What Buhari failed to tell UK audience – Fani Kayode

Muhammadu Buhari speaking at Chatham House

The spokesperson of President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has stated that the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, has failed to inform his audience in the United Kingdom how he loves the extremist group, Boko Haram.

Mr. Buhari spoke at Chatham House in London Thursday where he stated that if elected, he would restore Nigeria’s lost glory.

In his reaction via a press statement, Mr. Fani- Kayode said it was‎ amazing that Mr. Buhari refused to participate in a debate in his own country but was ready to go to a foreign country to sell his message in a desperate attempt to curry favour with the people of that country.

“We wonder whether General Buhari told his foreign audience whilst he was in London how much he loves Boko Haram,” he said.

Boko Haram has been terrorising the people of Nigeria, with reports saying the terrorist group has killed over 13,000 Nigerians since 2009.

‎Mr. Fani-Kayode also said he wondered whether the former head of state told his audience that he once said that he believed that ”an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north” and that the Boko Haram terrorists should be appeased, pampered, resettled and paid allowances.

“We wonder if he told them that he was once nominated by Boko Haram to be their spokesman and representative during proposed negotiations with the Federal Government,” he said.

The PDP presidential campaign spokesperson said he was surprised Mr. Buhari did not tell his audience that he was the one who ordered and organised the “violent injecting, crating and disgraceful kidnapping of a former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the name of Alhaji Umaru Dikko from the streets of London 31 years ago when he was in power”.

He said the president’s campaign would express its views about Mr. Buhari’s “stage-managed show of shame at Chatham House at a later date” and, that at that time, more details would be provided.

“For now, all we can say is that it is truly pitiful that a former Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria believes that it is more important to win the hearts and minds of the British than it is to win the hearts and minds of the Nigerian people.

“General Buhari can run to any foreign country in the world to say anything that he likes but at the end of the day the decision as to who will lead Nigeria as from May 29th this year will be determined by no one else but the Nigerian people. The game is on here and not in London,” he said


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  • Ola

    This guy is nothing but a cow. Fraudster

    • mic

      Like father like son, some of us still remember FFK’s father antecedent. Have shame for once

  • Investigator


    • Island man

      Investigator or what is your name?, the earlier the better for you to go and hug transformer, the change has come……..

    • Abiola Salako

      Please show us your brain if you have one

  • wissy

    Story Story…..Storyyyyy

  • tunde olu

    Loud mouth looser. Olori buruku

  • Spoken word

    And these guys are paid from our resources. We need to ask for a refund.

  • olufemi

    i hate people like FFK, what has he got to say? speaking with double mouth. what a hell and disgrace for FFK to be speaking. After wasting tax payers money to on miscreants in Uk to demonstrate against Buhari. It is rather unfortunate that a bastard is talking behaving legitimate.

  • Funso

    Ọmọ àlè.

  • George Ager.A

    He is so pained. His hired protesters where a sham,the speech delivered by GMB was a masterstoke,and finally the lie they have been selling about his health was finally exposed. FFk go and smoke your weed and sniff the white powder for relief.

    • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

      Whereas he cannot at home speak to millions who wield the PVC and have the power to vote him in. Hypocrites.

  • Contact Point

    For your information Fani Kayode, he used the unbiased platform to tell his audience the madness going on with you. He refused to debate not only with GEJ but also BON and other organizers of the so-called debate group. Meanwhile, we have heard him and men like you should run away since Buhari is not going to accommodate corruption. Buhari is going to fight corruption with almost the same weapons used in fighting Boko Haram, therefore it won’t be a childish type of fight. Beware!!!!

    • Joe

      You got it wrong sir. Buhari has been held hostage even now by the cabals in APC. I would have had a hope if Buhari had won the 2011 elections under CPC, because no politician sponsored him then; but under APC, Nigeria will be destroyed beyond repair by the certified criminals like saraki, amaechi, tinubu, el rufuai that are doling out billions to sponsor the man. I pray that Buhari will not make Aso rock, but if he does, Nigeria is finished. Saraki is more than enough to ruin Nigeria beyond repair.

      • BitterTruth

        Joe, I know you have eyes but definitely you cannot see. Mr vaticinator

        • Joe

          Bitter truth,
          1. 1st, truth is never bitter but sweet.
          2. I have decided to close my physical eyes and use my spiritual eyes. So what I see, you may not see except you operate in the realm of the spirit.
          3. You are 100% right, I can foretell because I do not use senses and feelings.

          • BitterTruth

            Joe, how come you don’t see the high level of corruption and bad governance in this our great nation if truly your spiritual eyes are working too? And let me tell you again how bitter a truth is, if we cannot hear or read any verity statement from an elite like yourself, people that placed their personal interests above national interests then the truth is very bitter.

  • bib

    For GMB’s decorum he would have told his esteem audience that GEJ said the Boko Haram people are his siblings.

    • BABA


      • progress

        Wetin stop your imbecile of a president from arresting him? Mumu

      • bib

        Yes. Oritsejafor and SAS are GMB’s friends.

  • UYI111

    What buhari and apc did in London is nothing but a Kaniwood documentary with paid hall paid audience and a British junky that have no Nigeria interest whatsoever ! with a bunch of rehearsed questions and answers rubbish.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    “He said the president’s campaign would express its views about Mr. Buhari’s “stage-managed show of shame at Chatham House at a later date” and, that at that time, more details would be provided.” FFK

    The only show of shame at the Chatham House today were your hired thugs, riff-raffs, drug addicts and societal dregs who didn’t even know what they were their to protest about, save the “generous money from Goodluck”.

    They sounded no different from you, FFK (For Food-only Kleptomaniacs).

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Buhari is a choreographed disaster and an orchestrated catastrophe. Here’s a man who has no verifiable qualification; speaks atrocious English; suffers from brain disorder and is destined to expire even before March, 28. I commiserate with APC in advance.

    • Island man

      FFK token paid agent, am not surprise they are here again…………….

    • Victor Odutola Mayomi

      You lack the courtesy of an owoluwabi Yorubaman with your abusive statements and lack of respect for elders on a daily basis. Please show us in Nigeria that we are cultured in yorubaland unless you are just masquerading as one of us. Let us support the President by advancing his cause with civility rather than acting always like an attack dog

      • Mosaku 147

        He is an impostor. It is people like them that are going to make their dumbo loss woefully.

