I will restore Nigeria’s lost glory, Buhari says at Chatham House

Muhammadu Buhari delivering a speech at Chatham House

The presidential candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, has pledged to restore Nigeria’s lost glory if he emerges as the next president of the country in the March 28 election.

Speaking at Chatham House, London, on Thursday on the topic: “Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Africa: Nigeria’s Transition,” Mr. Buhari while specifically talking about the insurgency in the north-eastern part of the country said the Nigerian government’s handling of the Boko Haram terrorist made the country and its military a laughing stock.

The former head of state said as a retired general, he is well acquainted with the state of the military in the past and recalled its heroic adventures in Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Darfur and in many other peacekeeping operations in several parts of the world.

“But in the matter of this insurgency, our soldiers have neither received the necessary support nor the required incentives to tackle this problem. The government has also failed in any effort towards a multi-dimensional response to this problem leading to a situation in which we have now become dependent on our neighbours to come to our rescue.

“Let me assure you that if I am elected president, the world will have no cause to worry about Nigeria as it has had to recently; that Nigeria will return to its stabilising role in West Africa; and that no inch of Nigerian territory will ever be lost to the enemy because we will pay special attention to the welfare of our soldiers in and out of service.

“we will give them adequate and modern arms and ammunition to work with; we will improve intelligence gathering and border controls to choke Boko Haram’s financial and equipment channels, we will be tough on terrorism and tough on its root causes by initiating a comprehensive economic development plan promoting infrastructural development, job creation, agriculture and industry in the affected areas.

“We will always act on time and not allow problems to irresponsibly fester, and I, Muhammadu Buhari, will always lead from the front and return Nigeria to its leadership role in regional and international efforts to combat terrorism,” he said.

On the economy, Mr. Buhari said the fall in prices of oil has brought Nigeria’s economic and social stress to the fore.

He said after the rebasing exercise in April 2014, Nigeria overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest economy, adding that the country’s GDP is now valued at $510 billion and its economy rated 26th in the world.

“Also on the bright side, inflation has been kept at single digit for a while and our economy has grown at an average of 7 per cent for about a decade,” he said.

He, however, said the country’s touted economic growth is more of paper growth, a growth that, he said, on account of mismanagement, profligacy and corruption, has not translated to human development or shared prosperity.

Mr. Buhari said “a development economist once said three questions should be asked about a country’s development: one, what is happening to poverty? Two, what is happening to unemployment? And three, what is happening to inequality?

“The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery”.

He argued that even by official figures, 33.1 per cent of Nigerians live in extreme poverty, almost the population of the United Kingdom. He said there is also the unemployment crisis simmering beneath the surface, ready to explode at the slightest stress, with officially 23.9 per cent of the country’s adult population and almost 60 per cent of its youth unemployed.

“We also have one of the highest rates of inequalities in the world,” he said.

He stated that it is therefore, not surprising that Nigeria’s performance on most governance and development indicators (like Mo Ibrahim Index on African Governance and UNDP’s Human Development Index.) are unflattering. With fall in the prices of oil, which accounts for more than 70 per cent of government revenues, and lack of savings from more than a decade of oil boom, the poor will be disproportionately impacted, he said.

What to do

The opposition politician said in the face of dwindling revenues, a good place to start the repositioning of Nigeria’s economy is to swiftly tackle two ills that have ballooned under the present administration: waste and corruption. And in doing that, he would, if elected, lead the way, with the force of personal example.

Mr. Buhari said there would be no confusion as to where he stands on corruption, adding, “The corrupt will not be appointed into my administration”.

“First and foremost, we will plug the holes in the budgetary process. Revenue producing entities such as NNPC and Customs and Excise will have one set of books only.

“Their revenues will be publicly disclosed and regularly audited. The institutions of state dedicated to fighting corruption will be given independence and prosecutorial authority without political interference,” he said.

Mr. Buhari also emphasised that any war waged on corruption should not be misconstrued as settling old scores or a witch-hunt.

“I’m running for President to lead Nigeria to prosperity and not adversity,” he said.

In reforming the economy, he said he would use savings that arise from blocking these leakages and the proceeds recovered from corruption to fund his party’s social investment programmes in education, health, and safety nets such as free school meals for children, emergency public works for unemployed youth and pensions for the elderly.

“As a progressive party, we must reform our political economy to unleash the pent-up ingenuity and productivity of the Nigerian people thus freeing them from the curse of poverty.

“We will run a private sector-led economy but maintain an active role for government through strong regulatory oversight and deliberate interventions and incentives to diversify the base of our economy, strengthen productive sectors, improve the productive capacities of our people and create jobs for our teeming youths.

“In short, we will run a functional economy driven by a worldview that sees growth not as an end by itself, but as a tool to create a society that works for all, rich and poor alike.

“On March 28, Nigeria has a decision to make. To vote for the continuity of failure or to elect progressive change. I believe the people will choose wisely,” Mr. Buhari said.


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  • True

    It was a good piece but hope it’s not just the usual cheap talk. We have never really lack great idea and thrilling speeches going towards election. The piece is surely hand of Esau and the voice of JACOB. The writing of Dr Kayode Fayemi and the reading that of Buhari surely. There is no way Buhari could have articulated what I Just read.

    • Dan Arewa

      We are hopeful that he will fulfill what he promised as he is very well known to be incorruptible. We knew about his performance when he ruled Nigeria and we knew how he tackled Maitatsine. The problem with Jona is that even the speech he cannot do. When he speaks, people spits. No word, no action. That is our PhD holder from PH University..

