Obasanjo denies snubbing Jonathan, Shagari, other ex-Presidents

Obasanjop and Shagari at the latter's 90th birthday in Sokoto

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has denied media reports that he deliberately arrived late at the birthday celebration of former President Shehu Shagari, after the departure of other past leaders and President Goodluck Jonathan.

President Shagari’s 90th birthday was marked with an unusual fanfare Wednesday with President Jonathan and all former Nigerian leaders, except Muhammadu Buhari, in attendance.

Mr. Obasanjo arrived only after his colleagues had left after the cutting of the birthday cake, fuelling media speculation he deliberately delayed the trip to avoid a meeting with Mr. Jonathan, who has faced a barrage of criticisms from him ahead of elections in March.

But the former president denied snubbing the president and other past leaders, saying he had no cause to backtrack on what they all agreed to do together in Mr. Shagari’s honour.

Mr. Obasanjo said it was “unfortunate” he arrived President Shagari’s home Sokoto late, and blamed a traffic gridlock in Lagos for the delay.

“I have read with dismay the imputation of some section of the media to the unfortunate incident of my not being able to be with my colleagues at the birthday celebration of President Shehu Shagari on Monday 25 February,” Mr. Obasanjo said in a statement Friday.

“Leaving Abeokuta at 6:45am and hoping to fly out of Lagos airport at 8:30am, to Sokoto, we ran into a very bad traffic hold-up that made me get to Lagos airport at 10:45am.”

Mr. Obasanjo accused the media of failing to report his apologies to Mr. Shagari during the visit.

“I did not arrive at Shagari’s house until about mid-day by which time the team of my colleagues had left. It is a pity that the media did not report my profuse apologies to both Shagari and other colleagues when I spoke at Shagari’s house.

“I had no cause to dodge, avoid or snub my colleagues for what we all agreed to do together,” he said.


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  • Anikulapo

    This is why Nigeria is like this: bad planning. Obasanjo shows that again.
    He lives in Abeokuta where there is no airport and plans to go to Sokoto.
    Would a prudent man not leave for Lagos a day before to be on time?
    This Obasanjo is not it, he is like pariah man. I beg, second base o jare!

    • Funso

      Anikulapo, ọmọ àlè.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Just how a character like this baboon managed to reach such rarified heights is a wonder. We need to begin screening aspiring political office holders for mental imbalance. In any case a list of our past leaders reads like a “hall of shame”.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,

      Atleast he gets invited … where is your father having been settled with some crumbs !

  • chris Onwueme

    They don’t need you to do anything they needed to do , you are only rendering yourself irrelevant.

    • segun

      hm hm hm hm really? Goodluck Jonathan Fayose Onwueme but for you it is okay if you wish Mr. Buhari beause of ordinary election-right? hm hm hm Between cutting a birthday cake jointly and not wishing the dead of your fellowman which one will you choose? Liar! Dangerous Hypocrite!

  • polo

    na wao some people comment are very funny some one came late to a party that has nothing to do with u and d person actually gave d reason why he came late the next thing is to start raining abuses on the person this is not ethical especially the Yoruba guy that calling an elderly person a baboon. pls let respect our elders.

  • Shehu Monguno

    OBJ always has excuses for everything

    • abubakar

      Just as Goodluck Jonathan wasted the time of Nigerians for six years!

      • Shehu Monguno

        Abubakar, I don’t think GEJ is relevant in this discussion. General Gowon who was General Obasanjo’s C-I-C flew in from Jos, General Babangida and General Abdulsalam both flew in from Minna and the President from Abuja yet General Obasanjo is the only one that gave excuse. Abubakar, maybe we can go further by leaving the oil resources which comes from President Jonathan’s backyard alone for the owners. After all we did not share out tin and groundnut money with them

        • abubakar

          Just reminding us of the truth that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan wasted the time of Nigerians for six years. It seems you are allergic to such reminder!

          • Shehu Monguno

            What of all our leaders who came from Northern Nigeria and whose states added no value. Did they not live the country worse off. We do not have a moral right ooo

          • abubakar

            It seems you are struggling to make Nigerians forget that your candidate in this election-Mr. Jonathan is a symbol of six year waste to Nigerians. I can see you are sweating to make us forget that. But sorry ooo, we will not forget.

