Ekiti tape controversy: Senate refuses to discuss Obanikoro’s ministerial nomination

FILE PHOTO: Musiliu Obanikoro at the Lagos PDP governorship primaries rally

The Senate on Wednesday refused to deliberate on the ministerial nomination of the former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro.

The embattled politician and his family were disappointed by lawmakers after the latter failed to call for hearing, his ministerial nomination by President Goodluck Jonathan.

At the National Assembly gallery, Mr. Obanikoro’s family was seen at about 10.20 a.m. leaving the premises looking drawn as they expected the Senate would call up his nomination for deliberation.

Mr. Obanikoro’s nomination is believed to be an appeasement from the president after the failed to secure the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship ticket for Lagos State.

He is currently embroiled in the infamous Ekiti rigging audio tape crisis, where he is heard virtually threatening a Brigadier General with promotion. Mr. Obanikoro was then the Minister of State for Defence.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES, the Senator representing Ekiti Central constituency of Ekiti State, Babafemi Ojudu, said three All Progressive Congress, APC, senators from Lagos State – Oluremi Tinubu, Gbenga Ashafa and Ganiyu Solomon- filed a petition to the Senate President over Mr. Obanikoro’s involvement in the alleged rigging in Ekiti.

He said this must have contributed to the stalling of the case at the Senate.

“It’s a known fact that senators from your state must approve of your nomination, the reverse is the case with him,” the lawmaker said, adding that two non-governmental organisations petitioned the senate president on the same issue.

The Ekiti audio recording emerged early February highlighting Mr. Obanikoro’s participation alongside Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti; Iyiola Omisore; a man identified as Honourable Abdulkareem, and the Minister for Police Affairs, Jelili Adesiyan.

The 37-minutes audio recordings and affidavit were provided by Sagir Koli, a Captain in the 32nd Artillery Brigade stationed in Ekiti State. Mr. Koli has since fled the country for fear of retaliation.

Mr. Koli recorded the conversation on June 20, 2014, when he was asked to accompany his Commanding Officer, Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh, to the meeting. The venue was the Spotless Hotel in Ado-Ekiti.

PREMIUM TIMES also learnt that three members of the PDP – Michael Babatunde, Suleiman Saheed and Wasiu Adeniyi –filed a suit against Mr. Obanikoro, in a Lagos High Court, on his eligibility to run for governor of Lagos state.

“When you have such case in the court, it will be wrong for the Senate President to call the case for hearing; that must be the reason the Senate President refused to bring up the matter,” Mr. Ojudu said.

While notable Nigerians like Wole Soyinka and the APC have called for a probe of the Ekiti tape, President Goodluck Jonathan said the inability of Sagir Koli to come forward and authenticate the tape is the reason investigation into the matter cannot proceed.


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    APC cannot hold this country to ransome. That the senate could not screen Obanikoro based of an audio tape dropped by a run away soldie is quite worrisome. Which means APC has infiltrated our intelligence agencies and busy collecting classified information to use against the country. When Jonathan said boko haram has infiltrated his govt, he was damn right, considering these APC moves

    • Bayonle

      President Goodluck Jonathan you are a symbol of illegality for two reasons: (i) Obanikoro is involved in the use of the military to rig an election, an action which amounts to treason, yet you want him to be a minister. (ii) Today, your public relations officer Femi Fanikayode was in court today on charges of money laundering. Prsently, your PRO is an alleged money launderer. Femi Fanikayode is NOT a govt officer of the federal republic of Nigeria. Yet you-Jonathan-made armed police officer to accompany him to court. This serial illegality is part of the reasons we will ask you to leave come March 28.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        A private citizen can apply for police protection if he feels threatened. Ask the police if in doubt Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • amazing2012

          …..including criminals ?

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Until proven guilty
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • amazing2012

        Excellent !

    • Ola

      You talk like a kindergarten pupil. What has this got to do with boko haram or just APC. Obanikoro is not fit to be a minister period. Let PDP bring up someone else. Not this tout and irresponsible KOro

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Matured student, your hatred for Koro is poisonous
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • SAM .A

          e-rat u got this BlackBerry from your amnesty allowance.

          • olu_kay


          • BlackieUmukoro

            You wanted amnesty badly for your boko haram gang too
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • amazing2012

      …then you will remain under bondage and poverty !!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        You are already in bondage and under the heavy weight of poverty, hence you are reasoning sideways Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • kokoro dudu

          May your future be like the way GEJ runs Nigeria. E se amin adura!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            And so will it be unto you. Ameeeeen
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • kokoro dudu

            But na u want GEJ na? Na fight??

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Yes, na roforofo fight
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • amazing2012

          I am free man since Iam not supporting criminals that made our effort fruitless. Anybody involve in rigging should be prosecuted and jailed. You are in permanent bondage for submitting yourself to slavery !!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Who told you he rigged. Do you have evidence, Mr father of lies
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Concerned

      If APC has indeed infiltrated the government as you suggest – in view of the economic success of so many of the states they control; they must be the ones behind the few successes stories PDP can lay claim too!