      • C3kwe

        I can assure you that buhari made himself a laughing

        • Dan Hausa

          Sambo Dasuki was the first to do it. Cancellation of Feb 14 Election was first mentioned at Chatham house by Dasuki. While he (Dasuki) went there with negative message GMB was there with messages of hope, hope and hope for the common man.

        • SAM .A

          So you are,blind ,deaf dumb and have alexia, the World today is a Global Village , you do not need Buhari to tell a Londoner orAmerican what is happening inside Nigeria, it is always a Breaking News all over the World on Social Media CNN BBC etc. Do not blame Candidate Buhari , blame your ignorance.

          • C3kwe

            Mr know it all!!, if the world is a global village and the likes of CNN, social media knows what is happening in Nigeria, does it make any sense that your candidate would go all the way to UK to present what the world already knows. Can you spot the difference between a well lettered president and an illiterate presidential pretender. It is nothing personal my friend, but that is the bitter truth.

        • Tayo Ayodele

          I am sure you don’t follow politics in the West. Republican candidates routinely go outside, particularly to Israel, to boast that they will restore American leadership in the world. That, in itself, is a criticism of the extant order.

    • Chris1408

      Regardless who wrote it, he delivered it, and delivered it eloquently, something your drunk president can never and will never do

    • Maitama Tambari

      TRUE yes he read it without bumps of GEJ. That is what Cambridge Examination Results does to its Candidate, unlike somebody who if he speaks you need his town man to explain it all the more for you to grass the meaning of his talk. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • Tayo Ayodele

        Who was the speech writer who wrote ‘ Nigerians who are acting films and playing music’ that we heard at the kick-off of the presidential campaign in Lagos? My Principal in those days would have ordered you to stand on your desk for wasting words. Nigerian actors and musicians!

  • djay

    This leaves no one in doubt that GMB is well trained educationally and by far more superior than Gej.

  • Dan Arewa

    But they said Buhari is on a sick bed. Did he read the speech from his sick bed?

    • Advocate

      ständing on fayose’s grave

    • wode

      It’s “photoshoped”. Sorry, it’s “videoshoped”. Let them struggle and come up with another lie or propaganda.

  • Derry (London)

    Dear Editor Premium Times:

    I like to thank the British moderator for calling out the Chatam House audience
    at Buhari’s news conference today for asking only soft questions – which is another
    way of his saying the clapping audience in the hall was hand-picked or programmed.
    Nobody there asked Buhari a most relevant question on his eligibility to run for office.
    We mocked our country in England by such plain obvious amateurish stage-managing.

    • Wilfred Apah


      • sanetalk

        It is still not too late for you to file your own suit or apply to be joined in the suits presently in court.

      • Uncle Garry


        I can’t imagine a U.S presidential candidate facing 13 lawsuits in a federal court
        for perjury and attending a press conference for 40 minutes without being asked
        a single question on his un-explained and yet unseen WAEC certificate at issue.

        Only Nigerians are capable of such self-shaming display of cant on global stage.
        For even if the entire hall was packed full with a pre-paid audience Buhari himself
        should have addressed this WAEC certificate issue in his own prepared address.

        • zacchaeus Akinleye

          People who file suits of nuisance value should heed this admonition: “Get a life”

        • Tayo Ayodele

          I would have been surprised if questions on certificate were asked. The West is a ‘substance’ environment not a ‘paper certificate’ environment. Even multinationals in Nigeria will call you for test on the basis of your cv. And when you are hired, will still go further to confirm your ‘paper’ from your institution. To get a confirmation from the institution and still continue to talk of a ‘paper certificate’ is really laughable. I am sure there will be a huge uproar should any one attempt to contest the elegibility of John McCain for higher office on the basis of paper qualification in U S, even though he joined the Naval College directly after high school.

    • tundemash

      shame on you . You guys were all over here a few days ago claiming Buhari was in the hospital and that he’s not listed on the Chatam House schedule to give a talk.
      Now that reality has overtaking your fantasy …… your problem is now that the qquestions were too easy ??? Keep lamenting !
      Only an insecure idi0t attaches London to his name ….. what was that supposed to project ?

      • SAM .A

        Respect brother.

  • Chris1408

    Wow, wow “a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery”. Couldn’t have been said better, and the dummies ask for his degree. Take that. MY VOTE IS FOR GMB

  • Taye

    Reading what Buhari said should leave no one in no doubt about his suitability to be president. I can imagine speeches like this will give PDP sleepless nights, maybe they can still remedy their situation by finding someone who can intellectually compete with Buhari. Nigerians generally want someone who can deliver regardless of whether the person is Buhari or not.

