Ex-militants canvass support for Jonathan’s re-election

In what appears to be a volte face, ex-militant​s​ from the nine states of the South-South geo-political zone, have dumped the use of threats and ​have ​chosen to persuade voters ​to support President Goodluck Jonathan.​

The ex-militants, had met last month in government house Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, and threatened war, should President Jonathan lose his re-election bid.

Under the aegis of the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiatives, the ex-militants urged the Nigerians to support and vote for the re-election of the President based on the achievement of his administration in the areas of Education, Power, infrastructural development and Security.

After a meeting in Yenagoa, presided over by the group’s National Coordinator, Reuben Wilson, aka General Pastor Reuben in Yenagoa, the ex-militants called on eligible voters to shun the use of hate words and violent utterances among political actors and deliberate on issues of performance.

“We resolved to call on Nigerians, particularly eligible voters, to rate the candidates for the Presidential election based on performance and eligibility
“President Goodluck Jonathan has done well and he should be voted in by Nigerians for second term. They should assess him based on performance and not the region he comes from.

“Jonathan has done well. Why are people opposing him? Is it because he comes from the Niger Delta?”.

“The people of the South-South and the Niger Delta are feeling bad over the rising insults and poor rating in spite of the huge achievement of the present administration. We advised the opposition party and General Buhari to come out open and declare that President Goodluck Jonathan has done well,” General Pastor Reuben said

The ex-militants said that the Amnesty programme under President Goodluck Jonathan has ensured that over 3,000 youths are trained, while scholarships and skills acquisition schemes had absorbed the hitherto restive youths.

They applauded Mr. Jonathan in the battle against insurgency with the proper procurement of arms and ammunition for the military.

According to the ​former militants, President Jonathan has ensured the recovery of over N300billion of stolen funds and blocked loop holes in the system that engendered corruption.

The ex-militants maintained that Mr. Jonathan has also done well in the area of roads and infrastructure with the judicious use of Sure-P funds.

On the state governors that defected to the All Progressives Congress, the former militants argued that the bulk of the achievements showcased by the governors should rightly be credited to their stewardship under the Peoples Democratic Party.

They accused the former PDP governors of playing to the gallery without differentiating their achievements in office under the PDP and the APC.

“These governors are deceitful. They should tell Nigerians what they have been able to achieve under the APC.

“They should call their people together and tell them why they should vote for their stooges in the next governorship elections under the APC. All they have achieved in the states under their control was achieved under the PDP​,​” General Pastor Reuben said.


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  • amazing2012

    What do you expect ?

  • Amir

    Less than 30,000 practicing militants benefiting from a corrupt system of open ended amnesty payments would naturally want the feeding bottle to continue for life. Why won’t a mad man wish continuation of the dirty environment that makes practice of madness easier. It is laughable that they are the ones campaigning for the president. Credible people have all withdrawn leaving the terrain of non existent performance in the hands of uneducated militants.

    • yes

      Who are the credible people u are talking about,is buhari that forged his result,or tinubu that has drug cases in the US and mental issues,is it ambode who stole 25b under fasholas whatch,who ellse sariki,who kwankwaso who who was played out of pdp,who pls u need a doctor ok.

  • Fulani Nomad

    Dear Ex-militants,
    We (Nigerians) prefer threats to appeal. Please keep threatening. You’ve shown overtime that you are incapable of intelligently winning votes for Jonathan.
    Nigerians knows that any threat coming from the Militants are not without the approval of President Goodluck Jonathan.

    • yes

      COWS are not allowed ok hahahahaaaaa

  • tundemash

    Too little too late. If Dumbo is so good, make him your permanent Gov or local council chairman at the creek.
    No but thanks !

  • KennBest

    Too late, ex-militants. I’m sure all hell would break lose if ex-boko haram militants starts canvassing support for Buhari. You have all been trained overseas with tax payers money in the name of amnesty. So please use your trainings to seek meaningful employment, if Jonathan’s administration has provided any. Rag-tag irresponsible imbeciles.

  • Jon

    They are still using the word “SHOULD” in their sentences. They have not learn that threat does not work

  • Danshehu

    Just imagine this bunch of stark illiterates

    • yes

      Hahaha,what do u call ur name dan duri a bi dan shehu,kettle calling pot black is buhari that is educated hahahahaaaa,we are zionist we will rule with our brothers the isrealites,my jewish brothers we will rule over u as our slaves promised us by Jehovah,see u in zion oh oh sorry u cant near zion its made of gold and diamonds,cows and cow rearers are not allowed including shoe shinners ok,hahahaaa.

  • Faruk Al-amin

    Asari dokubo, boyloaf, tompolo, fayose, fani kayode, edwin clark, and Bode, all of them are criminals and guess what, all of them are good friends of jonathan, jonathan core supporters are ex-millitants as well, It makes you wonder and thank God that Nigeria survived this long

    • yes

      What tinubu,ambode,fayoshe,amechi,and all those criminals that are parading for change,what buhari who forged his result all this why……who in apc line up that is not a criminal those u milk us true toll gate collection are the not criminals,i think u are sick faruk.

      • Uncle Charlie

        proper response to this name calling personality above. Cheers whoever you are

  • SAM .A

    Let Asari Dokubo, Tompolo , Boy loaf &kuku come on their four before Nigerians , it will never erase the initial threat.
    Remain in your militant ideology vote same way , Nigeria will use their PVC to defeat your threat on 3/28.We shall see the Triumph of power of masses over crude force.