      • Patrick

        Stop this sickening Yoruba hypocrisy, my friend! Omoluabi my foot! That only comes into play when the fossil the APC is parading as its candidate is involved. How many times have you called those insulting the President, even on this thread to order? Isn’t President Jonathan an elder? Abeg, clear off with this your sickening hypocrisy and double standard. Which tribe in this whole world is more abusive than the Yoruba? Yorubas are cultured yet the tribe has more thugs and miscreants than other tribes in this country. You are cultured in Yorubaland, yet most of those who have stolen this country blind are Yorubas. Yorubas are cultured yet most of the banks that have collapsed in this country have been killed by the Yorubas or does being cultured not extend to keeping your hands off someone else’s property? And by the way, our former President who slept with his son’s is of what tribe, Eskimo? Abegi!

    • T Focker

      He should just pack before the election. I know he can never win. But he will unleash terror after he loses. All these miscreants saying nonsense here too might start some kind of “jihadi john” in the south! God better just kill the fossil now. Its best for the country.

      • Onike24

        Wow! You worship a god who commits Murder willynilly?

  • professor kaka

    ffk let wait and see u will be surprise how pdp will be disgrace from power

  • SS Khalid

    If General Buhari did not tell the Britishers his all you mentioned, the unsuspecting and gullible youths you hired to say them went there with placards carrying all the statements you mentioned here. But know that it did not work and can never.

  • nsikak

    FFK few months ago u were in APC. i remember vividly what said about GEJ on Channels TV. U said all sort thgs against GEJ n today u r the same person saying this. may God help nigeria.

  • Abubakar

    Buhari said:On the economy, the fall in prices of oil has brought our economic and social stress into full relief. After the rebasing exercise in April 2014, Nigeria overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest economy. Our GDP is now valued at $510 billion and our economy rated 26th in the world. Also on the bright side, inflation has been kept at single digit for a while and our economy has grown at an average of 7% for about a decade.
    But it is more of paper growth, a growth that, on account of mismanagement, profligacy and corruption, has not translated to human development or shared prosperity. A development economist once said three questions should be asked about a country’s development: one, what is happening to poverty? Two, what is happening to unemployment? And three, what is happening to inequality?
    The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery.
    I at least expect this buffon FFK to address these issues Buhari raised as false but instead he is just ranting nonsense, he actually accused your government of all these things but all you can come up with is Buhari is a friend to the terrorists that tried to kill him? This is the highest point of stupidity.

    • uduakomiri

      It’s just so unfortunate that Nigerians cannot argue based on facts. We are just too sentimental, and that really tends to show us off as unintelligent. I mean, if I hired someone to speak on my behalf, and an opponent rubbishes my policies of the last six years, all my very so-called educated spokesperson could do is babble a load of utter poppycock in response rather than tackling same opponent with evidence of my achievements, well my response to the idiotic aide would be:
      You are fired!

  • Goggy

    Why did Muhammadu Buhari lie in London?

    Buhari lacks good advisers. His advisers are either too local or too daft.
    London is the last place to put Buhari on stage to go and tell outright lies.
    Muhammadu Buhari said Sharia Law is only about marriage and inheritance.

    That is too brazen a lie. Britain colonized Nigeria and the British know better.
    When infidels are stoned or thieves are amputated, it is justified by Sharia law.
    I am dis-appointed that Buhari announced himself on the world stage as a liar.

    • Ali


      “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
      and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
      all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation
      of Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the
      context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly.
      What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to re-double their efforts and educate
      Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.”

      …….General Muhammadu Buhari


      • logmein2nite

        I am a born again Christian. My question is why is your Christian president and his government so corrupt? We will follow the Muslim leader that will fight and stop this corruption before it stops Nigeria. You want us to be afraid of Sharia while you and your cronies pillage Nigeria for yourselves – no way. #Sai Buhari.

      • Kay

        Ali your quote is a big lie!!! Every discerning person knows that too

    • logmein2nite

      There are 12 States practicing Sharia law. Which infidel has been stoned that you know? If you don’t know what to say, read other peoples comment. We mustn’t all write something.

      • Agbalajobi

        You must be a crook. Goggy is talking about air, you are talking about airs.
        Goggy was talking of the big lies Buhari told in London today on Sharia.
        You are saying the victims of stoning and amputation are afterall not infidels.
        Are you alright at all? By the way, who are infidels? Christians are infidels,abi?

        I don’t blame you. It is the Christians in Yorubaland who need to see a shrink.
        They are totally out of their senses. Normal people organize for common defence.
        But over-educated Christians in Yorubaland follow their murderers like cows to abbatoir.

    • George Ager.A

      Bros you are badly in need of information. i can help, Sharia as identified in the Nigerian constituition is akin to customary laws. It typically addresses issues related to marriages and inheritance like any other customary law of the land.The Nigerian constituition also identifies the Sharia court of appeal and as such the executive arm of govt is saddle with the responsibility of appointing its Judges. For sharia to be implemented as a legal system in Nigeria and the guiding law of the land, you need to first need to amend the constituition and get the buy in of 26 out of 36 states house assemblies.

      • T Focker

        So you are saying sharia is good now. Just because your master said so! People like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Your stupidity is downright dangerous.

        • George Ager.A

          You are grossly daft. Read my comments, i only stated what is in our constituition and went further to illustrate how it is nearly impossible to implement sharia law (Islamization) in Nigeria as a legal system. Go and read the constitution and rid yourself of this abject ignorance!

          • T Focker

            Jihadi George! sorry o. E be like say the thing pain you small. My sincere apologies. I’m sure if your master didn’t once support sharia you wont dare attempt to justify the satanic code. Constitution or no constitution. How far will you go in your blind gullible worship of fellow man. A stone age excavated fossil who lies from both sides of the mouth. He told Britons today that when ebola struck in Nigeria, rather than wait for the government at the center “we swung into action” lol. Help me ask this your your master, since you love him so much, what did he – Buhari – do or say during the ebola crisis? Also help me tell him that it is wrong to admit to foreigners that your country has lost its glory. Nobody does it. OK?

          • George Ager.A

            You have switched position now without admitting your shallowness regarding your own constituition?Pls go to bed. I respond no further.