  • Ibe


  • endingNaija

    PDP and Mr. Goodluck Jonathan need to do a lot of re-thnking and re-brading. The major bane of President Jonathan’s SIX years of waste is that he deliberately played politics with every aspect of our life-from education, to health, to the economy, to security, to power supply, to Boko Haram etc. Therefore, President Jonathan WASTED our time for SIX years. For example, for SIX YEARS President Jonathan REFUSED TO TOUCH OR ENGAGE BOKO HARAM , UNTIL IT FESTERED. I listened to Mr. Buhari’s presentation at Chatham House, I listened to the questioning and grilling of Buhari by the audience. I came away with a sense of high culture, civility in discourse even when we disagree, passion for Nigeria, a social vision, an economic vision and a governance vision that want to build. Unlike the Goodluck Jonathan gang and clique I DID NOT see bitterness in Buhari. I DID NOT hear hate word or phrase from Buhari. I DID NOT HEAR ONE DIVISIVE WORD OR PHRASE. I LISTENED very closely because I was waiting to see if he will utter one-I DID NOT hear any hate word. I saw love in him and in his face. I saw kindness. I saw the high civility, courtesy, respect, good mindedness of the highly cultured and the gentry. I saw someone who wants to help. Then I look at my country, I looked at the wretchedness of mind of Ayo Fayose and the miserable mind and thought of the head of media of President Jonathan -Mr. Femi Fanikayode, I felt sorry and sad for them and their candidate-Goodluck Jonathan. Standing on high moral pedestal, Mr. Buhari presented HOPE, KINDNESS, LOVE, INCLUSION, CIVILITY, COURTESY, VISION, ENCOURAGEMENT, PEACE, and CHANGE. I hope Nigerians got it. God Bless you and your family Buhari. Each time you step out in the public to serve, I know you leave behind your family, may the Good Lord take care of and watch over your family-both immediate and extended. Buhari, anywhere you turn you shall see the merciful face of God, you shall meet his divine and eternal kindess, blessings and love. Buhari/Osinbajo, you and your families are blessed for accepting to SERVE us-So shall it be. One People, One Country Under the same Loving and Kind God. Peace, Love and Mercy always. Sai Buhari. Sai Change. God Bless Nigeria always.

    • endingNaija

      I meant “re-branding” in my opening sentence above.

    • paul

      That was convincing, thank you.

    • Most Honestly


  • Question n’ Answer


    • Garry

      @Q & A;
      I can’t imagine a U.S presidential candidate facing 13 lawsuits in a federal court
      for perjury and attending a press conference for 40 minutes without being asked
      a single question on his un-explained and yet unseen WAEC certificate at issue.
      Only Nigerians are capable of such self-shaming display of cant on global stage.
      For even if the entire hall was packed full with a pre-paid audience Buhari himself
      should have addressed this WAEC certificate issue in his own prepared address.

      • Mrs. Titilola Alarape (Lekki)

        Oh, okay, this is what happened. I was wondering. The impression i got after reading other websites was
        that Nigerians are wholly hypnotized people. But now that i have read the comments on Premium Times,
        i now see both sides of the story. Thanks to the Premium Editors for practising journalism as it should be.

  • Jumoke

    President Jonathan is simply Asokoro LGA chairman. He is never invited to any international forum to deliver a lecture on any topic at all even on “Niger Delta Militancy, maritime security contracts and oil theft”. He has a long way to go in learning the rudiments of leadership which is different from showmanship, impunity and abuse of power.

    • paul

      ……and he happens to be a difficult student, a truant, a rogue band and to cap it all a yamhead ,that cant take-in anything. We are so unfortunate in Nigeria. Look at the mess this useless OBJ has put us into,GEJ is so cheap, that he made Buhari looks like a Statesman..Fayose et al over to you!

    • paul preston

      apc bought the space,GEJ is not looking for platforms to lunader his tatterd image,Buhari needs those forums cos his past is huanting him,GEJ has consistently addressed the UN,what is Chatam House for GEJ to leave important issue of state for? APC have taken their lying campagin abroad but what has Buhari said that is different from their usual rhetorics? absolutely nothing what has he contributed to this country in the past 30yrs apart from controversy and violence,very soon you people will know the difference between fiction and reality and that is that GEJ will win landslide,Tinubu will not colonise Nigeria the way they have privitise Lagos,so much so that all important and lucrative edifice in thast state is either owned by them or their cohorts

      • Jumoke

        Even Charles Taylor, Gadhafi and Saddam adressed the UN. You need to raise your game in seeking knowledge, lest an internationally discredited administration makes nonsense of your future.

        • Guest

          Jumoke please don’t waste your time replying the obvious, what the U.S. NSA intermittently intercepts to the level of bar conversation from our so called Nigeria leaders, will make you cringe with disappointment.

        • SAM .A

          It has already made nonsense of his brain too, his future is a mirage .

      • Ha

        No, Jonathan did not address the UN “consistently”. Have you forgotten the time he absconded from addressing the UN and chose to remain in his hotel room drinking and calling PDP governors at the Nigerian Governors Forum election venue? Despite his name on the UN agenda of the day Jonathan considered the NGF election most pressing issue at that time.

        Again, I agree with you that at present Jonathan doesn’t have any spare time to honour any invitation from the likes of Chatham House. Among his important schedules now are:

        1) mass distribution of public money for campaign, e.g N7 billion to pastors;
        2) denying the authenticity of the Ekiti rigging tape although he admitted not to listen to it at all, and in spite of admittance of its genuineness by those involved;
        3) high commitment to further postpone elections and if possible introduce interim govt;
        4) highly engaged in campaign against the use of PVC and card readers although he claims fighting corruption with technology, and Mama Peace said we are in digital age not analogue;
        5) busy plotting the removal of INEC chair;
        6) spending thousands of dollars to sponsor a mob to boo Buhari in London;
        7) busy using state funds to buy the technology to tap telephone conversations of the opposition members but not to be used to gather information on Boko Haram’s plans;
        8) busy hiding the NNPC audit report till after election;
        9) scholarly differentiating stealing from corruption;
        10) consistently and helplessly blaming the opposition for all his woes;

        Certainly Jonathan is one of the busiest Presidents around.

