace, he can stay one day longer. PLEASE GET UNDERSTANDING AND STOP INCITING THE GOOD PEOPLE OF NIGERIA WHICH GOD HIMSELF HAS PUT AS INDIVISIBLE ONE NIGERIA! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    • progress

      Is it wise to send Jega on leave barely a week to election considering the clandestine attitude of the ruling party? Think outside the box and weigh the immediate signal this action may send to the ordinary Nigerians.

      • sammy

        As a public servant, understanding the rule of the game, no one escapes the very rule of following the due process. It is a process well known to anyone in the public service. It is a rule of justice that when failed to apply will cause uproar in the other sector and sections where the individuals of groups will want the same deferment to be applied in their own case or situation. This is a practice that has been in place and applicable to all appointments, without exception, except otherwise by the president only. There is no ill-feeling in my comment and l am not a politician nor do l belong to any political party, more so l am not in country let alone voting, just in fairness to posterity!

        • sa

          this one move is ill-motivated, and you know it!

  • Jaspa Matanga

    Dear fathers of Boko Haram, you have already given us many disasters which we have survived. Jega must go on retirement leave. Bring the disaster. It will not be worse than the Civil War and Boko Haram insurgency. Nigeria has seen the worst from you. Professor Ango Abdullahi my foot!

    • amazing2012

      Jonathan is a curse !

      • Kadiri

        A curse to you boko haram.

        • amazing2012

          Boko Haram=Jona and the two are curse !

    • sam

      hmmm….. when will some nigerians mentally grow up?

  • progress

    Jonah! Go ahead and remove Jega and see your party’s coffin nailed permanently. #changeisamust

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    noise makers,Ango Abdullahi is a mad fellow from a spent generation who is very eager to push this country to war and waste generations but his evil plot has failed woefully

    • a s

      He’s better than you, your father and your whole generation. Even better than GEJ

      • oluwaseyi mayowa

        see the fake name you are using little boy trading words with men,useless scion of a burst condom

  • sa

    he should be retired at this critical. if that happens, it then means PDP is truly and desperately disposed to scuttling the whole show.

  • sa

    *should not be retired i meant!

  • burning spear

    Its is really sad that whenever the laws of the land wants to be followed or obeyed————-APC as it is usual with them will hire groups in the Fulani North –to speak as if the HEGEMONIC NATURE of the North is still the same as Lord Lugard designed it for us—————-The Northern governors threaten to make Nigeria uncomfortable for jonathan–the Senators–or House Of rep–members warn jonathan against–if that is not enough–they hire—————-Soyinka——–Falana———-and SAGAY—to threaten the president—————–was Iwu not in INEC–and due for retirement in June when he was fired—-in April——-sadly when it got to the turn of Jega————–APC is threatening fire and brim stone–agains from the left over rogues in boko haram———————often i ask what is it that binds us together as a nation–is it the oil wells in the south south?—-is the Fulani North————a different-entity from Nigeria-

    • yunuz

      ur are an old school writer go back to school u think nigerians are still in the dark no our eye is open

      this bad luck must go bcos

      a. Boko Haram

      i) Over 13,000 killed, according to BBC over 1.5
      million people displaced, 276 Chibok girls yet to be rescued, 10 months and

      ii) Boko Haram is spreading from Adamawa, Yobe,
      Borno and Abuja to Gombe, Bauchi, Kano, next state(s) could
      just be yours.

      iv) Loss of villages, towns, cities and
      territories to Boko Haram.

      b. Kidnapping has become widespread across the

      2. Monumental corruption and nepotism

      a. Missing $20bn from the coffers of NNPC yet to
      be explained.

      b. Diezani Alison-Madueke: ₦10bn Private Jet

      c. Diezani Alison-Madueke: $25mn House acquired
      in Austria, Vienna.

      d. John Yusuf: ₦27bn Pension fraud.

      e. Abdulrasheed Maina: ₦21bn Pension funds

      f. Farouk Lawan: $500,000 bribe.

      g. Stella Oduah: ₦255mn BMW salon cars.

      h. Pardoning of ex-convicts and dropping of
      charges against friends – DSP Alamieyeseigha, Bode George, Femi Fani Kayode,
      Mohammed Abacha, Al-Mustapha.

      i. Petrol subsidy scam: Nobody has been
      prosecuted till date.

      j. Continuing Kerosene subsidy fraud despite the
      product being fully deregulated. ₦91bn included in 2015 FGN Budget proposal.

      k. Creation of emergency billionaires – Asari
      Dokubo, Ayiri Emami, Government Tompolo.

      l. Oritsejafor: $15mn private jet arms deal

      m. Continued environmental degradation of the
      Niger-Delta through oil spill.

      n. Continuing oil theft. Over 300,000 barrels of
      crude oil was stolen on daily basis in 2013.

      o. Militants now contracted to secure national

      p. Transparency international ranks Nigeria 136th
      out of 175 economies surveyed on corruption index. Put another way, Nigeria is the
      39th most corrupt country in the world.

      q. US State Department Global Human Rights
      Report: ‘Massive, widespread, and pervasive corruption affected all levels of
      government and the security forces… and officials frequently engaged in corrupt
      practices with impunity’

      3. Financial recklessness

      a. Plundered fiscal buffers. Mid-2008, External
      Reserves (EXRV):$40bn Excess Crude Account (ECA):$22bn. Total buffer: $62bn.

      Fast Forward end-2014: EXRV:$32bn ECA:$1bn,
      SWF:$1bn New total buffer: $34bn

      b. Piled debt on the Nation with nothing to show
      for it. $47.4bn (214%) growth in total public debt between 2007 and 2014

      According to Debt Management Office: End-2007
      Debt levels (Foreign:$3.7bn, Domestic:$18.5bn. Total:$22.2bn). As of end-Sep
      2014sadForeign:$9.5bn, Domestic:$60.1bn. Total:$69.6bn)

      c. Has 10 aircrafts in the Presidential Air
      Fleet (PAF). An eleventh one already included in the 2015 FGN Budget Proposal.
      UK Prime Minister, David Cameron flies commercial on British Airways. South
      African President has 6. Egypt
      has 1. Israel
      has none.

      d. ₦7.5bn spent on reconstruction of Abuja city gate.

      4. Catalogue of Presidential blunders

      a. Question: Where is the missing $20bn?
      Jonathan: America
      will Know, it is their money.

      b. Question: Corruption in Nigeria.
      Jonathan: There is no corruption but mere stealing in Nigeria.

      c. Question: Assets declaration. Jonathan: I
      don’t give a damn

      d. October 2011: ‘We are responsible for
      Independence Day bombing’ – MEND.

      ‘MEND is not responsible for the Abuja bombing; I know my
      people’ – Jonathan.

      Fast-forward January 2015: ‘MEND was paid to
      assassinate me during Independence Day bombing’ – Jonathan.

      e. World Bank Report: Nigeria is among the 5 poorest
      nations in the world. Jonathan: “If you talk about ownership of private jets, Nigeria will be among the first 10 countries,
      yet they are saying that Nigeria
      is among the five poorest countries…Nigeria’s problem is not poverty
      but redistribution of wealth.

      f. 7-January-2015: 11 people killed in France, the
      whole nation is thrown into mourning. 14-April-2014: over 100 killed in Nyanya
      Bomb Blast. GEJ goes dancing at Kano
      campaign rally a day after.

      g. Presidency’s first reaction to Chibok girls’
      abduction: ‘It is a propaganda’. Took the President three weeks to believe the
      abduction happened.

  • burning spear


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