    • yes

      I think u are sick and blind,u need a doctor,should i call one for u.

  • Maria

    See the hoodlums canvassing votes for their godfather.

    • yes

      Ur disgusting to say so maria i do think that u are responsible but i can see that u are among those fools who are blinded by so called agents of change,we will fight against nepotism,tribalism,injustics and msginalisstion of the south east,south west and south south people of nigeria,no jonathan no nigeria no that buhari is very very sick am so sorry the jonathan train have reached the promise land hahaha

      • Maria

        Like I was blinded to support GEJ in 2010 and 2011…Yes if I was not blinded then but now blinded… it is my choice not yours. You can drink gamalin 20 for I care…goat.

  • musa aliyu

    because he has given them the monies he is supposed to repair our power etc, he has really done well. We will never vote pdp again. Nigeria will never break, just as we will never allow them trample on us again.

    • Abia_Man

      Our power- you do pay tax? What does your community contribute to the national treasury? Do you want free power, schools roads. What does your community contribute?

    • yes

      Musa am so sorry u are a poor famer,u dont have any money,u can go snd shine my shoes or go find a cow and rare,stop saying our money,no jonathan no nigeria ok,or may be should i get u a doctor may be meningitis have enterd ur brains,u are bringing an illitrate like buhari to rule us hahahahaaaa so sorry for u.

  • Nelson David

    Most people who are not from the Niger-Delta will saying nonsense because you not know how they are suffering in the creek and how life is over there. They trying protect own and I believe that if Jonathan is from your region you will do the same. I will vote Jonathan any day, any where, and any time.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    We will vote for the return of an indefatigable leader. A man Blessed and Favoured of God to be a Blessing to Nigerians. An emancipator of God’s people. God Bless Protect and KEEP GEJ! !!

  • Divine West

    We don’t need his repent to vote. Our President has done it all by tackling Boko Haram so my family now are shouting say good luck no more doubting in our mind. GEJ has won period.

  • Blessing Ndubisi

    President Goodluck Jonathan has brought so much luck to us as a nation, haters are free to speak as talk is cheap, but our resolve to re elect him is for sure

  • Tunde Fabian

    This man has worked, truly he has worked so hard to make sure the average Nigeria is comfortable, power supply amongst others is facing swift transformation, he deserves a second term. UP GEJ

  • Chief Emeka bakogu

    Support from every part of the nation, the gold fish has no hiding place. Mr President, the good LORD has chosen you and you alone.

  • Etomi

    GEJ the anointed of the LORD!
    “Aso Rock is fully occupied; no vacancy thereof,” saith the LORD!

  • The man endorsed by many, supported by all subliminally or other wise.

  • The journey for transformation lets MARCH on brodas……

  • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

    They never threatened any one….they are showing their support for a beautiful and peaceful Nigeria#GEJtill2019

  • chinwe davis

    Voices must be heard, #teamGEJ now till 2019

  • uko bassey


    • Enumah



      What better Nigeria? a Nigeria where people care for money more than wealth

  • GEJ has my vote. Militant endorsements or not


      GMB has my vote

  • Nwaobilor

    We’re moving to a greater transformation together. GEJ till 2019.


      What transformation, how many people have died during the past 6 years

  • Etega

    Jonathan’s administration is a functional government. Jonathan has a reservoir of personal physical courage that is unmatched in our presidential history. Why unmatched? Because as the first monority contender for the presidency who has won, Jonathan, and all the rest of us, know that he is in great physical danger from the seemingly unlimited reserve of unhinged tribal hatred, and just plain unhinged ignorant hatred, that swirls in the bowels of our wounded and sinful country. By stepping forward to lead, Jonathan has literally put his life on the line for all of us in a way no other Nigerian ever has had to do. (And we all know how dangerous the presidency has been)

  • nwaeke

    If your not voting for GEJ you are on a long thing.

  • geraldine jaja

    GEJ is president till 2019#GEJ is unstoppable


      Yes he is, he is human, GMB for life

  • ubong ekanem

    GEJ all the way


      GMB all the way

  • nafisat

    GEJ for continuity#GEJtill2019!


      That would be a calamity and God will not allow that

  • kemi

    our vote is for GEJ


      That is a very horrible choice

  • uduak akpan

    GEJ is good for nigeria


      No he is not

  • Anonymous

    My family and I will vote for buhari/Osinbajo come 28th of March ….we say no to corruption APC all the way …


      Me too, Go APC

  • Desmond

    They should force us from the region to vote for him, lol only the ijaw we vote for him, you guys alone enjoy all the little benefits he brought through amnesty programme, empowering only ijaw with criminal contracts

  • Patriotique

    All GEJ’s achievement have gone to drain. Talk about the monies that was recovered from subsidy fraud – gone to drain!; monies recovered from elimination of ghost workers and pension fraud – gone to drain!. SURE-P and YOUWIN programmes, the beneficiaries are only characters we see on the TV. Why is it that there is no one who has benefitted from around my street, my locality? And why is it not me alone? Let us be realistic, this president is a sham. A president that speaks bitterness and show very little understanding of the nations problem. One who does not really care about the lives of people who were dying in the North-East from the hands of terror, until he realized that it would affect his chances of being re-elected. One who keeps criminals as advisers, drug barons as allies,…etc. GEJ wins, then God has no love for our country.