    • wode

      You can’t give what you don’t have.

  • Rommel

    What exactly does the PDP mean by Buhari is on sick bed in the UK? Goodluck Jonathan should start packing his belongings in Aso rock

  • Jumoke

    March 27/28 midnight vigil for total deliverance of Nigeria from PDP corruption witches and elections rigging wizards. Holy ghost allnight. All welcome.

  • Most Honestly

    Trust me, this is the most important sentence in the speech – “The institutions of state dedicated to fighting corruption will be given independence and prosecutorial authority without political interference”. This is what scares the “goats”.

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka


    If Buhari cannot handle a matter as simple as “show us your WASC” ….. how then is he expected to handle a matter as complex as Nigeria ?

    But come to think of it …… what glory of Nigeria can Buhari restore ? …….. is it the glory of teaching Nigerian Youth not to present their Certificates whenever they are asked to do so or is it the glory of forging certificates ?

    The question must be asked ……. what is it that Buhari has done since he left Office in 1985 (over 30 years ago ) to positively impact Nigeria aside from being responsible for numerous electoral violence and religious riots that has killed millions of Nigerians and led to destruction of hard earned properties and businesses.

    Talk is cheap ……… Buhari has no record of any good attributable to his past.

    • cadian

      You use the name and picture of a public figure.
      Your write up has really show that.
      Even if Prof wants to make a point like this, he has his way of writing.

      Are you encouraging impersonation?

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    go and restore your fading health ist and stop deceiving people,you had the opportunity to lead Nigeria at a young age and failed

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    Buhari is a very divisive figure ……. Nigeria does not need him.

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      atleast he killed Salejo his brother in law that he used to siphon the whole money there when they wanted to probe him

      • Churchill Roosevelt

        Its just right that people esp young men investigate or verify facts/history before posting.Lying is part of our corrupt system and we need to re-invent the system bequeathed to us by the British.

        • oluwaseyi mayowa

          you are doing the lying help yourself bro the APC is avirus

      • Churchill Roosevelt

        Mr Salihidjo was a Consulting and foremost Quantity Surveyors educated in ABU Zaria.He was a Principal Partner with Afri-Projects.He had no relations with Buhari.He married from Ganye,a town in Adamawa State.Buhari is from Katsina while his wife is from Jimeta-Yola.No affiliations.

        Is Badagry the same as Ikoyi?Even if you are a partisan,you must strive to post the truth.It may interest you to know that i made my investigations,checked records and discovered that Salihidjo died of natural causes and the Firm,Afri-Project had to buy a property to help the family.Look for some contractors from the South and they will tell you how good he was,to the extent that he forgot himself.Check the archives of Daily Trust to see a piece written by one of his sons 5yrs ago and how a friend of his dad saved his education.That’s an assignment for you,Seyi.

        • oluwaseyi mayowa

          he is the owner of Afri consults and is an inlaw to Buhari and Mr Buhari’s front for siphoning money,stop lying to people the goggle is just a touch of the button away from everybody

  • sammyctu ode

    A very good speech which he focused on what he will do for Nigeria. He did not go there to abuse anybody but he focused on the new prosperity Nigerians will witness under his new administration. jonathan is a fake lying president who can not even release the forensic audit report on nnpc. Is that a serious president who can command respect of Nigerians? NO! The audit report was commissioned on behalf of Nigerians and in a democracy, we have a right to see, read, digest it and make up our minds not a few bunch of dummies hiding the report from almost 200 million people. jonathan, pdp did not pay the consultancy money from their personal pockets but from Nigeria’s tax payers funds so why hiding it from us? Evil people can never change the color of their skins. GMB ALL THE WAY COME MARCH 28TH, 2015 IN JESUS NAME.

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      Buhari and the word evil are one and the same,it is Jona all the way for the light and the darkness have no relationship

      • Dominic Price


        • oluwaseyi mayowa

          better than APC liars

  • Encore


    • Did you commit perjury or not by filling out the Army Form number 199A
    shortly after 18th October, 1961, wherein you intentionally wrote that you
    had obtained specific credits in English, Geography, History, and, Hausa
    (with a pass in English Literature)? When, in fact, you had not sat for WAEC
    examination as of that date or at any time provable afterwards, which inferred
    perjury was compounded by the affidavit you swore in the year 2014,
    stating on oath you sat for WAEC exam in 1961 and got WASC certificate;
    being a false statement tantamount to perjury – insofar as you had not sat
    for WAEC or obtained any score by then, or at any time proved afterwards?

    • Rexona


    • Dominic Price


  • Salisu Dan-Gombe



    • Okoro

      WHAT ONE THING. You better go back to school. Buhari will be providing free education. so prepare yourself.

    • The truth is ugly


      We are watching you, we know you. Impostor and impersonator.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    You were trained by the country to defend her territorial integrity, so there is no big deal there as that is your calling. Our glory is not lost and there is no lost glory you want to restore, perhaps the glory lost during your misadventure in governance. Your chatam speech was more of a campaign speech to run our military and country down, other African opposition leaders do not run to London, Paris or US to run their country down. You were once a dictator and that is what you will continue to be. Let your audience in chatam house come and vote you into office in March. Nonsense

    • Tayo Ayodele

      You mean 25 – 30 years ago Chad, Niger or any such country would have had to come to our rescue on any issue? Insurgency or whatever!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        During the civil war, did we seek for external help ? During the world wars did our colonial masters con script us to fight their wars? All the peace keeping operations we go are termed what ? Think and re work your question Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Tayo Ayodele

          I did not remember the role played by Chad and Niger. But what do I know? You may educate me! Anyway comparing our situation to what happened during the world war is too much of a ‘spin’ for laymen like us.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Show appreciation, be objective, flee from negative mindset and above all quit the hate trade Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • Tayo Ayodele

            There we go. Descent into value judgement! Negative mind set!! Hate trade!!! That is not the way to go in debates. Put your view across and allow the other party his/her say. Let the audience judge and don’t impute motive. Congratulations on your BackBerry. Have a good night rest. Bye.

