I met Buhari Saturday — Tony Blair; APC candidate to speak Thursday — Chatham House

Left to Right: Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun, Muhammadu Buhari, Tony Blair, Senator Bukola Saraki... Photo Credit: Senator Bukola Saraki

A former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has confirmed that he held a private meeting with the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, in London on Saturday.

There has been speculations in Nigeria that a picture showing Messrs. Blair, Buhari and Governor Amosun as well as a former Kwara state governor, Bukola Saraki, was photoshopped.

Mr. Buhari’s campaign office had stated that the former head of state was in the U.K. on a working visit.

However, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state and supporters of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, are claiming that Mr. Buhari is in the UK for medical treatment.

To buttress their claim, some of the critics claimed Mr. Blair was not in the U.K. on Saturday and could therefore not have met Mr. Buhari.

PREMIUM TIMES Monday contacted the office of Mr. Blair for confirmation and we got a response that the meeting actually held.

“Mr. Blair had a private meeting with General Muhammadu Buhari in London,” said Rianne Buter in an email response to PREMIUM TIMES’ inquiry.

Ms. Buter also said Mr. Blair “hopes to visit Nigeria shortly when he will see the President”.

Mr. Buhari’s campaign office also issued a statement saying the APC candidate “would hopefully give a talk at the prestigious foreign policy hub, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, in London.”

Chatham House has now confirmed that Mr. Buhari will speak Thursday on the topic: “Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Africa: Nigeria’s Transition”.

Details of the event as posted on the website of Chatham House also revealed that Mr. Buhari would speak for one hour between 10 and 11a.m. and the event would be chaired by Richard Gozney, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria between 2004 and 2007.

Chatham House encourages interested persons to send questions to Mr. Buhari via Twitter.

“Send questions for the speaker by using #CHAfrica on Twitter. A selection will be put to him during the event,” it said


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  • Mr Q

    PT Nice to see that you actually verified this. However, go a step further by attaching the email correspondence to erase all doubts on this issue.

    • YK

      Even if PT attaches the livestream, the doubting Thomas like Fayose will never agree. All they believe in is confusion.

  • Philip Gokir Musa

    Mr. Blair, did buhari give a PVC card as well? If not, make sure you collect yours and also collect for the rest of chatham house as well. He (Buhari) is fast losing support in Nigeria since the army started crushing boko haram and would need all non-eligible voters to come to his rescue. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ay Pointblank

      Keep the false hope alive … you dumb! hehehe!

    • Progress

      Animal or human?

      • truth is bitter

        Am sure he is a goat

    • DazzlingSmile

      I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you never use it.

      • truth is bitter

        Seriously his brain. Don’t do any work

    • Separate Us…

      Keep dreaming

  • Progress

    Fayose will not die well ever. Fayose Osoko, may you go ignomiously before the person you wish dead. Omo ale omo irankiran

    • DazzlingSmile

      Oloriburuku ni fayose, By the grace of God Ayo Fayose ekiti thug will die in jail. (AMEN)

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The PDP campaign lacks professionalism, just as the administration it props lacks the touch of class to advance the national interest beyond the primordial. Fayose represents the worst in us and what is possible when all decency is thrown to the winds, but the good people of Ekiti State deserves more than this aberration.

  • Dan Kontagora

    Another lies from APC propaganda machine. What stopped you from attaching proof of the email confirming GMB n Blair meeting. Mr Ayeedee have effectively thought all you blackmarket journalist how to conduct investigative journalism backed with facts. Go and learn from him and back your claims with proofs. APC have been exposed. They have been lying to Nigerians for years. No wonder APC states are the most backward states infrasturally

    • save our nation

      @ Dan, I’m sorry you are been fooled by one Mr ayedee, the guy has been lying, just to make himself famous

      Firstly he said Buhari was in the hospital and the picture with Blair was photo cropped on Saturday, but now Blair office came out and confirmed the meeting was held on Saturday.