          • Shehu Monguno

            True, but can we deny the fact that leaders of Northern extract were we both came from left 40years of waste? you don’t have to deviate from the original topic which is Chief Obasanjo

          • abubakar

            False “Shehu”, you are still struggling on behalf of your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan! But we Nigerians cannot forget that your candidate in this election -Goodluck Jonathan-is a waste!

          • Shehu Monguno

            Abubakar, it is obvious that you are new to this discussion forum because if you are not you will see my post earlier today where I compared GMB acceptance of responsibility and apology after 30 years to GEJ refusal to visit Maiduguri until elections were at hand. I have been commenting since 2010 and have been attacked severally on this site for comments very critical of President Jonathan. Please stop hiding under pro and anti Jonathan camps to pass comments. Some of us criticise them both ways when it is necessary . The issue still is chief Obasanjo. Do not deviate

          • abubakar

            False “Shehu” , Nigerians do not have amnesia like you. Looking towards March 28 elections, we know that President Jonathan, your darling candidate is the symbol of Six year waste in the lives of Nigerians.

          • Shehu Monguno

            President Jonathan is my favorite candidate now my comment seem to be harsh on GMB. When I criticize GEJ I am tagged a Northern bigot. When will we grow up

          • babayin

            @Shehu Monguno, you are myopic to say someone is new to the forum. Will everybody join thesame time? There is always a first time for everything. For your info, quite a lot of people read comments in many forums and dont bother to contribute. So when such people decide to be part of the discourse you label them new comers. Please note that is not everybody that is jobless like you.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Mr. Monguno, why not state the whole truth all the time?

          Jonothing has never been relevant in any discussion outside of corruption, incompetence, uselessness etc etc!

          • Tunsj

            You got that right. Shehu Monguno is afraid of the truth.

          • Shehu Monguno

            Kay Soyemi, since speaking the truth is your natural past time, please tell us how GEJ corruption, incompetence and uselesness made General Obasanjo come late for the birthday party. Were General Gowon, Babangida and Abdulsalam not also affected by the above bearing in mind General Obasanjo has been linked to Haliburton, National ID card, National stadium corruption scandals to mention a few

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            You forgot to stick Abacha into the equation, bruv.

            Having stated that, how many if the others sat on their fingers and watched rag tag militia men kill Nigerians in their thousands and plant their obnoxious flags on Nigerian territory?

            Just tell me why Jonothing is not in a class of his own on this matter?

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Define waste and properly situate it in describing Jonathan’s govt

        • abubakar

          Shehu Monguno na BlackieUmukoro are you allergic to the reminder that your candidate in this election -Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is WASTE TO NIGERIANS FOR THE LAST SIX YEARS?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            So, you are one of his waste products ?
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • abubakar

            You mean Mr. Jonathan is a symbol and producer of waste and he did it for six years? Hm hm hm Ijaw man, you have now agreed with all Nigerians that your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan should be sent to Otuoke with our votes to continue to produce his waste in Otuoke. We, Nigerians no longer want waste producer as President for Goodluck Jonathan is the great historic producer of waste!.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            You must be a a very smelly waste product, we need to flush you fast before you contaminate our breath of fresh air Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • abubakar

            Flush , hm hm you mean flush Shehu Shagari too who you just hypocritically visited, on the surface to “cut Cake” because you are desperatey in search of votes and you want to “look” patriotic- eh Ijaw man Goodluck Jonathan? Right? Anyway you Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is the source of the waste , pollution and sourness and bad odour in the land? Just musing Ijaw man Goodluck Jonathan!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Go for medical check up. You are sick
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • abubakar

            hm hm Just because you Mr. Jonathan is the epitome of sickness and because you President Jonathan is the septic tank source of Nigerian sickness and waste? Just asking President Jonathan, do not be annoyed. I am just asking.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Thank you. Cheers
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • SAM .A

            These creek monkeys adopt northern names to give the thread a geographical spread . We identify them because Shehu Mungono will never think & write like a creek Monkey & e-rat that Blackie Umukoro is .

    • tundemash

      Why cry more than the bereaved? I have not read anywhere else that the celebrant or his felow ex-presidents haven’t accepted his apology for arriving late !