  • Okoro

    Excerpts from Buhari’s speech: “The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery”. This shows an in dept man, full of reasoning. WELCOME OUR NEXT PRESIDENT

  • paul preston

    Buhari will always read what Tinubu and the rest pen for him to, does he know what an Economy is? He keeps on lying about how he will use wastage from corruption to fund his lies about job creation,Lagos is their flagship how have they funded projects there? mostly by loans which 40 to 50 percent ends up in their pockets,so they can only fooled the willing and not some of us who has seen throuh their smokescreens,Tinubu and co are today richer than lagos and they are the ones sponsoring Buhari and he who accept gifts from a thief is a thief himself so says our laws,will buhari lock up himself as the first culprit of corruption? these guys are jokers

  • Jones

    Now where is our “goat eat yam” politicians? Copyright : “Stealing is not corruption” Thesis. Jona et al, 2014, 2015.

  • Es3

    “I will restore…”, say Buhari (all the time)???!

    But when will Buhari be able to answer questions on how he will go about his obviously empty promises convincingly?!!!

    • Okoro

      To how He will should not be your problem. I will means He is in authority. Not the type that sits aside and allows the country to be managed by Ministers and Advisers.

      • Es3


        That shows that you know little or nothing about the importance of the man promising being able to tell the “promised” the how as well?!

        Talk is cheap, besides the fact that it’s only that know the “how” of what they are promising that should be believed and taken seriously!!!

        We obviously do not have time for story tellers like Buhari and there is no space to start guessing!!!

  • Jones

    @ Paul:

    General Muhammadu Buhari Lied……

    Buhari was clever-by-half to say Sharia is benign customary law limited to marriage and inheritance.
    It is not so. Sharia includes criminal law’s sentencing to amputation and stoning, as were carried out.
    It is silly of Buhari to announce he’ll extend such medieval Sharia code to all the 36 states of Nigeria.

    The Christendom in Nigeria comprises a good half of Nigeria’s populace and should logically be resentful.

    Buhari is moreso a divisive danger as a religiously polarising figure in a multi-religiously delicate Nigeria.
    General Muhammadu Buhari’s answer on SHARIA LAW was both false disingenuous, and, mis-leading.
    Sharia law – which he publicly pledges his entire being into promoting in Nigeria – is purely Islamic law.

    • Interrogator


    • Jones

      Impersonator. That’s what you do best together with the Port Harcourt Disaster. Stop sing my blog name, you motor park sit out.

  • Okoro

    Excerpts from Buhari’s speech: “The answers to these questions in Nigeria show that the current administration has created two economies in one country, a sorry tale of two nations: one economy for a few who have so much in their tiny island of prosperity; and the other economy for the many who have so little in their vast ocean of misery”. This shows an in dept man, full of reasoning. Not speeches like “we are on top of the situation”, “Stealing is not Corruption”, “Corruption is no the problem of African Countries”

  • blueeyedkitten


  • Guest

    …”and I, Muhammadu Buhari, will always lead from the front and return Nigeria to its leadership role in regional and international efforts to combat terrorism,”
    Folks this is what you call leadership, personified. A man with Honor, Discipline, Courage and commitment to do what he say he will do, and mean what he says. Buhari you are a polar opposite of President Jonathan, Nigerians have had enough of “shrinking violet” leadership deficient style.

  • dd

    Going to the UK and giving speech that will scare investors away is no patriotism.

    • Guest

      No my friend! it encourages potential investors, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Dominic Price

    The Age of GEJ Da #PIG is Over

    Very soon we will catch GEJ, Reno and Asika, and send them to where they deserve – KIRIKIRI 1st batch

  • SAM .A

    Buhari have just said to all, I know where the shoe pinches , fear not I have brought u good tidings ,prosperity for all. The people who will have to fear are those who corruptly rigged themselves to that Tiny Island of prosperity.
    His Government will be an open book for all Nigerians to read. Gents ,let us match for Buhari on March 28.
    The dawn of a New Nigeria, birth of hope & collective realization of our lost PRIDE.

    • Charles Owolabi

      You mean people like Tinubu Amachi, el Rufia Bokola Saraki, silver who have corruptly enriched themselves?

  • True

    Hope he delivers on this speech. Good student though. Only God knows how many days and hours it took the painters and decorators to put grandpa through. Dr Fayemi is a good script writer but in Ekiti his incompetence and hypocrisy was exposed. Restoration can be a good slogan to sway the voters but it can’t replace actual delivery.

    • bib

      Unlike Dumbo who for our16years in power cannot distinguish between earnable revenues and budgeted figures!

    • Führer de Nunu

      I won’t care if he delivers a good speech or not. He has nothing to prove.

      How about we talk about your supposed Ph.D holding president who doesn’t understand simple arithmetics.