      Secondly, Buhari, campaign organisation last week said Mr. Buhari may hopefully speak at chathams house during his visit, he also confirmed to Thisdaylive on phone that the schedule will be released by monday , which has happened. Now Ayedee came up and said the speaking slot was gotten through bribe over the weekend

      Mr. Ayedee, may be a god to you but to me he is a man without integrity , who sits in the comfort of his home to conjure lies

    • tundemash

      Creek rat,
      This is the website of Mr. Tony Blair, http://www(dot)tonyblairoffice(dot)org, you can also contact them Mr D@ft !

  • Aminulahi Aminu


    • DazzlingSmile

      Buhari all the way

  • BlackieUmukoro

    The wakabouts that he intend to speak to at chata house will come and vote for him in Nigeria too

  • Otile

    This is shameful. APC will desperately do anything to convince their stupid_minions that Imam shook hands with a British man who is neither going to vote in Nigeria nor has any political value anymore. Inferiority complex.

    • ozo

      Y e dey pepper u nah.u guys r jus d ones making GMB more popular that PGEJ.all those blackmail didn’t work for PDP before postponement of election.and u guys fink it will work now?

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.

      • Otile

        We all thought this stupid_eran is dead, not knowing that he changed his name from endingNaija to Funso, bibi, Benson Idahosa, at SR he goes by the name Rose Grants with a lady’s portrait. Aṣiwèrè.

  • dd

    What happens after:
    1. This journey
    2. Medical checkup
    3. Meeting with Blair
    4. Give speech
    5. Campaign here and there
    and GEJ is declared the winner?

    • tundemash

      wake up man , you are dreaming !

    • Tunsj

      Nonsense. Is it true that dd stands for Dumb?


      You want to rig the election for GEJ?……Or you think the nation-wide chant of ‘sai Buhari’ is a PDP slogan?….Pls wake up from ur deep slumber, and join those who av taken d scales of deception off their eyes.


    This is so funny,they are busy proving that Buhari took pictures with Mr Blair ?

    • tundemash

      I agree with you, I wonder why PT has to go that far to respond to e-rats and drowning PDPigs !

  • Joe

    What is so special about meeting Tony Blair please?. APC’s Buhari handlers are embarrassing us in Nigeria. What is big deal about blair for goodness sake?.

    • DazzlingSmile

      They need to show people like you and fayose to shut ya all up

    • Mamman

      Really? What was so special then in 2011 when u ppl brought all manner of shady & disgraced US diplomats to acknowledge the cleanliness of the elections then? Where are they today? Why aren’t they coming to support what they believe in?

    • tundemash

      Tony Blair far more relevant than Linda Chalker Dumbo has been to UK to meet severaly in the last one year !

    • ulayi

      abeg help me tell them

  • Abufata Gumi

    Where is Blair? why don’t he speak for himself. please we cant be deceived again. APC is full of liars compromising the media. Buhari has lost our support for associating with liars and cheats like Tinubu, Amaechi, Saraki, Rochas Okorocha and so on

    • Mamman

      ‘Abufata Gumi’,if he lost your support because of his associates, your principal lost our support & confidence because of his glaring and universally acknowledged incompetence. A few of those who said so: New York Times, The Economist, Hon Malema of South Africa, Gen Obasanjo and The Chairmen, US Senate committees on Defence & Foreign Services. Need I say more? Allah wadaran naka ya lalace idan kai nawan ne da gaske.

      • ulayi

        religious and ethnic bigot

      • Yola

        He is an impostor, don’t mind him

    • goodtalk

      You should win the award for the most daft person of the century for wanting Blair to respond to an email after contacting his office. You need to learn how things work.

    • ulayi


  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    What lecture will senile, illiterate Buhari give? In what language? The man’s spoken English is a disgrace to Nigeria and Nigerians.

    • Maitama Tambari

      A lot to you half baked educated illiterate. He is going to give the lecture in your mother tongue if possible, Africa, but the participants I believe speak another language, I believe the language you and I, Buhari and Jonathan were forced to learn, study and use as Official language. By the way Buhari got the examination of the language is going to use, marked and scored for him by one of their prestiges Cambridge University Examination Council while President Jonathan and you had yours examined and scored by West African Examination Council, Yaba, Lagos. You can now see that GMB has a superior grasp of the language than you and President Jonathan-because he was examined and scored by the owners of the language while yours was done by those trying to speak, write and learn the language. GMB Will be at home with his listeners and they will be at home with him. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • ilesanmi

        “Change” “Change” “Change” !!! From light to darkness? From digital to analogue? From democracy to tyranny? From forward to backward? From freedom to captivity? Nigerians must think now.