          • T Focker

            Which position did you shift? And who doesn’t know that sharia is somewhere in the constitution? My point is that you are harping on the fact that sharia is in the constitution, using pseudo-scholarly arguments to analyse “different kinds of sharia” as if you don’t know that its obscene that a plural country like Nigeria actually has sharia codified. FYI Buhari was only covering his ass in case someone in the audience asks him about his past sharia comments. He didn’t care if the brits would begin to think “so these baboons have actually legalized jihadi”

      • Dan maikoko

        Any talk of Sharia under constitutional democracy is meaningless. The first requirement for the establishment of a Sharia legal system is an Islamic Government. That does not exist in Nigeria. The Constitution is clear as to its supremacy over all laws of the land and the Sharia law is also clear about its supremacy over all laws. There cannot be two masters to the same servant. Even governor Yerima of Zamfara was clear that his Sharia derives from the constitution. As far as the constitution is concerned Sharia is subservient to it and its just a form of customary law that applies exclusively to the muslim north.

    • Abubakar

      I have gone through Buhari’s Chatham House Speech various times to figure out where he talks about Shariah. I don’t see where you are referring to from his speech that he talks about what sharia law is. Please clarify

      • George Ager.A

        It was not in his speech,he was asked a question on Sharia during the q&a

    • Uhuru

      yeah right! Jonathan has good advisers in abundance yet he remains clueless. Shouldn’t that be more of a concern to you than coming here to parade your ignorance?

  • blackdove

    Fani Kayode go and look for a real job, I thought you claimed to have a law degree. Have you ever seen the inside of a court room? I mean not as an accused corrupt defendant.

  • Destiny

    It is sad and detestable for those people who are glamouring for a saviour, in a government which will be presided by heartless and selfish people like Bola tinubu, Gov Rotimi Ameachi, and a known military dictator in the person of mohamadu buhari. pls let shine our eyes those guys are not the saviour we wanted.

    • logmein2nite

      How do you know Tinubu will be in government? Has OBJ been able to control Jonathan as he thought he would? If God wants to use Tinubu to give us a savior, as He used OBJ to give the Ijaws a president, shall we now reject it. Keep your eyes on the ball – Buhari and the APC programe for Nigeria.

  • Gbofia Lunar

    About time we got a response from the PDP Verbal Diarrhea Clan to remind us once again why they should be voted out and who better than the verminous FFK himself.

  • chi ngobar

    If Femi Fani-Kayode has any friend or relation, he/she should urgently take him to a psychiatrist to have his head examined and .d treated before he goes permanently MAD. Only a lunatic can be this DIRTY at heart. No matter how much one is paid, there should be a limit to what dirty jobs one should do. FFK is too dirty even for the DEVIL himself

    • logmein2nite

      The man is on serious trial for money laundering. Do you want him to go to jail?

    • Soja

      Obasanjo actually freed him from one in Ghana before the completion of his treatment. All blames go to baba iyabo.

  • Mosaku 147

    It’s bad what crack can do to a man.brothers from ife, do you mean you guys can’t rescue this guy before he kills himself? Oma se o!

  • eddy

    Fani Kayode, don’t worry too much… in abt 4weeks from now ur thinking will change. U will be preoccupied with thots of where u would crawl under when buhari wins. Don’t worry! Ur time is coming very soon.

  • #Buhari/Osinbajo

    Fani Kayode is a good boy, give him food and he will sing for you

  • Maria

    But other members of PDP were also nominated by boko haram as negotiators including the then godfather of PDP, president Obasanjo. Prof Wole Soyinka was also nominated by militants in the creeks as a negotiator, does that make Wole one of the militants? Moreso, Buhari outrightly rejected the nomination. Femi-were kayode… you are a loser. Buhari has shown the world today that he is a leader who can motivate and give hope to the people. You people should bury your heads in shame….

    • Onike24

      Shame? From where? Shamelessness is a requirement to work for Jonathan

  • Advocate

    aaawwww… gej was not invited. shame. pdp should stop behaving like small children

  • Kay

    The exact has been said about Femi-Were-Kayode: “Give him food and he will dance Shoki” for you. I saw him once on Channels,he was blasting Jonathan. No one is shocked at his ranting anyway. The psycho is on medication and we all know.

  • Jika

    I thought you guys said he was sick,he was not invited to speak blah blah blah.Do you people have any sense of decency left in you at all? Really and truly you guys need to be serious for once and go through the speech he delivered with a view to dissecting it for any fallacies,contradictions and weak points and respond accordingly.It is no use getting fixated on the person of Buhari instead of attacking issues.But then I guess that is asking for too much from a crowd that is peopled by the likes of FFK and Ayo Fayoshe.So sad and pathetic!!!

    • progress

      So sad my brother, shameless bunch of donogoods.

  • richkid

    Ofcus he was and still sick. Does he look healthy too you. He is very sick but just pretending to be fit. Stood up to read something for 30 mins, any very sick man could do this knowing what is at stake

    • simone

      Please do not take this as an insult. Just put up a picture of your father if he is up to 72 or your grand father if your father is not up to 72 and let’s see what they look like. Again, do not take it as an insult, it’s just that, you can prove millions of people wrong by so doing.

      • Richard

        And he needs to work on his written English

  • bolaji

    Fellow nigerians COCAINE IS VERY BAD OHH

  • Advocate

    nsa dasuki went to the same place to talk, i don’t see ffk complaining

  • Parrot

    I wouldn’t be surprise, it is only in Nigeria somebody like Fani Kayode and many other people indicted for corruption, tax evasion and drug related offences offshore, becomes President Campaign spokes person and flag bearer of a party, such as Mr Kashamu , “birds of the same feather flock together” this shows the type of person President Jonathan is!!!. God save Nigeria from these so call leaders.

  • under

    This Femi Kayode is so dumb??? Hahaaa! Has he not learnt that all these nonsense makes Buhari more popular? Well God has a way of helping the needy. APC has no more money for campaign and FFK’s PDP is about to bankroll them. Bring it on! #SAI_BUHARI


    May God expose you Fani Kayode, Fani Kayode is a thief and liar, let justice be done though the heavens fall, Fani Kayode will pay by the grace of God for this false statement, no matter how many lies he conjure up, Buhari will become president, and then all those PDP haters like FFK will pay, they will spend the rest of their days in jail and his family would be forever labeled as the most disgraceful in Nigeria, wherever his name is mentioned people will curse, wherever is named is written it would be about his stupidity, on March 28th FFK and his miserable minions will be put to shame, he will convicted and his name will forever be at peace, Buhari is the solution to Nigeria’s problems, and by the grace of God on the 29th of March, he and his family will march into the Aso Rock, on the 29th of March, GEJ will be thrown out of the Aso Rock, he will be remembered as a disgrace, not only to Nigerians but to Africa

  • wonderboi

    When curse is place on someone his behaviour will be quirky and erratic, .i can see Fani-Kayode in mental hospital in some months time

  • Tanimu

    That boil/wart on his cheek is very VERY WORRISOME!
    Baba, no man can be the only solution to a country’s problems.
    Don’t play God.
    You wept and said u will not be contesting again. Most of the people prodding you on are only using your name to pave way for their own personal ambitions!
    Go home and rest..u don’t look too good sir. The same way there wer arguments wen ill health gradually began to show on Abacha and Yaradua.
    Nigeria will survive with or without you..once again, Pls go home and rest!