  • burning spear

    Why is Buhari in London—what is he doing over there—–? I do not understand –his dodgy dodgy acts one little bit–Is he going to rule the country from London orAbuja-?-Perhaps-he has gone for his sevencate–from University of Cambridge-who knows—–Nonetheless-Its time somebody in APC tells Buhari that Jonathan is not operating a regulated economy—–His is private sector driven—that is why his Fulani brother–Dangote is the richest-in Africa——–30 years ago–he lied to us that he sacked the government of Shagari because–of corruption—years later the very man who alleged to have have removed Shagari from power because of coruption gave Abacha-th biggest thief ever to walk the surface of Nigeria–a clean bill of health——–Even a dog not talk of a boboon will never trust such a man with the destiny of Nigeria ———let Buhari tell us who funded the trip to London and how much it cost——————————–or just shut up—

    • burning spear

      The ailing Presidential candidate of the Nigerian first Islamic party, the APC, Muhammadu Buhari addressing audience at the Chatham House.
      The visibly tired former dictator was supporting himself by holding the Podium to avoid falling off the ‘stage’.

      • Führer de Nunu

        Seems they pay you per comment. You have completed your quota of copying and pasting today.

        Go and get a job, young man!



  • Charles Owolabi

    Jumoke we must be careful what alliances we build as a people. I think the Yoruba as an ethnic nationality have gotten our politics all messed up by aligning with a project that we all know would fail. It is only our elders in Afenifere who seem to understand the importance of keeping a door open to a man who already occupies the converted seat of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has agreed to implement the recommendations of e confab. It is important that we keep the door open. In this race we seem to have aligned our selfs with the Fulani who traditionally have always found a way to outsmart us. We forget our historical relationship with this ethnic nationality remember Afonja and the Afonja syndrome.
    Let us be careful in following sheepishly. Our brothers the Ibo seems to have also read the hand writing well. They stood firmly in GEJs comer when there was trouble about who would become president after the death of President Yaradua. The result is that today they are the biggest benficieries of project GEJ. Today they are also strongly behind GEJ and would continue to rep the rewards of their support.
    We on the other hand have become antagonistic towards GEJ and from all indications it is clear he would win the elections .
    The APC does not have the resources to counter this PDP machinery. In fact it is clear that they have run out of money to fund their campaign. In APC strong areas like Lagos the PDP has made great inroads and there is even talk of an outright victory.
    The APC propaganda has in effect gone to sleep. GEJs victory over Boko Haram is another clear sign that the security challenges that formed the thrust of the APC propaganda has been eliminated in a flash.
    We as a people must move quickly to realign or else we would continue to play second fiddle to our IBO brothers who are fast becoming the group to beat in the Nigerian political equation.

    • SAM .A

      You got it all wrong while Jumoke got it all right .You have a confabulated & deceptive idea of Yoruba Politics. .
      The present crops of Afenifere is already partioned . You will not call chameleon Odumakin , the kind of Afenifere Bola Ige & Pa Abraham Adesanya left behind . They have already endorsed your manFriday. What has done for you in SW.
      Do you know anything they call accountability? Are you going to bring back all souls that have perished in NE,or get back the money spent & stolen ( budgetary / security vote)or 5years that have being wasted.
      You are one of the group he has bribed with $ to campaign for him when he was in Lagos,Marina house for 5days.
      Meanwhile , enjoy your bribe , main stream Yorubas have moved own, they can never be influenced with such money except for few of you that can be purchased with few$ to sell the future of your children.
      Continue your day dream , that PDP is advancing inLagos.

      • Charles Owolabi

        Sam I seriously doubt that you are a true Yoruba.
        There is no Yoruba man on the face of this earth who would support a man who placed Baba Awo under house arrest and jailed Pa Ajasin for no reason and made sure he was jailed even when the courts found him not guilty 3 times.
        There is also no sane Yoruba man who would support a man who murdered 3 young Yoruba boys using retroactive laws.
        This barbarian ensured there was no press freedom during his dictatorship and jailed no less than 6 prominent yoruba journalists.
        Sam who is being bribed me or you? How much have you been given by the lion of bourdillion. The owner of Lagos? You must be one of his many servants who grab the crumbs that drop from his table.
        Sam look all around you our ibo brothers are out smarting and out playing us?
        From the financial sector to the government to just about every aspect of Nigerian life these people have taken over.
        They form the backbone of the GEJ administration. They are the intellectual force that drives Nigeria today yet our people are still playing regional / sectional politics led by a corrupt man- Tinubu and you support that? Shame on you.
        What I advocate is an open line of communication for our people. One that does note elinate GEJ.
        Trust me that is a better approach than supporting a serial loser.
        All through the entire process this man that we call clueless has out smarted and out played all his opponents
        He managed to be appointed acting President out smarting Bokola and his team. Then he won election defeating GMB in a resounding victory.
        He has again managed to defeat Boko Haram against any ones expectations. Today Boko Haram is running into Lake Chad. Sam you must acknowledge this archivement. Even the APC as a party has congratulated the army and GEJ for the sucess. The are those who say he should have been able to defeat Boko haram long ago what I ask these people is weather a great power like America has been able to defeat ISIS? What about Britain did they defeat the Irish Republican Army? Let us be realistic . It is difficult to defeat an ideology. It would s difficult to defeat people who are ready to blow themselves up taking others with them. That is the danger Islamic fundermentalism poses for the entire world.
        Even Israel has not been able to defeat such radicals . They have only managed to contain them
        So there is need for a bit of realism in your thinking
        I prefer a man who is a true democrat who allows freedom of speech and who is prepared to respond to the aspirations of The Nigerian people. A president who does not advocate violence and is not prepared to have the monkey and barboon soaked in blood.
        Was it not Buhari who said that an attack on Boko Haram was an attack on the North ? Be for real
        On accountability who has been more accountable than GEJ? Please name the person.
        I would wait for your response ?
        I seriously doubt that you are Yoruba. You don’t sound like one of us?
        sam what did Buhari do for the south west as Head of State ? Cancel the Lagos Metro project Abi?
        Please be real