  • BlackieUmukoro

    But that is what you have just done. You dodged, avoided and snubbed the other past leaders. It is no coincidence too that buhari choosed to be in London at that particular time too. Come to think of it this is the only tome Buhari even wished Shagari birthday greetings. That it is coming after 39 years is quite instructive as it is because of election matters

    • Olufemi Aboaba

      Just a reminder that your candidate Goodluck Jonathan WASTED the time of Nigerians for SIX YEARS. We all love birthday cakes and the cutting of birthday cakes, but the six year waste your candidate-Godluck Jonathan represents is most crucial to Nigerians. Finally, more importantly, why did your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan- suddenly wake up to pretend to be a Nigerian president? He-Jonathan-has always seen himself as Ijaw President. You think we will forget your slogan and the slogan of your president on this platform? That historic slogan is OTHER NIGERIANS ARE LAZY, ESPECIALLY THE NORTH, WE IJAWS ARE THE ONLY INDUSTRIOUS ONES, ALL THEY WANT IS THE SWEET SMELLING OIL IN MY BACKYARD!!! Live with that. We will remind you of your past all the way to March 28 before we -who believe in one NIgeria send your candidate packing to Otuoke with our votes!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        The ugly face of defeat is what you have just exhibited. Thanks but no thanks Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Olufemi Aboaba

          I am just wondering too if the Abuja land your Ijaw president-Goodluck Jonathan- stole is also “SWEET OIL IN YA BACKYARD” !!!! I mean Is Abuja land stolen by your Ijaw President-Goodluck Jonathan- in your Ijaw backyard?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            None of your family member including you of course, are not worthy to lace Ebele’s shoes. Not even fit for the position of a maigard, what a wasted family, that cannot even be considered for menial jobs Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Olufemi Aboaba

            Thank you , you just confirmed with your own mouth that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is an Ijaw President. He went desperately to Sokoto to pretend to be “nationalistic”-but the Ijaw man thinks every Nigerian is drunk with Ogoro on an hourly basis. But No, we have eyes , we can see. Mr. Goodluck Jonathan DOES NOT BELIEVE IN HIS SO-CALLED VISIT TO SHEHU SHAGARI IN SOKOTO. he went there to appear as if he is a “nationalist” which he is NOT. Goodluck Jonathan is Ijaw, and he is an Ijaw President and ONLY for the Ijaws who have OIL in there backyard!!!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Thank you. Cheers
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Olufemi Aboaba

            So when you Ijaw President went to Sokoto to cut Cake with Shehu Shagari-, when you went to the North you have abused as being too too lazy, as being dependent on the sweet oil in your backyard, you are only being hypocritical. You cannot abuse a whole people yesterday, and still pretend you love them today just because today you are looking for their votes!!! Arent the Shehu Shagari people, the Northerners the same people you abused yesterday Mr. Jonathan? Ijaw President Jonathan , you do not believe in Nigeria, STOP your deception just because you need votes! You cannot deceive anyone outside your Ijaw enclave.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            I would not say you are on drugs, but can we stop this hate posts, please Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Olufemi Aboaba

            Hate posts or is dead posts? Hmm You mean President Jonathan and Ayo Fayose wishing Mr. Buhari dead?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Whatever your pains are, try and live with them. It is a cross you have to carry Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Olufemi Aboaba

            Goodluck Jonathan is Ijaw President and ONLY for the Ijaws who have OIL in their backyard!!!

  • osemwengie

    Mr Nigeria (Obj)can not be happy since he couldnt make it to remain in power and now Jonathan is making it…well that is destiny,our god knows the best

    • Adeojo

      hm hm Really? Tory tory, tory, tory, Find another story to tell Mr. Goodluck Jonathan! For you have failed. Find another story to tell.

  • dd

    Buhari is wished Shagari is dead by now just the same way Fayose is expecting the bad the news from his aids.

    • Olufemi Aboaba

      hm hm Ijaw man, welcome on board on behalf of the Ijaw President Goodluck Jonathan!