        • tundemash

          from stealing is not corruption to stealing is corruption and criminal!

    • truth is bitter

      You are sure a bastard yoruba. Omo ale jatijati you are a disgrace to our race. Animal. I spat on you

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè Orafidiya.

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,
      may you not grow as old as Buhari since you don’t want to be senile !

    • Tunsj

      I’m sure that you are describing yourself. You sound senile, ignorant, narcissistic, a psychopath and seeing your name makes me regurgitate.

    • dareolu1

      Oh! he is no longer in an Hospital in Cavendish! o pari o…no peace for the wicked indeed! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    What does it take to arrange to speak at Chattan? GMB wasn’t to do so but it is hurriedly arranged

    • endingNaija

      You are right Mr. Ken. It takes NOTHING to speak at “Chattan” because you only need to lack the intellectual ability to spell correctly. But it takes something to be asked to speak at “Chatham House” the way Mr. Buhari has been asked to. So it is Chatham and not “Chattan”. Can you kindly correct yourself please? That will be helpful Mr. Ken. Thanks.

    • tundemash

      So why don’t you speak there next week ?

  • Es3

    Can we see a written response from Mr. Blair’s office that Nigerians can independently verify???

    • Benson Idahosa

      Email Chatham House, the organizers.

      • Es3

        Sure don’t need that…it’s APC’s job to convince me and other Nigerians that they are not lying again, as usual

    • tundemash

      Premium Times called Tony Blair’s office, you can do same Mr D@ft !

      • goodtalk

        Sincerely he should have requested for Blair phone number

      • Es3

        Now, how’s that my fault that you and your APC party have lied so much to Nigerians and have gotten caught red handed so much tht

        • tundemash

          Olodo ! Prove the lie by sending an email to Tony Blair’s office as PT did. Is that too much for a creek rat ?
          Being noisy on a public forum doesn’t cut it ! The only man looking for credibility is Dumbo running from church to church and one Yoruba Oba to the other.
          Blame you ? A nonentity ? You were asking for cofirmation of the email from PT as if that will be enough proof for a PDPig …. when PT ans SharaReporters gave audio evidence of Ekiti state election rigging, did you and Dumbo not claimed it was fabricated ????

          • Es3

            You mean Premium Times mail to Blair…the same way Punch newspaper sent mail to Cambridge for Buhari’s certificate that instead of a certificate, we were shown a badly forged (APC way) statement of result (latter) released by a state government in Nigeria with his 73 year old passport photograph…and the list is unending???!!!

            Creek rat??? Is it the creeks in parts of Ondo, Lagos or which??? Madness starts which too much unfounded and unprovable assumptions…they say?!!!

            Confirmation, you and your APC must give!!! Yes, you must confirm the interview you had in Abuja and passed for one in UK with a lady that was and still is in US at the supposed time of the interview?!!! You must confirm and old picture with Tony Blair with pictures taken outdoor at extremely low temperatures without proper dressing for the weather that you passed a current one at a supposed indoor private meeting?!!! Yes, you must confirm why Buhari could not honour a speaking engagement where Nigerians (and others) had gathered with his consent, only for his “Toronto certificate” wife and daughter to appear for him, with the wife claiming that Buhari is resting???!!! Yes…and the list continues!!!

            Souldn’t you be more worried that APC’s first name has changed from Janjaweed to Boko Haram, forgery and lies???!!!

          • Es3

            Going round in circles….a very bad sign for real!

          • tundemash

            I know your problem creek rat. Your brief from Obi Asika does not include you seeking the truth from Tony Blair’s office. I sympathise with you; it is all about your stomach infrastructure !

          • Es3


            What a terribly APC’s evil-propaganda-doped-to- the-eyelid wasted mind to waste valuable time on!!!

            One that can no longer see where need for prove lies on this but is prepared to blab about stomach infrastructure that Tinubu, Aregbesola, etc have been doing (last year) up till now for elections that they are set to lose?!!!