        • Tayo Ayodele

          From the feelers I am getting all over Yoruba land ‘sane’ people, like you, are getting fewer indeed.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Tayo omoluabi all I am asking is that we do not close the lines of communication with GEJ. From all indications he would win by a land slide. We are withnessing the systematic destruction of the APC propaganda machinery. If you look at the demograhy it is clear now with the distribution of the PVCs that Buhari would loose totally. And if you want I can give you the projections – geopolitical zone by Geopolitical zone.
            Tinubu told Buhari a lie that he would deliver the south west and it is clear that he may even loose his base in Lagos. What a pity for APC.
            Tayo the wise thing is for us to keep very close to GEJ. He is set for another clear and decisive victory over GMB.
            All this propaganda in the papers does not go beyond the elite. Tayo do you know the total circulation of the entire daily print media in Nigeria? – 150 thousand copies. This is nothing when you think of the number of voters out there.
            If you want me to break it down demographically for you I would.
            I can show you why Buhari has already lost

          • Tayo Ayodele

            March 28 is around the corner. It is dangerous to be presumptuous, but the polls, even from NOI, did not indicate a landslide. Anyway, I am becoming a little uncomfortable with your argument. Are we to support the President because he will win anyway, or because he is a performer? What we learnt from Chief Awolowo did not teach us the former.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Tayo I understand your discomfort. It is not my intention to make you uncomfortable. However we have to be practical in our approach to this election. It almost seems as if we are under a spell and we are having difficulty extricating our selves from this spell. Our people fail to ask basic questions . Our wholesale endosment of the Buhari project is something that may eventually hunts us.
            On the issue of weather GEJ has performed my answer is that this is highly subjective.
            What I know is that there has been a basic improvement in the deliver of certain public goods.
            Could he do more or could he have done the answer is clearly Yes.
            However I would give the man a passing grade for what he has accomplished so far.
            If Baba Awo was here and had a choice to make between GEJ and GMB I can state with all certainty that he would have picked GEJ over GMB.
            The simple reason being that one is a true democrat while the other is an unrepentant Military dictator who’s only weapon is to divide and rule. A continued advocate for the use of violence in the political space.
            No baba would never have supported this arrogant fellow who probably does not even have WASC

          • Tayo Ayodele

            I don’t know about ‘our wholesale endorsement of the Buhari project’. That will be mathematically contrary to your expectation of a ‘landslide’ for the president judging from what is happening in the North. You need to know that Awo started free education in 1955 in the West and these people are well educated and can take decisions on who to align with. To think they are under any ‘spell’ is arrogant and disrespectful. I will not dwell, at all, on the Certificate issue because, in my interactions with people, I look at substance rather than the paper he claims to hold. I probably have a few stories about ‘paper certificate’, during my ‘short’ working career, that I will not go into here.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Tayo 6 weeks is a long time in politics.
            Since the postponement the following has happened
            1 APC has run out of money
            2 our Military and by extension GEJ has completely decimated Boko Haram
            3 INEC has increased it’s distribution of PVCs in non Buhari strong holds
            4 the Yoruba elders have met with GEJ and expressed support for his presidential bid
            5 in Kano the tide is firmly in PDPs favor
            6 in Lagos PDP is in full attack and it is looking like Tinubu may again negotiate to save his vast estate. In fact rumor has it that he is already negotiating with GEJ. It is a fight for survival for Tinubu.
            7, Obasanjo has finally been silenced . Having been warned by the military. He knows the implications of talking any further- he has sons in the army remember ?
            6 weeks my brother is a long time in politics

          • Tayo Ayodele

            If you know all these that even Muazu will be tentative in speculating on, who am I to argue with you? Just strange that you know all these and you still talk of ‘wholesale endorsement of the Buhari project’. Could it be more than one person writing using the same name? Just curious!

          • Charles Owolabi

            Tayo the answer is capital NO
            I am not worried about the common Yoruba man but the elite if you get my drift.
            I am sure you are convasant with a he doctrine of the circulation of elites?
            If you are not please google it and let’s talk afterwards

          • Tayo Ayodele

            I am an ordinary Nigerian, not conversant with many doctrines, including but not limited to ‘the circulation of elites’. As stated earlier, with your vast knowledge, including how Pa Awo would have voted, were he alive, which sounds not a bit clairvoyant, it is wise to listen and ‘benefit’ from your vast knowledge and insight. My only worry is that such terms like dictator, divide and rule (tribalism), unforgiving etc, sound suspiciously close to how NPN apparatchiks were branding Pa Awo during the secon republic.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Tayo you can not change recent history. I refer you to El rufias description of GMB who he described as unelectable and a fundermentalist. Please read el rufias entire description of Buhari then you would know that I am not the only one who sees Buhari as a dictator and Fundermentalist.
            I also refer you to Buharis own words- that Muslims should vote for only Muslims- what do you call that?or that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North? What is that Tayo? Is it not sectional politics?
            Tayo let us call a spade a spade please. I am not getting uncomfortable with this discussion.