  • JibrilMusagroup

    Cabal Obasanjo has left the political scene roaring away like a lion and tearing his cards with anger knowing that he has lost all opportunities of sucking Nigeria dry. Jonathan’s humble and quite attitude is actually his strength. He is dealing with the cabals that has been sucking the nation dry. They cry fight back shouting that Jonathan is corrupt, just like the way satan lied against God. Jonathan has achieved so much more than Obasanjo. So his corruption allegation are lies? President Goodluck is the best President in the history of Nigeria. #goodluck4president

    • Olufemi Aboaba

      Another Ijaw man on behalf of Ijaw President-Goodluck Jonathan, welcome on behalf of the oil man-Ijaw President Jonathan.

    • Hassan Lawal

      His achievements must probably be in your dream.He remains the worst president ever.If he had truly achieved,why are they working so hard to convince Nigerians to vote for him again.his performance/achievements would have been enough to convince us.My dear,your man is going straight to jail from villa.

      • Peter

        But you are the real dreamer. What makes you think that a 72 year old former dictator who truncated a democratic civilian government will win an election this time after failing to make it consecutively three times. Is it by magic? If you think it is by magic, then you are the worst dreamer.

        • tunlanpa

          let us wait and see.

  • Ndidi

    I don not really know how relevant these crroks called ex-leaders are? No be dem cause all these problems wey full ground so? Do the children posting comments here know what the monthly pension of an ex-president is? and 81% of them are from the North. Whether military of civilian, they earn the same pension and 13 of our 16 presidents so far are from the poor, uneducated, least developed North. But they say we should not count those who governed in the military era. My question to them is: Do the useless leaders of the military era collect different pensions as the civilian presidents? Nonsense. Nigeria will be better off wthout these ex presidents. U know what I mean. Dont you?

  • kola amzat

    God is God. Nobody dares to play His role otherwise…….. If Chief Obasanjo has elected to play God, its unfortunate. If there was a pact by the incumbent president and other 6 past Heads of Nigerian government to honour one of their colleagues during his 90th birthday celebration and 5 others, also out of their very busy schedules were diligent enough to keep the agreement and one was giving excuse of hold up in Lagos which has been a trade mark of Lagos roads over 20-30years, then something is amiss. God has resolved that Nigeria nation is a great country, no macabre dance from any individual can reverse that pronouncement of God. Nigeria unity is not negotiable and its an auspicious time our leaders start showing the way.

    • Olufemi Aboaba

      President Goodluck Jonathan recently wickedly placed advertisements in the newspapers through Ayo Fayose wishing Mr. Buhari dead. President Goodluck Jonathan recently sent Ayo Fayose after Mr. Buhari to London to spy on Buhari and after that President Jonathan LIED THROUGH AYO FAYOSE THAT Mr. Buhari IS IN A HOSPITAL IN THE UK. President Jonathan is the one that should stop playing god just because he has Ijaw oil money!

  • burning spear

    Obj should jus leave Nigerians-alone–How old iss he? Why should he be acgting as if he is 18 years old man? Yesterday h tore—the card of the party that made him preident–without thinking of the circumsances that led to his being made oresident——I remember Obj coming out of Prison with a bible cluched under his armpit——————–today he had rebuilt his farm—including that a university and a Library to his name part from the oil wells he owned by proxy–yet such a man is not grateful to the Alamighty God—-Then who would Obj learn to apppreciate in his life–All his actions clearly shows that the accusations levelled agains him by Abacha——-are true—————his unbecoming a acts are aLL A CLEAR INDICATION that what we have in our midst———-is amn who is being pursued by the spirt of those he helped to–quietly kill———-if not how can one expalin his current behaviour————-?—————-Let him just leave Nigerians alone————

    • Olufemi Aboaba

      But you are not a Nigerian. You do not see yourself as Nigerian. You see yourself as Ijaw. And more importantly, I think you the Ijaws should leave OBJ alone, at least you Ijaws DO NOT believe in Nigeria-otherwise what is dat ting you called “THE SWEET SMELLING OIL IN OUR BACKYARD THAT NIGERIANS DEPEND ON AND WANT TO TAKE FROM YOU”! Please Ijaws leave we Nigerians alone! You can go with your oil, but leave we Nigerians alone.

      • Jay

        This guy, please just shot up!

        • Olufemi Aboaba

          Hm hm you are no longer proud of your history, your Ijaw nationalist history? But you said it. You talked about the sweet smelling oil in ya backyard that “others” who are “lazy” want to steal!!! Please you must own this history, it is your history, otherwise you are not true children of Ijaw!!!