  • Otile

    Buhari is wacko

    • Scatter


  • Curseless

    Fani Kayode, cannot and will not escape the inevitable; which is to have his day in court for money laundering.He joined PDP to frustrate the ongoing case after cutting a deal with Ebele Jonathan to be his arrowhead political boggy man. As it is, he has to deliver on that phantom agreement just like what his father did in the days of Action Group and Demo in Western Region.

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    We know Mr Buhari more than his later day friends(Tinibu and co) and we know his antecedents so i don’t beleive there is any type of packaging that will change our perception of the man and that is why he is only being supported here in the north by street urchins and violent people like him but then these ones are not the people that troop out to do the voting in the north,they merely wait for news about outcome to take to the streets.SAI JONATHAN 2015,SAI BABANGIDA ALIYU 2019

  • Arewabetter

    What can I say about this thing? Nothing, because the cartoon below says everything about this shameless thing.

    • tundemash

      and this ….

    • obianuju #GMB15

      What do u expect from FFK with foot in the mouth syndrome he shouldn’t be taken seriously all his uncontrollable utterances are mere bunkum. GMB will definately deal with him and his likes esp the Ekiti guy man Fayose

  • Garden-City Boy

    “……..if elected, he would restore Nigeria’s lost glory”…..are they sure Buhari really said that? That is the more reason Nigerian’s must turn him away as they did resoundingly on three earlier occasions. Failure to unravel this coded message is signing the death warrant of this country. Buhari cannot be president; it is like to have a hyena watch over goats. He looks at us and all he sees are cattle…..animals. Already we are like prey, and he the predator; we are dogs and baboons he vowed to soak in blood after the elections.

    Buhari seeks voter’s authority to preside over his dream business-as-usual system ant to use his “very good offices” to shield both himself and his fellow murders from prosecution for their crimes. He has quite a bit in common with OBJ who now navigates him. They are all finding ways to save their butts. That is the past glory Buhari intends to restore. He does not even realize that he deludes himself as Nigerian voters already know what a loser looks like……..like Buhari.

    • Awarawa

      Buhari didn’t write his speech. He lacks intellectual ability to do that. He only regurgitate what his handlers gives him. Check his purported English language result in the Katsina fake WAEC result.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      I am sure you are none resident and have no PVC. We have PVC and we would use it to vote GMB period

  • Olusegun Osewa

    It is my opinion that whoever gives support to a terrorist group is himself a terrorist, not sure though what the law says here, but then I believe the law would not absolve such persons of any blame. Therefore, a ‘lover’ of Boko Haram should be considered a criminal, arrested and possibly tried. That the govt has not done so might suggest that it either is weak and incapable of administering justice, which is quite terrible, or the that the accusation against GMB is frivolous. Now for FFK to make a frivolous statement would not surprise many people, but to make such statements in his current capacity in the campaign organisation of GEJ, is to say the least, irresponsible.

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn …. they forgot to call you back after setting you loose with fake info .


    The question is….why is Buhari the ex-tyrant running about in the streets of London instead of campaigning in Nigeria ? Is Tony Blair going to vote in our elections ?

    • Tee Jay

      He went there so that the international community can keep a close watch on the election so that GEJ and the PDP (including himself (GMB) and APC will not be able to rig the election. He actually in his speech encouraged them to keep a close watch on the election. What a wise thing to do to prevent rigging. He wouldn’t do that if he and his party were planning to rig the election, would he?

  • abada

    Those who prefer to sale us to the hands of the imperialist are nothing but vision less Leaders. i presumed that Nigerian problem should be discussed at home not in the foreign who think that the equal right for all do not include that black man. people who do not care about our real issues where it matters but will always carry bad news about us in other to continue to paint the bad image which they like to always show the world about africa. is shame total shame on APC for not believing in Nigeria

    • your close confidant NSA sambo Dasuki was there short while ago where he blew the first whistle which resulted to the postponement of feb24 polls and you did not anything wrong with that.

    • Arabakpura

      They want to take you to the international arena where sound people play – from no nation to strong nation and you are still complaining.

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn .. where were you when Dasuki was disussing same problem in London last month and when Dumbo did same severally last year ?

    • Scarth

      Does we actually have right in Nigeria?

      • Scarth


    • Jika

      I think you should direct this to appropriate quarters.You seem to have developed selective amneasia all of a sudden.Where were you when Dasuki went to the same Chatam House to inform the world that the Government of Nigeria has advised INEC to postpone the February election?If it is not a shame for our Government officials to go there,how does it become a shame for Buhari?

  • The True Nigerian

    FFK you are so full shit, anyway those whom you are working for are just tolerating you because they know as well as you do that you talk through your back passage and you have managed to put your foot in your shit many times .

  • Babalakin Aderibigbe

    My little girl of 6 once told the elder sister of about 20 this: sister ….., “I know you have brain but you dont use it”. This is exactly the same situation with Femi Fani-Kayode. Femi Fani-Kayode has brain but he doesnt use it. Otherwise how can he say Buhari did not tell the London audience that he loves Boko Haram? If there is anyone who loves Boko Haram, it is his principal – President Goodluck Jonathan. Besides, if Buhari loves Boko Haram, what is Jonathan suppose to do? Did he do it until it became apparent that his strategy of allowing Boko Haram to weaken the voting population did not work.