          • Tayo

            I do not need El Rufai to appraise Buhari nor Fani Kayode to appraise Jonathan. You don’t need to tell me what Buhari said or did not say. I am not a politician but have keen interest in Nigeria’s political direction. If your interpretation of what Buhari said was that ‘attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North’, I am affraid we are either dealing with mischief or crass ignorance or both, akin to the ‘spin’ that Human Right Watch are supporters of Boko Haram or that those against capital punishment for armed robbery are supporters of robbers; in which case I might be excused from continuing the discussion.

    • Tayo Ayodele

      Who stood in GEJ’s corner when Yar Adua was ill? Maybe you are just arriving into the Country. That struggle, like June 12, anti Abacha, anti third term, were characteristically championed from the South West.

      • Charles Owolabi

        My brother the third term agenda was not championed by the South West. It was the north that ensured that obasanjo did not get third term. Atiku is credited as being the single factor that stopped Obasanjo from getting third term. Let us be honest in our posting. Secondly on the issue of June 12th i know that our people would like to claim credit for every thing but I state that the entire Nigeria was united in ensuring that Abacha was removed. People like Enahoro if alive would be shocked to read what you are just posted. nadeco was not only a yoruba affair. Please
        I think we as a people have contributed immensely to our democracy however a few people like Tinubu have hijacked our entire struggle for personal gain. The result is that today the Yoruba are lagging behind politically. We are also loosing our economic strength and we are sheepisly following people who do not have our interest at heart.
        What did Tinubu do to Nuhu Ribadu in the last election? Is he someone we can trust? Is he fighting for our interest or for his pocket. If Lagos is an example we should be worried about following tinubu

        • Tayo Ayodele

          Note my words ‘from the South West’ not BY the ‘Yorubas’. While I am a proud Yoruba man, I tried not to see things through ethnic prism. It is legitimate, however, for two or more people to see such things differently. But I remembered even IBB admonishing the “over articulate elite” of the Lagos, Ibadan, Ife axis and there “captive audience”.

          • Charles Owolabi

            Tayo thanks for the clarification.

    • Jesus is d Messenger of Allah

      Ethnic bigot!

  • burning spear

    The ailing Presidential candidate of the Nigerian first Islamic party, the APC, Muhammadu Buhari addressing audience at the Chatham House.
    The visibly tired former dictator was supporting himself by holding the Podium to avoid falling off the ‘stage’.what a shame

    • ayodele dina

      I would have performed better if I were the President.l am a degree holder not a PhD holder. I wish Chartam invites President Goodluck to come and give account his stewardship and why he should be returned to his desk. Over to you Oyinbo friends.

    • Arrow


    • Führer de Nunu

      Dr. Burning Spear. Just from mere looking at a picture you already deduced Alh. Buhari is ‘ailing’.

      How about you take a good look at yourself in the mirror and admit yourself into a good mental home, eh?

    • jude L/A USA

      Remember, you forgot to take your medication. Eeehyaaaaah!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Buhari is a serial loser who will lose and turn to a cry-baby yet again. APC criminals and this certificate-forging and perjuring animal are wasting their time.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè ni Fanikayode Orafidiya.

    • jude L/A USA

      How much did Fayose paid you? Clown!

  • Walter

    His speech moved me to tears.

  • Fillip

    I wonder what he means by lost glory. Were those the days where he tookover by a military coup and lead such a recklessly rough military state that he was oust by his own men?

    • Chuckwuebuka Alavavite

      If the poor old man could only remember the 80s that would probably be true.

    • abc

      Lost glory bcos, an innocent woman like your biological mother walks into baby factory and sold you at birth for N20,000 just bcos of poverty. and your father carry drugs in desperation of making money but, arrested and sent to life imprisonment. And your sisters born b4 you were forced to go and sell their body in Abuja and brothers resort to kidnapping neighbours children. And its the reason why now you are Yahooboy, you are sold into poverty and die into poverty of hell.

      • jude L/A USA

        You are right on point bro.

      • frankline

        Thanks bro for telling this bastard his origin.

  • Buhari is the change that Nigerians desire given the level of poverty and deprivation in the nation today.

  • Charles Owolabi

    Honsylglobal you are entitled to your openion but the demographics don’t support him. From all accounts he has already lost.
    Buhari is also a fraud according to el rufia. He says one thing and does another. Remember that the 53 suitcases that el rufia talked about. His Fundermentalist position. His abuse of Power during his time as head of state? The Misding 25 billion at PTF that is equivalent to over 100 billion in today’s monetery value.
    No Buhari is not what he says he is.
    For a man to be so rigid about just producing a simple certificate then he most definitely is not the man for Nigeria.
    APC got it wrong by selecting Buhari.
    And for my brothers who think he would go the Yaradua way so that the SW would be the do facto benficieries, I say lightening does not strike twice in the same spot.
    My brother shine your eyes.

    • jude L/A USA

      You are a clown. Period!!!!

  • Mr. Abdin

    Well no reasonable Nigerian will criticised the performance of the APC candidate because he was outstanding despite the sponsored protest Nigerians have realized the failure of the present administration to address the problem of the country. Kudos to Buhari for a good speech and the display of intellectual ability. We need change and it has come by the grace of God amen.