      • babayin

        Olufemi and other great minds burning spear is not an Ijaw man, dont treat him as one. He is Ibo(one of the descendants of the defeated Biafrans). They dont have a future in the Nigerian project. The highest position they can hold is the SGF. Nobody likes them. They are dubious, fraudulent and proud. How do you expect an average IBO person to speak well of OBJ? Bloody ritualist, 419s & kidnappers.

    • Delvan

      Deri, Deri, DERI!
      Nice one jare

  • Emancipation

    #IAmReady #Buhari #Votevolution #ThumbVolution #BallotVolution

  • goodygoody

    If we take Sokoto city as a destination of development for Nigeria,
    then, we can now why Obasanjo’s 11 years in power was a waste,
    simply as a result of his low ability to think things through.

    • Anikulapo

      This is why Nigeria is like this: bad planning. Obasanjo shows that again.
      He lives in Abeokuta where there is no airport and plans to go to Sokoto.
      Would a prudent man not leave for Lagos a day before to be on time?
      This Obasanjo is not it, he is like pariah man. I beg, second base o jare!

      • Funso

        Anikulapo ọmọ àlè.

      • Investigator


    • Encore

      This is why Nigeria is like this: bad planning.

  • Emeka

    I said it that he is always a coward. He was afraid like Joseph of Aramanthia who visits Jesus only in the night.

    • Olufemi Aboaba

      A “coward” who installed the Ijaw President Goodluck Jonathan?

      • evi

        Same way the coward was installed by Atiku using PDM machinery .

        • bonny

          And then Atiku, the PDM man could not not use the PDM machinery to install himself.

  • eduetok

    Question for Mr OBJ; Who cancelled the Lagos metro line which would have ensured free flow of traffic in that city?

  • trippi

    Maybe he was afraid to take another bullet in his anus…

    • Vera

      How can this man who can’t think clearly how to plan a journey to Sokoto
      now hold himself out in public as a ‘statesman’ solely in charge of Nigeria?

  • Words on Marble

    This is why Nigeria is like this: bad planning. Obasanjo shows that again.
    He lives in Abeokuta where there is no airport and plans to go to Sokoto.
    Would a prudent man not leave for Lagos a day before to be on time?
    This Obasanjo is not it, he is like pariah man. I beg, second base o jare!

  • Save Nigeria Father

    Display of egocentric character that has put this nation many years behind. Can we see why his eight years has contributed negatively? Still an indirect revenge, a man full full of vengeance not knowing that vengeance is of God. Where is the statesman who will not want or show respect to simple act that may promote unity of a country he is the most beneficiary of its existence?

  • UYI111

    He like the heat he has placed on the politi and will not want to give another impression that he was soft on all the matters on ground untill after the election maybe and dont forget he also want all the attention to himself and no one else .
    Buhari also will be taking the shine just before the election too.

  • Dele

    And this is THE NAVIGATOR OF APC party? Surely, the APC has no hope!

    • Chuks Igwe


      Na so 0! If a navigator can’t find a best way to arrive Sokoto at 9.00am
      from Abeokuta, for an agreed event, any ship he navigates will sink due
      to lack of good thinking. It is as simple as that.

  • burning spear


  • Peter

    My fellow Nigerians, all the nonsense talk about Buhari and his useless team being in London and speaking at Chatham House has been planned to ensure that he does not feature at Shagari’s birthday with the other former heads of state. The man is vindictive and knows the cold attention and the humiliation he would have received in the house of the civilian president that he ousted in a coup. You can see that Shagari’s shadow’s is chasing him about. A presidential candidate in an election that is about one month from now who should have been busy in the country re-branding his battered reputation, is busy telling lies, by washing Nigeria’s dirty linens in the white man’s land and thinking that he was undoing President Jonathan. Buhari and his new-found spoiler friend OBJ planned to avoid being at Shagari’s Birthday together with the other decent former heads of state. This is because they are evil as birds of identical plumage meet together.

  • Frank Bassey

    True to character. Chameleons.