      And boy o boy does the GEJ government like claiming other peoples successes !

      They are now even claiming responsibility for creating a vibrant opposition.

      What they omitted to say is that the growth of the opposition is partly a function of the colossal failures of GEJ’s administration!

    • Abate Dokpu

      Blackie! Blackie!! Blackie!!! I mean Reno! Reno!! Reno!!! Be careful. I don’t want to join issues with you but your opinions are ….. Okay, I forgot. You are only earning your daily bread. Afterall, this is why Dr. Clueless hired you in the first place.

      • olu_kay

        It’s his job and he’s very productive in defending his corrupt paymasters.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        That the man is still clueless after he has beaten them to the game simply shows that they are idiots Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Wähala

    Koro should be facing court hearing into his criminal involvement in treasonable offence, not the Senate for compensation for violating our Electoral Act. In sane clime, this was why Richard Nixon resigned as President of the US, but in Nigeria the dunce leadership expects the whistle blower to come forward and authenticate his patriotic tape recording of crime scene. Dumbo should do the honorable thing for once in his drunken presidency and withdraw Obanikoro’s name for any political appointment henceforth, enough of making Nigeria the laughing stock of international community. In Ghana, a minister was forced to resign for fantasing about getting rich on the job, in Nigeria wanted drug barons and junkies occupy prominent roles in a criminal cabal masquerading as a political party. Koro should respect himself and honorably withdraw from further consideration for the job he once held, and stop putting his family through a disgraceful charade… that’s if he has common sense. Agbero!

    • amazing2012

      Excellent !

    • Mosaku 147

      What do you expect from a shameless man. Common sense is far from a thug.

      • Ayotunde 1000

        Common sense is not common after all.

  • Dozie

    Good luck palleys with corruption and puts his integrity to question. Forensic voice analysis will do if they are serious.

  • WALE

    Koro shoud be arrested by dss now

  • Screw-em

    Why split hairs over Koro’s “nomination”, Dumbo’s maladministration will come to a screeching halt in a little over a month ( March 28th 2015 to be precise) definitely with the power of the people. Folks, only an incurable thief will accept to be nominated for a stool he will never seat on……fell off my chair yawning…….lol

  • hummm

    Koro, aka kokoro can kiss that appointment goodbye. He is looking at jail term in kirikiri once his boss looses the election.

  • Worried Mother

    Boy oh boy. We have saddled ourselves with an embicile as a leader! His stupidity knows no bounds.

  • SAM .A

    Double jeopardy for Koro, gubernatorial candidate lost to Agbaje, Now watching the appeased juicy Ministerial confirmation slipping into Oblivion . Head & tail is lost forever. Wa je ise owore.

  • Trutalk

    What I don’t get is y these politicians fight to get back into power when they won’t do any work and have already secured their family’s finances thru chopping. Just go n sit down abeg

    • Ayotunde 1000

      One word. GREED!!!

  • Sword of Damocles

    Back to Ekitigate, and what the President knew:

    I would like to conduct a “little role-playing” with anyone reading this comment. Let us suppose that YOU were the President of the FRN, and an audiotape was leaked, in which your junior Min. of Defense was heard to have stated to his co-conspirators that He was on a special mission from You(the President) to Ekiti, to “supervise” the manipulation of the an election, Wouldn’t you as President feel obligated to state PUBLICLY that the JNR minister was lying and that you DID NOT send that minister on the mission he stated on the audiotape?(especially as he(Koro) would have been LYING on you). You must be aware that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has until the time of my writing this never REFUTED what Koro said on that tape about Jonathan’s instructions to him. Wonder why? It is simple, the moment President Jonathan says something akin to ” i never instructed Koro to go to Ekiti to manipulate the elections to Fayose’s favor(rig), this would an “eye-clearing” eureka moment for Koro, informing him that the president has “washed his hands” off Koro, and that he (koro) is on his own, which can only lead to “singing like a canary” by koro if you get ma drift. This, I think MAY be the reason that till date Jonathan has not denied Koro’s claim on the audiotape and also he is trying to avoid legal culpability.

    • Bola

      Great thoughts…!

  • aminu olayinka

    Dancing shoki for Koro. Double tragedy for him, and the yeye man has forgotten that he’ll still have to come back to face d APC guys he was abusing earlier. I always Love paybacks like this!

  • Amir

    This will not stop the rotten David Mark senate from smuggling Obanikoro in as Minister through the backdoor. The PDP led ‘chop I chop’ senate can clear a practising prostitute as Minister under their notorious bow and go culture.

  • Arabakpura

    The man has become an embarrassment to the president and I am sure Jonathan and the PDP are hoping and praying that the senate not clearing him will be a sort of relief for them because the guy behaves like a bull in a China shop.
    He lives off blackmail!

  • dap

    Nigeria is still a joke under this administration. Someone resigns an appointment and then comes back for the same post! Ah Ah!! What legacy are we leaving behind?