          • tundemash

            How difficult is it for you to contact the office of Mr. Tony Blair Mr D@ft ?

    • Fairgame

      Tony Blair charges for image rights so APC paid for that and photoshopped the images but since they were exposed, Tony Blair in an attempt to hide his face issues a craftly worded statement but leaving out the date of the supposed private meeting. All propaganda. The racist colonialists want to get back in control using the stooges from the muslim Hausa Fulani north, their partners for 100 years but that all ended last year. Nigeria is marching forward.

  • ilesanmi

    The Buhari’s Chatham House speech is uncalled for because it will do more harm than good to Buhari’s Image. His frail stature and inaudible sound can not help to produce strong words enough to to motivate listeners and perhaps help to reverse his (Buhari) battered image in the U.K. For Buhari to white-wash his demonic image created by his world class tyranny, human right abuse, lunatic economic policies of his government (1983 – 1985), he needs a carefully packaged, motivational and eloquently delivered long speech, he should return home to address his fellow cow grazers who are already used to speech pattern.

    • …..

      An accent defines where you come from, so u expect him to speak in american or British accent? He is from northern Nigeria.

  • Efeoghene

    Tony Blair shud shut up his mouth. We are talking about continent Nigeria here and not an insignificant UK of just 55m people. If you saw Bokohari on Sunday or Tuesday, then what is my business? It is Britain that caused this nonsense. Placing an Isoko man in the same country with a normadic Sokoto fulani is like making someone from Freetown in Sierra Leone to be in the same country with someone from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.

    Blair should not irritate Nigerians more than we already are.

    • goodtalk

      You are the reason for all the failures in your family since you were able to read and write. This is one of the greatest low for any political comment i have read. Your ignorance level exceed the expectation of any human. Is this the result of alcohol or over inflated self worth or lack of what to do with megabye. I am honestly ashamed of calling you a Nigerian. Will you be proud of reading this statement to your children and tell them this is how their father analysed politics in his prime.

    • August January

      In case you don’t know, You are quite irritating

      • Fairgame

        You are the one quite irritating and I must add daft. A perpetual slave.


      We are talking about CONTINENT Nigeria….Now I know who educated you.

  • tundemash

    PremiumTimes should stop responding to e-rats and drowning PDP !

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Why regulate the number of questions to be answered via twitter? Some of us from his home state Katsina have questions in stock for him. Let me share just one with the larger nigerian public. Buhari was Military Head of State, Governor, Petroleum Minister, PTF etc. Our major problem in Katsina and the entire core northern Nigeria is that of desertification. Buhari is yet to make any attempt in whatever capacity to alleviate the problem but is busy deceiving nigerians that he is going to solve every problem under the sun. Also, the level of intolerance of his supporters through the use and manipulation of religion to gain political advantage is legendary. These antics clearly manifested on the day Buhari held his presidential rally in Kano a prominent member of APC urge the people of Kano to abide with the Islamic injunction of stoning the devil.From that people started stoning the President in some northern states and Buhari is yet to disassociate himself from the satanic act. There was the broad day light amputation of a young man in Sokoto for the singular crime of carrying about the poster of candidate Jonathan.

    • jani m

      Are you alright? If Buhari is going to be running around—in his private capacity as an ordinary citizen of Nigeria— fighting desertification and amputations, then what is the job of your Local, State and even Federal Government.

      I bet anything you’re an Ibo man pretending to be from Katsina, Your whole post reeks of it— even the fake name.

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      You are angry that Buhari was unable to do soemthing about desertification in his 20 months as head of State, I am surprised you still complaining about it despite President Jonathan’s yeoman’s efforts at solving your desertification problem over the last six years and the numerous achievements he has recorded in improving life and living in your part of the country.

  • Fairgame

    Premium times and lying. The statement did not mention the date but Premiumtimes has given the date. Liars. Why did atony Blair’s office leave out the date of the meeting if such a meeting held this last week?

  • Fairgame

    Tony Blair charges for image rights so APC paid for that and photoshopped the images but since they were exposed, Tony Blair in an attempt to hide his face issues a craftly worded statement but leaving out the date of the supposed private meeting. All propaganda. The racist colonialists want to get back in control using the stooges from the muslim Hausa Fulani north, their partners for 100 years but that all ended last year. Nigeria is marching forward. No going back. Never!