  • Gaskiya

    I Would Disown My Son If He Votes Jonathan
    A couple of days ago, I announced that I was going to unfriend – on Facebook – any friend who’s a supporter of President Jonathan. Some friends found fault with my action. They implied that what I purposed was extreme – it’s only politics, they said. But they’re mistaken.
    The forthcoming presidential election is not politics. The gubernatorial contest in Lagos State between Agbaje and Ambode is politics, since it’s a choice between two credible candidates. Obama v Romney was politics. The gubernatorial contest in Jigawa is politics, since people have a choice to elect a candidate from a party (PDP) which has done well for them at state level or a candidate from a party (APC) that promises to revolutionize their lives positively.

    Dr. Ibraheem Dooba
    I stand united with Sonala Olumhense, who said that the presidential election this year is a struggle for the soul of Nigeria. “Make no mistake: this struggle is for the soul of Nigeria, and you are either in the race for that soul, or assisting someone who is. Anyone who is neither running nor contributing productively works against Nigeria.”

    So, it’s not politics! And it shouldn’t be construed as such. In this struggle, you can’t be on the fence, because there is no fence.

    To give you one premise out of many, I read last week in Leadership newspaper that 13 of the Chibok girls’ parents have died. Among many deaths that GEJ caused with his actions and inactions, I attribute these deaths to him. The parents, the newspaper wrote, died due to stress related illnesses on account of the kidnapping of their children. If that was the case, the deaths were quite avoidable. Some measures could have been taken by the president to reduce the feeling of hopelessness for parents in such a traumatic situation; such as showing concern, empathy, giving them hope, visiting the community and showering them with kind words.

    Now imagine you were a Chibok parent, and listened to these presidential statements:

    I’ve not gone to Chibok because it’s not a small place, it’s a whole local gov’t – President Jonathan.

    Going to Chibok will not bring back the girls – President Jonathan

    When I looked at the list, 90% of the girls are Christians – President Jonathan

    We don’t know where the Chibok girls are – President Jonathan

    On the Chibok girls, I don’t want to be quoted – President Jonathan

    We’ve rescued the girls [a lie] – Defense HQ

    Nobody is missing – Patience Jonathan, the first lady

    These are words from the leaders who are supposed to provide comfort. Indeed, it took the intervention of a teenage girl, Malala, from a foreign country, Pakistan, before our president agreed to see the parents of the girls. And as if to rub it in, it was reported that someone in the president’s circle (where stealing is not corruption) attempted to steal the little money the parents were given.

    And now you tell me that voting someone who enacted this nonsense is politics? This is just one case from many cases of the deaths that GEJ’s government has caused. As recent as last year, 2014, GEJ and his people believed that the criminally insane idiots in Boko Haram camp are fighting political war on behalf of “northerners” to make Nigeria ungovernable for him!

    To prove that, Dr. (first name, Bastard) Okupe, the presidential spokesperson, suggested, on a Channels TV interview which I watched, that local government elections in Yobe State were conducted hitch free. Proving his case that BH don’t attack their northern political leaders. Like ex-president Obasanjo said, if Jonathan and his aides had not wasted time believing that BH is a creation of his enemies armed to campaign against his government, these insufferable idiots would have long been defeated.

    Yet, you want me to tolerate people who support this gang? Someone suggested some of my followers are my students and I should seek to convince them instead of killing our friendship. My response to that is, I’m not proud of a student with such a flawed logic as to support a government which has brought nothing to us in Nigeria save destruction. And I think the time to convince people is long gone, if you’ve not made up your mind that this is the worst government we’ve ever had in Nigeria, whatever your age, you’re beyond redemption. You’re unteachable.

    Maybe I didn’t write plainly enough, earlier. I’ll do so now:

    If I had a child old enough to vote and he told me that he’s going to vote Jonathan, I would disown him. Friends, if l lost, I would make new ones, but there’s no guarantee I can spawn a new child. This is how seriously I take this.

    For the same reason, if an employee comes to me and says he’s voting for GEJ, I would thank him for his candour and fire him on the spot. I can’t risk contaminating my organization by such wicked thinking.

    If I had a tenant who promises me to vote GEJ, I would hand him a quit notice without hesitation. I hope you get the point? Not yet? OK, here’s the final one: if I were having an open heart surgery, and the lead surgeon informs me that he’s voting for GEJ, I’ll ask him to drop his scalpel and let me die!

    I’m sure you now get my point. Anybody but Jonathan. And like I wrote earlier, this resolve is open to no question. That is, you’re not free to challenge me with (what you think are) valid points – no matter how reasonable they are.

    If you do, I’ll unfriend you too, because by your action, you’ve demonstrated that I don’t need your friendship, neither do I have the energy to tolerate you. By the way, I genuinely like my friends. So if our relationship has reached a point where I’ve to tolerate you, I can’t not, in good conscience, continue with it..

    • KAL

      Gbam!!!!!! QED!!!!!!

      Now imagine you were a Chibok parent, and listened to these presidential statements:

      I’ve not gone to Chibok because it’s not a small place, it’s a whole local gov’t – President Jonathan.

      Going to Chibok will not bring back the girls – President Jonathan

      When I looked at the list, 90% of the girls are Christians – President Jonathan

      We don’t know where the Chibok girls are – President Jonathan

      On the Chibok girls, I don’t want to be quoted – President Jonathan

      We’ve rescued the girls [a lie] – Defense HQ

      Nobody is missing – Patience Jonathan, the first lady

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      I have noticed a long time ago that you cannot change a desperate thief. Should you give him the opportunity and he is elected a leader, then you’d require ten times the resolve to remove him should he fail on the job. Some of the traits he would be known by include: compulsive lying, gross impunity as he gets entrenched in the saddles, a strong compulsion to steal all the available amount of money in sight and a bacchanal lifestyle that does no good to those around him. Now that we have successfully exposed the main features of this failed government and its clueless party for all to see, it is time to move on to the next level in anticipating and countering every one of the moves they would be making in the near future. This is one fight worth all the efforts we could muster. We must not disappoint our children and theirs by running away from this once and for all struggle. This is not about Buhari, the South West, South East, the North or South South. They keep trying to distract our attention by dragging religion and ethnicity into the matter as to escape being fingered. It is about a well deserved CHANGE for Nigeria, and a chance to prove wrong a world that believes blacks are incapable of uniting and ruling themselves.

    • blueeyedkitten

      that was a bomb shell. i never thought there was somebody out there who disliked the regime more than i. mmmmehn…. this GEJ and his debauchery gang, has wounded a lot of people. he is(and his gang) worst than pharaoh! atleast pharaoh admits his evil; but GEJ(and his gang) smiles at the face of evil. wallahi, beneath that smile of his, is a bottled volcano. if we make the mistake of giving him another four year(i shudder at the mention of that), be sure that: the entire country would turn to volcanic mountain(s).