  • Peter

    Was Buhari represented at Shagari’s birthday celebration? Was his son Nasir El Rufai not sent to stand in for him in Sokoto while he was addressing Tony Blair and his kinsmen in London or did he travel with him?

    • Papashango77

      Is it a must for Buhari to be there? What stopped you from going? Talk reasonably man.

      • is buhari too big to be there?

        • Papashango77

          He may choose to go whenever it pleases him! It musnt necessarily be on that day..it’s an individual thing and at his own. Don’t read negative meaning.

        • Kay

          Buhari was in London to help Nigeria’s image. You should be proud of that if you love this country.

        • Papashango77

          He is too small to be there!

      • And the so called buhari was the one who kicked shagari out of seat and went military on us.

      • Kay

        Bros God go bless you two times.

    • Odogwu

      Buhari was busy in London laundering the battered image of Nigeria by your useless president! Is that not more important than a birthday?

  • John


  • chinwe davis

    Obasanjo snub? now that’s girlish for a military man…lolz

  • And i wonder why i keep seeing OBJ here and there, who cares what he does right now.

  • Obasanjo just keep on coming up with ways to get in the new s these days, well am sorry relevance is lost already. so just be a jolly good fellow and lounge with your fellow ex head of states. there’s no harm in that. you’re too old for all this fiasco. this is from me to you (OBJ)

  • kemi

    OBJ you are not that relevant anymore

  • ubong ekanem

    OBJ have nothing to offer anymore

  • uzo

    OBJ all you can do now is hide from GEJ presence

  • Nelson David

    OBJ is hurted by his shadow. Just like a restive fugitive or a wanderer in the middle of life and hell.

    • Kay

      Common correct spelling you not fit spell. See your life – “hurted”. You are a big disgrace o!

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    This grandpa is making old age look like madness

  • Divine West

    Obasanjo is former president. Jonathan Goodluck is thepresident of Nigeria presently. Obasanjo can’t snub the president.

    • Obingwa

      Shagari looks sweet than obasanjo, watch it again. All the group that remove Shagari from seat are not worthy to occupy counselorship position in this country. God will not allow that to happen.

  • kingsley obi

    The way he behaved that day goes to say he had something in mind

  • Chief Emeka bakogu

    Obj has disappointed me

  • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

    Why is he denying it, well it is all political. UP GEJ

  • Blessing Ndubisi

    No matter what obj feels he has in mind, GEJ will remain my choice

  • Emeka215

    Obasanjo should stop playing dormant and admit the pure fact.

  • Nwaobilor

    I guess others came from different locations too. Obasanjo is not a child or novice to tell us he doesn’t know the traffic situation in Lagos. He carefully planned his route for delay.

  • uko bassey

    At least he attended, Buhari was to ashamed to be among learned men#SMELLYBUHARI#GEJtill2019

    • Kay

      Am sure Uko you are too daft to notice that Buhari was in London on that day and made a speech in Chattam house. GEJ followers are always slow in the brain anyway.

  • nwaeke


  • geraldine jaja

    Please ignore the old man he is not relevant# GEJtill2019

  • Ukpono


    • Kufere

      Has in eeh! If his grudges were to be acted, hollywood would make a whole new series out of it.

    • Etega

      Hahaha my brother the old man dey tire person, em just dey misbehave for Africa. Abi em thinks say we be pikin?.

    • ahmed

      Kai! no be small grudges o! all these old crooks go die ontop GEJ matter

  • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

    lol…OBJ don turn comedian for Old age, his actions are clownish and he keeps my laughing away his stupidity.

  • Enumah

    This is the person who castigates his colleague in public, someone who’s aim is to cause political controversy. Now more than ever when he he had the chance to iron out issues with Mr President he chose to duck. OBJ is a coward. At least is a good thing he didn’t attend the main event so the cake won’t sour at the sight of his slacked wrinkles and offensive aged odor.

  • begy

    I said it before and will say it again. Obasanjo is behaving like an animal and it is only Jonathan who is expert in animal behaviour will understand him.

  • Uncle Charlie

    There is nothing more disrespectful as showing up late for functions. Lets leave all the other excuses aside

  • No need to come and give us Gist. Ur excuses don’t matter. Nobody will flog you

  • Ian Chevron

    Who’s this olufemi Aboaba guy? Is he on free MB?

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