    • dareolu1

      Is this what God’s curse did to you…so sad

      • taiwo

        product of a burst condom keep on exhibiting ur background

        • dareolu1




    • taiwo

      story for the gods

      • olubunmi

        Is your own lie not story for the gods?

  • chidon

    tony blair so yu mean yu met buhari without a shoe? please can somebody help me look ask tony blair were his shoe is? anyway, i never believed its yu that said such cos APCites can go as far as possible to peddle lies with yur name to save their candidate >>>>APCITES AND LIE LIE

  • taiwo

    Tony Blair should be asked the particular meeting he is talking about,APC trying desperately to manage their lies.What is the big deal in showing us a clip of buhari in london?.You want to rush his treatment and present him on thursday but remember there is god oooo .tinubu must be begged to allow the old man rest

    • Umar Dendi

      Wait till Thursday, you can view it Live!!
      I Suppose you, Fayose and Fani-Kayode will concoct something like- “The Royal institute has moved from Chatam House……..He must be speaking at the Hospital”

      • Otile

        Umaru Dendi boy, why are you so proud of Imam Boohari shaking hands with a British man as if Tony is your god? Banish your inferiority complex quickly.

    • Desmond

      Blair is lying again, pdp I hail una

      • Don

        I think Blair is not lying and also not telling the truth. I think Premium Times is the one lying about contacting Blair, because they never had access to Blair in the first place. Cheap!

      • taiwo

        APC una lie na worldwide

    • Bobby

      So Tony Blair is lying? Then you have to examine your head

      • taiwo

        did Tony Blair talk to you?where were the journalists that covered the events or is Buhari visiting Blair not a supposed to be a public event

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      You PDP guys would rather worry about a man who is not ill. But you insist that the brain-injured PDP governor currently sitting in Taraba is still as fit as a fiddle.

  • Gaskiya

    Thumb up for Nigerians. We have really come up. In few years to few decades, rascals such as Jonathan and Fayoshe will not even smell leadership. Nigerians let us engage these PDPigs more so that we can overkill them, similar to what Obama did to John McCain. Never relent on the attack. Continue to bombard PDPigs with all our thinking faculties until power is taken away from the criminals. So far they have been defeated but we have to continue until they submit by themselves.

  • Umar Dendi

    The level of lies, Completely off-the-wall lies, those hyperbole sort of clumsy lies that the PDP has resorted to is testament to the fact that it has been reduced to a party of deranged simpletons!
    Such was the largest party in the history of Africa!
    O’ unseemly is thy end, O Babylon!!

  • favourtalk

    What level will fayose go now again to attack the personality of buhari, it is too bad for him. Nigeria knows the truth and we will surely go for it and vote the right candidate not a failed GEJ again.

  • kurt

    this is not true, let premium times provide the email they used in contacting Tony Blair, false news, i am in London, i follow him on twitter, he never mentioned Buhari or anything related to him or his party Apc,, this is all lies

    • sanmi.marvellous

      so, he tells you all his secret even when he sleeps with his wife ?

    • O’seun Ogunseitan

      Would anybody lie about meeting a person who is alive to confirm or deny a meeting? Maybe the Chatham House website has also been hacked and Buhari’s speaking engagegment there on Thursday listed on it is false and the owners of the website have been put on sedatives. When would the PDP create something positive that is issued-based, not related to a personality to talk about, since there is nothing positive to discuss in their 16 year’s hold on the country. A Party that is “worried” about the possibility of a Presidential candidate falling ill, actually insisted that a not-too-well President Yar Adua was fit as fiddle even when the now departed President was on life support. Till date, the Party still maintains that a brain-injured sitting governor, is still fit enough to continue as the governor of a state.

  • David

    If this report is true please inform Buhari’s media team to televise his up coming one-hour talk in Chatham house.

  • basil edoma

    #chidon, definitely forgetting to put on a piece of his shoes before posing for a diplomatic picture? How sensible is that for a former PM for the UK?

  • Mr. Abdin

    It seems PDP is getting confused every day Now is picture it will be another thing.

  • Chukwudum Ijemma