    • Jika


    • polo

      well said

  • charles

    It’s a sense of hopelessness…how can any right thinking human being take this Gej serious…he’s distributing our hard earned money everywhere desperately looking for vote and also surround himself with clowns and rogues…what a shameless govt we have…i can’t wait for may 29…enough of these ruffians masquerading in the president’s name and with the president’s support…tick it as for this govt it’s home time…

  • Arabakpura

    I wonder whether you Fani Kayode has cleared yourself with EFCC! I wonder! Wonder!

  • “President Goodluck Jonathan has handed our country over to a bunch of butchers who have no value for human life. Under his his watch our people continue to die and die whilst he sits in the presidential villa and drinks ogogoro. -A people in dental mr fani kayode”

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Femi Fani Kayode, Olisa Metuh and the others appear to have run out of steam and fresh ideas. And now that the songs have been sung and all their guitar strings strung, shall we proceed to the REAL ISSUES please? The issues are on: Education, and how to bring our teachers back to the classrooms for all times and stop the outflow of scarce foreign reserves to Ghanaian schools as a result; getting doctors off picket lines, equipping our hospitals and making them places of healing rather than last bus stops for the dying poor; how to provide employment for the teeming millions of our unemployed; what should be done to stem corruption in public office; arresting, prosecuting, sentencing and retrieving monies from oil thieves and oil subsidy scammers; stamping out the spectre of Boko Haram, armed robbery and kidnappings from our lives and keeping our streets safe; declaring a Marshall Plan in the power sector to fast track and increase rapidly the capacity of power. The list is endless and this government has in the past 6 years only played lip service to these and other pending issues. President Jonathan had himself affirmed that “what could not be achieved in 4 years would be impossible to achieve in 100 years…” I guess he meant that a foundation project he could not lay during his first 4 years in office could not be achieved at any time. He understands himself better than we do. If you are waiting for sign language to get a better grasp of all of this, let me make it easier: he meant to say to us that should he fail to deliver on those promises he made during 4 years of his tenure, Nigerians might as well ease him out of office, Did you need a sign language to understand this? He has enjoyed an extra bonus of 2 years on the job and yet he has struggled. Are we still in doubt about what next we should do, or are we here being tribal or more Catholic than the pope? He is my cousin and a “fellow Christian” as well. Does it really matter, when the issue is about ours and our children’s future? The world is watching as Nigerians take their destinies in their hands…

    • zainab

      Thank you Odjay. We never seem to address primary issues disturbing our dear country.

  • Joe Cee

    Abi? How did we retrogress this bad to align our leadership with lunatics. Fani kayaodes father died in exile in Ghana. Today we see the curse beckoning to his son

  • Weeping Nigerian

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!!Currently laughing in Ashante language. When a criminal facing charges on money laundering and stealing talks rubbish about a better person, it only goes to show he’s high on something. As i heard, Fani is a coke addict. Now, let’s start by asking, what has Buhari got to do with PDP created and birthed Boko Haram? Nothing! For the record, late NSA adviser Gen. Azazi exposed the scam and intrigues of PDP’s role in financing and supporting Boko Haram to paint the opposition bad in 2012, not so long, his chopper was shot down in the creeks of Bayelsa and made to seem like a crash with the only Christian governor of Kaduna then who was gonna accompany him to expose more sordid details.

    Secondly, it was GEJ that described Boko Haram as his siblings in 2012 and stated reasons he can’t go after them full force. But have we forgotten too quick how he ordered the release of captured terrorists in 2012 all in the name of in the spirit of reconciliation? Now back to Fani before i continue with PDP’s link to Boko Haram, Fani why were you kicked out of APC? Simply because they saw in you a spy and mole for the PDP….Why did EFCC come after you? Simply cause all the money you stole, you brazenly spent on cocaine and women…..did you have any investments or savings before GEJ rescued your fagging ass and made you his media spokesman? It pains me that a once taxi driver in the UK could be talking bullshit anyhow, but i won’t blame you. it’s the power of coke….and coke-based psycho analysis.

    Now back to the question of Boko Haram nominating Buhari to talk for them in 2011/12, Buhari knew that was a booby trap by the PDP to label him as a full-blown terrorist in future and declined honorably. Light has no business with darkness….period!

    Again, It is the former National Chairman of the PDP by the name of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and not that of the APC that recently described the Islamist terrorist organisation called Boko Haram as freedom fighters.

    Boko Haram means ‘Book/Knowledge is Bad’. Do you know that the PDP’s minister of Education Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau burnt literature books as governor of Kano State in 2007? That’s part of the roots of Boko Haram.

    All the attempts by the clueless and corrupt PDP regime which budgeted and embezzled over four trillion naira ($25 billion dollars) in four years meant for security while rescuing 300 Chibok Christian girls from the hands of Boko Haram is a fantasy.

    Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, founder of Boko Haram, is a member of PDP.

    Senator Ali Ndume, another PDP member, was dragged to court by Nigeria’s secret police because he was romancing with Boko Haram members. In his affidavit before a Nigerian High Court the senator claimed that the Vice President of Nigeria authorized him to be kissing Boko Haram members.

    Senator Sanni Yerimah, the man who introduced Sharia law into Nigeria as Governor of Zamfara State, an activity that led to the formation of Boko Haram, is now a key sponsor and financier of PDP and the list continues.

    Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan had told Nigerians in January 2012 at an inter-denominational church service that Boko Haram sponsors are in his government. The president even expressed fear that they could bomb or kill him anytime.

    So Fani Goat, please get your facts right and stop deceiving unsuspecting Nigerians.

    • polo

      well said

  • excel

    Femi is getting clueless day by day… the success of the Chatham House address by the people General is getting gej/pdp more confused. CHANGE is here, March4Buhari

  • tundemash

    Misuse of drugs seriously affecting Fani Kayode . This was what he said last January ……

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    The lunatic called FFK. before the end of the year, you would surely be taken to psychatric hospital

  • Danladee

    FFK should understand that the international community know very well the brains behind BH. Please let’s just have this election once and for all, instead of trying to postpone the dooms day for looters.

  • Bolaji

    FFK, you Oga don give you yam again?? No worry we go soon separate the yam from the goat, Hypocrite.

  • basil edoma

    We Nigerians should for once reason as a progressive people. But the truth is that a majority of us are still waiting to be pushed before we take action. Actually buhari going to London for a press conference kinda shows the mentality of the man himself. If you cannot appease your own people on your home turf how do you think you can achieve a feat such as winning an election by taking your campaign to a foreign land? Seriously this is an eye openner to every member of the electorate that this old goat(buhari) does not really care for the people of Nigeria. So in essence his actions clearly demonstrates that if per chance he wins this election, then we rivert back to the clutches of the slave drivers to be at the helm of affairs of this great nation. I ask what then is the use of us practicing democracy if one who is intending to run for the post of president does not give a frigging thought to the emotions of the people he intends to lead? It’s not about buhari and the apc but the accommodation of the over 180 million Nigerians in the running of things. First make your house clean before giving advice to another on the same issue. First change your attitude before preaching change to a populace who have wisened up to the anthics of the political thugs of this great country… #GEJ 2015….

    • Nigerian

      Basil edema. U said Nigerians shld reason as progressive ppl bt so unfortunate u did nt talk as someone who is progressive. For 16yrs we re in one place.

      • Patrick

        It would help if you truly reasoned, Mr or Mrs Nigerian. Yes, the PDP has been in power at the centre for 16 years but have they been in power in all the states of the federation for that period? Since 1999 the states have earned trillions of Naira by way of IGR and allocation from the centre, what have they done with the money? Every ministry existing at the federal level is replicated at the state level save perhaps for the Foreign Affairs and Interior Ministries; the question is: what have the ministries of health, works, agriculture etc of the states done to provide food, roads and health care for their people? Doesn’t Tinubu, the patron saint of the APC travel abroad now and then for medical treatment? Why didn’t he put in place a first class medical centre in place in Lagos for the eight years he was there and why hasn’t Fashola, the poster boy of the APC done the same? In which state of the APC, do you have any such facility? Wake up, Nigerian; the difference between the APC and PDP is that between six and half a dozen!

    • Jika

      Yeah I can see that using derogatory words and un complimentary language is part of reasoning as ‘progressives’!!!!!!

    • polo

      oga I don’t no wat u mean by saying he cannot appease people at home ,dis is the man dat has moved round the country.for ur information d colonial era is beta than wat we are experiencing now.

      • Peter

        If you think the colonial era is better than what you are experiencing now, that is too bad for you and your generation of idiots. To think like that is to invite backwardness to yourself, which is rather a curse. Jonathan has achieved tremendous strides in the nation’s development since he came to power despite the many booby traps in his way by Buhari and his detractors. One of this is the Boko Haram insurgency. The man that now wants to be voted as president promised to make governance unbearable for Jonathan has clearly fulfilled that promise; the same man is now telling them how he is going to end the insurgency if he is made president, While the people of his region are dieing in their thousands, Buhari will wave his magic wand and end the insurgency if and only when he is voted in as president of Nigeria.

    • tundemash

      Illiterate, what Buhari gave was not a press conference. Read and be educated. He gave a talk at a symposium he was invited to . Dasuki, Dumbo’s NSA was at same venue last month to give a talk too !

    • Dominic Price

      SEE #PIG

  • Scatter

    Who let this dog out again?

    Meanwhile, how did your trial on corruption and money laundering charges go in court the day before?

  • AAA

    FFK – wake up ! Last month Dasuki came to the same Chatham House to reveal the postponement of the February 14 elections.

  • Jesus is d Messenger of Allah

    FFK, it’s a pity people now call you names like dog,lunatic… Yet, you seem unbothered.
    You’ve lost all respects, your words are meaningless (if you condemn Buhari today, yesterday you’ve sung his praise, if you praise Jonathan today, yesterday you’ve condemned him.
    Yoruba referred to people like you as” Ole, Ole”
    The first Ole- means Lazy
    The second Ole- Thief

  • Eze1

    Yesterday he was in court for Stealing and today he is issuing statement on behalf of GEJ, Only in Naija

    • Lenz

      You forgot that stealing is not corruption. It’s just a state of mind.

  • kwazulu

    @Fani Kayode, I thought you said Buhari is lying on a sick bed in Western London? how do you now admit that he is the one that delivered a speech in Chatham house? Buffoon like you… you will be better off in a psychiatric hospital.

  • Ilesanmi

    What I had expected Buhari to tell the British people:
    1) his verifiable achievements during his reign in Nigeria.
    2) the glory his reign created for the country which Jonathan govt. has destroyed and needs be restored.
    3)rationale behind the crating and abduction of Umaru Diko
    4)that he has a reason for his refusal to address the issue of alleged stealing of $2.8bn
    5) that the his overthrow of Shagari’s govt. was not connected to the of the missing of $2.8bn being probed by that
    6) that he exercised his when he refused to appear before the Oputa and PTF panels respectively.
    7) that as a new democratic he instigated violence in 2011 having lost in an election causing destruction to lives and property.
    8) that a democratic he is exempted from making his age and educational credentials public

    • August January

      That shows the level of your brain! A topic was given to him to address, but you wanted him to speak on something in your blocked head. Mumu!

    • Bidemi Lukman

      People like you were hired in London to protest aganist Buhari but ended up embarassing the country before the world. Watch the clips

      • Dominic Price

        I bet this mumu don’t watch the video how they get beat up at chaman yesterday, that’s why!

      • Peter

        It was Buhari that went to London to embarrass the country that intends to govern. Why take his fight to London when he cannot fight at home? I think he is being led by the nose. Buhari does not love this country at all. That is why he washed some of Nigeria’s dirty linens in the white man’s land. The two political parties in Nigeria have their supporters at home and abroad and it is only inconceivable that while Buhari’s supporters have legitimate right to protest, the government supporters living in London are seen as procured and have no right to counter protest. This is why APC will never and shall never win in any election in Nigeria. As for the 2015 presidential election, President Jonathan will sweep the polls and will be sworn in on 29th May, 2015.

      • Emeka okebugwu

        You and Buhari have dead brains

  • Dominic Price

    If I may ask? Am going to Ask FFK please where is LABARAN MAKU?

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Hibernating. Preparing to go to Kuje prison come May 29

  • Dominic Price

    Very soon FFK will be silent like LABARAN MAKU!

  • Oliver

    Duncee lived up to expectations yesterday. His responses to BCC’s Peter Okwuchie’s questions were as spastic and senseless even ranking far beneath those of abubakar Shekau. Imagine a question like this:
    PETER : How do you expect to end terrorism? Do you have the magic bullet…?
    DUNCEE: From me ‘experiences’ in gurbment, I will enswar that the military is trained properly ….
    PETER: Some of those you arrested and jailed in 1983 without trial were later found not guilty. This is one of the many ….
    DUNCEE: Well, my gurbment apologized very much to them….

    Clearly, Grand Pa disgraced Nigeria. The international audience will continue to wonder how Nigeria arrived at such an incoherent misfit as the opposition candidate. Where are our best? Where are the young, intelligent, vibrant and daring Nigerians that the world has always known?

  • lizzy

    your boss once said that that boko haram is his siblings and so can’t send Nigerian Army against them. you criticized your oga jona when he said he wanted to negotiate with the evil sect. fani kayode do you play back all you have said in the past. no wonder one old man said feed femi and he will bark for you. i am one of the Nigerians who is craving for this change and whether you like it or not change we go get.

    • Emmanuel

      What kind of change do u want..Do u just want change for the sake of it or a positive change in term of continnuity that would add mmeaning to ur life. The only channge is to re-elecct Gej to continue the transformation agenda.

  • sammyctu ode

    ffk are you not ashamed of the negative comments of millions of Nigerians against you, are your children you have for several women you didn’t marry not ashamed of having you as a father, don’t you think you have refused to let your super thug father’s remains rest in peace in hell? I don’t want Nigerians to have sleepless nights over this bastard boy who refused to grow up because his father did worse during the Western Region political era and crises. His father was 24/7 cocaine and weed smoker, he burnt houses of political opponents, he was standing on cars destroying peopls’ lives and making love to married women whose husbands are his friends so why do you think this boy called ffk will deviate from the footsteps of his evil father who is burning in hell till now?

    • Gody with love

      What else do you expect from somebody that is acting on the script beget him by his father. He is a disgrace to the intelligent people from his immediate community and the close relative of his. Anyway, he is using the opportunity to rake in a living. What do you expect from somebody without identifiable means of living. He is only buying time and wanted to be relevant. ffk or what they call you go and seek deliverance. Your word are incoherent and cannot be transfer to your children. Remember that you have a stake for your children.

    • Emmanuel

      What kind of a person are you.why attacking the person of ffk. If you don’t like him that does not give you the effontry to say such thing about his family.

      • Murphy

        When ffk say something its OK but when somebody say the truth abt ffk it becomes painful. I think sammyctu ode cannot be insane for saying whatever he said. I also think its the ultimate truth. People shld stop chasing shadows but issues. If people like you and your likes hate GMB then let’s see if its only the south south that will give jona the required votes to win.

        • Emmanuel

          Sentiment apart. GEJ cant be compared with GMB. They are parallel line which cant meet. No matter what you might think or say abt GEJ its transformation policy on all sector of the economy is unprecedented..Nigerian let us sit down and think for once. We should not be carried away by propaganda of the opposition party, APC. GEJ is the one we need now.

  • Blessed Bright Uhunoma

    that is the truth my man

  • Harry

    FFK lacks moral integrity to be talking on Nigeria issues, a fraud star cannot talk when GMB is standing. Yes, we are no longer dumb as u are. Everyday we are eating PDP campaign money, yet we are going to vote GMB. If FFK thinks it’s all about Nigerians’ decision, then they should not be making any moves to rig the elections. GEJ will never rule NIGERIA again after May 29. Sai Buhari!

  • Peter

    FFK is 100% correct. All those Buhrite e-rats don’t see and will never see the deep pit they are heading into just because of their hatred for President Jonathan. Anyway, Buhari can never, ever win an election in Nigeria. He is too old to be able to appreciate the good from bad. Otherwise he would have known that it is bad business to take his campaign to the white man’s land rather than go round to his electorates and convince them that he has re-packaged himself for democratic governance. One of such avenues would have been an opportunity to appear in a live television debate where every Nigerian electorate would have heard from him what he forgot to do some 31 years ago as a military dictator and what he thinks he is coming to do for Nigeria now, having failed to do so at the ballot for three consecutive times. All those clamouring for Buhari are doing so on selfish grounds, knowing that if the old man becomes president (and God forbid), they would manipulate him. The crooks that are now parading Buhari know that their candidate is wishy-washy, has lost whatever military steam he had in him, and is now a mere shadow of his sordid past. FFK should not mind them but ride on with his glorious job of showcasing the negative sides of the janjaweed APC and its criminal candidate.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Why the sudden hatred for Jonathan. He was wholeheartedly voted for in 2011 aganist Buhari almost without campaign. If with all his campaign, most of the people still prefared same Buhari to Jonathan, a same minded person would know that he might have done something wrong. Google and watch the clips of protest aganist Buhari in London.

      Jonathan and his followers are not just sincere. If Yourubas justl like other Nigerians now prefare Buhari, definatley, Jonathan has dissappointed us

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      “… showcasing the negative side…” but leaving his and your PDP’s negative side out of the picture. In your own healthy soul, this is how a country should look like? You can beat your chest and swear that this country is ever close to “arriving” anywhere near a developed country after 16 uninterrupted years of handsome oil prices? Look around and point to one single thing here that is working apart from corruption in public office, impunity and a society that has gone to rot. Nobody hates Jonathan. He is a Nigerian, and has done his best in six good years. But his best wasn’t good enough to give me the confidence of voting for him as I did in 2011. I voted for him then, and I retain the right to choose whether or not to vote for him in 2015. Na by force? Abi Nigeria Na him papa farm? We’d remove him in a civilised manner, but should he refuse to leave then we would do it as it is done in the animal kingdom – by fire and by force. And the heavens will not fall as a result…

  • Emeka okebugwu

    Aso Rock is not a retirement home

  • Ngodoo Peter

    We just graduated from ‘we’re in trouble’ to confirmed ‘MAYDAY’
    Oh Nigeria….

  • Du Covenant

    This is the anomaly with the country Nigeria. Things that do not need to be a secret are made secret so the enemies within can use it to cheat the rest of us. Once a liar, always a liar!, he lied about Harvard and LSE why should I believe him on ABU?. Ibori self confessed to being a thief based in part on evidence from his dubiousness in Nigeria, even though his people celebrated his return, as far as I am concerned outside his community he will remain a thief anywhere in the world till he dies!.